March 29, 2021

Interview With Merle Rutledge

Merle Rutledge is running on the Republican ticket for the 2021 gubernatorial election in the state of Virginia. Part of his message is that we need change and he doesn't want anymore career politicians! Considering himself a part of the no longer business as usual Republican and leader of the #NewRepublicanAttitude, Merle hopes to bring change and win his election for Governor of Virginia 2021.


welcome to this episode of the wolf and

the shepherd today we have with us

merle rutledge who is running for the

governor of virginia

under the republican ticket merle glad

you could be with us here this morning

hey it's a pleasure to be up here i'm

glad that y'all gave me the opportunity

to share my platform and my vision for


and i just look forward to this

conversation about being real well


you know even though i'm running for

governor of virginia

you know this is about great country

everything we do

you know impacts others so i'm looking

forward to it

now murray you're actually about as

virginian as you can get

you were born um virginia beach right in

virginia beach you went to norfolk state

university there

so i mean out of everybody running

you've probably got you know

more of a feel for the generous estate

and for the constituents in that state

um i did read some of the bios and some

of the other people were running

and you know i think there was a guy

who's from new york but you seem like i

said you seem like you're a good fit to

be able to represent the

represent the people there yeah yeah

it's an american-made story with my

campaign i call it the rags the richest


because everything i accomplished i had

to do

from the ground up so i have a lot of


a lot of country life but i understand

both sides

of the aisle and what people want right

now somebody

who had been through what they've been

through but

also can relate that being wealthy and


is not a cancer to people it's actually

what puts food on the table

for those who need jobs and more so

is like having this great mixture but

at the same time frame we all have to

have a core

of where we stand and that's what people

are missing they seem too much

flip-flopping so

hopefully do your show um

they get a good picture of what it's

like to really be behind the scenes

um be in this campaign and also

um what i'm looking to do for virginia

so marley we have the campaign uh i've

got a note here

saying that it's scheduled for may and

that is

right around the corner and when i last

looked there were

10 candidates out there that are running

uh on the republican ticket uh what are

your preparations for that convention

well the preparations is of course we

want to get as many delegates as


but it should have taken this long to

get to

how we are going to nominate our

candidates it has been

up in the air democrats has had their

whole situation organized

going with a primary and for us

right now the biggest thing is getting

as many

republican delegates instead of having

everybody have a voice here in this

process where

of course now the democrats have that

but i think the key for

people running for office right now i

mean run for governor anyway

would be to relate to the common worker


his construction work and the blue

collars um

all across virginia because right now

the middle class

is getting destroyed at this time period

and if you don't have a plan for them

then it ain't going really matter who's

the nominee

we lose you know and we got to get the

voters that we lost we lost football

reason and we gotta

give them back using a different type of

message and right now we got some bad

messages so write down

you know looking at how this process

is going to go people gonna have to get

very uncomfortable that's why i'll tell


you know and start looking at new voters

and of course

looking at anybody you can't look at any


is not important or not able to give uh

get you over that curve

so if anybody's just running on i'm

going to just go to places

where i have a red carpet waiting for me


we are doing ourselves a huge injustice

here in the republican party

yeah now have you actually been able to

get out and

uh connect with people as much as you

wanted i know with

you know certain restrictions put in

places and you know the size of

gatherings and stuff it's been a

you know very difficult time for some

people to kind of

you know meet constituents and really

you know touch base to as much as you

would be able to you know under normal

circumstances does that affect you too

much at all in your campaign

i think in fact that everybody of course

affected us

because in campaign you won't be out

there knocking on doors

not okay knocking on a door and somebody


six feet or get off my property because


a third party you know trying to create

a condition i have to say it the way it

is but um

yes it has hurt but we can't use it as

excuse you know we all are in this same

box whether you're a democrat republican

you gotta find a way to reach voters so

if you guys stay up extra late

to five o'clock in the morning where you

would normally been able to connect with

these people

between nine to five then that's what

you got to do

and honestly i'm sick of the other

politicians complaining because i'm like

you found a way to win you love your

country you love this commonwealth thing

you love the direction

um that you plan to have this kind of

wealth going

you're going to do whatever it takes


now i see you're like 40 years old right

