July 28, 2021

In Other News - July 28, 2021

The Wolf And The Shepherd sit down with the host of On An Island With Pat Beaman to discuss more bizarre news stories, such as the sudden appearance of sea snot in Turkey, a man who claimed to be eaten by a whale and survive, a woman who gave birth to 10 kids at once but couldn't find the kids right after the birth, and a woman who died during her wedding so the groom married her sister.



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welcome to this episode of the wolf and

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in other news and joining us as always

once again

is pat beeman with on an island with pat

beam and pat

glad you could join us once again good

to be here i feel like it's been months

it it does feel like it's been a while

yeah you missed one episode as well

didn't he

we had to do it by ourselves did we yeah

i don't know how could something wild

happen without me though it was

well that's why the shepherd doesn't

remember it oh oh well

faded into obscurity right that that

makes total sense

yeah yeah but i can't even remember what

i had for dinner last night so i'm not

too worried about what one of our

podcasts were about yeah

so pat what you've been up to softball

my daughter played some softball yeah

that uh that's taking out my time i

heard a rumor about you

actually that when you first started in

your main industry

that you slept your way to the top but

for the first year and a half you forgot

to check that any of your partners were

actually in the same industry as you i

didn't know that it was pertinent at the


i think i wasted a lot of effort easy

mistake to make

yes yeah but it made a lot of people

happy right

i think we've all been there done that

way to a lateral position within the

same organization

there you go there you go so so have you

collected some news stories for us to


i have and i feel given that

the news at the moment is a little bit

serious out there that we need to kind

of reflect

some of the pressing issues that seem to

be popping up again and again in the


okay you know news websites and you know


you know news networks and stuff so i've

sure with um

some sea snot from turkey

a man who was swallowed by a whale or at

least claims to have been

a woman who gave birth to 10 kids

and that doesn't sound like it's that

big a deal well at once

damn it's always a twist isn't it yeah


uh a indian woman who dropped dead at

her own wedding which normally isn't a

uh normal topic for mirth but this one

has a nice twist to it oh and there's


a visit from a resident of florida who

has done something crazy

oh well yes none of these would be

complete without somebody from florida

doing something it's hard to avoid

actually i have to

throw away a lot of stories because

they're from florida right we could just

do a pure podcast on florida yeah but

there's all that florida man stuff out

there anyway we just don't want to

be that kind of show no maybe we should

do florida woman

oh yeah florida and non-vegetarian

florida animals as well yes yes there

are some crazy animals

yes yes yeah

so starts off thick layer of sea snot

which i'm sure isn't its uh academic

title blankets turkish coastline

suffocating marine life and wrecking

fishing nets

so do we know where this the sea snot

comes from do we find out in the article

well or am i jumping ahead you are

jumping ahead oh it is a

thick layer of marine music known as sea


it's been covering turkey's coast near


for weeks the gunk is a mixture of fat

carbohydrates and protein so basically

my stomach is full of sea snot well yeah

but isn't

all foods fat carbs and protein

that's what's on the back of your little

nutrition this is emitted by

microscopic plankton when they're


have you ever been so stressed you've uh

given off some

snot no no

not that i can recall it has stopped


being able to cast their nets while also

suffocating marine animals and coral

experts say ocean water warmed by

climate change blah blah blah

as well as fertilizer and raw sewage


into the sea to blame for an unusual

large number of plankton getting

stressed so this is a

job that's making them stressed well


trying to run that restaurant that is

competing for

their crust and that's why they're so

stressed out

because they can't sell krabby patties

they're still trying to steal that


so i can understand the stress there

other than getting eaten what does

plankton do

krabby patties wow well yeah i mean

mine's just

yeah they have the one eye too they just

have one eye yeah they have the one eye

and they're really smart double as a bum

hole no

no but they're really smart they're very

scientific and everything they

have all these plans they just never can

follow all the way through with it i

mean they're they're a little bit on the

evil side

you can't trust them okay they're like

