April 28, 2021

The Cloud House

The Wolf And The Shepherd sit down with the owners of The Cloud Shop, a smoke shop in north Texas where marijuana is still illegal but due to a loophole in the Farm Act of 2018, delta 8 is legal. Azmi and Cameron joined the Wolf and the Shepherd to discuss these loopholes and how Texas is going to be next in the THC legalization. 


welcome to this episode of the wolf and

the shepherd today in the studio we have

with us

as me and cameron from the cloud house


glad you could join us today man thank

you for the invite

absolutely so uh these guys have a

smoke shop right down the way from our


and we decided one day just on

happenstance to just kind of walk down

there and check it out

and met these guys and we said you know

hey we need to bring them in and we need


talk a little bit about some of the

stuff that they've got going on

in their smoke shops well it wasn't

really happenstance it was more

fat you were being nosy and you told me

to drive around the block three times to

see what was going on

well yeah that's because we were

recording that night and they have all

these bright lights outside

we're not used to bright lights and i'm

like well wait a second it's not


yeah they they have all these christmas

lights outside and

they decorate the outside of their shop

better than i do

my house at christmas time and i was a

little bit jealous yeah and normally the

only entertainment we have down this


is that like daily between 12 o'clock

and one o'clock

the people who work next door basically

choke to death on their dinner and yeah

every day without fail

that's true yeah it sounds like we need

to take in respirators well

that's the best entertainment we've had

until uh the cloud house came along well

yeah i'm pretty sure doc holliday is

next door yeah yeah so esme cameron

tell us a bit about yourselves

background where you grew up

where you went to school and you know

how did you get into this

so we always me and him we we grew up in

uh here in texas

um and i moved to arlington

i'm just gonna say how we met pretty

much i just went to school before i was

a young

kid i grew up i grew up in alvarado then

we moved to arlington and i met him in

seventh grade football

and um you know after that we kind of

just became best friends

uh and then we you know we got older we

grew up in arlington

and in 2017

my dad would my dad is a businessman

also he he opened convenience stores

um and he was in the convenience store

lifestyle but he was

he was wondering what new things you get

into and i told them i was like

you know i've seen smoke shops which we

got to get into to to opening smoke


you know it's it wasn't saturated yet

the market there was there wasn't very

many smoke shops there was a few

that were here and there people who

opened it early early on

and stuff like that but i was like we

gotta just open a smoke shop

so you know i finally convinced him and

he opened a smoke shop and and using

that smoke shop i learned everything i

could about smoke shops i learned

the licensing where the distributors are

where everything was

uh you know as i pretty much ran that


for a while and i used it as a learning


and then after that i decided to to go

and do my own thing

and he also came with me and we just

i mean really just went from there after

you open your first smoke shop every

other smoke shop after that's easy it's


just licensing and being able to get the

products um

we opened one in bedford but they

wouldn't let us get the licensing so we

had to close that one and then we got


here in fort worth uh that one's still

going and then we just opened the cloud

house here

and well i guess technically fort worth

also technically keller so like it's in


it's in the middle of both yeah well we

call it fort keller

right i mean it's north fort worth but

it's kind of outskirts of keller

so uh walk us back to the one in bedford

i mean you

you said you opened it up and then just

all of a sudden

you couldn't open it up anymore i mean

walk us through that

how did that happen so smoke shops you

know are always in the gray area right


bedford there's one smoke shop they got

easy's that's it there is no other smoke

shop so you know i

i confused me for a while and i we just

thought about opening one so we went

to even apply for the licenses you have

to have a building

but you know since smoke shops are still

in the iffy to a lot of people

especially here in texas i always put

you know amendments in there

saying if we can't get the co or we

can't do this we can't do this or that

that we can we can void the lease um


you know and and and the landlord

understands you know usually i do have

under understanding landlords

especially ones that allow you to open a

smoke shop they understand uh

stuff because it's like opening a bar or

a liquor store i mean it's it's it's not

as easy as every other retail store you

have a little more hoops to go through a

little more licensing to get

in bedford when they got a new city


they banned letting people open smoke

shops so i didn't know that until after

i got the building

technically really you're not allowed to

do that you're not allowed to just

you can't allow someone to control a

market in a city so for a little while

we're trying to fight them

you know we're going to city council

meetings and we're we're doing this but

eventually i mean just the energy we're

wasting and

and the fact that bedford really just

isn't it's an all right place

but i mean i didn't think it was going

to be a completely booming smoke shop

either so like it was just kind of

it just at some point the fight wasn't

really worth fighting anymore so you

know i just

i backed out just cut the lease and i

just went ahead and left because they

weren't going to let me they weren't

