May 10, 2021

Interview With Mae Deevy

Mae Deevy is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Aromatherapist and Integrative Life Coach who seeks to dig out the truth behind the old stories and limiting beliefs we tell ourselves versus what can be made possible through intentional, subconscious work. She aims for essential oils to be re-normalized and insists that they have a place in every home, especially a place along side hypnosis. She strongly encourages her clients to integrate their self-hypnosis practice and healing journey with the power of Young Living essential oils. Aligning these two forces of nature allows ourselves to relax, go deeper, and achieve our desired results faster and for longer.

The truth is hypnosis isn’t what we’ve been led to believe. It’s not mind control or a truth serum and it’s certainly not “sleep.” So what is it exactly? Mae has a light-hearted, fun and spirited approach to sharing stories that just may make you wonder: What story am I telling myself today? And what story would I like to live instead?

Mae has her own podcast entitled Stories from the Subconscious and you can find out more about her at



welcome to this episode of the wolf and

the shepherd today we have

with us may devi mate

glad you could join us oh my gosh it's

my pleasure

thank you yeah thank you mate come in on

the show been trying to get you on for a


i follow you on instagram and you live a

very interesting

life you're very serious in terms of

committed to what you do but you also

seem to have a lot of fun

a lot of fun with everything yeah yeah

thank you that's been an intentional

practice to bring some fun

into what can sometimes be serious work

it doesn't always have to be serious it

can be fun sometimes now for the benefit

of our listening audience if you can

give a little bit of your background

about yourself

right up until you kind of met the world

you know of hypnotherapy and

aromatherapy which

i have to mention those words even

though we didn't have them in the title

just because we've got uh

quite a big dyslexic following and they

have no clue what they're clicking on

when they see the titles they just click

on the logos

fair enough and to be honest a career of

hypnotherapy and aromatherapy is


foreign and unknown to a lot of people

so i'm pretty used to explaining myself

but thanks for the invitation so i am a

certified hypnotherapist and an


and i can tell you that that was never a

part of the plan

not that there is really a plan that you

can follow so much for life as i'm sure

you guys can both say there's been


uh turns twists and turns of your own

lives but

um i'll say basically i thought i would

be a professional singer

there was no question in my mind that's

where i was going and i went to new york


for it and by a strange situation

of signing up for a physics class and

going to

day one and realizing that i had no idea

what a vector was and how to calculate

the angles of a triangle and all these

things i said i'm going to try and then

i said you know what i'm not going to

try i'm going to drop this class

and what was available to me was then


options but there was an italian class

and i said well

i sing italian arias and that's probably

helpful and that's not a total waste of

time so

i'll sign up for that and that

eventually brought me to

studying abroad in italy where i fell in


with all things italy i did also fall in

love with an individual

so there was a love story there but i

did fall in love with the country with

the food with the culture with the


and that shifted a lot of things for me

then i became dead set on

going back to italy and i just wanted to

be there i didn't care how i could make

it happen i

made sure to make it happen so logically


you can ask a question well yeah

absolutely so

uh uh wolf i think you need to

sing her a little song just to make sure

that we all know how terrible of a

singer you

are because she actually wanted to be a


and i've tried to convince you for so

long you're not a singer

and you keep saying you are a singer so


i'm not i'm not falling into this trap

because the last time i dang it was baby

shark and you cut me off

all right fair enough and he he may not

be warmed up you know you really gotta

take time to warm up the vocals so

yeah that might be one of the problems

yeah yeah no it

he doesn't need any warm up it's

terrible it's absolutely terrible yeah

you you're actually a classically

trained singer

yeah so did you actually does that mean

kind of like just

opera and that type of stuff did you

actually get to like go on a

stages and sing yeah um so i never

performed in

a full opera for example but that was

the training that i received in college

but i also sang like a little bit of


some show tunes some like rock and some

pop here and there um but i did actually

really enjoy

singing arias and some of that more like

operatic stuff and i had some

opportunities in college i joined an

opera workshop which

sounds just about as nerdy as it is but

we had a good time

singing some opera arias together it's a

lot harder than you

than it may seem actually it seems hard

and i can confirm that it's hard

yeah the only opera i actually know is

cavallaria rusticana oh

now d have you heard of that i have not

oh so you've never seen godfather three

so that's the only reason i know an

opera because in

godfather three michael corleone's son

is singing in cavalry of russia

so that's the only opera i know is from

the movies

got it okay i gotta add that to my list

i know it's probably sacrilegious that i


seen god father three but um well


godfather three sucks but i'm a

godfather fan

godfather one and two are really good

but in godfather three

the son of michael corleone wants to be


opera singer and that's kind of the end


of that movie okay i don't know

when we said we were worried about going

off topic that's one of them

yeah that's what's happening

i honestly can tell you right now i

never thought

we were going to talk about godfather 3


hypnotherapy but right change the topic

to madame butterfly

because i like that opera i've seen that

a couple of times actually

yeah there's a lot of really good ones

and actually like they're based off of a

lot of stories that we continue to tell

today you know but to to bring it all

back full circle let's see where did we

leave off i'll try not to go too long in

the story because

it could really be a long one but

basically i wanted

anything and everything to do with italy

so i decided to

go to grad school for political science

i mean it makes sense right no it

doesn't matter but

oh no it makes total sense because i

have a degree in political science

oh perfect see we here we go

and now we're linking down another

rabbit hole

we're just gonna throw all the questions

out the window and just

start talking godfather in politics um

that sounds terrifying but

basically i spent two years in italy uh

studying international relations

political science

and that brought me to then eventually

get a job in corporate which um i spent

like eight

years in and i didn't realize how

stressful the job was um again this was

never part of my vision right like i

thought i was going to be on broadway i

thought i was going to be a singer

and then it went a totally different

route and i found myself

doing change management consulting for

one of the big four

consulting firms and i started to get

some feedback

that you know i studied acting i studied

theater so i'm a pretty expressive

person and i started get feedback that


expressiveness was um

not appropriate in the workplace because

i was stressed and i was aggravated and

mad at certain points and i was showing

it all

in meetings and you're like you can't do

that may

it's not how this works you know you

gotta fake it to you make it

so basically i realized that i had to do


and get my stress out which brought me

into yoga

and i realized that when i would go to


and then go to work either that

afternoon or the next day that i would

just naturally

be nicer it was like much easier for me

to access

niceness and it was it was benefiting


shortly after that i realized that it

wasn't really not that it wasn't a


but it wasn't like an option for me to

not go

that i had to do something i had to like

move my body to move some of that out so

that i could show up and be

a kind person basically because it was a


no i i love that by the way before we go


farther i gotta tell you my mother's

middle name is may

thank you i am named after my

grandmother who her name was mary but

they all called her maymay

and so i was gifted may in her honor so

it's definitely an old name older name

