March 22, 2021

Interview With Nick Landholdt

Nick Landholdt ran for Congress as a Libertarian in 2016 and won over 10% of the vote. He is running for Texas Governor for the election in 2022. 

After graduating from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Science in Radio-Television-Film, Nick Landholdt, a native Texian, spent over ten years in the Navy believing he was serving his country. After he decided that America's military forces are just cannon fodder used by the anti-Christian Money Powers for their own personal gain, he resigned his commission in 1988, and began dedicating his public life to exposing those same powers while earning a living in sales.

To learn more about Landholdt and the movement he's helping facilitate, please visit


welcome to this episode of the wolf and

the shepherd today we have with us

nick Landholdt nick glad you could join


well i appreciate you giving me the

opportunity to talk about uh

libertarianism and uh my candidacy for

governor of texas well welcome nick

uh first question i wanted to ask you

is if you could explain what a

libertarian is because we actually have

quite a big

dyslexic fan base and they're convinced

it's somebody who works in the library


if you can just explain you know to our

listeners really

you know what libertarianism is because

i know i'm a bit

you know shaky if i had to give somebody

a definition really on what it means

so well i'm probably as shaky as you are

i would give my definition which is


um well let me i'll

i'll backtrack a little bit when i

ran for congress in 2016 i approached


libertarian party here in texas

with the fact that they had ballot


so that was big because i'm probably

more suited for the constitution party


actually there's a christian party of


and i told the desiree lindsay at the


she was the candidate coordinator for

the libertarian party of texas

lp texas for short that

i said hey you know i'm i'm a christian


i'm you know i'm against open borders

because in texas i mean that's a death

nail if you're

pro-open borders i said i'm for secure


but you know i'm not you know for

letting everybody in their

grandmother into the into the country of

texas because

i'm actually pro

texted i'm pro-secession and that's what


gubernatorial campaign is going to bring


um and i said and i'm also pro-life from


so i'm against abortion i i think of

orson's murder

and she said well you know we're

actually more conservative than the

national libertarian party and we kind

of let our

candidates have their own positions

on social issues and i said okay fine

that's just i just want to make sure

that you know up front you know what i'm

about so i filed

uh by the deadline and i had no


and again this is 2016.