gonna let me get the co for the building

yeah no that totally makes sense i mean

most people probably think that

you know hey these guys are coming in

here and they're opening the shop and

they have no business since they're just

like oh

hey i'm gonna throw some stuff in a shop

here and try to make some money

and you could be treated

basically as a neophyte you know that


doesn't know what they're doing or

whatever and then when they

realize hey this guy actually knows what

he's doing it's probably a surprise

to be honest with you right yeah and

then and they think that i guess it's

gonna raise the crime rate but i mean if

bedford is a small city like five miles

wide there's a smoke shop

right on the city border you know what i

mean so it's not really it really isn't

hurting them and i mean bedford we i

mean we've all been to bedford

you know it's it's not really a city

where or opening a smoke shop would be


right you know what i mean the crime

rate's not high i mean it's not high i

mean it's probably a medium average

crime right over in bedford

it's nothing crazy i just i i don't know

how they would perceive crime rate with

smoke shots because they let liquor

stores open over there

right like you got a liquor store on

every corner but you can't open a smoke

shop so

i know i think that would be a very

disappro disappropriate kind of

connection between

crime in a smoke shop i mean it's not

like it's a crackdown or a meth house or

something you can understand that where

it's on

you know kind of black market channels

but when you've actually got a store and

people go in and buy

stuff just like they'd go in and to a

7-eleven and buy maybe

you know milk or you know orange juice


you know chips or something i mean i i

just don't see that link and i think

you know i mean i lived in bedford for

about five years close to the bedford

boys ranch there an apartment complex


you know it's a nice area but you know

that area there hasn't really changed or

evolved much in maybe about 15 years

is pretty much exactly the same it's

really a thoroughfare you know it's one

of those places you pass through to get

somewhere else

and it's it and and i don't understand

why they put it into effect because they

opened the easies i think in 2004 right

and they stopped allowing smoke shops in

2011 but nobody even tried

like there was literally not a point to

not allow smoke shops it wasn't

bringing bad people i mean i mean you


so i the where they got the connotation

just kind of blows my mind i don't know


if euless since it's kind of their

sister city

i had said something about it and they

just agreed because i don't think you

can open smoke shops in euless either

euless bedford i mean they need to try

i've lived here my whole life and i

still don't know where first you listen

to bedford

yeah are all the same to me that's one


yeah i mean they're eating now they're

probably they're just so small i mean

you could probably drive

through all three of them in 20 minutes

absolutely well i think there's actually

one road which does actually pass

through all three yes yeah and it's not


that long yeah i know what road you're

talking about it's it's uh it was

a precinct is a precinct line yeah yeah

absolutely now how do you when you're

starting up

kind of advertise where you're at

because there's been so many smoke shops

and cbd oil

you know stores kind of opening up in

the last three four years

how do you kind of promote yourself and

let people know hey we're here

man honestly i don't i mean really i

just i put the sign up and i put the


and you know the light i mean that's why

my lights are so bright right i don't

you know you see easy's they got you

know most of them got the simple three

led lights but you know i get the ones

that change colors and they flash and

all that kind of stuff

but that's the point right is it but i

if people smoke they'll notice the place

and they'll come you know i wanted to

put a sign on the road but the landlord

wouldn't let me so i couldn't do that


and there's not really i mean i could

advertise uh

sometimes maybe i did one time i'll go

to the post office and i'll get little

banners made and pay to have them put


um but really the best really the best

way and the only way that's always been


is you just move into a place where i

mean everybody smokes so i mean they see

the place they'll automatically come

check it out they like the people they

like the prices and they'll keep coming


they're really really is no advertising

that you can do much for a smoke shop

just to

all you got to do is let people know

you're there and they'll come and pretty

much it's

yeah like you said it's just word of

mouth people start to travel and

and it's all also i know smoke shops are

a lot based on reviews which is why i

try to

we try to have the best customer service

the best prices and everything like that

is that we want to keep it a friendly

environment you know we're trying to put

couches in there soon too so we can you


like make it a little chill spot but you

know we're trying to see what happens


covert regulations we don't want it to

get worse and go back but i mean with

everything it looks like we're going in

a very positive direction

on that topic so it looks like i don't

think they'll be decreasing the

uh volume size again because at some

point i was only allowed to allow five

people in my other smoke shop at a time

you know so so i don't think hopefully

it won't go back to that but

i i want to prepare i don't want to

spend too much money and go back to that

you know what i mean

actually so you you talk about you know


welcoming atmosphere right i mean it's

the word of mouth it's the welcoming

atmosphere so how do you

vet a employee you know

so most people are thinking okay the

