Aug. 27, 2021

Scott "Junior" Ereckson returns with a Q&A Session On YouTube

Just a quick announcement that we did a Q&A with Scott "Junior" Ereckson that is available on YouTube.


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welcome to this special episode of the


wolf and the shepherd today we have with


us once again scott jr Ereckson scott


super glad you could join us again


happy to be here max




we're going to do things a little bit


differently today than we normally do on


the wolf and the shepherd


we're going to do a q a and i'm going to


do nothing but ask junior these




most of these questions were submitted


in via either email there were some


youtube comments some were comments some


were questions so we've compiled all


these things together and all i'm gonna


do is ask junior your questions and he's


gonna give his answers now one caveat


i'm going to go ahead and mention right


out the bat


i'm not going to interrupt junior that


was one of the biggest comments on the


prior youtube of the first podcast was


why do you keep interrupting him why do


you keep interrupting him well there's


two answers to that number one do you


really think i'm gonna interrupt junior


Ereckson no i'm not i did a terrible job


editing that and chopping up some of the


silence parts and it does sound like i'm


interrupting him so we decided we're


going to do this completely live we're


not going to chop anything up we're not


going to censor anything we're not going


to do any of that you're going to see


just junior and i on this it's gonna be


me asking questions and junior giving


his thoughts so with all that said


junior let's get started so first up


you've written two books have you


planned on writing anything else


actually uh i do i have a plan for a


third book it's a


it's kind of a unique story and uh


i'm gonna go ahead and give everybody a




a little sneak pre preview of this thing




as you guys all know


or if you read the books you know that i


was adopted


at about two weeks old


uh by a good family i mean good parents


good people


uh but i had a quest you know the last


probably 15 years of my life to actually


find out


who uh


my parents were




where i really came from my actual dna


my blood


with the help of and


uh the answer is quite remarkable uh


and uh this story is gonna give more


insight to uh


who i am and why i am the way i am


i post out some pretty unique things so


i'm going to leave that like that


gotcha so uh so there is a third book on


the way very cool yeah it's it i haven't


started yet but it's definitely gonna be


my next one and uh


and it's uh it's gonna happen nice




talking more about kind of books the


next question up since you are an author


do you have any other authors that you


really like


yeah that's easy max billington


yeah right


actually actually when uh i was in the




i was drawn to dean coons uh


i like dean coos books because most of


locations were there right there in


orange county and i was familiar uh with


the areas uh he was talking the streets


the freeways so i felt i had a


kind of a relationship with dean koontz




and i i kind of like liked to read his




well i'm sure dean would like to hear


that so


uh next up is not really a question but


more of a a quote and i've stole this


off of


one of your videos or one of the quotes


off of your video on our youtube channel




i wanted to hear his story about the new


year's party but you interrupted him


once again and went a different


direction what do you have to say about


that did it did i interrupt you do you


have more to tell about the new year's




well you know uh




i was i was active in the club for 32


years so you're talking about 32 new


year's parties i


i can't remember which one they're


talking about uh i'm sure there's a


story behind everyone and


i don't recall you interrupting me on




uh no i don't


got you so uh kind of an aside here


you say you know 32 years in the club


there were 32 new year's parties


was there maybe a


holiday or whatever which was the party


to look forward to because most people


you know new year's is a big deal or st


patrick's day was there like that once a


year maybe party that you always look


forward to that that was the big party


you know when uh


when i was uh


when i was active in my younger years


you know our parties we camped


we got campsites we went to campsites we


partied uh it was none of this hotel


[ __ ] you know you know i've used


i've used a rock for a [ __ ] pillow


before you know it and and and laid


there my own vomit i mean i'm not


complaining that's the way it was we


partied hard and and we didn't have no


beds it was just a party time


and uh


you know i i mean


there was a lot of parties a lot of good


times and and uh it was way different


back then than it is now


got you


all right so uh we had a submission


saying i want to join a motorcycle club


should i and what advice would you give




so what are we talking here are we


talking a writing club or a one percent


club or


i mean i can only assume he's talking to


one percenter right


that's that's what i'm guessing from


this and you know he didn't say writing


club i think if you ask what you know


whether or not i should join a writing


club there's probably something a little


bit wrong with you i'm so let's go with