and so i was the omni for the the party

lp texas

for running in the congressional

district 11 which

is was at the time

run by a rhino globalist republican mike


and i really did not have any um

i i i ran no campaign virtually i didn't

even open up a bank account

but just the fact that my name was on

the ballot and we did not have a

democrat running that particular

year uh just by having my name on the

ballot i got

uh officially i got over 23 000

votes from the district

and uh in in in west texas

five districts cover

almost half of texas the western half

and we got the libertarian party texas

received over 80 000 votes

from the other four candidates and


that ran for ufs house and i thought hey

there's a foundation out there for


in west texas and so i said you know hey

party why why aren't you you know doing

anything about this and uh basically

got crickets well you know

my definition i guess for libertarianism

is that that you know

i do believe in the non-aggression


there seems to be some kind of a

disconnect within the party itself

as to whether nap is you know should be

the criteria or not um

but yeah i'm i'm against being the


but i also believe in self-defense and

the police state that

we started where that started in 1903

here in america uh you know they've been

the aggressor

for you know decades over a century now

a case can be made that you know the

police state started after the civil war

but be that as in may 1903

was i considered to be the official

beginning of the police state because

that is when

congress the traders and cowards in


and they've continued it up till today

uh passed the what's called the dick

act of 1903 and basically it's what it


was it made state militias superfluous

they suppressed state molesters and they

brought in

eventually brought in the national guard

which is federalized

so they made the militia in the states


what they call unorganized malaysia

which is an oxymoron

and they did this they meaning the money


they knew what their plan was which was

eventually to

become the federal reserve you know they

were wanting to bring back the

centralized states

or the centralized banking system which

andrew jackson had

successfully gotten rid of

um of course abraham lincoln tried to do

the same thing you know what happened to


uh jfk after 1913

probably to do you know the same thing

and we know what happened to him

but in 1903 uh the bankers knew that

they needed to get rid of the organized

well-regulated militia that the second

amendment calls for

and so 10 years before 1913

they passed this dick act and then in

1913 we got the federal reserve act

which gave them congress basically

abdicated their

duty their constitutional duty to

uh create apps to create

the money and so um

and then of course 1913 was also the

year that the

16th amendment was supposedly ratified


the the evidence shows that the 16th

amendment which

basically supposedly gives us the income


was not legally ratified and i'll get

into the whole irs thing

a little bit later but uh

libertarianism is you know basically

you know don't take the things of others

don't steal uh don't be aggressing

against people to whether whether it's


or uh through through monetary beings

to take people's things um

and you know i i would personally add

uh following the you know the ten

commandments uh

and the golden rule doing to others as

they would have you know do unto you

and that's kind of that in my long nuts

well could you sorry nick could you

explain what you mean by a police state

do you mean that

police either don't adhere to the law

or they kind of interpret it on an

individual basis

and you know therefore kind of maybe

make themselves immune to the

consequences of their actions what

exactly do you mean by police state

uh well i think we can see it today

but it's basically uh we the people

the constitution starts out we the


we the people are supposed to be

policing ourselves

and what happened in 1903 is they took

that away from us

so uh police

uh local police are actually our case

can be made that they are


uh what happened was the rich folks

uh because militia state militia is a


type situation so uh

you know whatever age

the uh the local the state i guess


uh is it's a compulsory duty

uh to defend the state against


and the constitution says there are


duties that the constitutional militia


and that's to execute the laws of the

union to repel invasions

and to suppress insurrections those are

the three main duties

and so the the wealthy eventually

didn't want to adhere to their duty so

they would pay

people to do it for them

that eventually evolved to


police departments and basically

passing taxes to

take money from local citizens to pay

the police to to do the duty

that was ours the people's

responsibilities in 1903 when you

took away our organized

well-regulated militia and leave it

to understand the army which the founder

certainly uh preached against

uh supposedly uh armies are only

supposed to be

raised and monies raised for two years

so why why do we have to stay in the


there was no standing army until you

know world war

one and then of course it just stuck


and the the people in the states never


uh objected to the suppression of the

state militia

you know where the state's infiltrated

by bad people as well

of course i mean we see the result

of this infiltration today with

crummy governors like greg abbott in


and you know get into him later as well


my focus is i actually uh

you know i've got the landhold for

governor campaign but

i also helped begun

the we the people for president because

i wanted to

start educating i'm kind of out of the

education mode i've been

involved in in this thing since about


the mid-80s i got a late start in life

because my parents weren't

really politically active i mean they

voted republican but

they really didn't understand you know

what the heck was going on

and i wasn't taught you know what was

going on i was too interested in sports

growing up

so um i'm kind of out of the education

mode but we got a nice

website we the people for president dot


is still you know developing and his

funds and

how will you know be i think a pretty

exciting website

uh i'm trying to find find five percent

of uh people in texas or america

who understand what the well-regular

militia is for and

are willing to are ready to take up

arms legal constitutionally

militia arms to uh to fight

the the money powers and the crummy the


public officials in austin and

you know state capitals i actually have

a uh

uh sort of a standing call to arms i

started a we the people uh it's actually

called the washington tea party

my acting campaign manager brad fason

fast bender he uh he had a washington

county tea party site page on

facebook and he wasn't using it so he

gave it to me but

facebook for some reason won't allow me

to change it to me the people

president but i was able to change it to


tea party and then wtpp

so maybe facebook if they don't

eventually boot me off uh i'll

eventually be able to change that but we

finally had

funds to come up with washington

their uh we the people for president dot

org website

so that's what i direct people to for

more information

and to kind of get an idea or to join


force and hopefully we'll

grow enough to make a difference

particularly in texas i'm looking for a

safe haven

uh particularly for christians because

we're being attacked all the time

and i'm talking tired of christians uh

being wimps

and uh and just continue to take and

take it without

uh you know taking up arms and fighting


because these people really only only

understand at this point in time

uh i think they only understand force

not not

and you know you could call that

violence if you want

but hey i i call it self-defense

well it makes total sense and so as you

look at this candidacy for

governor third parties have always had

a real uphill struggle in the two-party


