April 26, 2021

On A Serious Note

The Wolf And The Shepherd received an email with a ton of questions about them from one listener. The Wolf didn't tell the Shepherd that this was the case. Yet, they decided to bite on the creepiness of the email and answer the tons of questions, and at the same time couldn't stay on topic. We find out how ridiculous British sports are as well, which is worth the price of admission. Also, we find out that our friends in India are suffering and the Wolf and the Shepherd express their concern. 

Did you have a gerbil that lived in your garage when your were a kid? The Shepherd did.

Did you eat rectangular pizza at lunch in grade school? The Wolf didn't.


welcome to this episode of the wolf and

the shepherd today we're going to talk

about some stuff

on a serious note we've had some

questions submitted to us and i know

we've done these ask us anything

episodes but we kind of filtered out

some of the

little personal questions and everything

that people have submitted to us so we


hey let's go ahead and get rid of some

of those personal questions

that apparently y'all want to actually

hear about so we're

gonna filter through some of those today

yeah these were all actually from one


who emailed us and they made a comment


you know i really enjoyed the goofy take


ask me anything but they had some

serious questions to ask us

oh i thought these were from multiple

people no it's just from one person

oh so we're literally doing an episode

just for

one list yeah for one listener yeah yeah

pretty much like the first episode we

ever did

yeah this sounds a little creepy yeah

well now now i'm a little bit creeped


well there's 20 questions and to be

honest when i first read it

it sounds like either somebody's trying

to fish out personal information

so they have the answers to the security

questions to reset our passwords

or they're filling in the harmony dating

profiles on our behalf

so the first part i see a problem with

the second part

i don't really see a problem with on my

words have you

ever used e-harmony well obviously not

no because you were

dating your wife before the internet


well not before the internet but before

internet dating sites

yeah well e-harmony that's that one

where you have to basically fill out

your entire biography

and um you not even allowed to see

photos of the person you're talking to

until like about round three of

questions which is a no-no for me

because i normally make my mind up


two seconds oh that that sounds terrible

it is terrible

i knew um out of friendly how has that

business model made it

so long i mean they're still around

right as far as i know but what they

rely on is experts in dating which is


you know i don't know matthew who's age

19 and needs a part-time job

and dated anybody in his life but they

have these experts who match

you with somebody else and they go on

for like i don't know pages and pages

you literally have to write paragraphs

and paragraphs about yourself

and then they decide you know who's a

good fit for you they don't use any

computational match in any algorithms

it's actually

people sifting through all your answers

and thinking oh this person would be a

good match for this person and so

after about two or three exchanges

you're allowed to like ask your

potential partners like one or two

questions and then after you've done

that for a few rounds

you're allowed to send like one photo of


and then it kind of evolves from there

but you're not allowed to directly

contact each other through email because

you can't give your email address phone

number anything like that

everything has to be through e-harmony

so yeah but what if you're not that good

of a writer

well i mean that that sounds like it's

kind of

prejudice against people that can't

write about themselves very well well

then you just go to the bar at chili's i


oh or a bobby's yeah or applebee's let's

not forget them

so anyway i know that was a kind of


little well we do not have an official

dating website sponsor

we don't do we want one of those though

i don't think so actually

oh i think we do well yeah obviously

we'll be sponsored by anybody that's

money but absolutely it's not

in the top five maybe the top ten yeah

yeah so before we get started with the

questions i just wanted to give a shout


to all our listeners in india we know

that you're going through a really bad

time at the moment they are

the whole kobe thing yeah we're praying

for you i hope you

hope your country will your people get

over it get through all this

we love you and we just hope things get

better for you really quick

yeah and and by the way since you gave

that shout out and i i really appreciate

the fact that you did that and yeah


we're worried about you india uh we you

know we want you to get through this

but i've i've got to give a shout out i

got to get something off my chest do you

mind if i get something off my chest

before we get started

yeah so i was in 7-eleven the other day

and i'm standing in line and this woman

is on her story already

oh i did yeah oh okay remember i told

you if it was in england she'd get

slapped upside the head

oh yeah i forgot about that all right

well i'm glad you remember

what we're talking about you know you

gotta you gotta keep me in

a great story the first time around so

let's not tell it twice

i thought it was a good story so i'm

gonna try to tell it again on the next


so heading to the first question right

where did you grow up for were texas


i i grew up in fort worth texas that's

not where you were born though was it

no no i try to keep that a secret yeah

i was born in chicago but

my parents moved here when i was two

months old

right so all i've known is texas my

whole life i am not

technically an official native texan

but it's not my fault right because two

months later

i was in texas right yeah i grew up

obviously in england obviously yeah

um although you do sound like you have

more of a

dallas accent than a fort worth accent

yeah that's the kind of

mingle of yeah but

yeah no i grew up in england in a

area called east anglia and uh

what part of london is that it's about

an hour and a half outside of london i

lived in a

just just outside the city of cambridge

in a small

small town not much going on

just a small town girl in a small town

world right

well something like that yeah yeah so

next question did you enjoy grade school

grade school you know here's the weird

thing about me in grade school

i because of my birthday i couldn't go

into public school

until like i was going to be too old

so my parents wanted me to go to school


so the only way that worked in texas way

back then

was to go to private school right so my

parents put me in private school

so i went to kindergarten in first grade

at one school

second grade at a different school then

in third grade i finally went to public


went to one school in third grade a

different school in fourth grade

then a different school in fifth grade

in a different school

sixth seventh and eighth and then high

school so i went to a bunch of schools

but they were all within like three

miles of each other

it was very very bizarre yeah i

i don't know if i enjoyed grade school

or not to be honest because school in

england is a bit dour

as you can probably tell by the smith's

lyrics actually yeah um

you know there's not much going on you

don't really have a big

sports influence like you have in middle

school and high school in the states


you know people kind of rally around you

know the sports teams and everything i

mean i

you know played soccer in you know grade

school and high school and we won

like the national you know championships