the angle that he's talking about a you


know one percent or three-piece patch




motorcycle club


okay so look


this is a deal


you're going to join this bike club okay


the first thing is going to happen is


once you get in is you got a full


commitment to the bike club okay so


what's going to happen is you're going


to start distancing


yourself from the ones you love


and they're gonna notice it




okay second of all you got a good chance


of going to prison you want to go to




good chance it happened to me




third of all is you're accountable


for what your brothers do you know they


say i might you're yeah you're your


brother's keeper you're going to be your


brother's keeper and here's the deal you


get a brother and your chapter is a


[ __ ] idiot and he does something




guess who's accessory




take all these into consideration before


you do anything you know what there's a


lot of good times


there is camaraderie


but you know what this shit's real the


bad is real what can happen to you is


real so make a decision if you're


willing to sacrifice these things


because you really need to think about


that there's going to be sacrifice


it's just not all


party and riding i mean


there's obligation commitment there's




uh know the whole thing what you're


getting into uh


i hope i gave you some good advice


yeah sounds good


so you said you wrote poetry in prison


do you still write poetry


you know it's been a minute i used to my


mom used to ask for poetry uh


when i sent her a birthday card and um


i did it for my wife you know i kind of


slapped off of that stuff i probably


still need to do it especially for my


mom and my wife but


it's been a minute but uh i still got


some skills there if i have to apply it


yeah that makes sense so i don't


remember junior if i actually asked you


this or not but going back to that


poetry you said you would write poems


for some of the people that were in the


pen with you and you were selling


those poems i don't remember if i asked


you how much the going rate for a junior


ericsson poem was in prison so do you


remember how much you were selling your


poems for yeah that was easy it was two


top ramens


two top ramens yeah i wanted beef i want


[ __ ] beef top ramens i don't want the


chicken [ __ ] beef top ramens two of them


two beef top ramens okay i'm gonna put a


couple of those in the mail to you today


junior and so i expect my poem pretty






oh that's great that's great so all


right one for you'll be a lot of i love


using it yeah yeah there you go well you


know i i can't write poetry so i i need


you to write something my anniversary is


coming up so you know that's what i'm


going to give my wife for our


anniversary he's a poem i can do


something for you there we go i love it


okay uh next up i've seen you on tv and


of course heard you on this podcast


would you ever consider starting your


own podcast


you know i've considered it uh


you know


right now i've got a full-time job


i'd like to retire


maybe next year


if things allow


it might be something i considered maybe


later down the line but


you know i guess there's too many irons


in the fire right now with a job and uh


and uh i'm gonna try to get right into


the book here pretty quick a podcast


might be nice but it's nothing that i


got planned in the near future


okay so you're not saying no though


i'm not saying no you know we've


actually i do have a


another brother uh


that we've discussed doing a podcast


together uh but uh


and we've kind of designed a couple


little things about it but is it in the


near future now it can't be that it's


not that close




i'm sure there's a lot of people that


would want to listen to it so so don't




don't dismiss that idea just yet junior


harley davidson is now making electric




what's junior's take on electric




okay so let me think about that a minute




you know what i'm not one to really


stand in the way of the electric uh


movement as far as vehicles a matter of


fact i've been really thinking about


buying some stocks right now and that


stuff but uh


my concern is this you know


when i'm going down the road and the


hardy's next to me i know it's a hardy


by the sound of the motor you know i




you know everybody said you know loud


pipes saved lives well you know what i


believe that and i think the sound of a




uh is part of the safety feature and


awareness to other vehicles i mean what


are you gonna do go down the freeway


splitting lanes on a silent bike no one


even hears you coming so


am i against them no i mean who's gonna


stay in the way of progress but would i


buy one do i i think they're safe no you


know you got all the odds against you


anyway when you're riding a bike now


you're going to take the sound away


they're not going to see you they hardly


ever see you to begin now they can't


hear you


yeah i totally agree with you on that


that that is kind of my fear with it as


well i mean i i do still have my harley


uh write it from time to time and she's


a loud son of a [ __ ] and


part of that is that loud pipe saved


lives this isn't me trying to rap on the


throttle and show off and do all that


crap i want you to hear me because most


the time you can't see me and i guess


and i said i wasn't gonna do any


opinions but i think you're gonna agree


with me on this one


