Aug. 11, 2021

Vlad The Impaler With Crumb The Master Student - Part Two

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The Wolf And The Shepherd continue their discussion with Crumb The Master Student about Vlad The Impaler and of course get distracted and go off on several tangents.


thanks once again for joining us we

certainly appreciate you coming along

guys thank you again for having me i

love it here on the wolf and the


great so i hope you remember where we

left off because we were talking about

that just before we hit start and we


man i hope chrome remembers where we

left off because we we got on some fun

asides and i'm kind of looking forward

to doing some of that as well i hope it

doesn't distract you too much

but hopefully you made a little bookmark

there of where we left off so you know

where we can continue on

well we were supposed to be talking and

we were supposed to be leaving off

on vlad which we really got into the


tribes or otherwise known as the

germanic tribes

you know there was a power vacuum

after caesar got stabbed in the back

west europe falls these uh

eastern europeans which

is basically a bunch of germanic tribes


are kicking butt and taking names in


and um

after after that they go on

to really create a different power

vacuum through world war

ii and that's where we started talking

about marvel because world war

ii i propose we're going to talk about

vlad i give you my word

but i proposed during world war ii the

only reason because people talk about

world war ii and world war

one as if they were a hundred years

apart they were they were a little bit

more than 20 years apart in acts

in essence and world war one

germany got their butts kicked bro you

know they lost

they lost a lot of good men you know

um they didn't have a lot to start with

but they lost a lot of the population

and they were so weak because we were

operating in a spirit of feudalism

they were so weak that the treaty of


included uh the guilt clause

which is clause 231 or 132 but

it has one two three in there in some

order but that clause basically said the

whole world war

one was germany's fault and germany

can't have an uh

uh army or a military or a navy or any

you know it's like these real small

numbers and they don't have a population

it's just women and children

so then in less than 20 years you guys

get like

a huge force big enough to challenge the

whole world

and uh though that might sound a little


uh we're gonna see where this truth was

depicted because the last show you

talked about indiana jones

and how we saw germany go on a a

adventure for uh maybe the holy grail

or a crystal skull it's been so

it's been so long since i seen the

indiana jones movie but just like the

indiana jones movie

was depicting a certain amount of truth

told in jest

we're going to see where star wars which

was adopted by disney

and they come out disney they come out

with star wars

clone wars i was the first person to say

before they came out with that episode

clone wars was uh from world war

ii that's how hitler got all of those


to fight against the whole daggone world

it's like

all of us gonna have to fight against

germany and just to give you the idea

and scope of how uh

vast the german bloodline goes

the biggest demographic of

white people for those in the podcast

i'm doing the air quote thing with my


white people in america are going to be

of german descent

the largest group of

ethnicity or nationality in europe

are the germans that there are more

germans in america than any other type

of white people any other type of

europeans whatever you want to call them

there are more german germans in europe

than any other type of white people

or whatever you want to call them uh you

know so this german thing

uh you know and they were dealing with

eugenics hey we're going

to have a certain type of german he's

only going to be blonde hair blue white

so on and so forth so when i tell you

about this eugenics thing

krom that's crazy clones yeah remember

the eugenics projects blonde hair blue

eyes they was they was all up on the

clone thing

so now we're gonna have these these

depictions uh

through through film hollywood

hollyweird that are going

into real life events if we really take

time to look at the history

but where we were supposed to leave off

at dot dot dot is slide

five of uh like father like son

let me just share my screen do you mind

gentlemen yeah

absolutely i need to make sure that you

are the co-host and you are and there

you go

gratitude gratitude so

um his father daddy

vlad had to

go under the ottoman empire they take

his two sons

and they make his oldest son a


a weapon x program type of thing

he was he was raised in the military

there was this dude

bane the word bane

is is a adjective a bane is a thorn in

your side

somebody who's very annoying yeah of my


thank you well uh stan lee within his

well no this is dc but excuse me i'm so

in love with stanley

uh been batman this is the dc universe

not the marvel

uh uh he has a nemesis a arch enemy if

you will

and his name is bane and uh bane is the

only one that broke batman's back he's a


uh uh thorn in his side so now uh if you

look at baine's backstory

bain was raised in prison

bane was raised fighting

this is the vlad story vlad is raised

as a weapon x he's a wolverine we just

beat your ass every day and you fight

and he can do it very well

now is bane the dude that has the the

deal over his

mouth okay i didn't realize he was from


yeah okay i didn't like that bane

that okay in terms of arch nemesis

rest in peace joker

is has has taken posthumously

the crown of of best nemesis of all time

within his uh uh

depiction in the dark knight gentlemen

have you seen the movie the dark knight

yeah i've seen well i mean especially

that trilogy because the one with bane


the dark knight rises wasn't it the last


which joker which joker was in the dark

knight because there's been so many


that have played fletcher that was the

legend and then obviously

joe quinn phoenix and the last

standalone joker movie now

bane in the original comics didn't he go

through the same training as batman with

the same people but the movie actually

had it you know he was born in this

prison and he actually managed he was

the only one to actually manage to climb

out of the prison up that

empty tower or something but i think it

differed a little bit from the comic


actually movie uh it's been so long i

don't remember

well actually that part was true uh to

the spirit of the comics and

i'm not sure of of the cartoons but to

the spirit of the comics yes bane

uh grew up in prison uh you know a lot


stories of people being born you know

when your mother go to jail she's


you're going to be born in prison uh so

you know that was the bain

story he grows up that way and in effect

vlad grows up the same way and uh

yeah i would just let me digress just

one moment more

yeah heath ledger there's never ever

gonna be a better bad guy or a better

joker or better

anything in terms of nemesis than him

he did the best one so bane

you know but hey you know what i got to

experience heath ledger i'm

i'm jaded at this point yeah there will

never be a better joker than i mean i

think joking

phinets did a good modern day joker in


of to me it was like what was that movie

falling down where it had a man

normal in society then just one day has

a crappy day

michael douglas yeah and joking

phoenix's character in the joker it's

really about a normal man trying to

achieve the american dream but just gets

beaten down at every angle until this

other persona comes out almost

you're not sure whether he has this kind

of disassociative identity disorder

right from the beginning but you get

little clues

that is perhaps unhinged you know some


and then you know when his character

full out

you know gets out of the box i think

that's more of a metaphor for

you know how we are in society now how

you can only push people too far before

they're gonna flip but heath

heath ledger's joker i mean it's hard to

ever better that purely because it

wasn't a character which

you know had huge muscles you were

dealing with

a mind so perhaps corrupted

that you couldn't tell his next move and

the joker in the original comic books

was the same way

batman you know is originally known as

was it um

bruce wayne well no i mean as in the

detective you know

the dark detective whatever it was um

his uh

nickname um but he couldn't use his

traditional detective methods on the

joker because he didn't follow the

normal pattern of human behavior

and that's what made him so

unpredictable and he would commit

some crimes and again going back to one

of the recent batman movies

um when uh alfred is telling the story


you know all those gems which were

stolen and about some people just want

to see the world burn that there's not

always a motivation for something some


just get off on the destruction right

you know they can cause but anyway

that's the greatest well yeah

doesn't that you know crime doesn't that

kind of fall into the whole vlad thing i


you know here you had said in the uh

previous episode before

about how you know he was beaten all the

time and everything and

probably kind of had that same kind of

mindset and everything that kind of

foreshadowed this so to speak absolutely

you know and i think

there isn't a better word of for

foreshadowing you know

but i think with vlad his his sense of

nationalism because keep in mind he's

very much behind enemy lines

submerged in a different culture of

people who don't speak his language

people who don't look like him they

don't eat the same food as him

you know it it's culture shock

you know and um a part of

what we were referring to in the last

episode was the emo

thing these this is culture shock uh the

these are people who have reserved from

the culture this is this is the

the dark side of our society of these

people who are struggling to

you know uh fit in so uh with that said

i'll uh continue like father like son

we're talking about daddy vlad

so daddy vlad he remained neutral during


hunyadi's long campaign against the

ottoman empire

so now hunyadi is the leader or the

vo void of transylvania which is right


um wallachia where he rules that and

it's between the ottoman empire which

right under

you know imagine you being

uh well this is this is american this is

very american

just imagine you being in um

i'm trying to think of a good state

south carolina texas

he didn't say the best state yeah he did

just say a good state right he didn't

say the best state yeah okay okay

is uh right above texas is oklahoma is

that right yep

okay okay i mean oklahoma is the canada

of texas

yeah right i don't know much about

oklahoma like this is my first time even

talking about oklahoma it's just

flat on this the reason tonight yeah but

the reason that is is because there's

really not much to talk about in

oklahoma except the casinos

yeah that's pretty much it yeah and i i

think it goes deep from there but

nonetheless what's above oklahoma

kansas kansas oh my god that's the

even lesser i don't know anything other

than dorothy

anyway so yes just imagine kansas and


going to war and you looking like

oklahoma in between it so oklahoma in

this case is wallachia

uh kansas is transylvania and

and true to nature in terms of size

the ottoman empire is big old texas

so now you kind of you in between things

so now this is where i'm at

um he remained neutral oklahoma remained

neutral while hunyadi's long campaign

against the ottoman empire

but uh he sent four thousand horsemen uh

to fight against the ottomans during the

crusade of varna i don't know why i have

a space right there

uh with support of the uh

burgundian fleet he captured