like twice

okay let's eat people and their dog

watch the final right but let's back up

so over in england there's

grade school soccer i mean it's not just

going to pe

class there's actual like soccer teams

at school you know you have a school

team yeah

it in like elementary school yeah

wow oh yeah right i mean it's just pe

over here

you play you know crab soccer

you play the ridiculous hockey you play

dodge ball i don't think you can play

dodge ball anymore i think that's

offensive now

but there there were no grade school

teams over here and there still

isn't no we had um well basically like

98 of the year you just played soccer in


um the other two percent you'd probably

get to play

basketball maybe once a year

and the equivalent of baseball which we

called rounders which

i think the only difference was it was a

shorter bat

um but other than that no i mean all you

did was play soccer and if you didn't

play soccer you were basically a bit of


dork and you just had to sit out so when

you played basketball

did you actually play basketball with a

soccer ball

no because they didn't have basketballs

you were just throwing a soccer ball

through a hoop

no we did have basketballs but are you

sure did they just

paint a soccer ball to look like a

basketball no

are you positive i'm absolutely positive

it might have been a pumpkin with a

spring inside it i'm not sure but

it was just terrible because like we

never really played it nobody played it

outside of school and so everybody was

horrible at it

and we did actually have you know in

high school a school basketball team

but every other high school was like

pretty much exactly the same

so you'd play a full game and the school

would be like

three to one or something so it sounds

like the wnba

yeah pretty much yeah yeah it's

brilliant yeah

and um one thing i didn't enjoy about

grade school is the food

i actually enjoyed the food in grade

school it was like

i don't know if it really improved since

the time of charles dickens to be honest

it's just slop on a plate

probably a lot of curry no no curry

that'd have been a luxury no it was like

watery mashed potato

some overcooked brussels sprouts some


meat um and they'd give you a dessert

which there was something called

blamange which was a bit like a

jelly type thing and

we had something called semolina which

was like a rice pudding

yeah so basically they're just making up

these concoctions and giving them


yes it's crap yeah yeah they say yeah

so so you didn't have the big pan of

pizza that we're cutting in a rectangle

oh it's it's pizza day and you get that

rectangular piece of nasty pizza but you

are so looking forward to that because

it's a pizza day

no we never had stuff like that or like

you know like hamburgers or any of that

stuff yeah

sounds sounds like a terrible upbringing

we might get lucky and get baked beans

about once every two weeks but that was


oh yeah no wonder

so many people you know come over to the

us they're they're

not really fleeing religious persecution

they were

fleeing the food yeah fleeing terrible

meals yeah

now did you have a good relationship

with your parents when you were a


i did actually uh it was a little bit

different for me

you know my parents are much older

as far as like my friend's parents so

they were almost a generation away

so it was a different kind of dynamic

between my parents i mean i i remember

when i was a little kid

a lot of people would say like i'd go

somewhere with my dad

and they would say oh you're out with

your grandfather today

and i'd be like no that's my dad and

everything so so it was

it was a lot different for me i i looked

up to him i still look up to him still

appreciate his opinion of course

but even when i was a teenager i


most of my friends parents are idiots

compared to my dad because he already

had a whole

generation of experience and he was

trying to impart

all of that stuff to me so yeah i mean

back then had a great relationship with

him and still dude to this day

yeah now i know both your parents

they're pretty cool i mean especially

your dad i mean

i was in the same situation i think i


i was they were i want to say maybe

40 when i was born so i mean yeah they

were it was a big gap yeah

same with me i mean i realized when i

turned whatever it was 41 42

and you know i've already got four kids

and i'm thinking

i'm now at the age that my dad was

when he had me and i'm thinking about

all the things that i

learned through that and if i were to

have a kid right now which

thank goodness i can't do because the

wife got

fixed on the last one it was too much

effort no well there is that

but at least i can't have another kid at

least with a wife

um you know that's neither here nor


but i'm thinking if i

it's one of those if you knew then what

you knew now

kind of deal and i think my dad and my

mom kind of took advantage of that

that they had all of that stuff that

they had learned in their life

because i mean i had my first kid at


23 24 i didn't know anything

yeah i mean my daughter's almost 18 i'm


what like four or five more years she's

gonna be the age

that i was when i had her right yeah

well my parents were like pretty


they grew up kind of them in the country

and so really weren't in touch with much

right obviously there was no internet we


two tv stations three later on

when maybe i was about 10 or 11

and you know they were pretty insular

they didn't really know much about the

world so they didn't really have too


to pass on to me i mean everything i

kind of learned was either through

school you know books or church

yeah but they really didn't have any

reason too right i mean they were

worried about

what was going on right there worried

about paying the bills

and going to work and doing that so why

did they care what was going on

in mongolia yeah i mean they taught me

the basics like don't eat glass

you know don't try and suck the gas out

of the car

and that type of stuff but what about

rocks did they tell you not to eat rocks

no they figured they just let me learn

that the hard way okay

so did you have any pets growing up i

did it was all dogs

well for the most part it was dogs and i

remember having

uh two or three dogs when i was growing


uh great dogs

all of them were great dogs i did have a


that uh i talked my dad into

letting me get a gerbil and we got the

little plastic house that the gerbil was

in had the little tubes and

all that and of course i didn't want to

clean the cage because

i mean you know me well enough you know

i don't clean anything up

you know it hell it took us what seven

months to finally clean up the

studio to where we didn't have trash

sitting in the corner

right i mean we're both lazy with that


so i remember having that gerbil and i

had a friend come over

and he said i want to hold the gerbil

i'm like oh okay so i got him out of the

cage and i think that was the first time

he'd been out of the cage in like

a year and so my friend was holding the

gerbil and the gerbil bit him on the

finger and wouldn't

turn loose and i was pulling on the

gerbil my friend was crying

and i'm like i don't know my dad comes

in and he takes his finger and he

like thumped the gerbil in the nose and

the gerbil finally let loose

and then the gerbil lived in the garage

for about another year

because he wasn't allowed in my room

anymore and then

i think it was like two months i forgot

to feed the gerbil and

walked out there and it was dead and so

we threw the whole cage and everything


so if there are any gerbil sponsors out

there you might want to give us

a bypass yeah yeah we don't need this

yeah we don't need durable sponsors


