May 24, 2021

In Other News - May 24, 2021

Trying to get back on schedule due to some unforeseen circumstances, the Wolf and the Shepherd sit down once again with Pat Beaman and discuss some bizarre news stories including Florida dinosaurs, witchcraft, and nipple biting.


welcome to this episode of the wolf and

the shepherd it's time for another one

of our

in other news and joining us once again

we have

pat beeman from on an island with pat

beeman pat glad you could join us again

no shepherd wolf it's always good to be

with you guys yeah we've uh

we've had kind of a busy week this past

week and we haven't really

had a chance to get together the wolf

and i or

of course pat and so now we're we're

playing a little ketchup

and the only way to play catch-up in the

right way is to talk about some news

stories so

what's our first news story i've tried

to find a collection of stories which


particularly depressing this week good i


some about witchcraft dinosaurs

strippers incest and an

over-representation of florida

oh okay well florida news stories are

always make good news stories to talk

about yeah so

on that note police in florida search

for a

woman who allegedly scammed 10 people

out of a hundred thousand dollars by

providing witchcraft

services that included readings and love


okay so when you when you said florida

and then witchcraft i didn't no i wasn't

ready for those to be combined

right i gotta be louisiana yeah maybe

right but

not florida though that that that one

caught me off guard

came to repair the economy after covered

in witchcraft oh there's nothing wrong

with that i mean witchcraft can be fun

but uh scammed a lot of money i mean i

didn't realize there was that much money

in witchcraft works out like ten

thousand each

so yeah not bad it's pretty expensive i

mean who you trying to get fall in love

with you like

tom cruise or something i mean he's

gonna spend ten thousand

maybe yeah i don't know it could be

worth it right

so naples police said they have ten

victims who have come forward

claims they were deprived out of large

amounts of money

ads were found throughout hispanic


radio ads on local hispanic radio


and flyers throughout the golden gate

and east naples areas now

we will leave mr beamon to jump in here

and comment

about the demographic that was being


i think it's somewhat unfortunate i

don't know the naples area

but uh you know targeting the hispanics


it's low rent it is no i agree and

there's a big hispanic population down

in florida too

yeah it's mostly cuban isn't it well

it's still hispanic isn't it

yeah yeah i think so yeah i mean they

speak spanish

so i think the only people that speak

spanish that aren't hispanic are from

portugal right

they speak portuguese oh that's right

yeah just like the people in brazil

oh big portuguese i know that's

confusing why don't they speak brazilian

i don't know i mean they have their own

wax and everything to make candles down

as well have a language yeah right yeah

so the ads were first published in

december 2020

leading the alleged in-person encounters

beginning in mid-january

and ending in mid-march woman is

described as being possibly hispanic

or possibly or eastern european

that speak in spanish with an unknown

accent or dialect

well hispanic in eastern european those

are easily confused

yeah yeah i think most of those slavic

and russian dialects

sound very very similar to you know

do they need tacos in like the slavic


elite anything and get hands on how

harsh winners

is it where are they putting the tacos

over there probably the local relative

who most recently died i'm not sure

i wouldn't even want to guess what the

tacos are made out of either it's taco

in name only

yeah yeah i wonder what kind of spices

they use on the tacos over there

ground radioactive soil or something oh

those are just the chernobyl tacos

yeah did you see that deal that you can

get booze made

in chernobyl now in the dark i think so

yeah no it's like

they literally label it as radioactive

booze and

there was some that was shipped over and

got caught in a container and they

quarantined it or whatever but

people are buying vodka and everything

made in chernobyl

so they can get the radioactive part out

of it it's probably not going to be the

worst thing i've ever drank

probably not no may as well order some

along with the absinthe

yep yeah so the ads were published in


and a sign shared by the department

appears to offer services

for love spells and cleanings not so

well i don't want to make this leap but

it's quite easy for hispanic people to

sell cleaning services well

yeah it that makes total sense yeah

let's not be too stereotypical they

don't normally throw in the love spells

though i've found

but which one's first though i mean is

it like get your love spells

in five rooms and a hall clean for free


think about the logical progression from

a psycho social point of view though


okay going on a date right okay

you want to bring them home and make

sure the house is clean

that's a good point synergy yes i wonder

if they're doing the spell

while they're cleaning i mean

multitasking is a big thing nowadays

well a bit like a kind of whistle while

you work disney approach to things


well and disney world's down there in

florida so see that

logic holds together right so the woman


as vic by the victims as being named


told victims they had darkness inside

them and that she needed to fix it

what was that song that hello darkness