employees in

some of these places you know they're

just potheads or

or whatever you know that's the only

people that want to work here

and obviously to you that's very


when somebody walks in your shop that

they're treated good

that all that so how do you go through


employee vetting process of figuring out

who you want to represent your shop so i


the the thing you'll see with me when

you're close by so you'll notice it is i

always have

long lasting employees i do not go

through employees like most other smoke

shops do you know

a lot of other smoke shops will walk in

one day and the next day that they'll be

gone and the next day they'll be gone

a lot of smoke shops are like that no i

with me i i usually for the first couple

of days

it's not training but i'll sit there and

watch them you know what i mean

i'll see how their attitude is how they

talk to people

how they talk to customers all that kind

of stuff and i also pay very well

i pay i pay higher than out i pay higher

than every other smoke shop i've heard

so i pay very well so it usually tends

with higher pay you get

get a little bit better people and

usually they can last at the job longer


and i mean it's a smoke shop job so

they're getting good pay and they i mean

the only thing i got to do is sell smoke

shop stuff to customers i mean

it's it's a pretty it's a pretty easy

job there's not really much to worry


and and so i have them just focus on

their customer service mainly so the job

title is pretty much just customer

service you know what i mean the hardest

thing about that job is customer service

because i know a lot of people

i and i like to to get people who are

new to the field like new to selling and

new to be in the retail market because

it's easier to train them

to have good qualities you know because

if you work in a place where

where you don't got to try for a super

long time and you get just terrible

people and you got terrible pay and you

always have a bad attitude

it's going to give you bad habits and i

mean that's just how it is so you i like


new people you know like people who

haven't worked in retail before

so i can help train them and help

promote good habits and help them


you know uh like when customers walk in

automatically have a smile on your face

yeah that's always how it is i mean when

you walked in the first time if i was

there you know you saw me i

the first thing i did was smile is it

and those are the habits i like you know

if you get somebody who who

had a bad retail experience and worked

for somebody they didn't like and had a

bad attitude all the time

you know you walk in they're they're not

going to have the habit of smiling

you know what i mean they're going to

have the habit of just you know being

what can i do for you today how may i

help you you know sound like that you

know what i mean

i mean the first time we came into the

store there was a girl there

um i don't know her name but i mean she

was real nice she was real helpful

explained all the products and the

second time when i came back to get your


the guy who was working there he was

real cool and stuff i mean it

i mean it was you know good experience

going into the store for sure

you know now most people when you talk

about a smoke shop

don't really understand kind of range of

products because i don't smoke and i

never have

but there are still products in your

store which i would purchase which don't

really have anything to do with smoking

and so can you just explain to the

listeners the kind of range of products

you have and it's not just about

smoke based products or vape based

products you carry a wide range of stuff

can you just run

through the type of stuff you have yeah

so in texas

i just want to inform everybody that

this is tobacco use only you know

everything i'm going to explain here but

we have

we got everything right so we got the

conte you walk in and you're going to

see the containers

right you we got all the stash

containers you can store your your stuff

in it and

and we got the secret ones we got the

glass jars we've got all kinds of

different ones that you'll like

and then of course we got grinders

everybody needs grinders we got

we got pipes you know we got water pipes

we got concentrate pipes we got electric

concentrate pipes we got vapes we got

disposable vapes we got hookahs we got

hookah tobacco hookah coals hookah


you know we kind of just anything that

produces smoke

we carry it you know what i mean

anything that that you would have

accessory wise we carry it and the cool

thing about our shop is since

i'm there it's not a franchise you know

what i mean i'm there constantly i'm

talking to my employees constantly

you know what i mean i can get what

people specifically ask for

so if they're like oh i'm a regular but

i buy this from this smoke shop for this


if you could give this same product here

for around the same price

i'll start coming here because i like

you all you know what i mean so i can do

that a lot of smoke shops can't do that

and then that's one of the biggest


i thought i think brought a lot of

people from my last smoke shop

is that is that i did that i i people

would come in and every week i'd have a

different list you know people write

down what they want and i go to the

distributor and i'd be like hey

i need all this stuff and they'd give it

to me and you know

they'd come back and they surprised i

had that i actually got what they wanted

you know what i mean yeah like

i just got off the phone with somebody

when i was walking in here and they want

cigarette tobacco

you know he said he's been looking

everywhere and he can't find a cigarette

tobacco he's called so many different

smoke shops and nobody's carrying

cigarettes tobacco

so i said you live close by you know