we can agree on that now i i did i did

have a lot of fish though

at one time i had seven fish tanks in my


and i i really liked fish and

so i had all these different fish tanks

and i had a lot of fish

and i remember my parents were out of


and i had you know all these power


plugged in with all the aerators and all

this and i had all these fish tanks in

my room

and all of a sudden one of the

power strips like messed up and and kind

of tripped the breaker or whatever i'm

like oh

what happened i reached down and i

turned it back on

and my room caught fire and so

there was this fire right by the fish


and i'm thinking oh my god i'm i'm gonna

set the house on fire

what am i gonna do and i'm like wait a

second i've got all this

water in my room from these fish tanks

so i'd scoop the

water out of the fish tanks to put the

fire out

years later when i moved out my

parents decided to turn my room into a

guest room and then they asked me

what is this big black stain on the wall

i'm like oh

that's where i almost burnt the house

down because the fish tanks

you know caught fire yeah i bet the fish

were waiting with baited breath because

initially they probably thought they

were safe because they were swimming in


and you know i i know they're not

normally very smart but they probably


water can't catch fire true that is true

yeah my parents had um a couple of dogs

one called lassie which was a german


and another one called mitzi which was

like one of those

yorkshire terrier type things but they

were outside dogs

now they had a big area to run but there

was a fence keeping them in and so

they weren't necessarily that friendly

every time they saw me they just barked

their heads off

we had a feral cat who never stepped

foot in the house her name was judy i

think she was named after judy garland

for some strange reason

too bad if you would have had that cat

today it would have probably been named

karen right yeah

probably um and she was all right uh

outside that my first dog was called


uh he was brown he was black

oh okay and uh one of his favorite

things to do was eat coal

so blackie seems cold cold yeah like

what you burn to cook food or keep warm


okay and he had this um kind of quirk

about him he loved banana peel

and he would take it and he would bury

it in the backyard

and if he walked out in the backyard

he'd follow you and if you walked

anywhere near

where he'd buried the banana peel he'd

bite you on the ankle so it's like

walking through a minefield so he was a

lot of fun

yeah he finally had to be put down

because the neighbor's

kid he kind of um was teasing him and he

jumped up and basically dragged the kid

over the

fence and savaged him a little bit not

greatly because he's quite a small dog

but well it

so the neighbor kid was teasing the dog

or the dog was teasing the neighborhood

the neighbor kid was teasing the dog and

uh like i said he was a pretty small dog

so i mean it wasn't a big

savage in right but you know we had to

have him put down after that then the

next pet i had

while i was still kid was a

golden labrador named duke the uke

yeah and he was the village rapist

basically because we made the mistake of

never getting him fixed

oh no and so if anybody bent down

anywhere near him he'd

go a run knock them over and dry hump

them while they were laying on the floor

and he was a big

he was um a breed of labrador i think

they called a red lander and so he was

huge the hugest kind of breed of

labrador he could get so once he was on

top of you can't do anything about it


actually he never did that to me but he

like dry hunt my dad constantly i mean

like if my dad

bent down pick something up he'd make a

rush for it knock him down

he was also a thief we had the police

come round

multiple times because he would jump

over the inadequate

fence my dad had constructed to keep him


and um in those days the milkman would

not only drop off milk he'd drop off

like yogurt and eggs and all that stuff

and so duke would go and steal it

bring it back and eat it in the backyard

and see it come out in the morning and

they'd be like all these you know

empty egg boxes yogurt cottons

and stuff and yeah we had the police

come round yeah but you can't

fault the dog for that right i mean the

dog's hungry

i mean the dog just wants some food yeah

so yeah those are my pets now what's

your favorite childhood memory

i gotta admit i've been asked this

question before

and i think my favorite childhood memory

is when my dad

picked me up from school early

and took me to the movie theater at

north hills mall which no longer exists

this is back when

movie theaters were in malls i mean you

didn't have standalone movie theaters

like you do now

and my dad said you know i want to go


this movie and so he picks me up from

school and takes me to the movie

and it was dirty harry in the deadpool

so i'm like

eight or nine years old and he takes me

to a dirty hairy movie

and it was a great movie but i mean

dirty hairy movies are

all about killing people i mean clint

eastwood being a badass and everything


and i just i remember that as a kid

it was a nudity in the first couple i

think as well yeah there wasn't in


yeah but i remember that in that

that same mall there was the mervins did

y'all have mervyn's

in england okay so at the

north hills mall over inside the

metroplex here in dfw

my mom had a very good friend

that they kind of followed around with

my parents and

you know my my parents had this kind of

circle of friends that they all kind of

decided to move together my dad worked

for the faa

and all these other guys they worked for

the faa so they kind of followed

everybody around and

my mom's friend who was married to one

of my dad's friends

was the manager at mervyn's and i

remember she took me

to see batman the michael keaton batman


85 and they collected corvettes

also and i remember my mom dropped me


but my aunt norma who's now deceased

uh she took me to that movie

and she had a black corvette and

in the movie as a kid at seven or eight

years old

i'm thinking this corvette looks just

like the batmobile

aunt norma you're driving the batmobile

and i

had to tell her the whole time i'm like

we're in the batmobile

you know they have a batmobile and now i

look back on them like yeah they don't


anything similar yeah so what about you

uh i think going to the beach now in

england we didn't have very many

good beaches because on one side you've


something called the english channel

which is in between england and france

right mainly that's the south side

that's the

east side of it then on the west side of

it you've got the atlantic

right and because of how far north you


england is the water was pretty much

always freezing now on the south side

of england near like dorset and stuff

you did actually have

um you know some pretty nice beaches a


and you could actually go surf in there

and the water was relatively warm

you know it's a different water flow but

where i was on the um

west side of the country

even though it's called east anglia for

some strange reason

um we had this little kind of bay area

called the wash

and the um beach area i went to was

called hunstanton

now it was if you or i would drive in

probably just over an hour's drive but

my dad always drove

about 40 miles an hour so it took us

over three hours to get there and three

hours to get back so it was like a day


you know you could basically fly to

florida in the time it took us to get to

hunstanton and you know the beach

was like if the tide was out it was like


200 yard walk to get to the sea

and it had such a slow gradient that you

could walk into the water