the important ottoman fortress

at some place i'm not even going to try

to slaughter the name

but nonetheless so they got his kids

you in between you know a rock and a

hard place

and uh transylvania little world kansas

don't nobody talk about kansas

we we know kansas don't bang like texas

no disrespect

but um you know you're gonna send

you oklahoma going to help kansas

knowing your babies is down there in

texas uh

uh trick you better remember the alamo

stop playing with me

right that's a joke not only that but

that uh

plays that fortress kind of like looks

like grogu makes me think of baby yoda

i swear to god as soon as you said that

i okay

you typed in you typed in yeah well not

only that but you can kind of see in the

background here in our studio we do have

a baby yoda cutout that

we've had forever and we got vader right

in front of there so it's kind of

foreshadowing you know our thought


our homage to star wars

for the people on the podcast i guess i

would have had a pass

for the people who could actually see

the video crime you should have got that

i should have

come on geez louise i should have seen

that one all right touche

so um this guy goes and sends some help

they they capture a little whatever but

it's not

horrible he made peace with the ottoman


empire this is uh hunyadi made peace

with the ottoman empire which


to the uh i'm sorry let me back up with

the support of the

bonds whatever fleet he captured an

important ottoman fortress whatever

he made peace with the ottoman empire

which contributed to the

uh deterioration of his relationship

with hunyadi

uh hunyadi invaded wallachia forcing

vlad to flee

to um another place where

uh he was killed this is daddy vlad

so daddy vlad is in all types of ish

you know only put daddy vlad in here to

give you an idea

vlad was born into this you know it's

just already complicated

my daddies and uncles they sleeping with

the enemies

you know when you go to judge vlad


just consider the following that's all

i'm saying bro

so let me just continue on because at

this point i feel like

i know everybody's going to go against

vlad because of the whole dracula thing

and yes vlad did drink blood and eat

people and stuff

i just want you to take in consideration

as his

lawyer i'm i'm defending vlad right now

i'm going against the prosecution

so let me continue within my defense uh

judge your honor

the real dracula the theory that vlad

the third this is the guy we all talk


and dracula where the same person was

developed and popularized by his


raudu somebody and raymond t

mcneely in their 1972 book in search of


vlad iii was born in 1431 in what is now


a central region of the modern day


stoker this is the guy who actually

wrote the book stokel's drac

uh stoker's dracula took place in

transylvania where the historic dracula

vlad iii

was born he is known as a hero of


also valencia his family even owned a


called and uh called rand castle

a modern-day tourist attraction in

transylvania that is often referred to

as dracula's castle

the castle is high up on the mountain in

a foggy

area and it looks spooky it it's what

one would expect of dracula's castle

so what we have here folks excuse me

gentlemen is an amalgamation

of uh fact fiction fairy tale

fantasy and of course history

so um i think you know even with the

indiana jones reference and the star

wars reference

it really all played with the uh

dichotomy of the learning

uh of what's really going on in terms of

history because a lot of people

this is boring to them but i guess when


when they tune in you know to the wolf

and the shepherd now it's like oh wow

you know what they did make cool smart

yeah now again in that region the

carpathian mountains strategically from

the military point of view

certainly i remember um from the second

world war

that it was considered to be kind of

like almost impassable

like going east to west west to east

whereas where

this all takes place that's really kind

of going north to south on the eastern


of that area but the carpathian

mountains you know transylvania is a

region you know it wasn't rich


they didn't have huge armies but if you

could hold there

with troops those mountains uh you know

any opposition coming through those

mountains would just be picked off and

the germans used to have very heavy war


and they couldn't navigate through those


um and so it was very strategic even

though it as a piece of land it wasn't

that rich there was

wasn't anything there just as a

strategic point if you controlled

that part of europe you could pretty

much control the separation

all the way down and it that actually

forced the germans in the second world


to go further south to easy

um make that um transverse and easier to


get to russia but it was actually the

carpathian mountains which slowed down


march across europe um to the east it's

almost like when you play the game

risk and you take over australia first

so you get those extra cards

and you just make sure to scatter pieces

along so the person doesn't control the

continent so they get the extra pieces

and you just keep building up australia

and put everybody like in that one

little entrance

yeah and spoiler alert if you ever play

risk against me that's how i play it

oh my god [ __ ]

um so i was gonna say

you got me with that one oh my god you

took me back i haven't played risking

power ever

however they have a star wars version of

wrestling they do

they really a bunch of different

versions of risk now yeah

the star wars one would be pretty fun

yeah i've never played that but yeah

i haven't played risk in a long time but

that's immediately what i thought

of just don't put all your troops on

alderaan yeah

that'd be okay but you know if you think

about it like what you were trying to

describe if you've ever played axis and


i mean the problem with that game is

that game takes like four days to play

and the first day is just setting it up

because it takes forever to set it up

but that strategy does not work in

access analyze so

don't try it just risk

you know and just to acknowledge

the beginning of this particular

conversation you said that um

you know transylvania romania lakia

hungary those areas it's not

a lot going on over there and that's


makes him a true david versus goliath

you know less is more what do you do

when you don't know what to do what do

you do when you don't have no

how does david beat goliath how can you

be but goliath's bane so you know with

that said

i want to make an argument that vlad

is nothing less than a military genius

that makes sense yeah i mean i was

thinking when you say what do you do

when you have nothing to do what should

you do i was going to say

start a podcast because that's pretty

much what we did

you know i just i just want to put you

know give this man his flowers

you know and um what you said in the

beginning was true

they don't have a lot of resources there

wasn't a lot going on over there

but they they were high up in altitude


that point that's a bottleneck as a

military genius

who knows the lay of the land he took

advantage of that

it probably won't be until episode 16

that we get to that

but you know i want to tell the

podcasters hey guys tune in stay tapped


we're going to get to those things but

as of now um

still trying to just build my way up to

even talk about

uh vlad iii um

if it's okay yeah order

of the dragon in 1431

king siga sigismund of hungary

would later become the holy roman


inducted the elder vlad

into a knightly order the order of the


this is coming from the holy roman


i know this whole dracula thing is


but this is very much as i said in

episode one this is a christian

crusade he's the last knight

he's a christian he's not a a devil

worshiper this is not satan worship

i want the family to remove the spookism

from hollywood which i call hollyweird

and let's get right down to history so

now uh

this designation earned vlad ii daddy


a new surname because he was just vlad

you know he's

he he is let me remind you from episode


um i had informed the family daddy vlad

is a um illegitimate son he was he was


illegitimate he had to wait his older

brother died before he could even say a

word you have to respect the bloodline

this is just how things work this is

this is the feudal system

i digress so now um

he is is designated under knighthood

a new surname of dracul because he he

joined the order of the dragon

this is no different folks than than

than the police here in america i it's

not the bobbies in europe no disrespect


this is here in america our police force

this is a fraternal

order if you look

uh on the badge here in america it'll

say fop

fraternal order of police a

knight is a policeman so

that we okay you know what we're gonna

make you a policeman now that i'm the


i'm i'm the i'm the vicar i'm christ's

incarnate and i designate you

a policeman and we're going to change

you you are here by

dracul of the order of the dragon this

designation earned vlad the new surname

drakul the name

came from the old romanian word dragon

or drac his son vlad iii

would later be known as the son of jokul

when you say martinez

in spanish that's the son of martin here

in america or even in

england the the english version is


the son of john

so now um uh go back to thor

go back and watch the thor cartoons i'm

a marvel head

who are you i am thor odin's son

what's your last name oh no his last

name was that olden son he's trying to

tell you he's the son of odin

his son vlad iii would later be known as

son of dracul or in romanian

dracula hence dracula

in modern romanian the word drac this is

modern romanian

the word drac refers to the devil

okay all you new school young romanians

i get it

it's just changed it's a new world did

the that

that was the end of the medieval times

bro we don't talk like that no more

all right fine i get it things change i

just want you to know

this whole spooky thing oh chrome that's

the devil that's the devil crumb

dracula chrome that's the i know that's

the new thing but in the beginning it

wasn't the devil

at all it was just some regular

bloodline thing and honorable with

knighthood and

you know that's what we was banging back

then so you know with that said i want

to yield the floor

you know and then i'll finish this this

uh slide

yeah i mean that totally makes sense i

mean especially when he got into the


you know johnson thing son of john and

all that in

over the time i mean even when you talk

about when we come

over to the americas right from england

and how many people had their names

misspelled now they

they say that that's not really true

that people didn't get their names

misspelled in ellis island but

i've got proof that that's happened i

mean even in my family line

and then you take something that meant

something a long time ago

and then try to spin it into something

different today makes sense

absolutely absolutely you know um

there is a uh epithet

f-a-g-g-o-t here in america

however if you go back just a couple

decades ago

that was a cigarette um or a bundle of

sticks doing

uh um a f a g ot is a bundle of sticks

that would particularly be used to set a

witch on fire

right this is misogyny so i know and

they still kind of say that a little bit

in england over there

referring to cigarettes well because

you've said

that so you know crime just to kind of

catch you up i

used to smoke cigarettes a lot and one

of the times i first met tristan he had

one of his english friends over and we

were over

at another person's house that didn't

smoke in their house

and so i said well i'm going to go out

and have a smoke or whatever

and his english friend said to him he's

like well let's go out with the blokes

while they smoke a couple of [ __ ]