no that's a minion

no i think plankton too but yes the

minions no the minions aren't smart

aren't they

well yeah they do have the one eye so

does that guy from monsters

the minions say sure yeah that's true


some of them have two eyes they do mind

you the ones with two eyes um

there's one one of the more famous ones

with two eyes has to wear glasses

whereas the one with one eye doesn't so

i think that psychological

approach to vision has actually helped

him out yeah that's a good point

but i don't think plankton have to wear

glasses so

maybe you know since they have the 20 20

vision the plankton

are better than the minions yeah but

i can't remember any of the minion

cartoons uh

mixing in a well bunch of sea snakes

yeah but the minions see the minions are


what do you mean the fake no i'm pretty

sure they're fake i don't think they

really exist

really i don't think so pop

is this the first you've heard well i

i've seen him on the big screen

so yeah so that's wow see i haven't

right so maybe that's the problem

okay well so anyway that was it that was


end of the information i could get on

that stress plankton giving out a lot of

snot which

seems to have the same mix of

ingredients as my gut

right and it's stopped fishing and

stuffing i do would avoid that beach if

that was there

not only that but like i said i do

understand their stress level yeah

that's got to be a stressful life being

a plankton

there are many reasons to avoid turkey

this is just one of them

yes yeah so moving on to a

interesting story bride drops dead of a

heart attack

at a wedding in india so her sister

marries the groom

instead after families make a tough call

to carry on with the

festivities well is that really a tough

call though i mean they

invested all that money in the wedding

they're like you know we've already paid

for this there was

no refunds anything like that we're

gonna have a wedding

well how would you feel if your wife

dropped dead

on your wedding day and you had to marry

your sister because she's got a sister


yeah yeah well okay had they already

been married it sounds like it was

before the marriage no it's at the


at a wedding during the ceremony

so they probably hadn't completed right

yeah that's how i take it that it wasn't

done yet it was like right in the middle

yeah but let's face it it all comes down

to what does the sister look like

yeah true no that's an excellent point

it's a very good point

so i mean normally you have about a 50

50 chance right let's say

you know you're marrying some chick

right and they've got a sister

you've either got the better looking one

or the worse looking girl

so in some cases good in some cases bad

yeah of course do do we have pictures i

do have an

and i've got a few words to say for our

listeners who obviously can't see the


but we have to compare do we now have

the original

princess of naboo comes to mind a little

bit yeah

is that just the way you snap the

picture or is there a

giant ring hanging from her nose no this

is giant ring hanging from a nose oh

okay so

that's that is not an optical illusion

then that there is a giant ring hanging

from her nose

yeah and not one of those like little

nose piercings we're talking about

like jennifer lopez style hoop earrings

hanging from her nose yeah

and it looks like the hand chubs hand


happy gilmore is actually oh my gosh


call pat that is exactly what that looks

like photo would you think smash your


oh smash for sure but but again i've got

to see the sister to know whether i've

improved my water this that's true well

that's a tough call there because the

groom looks like uh

oh that's the groom i thought that was

remember that episode of dave chappelle

where he does that

um skit and he plays prince this is what


right sorry the groom looks like oh it


okay okay now that now that you turned

the phone around

and showed me the picture now i can tell

that's a man upside down

that's kind of tough to look at because

you think the mustache is actually just

kind of a shadow

well i'm sorry because it's one of those

little yeah but it's one of those little

thin mustaches you know for

the men that just don't have an upper

lip and they just

cannot grow a mustache right oh here we

go oh wait

why is that wait no wait that that

original photo showed you

the uh royalty from naboo that was

actually the original bride now

i do want to say in this photo she looks

a bit sick she looks a bit poorly

doesn't she

is that the same girl yeah that's the

same yeah she really looks

unhappy no way like 20 seconds before

the heart attack or something

oh wow look at that went downhill she

looks like she's got a christmas sketch

yeah well but in that picture she

doesn't have the big ring hanging out of

her nose well she looks like the type of

woman who

has eaten some stressed plankton yes yes

well anyway with the side of the snot