you could be maybe 50 75 yards and it'd

still only be about waist high

got you but you know i think that's my

favorite kind of memory going there we'd

go like twice a year

because that was the only opportunity at

that time in my life that i ever

you know saw the sea right i just used

to enjoy it you know i'd go out there

pick up some crabs try not to get stung

by jellyfish and

you know like i said that was a twice

yearly event growing up

no no that's cool yeah like that now

i know we've spoke about this on a

previous podcast but can you remember

your first girlfriend and i know this is


tragic event for both of us but

first girlfriend remember the one who

you didn't talk to

oh and then that's right yeah yeah i

know i already told that story i'll i'll

tell the abbreviated story yeah the one

that i said

hey will you go out with me she said yes

then we didn't talk for like two weeks

and then

i got the message on the chalkboard from

her friend saying

you know she wants to break up and i'm

like oh okay

so i don't remember in the previous

episode or not but

that girl is actually one of my facebook

friends really

yeah oh wow yeah she lives out in

california veronica cheeza

yeah i doubt you're probably even

listening to this and you probably are

saying yeah max i really don't remember

that and that's creepy that you actually

remember that

but uh yeah that was my first one well i

have a similar story

it was a girl called allison lock and

she was actually the prettiest girl in

school and that's not

me just saying it she really was and

she asked me out on a field trip

and i said yes and then i completely

blanked her for the next four days at

school even though we came in close


i just kind of turned my head the other

way i don't know if i was like just too

embarrassed to talk to her

so um yeah after about four days

i think her friend came up to me and

said oh she's dumped you

yeah and i was like about as devastated

as you were it's kind of

okay i just realized something

i don't know how i just now remembered

this but

the girl that wrote the message on the

chalkboard her name was hayley brewer

so haley brewer if for some reason

you're listening to this

i remember you delivered that bad news i

don't know how i just

now remembered her name but yeah haley


was the one that delivered that bad news

way back then

conspiracy i think they assassinated jfk


now what was your first job you ever had

my first paying job

my first paying job was working for my

dad you know

my dad retired from the faa in 1994

and decided he was gonna open his own

little consulting

firm and he needed somebody that knew

how to

use the computer better than him and

so i i worked for my dad for years

i mean i've only had three jobs in my

entire life

you know well i guess if we call the

doing the podcast

a job now it's number four for me so

i think that counts as indentured 70s

yeah it kind of feels like that

now much especially keeping up with you

that feels like a fifth job

now my first job well before i worked

for the ministry of defense doing all

the naughty hacking stuff i am

i think probably playing soccer because

i got paid from

when i signed my first professional

contract when i was 16

you know i got weekly wage so i guess

that was i never had like a paper round

or any of this

type stuff you know soccer was my first

paying job

so yeah yeah so

your first job was playing a game yeah i


yeah yeah yeah nothing wrong with that i

mean i like my first two jobs so it's


playing professional soccer and hacking

computers for the government so that's

my job

there you go nice job nothing wrong with

that now outside of get

rich information if you could travel

back in time

and tell your 12 year old self something

what would it be

don't be so lazy yeah but would you have


i would like to actually tell my present

self not to be

so lazy yeah that probably isn't

countless yeah i know

i i look back at you know school

and everything else and i coasted


everything yeah i took advantage of the

fact that

hey i i can just get by with the bare

minimum and get through all this and

not really actually put any effort into


yeah but unfortunately that's basically

how i live my life

is the least amount of effort possible

for everything

yeah and i was the same way i mean

school i found to be a bit of a breeze

i never got less than an a grade in my

entire oh i got bad grades

because i i didn't care oh i didn't care

i said

well that why should i get good grades

all i got to do is get these bad grades


and still pass so i i took it one step

lower than you and i'm like oh i'll just

i'll accept the bad grades as long as i


i don't care i just didn't find it hard

though i mean i figured well why am i

going to spend like three hours doing

this when i can pass it

doing two minutes well yeah i

i just got into the point that i just

don't want to put

that much effort into even taking the

test yeah

you know i'll get through like the first

part of the test i'm like yeah i think

that's enough and then just

you know leave the rest of the test and

whether i get it right or not

i don't care yeah i think if i could

give my 12 year old

self some advice it'd probably be be

patient because i think the biggest

mistakes i've made in my life for

things which have cost me time or money

is where i've been impatient and i


you know waited maybe as long as i

should have to see how things

figured out you know i just kind of like

jumped into it and

you know made mistakes probably right

through my adult life doing the same

thing so if i could go back and just be

like yeah just be patient you know wait

wait observe then make a decision but i

didn't do the observant thing i just

kind of like jumped into the decisions

well both of us are impatient people and

and we always wait to the last minute to

do things but at the same time we're

impatient so

you know i totally get that part yeah so

if that's our resume

if any companies out there want to hire

us based upon those attributes then

we will require one million dollars a


salary and we want to work two hours a

week yeah

and we also need a lunch break yes so

it's scary how we think alike sometimes

now where did you go to college

what did you study and did you party

hard so

i went to the university of north texas

because once again i was

lazy i applied to two colleges got

accepted to both of them but

wanted to stay close so i went to the

university of north texas which is in

denton texas which

is just north of the dfw metroplex

i went to school because i wanted to be

a lawyer

i showed up and they said okay all the

pre-law majors go

to this room it was in wooton hall

uh 200 and something was the room number

showed up in that room and they said

okay well we don't have a pre-law major

but all the pre-law students take

political science so i'm like

okay well that's my major so i signed up


political science and then after four

years of school i said i'm sick of


i don't want to do this anymore so when

i graduated college

i didn't go to law school did i party

hard no

i didn't uh you know my wife

now my girlfriend back then

uh you know i spent most of my time with


i was doing the band thing you know

being in a

alternative rock band you know that's

what i thought i was gonna

do was get famous doing that and that

didn't work out

but uh i did not party hard

i think she partied harder than i did

yeah based off of some stories that i've


yeah now i actually went away to college

pretty late i was like 23

because i was still playing professional

soccer up till

about 21 and i got wait now so you

started college at 23 yeah because i had

graduated college at 21.