because he called my smoke shop that's

farther from here

and he was like yeah i live i live right

in the middle and i was like okay i'll

start carrying your

cigarette tobacco here every week we'll

have it so you come by it'll be

restocked the next week you come

so i mean and he was he was really

excited about that and he

he kept asking you know he was trying to

find something now so you know i gave

him suggestions and i

i looked up shops for him and i said

here you could try this place in this

place in this place

because he's trying to find cigarette

tobacco and everybody keeps carrying

pipe tobacco which isn't what he was

looking for you know so i just i think i

think the

bringing in that the products are really

whatever you need

yeah uh in that kind of thing so so i'm

curious was it

by any chance drum tobacco halves where


i i'm pretty sure drum is what he was

looking for yeah yeah but that that was

the good stuff way

back and and they stole my younger and

they still make it fresh the company is


going and they're going strong i'm in a

lot of tobacco and one big thing i

forgot to mention we do also carry all

different types of delta eight

so we got delta eight disposables delta

eight uh

flour we got delta eight um shatter we

got delta a edibles and all

reputable companies and they're all

pretty big companies so we do have all


in the store too yeah i remember uh way

back in the day i used to smoke drum


and when you bought a pack of drum

tobacco you got a

pack of drum papers with that

and if you saved a certain amount of

those you could send them off

and then drum would send you this

leather pouch

to pour everything in that had like a a

little disc that you poured

what was it the distilled water whatever

to keep everything fresh and i had that

and i i smoked that for years i mean i

i love drum tobacco so get good to hear


so cameron obviously uh as we went

through the wide range of products you

have in the store

and from personal experience whenever

when i've gone into smoke

shops before you know looking for cbd


a lot of the range of products hasn't

been huge i felt sometimes like i've

been shopping in a phone booth you know

there's really not that much

but you guys have a lot of stuff and a

wide product range but what

you know out of all the products you

have in there is probably

i don't know your best-selling product

yeah delta is definitely our

best-selling product

i mean we have people coming there and

already know like what they want i want

delta eight and they'll go straight to

that section

we've got a lot of different things we

got the uh one of our top sellers are

going to be like the disposables

a lot of people like the disposables

because you can take it on the go and

hit whatever you want anywhere you want

and the edibles too

uh everybody loves edibles we got this

new brand called moonwalker

is moonwalker we got moonwalker uh they

reached out to us they're

pretty big brand i've got uh woken smoke

which is

he reached us at another one of our

smoke shops and you know

told us about him and he's actually a

pretty big brand too we looked him up

so i mean we got some pretty good

so can you kind of describe

more for people that don't know what a

disposable is

okay so disposable just like how you hit

uh i'm

sure a lot of people know about the

jewels or you know the puff bars and

stuff like that

never heard of the jewel as he's hidden

um yeah so they're it's just little uh

little pods that

really you don't have to refill them so

you don't have to deal with the mess or

anything like that it's just a little

small vape

so you don't have to refill them or

anything you just

just quickly use them get a quick so

they have different variety of puffs

like one got 300 400

one goes up to i think like 2 000 and

once you're done with that you just

throw it away and you buy a new one

oh okay so you don't have to make sure

you keep refilling it the whole mess

so very good for lazy people like yeah


exactly so so what's the difference in

effects in taking delt rate in different

formats says taking it in

you know vaping it or taking it as

edibles what's the difference in terms

of effects in terms of

la how long it lasts or it just depends

i mean

each one has different milligrams and

that's the stronger dose

so i mean you've got the uh you've got

the disposables which

they hit real hard but they're not going

to hit as hard as the shatter that we


because the shatter you use from actual

water pipe you know

and it goes straight in the back your

lungs you don't have to vape it

yeah like the the shadow is going to be

like the pure concentrate of delta eight

and you know

you have to they have to edit it a

little bit to fit it in a cartridge you

know what i mean so it does get a little

bit weaker

when you put it in a cartridge because

it's not pure concentrate because

if you took your concentrate it's very


you wouldn't be able to vape pure

concentrate like that it has to be

heated up

at a very high degree um and and so

that's why the shadow would be a little

bit stronger

so the delta eight would last about an

hour and a half in disposable or shatter


and then if you go to the edibles based

on your tolerance on those

it can last anywhere between four to

seven hours

um it just depends on the amount the


like the milligrams you've used uh 25 is

the average for someone who's never

done animals before most mediocre

daily smokers would get about 50 to 75


which is is decently high but that would

last about five hours

and one thing i have noticed with delta

eight is

it takes longer for you to feel it so if

you looked at delta nine delta 9 would


you know it usually takes around an hour

but everyone i've i've seen use delta 8

it takes around 2 hours

to kick in but then it lasts about 5