meryl 40 41

yeah kind of a right age to really delve

you know full speed into politics can

you tell us a little bit and the

listeners how you kind of got involved

in the politics what your history

leading up to

running was i guess i was against


in some kind of ways um actually what

got me in the politics was

my mother she was always going to

end up naacp meetings local government

meeting school board meetings

and as a kid you watch it and you see


commit you know be committed to change

and she'll just if

there was a problem whether it was

somebody being treated unfairly in the

schools or whatever it may be

she'll go right to that for them and

even would be

you know if there was a situation where

she felt it was unfair

whether with the schools or whatever i

have me being

young you know you gravitate towards

what you are around what your experience

so it was kind of like passing the baton

to me

in a way by showing me you don't quit

you always start at the top and work


down to the bottom if we want to handle

dispute resolution

and to me i was always around

working with um executive directors or

school board superintendents or those in

public service

and realistically it just always was

around me and i fell in love with it so

of course i got a degree at norfolk

state university and political science

and from there i just learned that you

don't take a whole lot of emotions into


you just look at the issue and you come

up with solutions

regardless of racial background and with


personally some will say okay have you


affected by race in some kind of way so

whatever it may be

i'm like you know i never look at people

for the race of

i'm colorblind i look at people's

characters i got friends from all over

so realistically most of the time frame

it became a continuous

thing meaning being in politics

if they if somebody saw you having one

problem and they think you can handle

their problem

and to me i just want to be helpful but

at this time frame you know i got tired

of asking for commission and i said you

know what it's time for me to start

making that call

and if somebody keeps telling you you

gotta go to the governor or

the top levels of government to get

things resolved

then eventually you're gonna get tired

of the do nothing attitude and start

saying to yourself

i probably is the best one to get things

done is

uh see change so my life has

revolved around politics and it has

revolved around fighting for people's


and right now we see

so we also noted that you were an

investigative reporter freelance

investigative reporter which sounds like


pretty interesting job to have you know

digging in

and trying to find things that are going

on and let

everybody know that do you think those

skills as the freelance investigative


gonna help you be the governor and when

you were doing that did you do any

digging into politics that

maybe made you say hey i found some of

these things during my investigative


and now i know a way to fix them and i

want to run for

governor to be able to take care of

those yes absolutely

um the swamp is dirty and

the swamp been there it has never you


not existed throughout my lifetime

being an investigative reporting

sometimes you find stories

or issues and you dive so deep into it

that you regret doing it in a way

because you find out it's the people who

was closest to you

and advising you are the ones that are


you know sometimes the paperwork falls

right back to the person

who was telling you to look the other

way and you don't realize they were

telling you that

because they didn't want you looking in

their direction um

yes it does help me because it allows me

to get around the bs

but without the cursing you know get


and you know um what people say

compared to what they do and how they

try to

relay a message to the public that says

okay i'm trying to sell you on something

i ain't telling you the details

i started learning the details that they

didn't want people to find out

because i got tired like i'm from

danville for most of my life

in the pistol bank county area and i

started seeing taxes

increase and come to find out there'll

be a clause

in the contracts that the city or the

county would enter into that says hey

um if this company leaves then the

taxpayers would

be on the hook board and these are


have people known they would have

probably fought a lot harder to make

sure that they wasn't paying for another


or a bad business deal that a locality


um but the fact of the matter is i think


investigative reporting it's all about

your heart and soul

if you're uh corrupt or trying to cover

up for people

then it's probably not a good thing for

you to disseminate news because we have

a lot of fake news of people taking

people out of context or

trying to twist facts me i was all about

the truth

and telling the truth that other

newspapers would not report

just because it's a great story doesn't

mean that news is going running and i

started noticing

they want to run certain articles

because it made that area look bad

and it's not about making it look bad

it's about fixing the problem so we can

look good

so to me personally it's about

exposing the truth exposing corruption

um telling people exactly how their

government officials

are really working it used to be like

that in the news now seems like people

or newspapers are bought off and they

just print out whatever favors whoever

is paying them and that's terrible for


you know tell the story tell the real