right well i've got a picture of the

sister who looks

um i don't know

she looks like an aborigine yeah so okay

the sister is the circled one

yeah oh yeah it went the wrong way yeah

it went the wrong way

you could not you cannot go through with

that wedding she should have been her

that looks like the brother right well

no the one the one in the middle

is kind of like i think if there are any

non-gender weddings taking part that day

he that they could fulfill either role

right and and they also look like

they're giving like a little gangsta nod

to the camera

you know rocking their head back like

that well none of them look happy to be


oh you know what it's like in some

cultures actually where the dead people

i mean they used to do it like in

england and in the united states that if

your relatives died they prop them up to

make them look like they were alive and

take photos of them

right weaken their bernies yeah well


very similar but they put them in

positions like they'd be in normal life

and that would be the last photo of them

i wonder if this photo is her already

dead and they're just holding her up

looks kind of yeah because yeah because

the one right next to her

it is kind of struggling yeah and maybe


bearing all the weight of holding up the

dough she's

kind of got that unlucky and

unenthusiastic look like she has just

died of a heart attack

that is true yeah so there must be more

and maybe

maybe they took the big ring out of the

nose to do cpr

right and that's why the ring's missing



right here we go so bride

serb high suffered a fatal heart attack

during the ceremony in uttar pradesh

a doctor was called to the scene but was

unable to save the woman

the families agreed to continue the

ceremony by replacing the bride with her


and the family carried on the

festivities it sounds like they just

wanted to get

really badly drunk and we're not going

to let this be a little

not only died but obviously the family

must have been kind of a

not so well to do because a well-to-do

family would have probably had a doctor

actually at the wedding well who says

this doctor wasn't under the

remember they're indian a lot of you

know doctors i know but that you just

said they

had to call a doctor in this entire

wedding is probably filled with doctors

and i t help support desks

that's true yeah and people maybe this

was though the people that are trying to

sell you the extended warranty

right yeah you know because you got

those three

different tiers that's what i learned in

school about the cast system in india

you got the extended car warranties you

got the itu support technical help guys

and then you have the doctors yeah those

are pretty much

the three jobs in india yeah and they're

brilliant all of them yes

right much better than americans are


family especially the car warranty

people yes families of both parties

agreed to continue with the wedding


by replacing the bride with her sister


serbia's body was kept in a separate

room that's nice of them

while the festivities took place and she

was later cremated when it says later

i'm assuming like later on that week not


after the right like meal yeah not

not after the meal but before you cut

the cake it's like hey we got

you know a little housekeeping to take

care of let's go ahead and do the

cremation before we cut the cake

yeah but think about the money you'd

save on the funeral by doing it at the

same time

oh yeah because you've already rented

out the venue you've got the hall

yeah absolutely that's smart thinking

right there well think if you're going

to be doing some grilling some

barbecuing out the back you know you

don't have enough wood pellets don't

have any charcoal what we got oh

oh can there be yeah and not only that

think of the added

kind of taste that that smoke would give

off right yeah that might be kind of


toxicity with how much makeup she's got

a little bit let off some chemicals

so do they talk any about the groom

you know they say both parties agreed to

continue on with the ceremony but

you know what about the groom was he

only offered you know the one vote so

it's like maybe he got out voted and

he's like oh no i don't want this i

don't want this like sorry you're


this is what's happening right here we

go one of serbia's uncles

ajab singh told mail online which is the

newspaper the daily mail that's where we

get most of this crap from

it was a tough call for the family to

carry on with the wedding

it's hard to believe a dead body was in

the room and a bride was being prepared

in the next one

we did not know what to do in this

situation both the families sat together

and someone

suggested my younger sister nisha should

be married to the groom

several factors could explain the

family's decision the bride's family

would likely have been expecting a dowry

while the grooms would have wanted to