yes yeah my mom's a little bit on the


rightfully cell and i'm a favorite

person oh wait wait

write police so are you saying i'm still

oh no yikes okay i can see how

we could go there but just you know i'm

just getting the impression that she's

very wise woman

nice save thank you so may can you tell

us how

this all kind of curved around to

aromatherapy and kind of hypnotherapy i

mean i know a lot of people kind of

get into aromatherapy that's kind of

quite an easy entrance when people go

into all this type of businesses

essential oils and candles and stuff but

hypnotherapy a little bit of a different

matter it is

yes so basically the the doorway into

that conversation

is that i ended up deciding to do a yoga

teacher training

and granted i still am working in

corporate and for my final

i had to lead a yoga class which makes

sense that's the whole point of

the program and a part of that was that

i had to lead a meditation

and i didn't have a meditation practice


so i that was very triggering and

nerve-wracking to go in front of a group

of individuals and lead something that

is foreign to me and that personally i


like i can't meditate that's not

something that's accessible to me every

time i try

my mind floats somewhere else and i'll

get up and

do tasks that i've been putting off for

six months like pulling the windows out


the house and washing the exterior of

the glass and all these crazy things

like i came up with the most amazing

excuses to not sit down and meditate

so i said i'm gonna there's a block here

it doesn't make sense

meditation i know is good for me and i

don't know why i'm preventing myself

from doing something that i consciously

know is good for me

so i decided to try hypnotherapy to

break through that block because it was

not making sense to me

and i basically signed up for a package

of hypnotherapy sessions

and i had my first session and it blew

me away

it was a massive emotional release

that in my conscious mind didn't seem to

relate to the topic

all that i knew was a i had just

accessed a place

in my mind that i had never been before

that it was

meditative if not deeper than that and b

there was a massive release of whatever

it was that i

had unconsciously been holding on to

that wasn't serving me

so it interest me and from that point on

i was just

so curious what happened and why and how

it all works and

there was a notification in my inbox

shortly after that to

enroll in the school and i said i'm

i think i'm gonna do this again i still

work in corporate

i don't understand where this fits in my

life i don't know what i'm gonna do with


it feels kind of crazy i don't

understand it

but i feel the calling and so i'm gonna

say yes and figure it out later

right did you have any barriers to kind

of believe in going into kind of


treatment routes because you get a lot

of people who you know they're kind of

ingrained early on that you know science

is the one way you treat everything

through pharmaceuticals you've got other

people who have

kind of religious barriers you know

going in different types of

you know especially eastern based

practices were you kind of pretty clear

of all that baggage to be able to

you know run this and grasp it straight

away yeah that's a really good question

thanks for asking and i'll just say for

me personally i grew up in a household

that probably was a little bit more open

than maybe the average american

household you know if

if we burned ourselves in the oven like

pulling a pizza out of the oven you

burned your hand or whatever my mom

would say well go

take a leaf off of the aloe plant on the

windowsill and put it on your burn

that probably is not something that

maybe the average mom says

so i i did grow up in an environment

where there was this correlation

of plants i suppose um in the in the


but i will admit at a certain point we

all got busy in life

and we like diverged from that so we all

went a different way and

i don't know it kind of we like all

collectively forgot as a family

and what brought essential oils back

into my

life was through my sister and when she

got pregnant

she realized well first when you get

pregnant you like you know there's

certain rules like you can't have deli

meats you can't do this you can't do

that and if you have a cough like you

can't take cough syrup anymore if you

have a headache you can't

take medicines anymore and so she was

like what am i supposed to do

a like how am i supposed to treat myself

and b

when she had the baby you know she had

this realization of like nothing has

ever touched

this baby's skin like nothing like i am

the gateway the gatekeeper to

this baby and so like my choices are so


and so she then got really big into

essential oils and

um she's like person a person who likes

to read and study things and

read about the science and like learn

about the interactions and how it works

so she got really big into them and i

wanted to support her and i got into

oils and then

it almost like it was a bonding thing

for the two of us and

just to really quickly link it to then

the hypnotherapy

i decided to take on um

a study of i decided to get my certified

my certification in aromatherapy

as a mouthful and as i'm studying now

hypnotherapy and aromatherapy at the

same time

it was as if the programs were created

together in a certain way

there were so many overlapping

synchronicities if you will

like the history of hypnosis the history

of aromatherapy like both

being linked back to ancient egypt

in that the egyptians had what they

called sleep temples and they practiced

hypnosis and they also were buried with

uh their vases of essential oils and all

the interactions and cleopatra like

loving frankincense and that's actually

the charcoal burned frankincense is what

she used to adorn her famous eye makeup

which is like that cat's eye that black

cat's eye makeup

and all these interesting interlocking

things and also

like the brain wave states of hypnosis

and also essential oils and kind of

getting into the physics and the


and the biology of it all it was like

these are actually tools that are

designed to go together um and i know

we'll probably talk more about that but

that's basically then how the two worlds

converged for me and and then i have

just been

hooked ever since yeah i think a lot of

people have a diluted

um i guess opinion of what hypnotherapy


because on tv you see the traditional

you know patient laying on the couch and

the you know hypnotherapist kind of wave

in a pocket

watch or listen to a metronome and the

normal speech of you know you're getting

sleepy and then on the other side

you have stage hypnosis and you know a

lot of people don't understand the


and you know whether stage hypnosis is

real it's always the trick

or is mass hypnosis even possible so

could you kind of walk us through that

and kind of clear out

all the misconceptions most people kind

of have about the definition of it

yes yeah and those are such good

questions and

they're questions that i get often

because rightfully so we're shown a

certain side of what hypnosis

we're basically told what hypnosis is

through movies

and tv programs and things like that and


true practice of hypnotherapy is


very different so let me just first talk

about stage hypnosis because for the

most part i think that's where

most minds go i know for me graduating

high school we had like a senior all

night party and they had a

stage hypnotist come in and that was our

entertainment like our gift for

graduating and you know everyone's up


and like one of my friends was like a

washing machine

and you know it's just kind of silly and


and so i think what's important to call

out is that everyone

is there under the agreement that it's

there for entertainment purposes

and you know how it works is that

the hypnotist is basically super


of the entire environment from the

moment that people are walking in

and oftentimes you know we'll begin a

show of like all right who's excited to

graduate high school this weekend

yeah all right who's from massachusetts

that's where i grew up uh you know ask

some questions to get people to say

yes and see who's opting in already

and so then they're kind of dividing the

audience between those who are opting in

and those who are opting out so then by

the time that they get around to saying

you know who wants to come up on stage

they're going to pull the hands

that are agreeing to go up on stage from

the smaller pooling of people who have

opted in from the very start because

those are the people who are

like really revved to go and like want

to participate

um and then also it goes it's important

