Aug. 9, 2021

Interview With Shellee Howard - College Ready

Shellee Howard is the Founder and CEO of College Ready and CR Tutoring and Test Strategies. She is a college graduate and is a Certified Independent College Strategist. She is a best-selling author, a member of HECA (ethics organization), and a member of SOFA (Society of Financial Awareness).  


Shellee is a mother of 4 young adults.  Her oldest son graduated from Harvard in 2016 debt free and graduated from UC San Diego Medical school in 2021.  He will be completing his Orthopedic Surgeon Residency at UCLA.  


Her oldest daughter attended the University of Alabama and CBU and graduated debt free with her BSN in 2020 and received her RN in 2021.


Her youngest son is a high school senior and will be attending SFSU in the fall of 2021 majoring in Film Production.


Her youngest daughter is a rising Senior and will be looking to attend college as a business major internationally.


Shellee has traveled around the world helping students create their “Stand out Strategy". She knows what it takes to compete in the Top tier schools as well as finding the best-fit college for all students. Shellee believes that no two students are the same and each student must have their own strategy and plan to be successful. Each student has a gift/talent and a passion that will set him or her apart from their competition. Getting to know your student one on one is the key to success. This can be done in person or via Zoom. College Ready has clients all over the USA and each one is important. Her focus is to find the best academic, financial and social fit college for each student to thrive at and graduate debt free!