when you're in the cage when you're in


your regular vehicle and you miss a bike


you almost feel like [ __ ] right you're


like i didn't see that guy


and you think to yourself man that could


have been me you know because i ride a


bike too and i didn't see that guy how


are these people you know in cages


missing all these bikes and i literally


just missed one


i agree 100 you know the thing is in


in california


these guys are [ __ ] splitting lanes


man bam i mean you're going on the road


they're splitting lanes


on these bikes uh most of the time you


can hear them coming which is a


a good feature you know good safety


feature but you have guys splitting


lanes on bikes you can't even hear


you're gonna cut somebody out there's


it's gonna be a mess that's just my




i agree with you yeah we


we share the same opinion on that all


right next up uh you said you and this


is a quote you said you quote did a lot


of damage in the club end quote can you


elaborate on that


i can't elaborate on that


all right works for me


if you could have done it over again


would you have stayed in hawaii


you know what i'll be honest with you


so i went to hawaii when i was uh


a junior in high school


and from the day i got there i [ __ ]


hated it i hated it you know i'm not


bagging on the state of hawaii


but uh you know i got i got plucked from


a high school out here in san diego


put into a high school in hawaii with


all these guys that have grown up






here i was all of a sudden with a bunch


of dudes that


had grown up since grammar school


together all local boys and i wasn't


accepted well


so it wasn't a good experience for me i




you know i was fighting dudes at the


beach i was fighting dudes on the


football fields


you know i was fighting dudes on the way


home from school


and uh


uh after a couple certain things you


know i made the football team i became a


starting guard


uh once they've seen that i was a badass


uh i became one of them


but the process of uh


being accepted wasn't fun you know so


from the day i got there i was plotting


a way to get back to california to the


mainland as they call it






you know hawaii's hawaii it it it's a


it's a it's small


there's not a lot to see you can see it


all in a day two days it's expensive




no i don't regret leaving one bit


so uh follow up to that is hawaii what




like you say mainland americans think it


is we see the commercials of you know


basically the american paradise right


this uh holiday destination a vacation


destination is it really that


you know if you want to go to hawaii my


advice is you know go to the island of


kauai uh it's the jungle isle uh


you know they they shoot movies here i i


think uh uh uh


what's the dinosaur movie oh uh jurassic


park i think jurassic park was shot on


kauai i mean


uh oahu where i lived is you know high




businesses i mean i lived on the


windward side




it's pretty modernized


i mean you know you got all the same


stuff in hawaii you know high-rises


crime hookers i mean it's all the same


stuff in downtown honolulu nothing's


any different so if you're going to go


there go to maui or kauai somewhere you


can enjoy the beaches


the palm trees the coconuts and uh but


prepared be prepared


to bring a good-sized credit card


because you're going to need it over




right yeah it's not cheap not cheap in


fact there's like even tv commercials


where it's like you know this


hamburger's 99 cents but not in alaska


in hawaii and i always picture


everything being just so much more


expensive over there so yeah


so people have said to other people


i've been approached by one percent of


clubs to join so we had one specific


question where this guy's saying he


knows another guy that's saying i've


been approached by one percent of clubs


to join and his actual question is is


that [ __ ]


well you know i can only speak for


myself uh so let me tell you how


i would do it




what i do is if i see somebody that i


think could be




asset to a motorcycle club say my


motorcycle club at the time




i would ask them if they would like to


hang out


come to a party


go for a ride


because you know what i want to get to


know this person


and then what i'm going to do is i'm


going to wait it could take a year year


now i'm going to wait for him to ask me


to prospect i'm not asking anybody to


prospect i'm not asking anybody to join


this club they have to earn that they're


going to ask me they're going to have to


[ __ ] ask me is the way it goes you


know what i might ask you to come around


as a guest


but i'm not going to i'm not going to


offer you a pass you know what you got


to earn that you got to come to me after


you hung around and say hey i'd like to


prospect and then i'm going to


contemplate that and tell you what i


think you're ready that's how that goes


you know if a club comes up and says hey


you want to join my club beware some me




that's my opinion


oh uh


so you made me have like two questions


but i'm just going to stick to the one


you use the term asset i've i've


identified somebody that might be an


asset can you elaborate on the assets


you might be looking for


yes i'm looking for brotherhood i'm


looking for a guy that's got brethren


i'm looking for a guy that ain't gonna


leave me


hanging somewhere if she goes [ __ ]