yeah i bought some deltorate edibles

from your store

and it took probably about an hour and a

half before it to kick in

but it also lasted for about six hours

and i made the mistake the first time

i've taken it about

nine o'clock at night and i had the


lucid dreams like that is a side effect


delta a yeah so can you explain to


the difference between delta eight and

delta nine

delta nine is going to be the pure form

of marijuana

untouched you know it's it's what

happens when you when you burn it and

you smoke it through a pipe

it's cut from the flower you put it in a

pipe you burn it bam delta nine

it's your delta nine thc that's the most

common form it's what everybody has

now delta eight thc

is it gets a little tricky right so each


technically only has about one percent

delta eight

so you're like one percent delta how do

they how how in the world

is there so much delta eight if each

plant is only one percent i mean that

just doesn't make any sense

what they do it's a little tricky here's

it's like this is the scientific part

that kicks in right

it's altered slightly right they take


salt like powder they take them they


the the plant into cbd they take the cbd


and they put it in a solvent that

gets rid of the cbd and what you have

left is delta eight

and then you got they they take they

take the delta eight

out and they let it dry they get rid of

the solvent and then bam you got

pure delta eight concentrate there so so

that's that's how delta eight's made

um really the only difference is delta a

is indica based you can't it's it's it's

it's gonna put you it's gonna make you

sleepy it's not gonna make you

you know wake up like you can get in

delta nine you can get sativa which

you know some of them they help you

concentrate help you wake up help you do


there's no delta a like that they can

say sativa but when they say sativa it's

usually about the flavor they're copying

a flavor

of a sativa herb it's not an actual


you understand what i'm saying no so


sativa versus indica sorry

for people that don't know about

something roughly like kratom or

something like that

it's going to be similar to to kratom

but but

uh like so back in the old days we're

talking about the 80s they had corn you

know everybody had corn back then it was


you know marijuana's marijuana there's

no this marijuana this marijuana this

marijuana you know and then slowly they

grew up

like they grew they grew older and and

the plant you know people started to

realize that you can you can edit this

that not every single marijuana is the


you know there's certain properties

certain marijuanas have that other

marijuanas don't

you know and and over time they learned

how to test these things and

and they found out that that there's a

certain strain of marijuana

that can make you super tired and

couch-locked and

and and they found that there's another

strain of marijuana that can you know

doesn't affect your

your it doesn't make you tired you're

not going to want to sit there on the

couch and watch tv and eat a bag of

chips you know you're going to want to

do your normal daily stuff and you you

know you still feel it you know what i


and so basically that i mean that's

pretty much it just the type of plant it

is you know what i mean

um it's just it's just that different

you know i'm trying to find something to

compare it to

um kind of how you know you got

how light beer and dark beer affects

people differently kind of

i mean that's probably gonna be really

similar to it sure i i've read an

article honestly that said something


delta eight versus delta nine and it was


okay well you can get drunk on beer

or you can get drunk on vodka

and so you can drink the

same amount of vodka or beer and if you

drink that same amount of vodka you're

going to get

more drunk and it was all about

i guess you're talking about the

milligrams right

yeah but i i that article

i have heard it's it's a gray area when

it comes to the strength of delta eight

versus delta nine

okay because

i don't see a dif that big of a

difference i mean beer and vodka that's

uh we're talking about a

a significant alcohol percentage

difference so if you compare it like


then that's a that's a pretty big

difference um but if we went

you know maybe like an eight percent

ipa versus a four percent five percent

regular beer

that'd be a better comparison if i had

to make a computer yeah

and i know i was reading a multiple of

articles about delta rate and it said

the probably the most accurate ratio in

terms of milligrams is four to one that

if you had

you know 12 and a half milligrams of

delta 9 then you're going to need

50 milligrams of you know delterate to

have the same effect but

again you know with delta nine there are

other things in terms of

you know some people experience paranoia

they experience

various other things like the jitters

whereas delta rate is more of a calming

you know effect on a lot of people and

but it does have that kind of sleepy


now for me it didn't make delta rate

didn't make me feel sleepy but when i

wanted to fall asleep

it made me fall asleep within like two

minutes i mean i was gone and i i would

sleep for like 10 hours

yeah i just from the people that i've

tested the differences

they haven't been able to notice it like

that yeah and to them it lasts just as


it feels the same and i mean if you were

smoking an indica i would compare an

indica to delta a almost perfectly you

know what i mean

um they both make you feel tired they

both make you feel

a lot you know honestly though with

delta eight

a lot of people that i've seen smoking

get hungrier with delta eight

like they the munchies hit them a little

bit harder with delta eight than they do

with delta nine so i don't know

if that's something we're about to