welcome to this episode


of the wolf and the shepherd today with


us we have


Shellee who is from


Shellee it is so


great that you could join us today thank


you so much for having me i look forward


to it


now Shellee you've obviously come too


late to the table to help


the shepherd and i through this process


but oh well don't jump ahead now maybe


she could figure out a way for us to


actually go back to school and learn to


do something other than this podcast


i think there's a limited number of


times you can register for community




oh is there yeah and but i thought


that's why we were paying our


county taxes and everything so i wonder


if you can get a degree in podcasting




probably yeah the university of phoenix




yeah but maybe we could actually be


professors there


you know they always say that those who


can't do or and those that can't teach


or maybe i just


have backwards can't remember yeah those


that can't remember right so


maybe maybe that's what we're missing


maybe that's the way we actually make


money doing this


is we teach all the other people to yeah


go out and do this pay us money we'll


tell you how to do it


right so basically this is what you're


dealing with now that's an exaggerated


type of


level of knowledge or non-level of


knowledge that you're going to have


along a lot of parents


but parents do find themselves taken by


surprise even though they've had 18


years to prepare for this process


at least mentally so what is given our


idiotic scenario we just played out what


is your most common thing that you find


among parents


that you absolutely cannot believe in


this information age


people still don't know


wow that is a open can of worms because


every day i get phone calls that i'm


i'm still shocked that i get um this


morning i got one


and the mom calls and says i know i'm




early for this college planning thing


and i'm like


outstanding what grade is your student


in and she goes well


he's going to be a senior and i have to


just pause and think


what made them wait so long to start


planning for college


in all reality back in the day


you really didn't have to put the energy


in that you do


now but we start our students as young


as when they promote from eighth grade


so for somebody to think that they're


coming early to the game


the senior year or the summer before the


senior year


it it makes me concerned for that




and potentially what they could have


done had they known


that it could have helped them so most


of it is


people just don't know what they don't


know and are


shocked to find out when i get to


educate them


how much uh opportunity there is


for students to really stand out


to be unique not in a crazy way but to


really be


genuinely them and that's what colleges


want they want to know who the student


is and why


why it matters so what exactly just to


kind of give us a breakdown


what is all about


you know in a nutshell what what would


cause a parent to want to come to you


and say hey


help me be college ready don't don't


wait until they're a senior


or whatever so talk to all ages and all


that good stuff


what what would want a parent to


you know come to your side come to your




and figure out a way to get their kids


into college


yeah that's a great a great question


so college ready was founded


when my son was in middle school and he


came home and said mom i know exactly


what i want to do


when i grow up and i was like really


because i'm still trying to figure it


out and he's like yeah mom


i figured it out today i want to be a


brain surgeon and i want to go to a


top-tier school


and i need your help and and i smiled


and looked at him like most parents do


and we're like yeah we'll figure this




so fast forward without all of the




we went to his high school counselor


they really couldn't help


and so i went back to school and i got


my master's degree


and i started touring 25 colleges a




and when my son graduated he had seven


full-ride offers


ended up at harvard four years for free


and then all of a sudden college ready


was founded


it happened to me versus me going out


and starting


a business right now


understandably there's a little conflict


of interest


that exists there which really shouldn't


exist and that be that


banks make interest from


loans to parents or to students to go to


college and if you suddenly save parents


money and they don't need so much money




don't need to save as much money the


banks aren't making as much money so do


you think that


perhaps the lack of information online


or a lack of credible information online


and the difficulty in finding it is


somewhat deliberate because i can


guarantee if i was a bank and i was


going to be losing millions and millions


of dollars


in interest because somebody was going


to be you know cutting some of the loans


our customers take in half you can bet


probably the insidious side of the


company would be paying me to go online




providing a lot of disinformation oh


don't chase these


you know systems which are going to save


you money they're all scams blah blah




i mean you get one person for two weeks


it suddenly ruins the credibility or


throws into doubt


everything out there which is genuine




it's not just the banks either the the


other piece of it


is the lack of knowledge comes from many


different angles it's people who don't


want to share because they want their


child to have the competitive edge i




i always have to have a giggle because


my wonderful clients who think


that college ready is the best i mean we


earned our students 10.7 million dollars


this year


class of 2021 and i asked his parents


would you like to leave a review and


they like


no you're you're like the best


babysitter we're not gonna


share what you have with the world


because then everybody else would have


what we have


and i'm like that makes no sense to me


because my mission is to reach a million


families and let them know


they don't have to go into debt to go to




so to answer your question i think it's


even deeper than just the banks


well no that makes sense to me i mean


it's kind of like when you're growing up


and you find this really cool band


right and you go to that show and you're




oh this is a great band you don't want


your friends to know it because


you're kind of keeping that a secret


like oh i'm kind of one of the insiders


so to speak


i have all this knowledge i knew them


way back when


it's like the dream back when i was in