story not just make it up so

it just basically causes people to lose


lose trust yeah now obviously you're

still alive in front of us so you didn't

do any in this

investigations into the clintons um

the um obviously one of the big things

which has come up this last year or so

is the council culture and censorship

and you were just mentioning about

newspapers now they don't seem to have


commitment necessarily to the truth it's

more about their political affiliation

and they can print

basically outright lies i mean there was

an incident last week

where i think it was a new york times

basically got

busted for misquoting uh trump

and you know they did a very poor job of

kind of apologizing for it even though

it was basically an out and out lie

and they don't seem to care about giving

false witness and ruining people's


and looking back in the people's past

and misquoting them taking something out

of context

do you think this is just going to get

worse and worse or can you see an ending

site for this type of dirty dirty games

as such

well it's going to get worse and worse

until we start holding

the news accountable for what they put

out there

the fact is i'm all about free speech

you know

you just say it like it is you know just

because somebody printed it doesn't mean

it's true

it's incumbent on each and every person

to do their own research which a lot of

people are not doing they just read the

headlines and just say okay

this must be the truth because it come

from the source and president trump

yes is a victim of it we all are um

for the most part it seems like

republicans and conservatives are the

ones getting

this canceled culture like my facebook

page and my other social medias

has had um been suspended banned or

videos removed

even though it wasn't nothing to buy

late terms it just was made up

as it goes along and to be honest about

it you know

they're not going to apologize their

whole job was destroying president

trump and destroying his movement

and to say the least you know we all

are you know falling victim to it the

only thing we can do

is fight back and get back out to where

it belongs we need to take it to the

streets you know we can't let

the newspapers write our story sometimes

you've got to be committed to telling

your own story

and if that's the case then that's the

case but um

you know newspaper

so uh we did look a little bit through

your website and there was a

few items on there we'd like for you to

expound upon for

some of our listeners so they can kind

of full well explain

what these items are what these pieces

of your platform are and where you stand

on those

and the first one i know this sounds

self-explanatory and you have delved

into this a little bit

but you say you're pro-business so can

you expound on that pro-business

outlook one of the great things about my


is you can't buy me off you know there's

no such thing as coming to me and saying

i'm going

give you this money but i need for you

to do this it's either i support you

or i don't support you you can't pay me

for that

um on pro business one uh i want 15

tax cut here in virginia fall business

as part of my covet relief

policy as well as zero percent state tax

meaning no state tax

for the first year for start other

businesses honestly i would

like to get rid of all taxes for the

first year

in between because the covent relief

bill basically filled their holes

in the state budget the state looked

better than what

governor northam claims it is it's only

because of

the cover elite bill but everybody else

is still starving from the ground up

so also i'm pro-marijuana

that brings in 300 million dollars in

revenue the first year

i'm all for i want records explained so

people can get back to work and don't

have to deal with

um the ills or the social of

you know past convictions for a harmless

offense they need a second chance

and i'm actually about second chance for

all non-violent offenders well

automatic expungement after they meet

certain conditions

and earn their right back into society

with doubt

and to pay hundreds of dollars to get

wreckage funds

and plus this um brings people back

into the workforce that are much needed

in certain jobs

also i'm all for lifting uranium mining

which will bring in thousands and

thousands of jobs in the raw

area because of modern technology back

in the day

i wasn't supporting it because i felt

like it wasn't enough

research on it or the area the basically

unilaterally take on such a big project

but now i see it as a great way for

extra jobs so that's my way of being pro


i keep it clear-cut and without a whole

bunch of garbage where everybody can


we can benefit from this and plus it's

gonna bring

more businesses into virginia especially

knowing that they

have the incentive to come here zero

state tax on the first year

that gives you a lot of wiggle room to

work with

and also we want to make sure that

businesses know we have their back

they put food on the table for people

and right now the 15

minimum wage i'm against that until

we are able to meet that standard i'm

not going to destroy

businesses and it's going to be a kill

of the small businesses so

i'm against that because right now those

kiosk machines you see in mcdonald's or

where you could go up and sell pay and

stuff like that that's going to be

somebody's job right now

and really these businesses do not want

to fire

good employees and put them out of work

right now and right now people