you know you've had for the last 100


years you've had republicans and you've

had democrats and

anything third party they always call


or something like that and then you look

at what ross perot did whenever he ran

for president

and could be argued that oh well he

stole votes from the republicans

things like that do you feel like this

time around

there are enough people out there that

are saying hey we're kind of sick of

what's going on

and there might actually be a reason for

a third party that can

get some traction in there and have a

fighting chance so to speak to get the


in the bag well i i think

there's definitely enough uh discontent

out there regarding um

present american society and i think

people are certainly sick and tired i


if we look at the statistics show that

there's more non-voting

americans of voting aids then there are


so you know supposedly the last two


and i've been big into vote fraud

exposing computer vote fraud not the

what i call

voter fraud there's a big difference

between voter fraud

you know the dead people voting and what

have you or multiple

people voting multiple times as opposed


the computer vote fraud which is

basically three companies control the

vote count in america

um i don't know if you're familiar with

the collier brothers jim

and kenneth collier they wrote a book

boat scam

the stealing of america and

that was back in the 90s and they

because they were running in the 70s

down in the miami dade county florida


and they uncovered you know the

basically once computers came into the

picture in the 70s

that's when the they started to control

the vote count even

more than they through voter fraud

so i've been doing this with jim conat a


colleague up in ohio since 1990

and so people have become so frustrated


the whole duopoly the republicans and

democrats that they don't even vote


well supposedly the last 2016 20

2016 i guess you know somewhere around

70 million voted for uh trump and 70

million voted for hillary

and then this year or 2020 supposedly

you know 74 million give or take

uh you know voted for biden and

closer you know about the same number so


100 and you know 20 to 140 million


are supposedly voting for republicans or


which you know if if the census is

correct regarding 330 million americans

uh they're still you know i'd say 150


um yeah of course i'm not counting

children but

there's still a lot of non-voters and

one of the things i'll be bringing out

in my candidacy is that the enemy is the

republicans of the democratic party

and so we got to educate you know

i can't you know i look at

the non-libertarian folks who say well

you can't win

or you know we're going to vote for

lesser evil

that that's that's why i'm targeting

christians to start acting like


stop voting for evil i mean i stopped


after reagan i could see that the game

was rigged

and of course you know reagan was

was no constitutionalist either it's

it's going to be a

huge educational effort but as i

tell people i'm going after non-voters

um you know i think there's enough

uh non-voters in texas to sway

uh people particularly with the

issue of secession we've got to get away


washington dc i mean abbott greg


you know he lies i think he lies a lot

when he

promotes or at least starts talking

about secession or

an independent texas that's just

to get more votes or to keep the

the sheeple in line in voting republican

but with this uh his destruction of the

economy in texas with the lockdowns what


last year he's uh i think his

time's up now whether the i don't think

the democrats can

really present a candidate supposedly


the fake hispanic uh

ex-congressman from the el paso area

yeah if the democrats want to throw him

up there

you know whatever uh they say abbott i

guess she's gonna

run again but he's um

i mean after cpac uh

i heard that cpac

again more fake conservatives it's

really just a chill

uh group for uh the republican party

uh that he uh greg abbott

garnered a zero percent vote in their

straw poll for

the presidency in 2024 and it was like a

day later

that he announced the opening up of


uh businesses could now go to 100


and and then a week later uh march

10th you know they were we weren't going

to be required

to wear masks anymore well the damage

has already been done

and i'm going to do what i can to

i mean even if they elect a democrat

in 2024 uh i think i'm going to

be able to create a big enough

libertarian movement

and i s i use libertarian with a small l


opposed to a capital l that um

you know we're gonna we're gonna be a

force in the future

now with them you know traditionally

the way the main two parties actually

i guess quash independents or


is that they adopt some of the more

popular uh

platform points and adopt it into their

party to make you know who would be

voting for a libertarian or an

independent get them to vote for either

you know republican or democrat which is

why it's very difficult for a third

party to ever kind of

rise up with much power because they

just steal the points never follow

through on them

do you think it is possible you know

within texas

to create either enough of a noise that

the things you are passionate about

actually get adopted by the republican

party in texas

or that you can

i don't know maybe get enough influence

to actually change things because you

know i know we have this bipartisan

kind of thing in texas but you know

texans at the end of the day

even if we did have some idiot like

beethoven i can't stand that guy

i don't say that about many people you

know on this podcast but that guy's a

lunatic um you know i i

uh most texans are not going to follow

stuff they don't believe in regardless

of who's in power i mean

texas is a state where you're going to

get the quickest uprising

you know against rule you know somebody

like you know beethoven got in i mean

not many texans going to follow what he

says you know so

watch knowing that you probably can't

win as a libertarian is your main goal

to try and influence and get

you know the republican party to take

seriously some of the issues you're

putting forward

um i'm going to be attacking the

republican party whether we

get uh the movement it gets large enough

to influence

i think there's actually a small

movement within um

the libertarian party of texas uh

for a session type of movement

they had a meeting in 2017 or so

that i attended in san antonio which is

my hometown

and basically

the goal was to get

the conservatives from the

republican party to come over to the

libertarian party

so because i just feel that the


the conservative grassroots within the

republican party

just don't will never have the

numbers to take back the party

um i mean it's embarrassing to say

that texas does not have constitutional


and we could point to the republican


as being part of that embarrassment

and it looks like as we know the

texas legislature meets every odd year

thank heavens they don't meet every year


constitutional carry is yet to pass i

mean this is

like i say it's embarrassing and so

uh i'm going to be pointing out that the

fact that the republicans

are anti-gun i mean uh

and we know that the democrats are so

you know somebody like beto i mean he

just when he ran for

senate against i called ted

cruz canadian ted cruz

um you know he said we're gonna take

your guns

so we know that uh beto is his anti-gun

we just have to convince the grassroots

conservatives within the republican

party that

they're barking up a tree that's you


just not going to go anywhere so they

need to either

become independent voters or libertarian

or whatever

and it's it's going to be a very

interesting it's going to be very


uh controversial and

but getting to your point about

the republican party stealing

uh some some issues within the

libertarian party

i was a texas uh national delegate for


texas state party in

orlando for the libertarian party

national convention in orlando 2016.