an alternative rock band it's like


opening for nirvana back in you know




before they made it big or whatever so


it's kind of that same thing like well


if this information gets out too much


does it dilute down to where it won't


help me because maybe


i have that kid that's now 18 and going


to college but i also have


an eight-year-old and i want to make


sure that this is all good in 10 years


so i don't want too many people to know


about this because i want it all to stay


valid for that amount of time well also


there's the fact that some of the i


guess some of these money-saving ways


there's a limited amount of money


a limited pot to actually claim from so


obviously if everybody's claiming from




you'd figure that's less division up


among yeah that's true


it's it so did you start a secret




is this gonna turn into a conspiracy


theory podcast and and this is all


hidden in a secret society or something


like that


it's fascinating you say that my son was


part of a final club


at harvard and there's so much history


and mystery


around that um type of


uh club this is not a private club


my mission is to help people understand


i wrote a best-selling book


how to send your student to college


without losing your mind or your money


then i'm happy to give away to families


who can't afford the book


but you can buy it on amazon for 15


where i


explain what you need to do


now i can't go into how you need to do


it because every student brings their


own gifts and talents


so i'm not trying to keep anything




on the contrary i'm trying to let people




you need this information to make wise


decisions for your return on your




some colleges are not a good investment


for certain majors


some students do not need to go to a




college for what they want to do for


their future so


it really comes down to the individual




being their greatest version of them


it's i i tell people it's like this if


you're in business


and you have a opening and i bring you a




nice resume are you not gonna pay me top




versus the person who says this is my


first job can you give me an opportunity


they get minimum wage so it comes down




really developing the student to be the


best they can be


which means the entire world has a shot


at this


that's why it's not limited it's really




your student can do to be the best




of them now um


other than that misdemeanor you got for


public trespass it's been a long time


since either the shepherd or i were in


high school


so it has been a lot what do they teach


in high school nowadays to the students


in terms of getting ready for college




i can't remember this them teaching us


too much


you know well didn't they teach you in


high school


basically be a really good soccer player


so you don't have to go to college


and then get a professional soccer game


yeah which is basically what they did


with you


yeah yeah they mocked my ease to aids


just yeah yeah exactly


because and and let's be honest you know


there are so many kids that think well


let me focus on sports


you know let me be a good football


player let me be a good baseball player


let me be a good soccer player whatever


and then i'll get a scholarship so then


i can go to college and of course they


really want to focus on the sports and


not on the college aspect right


and then they realize they don't get to


go to the nfl they don't get to go to


the nba


and now they walk out of college and


they don't have anything there


and that's really in the united states


the way that everything is focused as


far as scholarships are


or other than like band or something


like that which is almost the same thing


it's like oh i got a scholarship to


college to play the french horn


now i'm out of college and i spent four


years playing the french horn now what


am i supposed to do


and so kind of your program is you don't


have to focus on those things there's


other things that you can actually look


at yes so


that that's the big piece to our program




we're unique in the fact that we just


don't if you're good at math we don't


say go to mit


it doesn't that's a very simplistic way


of looking at it


we help students really focus on their


academic rigor


being challenged in the classes that


they are good at


naturally and maybe not so much in the




or a test strategy test optional


is it really optional is what a lot of


people want to know


community service is part of our


standout strategy because when teenagers


are focused on helping their community


they're not focused on themselves


and they can find out a lot about their


leadership skills


and they can find out do i like to you


know help young people or old people and


then the extracurriculars and the




it takes a well balanced student


a high gpa is no longer your ticket into


any school anymore just like being left


footed and right footed


as a forward on the football team


is not going to guarantee you into the


olympics so it's having a whole bag of




that is going to make you a valuable




so basically it sounds like you taylor




the package to each student and set a




in a case-by-case basis rather than


having a one-size-fits-all solution


what do you find is well who do you find


is harder to kind of educate about the




the students or the parents because you


know obviously there's a certain amount


of choice involved in the kid


in terms of what school they want to go


to but also the parents budgetary


constraints have a huge factor on that


but then when you bring in


other plans obviously opens up more


opportunities so


is it kind of a close working


relationship with the kids and the


parents or do you have to kind of deal


with them separately so people aren't


tearing each other's heads off


you're a wise man um what we do is we


work one-on-one with the student


we create a standout strategy in which


it's our we we have an online platform


so they have everything completely built


out with a plan a


and a b and a c because we don't know at


any point if they're going to have that


teacher or that subject that is going to


get everything off rail


so what we do then is we record the


priest the the meeting with the student


we send the recording to the parent who


has a


wonderful listening experience hearing




young adults speak to a complete


stranger when we start


but we get very close at the end and


that parent gets to hear their child


talk about what they want for five years




10 year plan how much rigor are they


willing to do


how much are they not willing to do and