are paying more money for basic services

and goods

but making the same pay right now so we

can't afford to do a minimum wage


which most businesses are really

frowning upon

because it's the death of small business

to them because they can't afford it

you know this is a pandemic and it seems

like for democrats that

consider it so serious you should have

common sense reform here

to know hey we may be barking up the

wrong tree

a little bit too soon yeah now i see

you're a big proponent of the castle

doctrine and the strong supporter of the

second amendment

especially in relation to how it affects


um protection from assault domestic


could you tell us a little you tell us a

little bit about that from your platform

for that yes um i believe more women

need to be trained

and gun safety classes and of course


restraining all this is not enough and

the council doctrine said that

you can protect your home and your


from crumbs you know and

realistically we shouldn't have been

having this law here in virginia

but i'm also the insurance plan for

patrons and those who are gun owners


i also want to have a self-defense

review panel

that reviews self-defense claims before

it makes it to a grand

jury the reason is because most juries


not i would say they don't understand

the full dynamics of self-defense and a

lot of people are wrongfully convicted

and it was a justified sheet and i want

to make sure that we

are not locking up the wrong people and

that's the way uh criminal justice

perform at the same time

i also want us they can't stand your

ground law

i also want to make immediately for shop


and more during a time frame unrest like

the summer of 2020

so they can defend their property and

themselves you don't know what criminal

has on their mind when they come into

your place and they are trying to do

harm in any kind of way and also the

same time period

i want to make sure we have

extra safeguards that are in place to

make sure red

flag laws doesn't take your gun without

to process the law

meaning a judge decides to based off a


not premature action that leads a

person defenseless to monsters um

and we also that's the point of courts

in the

justice system to see the merits of the

case to see whether

it is you know verified that there's a

danger in that situation

but regardless of the six voice i'm i'm

a firm

two-way advocate and i'm going to fight


people's right to defend themselves and

i believe i'm the insurance plan for

most people

that are looking for adequate

protections and gun control

is dead on arrival with me period yeah i

do plan on also

and this is a commitment pardon me

anybody who breaks governor northland's

gun control laws

um is unconstitutional and i will not

have anybody suffer

for that so that was almost a perfect


into my next question which had to do

with your

uh stance on being pro-constitutionalist

and so can we get into that a little bit


spin off with that as far as some

stances that you've already said

that maybe a we'll call them regular


might be against like the legalization

of marijuana there

there are a lot of folks that turn

around and they say well that seems to

be more of a

liberal leaning policy uh but you're

saying pro-constitutionalist and then

you have those views so

can you kind of walk us through the

pro-constitutionalist while at the

same time how you're going to get around

some of the

detractors let's call them that might

say well you're not

really a republican because you're


honestly i could care less what they

think i'm pro-marijuana

it's a time frame where you stand on

your guns and

you don't have somebody control uh how

you feel

if you don't have a core you just don't

have a core um

my thing is i want to end the war on

drugs and focus on recovery and mental


a lot of people go back to drugs because

they can't find a job because they got a


out there and they are committed to


change and want to have a good start or

a good second chance

on life that's why my second chance

program is so important

for non-violent drug offenders to say

hey i want to clean your records

and get you back to work and get you

back on your life without

whatever from back in the day uh that's

why i'm very committed to recovery

and mental health services and most

mental health experts

think marijuana is a good drug

against opiate addiction and i'm like

i'm more concerned about

opiates that i definitely am about


and honestly you know we lose jobs and


so to the republicans that have a

problem democracy anybody who has a

problem with that part

this is over twelve 000 jobs this is

also a chance to reform

how we handle our war on drugs instead

of incarceration

we look at recovery and mental health we

pay 60 thousand dollars a year

per person that be locked up in the


because they are drug addict that

doesn't make real common sense here

where you can pay 5 000 or 10 000

to a recovery center for them to

actually get back

right on like nobody's perfect i'm tired

of those who will try to act like

they're perfect or not

trust me investigate report i found out

more skeletons in people's closet that

claim to be above reproach

and honestly if you're trying to be mr

mrs perfect you're not going to win the

election people

want the real deal and they want to know

the good

and the bad and make a decision on that

that's why people can't handle certain

candidates when they find

out about them too late and they're like


okay now don't vote for them but now you

put them in a position