discover or what because i've seen four


where delta nine didn't affect them like

that they they did some delta a and they

were over there eating more than they've

ever eaten in their life yeah i mean

well when i had the uh gummies for

del tray i mean i think i a pizza and a

half in one night it definitely gives

you the uh

munchies to the extreme and i actually

got out of bed when i woke up to go to

the bathroom to

go to the you know go pee i was kinda

like might as well eat something while

i'm up so i went downstairs and made

another half pizza

yeah it makes sense so on that note

why is deltrade legal

if you have a certain number of

milligrams can have the same effect as

delta nine when you have

in colorado where delta nine is legal

delta rate is illegal

okay texas is a big follow federal state

you know what i mean

if it's if if something's federal texas

is like if united states banned it

i have to ban it you know what i mean so

texas i doubt would ever even become

legal in delta 9 unless federally it

became illegal

and federally delta 9 is illegal

federally delta 8 is not illegal

you know what i mean so this isn't a

this isn't spice it's not k2 it's not

something synthetic

made in a lab it's it's

it's real it comes from the plants


it's chem it is chemically converted

into delta eight yes

but it's not made from scratch you know

what i mean

it's not something that can cause you

psychosis there is there

is not gonna be any negative side

effects from pure delta eight you know

what i mean it's straight from the plant

you know so i doubt that they're gonna

ever make delta eight illegal

because not only would that be a step

backwards as there's no

cause for it you know what i mean if


texas would follow somebody if somebody

else did it first and i don't see

anybody else making delta 8 illegal

i only see us going in the direction of

making delta 9 legal

but again texas is a big federal state

we're very patriotic to the country of


so texas the only reason texas hasn't

made it legal yet is because federally

delta 9 is illegal the day the federal

government decides

delta 9 isn't illegal anymore texas will

follow and be like okay

it's not illegal that is the only reason

delta 9 is still legal

so what about in the states again like


there's been you know talk about the

just because

deltorate doesn't have the same


as delta 9 has that's why it's not legal

in those states because there are

actually two or three states where

delta 9 is legal where delta 8 is


and they you know constantly quote it's

about the regulation that

you know there's there hasn't been state

regulation there hasn't been time there

hasn't been a body because you have to

remember with marijuana there's been

decades of study delterates kind of hit

somebody blindsided a lot of people

and there really hasn't been those

long-term studies i think

the thing with the states where it's

legal you have to specific on

regulations right so they

they went specific with the marijuana

plant in those legal states so it was

easier for them to

to make it illegal already right it was

easy to do that because they already

have regulations on the plant itself in

texas they only got the only thing they

do is

delta 9 is legal there's no regulations

now the biggest thing i see

in those states is not about the

regulation of delta eight

it's about the fact that they charge a

thirty percent

tax thirty five percent tax on delta


and they they think people are gonna

start using delta eight as a loophole

right that's what the shep and i were

actually discussing earlier today about

how these states can make money out of

it and if there isn't this way they can

make immediate money out of it

then they kind of try and find barriers

so now we've thrown all these numbers

out right we got

delta eight we got delta nine so we're

throwing out two numbers basically then

yeah lots of numbers yeah and now we're

gonna let's go let's count up one

further yeah

yeah seventeen

yeah sometimes i don't know ten

what stealth ten is there a delta so so

there is

a delta ten and

that's it that's even newer than the

delta eight so

what is delta ten okay delta ten

is going to be to sativa version of


eight so they're gonna take delta nine

you know they've

delta eight like i said makes you tired

makes you sleepy the whole

it's indica based it is 100 indica based

you'll never find a delta eight that's

true sativa like that so that's has

sativa qualities

because like i said on the packaging

when they label sativa

they're basing it off the flavor that

they're they're mimicking with the delta

eight okay they're not

calling it a sativa there's no way it

can be a sativa right it's it's

the qualities that delta has is to make

you tired make you hungry that's

everything has its qualities you know

delta 10 they're focusing on more

making sativa based you know it

chemically making it sativa-based you


where you can do your daily stuff and

not feel tired and

it's probably going to have less effect

on munchies stuff like that because it's

it's going to have more sativa qualities

and less indica qualities that's

going to be the only difference not

one's going to work better than the


and not one's going to be more expensive

than the other the only thing that delta

10 hasn't done yet is being mass


delta 10 does currently exist and you

can buy delta 10

uh online now so it is available it's

just not

widely available yet yeah and from what

i'd read on

delta 10 you know there were

certain opinions that if they ever

streamline the process

so it can be cost effective and mass


that it will actually replace delta nine

in some respects

certainly in terms of the regulation in

terms of

you know marijuana being banned in

certain states that if delta 10

can be widespreadly legal throughout the