they passed that resolution about

taxation's theft

and whatever happened to it it went


the libertarian party has failed to

capitalize on the whole taxation the

whole irs

issue so not only will i be

leading with the secessionist issue

but i'll be leading with the fact that

the majority of

texans do not owe income taxes i stopped

filing in

96 was the last year i filed

um you know yeah the irs has

got come gotten wind of it and i now


actually a petition in front of the u.s

tax court

which has you know been about three

years running

so no decisions been made yet but

we need to uh we need to unite that

the total taxations theft anti-irs

uh movement that needs to be

united and sheriffs need to be told

that you know the irs is illegally

fraudulently collecting

monies the texians

and of course greg abbott the removing

party is never going to

say that and so if they do

then that would be great i don't know if

we can influence that kind of decision

uh i don't think he's ever going to come

out in favor of secession

you know like i say he talks about texas


and it's on some of his stump speeches

but you know to force the issue

i think is uh is going to require

you know uh an anti-republican


type of movement plus the fact that i

don't think

any whatever uh the governor of texas

has the power to

revitalize the texas state militia texas


guard and those kind of things those are


type issues that is not true

state militia so as governor

i would immediately reconstitute the

texas state militia which means

we could clean up the courts we clean up

the uh opportunities

the murder babies uh we've been

we could become uh economically free


from the money powers and but we're

gonna need militia because i don't

think the money parish are going to uh

you know just walk away

on their own volition uh and

give up on texas because you know we got

oil we got

gold uh and i'm not a fan of oil

i'm a fan of industrial hemp and uh

i'm wanting to make that the new cash

crop of texas

the the hemp question that's actually

interesting and that was a segue

we didn't even plan so you know hemp

used to be

one of those cash crops for the

the nation and of course there's all

kinds of industrial uses of him

most people when they hear that whole

hemp deal

it's always about marijuana and smoking

marijuana and all that which

you know we could get into the benefits

and the detractions from that

but it's that kind of part of your party

platform to say hey

you know let's move more towards doing

something like that

as a i'll use the term renewable source

of energy

yes um it's going to be way up there

i mean you know the marijuana fact

i mean i'm for decriminalizing drugs

uh i just think it's it's been used

to control us um i mean not every sin

has to be

against the law uh you know

if if sin isn't punished in this or this

time you know it will be punished in the


so uh yeah industrial hemp uh

you know to me from what i've read

and what i understand uh basically the


and the hearst people they wanted kemp

to be you know outlawed or illegal

because it was going to uh you know

botch their plans for the whole oil

uh and the in the paper industry uh we

don't need to be

you know killing trees you might say i'm

not a big tree hugger

but uh you know hemp is just an amazing


and when people see the benefit uh

i think that canard about you know

marijuana being a gateway

drug and all that kind of crap i just

don't buy it

uh i i think it's the again the money


and the media that's owned and

controlled by the money powers

um is using that to keep

uh this amazing plant uh suppressed

and i mean supposedly henry ford made a

car out of hemp

uh so you know that's another

of course industry though the auto

making industry

you shouldn't be using gasoline i mean

electric and

that those kind of things uh can easily

get you a lot more mileage than the

gasoline and of course the prices

i hear the pricing is supposedly in

texas it's supposed to

head up to four dollars a gallon i mean

it's two

about 277 here in midland odessa

area i don't know where it is in east


but it's just um you know that's all

manipulates a lot of it is taxes

and again uh you know taxation stuff so

i'm gonna

be talking about taxation's theft i'm

going to be talking about

replacing oil as uh

with industrial hemp and in fact i think

i'm not that keen of a gold guy either

to me that's manipulated as well

if we can use a commodity-based type


i don't have all the particulars ready

to to talk about but i'm gonna

you know as hopefully people will see

this interview

and contact us through our website and


we'll get you know some people on board

i'm not

you know look at this face do i look

like a governor

to you oh

now you're being too hard on yourself

man don't don't be doing that

the only reason i'm doing this is

because no one else is

willing to publicly talk about armed


against the powers that be

and why is that well we actually had um

daniel miller who's a big um propagator

of succession

right on our show maybe about 10

episodes ago

and you know he brought up the you know

succession isn't actually

as difficult as it's made out you know a

lot of um

powers that beam you know trying to

say that it's almost impossible and the

reason they say that is because they

want people to kind of

you know not look it up and not see that

it's actually a realistic option but you

know he educated us

and told us that you know it's really

you know

as long as it gets some wind in itself

it is something that can realistically


and you know we're glad we had him on

because you know i think texas is the


country in the world and you know i tell

all my you know family back in europe

yeah i i live in texas i don't live in

the united states of america i live in


but you know when you were talking about


you know the big problem with hemp is

like any natural product whether it be


vitamins or anything you know it can't

be exploited

for money by the people who currently

control the system

then you know they spend money trying to

demonize it and

yeah i think there's an awakening in

that people are seeing

you know maybe 20 30 years ago people

who were against marijuana

are now coming around and saying look it

does have medical benefits it's

ridiculous banning a drug which

almost has no instances of fatalities

and anything else not unlike alcohol i


crap you can go buy a bottle a full

bottle of vodka for ten dollars crash


kill somebody kill yourself kill whoever

go out stab somebody because you're mad

because you're drunk or whatever yet

marijuana here we are still 2021

and most of the states in the country

it's illegal you know thc is an illegal

you know by-product to put in you know

kind of like

medical products and stuff and yet it's

been proven so many times that

you know the effects of you know

marijuana on

you know cancer on various you know

inflammation related diseases in the


it's one of the most effective things

you can have yet

again it's those people with the money

big farmer especially who

spend so much money defeating and

demonizing you know marijuana

and texas is the shock to me in terms of

for as much as the republican party

preach against big government

interference that they still

really he even here in texas are not

propagating a movement towards

you know decriminalizing you know hemp


you know marijuana and stuff i mean like

you said i mean there's a lot of use

uses for him i mean again you talk about

you know henry chief or building the car

and stuff but

you know the rate at which hemp grows i