for us to lose everything and too much

is on the line right now

with socialist policies and more for us

to be playing guessing game

we need true leaders

not politicians now you're very

committed to a lot of the uh

freedoms which you know some republicans

claim they're in favor of but they stop

watering down the moment they take

public office

and obviously you're going to end up

with some push back

if you get elected from certain

republicans who

want you to be more moderate on some

things but more hardline on others

now going to the marijuana thing i mean

as you were saying in terms of the

taxation it brings in

you know the lack of proof really that

it is any type of gateway drug it is a

great alternative to opioids

um and the hemp industry as well the

amount of money that can bring in

why do you think republicans in this day

and age still have this very

archaic attitude towards marijuana when

you know compared to something like

alcohol you know i mean it's

almost harmless in comparison

that's because you know they've been

told by some other republican or whoever

that this is how you are supposed to

behave this is how you supposed to act

if they instead think for yourself

people are tired of that

you know they've been in a losing end of


for quite some time they want to

continue to lose so be it

you know i'm not going to change once i

say unfortunately

i'm for it if i'm against it i'm against


people are just tired of the

flip-floppers and honestly i will tell

anybody who is a voter or a part of any

political party

you've got to start thinking for

yourself and start making your own

decisions because

a lot of people want to say before

marijuana that claim that they are not

they'll start saying okay well i believe

it's good for medicinal purposes or


have you that means you're not saying

that you're totally against it but

instead of you saying

hey i'm willing to work here along this


you're still giving out no normal


pitch lines right now nobody is going to

vote for

any leader or politician in virginia or

anywhere else that's going to be against


people are just tired of the whole

arguments and stuff like that

after a while somebody gotta be the

trailblazer and that's exactly who i

am i didn't say i was gonna be

republican of the month here

i said exactly i'm not i'm not going to

be politically correct

i'm not going to be controlled by the

establishment i'm here for the people

and also the farmers need that extra

crop they're starving out here

so if they want to lose the you know


industry they're going to give it right

up to democrats and anybody else who's

willing to take it on

because people get tired of being broke

i can say that

so republicans and democrats or anybody

who has a problem with it

you know oh well

that makes sense and yeah it is what it

is i i totally get that and i'm right


with you on that one so in that in that

last statement you talked a lot about

the voters right and you know being out


to represent those voters and voting

fraud was something that was brought up

in the last election and of course

it constantly comes up in any election

if there has been

voter fraud if there has been voting

machine fraud things like that

do you think that's a real problem that

we have in this country

whether it's fraudulent elections or

voter fraud

yes it's absolutely a problem and the

media is even more of a problem by

trying to cover it up and act like it

doesn't exist

you know that's a good thing about me

being an investigative reporter give me


ahead of time we uh way beyond

the ordinary that doesn't look into

things honestly

virginia republicans procrastinated and

was complacent

a lot of um swing states all

battleground states

where the republican party um was

involved in

we should have had artists on these


every single day paper trails to make

sure if there was

anything going on we should've knew

about it ahead of time

we shouldn't have waited until after

election day

to say okay all these problems is coming

up but yes

the media owes president trump a huge


but of course he was talking about this

and explaining that

even from the senate the signature match

and more like for me personally i want

a state id log to vote you know in

person making it

mandatory with extreme restrictions on

any exceptions because we want to make


every legal vote counts and i also want

to verify

in our elections the reason is because

we are the taxpayers and we are the ones

who should have a say so

and how this country is we shouldn't be

looking at other countries to dictate

how americans do business and how we

handle our elections

so the amazing thing for the republican


it's a no longer be procrastinating or


but everybody also talks about this is

what they are doing

after they are elected we gotta stop

losing elections

and we gotta stop saying to ourselves if

we are going

around doing the same thing we are going

to have the same results

so this is one type of situations if you

won't fall on your

sword and cost everybody you costing


and that's my message i'm telling people

is we've got to be in this fight to make

sure our elections

is protected but we gotta have a game

plan and people didn't have that

one of the people who said hey we need

to make four years like freedom

information act requests you know and


orders of voting machines make sure

there's no exemption so people can also

request it from anywhere so we have more


and how our elections is carried out