entire united states

then it will actually end up being a


only for tax purposes okay so

so nothing can ever truly replace delta

nine right

if you have delta nine pure it's always

gonna be way better than delta eight

delta ten

but with no regulation on taxes

and i mean you were talking about a

standard state tax versus

a 40 tax that they put on

on these these and the on the herb like

that's you know that's crazy that they

they're allowed to do something like

that and it's all a dieter man

it's it's they don't want you to

actually sell it you know

they don't want it to actually work but

if it's going to work then they want to

be able to make a lot of money off of it


no other business is taxed like that so

it's i mean they're just taking it

they're making it the minority of of the

products you can sell in the state

and and so they only if it does work the


the only way to replace delta 9 is if

they never

raise the tax on delta and delta 10


now delta 9 became legal tomorrow

would it cost you a lot more money to be

able to get your skin in the game and

actually be able to sell it because i

remember when they were first giving out

contracts in other states it was like

you have to put down 400

000 to even like apply for a license to

even be able to be a dispensary or

something i mean is the cost going to be


high for most people to even be able to

get in

i don't i don't i mean i haven't i

haven't looked into it i'm going to be

honest with you i'm not gonna say here

and throw out numbers that i don't know

um i would i personally i don't matter

to me um i'm already

i'm preparing to hopefully you know open

a couple in texas as soon as it becomes

becomes legal for me price wouldn't be a

dealer because

you know it's it's it's it's a market

that's never going to go away

right you know what i mean it's not you

still can't

mail it you know it's it's one of the


products in this place that you can't

be beat by online you know what i mean

they can't just go to amazon and look it

up and buy it and have it same day

shipping you know what i mean

so it's always going to be a product

that's not after because i mean there's

not at a failing dispensary man

yeah even with the 35 40 tax people love

buying from these places they like

buying real products

they like buying true products they like

buying regulated products because they

know exactly what they're putting in

their body

i mean you get to see exactly what it is

you see what the chemicals they've used

you see the

the ingredients they have they use you

you see the qualities they're gonna hold

you know they

they have everything you're looking for

in the shops when you buy it on the


you got a guy hands it to you in a bag

you give them some money you have no

clue where you're about to put you know

your body you know so

we mentioned kratom earlier i noticed in

the store you didn't really have any

kratom is that not really an area you're

really interested in no man i love

kratom but

kratom is very customer based if a

customer asked for it i would put kratom

in the store

yeah um if a customer doesn't ask for it

i'm not going to put credit

yeah it's a rough it's a rough taste

kratom i mean it's

like eating i don't know if you empty

out tea bags which you've gone off for a


leave them outside then well kind of

it then kind of drink it and it's like

the worst taste ever the worst

aftertaste ever

i'm sure he probably doesn't have curry

in his shop

either because nobody likes curry that's

not true for you it's honey you don't


no i love curry if i just want to put

that in there it's one of my favorite


no see i don't believe you no no one

likes curry

the most common way to to drink kratom

is that you don't make it into the tea

you just shove the powder in your mouth

and you drink take it

can i tell you why he has a bad

experience with curry why does he have a

bad experience

when he was 18 months old his mom could

no longer produce breast milk so she put

some curry

powder in with some milk and fed it to

him and he hasn't like carried ever

since so

yeah if you want a recommendation by the

way thai hut over there on uh

right there on what is it basswood and

uh no

it's on um it's oh it's western

center okay and what is that other


right there western center and it's

right there by the walmart

you know what i mean yeah i know

question center and ray white

right yeah that's no i love a good query

for some strange reason on this podcast

we have an abnormal

number of indian followers probably we


one of the top 10 english speaking

listened to podcasts in india and we

have no clue why

so now we try and give him a shout out

every episode yeah now

i i have to ask cameron you've been


here being nice do you like curry

i've never had it before yeah don't

don't try curry don't try curry

completely looking thing yeah oh yeah

that was good i have had it

look he hates because i thought i'd like

no i thought i liked you cameron yeah

i don't like you now he hates it because

it's a replacement for breast milk but

the rest of us like it

yeah nobody likes memory are there any

other products out there which are

coming out because obviously delta tan

you know has just come on the scene

coming in and

yeah i've seen it online and stuff but

is there anything else there

honestly man i think kratom is on the

rise you think you know kratom's been

out for a while

but i really do think kratom's getting a

lot more popular than it used to be

um because i i do get asked at my other

stores a lot about kratom

yeah you know and i at some point i i

used to buy kilo bags for one of my


i had a customer buying a kilo every

month of it

people just don't understand that kratom

does give you effects yeah

and and once people start to understand

that i think that's why it's getting