to say that they're they're

willingly participating which is


all that you really need in order to be


is to want to be hypnotized

and so that's what's happening there and

everyone's going up on stage

under the universal under understanding

that we're here to have fun and be silly

and that they know that they're

probably gonna make an ass of themselves

um in some way shape or form so

they're all gonna have fun so basically

what you say is

people that can be hypnotized

have to be willing to be hypnotized

so so i'm i'm thinking about myself

right now and i'm like

oh you know that might be interesting

let me be hypnotized and i might be


agreeable to be hypnotized but

even somebody like me who would

honestly say i don't believe i could be


but but i could sit back and say okay

i don't believe this could happen yeah


you're saying you could do it and i'm

gonna say

yeah let let this happen you think that

could happen

yeah and i i'd like to share just

not necessarily a story but a little

piece of information which i think will

help to answer this question

and you know one way that you could look

at hypnosis is that it's

technically scientifically a state

of a brainwave state it's the theta

brainwave state so there's four main

brainwave states we are probably

all in a beta brainwave state right now

because we're

actively communicating and we're engaged


uh we're awake and we're learning and

things like that

and as soon as we say well no let's stop

because tristan's probably

asleep right now with his eyes open

yeah yeah he's probably in like an alpha

theta whatever you're not naming

sororities off the top of your head now

well yeah that that's basically what i'm

doing right right

alpha sigma alpha something like that so

assuming we're

in beta let's just start there

as soon as you start to focus on your


or sit down to meditate or maybe you're


or begin some kind of mindful practice

or start to relax

the brain shifts into an alpha brainwave


so the beta brain waves are an active

you know high peak type of brain wave

and they start to slow

down you know the waves and the amps and

all of these things they start to slow


and with hypnosis it's a process

of relaxing the physical body to then

allow that relaxation to the mental body

let's just say

and when that occurs then the brainwave

state slows down even more until you're

in a theta brainwave state

and just to complete the circle uh to

fully explain it

when you relax even deeper from a

hypnosis state

you then are in delta which is when

you're sleeping

so you know there's a common

misconception that hypnosis

is sleeping and it doesn't do us a lot

of favors that they used to say you're

getting very sleepy you're getting very


they don't even say that anymore but

it's literally

scientifically not what's happening

you're not asleep because you're not in


you're in the brainwave state that's

above that and i also will point out

that what is cool and interesting is

that we

go in and out of a hypnotic state

all throughout the day every single day

but at the very least i can tell you

two times for sure which is when we wake

up in the morning because we're

waking up out of a delta brainwave state

and working our way up into beta so

we're passing through

theta so sometimes i don't know about

you guys but sometimes in the morning

like if i do something

shortly after i wake up i won't

necessarily always remember that i did


like did i put the laundry into the

dryer i don't know it was 6 30 this


i don't really remember because you're

kind of in that like foggy

half there brainwave state um and then

of course at nighttime when you're going

to bed you're passing through that theta

as you're starting to relax and go

into delta so we actually go in and out

of theta

all throughout the day all day every day


when we're watching a movie for example

we're also entering

into that theta brainwave state so we

are being

hypnotized we're entranced by the movie

and so you know you can argue that

you're you're totally entranced

in that movie and you know when the dog

dies you're crying

and when the guy gets the girl or like

yeah and when the bus

blows up from a bomb you're like shaking

in our seats and yet we know at the same

time that we're not

in the movie we know that we're in our

chair and

you know so much so that if the smoke

alarm were to go off while you're

entranced in this movie you would hear

the smoke alarm because you would be

like oh gosh i gotta get up and

leave because the smoke detector is

going off like i gotta go you're not so


in what's happening you're you're fully

aware of being

into the movie and also in your your

current seat so hypnosis is

is a little bit like that in that you're

in this deeply

meditative place and you're

you're both present in the moment

because you're actually able to

communicate with me as the

hypnotherapist i'm asking you questions

you're able to respond

you're both in that present moment but

you're also having

an experience maybe somewhere else if

you want to put it that way

right so uh i think it was very unfair

for you to bring up

dogs dying in a movie i should have

given a disclaimer i apologize

because yeah that that destroys me

if a dog dies in a movie i immediately

hate the movie

that is the most terrible i know to ever

be made

i don't i do not want to see a movie

where a dog dies

i i could have a hundred

actual real people die in a movie i'm

like oh okay they probably deserved it


no dog does not no dog deserves to die

in a movie

i know i'm sorry about that i should

have given a different example

no no that's fine you didn't know that

but it's kind of interesting the way you

bring this up because for men

easier to kind of get in this

hypnotic state than women because i'm


as you describe this i can get


i can see this with with women and maybe

it's heterosexual

males or or whatever and i say

oh okay well yeah that that's literally

probably a minor form of hypnotism

that when a beautiful woman shows up it

you kind of get hypnotized right

it's a good question and i'm not sure

that i have an

answer as to whether one of a gender

is more hypnotizable than another i

don't know if i

know the answer to that but it's an

interesting question now

just backtracking a little bit to these

stage hypnosis thing

were you saying that uh stage hypnosis

is actually real

in terms of they're genuinely being

hypnotized because

you know i've seen it sometimes on tv

and the hypnotist kind of gets them


within about five seconds i mean is that

even possible you know somebody comes on


you can hypnotize them within five

seconds and then start getting them to

crawl around and bark like a dog and


yeah it is real and it is possible and

you know you will notice throughout a

stage hypnotism show that they will

send some people off the stage

throughout the show so that by the end

of it they're left with maybe just a


and those are there are people who are


hypnotizable than others it's called

synambialism someone who's can access a

really deep

state quickly and so those are the

people who are synonymialistic

are the ones who are left on stage but

there may be people at the beginning of

the show who are faking it

maybe who want to just participate and

have fun

but the hypnotist most likely knows that

and kind of sends them off the stage but

i'm not a i'm not an expert in that in

that so i'm just kind of

putting a guess out there about that so

i guess i can't really speak to that


uh with experience can you actually be

hypnotized to do

something against your will as in like

you weren't

hypnotized and you have a moral

objection to something

yeah and you want some hypnosis even

though you agree to be hypnotized

be convinced to do something which would

normally be against your values or

whatever yes

such a good question um the answer is

no your free will remains intact

so if it was possible for me to


someone else for example and make them

do whatever i wanted because there is

this misconception that hypnosis is mind


i would definitely have a lot more money

in my bank account

i would have no mortgage and no debt i

probably would have a nicer car

i probably would have like some kind of

rich husband or something like

i probably would set myself up in a lot

of ways if it was possible for me to

control someone's mind and do things

outside of their you know they wouldn't

typically do

so you could not hypnotize the wolf

to talk like a normal american no i

don't i think that one

is really ingrained well the only reason

i actually asked that was because

sometimes the shepherd and i go into

these little