and i looked and i'm like what and he's

like oh that's right you know y'all

don't say it that way and obviously he

didn't say y'all

but y'all don't say it that way over

here but in england that's what we say

so you know another word that kind of

depending on the connotation you use it


is what it means thank you

thank you thank you thank you so you

know this is just me

trying to bring the whole vlad thing in

the context

context remove the spookism you know


you know let's just put ourselves in

their shoes before we go

demonizing and vilifying people um

shall i continue yeah go for it

the order of the dragon was devoted to a

singular task

to defeat the turkish or as we know the

ottoman empire

situated between christian europe and

the muslims lands

of the ottoman empire vlad the second

daddy vlad

and later vlad iii dracula who whatever

a home

principally of wallachia was frequently

the scene of bloody battles as ottoman


pushed westward into europe and

christian forces repulsed the invaders

so this is just the backdrop in which


is growing up in um

so right here this is a little bit out

of place but this is just a picture uh

and i

have here uh on slide eight at age 12


iii this is dracula and his brother were

imprisoned in turkey

we already discussed that um

and uh vlad himself

was very pale um if you go back

and watch spider-man 3 with

venom uh peter parker goes through an

emo phase

emo comes from vlad if you go back and

look at peter parker

during his emo phase peter parker is


you know he he's he he's nordic looking

he's scandinavian looking

he's from the up up up top looking you

know but keep in mind at this part of


is very uh uh

dark it's cloudy not a lot of uh light

is gonna get to this area and this is

all gonna play

into the uh story of

vlad uh being dracula because we see we

know vladimir i'm sorry jack dracula is

notably pale

so now vlad himself was really pale

and uh vlad was a hemophiliac

he had uh hemophilia hemophilia this is

according to


uh health facts i think the title is

something based off cancer but anyway

hemophilia occurs when a protein in the

blood which dot

dot dot and hemophilia the missing

clotting factors make it hard to dot

dot uh muscles such as something


uh or pale skin oh i'm sorry uh muscles

are cool

you easily get numb you have pale skin


vlad was a hemophiliac another

famous notable hemophiliac

is um uh he ran for president

uh against george bush

who ran for president against george


um oh what's his face al gore al gore


yeah so now al gore

it is said i researched this i can't

find it

i don't want anybody to say crum has a

tinfoil hat on guys

i don't know if you vetting these guys

who come on a platform

but that jive chrome was just talking

was straight uh

tinfoil hat uh babble so let me say this

i looked it up i didn't find it this is

take it with a grain of salt listening

audience and

gentlemen it is said that al gore would

carry around a suitcase of

nothing but blood because he said he was

a hemophiliac

and if he were to have an injury

he would bleed out so quickly he'd die

within a matter of whatever

he needed that for emergency drug a

blood transplant

well you know what they started saying

about al gore when they saw him carry

around that blood right

that he invented the internet

well when you're dealing with the

internet what controls the internet

blood now i'm really confused so

al gore invented the internet because he

had a blood disease

al gore invented the internet because

the internet is controlled by the owl

so looking at the dude and i don't know

that much about al gore he doesn't

strike me as a guy that

really has that much rhythm right he's

probably along the same lines as

you and i i mean we can't sing but we

definitely can't dance

so i can't really picture al gore having

any kind of rhythm now to that note


vlad's complexion being very

fair-skinned i mean in that area of

europe again because of the shadow

of the mountains the dark forest and the


climate um a lot of people there had

that pale skin and because of the diet

they read in there was a lack of iron

in the diet and it gave rise to a lot of

stuff like pernicious anemia

which is very similar to hemophilia lack

of iron in the blood

and the legend especially when science

developed a little bit well you know

and when blood transfusions came about

it's like well the only way to get this

person back to normal

is to give them a transfusion of blood

which has a higher content of iron

and obviously it got bastardized the

science of well would it do the same

thing if you drank the blood would you

be able to absorb the iron from the

blood in that way and cope and so

and then there were diseases like is it

pathoria the sensitivity to light as

well if you actually grow up

in an area where there's not much


obviously you know you develop fair skin

you burn when you get in very little

extreme sunlight and again that gave

rise to that kind of legend of all they

burn in the sun well they kind of did


you've got hundreds and hundreds of

years they're seeing very little

sunlight and it's just the same you know

now if you get people from scotland or

from you know ireland going you know to

spain on vacation you know they spend 20

minutes in the sun and they're like a

lobster because they burn in the sun

well that makes sense that's right and


that's one million percent fact i i love

the way we put it in context to to


fact from fiction to remove lore from

real life

i i couldn't have said it better myself

i have to be honest with you

i'm going to go back i'm going to change

my powerpoint i'm going to add that

little tidbit in there so thank you very


oh don't worry he found it on the first

page of google so

you know if if you'd just opened up the

computer you'd have found it too

that's that's not true i actually didn't

know that stuff

because i used from all those endless

youtube videos i used to watch about are

vampires real what are the history of

vampires i

researched all those type of different

skin diseases blood disorders especially

anemia related

conditions was that in between the

werewolf videos yeah

okay changing it up a bit yeah

lycanthropy that's my other interest

you've never donated any money to

charity um

no donate blood though oh yeah but

that's not philanthropy


i wanted to reference this particular


um of vlad uh

this is a real depiction well i mean of

course there weren't cameras back then

this is an honest depiction of what

somebody imagined

vlad you know within his majesty within

his might

no uh parodies no disrespect

uh and you know you can see he he looks

a bit pale there

um you know

nonetheless um if you look here

i uh want to

uh bring to your attention a

beer for all my brewery heads

uh and uh i think it's called a ghouler

a girler a grueler a growler a growlithe


yeah there you go there it is

here in america there's a big growler

movement people are making their own

beers and stuff like that i don't know

if you knew that but anyway

uh there's a uh pale ale

called vlad vm impale

er it's a pale ale it's a beer new


uh pale smash five point six

thirty like nosferatu yeah no kidding

but it is i noticed the sharpen the

teeth as well right that does look like

that nosferato

yeah not toronto please uh share

what's that um it's a one of the earlier

movie depictions of dracula was a movie

called nosferatu and it was based upon


i think it was this german directory

wanted to

um i guess cover the history of

transylvania and he invites this guy

uh to appear in this movie and the

original i think was silent it was like

1918 1922 it's a really old movie

but it turns out this nosferatu

character is actually a real vampire and

the director actually knows it

and this vampire is basically killing

off the cast members

as he goes along and if you look at

nosferatu the photo especially of the

original the guy who played him

looks exactly like that like that

depiction you look at the early pictures

of him like scroll down that's the very

first movie there was a remake

i think maybe in the 70s of it

but that was kind of the stereotypical

kind of vampire look with those kind of


that was the early dictation before they

made dracula all handsome

because there was no love interest in

this part here yeah

well not only that but did you i'm

pretty sure you knew this i think we've

talked about it

there was some other movie that was made

about the fact that that nosferatu

movie when it was made wasn't special

effects or anything and that that dude

was actually

real right i mean it's a great movie

especially if you watch that original


it is very very eerie i mean it closely


kind of bram stoker's uh dracula's guest

um book i think um i might be wrong


but yeah i mean it's a very different

depictation of a vampire and

very different uh i guess reasons why

he's doing what he's doing

right absolutely

absolutely so this beer is

a uh you know really crafty

uh marketing thing and i craft beer

maybe that's a play on words i did that

subconsciously i don't know

but um you know and it's called vlad the


there's there's so many double entendres

this is such a cool beer i need to even

drink some of this just

these guys are just dope i just like

them a lot but yeah yeah yeah yeah they

pull from the cliche

which i didn't know i just added that to

the powerpoint

i'm gonna come back to that part so uh i

think we've actually made it to slide 12

already the the vampire disease which i

think is such

a awesome segway um and i

i think i'm hitting on on all cylinders

with these big words that i'm using i'm

proud of myself

um you know that i'm a nerd bear with me

uh but yeah

uh the vampire disease by by some

estimates 45 million americans most of


northerners are so hyper

sensitive to uv light that the first

splash of spring

sun causes inchy red rashes or patches

of small red bumps

to flare on uncovered areas of their


backs upper arms bellies or shoulders

they have a common condition called

poly morphic light eruption

otherwise known as pli ple found in

about 10 to 15 percent

of people in north america mostly white


there's another more rare condition

let me just make these pictures a little

bit bigger

actually i'm gonna make these pictures

super bigger now that i'm done the

boring part which is reading

the most exciting thing about this

powerpoint is all these pictures

bear with me with the pictures as well

they're gonna get better anyway let me

just try to read this a little bit then

i can put the pictures up there

there's another more rare condition

linked to sun sensitivity called

poor fieria which he brought up i forgot

i had it in the powerpoint

i lied now we found the truth sometimes

known as vampire disease

porphyria is an incurable inherited

disorder that affects the nervous system

and skin

symptoms include burning blisters

swelling of the skin

when exposed to the sun along with

severe cramping paralysis and sometimes

psychosis let me just show you this

picture right here make this

a little bit bigger oh uh in my best uh

irish impression a wee bit bigger

a wee bit bigger yeah and as as you're

doing that it's kind of ironic that you

bring that part up about the paralysis


right so you you have the deal where

they're sleeping in coffins and all that

and during the day

because if they're out in the daytime

then you know hey it could cause some

paralysis there right

i mean something something along those

lines maybe i'm just making that up

no no no you're hitting on all cylinders

young man

i wouldn't go so far as to say that i i

think i'm one of those new chevy engines

that kind of you know

shut down like half the cylinders to

save fuel mileage

yeah we got a rental car when we went to

colorado last week

and it's one of those ones and it was a

uh it was a kia

not my first choice but it wasn't

actually bad but yeah every time you

stop it shuts the engine off yeah

i mean i get that in a hybrid right