it is


amazing how much the student or the


parent learns about the student


so an answer to your question i think


it's more challenging for the parents


because they come with a lot of


what they know where the student is like


just help me get


my dream i'll do whatever it takes help


me get there


so they want to play the game the


parents are


struggling well that's not how it used


to be


and so we have this challenge and then


of course the student doesn't want to


listen to the parent


because that is the relationship where


they're happy to listen


to us because we want to get them their




so in your perfect client


how young is too young like what is the


age that you want to grab a hold of




and obviously not the age of the parents


but the age of the kid right


how how old would you say this


this is my cadillac client this is the


perfect client this is how you can




the best experience for them


absolutely so if i got to pick


i would pick that student who just


promotes from eighth grade


because that first semester before high


school is the most


wasted summer of all summers and that's


the first


thing that colleges can you can include


on your application


so i get a three-month jump start if i


can get that student at that window


the reality is people find us everywhere


in the process


and right now we're being bombarded with


high school seniors who were online all


year and had


no contact from their high school


counselor and they're freaking out


so we'll still take them it's just a


little bit more of a fire hose


than a gentle nice fun time


yeah do you find um that when you


kind of put this program in front of


people that there is some skepticism


because everything nowadays you get


is offering to save you money i mean the


latest craze obviously has been


certainly during the pandemic is


everybody getting endless voice messages


from people exchanging your car warranty


because it ran out on a car you haven't


owned for 20 years


so do you find that there is that kind


of skepticism and you have to


almost like prove to the parents look i


am here for you i'm not just doing this


to earn some commission and really you


know you can end up saving 25


and i make 500 absolutely


i think we're at an all-time high where




a little bit on edge and you know i


simply tell students


i don't take all students if i have a


student who crosses their


arms and rolls their eyes and is not




i will not take their money i absolutely


will tell them straight up that this is


not a good fit


and then i show them the diploma behind


me that is a real


harvard diploma that my son earned


and then i can show them the statement


that it didn't cost me a penny


so as much as somebody would like to


tell me that


maybe this is too good to be true i




show them that the results this


this year i can show them every single




scholarship and how it all adds up to


10.7 million dollars so


i'm happy to prove it i'm happy to put


them with past


clients and the bottom line is is


if it's not a good fit that's okay by us


we we don't want somebody who doesn't




i've but i've never had a parent say you


know what i'd rather pay


full price for college i'd rather go in




and i'd rather do this on my own that


doesn't happen very often


yeah absolutely true but i can also




kind of along your lines of the extended


warranty i mean we do


live in this world where you're


bombarded with social media ads


you're bombarded with internet ads that


everything is the get rich quick


just click here and all this is taken


care of


and trying to navigate through those


waters of trying to say hey we


this is not some scam right that we're


actually trying to help you


and yeah we're maybe you make a little


money doing that but


no harm no foul with that there's


absolutely no reason


why you shouldn't make money doing that


but it's always that well what's in it


for them


why is she have this program out here


that's gonna


save me all this money you know i


do i have to sell makeup door-to-door


do i have to sell essential oils on the


side you know what am i supposed to do


is this some kind of multi-level


marketing scheme


you know because everybody's on their


toes right now


with all of these scams that constantly


come out so i can see


kind of where you're pointing to that it


just does


seem like well you know what's in it for




and you're trying to explain that


hey no it's really not about that that


we're you're really trying to help


because you were in that position before


and now you've gathered


all this knowledge together and all


you're trying to do is


share your hard work which you ought to


get compensated for


although you know we do kind of work


hard every once in a while and we still


don't get compensated because


we didn't work hard enough well we did


we did 30 minutes yesterday


we did work hard apparently there's a


threshold of minimum expectation before


they actually pay


you that's still kind of up there and


we're still gonna


you didn't bring that to me when we


started this is in the fine print


oh okay but you see where we're going


with that right


a hundred percent and and that's why i


think it's important


for families to do their due diligence


i i i caution parents you know hockey


i love hockey it is the most expensive


sport to play


with just the equipment don't even get


me started on the private coach and on


the different sticks and


and the skates and the blades and all of




we are not half as much as hockey and




doesn't guarantee you anything so


be careful what you buy into two percent


of students


who go through this process get a




full-ride scholarship two percent


but yet parents are pouring their time


and money and all of that


into this hope in this wish where i'm


saying academics will never fail them


having what's in their mind will never


harm them yes i was a scholar athlete


yes i see the value of it you know


so i'm not saying athletic athletics are


bad i'm just saying


know all your options so you can make a


wise decision


i think that's probably why most people


in england don't go to college because


they spend all their money on polo


on polo yeah oh yeah


no i'm talking about oh no riding riding


the horses


and everything no not marco polo you


know because over here yes i agree with


her that


hockey is very expensive but i'm


guessing over in england where they're


playing all that polo i mean you gotta


have a horse you gotta feed the horse


you gotta pet the horse you gotta do all