yeah we see i was still playing pro


and then i went off to a little bit of a

war in uh

yugoslavia yeah but but wait let's back

up because

you and i have talked about this uh off

the podcast

but it was kind of weird when you

explained to me that

like you said you signed a contract to

play soccer

at 16 yeah which i mean

we shouldn't even really be passing out

drivers licenses

at 16. but you're signing a contract and


actually are having a career at 16

playing a sport

that that to me just still seems kind of


that you can look at a 16 year old and

say we're gonna pay you this

sign this paper we're gonna take care of


you're going to go out here and you're

going to play soccer yeah

yeah so by um by the time i went to

college i

got quite a bit of money i'd bought my

parents a house um

i paid for two of my other friends come

to college with me

um and i had you know still a lot of

money so

i kind of did party quite hard i went to

the university of central lancashire in

preston which um sun the

north west coast not far away from


so right outside of london yeah about

six hours maybe yeah yeah and um i did

business information technology and


that was an absolute breeze not very

difficult but you didn't play soccer

in college right i mean you were done

with soccer

because here's the here's the difference

with america it's always

you know you you go to high school you

play your football you play basketball

you play whatever

and then you get this scholarship and

then that scholarship

you're playing the sport in college to

kind of pay for college

while you get this education most people

don't go from college to

professional it's actually backwards

over there

you actually do your professional sports

career and then all of a sudden go to

school well

a lot of the time people will skip skip

going to college if you're playing

professional sports i went

just basically because i got super burnt

out on soccer because that's all i'd

ever really done

and you know once that well i didn't i

hadn't finished working for the ministry

of defense because i still did contract

work for

them but decided to go away to college


if you can recall i actually ended up

playing in nfl europe as a wide receiver

and kick return for the london monarchs

for a couple of years

and kind of about halfway through

college i decided that was too much work

so i just spent the last two years kind

of that that was

kind of a sad failed experiment with the


yeah you know but because football it

you know obviously outside of america

football is soccer yeah but over here

football is football

right soccer is soccer yeah and so

it was like the nfl decided hey we need

to get this sport

outside of america and try to get it

kind of popular so they did that nfl

europe thing

which like you said you know you played

two seasons or whatever but

it didn't really last that long and you

never caught on it was

more for them to actually bring

awareness to the sport to sell the tv

rights you know the league

didn't last that long but it built up a

big enough following because you know

there are a lot of u.s military bases in

europe especially in western europe


and they were just trying to get you


well it's recognized everybody knows

i'm a hockey fan hockey i

i can watch it on tv but it's not the

same as watching it live

so i could see that over there it's like


now you can watch it live watching

sports live is so much better than

watching it on tv yeah so i see what

they were trying to do

they were trying to say hey we want to

give you that live

sports experience and maybe you will


like this sport the only one i can say

that that wouldn't work for is cricket


i don't get cricket do you like cricket

i mean cricket's

big over in england we did have to play

it in school and the only reason we give

it a free pass is because

our indian friends love playing cricket

it's their national sport

yeah but it's such a weird sport it's


croquet and baseball

i i don't get it it's strange sport now

the second now the second time i went to

college was obviously when i

came over to texas well no now hang on

let's back up

the second time you went to college so

you didn't graduate oh my first time

yeah i did yeah but i'm talking about

when i came over to texas

yeah but who goes to college twice

i did because it's pretty much free well


i'll give you that one most people just

want to go to school and get out yeah

no so i ended up going to tcu texas

christian university doing psychosocial


um that was fun but it was more kind of

like part-time and i did it

you know i had a lot of free time on my

hands i was coaching soccer

still doing contract computer work and

stuff and

just figured oh yeah i'll go ahead and

do something else with my spare time and

that was fun i mean it's a good school

but you know i never did anything with a

degree i got from it i mean a part of me

did want to go on and do like

you know masters and everything else but

i was like what's the point

yeah but let's be honest how many people

actually do something in the field that

they go to

college and study for maybe some doctors

yeah and teachers and that's about it

i mean how many people get these degrees

and then they turn around and they go

off onto some other job that they didn't

even study in college but they got a

bachelor's degree they're like yeah i

got a bachelor's degree

in you know female studies but you know

post-modern feminist thought right and

and now i'm gonna

open a business selling chicken wings

so what was the first single and first

album you ever bought

oh gosh so i never bought

singles that that was never my deal i

i never bought any singles i think

i had a few that people gave me

but my first album

was from columbia house

on vinyl and it was guns and roses

appetite for destruction now you still

owe columbia house like about four

hundred dollars don't you

uh probably more than that it now in my


name probably like 50 bucks

but in the several fake names not only

columbia house but bmg

it's probably like two thousand dollars


uh i i remember getting

appetite for destruction and then my

good friend tommy true love

actually has that record and he offered

to give it back to me and i said no

that's cool you know you can keep that