because you're used to it my brother

just bought a brand new chevy pickup and

it does the same thing and on the

tachometer it even points to like auto

off or whatever

and we had to swap cars one day and i

wasn't ready for it

you know i pull up to the stop light

you're thinking all the time yeah and

the truck shuts off i'm like what is

going on this isn't a hybrid

and then i saw it there on the dash so


right right okay well here you you might

not be hitting on all cylinders

but you're better than a than a prius

okay i mean hey there's nothing wrong

with the prius my dad

my dad loves the toyota prius you're

talking about a man that is 84 years old

who has driven nothing but general

motors products since

the 50s and all of a sudden one day my

dad says

have you ever heard of this toyota prius

and i said yeah it's a

hybrid he said those things get 50 miles

to the gallon

i said yeah i said it's a toyota though

he's like

well i don't care these american cars

don't get good enough gas mileage and

gas is almost a dollar a gallon so i'm

gonna go buy a prius

that man bought a toyota prius drove it


000 miles the air conditioning broke he

took it into the dealership and they

said well it's going to cost x amount to

get the

air conditioning fix he said well give

me another one and traded it in and he's

on his second prius and

he's the biggest prius fan you're

talking about a guy that drove muscle

cars cadillac's

chevrolet pickups and now won't buy

anything but a toyota prius but now he

only drives about eight miles a month

doesn't he

well that's true yeah yeah a tank of gas

lasts him a year right

you know what he okay i see what you did


hey you know what more power to him i

tell you what an anecdotal

uh that right there i tell ya that fired

me up

go prius gang no prius well

if you're gonna join a gang though you

shouldn't do it in a prius because it's

going to take you forever to chase

anybody down

that is the slowest car

no no what was that movie

sir what were you doing he goes uh it's

drag race and he goes in a prius he goes

i don't win much yeah i mean there's a

lot of true to that line in that movie

if you've never driven a prius they are

slow they are they are oversized golf


uncomfortable to drive but yeah they get

fantastic gas mileage

and the radio is not really that bad in

it i had to turn the base down the wife

when i borrowed my dad's car the wife

was getting all upset because

there's a lot of base in that little

prius now

i was just coming back from my second

potty break and i heard you were talking

more about the diseases now in

again i'm probably pronouncing it

incorrectly that but that pathoria or

however it's pronounced that also

led to uh shrinking of the skin which

made the nails look elongated and it

would shrink the gum so and make the

teeth look

longer and so again that gave rise to a

lot of those vampiric

legends in that area that you know pale


long teeth long nails um

makes sense yeah oh you teaching

teaching uh yeah absolutely i

thought you know because actually it's

been a while since i went over this


but um i thought i didn't have it in


i gave you your flowers anyway you can

keep those um

but yeah i did have it in the powerpoint

and i was elaborating on that

and i left off saying it is believed

that queen mary

consort of george v was related to the

15th century

slayer prince vlad the impaler

who inspired bram stoker's dracula

and it is known that pofferia

and iron deficiency which is thought to

lie behind the vampire myth

has run in the royal family

let me uh make this picture bigger and

bring it to the front

just give me doesn't that explain a lot

about queen elizabeth

how she's still alive because she's like

98 99 years old

well a husband who just died had strong

uh germanic

hereditary conditions and he's actually


well mcqueen is related somehow to

right black yeah and that and keith


right yeah so exactly isn't that keith

richards picture on the left

i mean that kind of looks like him as a

kid maybe

that that is two ugly kids he looks like

he looks like something from middle

earth that one on the left yeah

apologies because you know obviously his


are suffering from something but you

know they probably don't listen to this


i don't think so he did not say that

but um he he was you know uh within his

papharia because you can see they're

pale as well uh

it has made their teeth um uh sharp

these aren't the the canines those are

the two front teeth that that have been


made jagged like that naturally um

oh wait no now we got to go back so make

that picture bigger again

you're saying those are not the canine

teeth no

those are those are that canine oh wow

we see what would happen in the


yeah but that's what i'm talking about

but when you get recession of the gums

you find teeth will fall out but the

canines are actually deeper rooted they

have longer

roots because obviously in predators you

use the teeth to tear flesh so they have

to be able to take a greater strain

yeah on them and so they have deeper

roots and so when the gums would shrink

the other teeth would fall out

but the canines would often remain again

that's why you'd get that kind of

vampire look

i stand corrected brother you are

teaching teaching

i stand corrected

let me let me um draw your attention to

my shirt do you mind

yeah go for it um i wanted to see if i

can just kind of make my shirt like or

make my picture master student

yeah there it is i never claimed to be

the master teacher

never ever ever never ever ever ever

i always claim to be the master student

they say

it was told to me and this changed my

life gentlemen

when the student is ready the teacher

will appear

you know um and and this is a little

anecdotal bear with me my apologies

but um i struggled within making this

powerpoint i got to be so transparent

with you

this this has been a work of love


it's so hard to find unbiased


mature content and you know to put this

together because a lot of it

is overtly biased and so when you add


context you know it's it's it's

enthralling to me and

and and for me i'm like oh that's my


that's my teacher so so when you were

saying that stuff i was

levitating i was sitting at your feet no

i'm sorry excuse me

i was sitting at your feet this is my

experience i was sitting at your feet

you were levitating i was like you know

john the baptist with jesus i was just

witnessing everything unfolding in terms

of the universe it was so beautiful


i wish the podcasters could have seen it

nonetheless absolutely

yeah that what he said

there you go i'm i'm glad i didn't see

you levitate because that would have

scared me to death

and i would have ran out of the room

screaming i'd have been a misuse of the


yes this guy's on fire

okay uh moving on i tell you

oh my god what a podcast the order of

the dragon let's just get into it

the dragon represents the draconian star

system that vlad's people are

from all right here's my tin foil hat

vlad is commonly associated with the


but this is not the true origin which is

of the dragon

like nature that we see that vlad

clearly embodies let me just make this

bigger i

i have a thing about big font uh let me

see if i can make this thing

single yeah i did it um i need some

and if i had sound effects and my sound

effects guy would hit the clapping

because in my mind that would be a



we have never used that first time we

use it you're the first

recipient of our artificial applause

yeah we so on our little road caster pro

we have all these like

uh effects you know and we've heard

podcasters use them before and we're

like yeah

no that's not going to be our so we

programmed our intro and outro into the

buttons and we never used it but i did

remember that third button

is that fake applause button yeah yeah

for anybody on the podcast who did not

see what just happened

when he hit that i walked out i walked

off the side

hey hey what does this one do

all very useful yeah i need one of those


oh this look look they were

not sponsored by road caster but we

would certainly like to be sponsored by

them but i tell you what

the road caster pro was probably the

best thing we've ever spent money on

outside of beer

right oh on the delta right oh and the

delta eight

right here yes

i'm with it all day

so uh the dragon

uh represents the draconian star system

that vlad's people are from

vlad is commonly associated with the

vampire but that is not the true origin

in which

vlad in which the dragon like nature

comes from draco is the constellation in

which the far

northern excuse me draco is a

constellation in the far

northern sky its name is latin

for dragon it was one of 48


listed by the second century a star


ptolemy let me just take a moment to


his name is not ptolemy

this p is the same p in pfizer

this p is the same p in pterodactyl

you don't pronounce it this is ptolemy

not pa

ptolemy you know where he says the d is


you know oh my god

but you know what has always bothered me

about constellations

i mean other than the big dipper i look

up there i don't see these pictures at


like what kind of delta eight were these

guys on where they're looking up at

these stars and saying oh there's a

dragon yeah but you have to remember

especially from that region there how

dark it was there was no interfering

light they had a full view of the night

sky so they could see all those

constellations which

we have never seen them in unless you go

to somewhere like death valley in the

united states you're not going to see

the type of sky they saw there

ah that's a good point there's my


no no you don't want to go down that

road he

you talk about tim for a hat you'll be

wearing a three-piece tinfoil suit if

you start listening to him

you look like a 1968 astronaut

costume off of a made for tv specialism

right that you bought at a thrift store

do you know the most toxic pollution

that never gets addressed the number one

pollution that is most potent

but no one talks about yes i do it's the

dave matthews band

we've we've discussed them before that

has that has polluted the music

industry the day matthew's band yes

oh no


now see now you're going to two songs

before you said one the other one there

was crash

and what's um the space the space

between us

you need to stop that's right no you

need to stop right now we are not going

to talk about the dave matthews band

anymore but i believe the answer to your

original question

is light pollution yes it's light


i don't know i'm question second

question is it the day of matthew's

no it is but the second worst pollution

is light pollution light pollution okay

but yes light pollution it's just like

that dave matthews

saturday night that that day you know

they have that stupid song too

so they're even alluding to i'm pretty

sure that's it

well you're the dave matthews band fan

isn't there a song that he says

satellite in and he says it over and


it's not as bad as he wakes up in the


but anyway yeah absolutely but yes

to use your quote i digress i digress


light pollution is actually the biggest

form of pollution i believe

and you know to the teachers point uh

they were able to see the constellations

in a much more vivid fashion than we

uh have ever been able to because

uh we're just so great we live in cities

which is just the best thing since

sliced bread

um but with the anal i digress

with that said here is a uh

i still don't see it though how is that

a dragon i mean i

i love the animation there where it's

like okay

you know here's the extra stars and all

that but when you go to that one

just before where it shows like the big

points of it

that's where i get confused well i mean

it's just like when you look at a cloud

and you know you get some clouds which

are funny shapes and you show

somebody a photo and they say what you

see what you see what you see

that you know people will pick out oh i

can see a man and a hat oh it kind of

looks like a cow on a skateboard