and i'm sure there's very limited polo


scholarships to


what is it oxford that everybody wants


to go to over there


are you making these observations based


upon you watching a whole season of


downton abbey or is this like


no i i think my wife watched some show


about some english people over there and


they were all


playing polo yeah yeah you know that


that makes


more sense to me but i i totally agree


with you on the whole


hockey thing right because yeah it's a


very expensive sport


but depending on which sport or


or which route you want to go down you


can make it


very expensive with the camps and with


all that stuff i mean my daughter


spent years in cheerleading and


i'm i might pose a bet with you that


cheerleading might actually be more


expensive than


hockey just i'm just saying you know


because now they're calling that a sport


and it's not an activity and there's a


lot of money that goes into that


and then you've got to admit you


probably had some parents


where you've talked to and you've said


look at all this money


that you spent on this if you would have


just grabbed all that money up throwing


it in a


529 plan you could have probably paid


for a year and a half two years of




but i don't think you're kind of trying


to point them to


hey you misspent some money here it's




more about here's the the plan behind it


so you're not trying to be a financial


advisor basically


so it's nothing like that it's more of a


plan correct


well we actually do have the financial




because i had to master that


with my own personal experience i was a


single mom going through the college




process with my first and um


i had a 529 and let me tell you that was


big disaster for us


um they wanted to take away all my son's


merit scholarships because i did


such a great job in saving and so


we moved that money and we did it




and you know it went down to his son's


sister um four years later and and so he


was able to take advantage so


we advise families on what the fafsa


looks at


what they don't look at which you can


look up it's not a hidden thing


it's not easy to find it's like reading


tax code


but it's there you know you would hire


a cpa for taxes because you want the




best tax advantage we give you the best


college funding advantage we do not move


money we do not sell a product so we




nothing to gain again other than


when my son graduated from harvard he


made a hundred and six thousand dollars


his first job


at 23 and had zero debt


that's why i do what i do because that's


a great way to start a life


yeah now um i don't think it's


surprising that a lot of parents don't




do adequate planning for kids going to


college because the majority of people


don't plan adequately for retirement


so i think if you're not bothered being


age 68 and living under a bridge


sitting in a puddle of your own pee i'm


not sure that you've kind of got that


mentality which um you know is


really akin to a good forward planning


mentality i suppose but


that's really a trojan horse for how do


you actually reach out and find these


parents i mean


or how are they getting to you because


it's one thing having a social media


presence and having a website but


you know what type of channels or


distribution do you


use to actually reach out to parents in


the situation where they might benefit


from you


so majority at least 50 percent if not


60 come from referrals that's how we


actually ended up going to international


we started out here in the us


based in california because of our uc


school system


i'm from california so that was a nice


easy fit


but as we started working with students


then they sent it to their aunt


uncle niece's nephews we went


international so now we bring


students in we take students out we help


everybody navigate the process


and it is all word of mouth other than




it's giving these types of


uh situations where i'm giving




i love to share i don't take every


student so i'm not looking to sell you




if you think it's a good fit because i


give you some really solid helpful




then people reach out to us so i don't




any advertising or i don't do


any you know goodyear blimp type posters


it it truly comes from


i lead with my heart though i want to


help people


and when i'm interviewed on fox 5 news


or like shows like yours


people see that i'm genuine and that i'm


here because i have a heart to serve


and i love teenagers so if i get to talk


to teenagers all day i'm in a very happy




is there an age of a a kid a potential


college student


where you say and when i say age i guess


i should say grade level


that it's too late that there's nothing


you can do


past a certain point at all


once a student accepts a school


they say yes i i accept your offer


i can't help them up until that point


age is not a big deal um


i've helped adults before i've helped


transfer students


i've helped students going into med


school or law school


so it that part is is the same


now the reality is if you go into debt


your first four years


you're going to compound that debt


because getting money for grad school or


law school


is not half as easy as getting money for




so i tell families create a five-year


plan and a 10-year plan because if that


student wants to go on to that next tier


of schools


then they should be going to the first


tier of schools without going into debt


because otherwise they're going to


compound that debt


and then other if they're not going to


be a doctor a lawyer


something in that that that tier is it


makes sense for their return on




and that that really comes down to the


student and the school


so why is it so much harder for the what


do you call like a master's program or


a postgraduate program why is it so much


harder for somebody to


get a hold of that money versus the


undergraduate program hunting the


bachelor's degree


so the majority of the scholarships that


we help our students get come from the


institutions themselves


they come from picking the right college


for the right


student when you get into master's phd


law whatever that is there is no money




or very little money given i should say


for that


level because a lot of um jobs


a lot of corporations they will pay for


people to go and get their mba or phd


so colleges don't feel that they need to


step up to do that because they're an


adult now


and that kind of falls on the shoulders


of being an


adult where children or 18 year old


young adult they are still they still