avoid the stigma

of returning from a wedding without a

bride i think it's decent enough excuse

saying that like if you

turn out and the friends are like oh

where's the wife oh she died at the

wedding oh

and you didn't marry somebody else right

was your grandmother not there

so you're saying there's no what nobody

you could marry well not only that but

i'm sure there's some kind of cultural

significance here that yeah you can't

leave a wedding

single that you were supposed to be at

and not be married

well i think the last in other news we

were talking about a

member of parliament in india suggesting


uh you eat cow dung and rabbit over your

skin and pour piss on your eyes to cure

covid so

this isn't the strangest thing that's

happened in india this month

right yeah not a stretch not a stretch

so anyway

uh you like outback steakhouse pat oh i

love outbacks with the salad

top-notch all right well a rampaging

naked florida woman

53 years old so she's going strong

probably on

bath salts or something sure destroys an

outback steakhouse

which i doubt she probably damaged it a

little bit maybe did

a couple hundred dollars damage and

hurls bottles of cops before being

tasered now i do have a photo with a


oh i saw no i saw this video i didn't


it was outback steakhouse but i saw the

entire video of this she looks it was

absolutely fair yeah i didn't realize

she was

that age but no i i did see this video

she looks like she's trying to dump on

the desk yeah i mean she's

just runs in there naked and starts

throwing around bottles she was naked

when she ran in there

yeah yeah in the video i saw it on nine


and seriously she just comes in she was

angry about something the cops come in

they try to subdue her she doesn't want

to listen they taser her

the whole nine yards trying to steal my

thunder here with a story if you're

honest i'm sorry right tina kindred

53 was acting out of control according

to reports

she can be seen naked standing on top of

restaurant bar she begins trashing the


pulling each bottle down and smashing

them kindred emerges out of the bar and

begins to approach a police officer

when she gets close the cop deploys a

taser knocking kindred to the ground

the cop yells at her to get on her

stomach as he threatens to use it again

outside of thc however kindred did not

appear to have any narcotics in her


after she was treated by medical staff

she has been charged with aggravated

battery on law enforcement

as well as felony criminal mischief

after doing thousands of dollars of


oh she threw a lot of bottles during

that video but

it was a little bit blurry i'm

when you tell me she's 53 that was a

shocker yeah

i did not realize she was 53. she threw

at least

three bottles so maybe as many as four

at the offices including one that hit

and offers his arm

oh oh okay well she was throwing all

kinds of glasses everything i mean it


it was a crazy video when the video that

i saw

probably went on for like two three


of her just being nuts right there's a

possible explanation here which is not


so pat what do you think may be one of

the contributing causes to this act of

madness from this otherwise delightful

woman i'm going with drugs

after kindred was tasered she was placed

in handcuffs

before being transported to advent

health for treatment

at the health center it was discovered

that she may have had

a fentanyl patch in a pubic area

i might do it oh our old efferent

fentanyl you can't take fentanyl through

the vagina and expect to keep a level

head in the afternoon

yeah that's true a number of times that

situation's played out i know

yeah i mean that's just something that

happens every week

you should have a post on it do not

enter into this establishment

um with a final patch near your genitals

a with a fentanyl patch near your pubic


b make sure you practice responsible

social distance in oh my gosh florida so

screw that

oh well and it does make sense that it's

florida because of course i saw the

video and i had no context

i just saw this video this crazy woman

going into a bar and throwing stuff

around and then a cops tasering her

well she was held on a 5 000 bond which


reasonable yeah it seems a little cheap

doesn't it

well shani did a few thousand dollars


well yeah but if they hold her on a five

thousand dollar bond she only did a few

thousand dollar damage

couldn't she had just paid that and been

done oh i

didn't say she didn't well remember she

was being held at the time of this story

she probably paid it that

oh no fair enough this would have been

one of those anchorman situations if you

heard this was going on you had to get

there and

report on it immediately yes there were

no later updates

yeah that's when you dispatch the

reporter on the scene

yep so

we know the story in the bible in the

world no no we're moving on from the