yeah and i i've always found it strange


people aren't in favor of more secure

elections especially when

they spend years crying about um you

know alleged foreign interference and

yet they don't want to shore up the


of voting so that it's almost impossible

to actually

you know interfere with it and i find

that you know this whole thing

approach about voter suppression for

having to show an id

in itself is a very racist statement you

know to say what so

if you're a person of color you you

can't get an id i mean i haven't heard


such a ridiculous argument against you

know proof of identity

you know to be able to vote than that


the media to an extent did suppress a

lot of the things that came through


irregularities here in texas uh

close to where we live in dallas i mean

there were a few people

arrested for voter fraud attempted

ballot harvesting

but you know you listen to the

mainstream media and you'd think

it was 100 conspiracy theory and they

still seem to be pushing that narrative


you know our elections are as secure as

they possibly can be

whereas if you just look at even some of

the moderate and middle independent news

sources you can see that wasn't

the case there were literally dozens of

cases across

the country of attempts to either you

know change votes

fraudulent votes people voting who

should never been allowed to vote

but again given the media control the


and a lot of republicans just seem to

you know take that rhino stance about it

how how do we really enforce it when it

seems to have such little

i guess backup and support to change


well a republican is a republican and a

writer is a rhino

that's the best thing i can say and

always be cautious when they decide to

say hey

is voter suppression because of

somebody's race

um we have to use our id

just to get a bottle of alcohol i

definitely think we should have our id

to vote when it comes down to

the direction our entire country goes in

you know they always bring that you know

mess up talking about you know it's

gonna disenfranchise this group or that

group or whatever have you

the fact of the matter is it's just you

know media

way of controlling how people think and


using people that they feel vulnerable

that's gonna believe

anything that they say the reality of

the situation is

people are waking up and they're saying


you know this whole voting process is

like when hillary clinton lost to

president trump they wanted to say oh it

wasn't fair then

you know but realistically what we are

finding out we have

outsiders melanie in our election

and the fact that matt is we gotta start

making sure american

legal votes count and they matter

no matter what and right now that's been

the biggest problem

we are we are confused of whether china

or russia or any other outside entity is

influencing our elections instead of us

just saying we may have to go back to

paper ballots where

show our id and paper ballon instead of

wearing about

who hacks the machines or stuff like


so we gotta look at all options to make


the greatness protection of our


and uh our voting system is protected by

all means

so kind of shifting off of that point

let's talk a little bit about illegal

immigration and of course

in texas down here we're constantly

hounded in the news about

the border you know we share a large

border with mexico and of course we have

a maritime border as well

uh do you see that we have an illegal

immigration problem or

uh for lack of a better term even an

immigration problem in the united states

and as far as that goes how does that

affect virginia

well biden made it our problem we got

governor northam

invited outside countries problems into

virginia saying we're gonna be a

sanctuary it ain't going to happen

for um virginia following the next

governor by

far do we have a problem at the border

yes it's called president biden that's

the problem

i'm all finished in the wall making sure

nobody comes in

not giving nonsense like my other uh

candidates and opponents who voted to

avoid in-state tuition

or legal we are trying to basically


every single problem here and people

gotta realize if they inviting all of

this they are taking the american people


and we are taking on problems that we

don't even have a budget for

so actually the problem at the border


created his biden's fault president


has solved most of the problems we

wasn't facing this situation why

president trump

was president that's why you don't vote

for somebody with dementia

in my opinion in my opinion

yeah now um i was reading an article

this morning about

uh cartels actually charging

i think around 50 or 60 thousand dollars

to smuggle people

in this into the southern border and for

that money they will put together an

artificial family for them involving

kids to get them into the country and

you know where we have people in the

world who

you know are genuinely against america

and harm in the country and its citizens


you know some of the countries these

people are coming from 50 or 60 000

to get a hardcore terrorist in the

country is not a lot of money so

even if we're if we could turn a blind

eye to the economic impact

and to you know the effect it has on

employment or unemployment

rather it's definitely a national

security risk and

it could be an absolute huge one we're

not just talking about

a few gang members coming in and you

know jacking some cars or

you know breaking into some stores we're

talking something which could be

catastrophic along the lines of 9 11.