have no concept


i i play this game with students called


the millionaire game


and what we find out very quickly is


they have no idea what it feels like to


have a million dollars and


it is quite interesting to listen to


young adults talk about if they had a


million dollars what would they do


so it really comes down to the majority


of the students


and the parents draw drawing the line


and saying let's really talk about the


academic fit the social fit and the


financial fit


way before we apply what people do is


they apply


and say oh if they get in we'll figure


it out


that is disaster waiting to happen


it's probably good that we didn't get a


million dollars because she would have a


tough time


trying to tell us what to spend it on


because i think we'd be through a


million bucks in


what 14 days should be maybe near


talking to an empty screen


yeah exactly yeah that money that money


would be


gone quick fast and in a hurry yeah now




what was my question going to be oh did


i distract you


i know well i heard the million dollar


thing and i'm like gosh what could i do


yeah no i remember now um do you partner


with any other kind of educational


bodies or organizations or run alongside




government programs although i'm sure


that's not always a great idea because


it doesn't matter who's in power they


always somehow manage to screw it up


um but you know are there anybody else


you know in terms of organization or


people you have who


support your vision and you know kind of


help you deliver the message


at this point we have not found


the perfect partnership i'm very much


open to it we've looked at a couple of




that the challenging part is


um alignment i i'm not looking for a


fast dollar


this this company is not about making a


quick dollar


it's it's more about the mission that


we're on


trying to make an impact and so we


partner more with organizations like which is stop human trafficking


or nonprofits where i can align my


teenagers to show how they can


impact the world which gives them this


huge confidence to go and impact the




so our partnerships tend to be with


non-profits in support of my students


other than large governmental


organizations but like i said if if


somebody has a great idea i'm not


i'm not ever opposed so


not to throw a turd in the punch bowl so


to speak


but i want to shift gears here a little




and what about the fact that there's


been a lot of talk about


college really isn't that important




you know there's not enough people in


trades there's not enough electricians


there's not enough plumbers there's not


enough welders and


these kids or young adults as you call




they can go and they can get an


apprenticeship and become a welder


and make just as much money as somebody


with a college education


and not assume any debt obviously if


they didn't go through your program


because they're going to go through


college and then they're not going to


have any debt


but just because you get that college




doesn't guarantee you a job like it did




20 years ago when i graduated college i


got that piece of paper


and yeah i could go ahead and throw this


out and i had job offers but


nowadays that college degree doesn't


guarantee you


entry into the workforce and then the




their their shows are so short staff


so to speak that they're basically


begging people what


what kind of advice would you give there


so it it comes down to helping the




know themselves high school students


don't do a lot of


introspection they don't know their core


values they they


they're so outward focused about social


media and all the things


out there that i recommend it's time to


look within


if a student is not going to go


into engineering or accounting


or medicine or law or something that


absolutely you need that piece of paper


it is okay to look at what else is out




on the flip side i do tell every person


i'm a huge entrepreneur this is my


seventh business


i believe in entrepreneurship both my


parents were entrepreneurs


i wanted to skip college and my dad gave


me the best piece of advice


he said you can go and just start your


own business


or you can go and see how other people


screwed up their businesses by getting a


business degree


and skip all of that and then you can go


and light the world on fire you can do


whatever that is if it's


plumbing or electrical or digging ditch


whatever that is you're still gonna have


to understand


how to manage the money that you do get


after you you'd work the job so


understanding how to have a budget




how to save for a retirement these




they don't have to be taught in college


but if you just go into the working




you do skip the opportunity to learn


about finance and accounting


and some of the other how to write


well those type of things so i always


tell a student


unless you have to jump right into a


trade school


it is okay to be taking community


college classes and


learning as you're going because that


will just take you to


a beautiful opportunity to run your own


business at some point where


you now make your own schedule versus


punching a clock


so our our job is just to let these


students know what their choices are


but there is no one-size-fits-all there


is not you


must go to college my nephew is a


brilliant welder


and he chose not to go to college and i


gave him


you know kudos for that he is really


gifted at what he does he builds race




and he loves every second of it but he


will always work for someone


that's what i want people to think about


for the long term


again it's the short term and the long




so regardless college or no college i


think students


should look at what their 10-year plan




right now you mentioned it um that


you've had other ventures in the past


and you've been very successful as an




now with trying to get the name college


ready out there


what is the kind of temptation to more




ride on your previous successes as an




as opposed to having the focus actually


on the brand of college ready


do you feel that you're going to have to


carry and wave the flag until the name's


known a little bit more


so that people trust in you even if you


know this is a new concept to them


i i think that that's a very valid point




you know technology wasn't there my last


six businesses


so i've been doing this 13 years so


technology in itself


has been an amazing ride i'm on more


social media platforms than i ever


thought it was ever going to exist


i have like 19 000 followers on linkedin