my old friend

is that where they got that song from no

that says

stolen from mr simon and garfunkel oh

that's right

i wonder if simon says violence sound

that's it sound of silence there's been

a bunch of cover versions of that song

too i wonder if simon and garfunkel ever

use like

a hybrid cleaning service slash

love making person no because they were

aware of the darkness

i think this woman kind of i guess you'd

have right on people who didn't know

they had the darkness right

you'd have to be if you wrote a song

about it right yeah which apparently she

didn't according to that article

so also staying in florida uh

video shows dinosaur passes through

florida woman's yard and what is the

source i hear you ask

says florida woman oh well

yeah nothing wrong with that so yeah so

it wasn't an alligator though because in

an alligator a dinosaur

pretty much yeah i think so yeah i know

they used to be a bit bigger

there's a lot of alligators on golf

courses now

yeah look i don't i don't think we need

to be kind of talking about whether this

is a real

dinosaur or not because why why are you

trying to

spoil my imagination i think it's just

riding off the back of the popularity of

godzilla versus kong

well well that could be but what if it

was a real dinosaur

well surely it would leave some

footprints unless it's a super small


well not on concrete where's this

woman's yard what so you're saying she's

got a concrete yeah

aren't there well either that or don't

they do a lot of like gravel in the yard

well in florida i think so i don't know

i don't think they grow much

that's maybe how she first caught it

because she heard the crunching in the


i'm an overly large animal that's what

i'm here for

yeah but apparently there's a video


i'm not going to show because i don't

want to get too contentious well not

only that

trouble about the ufo comments well not

only that but it's kind of hard to

show the video through audio yeah

especially as

this is just a screenshot of the yeah as

well so that's extreme

yeah yeah we we could sit here for 30

seconds and pat and i are going to watch

you tap on your screen

it'll be the kind of thing i'll pass to

my girlfriend and say watch this

and she'll pat it for about five minutes

thinking that there's something wrong


like a finger it's not working and

she'll be too embarrassed to say it's

not working

because she knows if she can get it back

to me i'll in it'll play but yeah

i might actually try that tonight a

little bit not only that

she'll report back but then you've gotta

then say just watch this really short 30

second video

and then i've got a couple of questions

for you yeah and i'll be right back and

come back and then see if she'll tell

the truth or not right

yeah what do you think karen would do if

you tried to pull that trick on her

she would pretty much just tell me it

doesn't work

ah she's smart enough to realize that

her finger

would either be functioning or not

functioning i'm a little bit worried

about the wolf's girlfriend if

she thought her finger would be broken

from pressing a button

right yeah well the certain

non-conductance which you can have on

your fingers which actually stop

the electrostatic signal going from your


which is why you know certain pairs of

gloves come with that

thing and i'm saying you know you can

use them with another i just assumed it

was pressure i didn't realize it was


if you like oil um if your hands have

been in water for too long and

hydrated it won't sorry dehydrated it

won't do it because it won't conduct


well they you know like you say they

sell those special gloves because

a long time ago people were like cutting

the finger off of the top of their

gloves so they could still get to their

phone because they're so just attached

to the

spike versus tick tock yeah yeah tick

tock is going to win

the woman believes she may have seen a

dinosaur pass through a yard and says

her claim is supported by surveillance


now i don't actually have a screenshot

of a

scene from that video

it was taken with a potato probably well

i bet you it could literally be anything

well let's be honest you know they used

an android phone to try to

what they always do yeah yeah i mean


you know all the ufo researchers they're

taking their pictures and videos with

android phones right

just so they know hey well yeah and

we're not taking it here

samsung here because their phones are

actually very good quality they have

improved yeah they have improved but the

other android trash

yes isn't exactly right like if you're

taking a photo with a google pixel you

might as well just

drop down your pants and take a photo

because it's gonna look the same

yeah you might as well just draw it yeah

christina ryan

told a local radio station that a grainy

of course black and white of course

video recorded outside her home at 3 40


brings to mind a stephen spielberg movie

that suggested the ice age didn't end

the age of prehistoric creatures now i

don't know if that's trying to get a

snipey add-in for his next

jurassic park installment yeah but maybe

i mean

talk about free publicity right right i


maybe spielberg's behind this i didn't

even realize steven spielberg was still

alive i thought he died like five years


well isn't that why star wars went so

bad is because steven spielberg died

well because he couldn't tell george

lucas it was crap right

yeah yeah poor guy rest in peace steven

spielberg yeah we miss you