mean you know you talked about trees i

mean it grows so quickly i mean you can

cut down

him and it will regrow within like about

two three months to the size it was


it's such a renewable product

you know and it can be used for so many

different things and yet

the hurdles you know you have to go

through and uh you know instant taxation

and everything else they put on it

they try and stop you know it being

almost like a byproduct for anything now


how can we get you know the rhinos as


to actually in texas start to take

this seriously because most people in


you know outside of your holy rollers

who kind of concentrate on the wrong

thing i guess

how are we going to convince people that

look we need to push hard

decriminalization in the state of texas

well i think it's um kind of a

two-step process is the education as you


proving to people the facts that

you know the the benefits of

you know marijuana as far as the medical


and and maybe it's a situation where you

know the

past medical thing you know

now or this session i don't i'm not

following it that closely but

you know maybe there's an opportunity

that they uh

you know free it up a little bit more

than medical

and then on the you know two years down

the road

the proof is there that it is you know

we have been long

uh i mean to me it's it's kind of

not only proving that it's beneficial


proving as uh why it was suppressed

you know the people behind the

suppression of it the

control that the drug wars

um you know the cartels

and that's i mean where militias

state militia come into play again

would be in securing the borders not

only against

illegal immigration but against these

drug cartels

um who you know are violating

not only property rights but you know

human rights by

you know killing people um

and i estimate the texas militia would

number somewhere around 10 million and

that's plenty of

people to put on a rotational watch

uh down on the border uh there's

supposedly a

a bill that someone's introduced

uh in this session to use state

funds to continue trump's building

of the wall i

had to laugh i said first of all i don't

think that wall is meant to

keep people out i think it's meant to

keep us in

but secondarily uh that wall

has benefited companies in israel

which i think is payback from by trump

to uh for all the loans that he got from


new york bankers uh you know to become a

real estate baron but be that as it may

um it's a it's an educational

uh issue as far as the the hemp

and the medical benefits and

it's just we have to overcome decades

of this uh false news this fake news

that uh you know marijuana or hemp is


i think once the we have to overcome the

the own controlled mainstream media and

how do we do that

immediate bypass how do we do that well

um brad and i are looking at creating a

sort of a statewide citizens

reporter type of movement

to where they are reporting

news that the mainstream media is either


or not even recording on and texians are

smart enough particularly i think the


types are smart enough to to see

what's happening i mean we see uh just

the fact that

this legislature is having to you know


uh pro or list at least

lift some of the restrictions on him

um we just have to do it faster because

i think we're running out of time

now do you feel that i mean we all know

that a few people control

so many things especially in terms of

the banks and obviously

money talks in every arena of politics

you know you have people going into


they go on the base salary you know when

they get

in the house and all of a sudden you


just a few years later you know they're


based upon you know a salary which


shouldn't even get you to being half of

the millionaire

within five years so everybody's taken

this money from lobbyists and

it's more i guess the silent


through nefarious money groups that

really drive policy for both parties

and is there a way really ever to kind

of stop that

because i mean it really is nefarious

it's insidious

you know the the money pushes the policy

that's always been

you know the way you know since the

federal reserve was created i mean

i i get tired of having to explain to


you know federal reserve is about as

government as

fedex you know the federal thing it's

just a title to make people think it's


you know government it's not as a

private entity and

you know people don't generally know i

don't care how

much they claim to do research they

don't really know

how money gets into politics they don't

know the groups

you know who really kind of influenced

everything just from the laws the

interpretation of the laws

you know and how how do we even begin

to kind of like stop that i mean i know

education is one thing but

most people if it's not affecting them

directly don't seem to care enough to

really raise their voice about

we shouldn't have a few shadowy people

you know controlling the entire country

through their checkbook

uh well you need to have an honest

guy get in i mean

supposedly tom cotton is a senator he

was type kind of a i guess

i don't know if he was a tea party um

you know backed

type of senate but he's already

you know compromised and maybe a lot of


uh you know sex scandals and the


uh scandals uh that's how they do

get to a lot of these uh people

um you gotta get something on them

i would um i had envisioned if i

ever got into congress and i could


do the same thing as governor uh of

having a reality tv show

and have cameras follow me around and


texans or show americans just how


uh washington dc or austin is

i mean i think i would probably be

avoided a lot

maybe i wouldn't get too many people

talking to me

because uh there's too much smoke and

mirrors and

behind-the-scenes uh shenanigans going

on that we never see

what the truth is in politics

so we have to open up uh

open up ourselves to uh to reality

and not the fake uh suit and tie

coat types that we see

in austin with greg abbott dan patrick

some of the high ups within

the state legislature in fact my state

uh representative uh brooks landcraft

he um he was elected

to uh let's see in 20 i guess it was


so he's he's on his i think it was

uh the previous state rep

uh decided not to seek reelection so

brooks landcraft uh in 2016

had uh approached or was approached

by conservatives within the

republican party and uh

was asked to uh you know i guess run

he got their support and then uh

he betrayed them by endorsing the

current house speaker and i can't even

remember that guy's name because he's

not house speaker anymore

but they wanted to they were wanting to


state rep who was going to go for a


for house speaker and so

he didn't do it so you know

was he bought uh or was he offered

something by that house speaker

or the the rhinos in austin

i i don't know but he's on his third

thing and some people

say i should run you know for something

you know

smaller than governor like a state rep

or a city council and i guess i could

the main reason i ran for congress in

2016 was to

take advantage of a

relatively unknown law called the


access law which was

based in short it says any fcc

license station in the country

must take the ads of a federal candidate

so i was hoping to raise funds in order


expose a lot of corruption by getting

using ads on you know all the

conservative talk show hosts or sean

hannity rush limbaugh

uh lauren graham those kind of guys

uh you know i didn't get that money but

that law still exists

and so it can be used by uh

in fact jim conant who i mentioned is

the colleague i

work with on boat fraud uh he uses that