yeah it also takes away american jobs

like i said i was sending national guard

troops down to the border to help out

but i honestly i'm not giving now one

bit of concession for anybody outside

this country to come

inside of this country straight up

locking down the border

and people are going to have to learn

others have to wait in line too

so this isn't something brand new you go

into somebody's country the right way

you don't see americans

going to other countries without

passport or without permission

that's the same thing here right now

the globalists right now are laughing at


i'm wondering why nobody's migrating or

going over to china you don't see china

having this problem

america isn't fighting this problem

because we've got weak and poor

leadership here

i'm here to protect americans and

virginia's first

and realistically we can't handle any

more problems we got enough with


actually so yes you know i'm all for


down that border and making sure we tell


around the world you come to america you

are not coming in

unless you go about it the right way and

that's the problem right now

we had too many people in leadership

so-called inviting these problems with

incentives and i would be the first to

try to have it shut down

immigration is with the federal

government and the federal government

needs to start doing their job

but virginia is not going to have that

problem with me being the next virginia

governor i can tell you that

me and ice will have a great cooperation


so shifting on to the normal parts of a

political campaign

and i'm hoping your answer to this is

going to be nope haven't seen any of

this but

uh have you ran into any kind of smear


being misquoted uh taken out of context

things like that as you've been running

your campaign

absolutely yeah it's an article out

there because ron's fighting danville

and whipping up on people and doing what

i needed to do

to make sure people took mural brothers


um there's an article saying okay this

may have been barred from following the

lawsuits did nothing in the court

opinion that says he can't follow a

lawsuit or whatever

that was me and the judge who just

didn't like each other that abused his


the fact of the matter is but they're

like okay this makes them a bad person

like really me fighting for people makes

me a bad person i'm like yo

read all the cases hey he basically just

said you know it's a problem because it


exposing the corruption that's what it

boils down to

so like i said yes it's playing smear


out there but a lot of things ain't

smears it's the truth i got

one of my opponents who fundraised with

a self-emitted pedophile

i'm like we got one who's a chinese

capitalist vulture

you know the smears is all over the

place like talking about it but the fact


truth is still true me it doesn't bother

me i'm wanting to get improved

people need to see

the difference between was a politician

was a patriot

and a picture is going to find a way to

win so you can smear do whatever you

want to do we can do it right back so

it's one of those type of things

it's a problem yeah but it's one of

those type of things politics is brutal

you gotta be ready for it any kind of

way yeah

now uh it seems that some people get a

free pass regardless of how much they

mismanage stuff i mean you take

governor newsom in california i think

they're up to about 2 million signatures

for recall now

and you know last week he came out and

made this statement oh it's about

racism because of the because of the

browning of california you know so he's

trying to make it that

you know if you disagree with his

policies on kovid and everything it's

really about racism not about minister

management you've got

you know um cumeo in

new york i mean other than the media

conveniently uh

ignoring all those seniors is sent to

their deaths in nursing homes of giving

him a free pass

like oh maybe we'll start getting

serious on the sexual assault claims

when the 171st

person comes forward you've got people

even at the mayoral level

who mismanaged i mean chicago has been a

story for years

look at portland oregon where antifa

antifa have been running

rampant for the last year destroying the

city almost every night

and the mayor there molly cuddling them

and refusing to take

a strong stance and then release them

back on the streets again and

these celebrities have come forward and

paid for their bail

why do you think people like this get

such a free pass

whereas people like yourself who

constantly say they want to stand up to

their constituents they want the best

for their people

have such a hard time in comparison

is all about if you have a bad messenger

then it's hard to hear the message


my uh philosophy for heroin the right is

also i'm the only candidate

who has stopped the writing now danville

2018 at the officer involved shooting

police must be police you cannot defund

the police or whatever have you there's

a such thing as a good cop

and a bad cop i know that all too well

the fact of the matter is it's called

weak and coward leadership

you know some people don't need to be in

that position they thought it was

easy they never thought these problems


antifa and marxist was gonna happen

but you're supposed to know that before

you decide to give out the oath that

you're gonna

protect and defend this country you know


all a part of it and if actually they

invited and allowed it to happen and now

their cities is being wrecked with is

it's just total chaos effectively

that's what bad leadership looks like