discussions about you know if you had a

superpower what would it be

and as typical males we always try and

choose the one where we'd get a

way with the most amount of stuff

whether it be like robin banks and

it's always a toss-up between hypnotism

and invisibility but

now he told us we can't hypnotize people

to do stuff against their will then

we're going back to invisibility yeah i

think i think

the invisibility is a pretty good card i

think you should go with it yeah and i

will share one thing that's really

interesting at least i think it's


i had a client once lie to me during a


and about something really silly you

know i asked her what color

something was that she was seeing and

she said it was red

but really it was blue and after our

session she was like you know i lied i

lied about what color i saw

it wasn't blue it was red or whatever it

was as she said

and i bring that up because i think it's

such an interesting example

of how much control someone has in a


because there is the misconception that

i'm taking over your mind

and that i'm in control and i'm in the

driver's seat and you can make me do

you can make me cluck like a chicken

right it's like the common misconception

but the real truth is is that you know

the client is so much in control that

they can lie if they want to they're

seeing red but they're telling me blue

she chose to do that that was within her

willpower and

for whatever reason that is what felt

good to her in that moment to say that

okay now what role does um aromatherapy

kind of play in hypnotism because i

wanted to bring this second part in

because i know they kind of

complement each other at least most

people assume they do as in setting the

scene having a common sense

you know lavender or something but

that's pretty much where most of the


knowledge runs out in terms of

aromatherapy some lovely smelling

candles and that's it

so i will say that what i do is is

unique in the combination of

hypnotherapy and aromatherapy i

personally don't know someone else who

is doing this practice and i'm like

guys why this is amazing so there's a

couple different ways

that aromatherapy that aromatherapy can

be integrated with hypnotherapy that

really accentuate the process

and maybe before i even go into that i i

do want to give a little bit of a shout

out to just

why it is that makes sense because there

there is

you know we're just like why would a

fragrance like lavender

make any kind of difference one way or

another like how does that make sense

so i want to back it up for just a

second in that there is a difference

between a fragrance

and an essential oil an essential oil

has gone through

either a steam distillation or a cold

press like you would make olive oil or

a co2 extraction one of the three ways

you would extract

the oil from either the the bark of a


the flower the seeds uh the entire tree

however it is you know it's plant

material in some way shape or form

and it's extracted so what's happening

is when you are inhaling an essential

oil for example

you know it's these little tiny tiny


of that essential oil that's basically

riding on vapor

or what have you and assuming you're

using a diffuser of some sort

and it's going up your nose as you're

inhaling it through your nose and it's

interacting with the olfactory bulb

and it's kind of giving it a little

tickle and saying like hey guys

we're here and it's going then in


the brain and it interacts with the

limbic system of the brain

which is also known as the emotional

center so it's interacting with the

amygdala it's interacting with the

hypothalamus the hippocampus

and these are the areas of the brain

that house our emotions

emotional trauma it houses our

learned associations so if we associate

popcorn like the smell of popcorn with

the movies and that's a joyful

experience then every time you smell

popcorn you're more than likely

feeling excited and joyful because your

brain says

that equals a happy memory that kind of


and then the hippocampus and the


the hypothalamus as well as linked to

your nervous system and your endocrine


so your nervous system is the one that

says hey

fight or flight like you're about to be

eaten by a bear so run for your life

or hey you're safe you're good you're


the parasympathetic nervous system is

like it's all good you can relax relax

the shoulders down release relax we're


you know you don't need to look over

your shoulder there's no bear coming

whereas the endocrine system is

basically the system that controls

all of the all of the rest of the body

it's kind of like the

the master board for all the rest of the

systems it controls a lot of our

hormones and

our adrenals and all things like that so

the fact that the essential oils are

interacting with this part of the brain

is really significant so i like to say

that the fact that the essential oils

have a

fragrance is a convenient by-product

like that's not at all the point it's

convenient because it's

lovely and it's fun and it's wonderful

they're beautiful but

really the point is that these are

chemical constituents that we're

inhaling that

the body receives openly because they're

biologically very similar to

human cells welcomes them in and then


they're pretty intelligent and they kind

of know where to go and what to do and

how they interact with the body

does that make sense yeah absolutely now

other than

throwing the odd kind of bath bomb into

the bath

how can most normal people get involved

in aromatherapy and actually make a

difference in their lives

rather than just like you said having a

smell they like

but what it's giving off might not be

the best suited to

what they necessarily need yeah and you

know i just realized i didn't fully

answer your first question either and i

didn't really talk about

specifically how aromatherapy can

interact with hypnotherapy but i think i

can answer these two questions

in one so two for one people who

specifically say things like i can't


i don't know if you know anyone in your

life who's like no i'm a go-go-go kind

of person like i don't relax i can't


as soon as i sit down there's something

else to do my mind goes crazy

for someone like that they're able to

sit down and inhale either in a diffuser

or you can just use oils in your hands

and cup your hands over your nose and

mouth and inhale

and something like lavender for example

would be a great example

because it actually has been shown and

proven to

bring the brain from a beta brainwave

state into an alpha brainwave state

so it's like this is a terrible example

but you know there's some people who

maybe pre-game before going to a

football match

or going out to a bar you know they

maybe have a couple shots at home

to get things warmed up before going out

spend a little less money

guess what i'm talking about we have

never done that foreign concept

yes okay for well you can google it then

maybe after

this podcast to see what it's about but

the pre-gaming

is a way to like you know you spend less

money and you pre-game before going out

and the essential oils

i see that as a way to pre-game the mind

especially for those who

think that it's hard to relax for them

and they struggle with that

it allows them to get there and

by by telling the brain to then tell the

rest of the body

by activating that parasympathetic

nervous system say you're safe

no bears are coming after you you can

relax and it allows the physical body to


allow that relaxation to happen so

that's one way

another way because of the interactions

with the limbic system of the brain

it it supports the releasing of emotions

um and the clearing of emotional


and you also can create what's called an

anchor which is basically an associated

learning like we talked about with the


but you can create something like that

so here's an example

if you perhaps are someone who gets

really aggravated in traffic maybe you

have road rage

and that's really something that's

challenging for you you can in

a hypnosis session you can create this

association between

i don't know let's just say peppermint

and you know being

calm and or whatever your affirmation is

you know your desired state is to be


when there's uh traffic and so

every time then because you have this

anchor that's created between peppermint

and calm and traffic you can smell the


and your mind goes to you know that

state or that

affirmation or whatever it is that

you're working with or you can use that


and your brain can kind of like imagine

that it's smelling peppermint so you can

kind of create this anchor state so

there's a couple ways

that you can but those are those are my