every two years he runs for congress up

in ohio

and he uses it to expose the powers that


i would use it to not only do that but

also uh to expose the whole irs

scam because i think

uh even people who would vote against me


you know are they that stupid that they

would vote against me even though

with somebody like me in office they

wouldn't be

having to pay income taxes anymore no

right i i mean let's be honest i don't

think anybody likes paying income taxes

we're in income taxes and right now you

know a lot of people they're running to

h r block or uh one of those

places to get their income taxes done

and nobody likes writing that check

a lot of people like what they call a

refund right which

isn't really a refund i think everybody

knows that it's

it's their money and yeah i guess

technically it is a refund

but it's still your money that you're

getting back

so uh kind of digging into

some of what you were saying there what

what are these other

powers that be what what do you see as

those powers that be that maybe nobody

else is

really seeing right now and and how this

really works

well i i cut my teeth

on this uh in it was probably 1995

i suppose when i first started to learn

about uh

the whole income tax scam and this uh

book here

the urban shifts i don't know if you're

familiar with iron schiff

but he wrote the the federal mafia and

he wrote

you know many other books and he ended

up dying in jail actually

within the last few years unfortunately

uh he was made an example of a lot has


with the laws since

since the 90s

but you know they they like

uh they meaning the powers that be the

international bankers the

people behind the scenes they like to

uh uh show high

tax profile know tax protesters like

wesley snipes

they'd like to present those things as

examples so that people continue to have


against this irs well the only way the

irs continues to collect money is

because of

county sheriffs and

governors who don't know the law

and who will refuse to uh you know

adhere to it or prevent these people


coming in and seizing property

or arresting people depending on the

whether it's a criminal case or a civil


that's what we need to educate the

county sheriffs on i've got a terrible

county sheriff he almost in an

army against

a local bar owner uh last year

during the the covid stuff when the bar

owner said that she was gonna reopen our


and so you've got

you know some good sheriffs out there


constitutional type sheriffs who say

that they are not going to

obey these lockdown rules or

masks rules or what have you and the

media probably doesn't

you know shows you know a handful

maybe there are a lot more county

sheriffs who do that

that we are not aware of uh that's what

you know our citizen reporting with

me the people for president would try to

do is find out how many more sheriffs in


are actually pro-constitution than what

we are led to believe

but the whole irs thing i mean it just

continues to

to grow and basically irs

income taxes federal income taxes are


uh paying off the interest

of the usury from the the federal

reserve they're not paying off

uh you know roads

or you know highway improvements

uh that kind of thing it's paying usury

to the power to be in usury as

christians know

is uh condemned by the bible many times

yeah so going along with that it you


given this that we've tried to give you

your platform right and we want

you to be able to say whatever that you

want to

impart if you had three things

and i won't limit you to three but i'd

like you to at least have three things

that you would just jump out there and


hey these are things that i want

everybody to know

this is why i'm running for governor and

these are the things that people need to

know before they go to that

polling station what would those three

things be

well we would uh for texas independence

but without uh the state militia

that's not going to happen so i'll be

revitalizing the state

militia in order to bring about texas


and between texas independence

and and the militia

you won't be paying income tax federal

income taxes and of course texas

does not have state income tax so how

much more money is that going to put

into your pocket

when your employer employers should be


should be pro land hope for governor


they won't they will stop being unpaid

tax collectors from the irs

which is what they are now and and the

other thing is

we got to clean up the the vote i

mentioned the vote fraud issue

we're going to go back to paper balance

counted at the precinct

before in full view of the public

before they leave the precinct

now that that makes total sense and

and i get that so if you had a

opportunity to put somebody in your


okay we're gonna speculate now you win

the governor of texas right and now

we've seceded from the union

and now to use a quote from a good

friend of mine

you now become the supreme benevolent

dictator of texas

which i'm not saying you're gonna do

that but i have to throw that out there

because that's what he's always said he

would like to be

and have texas independent right what

would you

like to share with some of the people

sitting in that office to say

hey now we're here let me

share some of the other problems that

we've got and what i'm going to do to

fix those problems

well i'm going to surround myself with

people who are smarter than i am but who

also understand

that you know the whole money issue

the whole taxation is theft issue

the economic freedom of


having advanced technology and

cars vehicles those kind of things

we're going to show pretty quickly how

economically free

texas not only could be but we'll be

sort of the prototype

country for the other uh

states in the uh former union that texas

used to be in

because i think once uh you know whether

it's texit

or cal exit one of these countries

goes first i i think the domino

the effect is going to kick in pretty


uh people are sick and tired of of the

whole covid

scam we can't get the truth out there

that's what you know citizens reporters

can do

we're going to have to do you know zoom


like this to get the truth out there

um we've got to find out who the

constitutional sheriffs are

in texas um i just want to

show the texians that they

are the people in charge not the

benevolent dictator

in austin i'm i'm your friend i'm i'm

going to have that reality tv show

that will keep me honest uh well next

year i'm sorry

there bud um politics as such

in any what we call democracy is a bit

of an illusion because you can only


from the options presented in front of

you and i think

you know bernie sanders found that out

you know when he was running

you know for the candidate um and the

dnc you know

screwed him stabbed him in the back

twice which to me wasn't a bad thing

because it'd be a nightmare

he was in charge of the country but the

point is you know it's like going to a


and say you know you're saying to your

wife or saying to your kids you can eat

anything you want

but you get the menu and the only

options on there a

salad or a shrimp okay and so really

you're just choosing from what's

presented in front of you so there is no

such thing in politics as true democracy

okay you can only ever choose from

people who are placed in front of you

and they always make sure

that the people placed in front of you

are always fulfilling

you know the wishes of those people who

provided the money

and want to keep making that money so

how do you

really break that system because i can't

see a time where people literally like