when you have somebody who's not


the fact that that is they need to lock

them up they need to make sure they

don't get released immediately back out


they need to start making sure if you

want any kind of links that you want

to clean up the city and pay for the

mess the fact that it matters

a lot of people should be locked up

those celebrities who've been

funding this mischief those leaders

who've been saying make people very

uncomfortable like barack obama and the


they have gotten away with so much

that's why people feel like they could

get away with anything

i wasn't brought up that way i was

brought up you make a mess you have to

clean it up or you deal with the


it's all about common sense and it's a

lack of it

in these ways some things are not as

difficult as it seems

it's just really poor leadership all the

way across the board

and that's what happened you know

i'm sorry to cut you off there uh were

you finished merle

okay okay okay i just want to make sure

i i felt like i cut you off a little bit


so i know we haven't been debating but

if this were a debate right now and we

were at the end of the debate

and you got your little one minute at


end of that debate to kind of stare into

the camera

and say what you wanted to say to the

good folks of virginia and you just had


limited time to really throw it out


we want to kind of give the camera to

you give the mic to you

and kind of let you just have a minute

or so to speak to the folks in virginia

absolutely the first thing i will say is

america is not divided that is the

liberal propaganda

we all had grew up here in america


different races and backgrounds and


many of those that we are friends with


we don't turn our back on our friends

and we don't turn

our back on america the fact is

we will move forward together in a

positive way

that respects that we are all equal

but we will not be judged by the color

of our

of course by our character and my number

one argument would be

we need to have common sense and move on

with life together

nobody's nobody's enemy we are all here

for the same thing

and that is for the american dream and

we will get there

together now apart it's closing out that


gap and they're basically saying we all

been here

in america we all grew up around each


and we're gonna have our differences we

just need to be respectful to the fact

that we can't agree

to disagree and that's all about common


now about political propaganda thank you

now merle i did actually have one last

question for you and this was actually

written by a democrat i saw on twitter

and uh do you have any advice for joe

biden if he's at the top of a steep

set of stairs and he feels uh

suspiciously that kamala harris is very

close behind him

well my biggest advice for president joe


is to resign and do what's best uh

in the best interest of this country

he's not capable of

doing the job he knows it and that's the

best thing he can do

for everybody is to say my time is over

and just passed the time

and also don't cut thousands of jobs

from the keystone pipeline and we won't

have these high gas prices so tell the

democratic friend

look at the gas pump every single time

frame that's joe biden

gotcha well carl thank you for taking

some time out to spend with us

and we really appreciate that one last

thing if you could let everybody know

the best ways to get a hold of you i

know you'd talk a little bit earlier


you know some social media issues with

your accounts being suspended or

whatever but

if you have a website uh any way to get

a hold of

you support your campaign good stuff uh

please let everybody know that

yes you can go to to find out my

policies platforms

and also donate to my campaign

other social media networks we use is me

and all you gotta do really google my

name my

instagram come something more one of the

major things you're going to get from my


thing you ask a question if you get a

direct answer and always feel free to

reach out

no doubt

yours is muted yep so uh

thank you yeah thank you so much i

messed it

um but thank you very much coming on

today man like i said you know i read

i read through you know your policies

your platforms and stuff

and you know you you're very committed

to the freedoms we should all be able to

enjoy and

i really appreciate that you've got this

fresh point of view where you're not

trying to

you know please people who

i guess perhaps want to take the path of

least resistance you want to shake

things up there for your people in


and absolutely admire that yes and it's

all about being politically incorrect

now meaning you gotta have a core and

that's what people are tired of so

i hope to give them that refreshment

that they have a new breath for fresh


that doesn't care about you know the

public outcry but the best interest of


well once again thank you merle we

certainly appreciate you taking the time

to spend with us today

and thanks everybody for tuning in to

this episode of the wolf and the

shepherd and we will catch you on the next one.


Merle RutledgeProfile Photo

Merle Rutledge

Republican Candidate For Virginia Governor 2021

Merle Rutledge is running on the Republican ticket for the 2021 gubernatorial election in the state of Virginia. Part of his message is that we need change and he doesn't want anymore career politicians! Considering himself a part of the no longer business as usual Republican and leader of the #NewRepublicanAttitude, Merle hopes to bring change and win his election for Governor of Virginia 2021.