three and a favorite ways that i think

are the most

impactful and then to answer your

question about the bath bomb

um there is a lot of products out there


are labeled lavender but they're not

made with an essential oil

so they're synthetically created in a

lab because it's cheaper and it's more


and um it's easier and so it's worth a

little bit of diligence of like reading

the label if that's something that

you care about um for me i do other

people don't care

but you can you know if you have this

anchored state between lavender being

relaxing for you and you bought this

bath bomb that is a lavender bath bomb


you're gonna totally allow that

relaxation to double because for you

relaxation equals lavender so you're

like already

bought in you're like totally there does

that make sense

yeah now outside of certain


type effects and people you know they

put on a candle which is supposed to

you know instigate kind of calming down

on this stuff and people kind of

bits themselves they're calming down you

know other certain people

who are aromatherapy just doesn't work

on and not because they don't have a

sense of smell as such because i'm sure

some of these oils kind of actually

bypass and go your brain reacts to it

more subconsciously than

you're reacting to it consciously but

does it not just not work very well for

some people

aromatherapy if they are like that i

have had some clients say

like specifically their partner is like

i don't like what is all this

hubbub you brought into the house like i

want nothing to do with this like it

stinks like

they kind of they make a big stink out

of it i mean they've married a jewish


i don't know i'm not sure what that was

but it's your impression of a jewish

woman from youtube

i don't know what that was but it was

just that was actually i think i was

supposed to be a man and that really was


get this stink out of the house so i

didn't i clearly didn't make it to be an

actor and i guess you're seeing why but

there are some people who

just want nothing to do with it it maybe

offends them

in some way for whatever reason and

there is probably something

psychologically to look into that as to

why that is so triggering for them

but that's probably a whole other

sidebar conversation um

but basically essential oils can be

helpful to

anyone but like anything people have to


the change you know the the one thing

that we know in life is that we can't

ever force anyone else to do

anything or to change or whatever so

if someone doesn't want it we certainly

can't force them either way

yeah but so what about the uh

the single moms that are sitting there

at home

on facebook and then they just want to

start selling essential oils yeah

what do you want to say to them i mean i

i see that all the time they're like

oh this is not an mlm thing this

this is real okay i i see that

all the time with the yes essential oil

things and it's always

you know the mlm it's kind of the new


right yeah definitely yeah so

um you know mlm is multi-level marketing

or a network marketing company for

anyone who is not familiar with that

terminology and you know i i am a

network marketer myself so i totally get

that and there's a lot of people

in my world in my facebook feed who are

stay-at-home moms

who you know sling essential oils or

however we want to call it

and you know i say go for it you know

if if they have made an impact in your


and you have a story to to share that

that could then impact someone else then

i would say

you know it's in in some ways we this is

why we have yelp

right this is why we have um this is why

we google restaurants before we go or

check them out on yelp or tripadvisor

like because we want

a review we want to know that someone

else experienced them

in a positive way and that made a

positive impact we want to know

and that is the basis of network

marketing or

mlms now i will say are there

some folks out there who you know

slide into your dms and are pushy


yeah yeah and i think that

tends to give a bad rep to the whole

network marketing

industry but in theory it's designed

so that there isn't a brick and mortar

shop that you're kind of the middle


and that you're able to share your story

and connect with others through your


transformation story and help others do

the same you know like a waterfall

effect kind of thing

okay now um when i told um some of my

friends that you were coming on the show

some of them had some questions for you

oh wow okay i gave them the normal

response of go away and get your own


um but um actually my girlfriend's uh

cousin had a few questions for you oh


uh one was what oils do you use in your

own personal life from what you use them


okay wow great great question um

did they mean like uh like a lavender

versus a lemon

or versus like a brand new you actually

personally know in

you know obviously a wide range about

aromatherapy i mean yeah

you know what do you personally find

effectively in your own life to kind of

gosh um so many i mean just

before me i have like bottles and

bottles and bottles

there's just so many but i

here's a great example um you know

during certain times of the year

there that wonderful yellow pollen

falls on our all of our cars and things

outside and

makes a big mess and i don't know about

you guys but like

the scratchy throat and the watery eyes

and it just kind of oh

it's like it's crazy especially down

here in texas

um i feel like we're out of it hopefully

it was like a couple weeks ago it was

just crazy pollen

so i like to use essential oils

specifically for that

that really helps me to support my

respiratory system

to um to support like a

a detoxing of the body and you know an

oil like

lavender is an adaptogen it's also

a natural antihistamine so we're we're

able to inhale it or you can

take it internally or even use it

topically but i'm really inhaling it or

doing internal ingestion for this matter

is it's how it's most effective

but can be really super supportive and

the three together are

so wonderful so that's like one example

but i really like to diffuse

use a diffuser so i'm i'm inhaling the

oils at night at bedtime

i feel like it's a life hack because i i

have to breathe

like there's no question about that i'm

gonna stay alive as i'm sleeping

so why not utilize this time where i

know that i'm gonna be breathing

in this one singular space for ideally

eight hours but typically

not quite eight hours so you know

inhaling something like cedar wood to

really help support

a really deep sleep if that's something

that you struggle with

um or if i'm feeling like i'm starting

to get under the weather there's certain

oils um that are great to support the

immune system

yeah i feel like i could really go on

for a while but

i'll share one other tip that i feel

like people don't really talk about

and i think is also another life hack

which is to apply essential oils

to the bottoms of your feet and that

might sound kind of

weird and crazy and like what do you


but i mean literally the toe pads like

the bottom of your feet your calves

and for those who have ever maybe gone

into get a pedicure

maybe you've seen on a wall like a

reflexology foot chart

but if you look at a picture and this is

like ancient chinese medicine

assuming this is the inside of the foot

and this is the outside

this is linked to like the spine

and then the big toe is linked to the

brain and the index

and the middle toe are linked to like


sinuses the eyes the ears things like

that the callus of the foot is your


your sciatica and your stomach and your

kidneys so basically it's a map of your

entire body

that can be mapped to the bottom of your

feet and so if you have like an

upset stomach or you know if you want to

get some if you want like focus and

concentration whatever it

is you can map it out on the foot and

then pair it with a specific oil

and and support it in that way

and it's also i think really fun and a

really neat way to kind of link the body

systems with essential oils right now

where do you get your oils from because

i'm assuming there must be a certain

minimum standard that

you know you want when you use and i'm

sure there are charlotte captains out

there selling stuff

isn't effective there must be because

you know people find a way to scam

absolutely everything so other specific

online stores or actually physical

stores that you would recommend

uh to go to yeah so i am

aligned with a company called young

living and they've been around since

1994 so they're the oldest

essential oil company they've been

around for what is that math

like almost 30 years and

um they are mostly concerned

