Highly Recommended!!

I would recommend this to anyone who loves podcast shows in general. It will give you the inside scoop on how the show was made, how they did certain things. There is no other show like it!

The best

I love these guys. They are just so nice and consistent in a world that is crazy and upside down right now.

Great podcast

All I listen to is podcasts. And I listen to thousands. Every time I listen to his podcast I come out feeling more conscious of my own life.

Love it!

This podcast has made a huge influence in my perception of life. Your podcast is a great start to my day! It gets me in the right mindset and in a great mood. Love listening to the positivity you share.

Decent Show

Normally good content and usually entertaining. Absolutely love this podcast. Definitely one of the greats.

Amazingly knowledgeable

This podcast is came into my life just when needed. Informative, affirming and hopeful. I love this podcast! Thank you so much for all the information.

Excellent Content

Deeply insightful and it’s awesome getting the perspective from people with experience and expertise. I’ve learned a lot. Awesome podcast with lots of valuable insights! Highly recommend.

Empowering show

I really enjoy the talks, they’re very inspiring. Great topic unbearable to listen. I really enjoyed the podcast

Great podcast! Awesome knowledgeable

This is a great all around podcast with great topics and learning moments. I love this podcast. I’ve been listening since yesterday and I’m so glad I found your podcast! I’ve probably listened to about 20 of them already and currently listening. I’ve already shared with family! Thank you!!

Love this Podcast

I started listening a few weeks ago and have listen to 2-3 episodes per day to catch-up. This is the most informative, yet easy to understand podcast. I’ve already referred others to the podcast!

Great Podcast

Great podcast to get insightful information about Society & Culture definitely give them a follow and a listen

Love this podcast! More on More

I love this podcast! I’ve been listening from the start and enjoy every episode. Just found this podcast and I feel entertained while learning something new each episode! Look forward to more episodes.

A Must Listen

I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for creating such an impactful! I believe that we all have a voice that deserves to be heard. Thank you for putting this into the world!

Must Listen

Love this podcast. So much information. I am learning so much. This podcast is exactly what I have been looking for.

Unbelievable amount of information!!

I absolutely love this show! Great information and great host! Keep up the amazing work!

Great Show and content

Thank you for the wonderful information. I really enjoy your show and highly recommend it. The host Billington Has great energy and delivers high quality content. Thank you Billington.

The best in the world

I love this podcastso much. One piece was already my number one but this podcast has maybe appreciated it even more.

great podcast

Awesome podcast I’m so happy I found this podcast. My first listen was just last night and I’m hooked.

good podcast

The day first i heard this podcast. I was really surprised that day. Because this podcast is the best of all the podcasts I've heard so far

love love love

I love your podcast, it’s one of my most favourite podcast. Please continue doing them.

Great The Wolf And The Shepherd podcast, end of story

Incredibly podcast,just began listening and on episode two I know I was a fan.

Good stuff

Fantastic podcast with great chemistry and content. Now they should do twice a week! Thanks to for all the content you put out.

So good

It’s my happy place. Doing whatever and listening to The Wolf And The Shepherd

I love it best..

I love this podcast so much that me and this show are like two peas in a pod now!

Oh my

It’s just so good. I swear I’m going to listen to his 5+ hours on the more than once. That good

Great Podcast!

Great podcast. Will be on my regular rotation from now on ! Keep up the great work guys.

Listening to The Latest Gist

This show definitely should be on anyone’s list. Just subscribed now and definitely enjoying eqch episode with the valuable information it provides. Keep it up

Fantastic podcast

Great insight, always interesting topics and great hosts. Keep up the good work.

Love it!!

Super amazing podcast with the best host!! Highly highly recommended!!!

Love this podcast

I listening to this podcast everyday on my way to home and I really love this podcast!

So good podcast

The podcast is so awesome. It’s easy on the ears. Really enjoy the interactive nature between the guys. Just recently got hooked on to it. Trying to listen as much as I can.

Can’t wait for the next release

Smoothest and deepest podcast. I’ve listened to in a long time. And we’re only one episode. We can’t wait for more.

My new favorite

Absolutely love this podcast. Heartfelt, genuine, and truly uplifting. Can’t wait for the next episode!

Love it!

This is the best podcast. He is an excellent speaker and providing tons. Highly Recommend!!

Awesome content

Such a great show. I always learn something new and very useful. Thank you!