yeah so oh and the woman actually quotes

the movie here

maybe i've watched jurassic park too

many times there it is but i see a


or other small dinosaur it's unclear

what the object is that dashes

past ryan's place but the imaginative

floridian said people she shared the

footage with

also believe what they saw was out of

the ordinary uh

well most things that you see in florida

are out of the ordinary yeah

so you know it's par for the course when

you're sharing meth

yeah a lot of normal things might seem

out of the ordinary that's true yeah

and did you know cheeseburgers are

healthier than meth did you mean in

there's less deaths from cheeseburgers

because i would

count to that with hot disease related

yeah deaths mainly based on a fast food


right maybe i need to do some more

research meth is safer than


no no and we're not going to be

controversial if we

say it the other way around so let's

just stick with that statement i'll put

it in the description on the video on


all right that makes more sense all

right i'll i'll forget

to do that so some say a large bird

but that makes no sense since whatever

it appears to have front legs

she said have you ever seen a beard

without legs

no all birds have legs right so the fact

that it had

legs does not magenic

things yeah yeah differently

as opposed to back legs right

well if it's a raptor don't they don't

aren't they like mini type

t-rex's so i mean they don't they only

have really kind of like two sets of

legs which have function anywhere and

then they have those small arms and

stuff don't they so they really only

have two legs

so if it's a bird that's got two legs or

a raptor which has got two legs

her argument is that it can't be a bird

because it appears to have two front

legs i mean how do you know the front

ones or the back ones right in the dark

at 3 40 a.m or whenever it was birds

would be so much more interesting if

they had

arms yeah well yeah so they could pick

stuff up and post your drums as well

yeah they're exactly the same intellect

right and they could

well they could play the music nothing

they just happen to have

two arms with functioning hands i mean

can you imagine

ducks with arms they like carry stuff


yeah yeah like carry your shopping yeah


so uh pat where do you think this store

is going what do you think the summary

from the local authorities i think the

story's going down quickly

money is going to be shifted to move on

to this case drop a few of the homicides

down there for the illegal drug

running just uh concentrate on the

dinosaur maybe

um i i think they're gonna just not

really spend a lot of time on they do


a chance of actually catching the

dinosaurs and the drug lords or


um i don't know i think they have no

chance of catching the dinosaur so

viewers online suggested that what they

were seeing was a dog

or some sort of large modern-day lizard


it's kind of really split that one down

the middle it's a dog or a very large

i'll be honest with you that's the most

interesting part of this

is who confuses a dog or a very large


which may or may not have been an

alligator obviously yeah right

yeah so it's either a dog or an

alligator basically

it's probably he's gone from a dinosaur

to definitely not a bird yeah the leg

issue it's gotta be a dog or an

alligator gotta be an alligator

right after watching better copies

zoomed in copies

of the video the floridian woman said

i'm sticking with raptor myself though

that was a

10 minute discussion about an alligator

in florida who would have thought

yeah that makes sense right

i promised you incest so here we go ah

all right all right

i'll just read the headline i know every

curve den dimple that she has

twin reveals she shaves her sister's


and dry brushes her entire body every


as the siblings document their very

close bond in a new reality series

extreme sisters have you got any

brothers or sisters

i i have two sisters and a brother right

and honestly i don't really want to say

anything else today

brush each other dry brushes and what

differences between dry brushing and

wet brushing because their entire body

what's that you just like get a


don't put it in water and just brush the

whole person i don't know that one just

kind of creeps me out a little bit

i'm totally creeped out by that one yeah

right i'm sure you want more oh patricia

and patrick's right those are the names

look at that

that's a terrible name tricks yeah not


is in pat beeman but patrick's with an

x at the end yeah is that like taking

latina and putting an x at the end to

make it gender neutral

oh never heard of that that might be it

no pat's got a point there

i don't know maybe let's let's get

farther in the story maybe that's what

that's where we're going right okay so

they're from atlanta georgia

and they are among five sets of siblings

who are chronicling

their lives on tlc's new show extreme


while patrick's or patrice has her own

apartment she spends most

of her time at her sister's house with


and her husband patricia was born with a

third of her fingers missing on her

right hand

and patricia's been acting as a

right-hand woman their entire lives

let's take a pause to laugh at that wow

brilliant journalism yeah

there's a clever journalist right there

he's been waiting his whole life for

that one yes he has he's like

one day one day i'm going to be able to

write this i probably

probably resigned literally the next day

yeah after this well it isn't that kind