about quality and they are concerned


farming and sustainability and

really respecting the earth and the


and and the harvesting and distilling of

these oils they're one of the

i'm sorry they are the only essential

oil company that

owns their own farms which is really

significant because they

they are able to know that seed 752 went


crop six which was distilled you know

which was pulled out of the ground on

this day

and then went into distillery machine h

and you know bottled in bottle

one one six eight seven four like they

can track all of that data and it's

really important to them they do like

all this third-party testing and make

sure that it's

um of a certain quality because you know


the truth is is that because these come

from plants and

plants are alive anything that is alive

it moves and anything that moves can be


so really what it comes down to and i

know that this is maybe where some

people get lost because they're like you

guys are a bunch of hippies and all you

ever do is talk about energy

but that is science y'all so the

everything has

a frequency to it which is how it also

links up with

the body system and how it interacts

with our organs and our body overall and

in you know our aura too if we want to

go there but i don't want to lose


so it's really important that

there is a certain set of quality and

that the distillation process

is appropriate for lavender because it's

going to be different from

lavender as it is for jasmine it's going

to be different from lemon peels

as it is for eucalyptus leaves it's

going to be a different temperature it's

a different duration of time

and there's like one distillation it's

not like multiple times to get as much

yield out of it so basically if

if you see you know essential oils that

are in a dollar bin

or if you see essential oils that are

all the same price

you know that there is something fishy

going on there because

it's impossible from an effort


for jasmine to cost the same as lemon

it's just not

never going to happen right now just

expanding on the hypnotherapy

thing the shepherd and i normally have

the kind of scooby-doo approach to this

type of thing

in that you know we've also been fooled

by the over-simplification of

you know certain things to do with

hypnosis so just kind of skip into

hypnotic regression or regressional

hypnosis whatever

can you explain exactly what that is how

effective it is and what the limitations

of that are

yeah there are a couple different styles

of hypnosis or hypnotherapy that are out


and there is some different uh schools

of thought

so i think it's it makes sense that it's

a topic of debate because

i think even in the community itself in

the hypnotherapist community it's a

topic of debate i don't know if you're

familiar with joe dispenza

at all um but he is a

big science guy he's a quantum physics

science and like super into brainwave

states and i'm not sure that he is


a hypnotist but i also kind of think

that he's a hypnotist because he

certainly speaks the language

but he is of the school of thought that

basically you don't need to ever regress

to past memories in order to heal

whereas someone like marissa peer

her entire technique is based

on regression therapy and that

you've got to go to the root cause in

order to

heal and i'm not sure exactly

i don't think i agree with either one i

sit somewhere in the middle

i have regressed people back to you know

the first time the source of

of a challenge or an issue that they've


and we've you know gone through a

process of

kind of reframing that entire experience

and bringing healing

into it and it's been wonderfully

healing for them

and yet i've also worked with clients

who had issues

that they know stem from their childhood

and there's absolutely no need for us to

go back to re-experience it because

they've experienced it once they lived

through it there's no need to dig up

that grave

and you know we're able to experience

healing and a reframing of that

situation too without regressing back to

the memory so

it is real you can regress but it's not

always necessary so i guess maybe that's


switzerland answer for you anybody that

talks about

hypnotherapy and and being hypnotized

we got to bring up ufos and aliens

right so so there's all these people


go under hypnosis and say oh

i got uh abducted by aliens

and then all of a sudden that gets


because oh this hypnotherapist put me

under hypnosis and said yes i went on

this spaceship

and so i think it could be good

it could be bad based off the fact

of trying to prove hypnotherapy

so where do you stand on that wow i

wasn't expecting that question

i i have never had an interaction

with a client looking to

have any kind of interaction with ufos

or aliens or confirm that they exist or

use hypnosis to confirm that they were

abducted or anything like that

i don't really know what to say about

that i i almost feel like

i'm more prone to hearing stories about

aliens and ufos

after like an ayahuasca ceremony more so


than in the hypnosis world so i don't

know i'm

but you've piqued my interest and now

now i want to like go down some youtube

holes i think yeah now have you seen the

movie in section at all

i have seen the movie inception right

now that's uh one of my favorite movies

is it actually possible during hypnosis

to plant

false memories or plant an idea that you

convince the person

is purely their organic idea and you

didn't you know put that in their head

yeah um gosh it's it's such a good


um and i know a lot of people have seen

that movie so they probably are are

curious of that too

and i think some of that is


so i'm gonna say i'm gonna say no but


an asterisk in that you know i recently

was listening to a podcast episode where

two hypnotherapists were kind of talking

about a similar topic

and they they brought to the point of

you know you can in a certain way plant

in some kind of false memory in a way

and hear me out because i don't want

this to sound like a hypnotherapist has

any kind of

malice in their intentions but there's a

difference between

let's just go with the example of

regressing someone back to their


and asking the question you know you're

there and you see your father and you're

there before your father and

the hypnotist asks the client is your

father angry

versus asking the question and how does

your father show up

those are two very different questions


by asking it's like leading the witness

you know is kind of what i'm insinuating

by asking a question

is that kind of guided meditation in a

way or is that something completely


i would say completely different in in

that you know hypnosis hypnotherapy

is is meditation but with a goal so it

is guided in that

you know there is typically some kind of

progressive relaxation

at least that's that's my style which is

that we're relaxing the physical body so

that we can relax

the mental body oh i lost my train of

thought bring me back

i said so basically i'm asking what's

the difference really between


and guided me yes okay yeah yeah yeah

thank you

so it can it can be shown literally on

that brain

brainwave map so for my friends who are

really into

you know science and things being proven

by you know wavelengths and science and

things like that

meditation tends to happen more in that


brainwave state whereas uh

hypnosis is more of that theta brainwave

state you can have some alpha as well

but the theta is a level deeper

so when we're in hypnosis when we're

in that theta brainwave state that's

when we're able to access the

subconscious mind which is where we

house our

thoughts our patterns our beliefs our

habits and

we're able to plant the seeds of change

directly there

whereas meditation is more of

quite bringing in quiet and coming

into a partnership with your thoughts

you know not eliminating your thoughts

but just coming into a partnership with

them and sitting with your thoughts

whereas hypnosis i think is a level


than that in that you are going in there

you're saying cool thoughts you guys

you can stay if you want but we're just

going to do our thing

and go even deeper and have an

interaction with the subconscious mind

so it's like a

level deeper than meditation right now a

little bit of tangent is there actually

a regulatory body

which kind of covers you know the

licensing of hypnotherapists that

you know there's a minimum standard or

something you have to show

that you're not just you know again a

charlatan or a sniper yourself

yeah um that is a good question and


are admittedly i don't know all of the

the institutions that kind of work with

the schools but basically

the school that you attend to