you know when you look at these

constellations and you remember when

people were gazing there was always this

historical reverence of you know among

all religions looking at the stars okay

because they considered those the


right and they considered that you know

god or gods that put

messages in the sky and guides and

so they already had the names of these


you know these gods all these leaders

and whatever and so you

some people say oh they kind of made a

dragon out of what would most

look like a dragon but there's

very um strict

rules in terms of why in certain parts

of the hemisphere in certain parts of

the world we don't see these

constellations you see this was an

iconic symbol to people living in that


and they could see it all year round

where they were whereas here we just

don't see it all so it wouldn't mean

anything to us

whereas it was a constant reminder to

them of

you know what whatever was relevant to

them in terms of their religion or


no it makes sense and to add value to


and context clarity because i you know i


he brings such a valid point

and we have to bring it into context or

it won't make sense really i don't

you know i don't want to be one of those

tin foil hat guys that

makes it make sense if it don't i'm not

gonna put a round peg into a square hole

um so now um what did

ancient europe call their historians

they called them oh i didn't know we

were going to do a stump the shepherd

although a lot of these everything is

you know we haven't done stumped the


in a while but a lot of this has been

stumped the shepherd

so what did ancient europeans call their


philosophers police

poets yeah homer homer obviously an


you know that was a poet that was poetry

not not simpson

then different different homer

because i mean when i hear homer i think

a homer simpson and he's kind of a

philosopher well he's awesome

his accidental wisdom me right

but even if it's an accident it's still


um well right

i think so who's faith to say now um

just to put some context on homer homer

is the author

of the story the odyssey and the iliad

this is basically uh uh uh

the trojans versus the

uh greeks and you know this is where the


the saying comes from uh beware of

greeks who bear gifts

you know and they they had this wooden

horse whatever like that

um and they outsmarted them you know we

know how the story ends ah surprise

this is this is not a gift we're gonna

kick your butt

uh well now when i go to that greek

restaurant here in keller

they've given me like free appetizers


so i shouldn't have accepted those free

appetizers from a greek restaurant so

you don't

want to take anything from a greek now


for the history of that story was that


symbolism or was that actually true was

there actually a wooden horse

was it troy or whatever yeah the trojan


that's where trojan virus is right

was that actually a true story or was it

symbolic in terms of

giving the country an offer of kind of

like peace and

you know we'll give you a certain

percentage of our crops and they allowed

them in and then they just kind of took

over the land

i've never actually read on it enough to

know whether it's actually yeah

well well let me let me just finish the

story and then i'll bring context to


so now um and this is all going back to

the dragon i know we're digressing but

i can go back out the rabbit hole what

were you talking about i don't know

no i know oh wait but that that's what

happens when

you know we get together it's just so

many rabbit holes that

uh basically living in a rabbit warren

at this point that's true

but there's no gophers there's no

gophers yeah we don't like gophers

they tear up your yard where although

rabbits eat a lot of lettuce

they do eat a lot of that yeah yeah they

don't really eat carrots you don't so

they steal nothing from you

that's true yeah did you know rabbits

don't really eat carrots

no that was something that looney tunes

tried to prove to us when we were kids

because bugs bunny was always eating

carrots they ate

a lot of vegetables uh not carrots

though no i don't know how true that is

were invented there was no such thing as

carrots before the europeans invented

those in the 1600s

so that means vlad never ate a carrot

no never did did you know george

washington didn't know that

dinosaurs existed well

no one in europe ever saw the color

orange until the 16

no one ever had the color orange

people lived and died and never seen


orange up until just a recent time

in terms of europe you know europe

didn't taste sugar

until like the 1500s all of

european history nobody tastes sugar

ever before

and then once the first european you

know people didn't even taste caffeine

until like

up until a recent time ago like is that

why whenever you drink tea you don't

like sugar in your tea

no i say um

that in tea it comes from the leaves but

in coffee it comes from the beans and it

was actually an accidental discovery

that the beans had caffeine in them

um yeah but i don't like to eat beans

yeah i know

they would wear them in the mouth and

grind them and it would give that

feeling of like temporal euphoria and

that's where how they discovered that

caffeine was actually in the coffee

beans and that's how we actually


there you go when you got a two fake you

put that dag on uh yeah

that tea bag with the caffeine the

caffeinated tea bag got a toothpick put

it in your mouth

come on now come on yeah well

we always just rub tequila in our kid's


it was the hispanic version yeah you

know it was always just put a diabetic

oh in england they would have even were

kids if they had toothache they'd get

them to gargle with whiskey on that side

of their mouth

i heard whiskey tequila maybe the


yeah that's the only thing my wife has

appropriated from her hispanics

they would put it in um the baby's milk

bottle whiskey to help them to get sleep

as well that was quite a common thing up

until like the 70s

i do that to help me go to sleep too

yeah well keep in mind

heroin was a uh was medicinal up until

just a short time like world war ii or


yeah well right and so they had cocaine

and coca-cola years ago

oh yeah those drugs came from military

so i mean like mdma i mean that was used

to keep the troops alert

and awake right you know the only

problem with it is when you crash off of

it you crash

hard but it would allow you to wake up

and instantly

your frontal lobe would you know instead

of that kind of drowsy waking up

and you know trying to find your

bearings waking up off of sleep off mdma

or any of those type of uppers and

poppers you'd actually be awake and

fully alert straight away which is why

they were used in like vietnam and

you know some of the other more recent

wars they would give them to troops

now i thought that was in vietnam i

thought it was all mustard

mustard yeah we talking about mustard


yeah i thought that's what that was for

oh chewing mustard seeds are you on

about that

yeah yeah same thing but when i put

mustard on a hamburger i'm not awake

that's because you're using that french

crap dijon oh

derived from a different type of mustard

seed there's more than one kind of

mustard seed

i didn't know that i didn't know that


the rabbit hole does go deep right

like now just now is when we really

start getting into the meat potatoes how

many types of mustard seeds start

playing with them

i don't like mustard on potatoes though

if we're talking about meat and potatoes

i really wasn't a big fan of mustard i

got to be honest with you i think

english mustard is good i don't like the

french mustards they're too mild

i kind of yeah no mustard should have a

zip to it yeah

you know you you should be able to taste

it mm-hmm but the wolf and i we like

spicy foods

well you know flavors when we start

getting fancy

um i think you know because we do have

an englishman

from across the pond uh you know that's

my that's my talk how i taught that talk


you know and uh i i thought from growing

up here in america

they didn't use regular mustard because

i was conditioned i was raised by the tv

you know the uh he would uh pull up to


excuse me uh do you have any gray


but of course

we just use mustard well that's the

first thing i said whenever i met

tristan i said

uh well okay you're english i don't know

what to say to you and do you have any

great poop on and

reached in his back pocket he's like

well of course they just carried

no i don't i'd never carry it around

i've never actually heard or seen that

commercial oh

yeah are you rea well that destroyed

that face

that's why i didn't know what on earth

you were talking about oh yeah

so go on please vlad oh

black oh that's austin that's what we're

you know we're talking about black

there we go dragon constellations

and how they could see that mostly

around it is very symbolic and

meaningful to them as it was kind of a


okay yeah at least you're paying

attention yeah yeah well you know

we were really you know just really

trying to be pragmatic about it to say


why would they say that's a dragon

and that's where we started talking


european historians who are

poets the most famous european historian

is who

homer homer was what a poet

what is homer's contribution to european


homer came out with the first fully


body of work there were other writings

in europe prior to homer

but it was you know cuneiform clay


writing on walls i'm not talking about

no caveman

a mumble jumbo i'm talking about a

literary scholarly work

and that's coming from homer so now um

this is the odyssey and the iliad that

crime why did they teach us about the

odyssey and iliad in school because that

was one of the greatest literary works

to ever come

out of that uh that uh time so now

um the the story uh within

the odyssey and the iliad is of odysseus

and where we left off is really the

beginning of it the

the wooden horse um

these aren't friendlies it's not a gift

you know we go to the restaurant and

they give you bread in the beginning

uh hey eat the bread no i don't want

no because you're trying to fill me up

before i get to my meal that's a trojan


because you were talking about the greek

restaurant i told you we weren't gonna

we're gonna go down the rabbit hole i'm

gonna bring your tail right back out

there we go yeah somebody's gotta keep

me honest

shepard do you know why uh most of the

historians and scholars in europe

actually used

uh poetry and prose now because

there was heavy persecution at the time

from religious bodies especially the

catholic church and even the eastern


church anything seen as heresy in terms

of the introduction of new scientific

teachings and stuff it was put down

in kind of traditional manuscript

writing almost like a textbook people

would be

you know like put to death and stuff but

prose and poetry was still seen as a

form of entertainment

and that way you could actually get your

message out to people without

you know being hung or drawn and

quartered or is that right at the stake

is that why shakespeare wrote all those

plays was he trying to teach us

well he actually had quite a lot of

political messages in there but again

he was able to get it across under the

guise of entertainment which is

done today obviously through movies and

media that you can actually

introduce ideas into society and into a


through the back door through movies and

music and lyrics etc

because it's seen as entertainment so

it's not as offensive it's not so

controversial if you introduce it

you know through various mediums but

yeah sorry no but i think crumb was

alluding to that in the last episode

that we did with him because he was

talking about those messages that are

coming across so we're still even doing

it today

yeah just a little bit a little bit more


i think you know to add wolf's point you

know that's exactly what we talked about

in episode one and i'll quote myself


a lot of truth is said in jest we refer

to george

carlin who was a very famous comedian

however he had a strong political edge