of one of those mic drop moments

yeah you know we let's be honest if

you're going to be a a journalist and

you finally get you've got that kelly

the world's greatest song playing in his

head and

that's right he's just he's walking out

saying there you go

there you go so in a preview clip

from the show's upcoming premiere

patrick's or patrice can be seen shaving

her sister's armpits and dry

brushing her body which they do every


this is my thumb and this is my pinky

she adds

holding up her right hand to show the

camera she is missing three of her


while patrice has her own apartment she

spends most of the time there with her


i automatically step in because i

already know what she's going to have a

difficult time with

a lot of the time people forget that she

has fingers missing and they should

think she can do things because it is

hard to dry brush your own

entire body if you've got a couple of

things that is i've discovered that even

if you use a broom

right yeah i wonder does she surf

why well because you can make the little

surfer deal the little

shotgun when i remember she's missing

those ones and she

i thought you just said pinkie and the


yeah but she's missing bits off both of

those i thought oh no she's missing the

three middle ones yeah

oh yeah so she's got to be surfing so

she can do the little surfer

yeah the hang loose sign what what was

that old uh

brand way back in the day ron john

no no that's still around no the hang

loose hawaii

remember and it had that little sign

i remember that people used to have that

sticker on the back of their car all the


you know people that pretended like they

were surfing all the time right

do you think that they came about by

somebody who's missing three digits on

their hand

maybe she is the inventor of that brand

i doubt that's the case

in the clip shinki she can be seen

shaving her sister's armpits with an

electric razor

that's good because i thought she's

gonna be like you know using a bic

or something for a moment you know that

would be bad yeah they also strip down

to their bras

and underwear for their daily dry

brushing sessions which stimulate the

body's blood flow

i'll tune in for that yeah so i mean

do we have pictures of what they look

like yeah

oh hang on let me see here oh

yeah i wasn't expecting that one yeah

mr patrick you're you're normally very

generous with your

compliments on the ladies we show you so

what do you think that

she does seem to be missing i'm not sure

if she's even missing any digits on my


if you if you zoom in it looks like

they've just photoshopped them out

right that does look like a little bit

of photoshop but i would not tune in

for that show again i don't know yeah i

don't think i would either

and fbi statistics reveal that possibly

up to four percent of the population

may be interested in such perversions as


but we can tell any of those incest

listeners to our show because there must

be some based upon our listening figures

probably do not bother watching this

show yes yeah yeah let's

let's stick to going on the dark web

because this is going to be a waste of

your time

exactly yeah yeah you're not gonna get

anything out of that stick to the second

page of google

and just move on yeah you don't want

anything to do with

any of that right there yeah although

halloween must be fun for her

well because you know she's like oh

because she's got the deformity

exactly i mean isn't that what being

handicapped is all about

it's having fun at halloween i think

you've got a very

narrow uh number of people with uh

deformities or physical disabilities

which would actually consider halloween

a great trade-off

but yeah but it's a great day i mean

halloween is great

not only the polar diamonds not only

that but think of all the extra candy

they get like

look how well you did on your costume

mind you

in terms of that woman we just looked at

she wouldn't be able to unwrap the candy

anyway would she

oh that's a good point yeah yeah

see that's like there's like she has her

sister to be her right-hand woman

there you go but there's a catch with

everything yeah you know nothing

nothing in the world is perfect there's

always got to be a catch with everything


unfortunately based upon our luck

collectively if we went to florida

and we had three different types of

floridian to meet

okay we would be meeting the first two

the hispanic witch with the kind of

slightly russian dialect

right the woman who thought she saw the

dinosaur right

okay this one i can promise you would

completely elude us

drunk florida woman 28 is arrested for


drunken lap dances to strangers and

asking police officers

officers if they wanted to bang on the

sidewalk quick photo check

okay see i i like where this is

guaranteed guaranteed

never running just be me mention the


lady exactly yeah so olivia

taylor was arrested for offering drunken

lap dances to strangers

do you have to be sober for a live dance

in florida um it's an odd law

yeah but florida's full of laws so i

wouldn't put it past them

that like you have to take a

breathalyzer before you do a

lap dance right like maybe there's some

bizarre law

like that like you you know a woman in

fort worth can't wear high heels on

sunday and

maybe stock yards maybe it's about

consent that if you're intoxicated then

you can't be held liable for your own

consent in sexual acts

and a lot of lap dancers might get

abused so

getting a little bit drunk means you can

kind of uh