bigger and bigger is just because people


are starting to realize kratom does

affect you a little bit and it's it's

actually you know it's it's disgusting i


don't get me wrong it is very nasty yeah


it's similar to marijuana you can't

overdose on it

and it gets you feeling good so it's

supposed to technically you know what

kratom is for right yeah

it's supposed to be an opioid

replacement right so

it's supposed to take you off of opioids

but if you're if you

you all it has no addictive technically

no chemically addictive qualities yeah

you can't take kratom and get addicted

to kratom like you would with nicotine


but yeah i mean you can't get addicted

to its feeling but you can't get

addicted to kratom so i think that might

be a attraction for a lot of people you


that they can come in they can you know

it's got it it's actually really cool

man they got ones that make you

that actually can increase your mood

like you bring your serotonin up and it

makes you feel happy the whole day

and and they got ones that you know they

got downers they got uppers they got

stimulants they got

okay it's crazy how many different types

of kratom you can you can make it it's

very similar to marijuana it really is

very similar to marijuana

yeah i've had a decent experience of

kratom and you know i started taking it

for painkilling

properties because i played professional

sports back in the day and so

i'd get you know inflammation you know

my knees my ankles and my back and

kratom actually worked very well as a


um no you were just trying to avoid the

fact that you grew

up in britain and that wasn't anything

no that was not it was painful but

that's mentally painful

yes so kratom kind of took you through


because you're british and nobody likes

british people well no that's not true

no it helped me it helped me with the

physical pain it did actually

i mean kratom does have properties it

does reduce

inflammation uh people who suffer from

you know advanced kind of like bone


arthritis have found a lot of help with

kratom i mean it is a great mood


again the biggest problem is it tastes

freaking horrible

but and the effects with it you know

don't always it doesn't have a long

lasting effect i always found it wore

off after like a couple of hours

but it was definitely better than

you know taking a painkiller which

you know didn't really work and you

build up such a tolerance to painkillers

after a while

that happens in your brain but not in

your organs so the more of those

painkillers you start taking it affects

your organs and has a

negative effect on your organs but it's

your brain deciding

all right this is not having an effect

on my body anymore so people stack up


and overdose on painkillers whereas

something like kratom

you can take more and more of it it's

not addictive and even if you eat

you know a whole sack of it you know

it's not really going to hurt you

but i mean for me i mean it definitely

helped when i was going through issues

with like knees and back and stuff

fantastic thing about kratom is it's

also all natural and it's a plant and

it's usually found in malaysia yeah

on the side of a hill normally oh yeah

is malaysia in india no

no are you sure in country it's in that

direction right

now if you start traveling like east

you're gonna get there eventually

you might have to waver a little bit

north and south but you'll find it

it was on the news quite a bit a while

ago about in 2014

yeah did they have dinosaurs there yeah

oh okay good yeah that's where the

jurassic park the lost world was filmed

oh yeah with the red-headed girl

yeah it almost became a documentary at

that point yeah

oh somebody's phone just went

yeah i don't have a question there

actually i

peeked too soon as i kind of went off on

one after jurassic park the last world

um let's go kind of into the summary

here and if you want to ask it

so again just talk a little bit about

the store

like if you're intending to kind of like

maybe branch to open in other stores

uh just yeah people can get in touch

with you because you do have an email

address if somebody wants to do a

question because i mean

you know we've had some guests on before

and they will actually give out their

personal email address or

number of it's to do with the business

or whatever they want to get in touch

with you

or i mean you don't you don't have to do

that i mean yeah yeah yeah no i got a

number i can i i'm fine providing my

number man right it really doesn't

bother me

you need to spin this around better give

me an

edit point and then ask well now i just

started i just asked the last three

questions mate you finish off

the end can you tell our listeners how

they can get hold of you

actually give them the store address as

well because we didn't mention that

and we'll actually put your contact

details and everything

you know on our facebook on our website

so uh we connect our listeners with you

but just everybody's listening out there

just let them know how they can get in


so my email address and i always look at

this every single day so i'll always see

an email that comes in

um it's gonna be uh z as in zulu oh as

an oscar oh as an oscar.3

at live.com and that's my personal email

so i always look at it every single day

um and then the address to my store is

going to be 3604

golden triangle boulevard fort worth


seven six two four four and it's the one

with the big sign that says the clad

house on it so

yeah well as me and cameron thanks for

joining us on this episode of the wolf

and the shepherd

and we hope everybody reaches out to

these guys

especially in north texas but even


north texas i'm pretty sure you know

you can take care of those guys and we


catch you on the next one thanks for

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