south you know what i'm saying i'm


looking for a guy right


that that that that if i need a ride


somewhere he's gonna come get me i'm


looking for a guy that if i'm sick he's


gonna call me on the phone i'm looking


for a guy that if i'm hungry he's gonna


invite me to his house to eat if i need


a place to stay buy me to his house to


sleep that's an asset


you know what and if the guy can fight


that's an extra


but i'm looking for a brother first of


all you know what i'm saying


that's what i'm looking for i don't give


a [ __ ] you can be trained to do all the


rest of the other [ __ ] [ __ ] you


know what i'm saying i want somebody


that's got it right [ __ ] here in


their [ __ ] heart a brotherhood and


that's that's an asset


would you agree that can't be taught


the the brotherhood part it's either in


you or it's not


well you know what there's two two


reasons somebody joins the club


they're looking for brotherhood and


they've got it in them right


or they're they're a coward they're


looking for protection




you know what i'm a good judge of


character and the prospect period is to


weed that out


when you say weed that out meaning weed


out whether or not they're a brother


looking for why they want to come in


what it's all about i mean what they


want to do they want to come in and for




for more girlfriends i i don't know what


what they what they're coming for some


kind of a


you know what i want a guy that's going


to come in that wants to be a brother


that wants to offer himself 100 as a


brother brotherhood and that is the main




i'm not looking for nothing else like i


said if the guy can fight and he ain't


and and you know we you don't want no


[ __ ] that's for sure if the guy can


handle himself and he's got all the


brotherhood that's an asset


and that's the kind of people i would


look for


when uh when i was in the club




so i know this one might be touchy and


this was a submitted question so junior


don't get mad at me because i think i


already know some of the answer to this


so so don't scream at me


are clubs really gangs


and why are clubs called gangs




here's what i gotta say to that




a motorcycle club


it's made up of men


okay it's made up of individuals made up


of human beings i mean you're only going


to get what you get


you're not recruiting perfect people


most the guys got issues or they


wouldn't be coming in a bike club anyway




this is what it boils down to


the people where you recruit in your


club is what your club is gonna be okay


uh do i use the word gang i've never


used it and i refuse to use it as a


motorcycle club


but i can see where maybe


some clubs want to recruit a bunch of


gangsters a bunch of a bunch of idiots a


bunch of knuckleheads




i don't know you know personally i think


the gang is phrased or something used by


law enforcement


uh but


you know it


do i refer to a motorcycle club as a


gang no i refuse to do it i think it's


more of a law enforcement term but then


again you know you are who you recruit


you know you want good you got to


recruit good people solid people




you've got to have rules and regulations


you've got to do background checks you


you got to know what you're doing when


you're bringing these people in


and that's and that's what you got to do


got you




back in your day


and once again i'm just quoting what


somebody's saying so back in your day if


you saw someone wearing a support your


local mongols t-shirt in a bar or


wherever you might see them


what would you do


so if i ran into that what i would do is


i would probably buy him another beer


because i bought him the first because i


gave him the [ __ ] shirt


because they ain't getting them shirts


was to come from one of us


so if he's wearing that shirt


he's supporting me i'm supporting him


all right so so that's kind of


interesting that leads me to an extra


question there so you can't just go on


you know amazon and buy a support your


local mongols t-shirt


you're gonna have to get that from a


club member is what you're saying


well well in a real one i guess so let's


put it that way


i keep i keep forgetting that


you know i was in the club 40 years ago


i'm talking about you know when you tell


me this i'm thinking about when i came






i i i guess can you just buy them things


online is that how it is now i mean it


used to be the it used to be the


chapters made them uh


and they they gave them out to friends


and family and


people they like




i don't really


like i said you know when i when i uh


when i was doing my thing mongols


support stickers support shirts they


came from us that's how they got them


and if you were aware when you got them


from us and you know what i'll buy you a




so of course in in this did say back in


your day right so you would have known


it might not have been you


but one of your brothers gave that


person that


and in that definition then you realize




good folk


that's a terrible


word but yeah they're good


i'm gonna go for that hey you know what


back in the day




we needed all the support we could get




it wasn't no it wasn't no [ __ ] cake