learn hypnotherapy has to go through an


process and there is a certain amount of


that they have to meet whether in person

or online

and they have to have their curriculum

approved and go through you know kind of

that rigorous

check so the school itself is accredited

and anyone who then

attends that school can then therefore

go to the

the mother company and apply for their


after they've done their final so for me

i'm certified through the international


of therapists of counselors and

therapists i act and it's an

international association but

i know that there are a couple of other

associations but i don't know them off

the top of my head

right so what do you find is the biggest


people have about hypnotherapy and


because i'm sure you must get people

come to you because they've tried

various things that hasn't worked for

them they may have had a recommendation

they may have read something on the

internet and they come to you

but they've got completely the wrong

idea about what it is

what it is what's the most common thing

that people

say which you know they've just got

completely wrong

yeah thanks for that you bring up a

really good point in that

more often than not people who come to

me are already at their wits end

they've tried everything else nothing

yet has worked

and they're like desperate for change

and what i would love is for

something like hypnotherapy and or


to be the first thing that someone tries

why not it they're both completely


it involves your brain and plants

and there is there's not really negative

side effects

you know that's like one of the most

beautiful things is that

no harm no foul um so that's kind of one

of the first things is like why

wait until you're at this point of

complete desperation

you know for someone for example who has

like a fear of flying

and it's like the week before they're

getting on a plane and they're

absolutely like they're they can't eat

because their stomach is like in knots

and they can't sleep because they're

thinking about it you know just like in

complete turmoil why get to that point

why does this have to be last um so that

would be

one thing and you know just the the

typical question

and concern is that hypnosis is the

process of someone else taking over your


and it couldn't be any further from the

truth like

you you are the person that remains in

complete control of that session

you are the one who's in control in fact

all hypnosis is

self-hypnosis i'm merely a guide all

that it is is that i'm offering up


and you're either opting in or you're

opting out

it's like if we're driving in a car

together and you're the driver i'm the


and you're like hey can you bring up the

directions yeah sure thing i've got the

google directions you know i'm telling

you to go left take a right go straight


and that's that's basically what's

happening i'm i'm guiding you and if i

tell you to go

left and you look left and you're like

i'm not going to go left i'm gonna go

straight here cool what happens

the gps you know course corrects and we

find another route to still arrive at

the destination

but we didn't need to take that left it

was just a suggestion

so i share all that to say that it's


the the one who is receiving the client


in complete control their willpower

remains intact

and it's a completely natural process

that you go in and out of each and every


so you know why not utilize something

that you're already doing

now just do it with intention and with

your goal that you have in mind

now do you ever find yourself shaking

your fist at the tv

if you see a movie or a tv show and it

gives a completely false representation

or you know you're sitting there with

friends and you say well that's a bloody

bunch of crap you know

i mean does it kind of trigger you a

little bit when you see it just

completely bastardized

yeah for sure for sure you know an


big part of my role as a hypnotherapist

is to disband a lot of these


but you know what i think is interesting

is you know overall

i see this role of being a


as a process of deprogramming

the mind because a lot of the fears that

we have and the reasons why we do things

or don't do things

are all based off of limiting beliefs

in some way shape or form whether we

know them consciously

or subconsciously and so

it's a process of becoming aware that

these limiting beliefs

are our stories or things that have been

programmed into us

and there may have been positive

intentions behind

behind that programming but you know we

arrive at a point where we have a vision


our future selves and how we want to

live our lives

and our our current mindset may no

longer match the route to get to where

we want to be

so it's a really liberating process to

become aware that that is a limiting

belief and that we can

deprogram it from the mind and plant the

seeds of transformation that we do want

so that we can flourish and blossom

now that makes total sense to me so with

all this said what would be

if you had this like uh two minute


right that you could say hey

let me explain to everybody

why this works what would you say let me

explain to everyone

why this works that's the question

yeah i mean it you know the hypnotherapy

the aromatherapy if you had like this

and i'm not going to limit you to two

minutes by the way

but it but if you had this like


you had this little piece on you know

whatever channel

that you can say hey this is why

all this works what would be your

explanation to say

hey listen to me right now

this is why all this works wow okay

no pressure um you know no pressure and

now i'm i'm gonna just kind of you know

expound a little bit because i know

you're trying to gather your thoughts

because we didn't prepare you for this

or whatever

you know that there's a lot of people

listening to this that

i mean myself look the way our podcast


tristan believes in a lot more than i do

so i'm sitting here and i'm like i don't

believe in any of this

tristan it does a lot more research

all right i'm sorry the wolf yeah

we used to believe in hiding our names


the wolf believes in so much more of

this than i do so i'm sitting back and

i'm like i don't believe in

any of this i don't believe in essential


my wife has some friends that tried to

get them

to buy into

i think it was doterra or something like


and it was like oh yeah go sell this i'm


yeah that's hogwash you know i

i just don't buy into any of it i don't

believe in

hypnotism i don't believe in any of this

right so i'm the skeptic

the wolf it is the one that kind of

delves into this

a little bit more and says oh there

might be

more to this than you actually realize

so convince me that there's

something here other than tricking

somebody in a magic show

that they can you know bounce around as

a chicken

like he brought up before but what

what is there to this that

is more than just the mlm version the

magic trick version it what is there

to this so you know when it comes down


mlm and network marketing you know the

beauty of those companies

is that you are an independent

contractor and you can run your business

however you want

that's like a pro you might argue that

that's also

a con because then someone has

the liberty to do whatever it is that

they want to in order to sell those


and if it becomes about the sales

it steps out of a place of heart centric

support and and help and really

believing in the product

and the solution so i think there's

something to be said

for you know that there's that icky

feeling when you feel like you're just

being sold to

because you they're seeing dollar signs

when they talk to you

that never feels good no matter what

industry that they're in you know we


kind of give a bad rep to you know

used car salesmen and i think maybe you

guys even called one out on your podcast

in the past and someone said like what's

wrong with the used car salesman maybe

that was another podcast but

you know and what is wrong with the used

car salmon they had a job to do but we

always kind of

make that association um that there's

there's someone's trying to trick you

which is what you said

and my intention is never to trick

anyone so

to your point of like prove to me why

this works

and quite honestly it is

science you know i know that's a really

big topic now like

do you believe in science this is the


science before it was labeled

alternative medicine

it just was medicine someone came around

and decided that it was now

alternative and the alternative label

got slapped on it because

you can't copyright a lavender plant

you can't trademark a douglas fir

there it's nature it's always changing

the roots are communicating to the