no no no i have i have one more thing so


said that he likes outback steakhouse

and i'm i'm gonna say you know

outback's not bad but

the ambiance in an outback steakhouse

kind of sucks

yeah this would make your dinner at

outback steakhouse so much more

impressive to take out a group

dinner and a show exactly i mean yeah

you know dinner theater is expensive

but yes if you don't have to pay extra

makes it worth going

to outback yeah i mean the average

amusement level in a restaurant is when

everybody claps when a waiter drops a

plate in the back

exactly something that's about as much

as you can hope for well and as

boring as going out to eat is anymore i


maybe some restaurants need to stage

some incidents like this because i


honestly thought about going to an

outback steakhouse in quite a while

now i kind of want to go to outback

steakhouse right now but the problem is

now this has happened once the chances

of it happening again

grow smaller maybe unless it's one of

those heads or tails thing

yeah you know maybe everybody that wants

to go crazy decides

hey we should do this at outback

steakhouse why do we keep

repeating their names so much not even a


but outback steakhouse if you are


which chances are pretty slim uh

if you don't currently have a podcast

sponsor we are available

as we are available for any other

steakhouse who happened

happen to be listening yes except for


why ah we don't want that well it's

better than nothing

oh that's true yeah okay if you're

listening and everybody else turns us


we'll take you up yes yeah okay right

can i move on to the man who was

swallowed by a whale

yes jonah no not him oh but i was just


that as a pretext just understood the

concept of a man being swallowed by a

whale oh okay just in case your mind

can envisage the situation right right

now are there any whales who swim around

your island pat

oh i'm sure there are we don't monitor

the marine life

but uh be shocked if they weren't but it

but if there were

the people that you paid to monitor that

would let you know

that there was like a problem out there

if there were a problem but yeah

i mean but there's no problem so you

don't know about it okay

all the pterodactyls would have scared

them off you know

hey you know only yeah

oh you slipped up a little bit there you

shouldn't have said anything about that

yeah not meaning to give away it's a

little bit the jurassic park type

experiment going on in the lower third

part of the island there

so it sounds fishy which is stupid

because a whale's a mammal

doctors and experts cast doubt on

lobster man's claim now this isn't a

superhero called lobster man this is a

lowercase elsa's just a basic man who

catches lobsters it's not lobster man

right but lobster man would make a

nice superhero especially if he can turn

wood into cereal

yeah i can imagine he's got uh limited

influence in the

superhero world i mean i don't know what

type of events because aquaman's pretty

much got to see stuff oh that's true

yeah so aquaman kind of supersedes

lobster man's authority right aquaman is

managing this dude he's a minion

yeah there you go we're gonna have to

take a quick detour

why would he turn wood into cereal

because that's the ultimate superpower

well we talked about

superpowers a while back and we were

talking about

unusual superpowers and the shepherd

decided that turning wood into cereal

would be a useful

although it sounds more like a sideshow

type ability it's still the best


i've had some cereal that tastes a

little bit like wood shredded wheat

they're exactly shredded wheat tastes

like wood i like shredded plate

oh no that's right well that's from you

growing up in england you didn't have

good cereal over there oh we did better

than your stuff over

all your stuff over here is just solid

no sugar

you didn't yeah exactly that's what

makes fantastic cereal

that's not true yes it is well anyway

experts cause

cast doubt on lobster man's claim he was

swallowed whole by a humpback whale

saying his lack of serious injury is


well to be in defense

of the media here if lobster man comes

up to us and tries to tell us a story

i think i wouldn't believe it if they go

by lobster man

i'm just trying to check to make sure

that's just not his last name because he

might be jewish it might be like phil

lobsterman oh oh that's true yeah

is that who is jewish wouldn't it be

lobster steen

well man jewish names and in men as well

well there's that joke on friends about


spider-man not spider-man but it

it he couldn't be jewish because jewish

people don't eat shellfish

fresh water fish they don't eat is it

because they consider them unclean

yeah but i don't think they eat lobster

there's actually more

verses against eating shellfish in the

bible than there is against


oh let's not go down that rabbit hole

apparently it mentions uh