walk when i came in you know what it was




it wasn't no game


and uh


like i said anybody wearing a support


shirt that's important uh the mongols


motorcycle club


back in my day i think that was a


question right back in my day


yeah uh if they were wearing that shirt


they were one they were close to us


and i'm more or less connected to


somebody in the chapter almost 100


percent sure if they're wearing that


shirt so uh i would probably know them


if they had that shirt on back in my day


and like i said i'd buy them another




not only that but i'd have their back in


a bar




and they better have mine too if they're


wearing that shirt




so i know you alluded to this a little


bit earlier with the third book




that that one caught me off guard but


this kind of maybe goes into that


question your last name is Ereckson


so were your ancestors vikings






i'm going to give a little there's


another little a little tester


so my heritage


my mother is full-blooded italian


and my father was a


a russian german jew so i'm half italian


half jewish


i'm not norwegian i'm not a viking


Ereckson is my adopted name i'm proud of


the Ereckson name




that's what i go by i'll go buy it my


whole life you know i was raised by


gene erinson genevieve Ereckson and uh


uh i couldn't ask for better parents


oh that's cool so uh with your adopted


parents then


were they


uh descended from vikings


uh no i believe my father


my mother was full-blooded italian my


adopted mother's full-blooded italian


and uh


my father was uh my adopted father was


from texas


and uh i'm not sure with his background


uh our the last name Ereckson er e is a


little different spelling


i know there was uh


some american native in his family um


i believe cherokee




and i'm not really sure really


they were just


where they came from on my dad's side


on my adopted mother's side uh


she was born in north shell new york




and uh she's my adopted mother's italian


as well as my uh biological mother was


full-blooded italian


got you


so uh moving back towards uh mongols


again uh


jesse ventura a name most people


recognize uh has always been said was a


mongol did you ever meet him and what do


you know about


him you know i got to be honest with you


the jesse ventura thing uh he he was in


before my time even though


he came from my area i was a san diego


chapter in 80


and i believe he was either san diego or


south bay chapter which was the same


basically same area


uh my san diego chapter was east county


san diego


and uh south beach after was south


county san diego


uh i'm not sure really what chapter i'm


not sure which one he was in


but uh


by the time i came in he was gone


uh from what i understand


uh he wasn't in for a long time maybe a


couple of years but uh i really can't


comment anything about jesse ventura i


don't know him i know him


as a wrestler


but i really never had a chance to know


him as a brother




you do you believe in god




i i know that is like a yes no question


but uh you know you want to elaborate on


that i mean especially you know i've had


a couple of issues uh you know let me


give uh


i'm not gonna sit here and preach on


tape you know do i believe in organized




not really i'm not really an organized


religion kind of guy but i'm gonna tell


you some experiences i had


you know it seems like every time


i've really needed something and i've


wanted something and i've


been mad enough to get down on my knees


and ask for it i've got it you know let


me give an example




i got a rid of habeas corpus on my last






i got down on my knees after my




all my uh




were exhumed i didn't have any chance


for appeal so he went to rid of habeas


i got down on my knees and i prayed to


god hey you know what i asked him i said


i need some help here


you know i didn't


do the whole [ __ ] thing they said i'm


just getting out here


and i got a reversal on my case and you


know the judge that reversed it said he


hadn't reversed the case in 25 years the


same guy that sends me


and uh i believe it was divine


intervention i mean


how many people do in a 14 year sentence


get a


an overturn on a really habeas corpus




and i prayed and uh it happened and you


know what


i believe that it was a higher power


that did it


uh it doesn't happen




and that's that's my belief on that


so uh to kind of add to that do you see


a lot of that when you go to prison and


you see some people that


maybe were not a god believer or a


christian or you know and you know


choose your flavor christian jew muslim


and they get in that prison situation


and they realize you know i i've got to


have something like a higher power to


help get me through this did did you


experience that among you know the


people that you were in prison with


you know there's there's a couple


different kinds of people you know


there's people that maybe go to the


church to hide


uh there's people that go to church


because you're believers you know i


think on the yard we were on the ark


we all knew which ones were which


and uh


the ones that were true believers




we were accepted as believers and yeah