and you think how can i possibly


be that brand name to everyone so i


look at it as we may not be a perfect


fit for everybody


but for some students it could be an


amazing gift that their family can give




so i look at it as i'm not meant for


everybody i'm not looking to be


starbucks i'm looking to work with


individual students to help them reach


their full potential


now do you think this would have been


possible to do without


today's technology you mentioned when


you set up your previous


businesses that you didn't have the


benefit of technology or at least


as much as you have today would college


ready have been


possible without technology i


that that would be difficult it would be


really hard


uh to get out what we're able to do


for people um my my last career was


a professional photographer again i


walked right into that but i had my




all over the community so people saw my




now we post it we share we give


and that's how we're able to be


national and international where my last


businesses were very


localized because we didn't have that




to do these kinds of things with zoom


and these virtual calls


yeah so so you didn't tell me that she


used to be a professional photographer i


didn't know


because she tried it professionally yeah


but she tried to


take a picture of us and now because


she's a professional photographer


that picture's gonna look really bad


because she's gonna


be able to focus in and zoom in and show


you all our flaws


yeah yeah exactly i mean we ended up


getting this new camera and we both said


oh we look a lot older and a lot worse


now that we have a better camera


and now we have this professional


photographer over here taking a picture


you should have told me about this


before we got started yeah this camera


supports 4k


but i think we've currently got it going


at about 480p i hope so


yeah i hope so right and we should have


it in the old school four by four yeah


yeah maybe because yeah exactly because


yeah we


we're a couple old men yeah but i was


going to say Shellee you actually


reminded me when you were talking about


having no technology um we were talking


to an author earlier today and he was


saying that


you know he opens his emails and reads


some of the comments


readers have sent him about his book and


he said you know every now and then i


might get an email


saying you know your book is a piece of


crap but


when you were saying then about not


having technology it reminds me of a


meme i saw the other day


and this guy sitting down he goes son i


grew up without the benefit of the




he said some days people would walk


miles just to tell me i was an [ __ ]




true and and to make you feel better


i i would walk to your house to tell you


that yeah


well but i'd probably get lost walking


through your house though yeah


so well it's so great that you could


join us


can you give everybody a way to get a


hold of you


get more information kind of give


yourself like a


30 second to a minute commercial that


you know the


people that are listening that are gonna


see this on youtube and


of course listening can get a hold of




and find out more information about this




so hopefully uh you will find me on


social media


we the easiest way to find all of my


platforms is by going to our website


and so that's


so that is number one uh


linkedin if you wanted to look me up




Shellee s-h-e-l-l-e-e


name howard h-o-w-a-r-d


and we are literally on every social




platform so we have a private facebook


group that i wanted to invite you all to


because that's where i share every week


the latest and greatest tricks of the


trade if you want to call them


on how to help your student stand out


it's a private group where i give


some really solid information and that


private facebook group is college ready




free so please look us up


friend us we are here to help i do offer


a free discovery session


and all you have to do is go to the


website click the button and sign up


and that's where i requested the student


be in the room so i can help them


understand what colleges are looking for


and set a little bit of their




and a little bit of a reality check i


think is good for them to have as well


gives them something to work for yeah


and obviously you can trust


a woman named Shellee because when i was


a kid


we had a garden in the backyard and


there was a turtle that came back


every year and i named that turtle


Shellee i knew i knew this was going to


be a tenuous link the moment his mouth




yeah i know i know well Shellee so glad


you could join us please visit that and


of course on our website we've got all


your links as well


and we'll share that on social media as


well so that will do it for this episode


of the wolf and the shepherd


Shellee thank you so much for joining us


and we will catch you on the next one




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Shellee Howard

CEO and Best Selling Author

Shellee Howard is the Founder and CEO of College Ready and CR Tutoring and Test Strategies. She is a college graduate and is a Certified Independent College Strategist. She is a best-selling author, a member of HECA (ethics organization), and a member of SOFA (Society of Financial Awareness). 

Shellee is a mother of 4 young adults. Her oldest son graduated from Harvard in 2016 debt free and graduated from UC San Diego Medical school in 2021.  He will be completing his Orthopedic Surgeon Residency at UCLA. 

Her oldest daughter attended the University of Alabama and CBU and graduated debt free with her BSN in 2020 and received her RN in 2021.

Her youngest son is a high school senior and will be attending SFSU in the fall of 2021 majoring in Film Production.

Her youngest daughter is a rising Senior and will be looking to attend college as a business major internationally.

Shellee has traveled around the world helping students create their “Stand out Strategy". She knows what it takes to compete in the Top tier schools as well as finding the best-fit college for all students. Shellee believes that no two students are the same and each student must have their own strategy and plan to be successful. Each student has a gift/talent and a passion that will set him or her apart from their competition. Getting to know your student one on one is the key to success. This can be done in person or via Zoom. College Ready has clients all over the USA and each one is important. Her focus is to find the best academic, financial and social fit college for each student to thrive at and graduate debt free!