and you know in those days you know you

could say the wrong thing and off with

his head you spit on sunday you're done

you know anybody heard of a murmur we

will break you into the wall and you can

die that way don't play over here

so now you know because we got to

remember the the medieval europe is a


serious time so now um

but you know so when we're dealing with

poetry poetry is

is going to be a palatable way to get an

idea across so uh um

with the trojan horse odysseus goes on

this seven-year

10-year trek trying to get back to you

know uh wherever he's from so on and so


and you know he meets uh mermaids and he


dragons uh so on so forth so what what

what we're saying

is when we're dealing with poetry you

have liberty

what type of liberty crum you have

liberty with rhetoric

where you can use um connotation

denotation similes metaphors

um uh uh rhetoric uh

uh comedy you can use uh you know

because the uh the greeks were famous

for what

tragedy romeo and juliet track

anybody remember how that had loves crop


romeo and juliet was a love story oh

really did you see what happened in the


yeah well that's pretty much what

happens in the end with any kind of

romance though well

yeah but they were romeo and juliet

they're only like 14 years old or

something where

they hadn't however many people died and

well i mean it's

officially called a romantic tragedy

anyway but yeah

most marriages are though not normally

so many people die

in the uh process unless you're like the

clintons but you know

so now we have a little bit of breathing

room through

uh certain things to help you follow

somebody to make a creative point

to elude to something you may not want

to make a straight

sexual joke but that's what he said

these are innuendos this is

you know this is how we play with the

language which a lot of people at that

time were really starting to do remember

the gutenberg press

doesn't come out until the you know a

certain period of time and that's what

had the whole protestant this is episode

one folks go back and listen to the

first episode

this is where the whole um oliver

cromwell protestants versus catholic

things come from

but let me not digress i wanted just to

bring some context to the idea of the

dragon constellation

it's not literally a dragon this is just

a poetic story to help you understand a

higher science folks that's all we're

talking about

uh good brother shepard okay and the

now this dragon the origin of the word i

mean is it mean

power or it's closely related to power


something which has had power bestowed

upon it

when you're dealing with the dragon

you're dealing with wisdom

right okay represents wisdom

um i i do have a

topic a lecture called we are the

reptilians where i go

deep into the lore and the

representation of the dragon

kundalini energy of of of of

india that's that's their pantheon of

their belief system so on and so forth

but i don't want to go too far for the

sake of time

and and for the audience so that they

can kind of get an idea because i really

want to venerate vlad

right yeah so draco was a constellation

excuse me i

i made a boo-boo draco is a

constellation in the far northern sky

the name is latin for dragon it was one

of the 48

constellations listed by the second

century astronomer

ptolemy not ptolemy and remains one of

the 88 modern constellations today

the north pole is the elliptic the north


of the ecliptic is a draco

draco is a circum uh uh circumpolar

and i'm sorry draco is circumpolar

that is never setting and can

be seen all year round from the northern


the egyptian pyramids were designed to

have one side facing north

with the entrance passage geometrically


to the tubin line

so that thuben would be visible at night

due to the effects of the procession it


again i'm sorry

it will again be the poll the pole star

around the year

21 000. so what what i'm saying in so

many words is

we're only seeing uh a certain group of

constellations in a certain time period

we see a whole different set every 2000

years or so anyway um

it is a blue white giant star of a

magnitude 3.7

or 309 light years from the earth that's

pretty far away

i think the sun is eight million miles

which is about eight light years so 300

light years you can imagine

the traditional name of um of alpha

draconis which is stupid

means head of the serpent this is where

you get because i'm a marvel fan

this is where you get the um the


and development scientific department of

the nazi regime

called what shepherd this is ask the


what is the scientific research and

development part of the nature regime


volkswagen hydra

hydra the many-headed dragon uh you knew

the answer to that didn't you

yeah no i didn't know the answer i

thought that was the

research and development for like making

the car like the volkswagen beetle

the people's car now uh wolf

what uh german company built the first


under the authority of hitler oh

messerschmitt wasn't it no that was uh

as a plane mate well yeah but a ufo's an

aircraft right uh nikolai tesla uh

created the blueprint

uh upon his death it was seized by

uh authorities and eventually got into

the hands while he was on his indiana

jones epic

uh into the hands of hitler uh and

hitler had

uh crafted mercedes-benz branch called

maybach very first

go back to those old hitler uh videos

where he's going through the parades

he's in the maybach

you know what the best engineering in

the world is y'all want to get racist

let's get racist what race has the best


formula one chairman's german


vosper and dirt technic forward with


yeah well i was always more of a bmw fan

until bmw kind of went south

that that whole company honestly went

south when they came to america

right my first bmw that i had was

actually made in west germany i remember

seeing the

black inside the car and that little car

went forever

never had any problems engineered

beautiful the second bmw i bought was

built in south carolina

had all kinds of problems

we go i don't i i can't afford german i

honestly can't but i'll tell you this

go back and this is me on my on my

marvel trip

go back and watch um um well

not the winter soldier what was that

very first

uh captain america movie it was a

cartoon version

oh the cartoon version i can't remember

the cartoon version

um where's captain america dagnabbit

um what was the first captain america

movie what was that called i think that

was the winter soldier

the first one wasn't it but didn't he

appear in one of the first avengers

movies before the stand alone

yeah well well the first avengers movies

picked up

captain america is the first avenger

there were no avengers before captain


so we got to look at the captain

america's story to even get the avengers

so i'm trying to think what the captain

america movie was called for his story

but anyway captain america is fighting

red skull

who is red skull working under red skull

is working under hydra which is a which

is this

uh the scientific version of um the nazi


and he's working with aliens where are

the aliens from that

red i'm just only using this as as

as a means a medium to get the family to

connect the dots

where are are the people from that

that that that red skull is uh working

with those aliens

they're from the draconian constellation

this is this go once once

disney bought marvel oh my god

you started breasts getting bigger

everything else

oh man marvel grow up when when disney

got marvel marvel grew up

but i digress if i could move on because

you know you kept alluding to this and

alluding to it

i want to just kind of spearhead it do

you mind wolf go

for it no go so my source for the

podcasters who can't see the visual go

to youtube

but for those who are on a podcast that

you can't see the visual

what i'm showing now is a picture of

a screenshot that i took uh from bbc

online network this is i i guess

uh you know unintentionally uh you know

this is the british broadcasting

uh channel shout out to the family

across the pond

um so bbc news it says uk

charles visits quote

relative dracula's home

so um i didn't put the whole

article in there i apologize but

in essence yes dracula's bloodline

is associated with the king and the

queen the queen of england and prince

charles he's not necessarily king bear

with me my apologies

but you get what i'm saying and when

we're dealing

with um queen elizabeth uh

david ike is the one perpetuating this


it's you you're crazy no it's david ike

if anybody knows who that is

the first person to say queen elizabeth

uh uh

is not who we think she is is david ike

and david ike uh

the shepherd uh good brother shepard do

you know what david ike said about queen

elizabeth as to who she is

concerning the draconian star system

i don't even know who david ike is well

he actually used to be

a tv personality presenter in england

and i don't know what the trigger was

but he suddenly started coming up with

all these

theories which he started saying on tv

and then pretty much got blacklisted

from tv

and then had to find his own form of

media to communicate but he was a very

strong proponent of

you know reptilian um


i guess a reptilian race which had

infiltrated the royal family

and you know some it's it's kind of

weird because

it's hard to tell with him what he means


uh what he actually means you to take

just at face value i mean i've read some

of his stuff but

unless you read a lot of the background

to it i mean it just sounds like the

musings of a crazy man but

i mean kram obviously knows a lot more

about him here oh yeah so he's

everybody sports yeah that's what i

remember him from being a sports


oh hell david ike i'm drawing my

line in the sand you know gentlemen my

thing is

we gotta take a stand and sometimes it

has to be an

unpopular opinion and you know i think

what makes me special is that i'm i've i

i've got the balls enough

to have an unpopular opinion i have the

balls enough to go against

popular opinion you have already proved

that because you like the dave matthews


i'm out of here

oh we chased him off we chased him off

that's twice in one episode i know

i usually only do it once yeah you're

i quit you're hired oh i'm sorry i'm


how is it you uh you quit you get fired

you quit you re-hired and they fire you

again or something

see we're not going to have any of this

issue once we interview greg abbott on


well because he's in that wheelchair he

can't get out yeah he can't jump up as

fast as crumb did out of that chair i

mean that was quick

i mean it takes me like 45 minutes to

get out of my chair and

i don't even have a great habit look

you're gonna sit there and get over this

because you're not going anywhere

right well we could put the brakes on

his wheelchair too

and like take the little handles off

yeah let's redefine a captive audience

there you go

yeah yeah definitely a captive audience

all right i'm captivated what do you


well everything held me there but you

know um uh yeah david i

i just i just love this guy and you know

it's so serendipitous that

you know i'm able to converse with

someone from across the pond people from

my side of town aren't from england

bring in europe we've only been here in

america we've never left

most people in my family don't even have

a passport so

to speak there was a rare occasion uh

anyway uh and you know i didn't play in

all of this this is just serendipitous

it's all within good fortune david ike

is an english conspiracy theory

theorist and a former football and

sports broadcaster

he has written over 20 books and spoken

in over 25 countries

uh and that's the

gist and i'll leave it at that um david

ike quoted this one guy named credo


and credo mutual and i'm so glad you

said that just in the in

in honor of homer in honor of poetry

credo mutual the guy who david i got all

of this

reptilian mumbo jumbo from credo mutois

said this is not later on

this is all symbolic and i i appreciate