you know you know who's who why they're


going the reasons


you know i




yeah that makes sense


so uh


a popular question and uh hopefully this


one doesn't surprise you and honestly i


don't know if a man or a woman asked


this question but


how many women have you been with


okay let me count one




three uh you know what




i'm gonna tell you this


i'm happily married


i got respect from my wife she's my


partner she's my life partner and uh


that's something i wouldn't even want to


comment on i i i


that's just something i won't go there


on out of respect for my wife and uh all


the females that are watching this i


i'm not going to comment on that


gotcha perfect so uh


going kind of along those same lines


does the patch


make it easier to get women into bed


well i'm pretty sure we can guarantee


this one's coming from a man right


so does the patch make it easier to get


women into bed




we're good with just a yes on that you


don't want to allow i mean i don't know


how you want me to elaborate on that i i


i don't want to you know i'm just uh


uh something about that


something about that fabric on your back




draws them in and that is uh


that is a fact


so kind of going back to


you know the reasons why people want to


join a club that maybe are the wrong




and you know you talk about that asset


that figuring somebody out


i would imagine there would be a lot of


people that might want to join a club to


put that fabric on their back so they


can try to get women in bed was that


some kind of a vetting thing you know


maybe back in the day where


somebody's coming along and you're


thinking okay this guy's just


hunting women and he wants that patch on


his back and that's really what he's


here for well you know that's what i


said earlier that's what the prospecting


period is about you know we're trying to


i can't say weird because i'm not i'm


not involved with anything right now


with the club you know i i'm just not


involved but when i was doing it


that's what prospect is about you want


to try and find out the guys real reason


for wanting to join this club


and you know like i said you know


there's a there's a myth there's a lot


of drugs there's a lot of women well you


know what maybe back in my day


uh there was a little bit of that going


on i don't think it was to the extent of


what everybody thought it was


uh but


you know does a guy want to join


for the cold beer and and and and and


and the sex


you got to try to figure that out


because uh




we're we're not we're not looking for a


guy like that i'm not looking i wasn't


looking for a guy like that you know


what i'm saying i keep saying we're like


i'm like i said i wasn't looking for a


guy like that






you know that's part of the betting i


guess of it you know you the prosthetic




trying to figure out who these guys are


so uh one question that kind of


just kind of popped into my mind this


isn't on the list uh let's talk about


tattoos okay so


you know you've done this a couple of


times in the video you we can tell


you've got tattoos right


are tattoos necessary to be in a


motorcycle club




you know you you always hear that uh and


this is by the way from my dad there's


only two types of people that get


tattoos and that's bikers and sailors


and my dad was in the navy and he


somehow got out of the navy without


getting a tattoo


but he always told me the only two


people that get tattoos are bikers and


sailors now you got to remember my dad's


85 years old right so that was back in


his day nowadays tattoos are fashionable


you you've got everybody in their


brother gets a tattoo and it's not that


big of a deal but


let's go to back in your day right


was that almost kind of true that it was


bikers and sailors with tattoos and you


know how important are those tattoos to


the biker culture


well you know i think a tattoo is a


representation of what's most important


to the individual you know some guys get


their babies names on them somebody guys


get their wife's name tattooed on their


chest you know i've got my weight my


wife's name tattooed on me




and then


depending on their loyalty to whatever


their loyalties are they they tattoo


their their loyalties whether it be


words or insignias or emblems on their


bodies you know if


i could see where maybe if some guys are


100 loyal to a motorcycle club you know


they're gonna want a tattoo that


that brand


uh of the motorcycle club insignia on to


show their loyalty so




i maybe your dad had a little something


going on that thought yeah i think uh


you know the guys sailors


you know uh


branded their loyalty to the country by


whatever uh you know


by putting the name of their ship on


them or


loyalty to their wives by their names


maybe they thought they weren't coming


back from the service


you know like i guess you know tattoos


represent what you're loyal to i think




and you want to mark them on your body


and show everybody what your loyalties


are i think that's what a tattoo is


so somebody that has you know


what i'm going to guess is a pretty


decent amount of ink


what do you think about this new thing