because he was big into vinyl before i

was you know

of course everybody had vinyl and then

it went to cassettes then it went to cds

and i'm like i'm not going to listen to

any of these records and then i got back

into vinyl

and when he found out i was getting back

into vinyl he's like hey you gave me


records do you want these back i'm like


i gave these to you i'm not going to

take them back

you keep them but that was my first one

what about you

first single i ever bought was golden

brown by the stranglers seriously

no yeah don't know the song i don't know

the group

great song if you hear it you will know

it because it's been on so many movies


so much stuff it's a real classic kind


um new wave punk type

band and this was one of their slower

songs the song's actually i think about


but it sounds like a love song it's just

somebody going on a heroine trip and


um first album i bought was by a band

called the jam

who did going underground which is a

game has been on a lot of um

movies and stuff you'd not have you

heard this song but i i think the album

was called the gift

at the time and it was like their third

or fourth studio album

um and again that's more of a new wave

kind of post

punk type band right all the time

judging now are there any foods

you hated as a child but you love now or

vice versa or any

food you loved as a child but now can't


no i mean my

my palate has expanded but

the ones that i hated as a child i still

hate to this day

i hate beans and i hate curry when you

say beans

like all types of beans all types of

beans yeah

now curry is because of bad experience

with beans did you just never like them

no i i can't stand beans oh wow i i

cannot i can't eat refried beans i can't


any kind of beans except green beans

which i don't consider

really a bean yeah but no i can't

i can't tolerate beans now until the age

of 12 i hated cheese

which is ridiculous because now it's

like one of my favorites and cheese

oh i did before the age of 12. so now

it's one of my favorite foods in the


this kind of explains a lot about you


you know that's that english upbringing


you would hate cheese maybe you hated


well cheese isn't it or the swiss no

there's a lot of the type of cheese

no there no we i i think that's french

cheese as well there's english cheese no

there's no french cheese

there is there's lots of different types

of french cheese i don't believe you

there is swiss cheesies english cheese

swiss jesus cheese is from switzerland

that's not

cheesies it's all types of cheese mate

american cheese sucks though it does

suck that's plastic cheese that's

that's that's kind of depressing for

america that they would put themselves

behind and say this is american cheese

it's like

really i mean it's like pretend cheddar

it's like

watered-down cheddar that tastes nasty

you've got a rich country like america

then you've got mexico below us and some

mexican cheeses are

awesome they're whole awesome yeah and

then you've got

again america american cheese yeah yeah

yeah it's like craft singles not

have you ever tried um grilling um


cheese on toast it it stays in that

plastic coating they give

it it doesn't even melt yeah it doesn't

melt it's sad ridiculous

so what's your favorite hobby

now not as a child it had that in

parenthesis now

yeah what's your favorite hobby

podcasting podcasting

i think that's the only hobby i have now


well i'd say outside of uh computer


well i do like video games yeah video

games yeah i

i do like video games and obviously

podcasting now i suppose

i mean is this a hobby though are we

doing a hobby

yeah it's i say okay yeah i i just don't

want to

sell ourselves short right if

um you had to choose a favorite movie

what would it be and if you can't choose

a specific

one you can name up to five movies

empire strikes back

favorite movie of all time favorite

movie of all time empire strikes back

100 percent that's an easy one for me

yeah greatest maybe it's one of those

movies and

yes for most of the listeners you know

we're star wars fans

but empire strikes back is one of those

movies where

if you somehow today

had never heard or seen anything about

star wars

you could show that movie to somebody

they didn't have to see a new hope

and it stands alone as a great movie

you have that good and evil struggle

you have that crescendo ending with

vader and luke you feel like the bad guy


one you're like you know i i want more

i i want more i'm i want to walk out of

a movie thing i want more

empire strikes back delivers all of that

yeah but you changed your mind after the

prequels just like me and decided that

you know the sith were actually the good


well yes yeah that well the empire were

the good guys

i mean all they were trying to do was

rule the galaxy law and order

all that good stuff yeah yeah i mean

that's why we have darth vader

sitting there on our little uh credenza

that we have in our studio yeah

i think i don't really have a favorite


because it changes i think fifa vendetta

inception and


that might be it actually yeah those two

it varies between those two depending

what mood i'm in

well it so second place

would be casablanca i think casablanca

is just a perfect film

i mean it really is it it's always high

on the charts and everything but

it's a perfect film i mean humphrey


the character that he plays the whole

storyline behind it

some of the quotes from that it's a

perfect movie

and it's a short movie too and i love

the black and white version

all right i even got you to watch it

because you thought it was some kind of

goofy romance thing or whatever and then

you finally watch him like

it's actually a good movie yeah i can't

do romance movies i mean i know you

watch them with your wife and you made

me download you about 60

romance movies but i just can't do them

i just don't like them

but casablanca even though it's

categorized as a romance it's still a

really good movie

yeah no it's a good movie and it's

really not a romance movie but because

the romance

part of it you get women wrapped around

it i mean i'm

taking my wife to see that in the


when it gets re-released or whatever and

she hates

old movies she wants to watch new movies

but she still loves it it's it's just

such a great movie