that makes sense always blame the

well big brother is always looking out

for us so it's good that big brother is

looking out for

the floridians down there yeah not doing

too well with their culture but

uh at least they're you know kind of

yeah looking out for them well

they need some help apparently taylor

washer she was eventually

rested so you know you gotta let it play

out for a while i mean i don't care i

mean as long as she's not gonna kill

anybody if i'm a police officer watching


i'm probably gonna get about 15 20

minutes see where it goes well yeah

i mean look i think the police officers

were doing their job and collecting as


evidence as possible right so that's one

you kind of got to sit through and you

got to say

i don't know we might need to watch this

a little bit more maybe we need to go

undercover or something like that just

make sure that we have all the evidence

we need

you know as bad as this is in the you

know you wouldn't

really well i was going to say you would

really wouldn't want to see this but

if there's a video i'm going to go back

and watch it later you wouldn't want to

see this

everywhere all the time so i mean it is

a bit lewd a bit lewd content but guess

what she actually got arrested and

charged with

oh she didn't get arrested not

forgetting it oh

things out now oh okay what are the

offers of sex

right none of that okay disorderly


like drunk disorderly drunken disorderly

just disorderly yeah so she got off on

all the sex stuff so florida does

actually come through with living up to

its reputation there she didn't get

charged with anything

offering could there be a possibility of

some kind of entrapment there and so

they had to dismiss some of those


you know i'm gonna go back to my

evidence collecting theory that maybe

some of the evidence there they had to

throw out because there was a little bit

of entrapment

well i do have to question some of the

officers judgment because they actually

called out a fire rescue team

when they discuss when they discovered

that she was highly intoxicated

oh okay so there's always this story

that the police and the firemen

kind of don't get along sounds like they

do in florida because the cops probably

said invite them hey boys you might want

to come look at this

are you all busy because we might need

some assistance and seriously

like stop playing video games and come

down here right now yeah

yeah i mean yeah the people at the fire

station be like

dispatch you're gonna have to kind of uh

at least mention the word fire

somewhere in there so we can actually

justify why we're down here for the next

two hours

yeah well i'm sure the dispatcher

probably said uh

apparently she's on fire there was a

bottle of fire ball found next to her


so uh fire yeah call the fire department

yeah there's a woman

and she's on fire but you know with


the problem is see i'm all about

including everybody

they could have also said and there's a

dog loose around and they could have

called the dog catcher too because he's

probably sitting there bored

so why not call the dog catcher i mean

why why do we have to exclude certain

people from

these wonderful things now pat

what do you think would be the next


after the fire service of being called

out here

oh and by the way before you answer that

i love how he hesitated

and said fire service you know what they

call the fire department in england

what is the the fire brigade yeah and

and i could i could see i could see him


in not calling it the fire brigade but

that's what they call it over there the

fire brigade but anyway i was wondering

where they call it the fire service


well yeah because he knew he couldn't

say the word department for some reason

and he didn't want to say brigade so i

would make fun of him so

he's like uh what's a different word

service department yeah we'll go with

service yeah uh yeah

the fire service yeah i didn't want to

sound like i'd been watching paw patrol

all day so

yeah officers called the fire rescue

team when they discovered she was highly

intoxicated pat what happened next

well i would assume you know after the

fire department did their investigation

uh for 15 or 20 more minutes yeah

better minimum observation then uh they

let her go she wasn't evaluated

because she is said to threaten to punch

paramedics if they touched her

no kidding yeah

no means no well okay yes i i gotta

agree with pat on there no means no

and i mean in this me too world we live


we gotta protect her but i'm also

wondering did the paramedics just forget

to bring one dollar bills with them

well the officers said in the report

that they offered to walk taylor

washington to a nearby apartment which

seems a very

overly personal step

there well now that's whose apartment is

the question

right or call someone to pick her up

however she continued to yell

profanities at police officers and


at one point she allegedly asked

officers if they wanted to bang on the


at one point she's also said to have

asked the officers if they were going to

shoot her

no kidding yeah so she got a little bit

like shooting shoot her in a good way

you're a shooter in a bad way i think

actually the bad way

oh okay yeah because i could've seen on

who's doing the shooting right i could

see the good way

yeah we're not talking about guns no

that's unfortunate skeet [ __ ] yeah

yeah because they say that in a lot of

rap songs i don't know why they like

that well no i'm thinking more like like

