Joined by the Shepherd, Scott "Junior" Ereckson returns to the show to answer listener submitted questions.

Scott "Junior" Ereckson is the author of The Unknown Mongol, a book about the history, story and tale of unforgettable experiences throughout the 30 years Junior has been apart of the Mongols Motorcycle club. Come experience life as he knows it from his first book, The Unknown Mongol.
Junior's second book details his experiences as the unforgiving steel doors of freedom slam behind him. Go with Junior on this wild roller-coaster ride to hell and back. Experience the ins and out of Los Angeles County Jail "the closest place to hell on earth" then on to California State Prison. Hold on tight as you share the happiness, sadness and relationships in this unbelievable but true gripping expedition of one man's life.

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Junior joined the San Diego [DAGO] chapter of the Mongols Motorcycle club in 1980 at the young age of 20, which is how Scott Ereckson got the nickname Junior. After serving prison time for the first retaliation in the well known war against the Hell's Angels,
Serving as National President in 1988-89, then again from 1996 to 1998, Junior has also been a member of 7 different chapters and a founder of 3.
Junior was a member of the Mongols M.C. for over 30 years, has held every office obtainable in the club and become one of the most recognized and respected in the outlaw biker world.

Junior has been part of a nationally televised show on National Geographic called the Outlaw Bikers, Masters of Mayhem.