you wolf so much because you said in the

beginning i'm not sure how much of this

is uh is poetic now you didn't say that

quote unquote word for word

but that's what you are alluding to a

lot of his his stuff is poetic don't

take it

tongue-in-cheek take it with a grain of

sand and and and

and understand that there's a nuance

there's there are innuendos there's


there's you know there's poetry it's


you know in europe at one point in time

we have to understand

the occult is different from now uh uh

from now

to to to join a fraternity to

join a fraternity meant that you sworn

or an oath to secrecy

you don't just go talking in public

saying certain [ __ ] or we're gonna whip

your ass

matter of fact the shriners take a take

a death oath if they say certain things

in public

they can be killed i don't want to go

too deep into that you know much respect

but let's just put things in perspective

and i appreciate the wolf for doing that

and i want to do that again with david

ike so when we're dealing with the queen

of england

being a uh reptilian we're not saying

literally she's a reptilian um

we are saying uh she has a bloodline

just like charles has a bloodline to the

draconian star

system the draco which is known as the


i'm sorry i saw my hair in my peripheral

when i did it like that

and i thought somebody was behind me

whoa i i almost did one of those matrix


um uh like this


i was about to do that but i kept my

cool but i had to admit because you kind

of saw me jump i might as well just come

out the closet

i'm seeing things folks anyway um but no

the queen of england

uh and that was a joke i'm not seeing

things it was a false alarm

uh but anyway the queen of england she

uh has this

draconian dracula reptilian

uh uh folklore associated with her

that isn't literal it's poetic

and i wanna i want to vindicate

these people and i told you guys in

episode one

you gentlemen excuse me i wanna put some

respect on your name i wanna i i told

you gentlemen in episode one

that i wanna remove the spookism from


no all that stuff in the odyssey didn't


but the trojans did go to war with the


no well queen elizabeth don't eat babies

i can't say that for sure i don't have

any one million percent

uh evidence and neither does david ike

but he's just speaking symbolically and

i think he has a point there

i think that's fair that's you know

let's take the tin foil

hats off folks and let's just really get

into the information

so um you know that's part of the beauty

of the story of vlad and his family's


but i want to move on but before i do i

want to you know

also give you opportunity to you know


yeah now i think originally i was a

little bit confused when i was talking

about the dragon because i was thinking

about the beast from revelations when i

was talking about

um you know he was given power to make

war with the nations now wasn't there

some reference to

that him being the dragon in the book of

revelations and that

and so you know traditionally the dragon

has always had a bit of a bad

rap as being a bit of an evil thing so

suddenly you have vlad tempest

you know vlad dracul you know the dragon

it's automatically

has dark connotations to it yeah but

what about puff

puff the mad dragon yeah he was a nice

dragon yeah it was but he was uh

um the result of a get together with us

and people sharing some delta nine

oh of the magic dragon so that was that

propaganda then well he was a nice


yeah yeah


pete's dragon pete's dragon the luck

dragon from

never ending story that's a nice dragon

yeah so there's lots of nice dragons

yeah yeah absolutely absolutely you know

and i think you

uh again you know you're

you're hitting on all cylinders or maybe

on the electric engine i'm not sure how

to address you guys anymore

but um that's all right we don't know

how we're supposed to talk to each other

either so

okay okay so are you playing a video


are you playing xbox right now looks

like you just grabbed an xbox controller

he's like you know what i'm sick of

talking to these guys i'm gonna play


right right no no no no no somebody just

text me uh it was important call

um but no uh with that said i wanted to

share screen and just kind of tie

tai what you were what i was saying into

what what you were saying

and the family doesn't say hey these

guys are all over the place no actually


i think we're not and if you can really

follow where the conversation is going i

think you'll be astounded so

uh in slide 13 i was talking about the

dragon constellation

um and uh we mentioned the book of


uh i wanted to read this do you mind


it says i'm just bigger you know my old


also this article isn't isn't my attempt

to make anyone look stupid or try to

dissuade anyone from believing the

prophetic context of the book of


or the spiritual significance of the

bible however comma

it is my strong conviction that

revelations and the bible

were not intended to be literally


what do you mean like poetry anyway with

that said the revelations 12

sign brings up an interesting discussion

about astrology and

biblical prophecy that needs to be

addressed also the revelations 12 sign

is another opportunity for astrologers

to better inform the public

about what we as astrologers actually do

because debunking the revelation 12

sign from the scientific and

astronomical communities

is is going to impact the public's


of what astrologers do unfortunately so

let's get into the meat and potatoes

um of this sign so yeah so before we do

that let's make sure we give

credit to whoever wrote that uh i can't


yeah so uh that's from the revelation 12


is it really astrology uh september 20th

2017 from cosmic mind

yes shout out to cosmic mind um

you know this this isn't a government

source or

you know uh what what have you i

understand anybody can write

anything on the internet uh you know so

well but if it's on the internet it's


cliche touche um i wanted to ask

could we hold this thought i just got to

let my wife in

yeah absolutely can we vote on that

normally anything to do with women we

have a vote

oh yeah yeah yeah is she especially

after 1920 yeah is it cold outside

right even though the all is well the

weather is is is well i will say she is

pregnant son

oh okay well yeah she gets veto power if

she's pregnant so yeah go let the wife


and uh you know the wolf and i are going

to kind of discuss where we're at

now because i mean here we are all the

way through too

and now we're getting into revelation i

mean do you feel like some of the stuff

that crime has brought up

to us has kind of opened your eyes or

are you sitting there and you're saying

to yourself

yeah i knew all this stuff it connects a

lot of dots to me because i was


partially educated through my own

efforts across the years but

you know the dragon along with other

animals well

real animals and other mythical animals

you know normally

reserved for symbolic

interpretations of either leaders

whether it be political or military or

even countries and so when you look in

the book of revelation you're not sure

whether the dragon's talking about a


some people allude to it being like

china nowadays you know because things

like beast coming out of the sea

the seas some people say it's a sea of

people so is it talking about politics

right you know the beast arises from

politics i mean the whole thing is full

of symbolism

but you know people would attribute

you know say things like the dragon and

the bear to different figures throughout

history i mean

a lot of people say the antichrist was

actually more related to the times of

the holy roman empire than it is

us awaiting the antichrist to come

but yeah but but going back to the whole

animal thing i mean we've done that for

ever right right we it and to use kind

of a looser term like a mascot

right i mean even in politics right

you've got the elephant for the

republicans you have the donkey for the


we always attribute animals to this kind

of thought process and we try to

pin that to an animal and say yeah oh

you know if you

have a weird-shaped body and like to eat

like a vegetarian or a giraffe you know

things like yeah

it's more about humans sharing animal

characteristics and animals actually

any type of anthropomorphism and you

know these animals suddenly having human

characteristics it's like you know the

russia i think is known as the great

bear or whatever at least used to be

known as the great bear well in in

america we have the bald eagle

right i mean big old eagle and he's

flying around doing his thing catching

fish and

well that's just because it's symbolic

of freedom and well he doesn't really

have any type of predator other than man

you know there there's this old thing

where ben franklin

was attributed to the fact that he

wanted the turkey to be the national


you know that's not true yeah

so it he did like the turkey because i

mean it's a majestic animal if you've

ever seen a tom turkey walking around i

mean it's

it's pretty cool it's about the first

one to pot in a turkey or his wife or

something yeah

something like that that's where that

whole thanksgiving thing came from and

the pardon and of the turkey

so you know i i don't believe in

pardoning turkeys and i

i want to put him on the treasure and

smoke him for

you know 18 hours at 225

off with his head absolutely

all right so so we got the wife back

inside she's okay

hey we're all good there all right we

just want to make sure

seven o'clock and all is well


i've got an english guy in the room you

know i'm taking full advantage

that's the town crier that's what he was

being there oh

there was any news and so he'd come out

ringing a bell being did you ever apply

for that job when you lived over there

no i can't ring a bell

oh okay well that makes sense yeah i've

got so much

uh you know uh wrist sprained from

playing computer games i've got a lib

wrist when it comes to ringing a belt

did did people make fun of the town


when you grew up uh no there was

actually a newspaper we received which

was a free newspaper i think throughout

england called the town crier and it

would actually be a non-syndicated paper

which would

have the local news for your area of

stuff which wouldn't make them more


larger newspapers but it'd be you know

more localized

okay well there you go you know and

so within spirit of you know the

anthropomorphizing and the

you know poetry if you go to your bibles

good christians if you go to your bibles

to genesis

it says in the beginning matter of fact

here we go ask the shepherd

in the beginning there was what uh good


what does the bible say well are we

talking about genesis 1

1 i mean in the beginning god created

the heavens

in the beginning there was the word and

the word was with god and that's not


no no no no no that is not genesis is

that not the very first

no no genesis 1 1

is in the beginning god created the

heavens and the earth and the earth was

without form and void and

darkness was upon the face of the deep

right and the spirit of god moved upon

the face of the waters and god said to

let there be light and there was light

you probably know exactly why i can

quote that perfectly

yes that's the teacher okay all right so

i stand corrected it's john in the

beginning yes

in the beginning was the word yeah

that's from john not from genesis

now genesis is is is hebrew uh

the the i'm sorry i'm sorry new the old

testament is hebrew the new testament is

uh greek yeah aramaic great yeah

well it was it was greek and it was

something else when there are two


yeah that the new testament was

originally written in arabic

and i can't remember what the other one

was originally yeah but

it wasn't english though no no

definitely not but so

so let's stick with greek because it's

the most

you know notable no disrespect to

aramaic uh so now when you say

uh the word in the beginning there was

the word

word in in the greek translation is

logo logos picture an image

a mascot something like you know a brand