now i know you mentioned this earlier

actually about

favorite sport or sports you said your

big hockey fan

his hockey your favorite sport over

football you know

if you pinned me down and said what's my

favorite sport it would be hockey

i love ice hockey yeah i just there is

no better sport to watch live

than ice hockey and i understand why

there are so many people that

especially down south here in texas


they just don't get hockey until they

actually go

to a game live

it's bizarre rules it's on

an ice rink they're all on skates

this is not something we're used to in


but when you go to a hockey game

and you're sitting there behind the

glass and you're watching it

you get it you get the intensity

i mean yeah you know you play for like

50 seconds and yeah

something happens something stops and

then you got to reset the game or

whatever but the intensity of the game

i love hockey yeah i've always loved

hockey now obviously

soccer is my favorite sport and football

you don't say

really yeah i mean i i figured it was


you know and american football was my

second favorite sport for a long time


then hockey actually over time

football especially in the last two

three years but

i remember i used to play ice hockey on

the sega mega drive whereas in

america it's called the sega genesis

system and this was actually at college

in england we used to play

nhl 95 and nhl 96

oh yeah and none of us had what seen a

hockey game on tv

even but we just used to love to play it

and we'd just play the heck out of it

like almost every day

and so that got my love of hockey and

you know by the end of the first year

playing it i knew every team i knew most

of the stars on every team

and yet i'd still never seen a game on

tv because they just didn't used to show

it in england so now

yeah actually my love for hockey is

growing i will actually watch

you know games if they like them at home

right they're on tv or watch them and

i've been to

you know i've been to a few games i mean

here we have

you know in texas at least north texas

we have

you know the dallas stars and i think

what is it the brahmas which is there

yeah so i i i love going to see

the fort worth brahmas uh i think that

now they're called the lone star brahmas

or whatever

uh it's changed over the years

the way the brahmas are but it's good


yeah i mean you can you can go to

a brahma's game and see some really good

hockey yeah and for very cheap yeah

yeah you know yeah you don't have to pay

a hundred dollars for a seed i mean

you're paying like and i don't want to

quote their prices by any means but

you can pay like 10 or 15 bucks and sit

on the glass yeah

and they also don't try to steal your


for food or whatever it's free parking

and it's great hockey the

these are kids that are trying to go to

the next level and so they're out there


and that's what i like about hockey is

the people that are trying to get to the

next level

because they're trying to really get out

there and

really show what they can do so they can

go to the next level yeah

that's good hockey yeah now i don't know

why they've bothered asking this next

question and they've actually listened

to the podcast

but they said social or anti-social

anti-social anti-social yeah that's an

easy one yeah we can go to the next yeah

i've got like

eight people i like and that's it how

good for you

you've got them you get you've got more

than i do one of them includes my dog

well that's not a people it is she is


yeah well so that's what that's one of

those things that make us anti-social


what's your biggest worry for your kids

as they grow up

that we're gonna get to the point to

where we are

so woke that you can't have an opinion


that you seriously get out there and you

say your opinion and somebody attacks


that's my biggest fear right and on on

the opposite side of that that

if your opinion is

amongst the majority

that you quelch the minority

in that opinion right we gotta keep free

speech alive

yeah i think for my son

as you know he has autism and so he

lives in a bit of a bubble

in terms of the people he's around and

what he's affected by

so i'm not really so much worried about

the effect of society and stuff and how

it rubs off on him

i am kind of worried how it affects the

environment around him you know in terms


as you were saying you know the world as

a whole not just united states is

getting so woke now

that i think the experiences we used to

be able to have as kids

is being eroded so much that

you know what you can say what you can't

say what you are allowed to do what you

aren't allowed to do

it's just getting narrowed down all the

time and

it's probably my biggest worry for my

son is really what

is my biggest worry for me you know in

terms of the freedoms i'll be allowed to


as a parent to be able to parent him

because as

you know the government tries to put in

more and more intervention do i

uh point have no school choice for him

you know do i have to do this

you know and that's the thing it's more

of the effect on me that has the

knock-on effect for him

because he's probably not going to be in

the position where he can make the same

choices your kids are going to be able

to make as they grow up

sure now this one's a difficult one

if you couldn't live in texas where

would you live

oh what are they called the uh the

us no not the moon not mars the u.s

virgin islands yeah why

great weather have the

tropical lifestyle but still be in the


right be in a u.s territory everybody's

speaking english

i don't have to worry about money


why not i think for me in terms of

mainland states maybe either florida

just because i want to see all the crazy

people i read a story the other day that

a man

threw an alligator through a wendy's

drive-through window for some reason

no that could only happen in florida um

or colorado just because of how

beautiful it is

colorado is a beautiful state yeah i

mean there's a lot of beautiful states

yeah you know when and i i see florida

i mean maybe tampa florida might be


i would like to live

fantastic but yeah colorado it's


you know the mountains and stuff i love

hiking and so that would be fantastic

for me and other than that i guess


i mean i went to hawaii now like eight

eight and a half years ago and i