you know the rothschilds or whoever

um have you know these

well not just billions maybe trillions

of dollars worldwide

how do you break that system because to

me it seems impossible

when pretty much everybody republican or

democrat can be

bought and paid for overnight you know

to go against their own beliefs their

own passions and if they're if they


they just get removed one way or another

i mean is there

really genuinely any way to fix politics

i think the only way personally is

through the um the power of

of god um for christians

and particularly christian libertarians

we need to get back to

uh to god uh we if you

if you're somebody who believes in good

and evil

then god is good and satan is the evil

i mean we've seen evil we whether you

think it's satan or the money powers or

whoever you have an idea naturally

of what bad is evil

so how do we get to the opposite well um

for me it's it's getting back to god and

the trinity

father son and holy ghost um i want to

get rid of

political parties so that it's just a

you know kind of an


you know what is the man what does the

man stand for

we have a constitution you know you're

either supposed to be for the


or you're not you either enforce the

constitution or you don't

so if somebody's not enforcing the


uh do we have to go through a party to

find somebody or do we just look for

the individuals out there i mean to run

as an independent

i found out you have to have 84

000 registered voters

sign a petition to get on the ballot

uh the democrats and the republicans

have made it so difficult for third


uh that it's it is ridiculous so

this is why the people have to take back


and they have to you know unfortunately

they have to go

vote for somebody who understands uh

how to give them back that power and


somebody that's me who's going to

bring back the texas state militia so

that the people of texas have power


not the not the legislatures in austin

yeah so uh i got a couple more questions

for you

uh so nick i'm

i'm sure you probably haven't listened

to our podcast that much

but the wolf likes to have a

segment on our podcast called stump the


and so we didn't tell you we were going

to ask you this but

since we're talking about political

parties this came to mind

so this is going to be stump nick

i'm just going to ask you one question


i think you're going to get the answer

correct who was the

only president of the united states

that did not have a political party

i'd have to say george washington there

you go

see i knew you would get it yeah he


i thought of that because you were

sitting there and you were talking about


you know we've had this two-party system

forever yeah george washington that is

true he is the only president that was

not a member of a political party

so uh well done just so you know

nick you actually have done

so much better at the stumpy whomever

than i ever do because i usually always

get the questions wrong

so uh so i'm gonna ask you one last


and then after that i'm just gonna give


a kind of a soliloquy time to say some

other things that maybe we haven't hit

but uh just kind of a random question


what's your take on q anon is that

real have you followed any of the q

anon stuff do you do you think there's

some legitimacy there

uh no i don't i i have followed it a

little bit

i think it's more controlled opposition

uh what i call fo uh false opposition

uh there's a quote that uh vladimir


uh said that in order to

control the opposition you know we have

to create it ourselves

and that's what they've done uh q anon i


i'm not even sure i don't believe i've


enough from uh henry macau

i don't know if he's familiar with henry


that uh edward snowden is

controlled opposition shows julian


these guys you know we think they're

persecuted that but that's just what's

presented to us

uh so we think they're good guys because

they're supposedly

you know reveal a few things to us well

none of these people julian

edward or q they never talk about

why what is necessary for a free state

and that's it's the first 13 words of


i mean this is this is a fantastic book

this is a book by dr edwin vieira 13

words and it's the best

one of the best books is very short i

mean you can see it's not very thick

but it's uh it's about constitutional

militia and this other book of his

three rights is also a fantastic book

but um basically

i agree with dr vieira the most


words in the constitution are the first

13 words of the sacrament

which the nra the gun owners of america

national association of gun rights texas

gun rights associate none of these gun

lobby groups

ever talk about militia all they talk

about is the

right to keep and bear arms well i don't

need an amendment

to tell me that i have a right to defend


but why aren't you educating americans


the well-regulated militia which is

necessary to the security of a free


it's not because you're false opposition

as well

so i don't yeah i believe q anon is


um you know distraction

uh there's a lot of distractions out

there the media is full of soap opera


that is distracting away from

the militia aspect

yeah totally get you so uh last thing

before we close

i'm going to pretend like and and

the wolf makes fun of me because he says

i have this fake

broadcast voice so i'm gonna be a fake

broadcaster right now

and i'm going to turn the stage over to

you and

i'm going to let you cover anything that

we missed

as we close so this is your opportunity

to go into anything we might have missed

before we close so

nick the stage is yours well i think

uh yeah we've covered a lot um

i didn't talk about my talk radio show

oh you mentioned talk radio um

i i run it on fridays uh it's a weekly

i didn't i've been doing it a little

over four years now

it's called christian revolt long


and you can go to our we the people for

president dot org website

to to get the details i'm on facebook

uh at least right now i'm in facebook


so i uh i criticized ben shapiro for

milking ignorant christians and

apparently that's hate speech

so uh for about three more weeks i can't

post or comment

but you can go to my facebook page uh

land nicholas Landholdt and

uh last that's spelt l-a-n-d-h-o-l-d-t

it's got a picture of christ the king

people think that i'm

i'm trying to hide behind that uh

you know they could go to my land hold

for congress page to see my ugly mug

um i got an interview

uh from american free press the old


uh that has my picture on it i'm i'm not

trying to hide myself

i'm just trying to show that you know

this is all for christ the king

um i you know i love doing the show

it doesn't take too much to do as you

say we broadcast live

uh from from four to five pm

eastern uh three to four

central here in texas and it


friday night and monday mornings on the

liberty works radio network

but you know i'm just trying to get

i'm trying to conduct media bypass i'm

trying to get the truth out there

and seeing you know who is willing to i

mean men have become so emasculated

it's pathetic it's embarrassing i'm 65

so i consider myself dead man walking

um you know i've lived my life

i just trying to make up i guess for the


30 years of not doing anything

for christ decaying and and for in


and getting the word out there to


um and people who just want to

you know basically left alone i think

that's what most people

want to be left alone is by government

but you know that's not possible these

days as i say i think we're

we're in a police state it's becoming

more overt

by the day and uh you know who knows


kind of event you know you got 911.