with the face tattoos i've got to ask


somebody that has tattoos like


you know everybody's getting tattoos on


their face now what what do you think


about that being kind of old school with


the tattoos


well you know what i'm not a face tattoo






you know what i still need to earn a


living for my family you know i just


need to go out in public and uh


i draw enough attention as it is i don't


need any tattoos on my face


um i'm thinking maybe the guy that


tattoo on his face


is uh self-employed or inherited a lot


of money maybe he's not worried about


anything else but


uh me personally i'm not a face tattoo




got you


all right so uh


this next one might


kind of come a little touchy so i'm




do this as


you know


as clear as i i can do it without any


disrespect meant


you were convicted of murder


and of course this is in your books


did you really do it




do you regret doing it


you know i'm gonna tell you


i think about that incident often in my




do i regret taking a human life i do you


know i


uh i wish there was another way around




but at the time it was necessary at the


time it was a necessary thing for the


mongols to do


a necessary thing for me to do




it had to be done it was just necessary


it had to be done so




do i regret taking a life


i do


and and i'm truly sorry about it


do i regret


what happened no i don't


got you uh


i have one last question that uh


we want to ask that uh some people have


shot in some stuff but before i ask that






has there anything


that i've missed is is there anything i


missed that you know maybe


somebody should have shot a question to


you that hadn't been in the books hadn't


been on the podcast hadn't been covered


that you just like say you know hey


i don't know why


no one has asked me this question and


just want to get something out there you


know while you have this platform


you know i


you know i think we're good on the


questions i i'm happy with everything


you know i just want everybody that's


watching this you know i just want to


know that hey


you know


i just want to be honest i'm trying to


be honest with everybody you know my


books have been honest i'm trying to be


honest with everybody


i'm not up here to crack a bunch of


[ __ ] at everybody tell a bunch of


lies i'm going to tell you how it is


this is and and you know what this is


all my opinion


uh my my ex club the the club that i was


in uh




i respect them guys uh i had a lot of


good times but this is my opinion


this is scott junior Ereckson talk and


that's all that's that's it this is not


the mongols this is me talking


and i'm good with the questions i just


hope i answered everybody's questions as


i would answer them


and that's what i'm doing


got you


all right so uh last question


uh so


of course this has nothing to do with


back in your day right this is kind of a


current event current topic and it's


been all over the internet and so


you know i'm just going to ask you and


and you take this how you want to take


it so


according to some sources on the


internet and in the news media and


everything the current uh president i


don't know if it's national or


international president of the mongols


little dave




identified as a federal informant




that is kind of came out in some reddit


posts some you know stuff all over the


internet that you know he's he's been


this informant for a while




your thoughts your comments


you know what dude i'm gonna tell you


right now i'm [ __ ] sick and


[ __ ] tired of people asking me about


this [ __ ] you know what how many times


do i gotta [ __ ] say it i'm tired to


answer it you know what


i don't want to talk about i'm not going


to talk about it




it's something that they need to deal


with i'm sure they can deal with it


their selves


and and and you know what


it's something that i don't want to talk


about and i wish people could ask me


about it okay


i got you uh well with all that said uh


thanks for tuning in to this episode of


the wolf and the shepherd and we will


catch you on the next one




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Scott "Junior" Ereckson


Joining the San Diego [DAGO] chapter of the Mongols Motorcycle club in 1980 at the young age of 20 is how Scott Ereckson got the nickname Junior. After serving prison time for the first retaliation in the well known war against the Hell's Angels, Junior became the youngest National President of the Mongols Motorcycle club at the young age of 28.

Serving as National President in 1988-89, then again from 1996 to 1998, Junior has also been a member of 7 different chapters and a founder of 3.

Now being a member of the Mongols M.C. for over 30 years, Junior has held every office obtainable in the club and become one of the most recognized and respected in the outlaw biker world. Junior has been part of a nationally televised show on National Geographic called the Outlaw Bikers, Masters of Mayhem.

The Unknown Mongol is a history, story and tale of unforgettable experiences throughout the 30 years Junior has been apart of the Mongols Motorcycle club. Come experience life as he know's it... as The Unknown Mongol. Find the book on his website or