absolutely loved it there i could

i think happily live in a way now no i

could see that yeah i could see that

plus i'd be closer to tulsi gabbard

oh that's true yeah anywhere closer to

her is a good move

could we could we move the podcast to


you know just so we can be next door to

tulsi gabbard

you need to work on that i will yeah

work on that yeah let's make that happen

i'm gonna work to try and get her on the


at some point yes if you 100 million

dollars on the lottery

and again if they've ever listened to

our podcast i don't know why they're

asking this

would you still work no no

no no that's amazing sorry i'd like to


yep no i'd still like to do something

constructive and feel like i was

contributing societies no

no i wouldn't i'd go switch straight to

the hobbies video games and doing the


that pretty much be it i might actually

i might do some volunteer work

do you think we'd still do the podcast

if we got that money i think so

i don't think we would i would

i don't think we would uh we'd say well

i've got all this money

why should we put this time and effort

into this

i don't know when you rather play rocket

league and i'd say

yeah yeah let's let's just play video

games but my apple watch

keeps telling me to stand up every now

and then so i'd have to do something


well that's because you like that's

because you haven't turned it off

well right here's one serious question

biggest disappointment of adulthood

that you thought would be awesome as a


man that's a tough one

i'd have to say

you know when you're a kid you just


adults have it all figured out and


don't have it all figured out but adults

hide that from kids

they want kids to think that the adults

have it all figured out

um as an adult hell even

to this day i don't have it all figured


that'd be my biggest disappointment

yeah i think there was a meme which was

circulating a couple of years ago and it

said something like

you know a few decades ago

people thought that the lack of access

to information

was the problem of why people make

stupid decisions and it turns out that's

not actually the problem

right because now we have free access

even in our pockets and yeah even on my


through the apple watch of you know i

can access anything

and you know all this extra information

and access to information really hasn't

made people make any better decisions

if anything it's just giving you a an

opportunity to make worse decisions like

i think something like the tide pod


you know would have ever became a thing

before the internet

you know it's not like nickelodeon we're

going to show

an episode which says hey kids go away

and see how

see how many tide pods you can eat or

something like that so i think

yeah that thing that you think when

you're an adult

you'll always know the best decision

and everything will be easy because

you'll have lots of money and

you can do this yeah now adulthood was a

big disappointment in terms of your

absolute hopes and dreams and you

realize the schedule

you're placed under like right now

i uh i told our clubhouse group

that i was gonna start a room at

this time we're not gonna say what time

it is and we're recording

and i'm looking over at my phone


i'm supposed to start this room on

clubhouse and

we're recording so it's like ah you know

the hell with that

you know we we're gonna do our podcast


if we do the room we do the room and if

we don't we don't

right you know the responsibility sucks

yeah it being an adult in the

responsibility of being an adult

sucks because you you look at it as a


and you say well i just want to be able

to do what i want when i want

then you realize all that responsibility

sucks i mean yeah

you can eat ice cream for dinner

yeah you're an adult you get to choose

what you want to do but then the


come with that as well and the

consequences suck

so yeah diary is not as much fun as an

adult as it was when you were a kid

now um last question

where do you see your podcast in a

year's time

i think you and i agreed that

no matter what happens if we just still


the indie podcasting route like we've


we're not gonna change right you know i

i think we gotta go to the whole joe


thing of he's doing his thing

and yeah he got a big freaking contract

and good for him

and he still does what he wants to do

and you and i are gonna do what we want

to do

and when it becomes unfun we're going to


nope we're done with this and we're not

going to change

unless we get a big check

right then then we'll fake it and we'll

change yeah

yeah then we'll change but but that big

check is gonna be like okay you gotta do

this for like

five years and then at five years and

one day

then we're punished yeah i think

i mean over time we have become a little

bit more professional i mean once we

actually turned our mics the correct way

around after about four weeks things

started moving up

hey and we've upgraded our equipment a

little bit

has not recently yeah not not our

microphones i mean that's probably the

next step yeah

the office for the first time in seven

months yeah it took

us seven seven months to drag out the

pile of empty boxes and all that free

advertising for ziploc bags

because there was that ziploc bag box

sitting on top of that but

you know what are you gonna do yeah no i

think we'll just be on like

i don't know episode 180 i think we'll


in line then in about 12 months time we

should have got

probably close to a million downloads by

then the way things are going

um you know maybe you've got a little

bit more professional we might upgrade

the mics but outside of that i

think we'll still just keep talking

about the same crap we do every week

no and we do appreciate that especially

this fan that sent all us

all of these questions i mean

we really appreciate everybody that is

communicated with us

and and done all of that stuff i mean

that that

makes us feel better about what we're

doing and yeah there's a lot of people

listening and uh i gotta

once again is the wolf said

we're worried about you india you know

with the covid thing i mean we we hope


going well over there you know

we're praying for you all that good

stuff but with

all that said thanks for

tuning in to this episode of the wolf

and the shepherd and we will

catch you on the next one