I am so excited for this podcast. I love the wolf and the shepherd podcast

Really Enjoy

I subscribe many podcasts, but this is the one that I faithfully listen to because it’s chalk full of motivation to keep motivating me so I can live my best life. It stands apart from other podcast.

Very helpful and interesting

First of all, thank you very much for the high quality output. The hosts do an excellent job of publishing same exceedingly high quality output week in and week out. I find the discussions very interesting and thought provoking.

So amazing podcast!

So amazing podcast episode I like it so much, I every morning listening to this podcast!!!

Very helpful and interesting

There are parts that could be done better but since it’s a new podcast. I want to hope it will get better. So 5 stars for now. Don’t disappoint!

Great show

I like the mix of topics and the way they are presented. I never know what these guys are going to say next and I look forward to hearing from them.

Nice podcast..

I’ve followed you on social media for years and have learned a ton. I just can’t wait to listen to every episode of your podcast. Thanks

5 stars

I absolutely love the combo of personalities on this pod. The hosts are so different but gel so well together. Loved the episode on pirates, and looking forward to more!

Excellent humor and a lot to learn.

Love it!!

Super amazing podcast with the best host!!! Highly highly recommended!!

Good stuff!

Loved the episode on male portrayals in the media. Since i’ve been harping on this as well for more than a decade it really hit home. Loved the discussion, keep up the good work guys!

Great podcast!

These guys are awesome together and really have a talent for engaging their audience. Keep up the great work guys 👍🏾

Top of its class

This is a must listen podcast

Must Listen

Great conversations with two guys who have such good chemistry! A bonus is having both a British and a Texan accent speaking through out each episode! Such a great combo! Definitely give a listen!

Surprisingly good.

Wasn’t expecting a lot as I tried it on a whim but it is very basic down to earth chats between two friends who are obviously very smart but don’t really care about popular opinions. Non political, no cussing and pretty refreshing.

Pretty different and funny!

This is basically two friends discussing topics we all like to touch upon occasionally but in a little more depth. There is no political agenda, no cussing and I’m looking forward to when the guests start coming on the show.