Jan. 10, 2022

Promescent With Jeff Abraham

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A dynamic, once-retired business professional looks to the sexual wellness space for his encore career. Jeff beat all odds, growing up in a poverty-stricken town in Pennslyvania, moving to California in hopes of better opportunities, and striking gold through his wit, relationship-building skills, and relentless work ethic. 

Jeff retired in the early 2000s after years of recruiting some of the best semiconductor engineers for tech and manufacturing companies for the likes of Applied Materials, Lam Research, AMD, Motorola, and other Silicone Valley tech giants. In the midst of his career, he was instructed by a multi-billion dollar car manufacturer to discriminate against women and people of color during the hiring process. Subsequently, Jeff sued – and won the nearly impossible feat – going up against a giant corporation funded by personal assets. After all was said and done, Jeff scored a resounding victory, and Hyundai was forced to change its hiring practices.

In 2009, a close friend and neighbor, Dr. Ronald Gilbert approached Jeff knowing about his business acumen with a new, innovative product developed for premature ejaculation. After giving what is known now as Promescent Delay Spray a 'test-drive', Jeff immediately knew what was in store for the future of the company. He quickly invested millions of dollars of his own money into the venture becoming a majority stakeholder. Tragedy struck a few years later in 2013 when founder, Dr. Gilbert, was murdered in a case of mistaken identity in Orange County, CA.

A year prior to that, Jeff was asked to become CEO of Absorption Pharmaceuticals (makers of Promescent®) and was on the precipice of having the company sold to a large multi-billion dollar conglomerate – the ultimate goal at the time for everyone involved.