they had got the covet

you got you know all

a lot of false flags out there world war

one world war

ii vietnam they're all started basically

by false flags

so we the people we were the ones we're

supposed to be in charge

constitutionally speaking so why aren't

we in charge uh

you know my my candidacy is going to

to bring that out and i think texas

should be leading the way

uh that stupid craig abbott

talks about texas values well i think

texas values

should be christ the king's values and

hopefully we'll get enough support to

get this movement going

and we can get back to where people are

left alone to do

you know what they wanted to do with


so lastly nick actually i wanted to ask

do you have much contact or attempted


with like grab abbott or ted cruz to try

and get your points or

you know is is that kind of like

battering your head against the wall to

try and actually influence

politics in texas well it's probably

battering my head if i tried uh

what i have done is

i have a colleague constitutional

colleague he's a militia scholar

up in up in the northeast uh

his his name was daniel vincent

mcgonagall iii

and he um he actually had his

facebook pages taken down uh

within the last year and they dealt with

constitutional militia so facebook is

trying to hide the whole

constitutional militia issue

uh they took down a couple of other


dealing again with constitutional


this is something that these people do

not want

the average american citizen to know


because it's still possible uh god


to uh to unite and to get behind a


uh for a constitutional militia

uh but this friend daniel he had written

a paper a

white paper might you might say

for the governor of maine a few years


showing how that particular governor in


could revitalize the main

state militia and he did some

preliminary research

in texas and found out and that's why i

can say

that the texas governor has the same


we do not need to go through the state

legislature in austin

to revitalize the state militia

the governor of texas has the power to

do it

by himself so

i was going to take this

white paper that daniel had written

or actually i was waiting for daniel to

give it to me and i wanted to take it

directly to austin and have

uh whether i could deliver it in front

of the press

to greg abbott himself or at least get

the office of the governor of texas

just you know stamp that they had

received it

but daniel never got it to me and i'm

not sure

what what happened but

uh and i may still try to do that

but you know ted canadian

cuban canadian cruise i you know john

cornyn he's also

no good um i guess for

uh appearances you know i i could and do


for the record i guess i could you know

do something

um but i think they

need to have it presented to where they

have to respond and um you know

maybe brad and myself can

can come up with some type of a

a press release or something that

calls out greg abbott dan patrick

ted cruz john cornyn um

and almost forcing them

i mean obviously ted cruz had to respond

to his

cancun fiasco um

that was during the the arctic blast

i mean i i'm i'm also a firm believer

that geo engineering had a lot to do


with that uh unseasonably called whether

we had

which affected me a lot as well as

millions of other texans

so yeah we we called it ours our texas

snowmageddon i mean that

that was so ridiculous i hadn't seen

that much snow in a long time

i'm kind of curious though the main


uh do they use lobsters as weapons

i mean that it isn't that basically the

only thing maine is known for

is just lobsters so they're out there

just like

and trying to attack people with


well the good thing about state militias

is they actually

can have the same weaponry as the


that's what the militia is for is for uh

holding off

the uh the bad guys the tyrants the

rogue politicians

um lobsters yeah maybe they could come

in handy when uh

surreptitiously or in guerrilla warfare

anyway yeah i mean you

you can get some angry lobsters out


so well nick we certainly appreciate you

joining us on this episode of the wolf

in the shepherd

and just one last time give everybody

uh the best way to get a hold of you

get a hold of your campaign all that

good stuff before we close

well before we do that do i get a chance

to stump you guys

oh absolutely yeah we're especially me

because i can pretty much guarantee you

i'm gonna get whatever you ask me

absolutely wrong i already have google

open right now so

that'd be good um

what was the uh the official

first third party in america

i know the answer to that it's the

anti-masonic party

you got it good for you

i thought about resurrecting that oh

what so why is that and just out of


why is that because

judeo masonry is is the main people that

will be targeting

uh playing hope for governor campaign

will be targeting

um you know a lot of people think

freemasons are just

you know the uh nice guys you know the

shriners hospitals the circuses and what

have you

uh freemasonry wants to uh destroy the

the church and christendom

so uh another big education effort

but uh i am i am quite uh

quite surprised but glad that you knew


yeah so so just out of curiosity how

are the freemasons going to

take care of that how are they trying to


uh christianity well um

their their

branch of course are different branches

of freemasonry

but the uh if you look at

you know books like behind the lodge


uh jim shaw's got a book i actually sell

a book myself

freemasonry condemned by its own sources

short little book um it shows that they


they're very architect is not

christian i mean they don't care what

god you

uh that you worship

they want you to believe that they're


and that's why the the church the

catholic church has

certainly condemned freemasonry for for

over a hundred years

um leo the 13th wrote an encyclical

called humanum genus which talks about


and what their plans are

but uh the freemasonry is actually

what michael hoffman has said is uh

is judaism for gentiles

so it's uh it's a complicated subject

maybe we'll

talk about to discuss that further

but um we'll be talking about that on


on my website and so yes in order the

best way to contact me probably is

through our

website we the people for president dot


i hope to have a land hopeful uh


website uh again we need funds where

this is a totally grassroots uh effort

this is not um it's not gonna be

controlled by the left like

the occupy movement was it's not going

to be controlled by the

right like the yellow vest movement was

this is uh this is a christian movement

which is um and you know we work with


uh we just need to target the the right

people and uh have the right goal


yeah that's it well hey nick glad you

could join us today

thanks for tuning in to this episode of

the wolf and the shepherd please look

nick up online and you can reach out to


and maybe get some more questions

answered in case you have any other


and we will catch you guys on the next


thank you nick


Nicholas Landholt

Political Candidate

After graduating from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Science in Radio-Television-Film, Nick Landholt, a native Texian, spent over ten years in the Navy believing he was serving his country. After realizing America's military forces are just cannon fodder used by the anti-Christian Money Powers for their own personal gain, he resigned his commission in 1988, and began dedicating his public life to exposing those same powers while earning a living in sales.

In 2016, Landholt ran for Congress as a Libertarian and won over 10% of the vote. He is now running for Texas Governor in 2022. To learn more about Landholt and the movement he's helping facilitate, go to