shooting no i'm thinking more like

skeet so that's awesome no i was

thinking more like tequila shots oh okay

you know just doing shots with her all

right man yeah

i mean why not i mean once you're past a

certain point

you know just adds a little bit of fun

insult to bad injury

right keeping along these type of lines

strippers which indicates there's more

than one and possibly simultaneously

and we're not talking about paint right

no okay not so far oh

strippers bit officer's nipples to keep

him awake

sounds like a dream weekend really well

now and this is in

the same deal like this oh this is a

different story

along okay so decorated us army chief


after his battalion got drunk and went

off the rails during a trip to a polish

lap dancing club

so tax dollars hard at work

well not ours it's in poland right

well yeah but it was a u.s u.s army


okay i see your point yeah because it's

cool yeah because our taxes

pay for their salaries and then they're

over there and then they're doing that

okay we're protecting poland from being

invaded by whom

probably germany the damned germans

again yeah yeah

germans can be a little sneaky sometimes

i can that when you're in a kind of well

i was gonna say when you're least

expecting it but yeah world war ii was


that was unpredictable yeah yeah that

that was kind of a given

yeah i'm i'm a little bit worried about

our soldiers being over in poland and

getting addicted to sausage

i'd have more concerns if they were

stationed in san francisco and getting

addicted to sausage

that's a good point yeah so lieutenant


matthew fix was forced to resign after

his battalion's drunken strip club trip

he went awol for 48 hours after

dancers bit his nipples a police

probe revealed connor was likely drugged


fixed did not seek medical help so they

did the whole

um drop the roofie into the drink kind

of trick

possibly i'm not i'm not trying to

maybe they kind of had it on their

tongues and when they were biting his

nipples they passed it through the skin

like that

oh that'd be a clever way to do it

that's like a james bond time way to do


well not only that but if they're able

to do that they need to get hired by the


because that's one heck of an assassin

right there i think the cia

have plenty of those honeys who do the

uh you know getting the spies lured into

traps i wonder if the

stripper that you talked about in

florida was actually a cia agent

and trying to test out the capabilities

of our current law enforcement

yeah but it was in florida so they

should have crossed that one off the

list ah

that's a good one so the unit we're on

an official trip

to gedangst in poland to improve

cohesion and morale which i say

probably worked yeah by any means


well there's no there's no reason why

they can't have morale building things i

mean it's a lot better than companies

nowadays in the united states

where they say hey we want to take care

of our employees and treat them better

what should we do hey maybe we should

pay him more money no let's just have a

pizza party

that's pretty much what companies do now

is just feed them

cheap pizza yeah so the unit part of the

101st airborne division was on a nine

month rotation exercise in europe

providing air power along nato's eastern

and southern flanks

but after getting heavily drunk they

decided to go up to an off-limits club


strip club inside they continued


probably because you know well what else

are you gonna do

well a lot of those places i think make

you buy drinks it's free entry but they

make you buy drinks

like comedy clubs yeah that was so

ridiculous i remember going to a comedy

club and it was that two drink minimum

it's like you gotta buy two drinks and


super expensive but then you get this

free ticket right so you have to have a

ticket to get in which is ridiculous

because they're free

right and then it's a two drink minimum

yeah i don't get that

inside they can continue drinking which

is a shock

an official investigation found conor

had received multiple lap dances

and that strippers bit his nipples to

keep him awake no

who spilled the beans on that one do you

think the strippers were like yeah i

remember him we had to buy his nipples

to keep him away

i pat i i can't picture the strippers

being the ones that

you know kind of let the cat out of the

bag so to speak i think that the

strippers live

by the code that yeah what happens in


right in the

yeah and besides you'd say something

else like yeah

he kept falling asleep so you know we

were shaking his shoulders not we bit

his nipples

right unless they're obviously trying to

get again publicity for the club because

hold on if i find a little bit of

sleepiness here not only do i get a lap

dance i get my nipples bit to keep me


maybe this guy is a lot smarter than we

think he is

yes yeah there's something there there's

something there

he also repeatedly had his credit card


when the soldiers finally left in the

early hours of the morning conor could

not be found and he hadn't gone back to

his hotel room so he went somewhere out


48 hours can't remember and nobody's

found out where he went but he's back


oh well good for him sounds like a good


yeah no kidding probably well worth the

ending your career

yeah absolutely with all that said

thanks for tuning

in to this episode of the wolf and the

shepherd pat beeman from on an island

with pat beeman glad you could join us

once again

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