you know uh you can put the words down

but if you put a picture on that jank

how many words does that embody within


well yeah i mean bringing up the whole

logo thing

i mean logos are still important to

businesses because they can put that

picture up and you see

a logo and you immediately attribute

that business to that logo and it makes

you think you see the fedex logo and

you're like

oh i need to ship something and i need

to do this fast and i need to do it

accurate and blah blah blah where you

see the golden arches and you say

i want a terrible cheap hamburger

because i'm hungry and i'm poor

yeah well i mean traditionally a lot of

logos actually had a little bit more

history i mean you go

behind a lot of say like the medical

logos with the snakes you know twirling

around right

you know i mean that there was a lot

more actual

meaning to the logos other than this is

something catchy into the eye i mean it


told something about the origin of

whatever that was its belief system

the families connected and funded into

that yeah

that symbolism all that good stuff

absolutely and we have to understand


we know for me with vlad acting as a


understanding homer and poetry we must

understand this is all

encompassed uh could we have to keep

this scholarly

uh gentlemen uh this is all under

rhetoric so when we're dealing with

logos we're dealing with pathos we're

dealing with ethos these are ways that

we're gonna deliver a message

to uh tell the history um so when we're

dealing even with

the the um the dragon in revelations

he's tracing this um this woman

she has a child there's these 12 stars

this is this is all an astrological


told through um um

what is it called it's called um not


um allegory this is a great algorithm

so you know before we go any farther

it's here's something that just popped

in my mind because we're talking about

revelation and

we know john of patmos did this and we

did a podcast about

absent and we were talking about john

and patmos with absinthe is there a

connection between

dragon in absinthe i don't remember if

we talked about it because we talked

about the green

fairy with absinthe but was there

something about dragons with absinthe

too uh

yeah and that was about what what's the

active ingredient in absence again is it


thira mean or thin or something yeah we

never could figure out

exactly how to pronounce it again would

have psychotropic effects

and allow people to go into trances i

mean a lot of the great writers

in the enlightenment period and

afterwards um

would actually have absinthe and it you

know gave rise i mean i think

you know merely mary shelley wrote

frankenstein under the influence and

there were a lot of uh

classical writers under the influence

who wrote stuff which

i guess had never really been written

before and they said that you had to

actually drink absinthe to understand a

lot of the underlying currents in those

stories otherwise you just wouldn't make

those connections

but there were similar things said about

the book of revelation that on the


he was on no no not with power beaming


there was a uh plan which would give

psychedelic properties and so they said


you know a lot of what you know you

wrote was while he was under trouts from

these psychotropic

um while he was eating these plants or

doing whatever with them

that this is how he was having these

visions and you know wrote down the book

of revelation and that's why they say

that unless you're in a certain state of

mind spiritually or in a certain place

with god the book of revelations will

never make sense

because you'll never be on the same

wavelength as when the book of

revelation was written

um that makes sense yeah wow

that's you know i this is the perfect

adjective since we're in honor of all

this rhetoric

that's trippy oh i see what he did there



and also in my third eye over there


no that's a plant so in episode one we

were talking about the

terrain of eastern southern europe

and how it was on the border of the

ottoman empire

or the turkish empire what have you um

and this really attributed because you


they just don't have a lot of resources

in that con that country

and as i i postulated in episode one our

episode one

um or part one um he was a military

genius so i wanted to kind of

expound on that if that was okay yeah

all right so

he was also extremely resourceful and

realistic using the topography that's

like the layout of the land

topography of wallachia or va lakia

valencia to his advantage against his

enemies altering his military tactics

when outnumbered when i say when i mean

all the time

and using psychological warfare against

those who had wronged him

you said they put uh uh somebody

questioned him he put him on a spigot

this is all psychological remember um

you know

you you can psych a man out before you

even hit him

in a hood we call that selling wolf

tickets i digress

oh oh did you like that selling wolf


right you just went right up his alley

right now you know he's gonna steal that


we got a new competition for the podcast

yeah exactly the wolf ticket

yeah win a wolf ticket

you just you just made his day with that

comment right there i could see his eyes

light up like

i'm going to sell wolf tickets now to

that point vlad used

i guess what is now known as terrorist

warfare tactics

based alongside similar lines like

guerilla warfare yeah i was already

saying terrorist that sounds like


i mean along the lines of kind of like

you know the art of war

um about psychological warfare how the

impact on the enemy

if you injured people rather than

killing them was you know had more and

more effect you know the body count

wasn't always the most important thing


you know a lot of uh especially in those

type of regions the tactics used were

similar to the way the taliban

operated in afghanistan when russia

tried to invade

you didn't need superior troop numbers

you just needed to know the layout of

the land

and deal psychological blows to the army

as opposed to mass inflictions of


remember the british when they first

went to war

they would wear these big bright i can

say ass right

yeah bright ass red suits

duh everybody know i can see the british

are coming duh

i can see it inside red red at night

the redcoats so now you don't see

an advanced tactical uh uh uh

uh military genius in america or or in


until desert storm you guys finally got

out of them finally got some fatigues on

didn't you

yeah we didn't put the face paint on we

rocking our fatigues you don't go in a

desert storm

uh into the desert with them with them

saying with that same gear that you had


uh you know when you were over there in

the tropics you got to dress to

camouflage with the area

so not only that but kind of the war

topic or the

uh tactics or whatever from the

revolutionary war

the british were always upset because

the americans or at that time the


they weren't playing by the rules well

there was this whole thing called the

queensberry rules which is something in

boxing and even though boxing even when

you go back to its bare knuckle origins

there were still rules you adhered to

like not punching below the waist

and yeah the english followed very

strict rules and

it's uh i i think when they were


some of um the colonies

they were actually they had meetings

with the heads of some

tribes that hey your men can't attack

from the trees or can't do this you have

to stand in an orderly line so we can

shoot at you

right you know absolutely ridiculous and

i remember i can't remember what battle

it was but

some noble man and his wife had come out

to watch

they were sitting up on a hill to watch

a battle

and uh the

wife was um well they they seem to be

making a lot of fuss when they're dying

can you send an instruction down there

that when they get shot they don't yell

so much and they fall over and lay down

nicely on the ground

i mean it was seen almost as if it was

you know it's kind of horrific thing

which wasn't part

you know it wasn't a realistic thing

it's almost like somebody playing rescue


you were so detached from these people

they were seen as pawns you know

yes one one part of my character we were

talking about this offline i believe

um is one of my monitors this is just a

character for the listening audience i

don't want you to persecute me

uh but i go buy a moniker on my platform

chrome tv

uh your favorite racist and one of my

gripes in terms of being racist against


is uh the idea

to your point the idea of a

civil um for the podcasters who can't

see what's going on

i'm doing an air quote thing with my

fingers a civil

war well let's examine that that might

be a little bit oxymoronic if it's war

it's not

civil if it's civil it's not war

and what you described at the woman's

request came

ah big shot that's not a civil war

when you die with some dignity young man


let me just fall down long dramatically

brian no it makes sense it's kind of

like that not to get too deep in the

weeds but

you know i can think of a way we can go

down with the peaceful protests and all

that but i'd totally get

i totally get what you're saying there

and i'm afraid we

we might go south if we go that way so

yeah so

yeah well you know um not to heart too


on our brothers and sisters across the

pond you know they fight

vigilantly you know uh due to the

circumstances with

caesar and dealing with the germanic

tribes the berserkers

you know the english have done their

thing let's give them their flowers


uh you know with that said i wish i had

the um

the thing machine over here i already

hit the clap button for him one time for

great britain

there we go i can't believe we're

actually using those buttons now

you know it took this long it took

chrome to

say hey let's do one of these podcasts

on video and

everything else and and now we're we're

actually using some of our equipment

but yeah i only know what those those

top two buttons do

i don't know what the other one is a

woman being strangled

yeah let's not let's not push that one


and i'm also afraid if i push one of

these buttons like the whole thing will

shut down

right you know but

um due to the circumstance i think

my point is that vlad is a military

genius you know who doesn't stand in

single file

line when engaging in war which is an

art not a science by the way

um and he does so quite poetically quite

artistically and you know i want to

in my efforts to end listening honest

wait is he trying to

yes i am vindicating vlad the impaler

i am saying his praise i am telling you

he is not the villain in this story

he is the hero can you stump the

shepherd and ask

why uh his forces would march in single


do you know why much vlad

why why his forces would hide their

numbers yeah you only know that from

star wars exactly

oh my god i can't curse too much

but but you didn't even have to say that

i mean

i said it i thought oh star wars he's

going to know this yeah exactly

there you go that was a softball

a lot of truth is said in jest

oh george lucas were a hell of

imagination no

no no no

the hollywood hollywood has a contract

which they're going to tell you

sci-fi is a you you want to put my

you want me to put it because a tinfoil

hat on let's talk about sci-fi

anything anything uh men in black


but um with that said uh

exactly i mean how how much farther did

we go

if we were joking at the beginning of

this that it's going to be like

you know part seven or whatever but i

think we only made it through a few more

slides man but we we're just having such

a great time with you and we're learning

about a lot and we're talking about a


and it it's probably time to wrap this

one up as well

so you know thanks once again crum we

have we're gonna go on to part three


so with all that said thanks for tuning

in to this episode of the wolf and the

shepherd and

we will catch you on the next one

thanks for listening to this episode of

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