Great show

Recently started listening to this podcast and so far it has been helpful and really best.

Great show

This podcast is awesome! I really love the episode and this is my all time favorite podcast!

This podcast is a bit like listening in to a conversation over a coffee. But a coffee in a university coffee shop or something. They cover 'oooh that's interesting' sort of topics and make them sound even more interest providing both actual fact and the sort of discussion / conjecture that appeals to anyone of inquiring mind. I definitely felt that I would enjoy being part of the discussion myself which is fab as so many podcasts seem quite highbrow or 'smug' which is off-putting. What is something I'll learn from myself is they clearly planned and researched the episode I listened to carefully (Pirates) but managed to make it sound off-the-cuff and natural which is a real skill. Definitely a good listen!


I look forward to this podcast every week. Truly amazing

An Interesting Pair Indeed

The two hosts of this podcast have a unique dynamic and a signature dry humo(u)r that makes them natural entertainers. They seem to enjoy toeing various lines, but fortunately I appreciate the catharsis associated with this type of discussion. It's a good show all around!

The two hosts of this podcast have a unique dynamic and a signature dry humo(u)r that makes them natural entertainers. They seem to enjoy toeing various lines, but fortunately I appreciate the catharsis associated with this type of discussion. It's a good show all around!

Great podcast

I absolutely love this podcast it has some great know ledgable guests and covers some really important topics! Aside from professionals, it is great for students studying Criminology and I have shared with my peers and it has had some great feedback.

Amazing podcast

Love listening to this podcast as it covers so many different topics which makes it so much more interesting than just your average podcast, it is very smoothly put together and is all in an amazing listen,Keep up the amazing work!

Great Content

The most inspiring, interesting, thoughtful conversations. I never miss an episode!

Don’t drive without it,

This podcast actually makes me look forward to LA traffic! How many podcasts can you say that about?

Great podcast

Everything about this podcast and all the others is informative. I never get bored and I listen to them all the time. These guys have become my buds!


I just love their conversation!!! They be having me rolling on the floor. I love how everyone has different opinions as well. A must listen!

High quality and informative

Such a great show. The converts series is timely, interesting, and very well produced. Sometime after the second episode of the converts series, I just got this urge to rate and review it. Weird.


I am so excited for this podcast. I love the wolf and the shepherd podcast

Really Enjoy

I subscribe many podcasts, but this is the one that I faithfully listen to because it’s chalk full of motivation to keep motivating me so I can live my best life. It stands apart from other podcast.

Very helpful and interesting

First of all, thank you very much for the high quality output. The hosts do an excellent job of publishing same exceedingly high quality output week in and week out. I find the discussions very interesting and thought provoking.

So amazing podcast!

So amazing podcast episode I like it so much, I every morning listening to this podcast!!!

Very helpful and interesting

There are parts that could be done better but since it’s a new podcast. I want to hope it will get better. So 5 stars for now. Don’t disappoint!

Great show

I like the mix of topics and the way they are presented. I never know what these guys are going to say next and I look forward to hearing from them.

Nice podcast..

I’ve followed you on social media for years and have learned a ton. I just can’t wait to listen to every episode of your podcast. Thanks

5 stars

I absolutely love the combo of personalities on this pod. The hosts are so different but gel so well together. Loved the episode on pirates, and looking forward to more!

Excellent humor and a lot to learn.

Love it!!

Super amazing podcast with the best host!!! Highly highly recommended!!

Good stuff!

Loved the episode on male portrayals in the media. Since i’ve been harping on this as well for more than a decade it really hit home. Loved the discussion, keep up the good work guys!

Great podcast!

These guys are awesome together and really have a talent for engaging their audience. Keep up the great work guys 👍🏾

Top of its class

This is a must listen podcast

Must Listen

Great conversations with two guys who have such good chemistry! A bonus is having both a British and a Texan accent speaking through out each episode! Such a great combo! Definitely give a listen!

Surprisingly good.

Wasn’t expecting a lot as I tried it on a whim but it is very basic down to earth chats between two friends who are obviously very smart but don’t really care about popular opinions. Non political, no cussing and pretty refreshing.

Pretty different and funny!

This is basically two friends discussing topics we all like to touch upon occasionally but in a little more depth. There is no political agenda, no cussing and I’m looking forward to when the guests start coming on the show.