mycelium networks

and you know reacting to

peak seasons of sun and rainy seasons


all of these plants are changing every

year they can't be trademarked

however you can look at the chemical

constituents that make up lavender that

make up fur

that make up lemon rinds and you can

recreate it synthetically in a lab

and when you recreate it synthetically

in a lab because it's the

the carbons and the oxygens and the

hydrogens and how they all bond like


that's what it is you recreate it in a


and you synthesize it and it's cheap and

you can keep redoing it

and then you can sell it and make a


and continue to do so and it's

trademarked and now it's yours

and that became medicine and then

everything else that comes from nature

got pushed aside and said well now

you're alternative

and there's a negative connotation to

the word alternative

and it got separated from any doctoral

books for you know if you're going to

to university become a doctor they're

not studying

alternative medicines it's not a part of

the program and so

when we go then to see a doctor a

western doctor and say you know help us

they're not going to reference their

alternative medicine book

it lacks the validity from the western

world because

they're they've now been made completely

separate and granted there are some

doctors and nurses who do

interact them which is wonderful and

amazing when that does happen because

you can have it all you can have both if

you'd like

um but i i do feel it's important to

call out

that we didn't someday just come up with

how to make a tylenol

you know what i mean we weren't like i

mean we're smart people but like we

weren't just like um tylenol like we

we figured out like plant matters and

the chemical constituents and we and we

learned how to synthesize them and

recreate them in a lab

and like basically all that we do is

based off of nature

so the services that i offer are going

back to nature to go back

to the source and our bodies and minds

are very receptive

to that because they're from a chemical

constituent from a biological

perspective they're very similar

or else our body would say that's a

foreign antibody you know it would

reject it and say get out

but instead they're welcomed like i

think our bodies are craving this and

for me personally it's been

a godsend to feel like i'm reconnecting

with nature

and to really respect the earth that we

live on i feel a lot more respect for it


than i ever did the more that i work

with plant medicine and with my own mind

and my own body

it makes me curious of what more

is possible you know i know the shifts

that i've experienced

in myself from hypnosis and if i'm able

if i'm able to do that myself to

my own mind then what else is possible

for me

it's a really exciting place to be no

and i totally get that

because uh what you're basically saying

is you can't make a huge profit off it

you can't make the profit that the

pharmaceutical companies can sell you a


and something like that it there's not

that huge profit that there is some


somewhere that can create a company sell


and everybody makes this huge profit off


it might be awesome yeah yeah they're

yeah there's definitely that element of

it we can't there you know there's no

stock for lavender

it's it's never going to happen we can't

make a massive profit off of that and so

yeah there are opportunistic you know

charlatans who

who then say well let's how can we do

this and there are the

other companies that say well whatever

i'll just pause there but yes

i i do think that that's a part of it

but i also just want to give the

disclaimer that i'm not sure

i'm not poo pooing western medicine i

just want to be clear about that

it may sound like i am saying it's one

or the other and i disagree i i think

they both can live together

but um but i do disagree with the

negative connotation behind

alternative medicine yeah i'm pretty


in a plant medicine i mean you know i do

actually do quite a bit of research

and where possible i won't take an


product or go and get a prescription

because i'll prefer to look up

something which works better and you

know whether you go from garlic being

such a great

you know a plant are you know internal

and external things you know apple cider


you know a lot of painkillers originally

came either from tree

leaves plant leaves or bark from trees

you know everything has been like you

said kind of derived studied

and then they've tried to produce a

synthetic version on math so they can

actually make some money out of it

in england there used to be this plant

called a stinging nettle and it was

everywhere in the country

and if you got stung by it you know

creams and stuff which you could buy

over the counter didn't really work

but there was a plant called a dot cleaf


you pulled this leaf off and you rubbed

it on your skin it would get rid of the

stinging you know within minutes and

there was nothing you could buy

you know over the counter which would

work anywhere near as well as that

you know it's the same way simple things

like you know somebody wants to get rid

of warts you know putting raw garlic on

it underneath a band-aid

works so much quicker than you know

these ointments you can buy

because they're basically trying to

replicate what nature already does

but they can only ever get so close

because you know to synthetically

reproduce the exact qualities a plant

may have

they can get pretty close but i find the


is fueled and funded by an industry

which is trying to push you pills

rather than allowing you to have

something simple which isn't going to

be toxic to your body you know and


benefit you a lot more you know in terms

of reduction of inflammation i mean

let's take cbd oil i mean there are very

few things which reduce inflammation

better than

cbd oil but you look at the number of

products on the market

you know these pills which cost you know

four thousand dollars to reduce internal

information but

something like a mixture maybe a cbd oil

and some apple cider vinegar

over a period of time might and some

people do exactly the same thing without

the harm

of you know this long-term connection

you know

commitment to these drugs yeah i think

you said that really

really beautifully i agree well i

disagree because

he never says anything beautifully you

know because he has that

he has that weird accent that nobody in

america understands

but may we certainly appreciate you

joining us you know on on this podcast

we would like to offer you just kind of

this in peace to

you know tell everybody where they can

find you

and we of course we know you have your

own podcast so we want you to promote

that podcast as well

so this in peace this is all you may

so thank you so much and thank you guys

for having me

shepard and the wolf i had so much fun

really you guys are great

and again texas

um of course well wait yeah

texas rules absolutely so we appreciate


uk sucks texas rules

yeah i agree with that though okay i

figured that was a pretty neutral ground

for the rest of us we've already

agreed to disagree about which of the of

the texas states

is best so i just figured i'd go for the

whole state thing so

um but yeah i would love to invite you

all to uh to

connect with me if anything i've said

has resonated with you

we can continue the conversation i am on

instagram at maydv.cht

and i do also have a podcast which goes

a little bit deeper into what actually

does happen

in hypnotherapy and i interview um

current day

hypnotherapists to ask them why they

tried hypnosis for the first time

because at some point they had to try it

for the first time

and what happened what was that first

time like what did it make available

or possible for them and um

and how has it shifted things for them

and that podcast is called stories

from the subconscious and you can find

it basically wherever you find

your podcasts so i'll share all of that

to say

that's pretty much how you can stay

connected with me um my website is

if you are so inclined to pick up some

sessions you're

more than welcome to and i'll pause

there that's

that's basically all of my connections

well thank you so much may we certainly

appreciate this and

of course you know we've been friends uh


and the wolf for a while and so we

certainly appreciate you taking your

time to

be on our podcast and maybe

you'll invite one of us onto your


bob probably mean not so much the wolf


nobody can understand him in texas with

all that said

thank you for tuning in to this episode

of the wolf in the shepherd

and we will catch you on the next one


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