yeah sea fish being unclean and it being

a sin to consume it more than it is

homosexuality oh

lobsters it might be a whole different

oh you know

that's true what about the blue ones the

blue ones blue lobsters yeah

have you ever seen a blue lobster not

which hasn't been painted

no there's like rare blue lobsters

they're cold

a little bit yeah but no you can catch a

blue lobster it's

like that diamond in the rough of

catching the lobsters and it's not

like near chernobyl no no no

look it up on the internet there's blue

lobsters in san francisco bay or

anything no

no it's not like new york city in san

francisco i don't know

yeah it's it's not that kind of thing

it's but there are legitimately blue

lobsters and the thai guy i don't know


i don't know if one of them's ever been

interviewed about their

sexual preference okay well doctors and

experts are skeptical of the account by


michael packard the 56 year old was on a

routine dive

off the coast of cape cod when he claims

he felt a bump

and everything went dark doctors say

someone undergoing such an encounter

would have suffered from

serious injuries including hearing loss

as a result in the change of water

pressure which i don't know if i believe


no i don't believe that pacquiao feared

he was being eaten by a shark

yeah i think when you're eaten by a

shark it feels a little bit different

than a bump and things going right

i think it's more kind of well sharp

yeah they have all those sharp teeth and

everything i'm pretty sure you'd be

you'd know if you were beat being eaten

by a shark well he claims he was

inside of a whale a lobster diver for 40


packard said he struggled and feared for

his life but after about 30 seconds

the whale spat him out and just so we're

clear when he was inside the whale

he was inside like the mouth right yeah

not the other way of being

inside away yeah it doesn't say that

he's on his way to nina verona

okay well a lobster diver has been

accused of

lying about being swallowed so this went


real quickly he had all this story and

he's been accused of line

uh says it spat him back out because it

didn't like how he tasted i don't know

if he can make did they

did they interview the whale i don't

know yet hold up he reportedly ascended

from a 45 foot depth in 20 to 40 seconds

and didn't have any

evidence of barrow trauma the unnamed

emergency room doctor said

which leads me to believe this story is

not true

but michael packard should have suffered

hearing loss as well following the freak

accident i don't understand why he

should have

suffered hearing loss well this is the

thing if he really is a superhero

lobster man surely he would have been

immune to these side effects anyway

right absolutely it's got a picture of


does he look like a lying piece of crap

pat he does not

he doesn't this does not look like the

face of a liar

no not at all not at all we believe you

lobster man

but he doesn't have lobster claws for

hands he doesn't

but yeah but that's what i was saying

though batman doesn't walk around in a

cape as bruce wayne does he

well if he goes to the opera

batman of the opera well no when bruce

wayne goes to the opera

i think he wears a cape see i think that

i think you're supposed to wear a cape

to go to the opera is there a non-posh


oh yeah oh yeah i've never been to the


i've been to a lower class opera oh do

they have a lot of those in england

no no it's one of those ones it's an

open air one

you know like they try and recreate it

from like shakespeare's time and all

that crap although he didn't write


um that enough but yeah it's now

amphitheater those are

amphitheater type crabs where you sit on

the stone seats and stuff yeah that was

terrible people running around puking

fighting and that was just on the stage

the audience was out of control

yeah you're sure that wasn't uh dave

matthews band concert no because i would

never go to one

okay i just want to make sure so

let me see here were there any updates

on this story

uh although the physician didn't treat

packard personally

he was released from cape cod hospital

friday afternoon mere

hours with no broken bones and just some

soft tissue damage

so there we go so i believe your lobster

man yeah it sounds like he

escaped pretty easily yeah cool story


he got a little notoriety oh i'll tell

you what

what we need to get in touch with him

we've got his name we need to get him on

the show

oh outstanding well now

hang on pat you don't already have him

booked do you

i don't have him okay yeah okay then we

need to get on that

because because that would be somebody i

know pat just sends a text message and

could get this guy so

so yeah i'm sure we'll think about this

for about

five maybe 10 seconds and then forget

about it oh no i'm going to contact him

we need him on just like we need this

next woman on

woman who claims she gave birth to 10


like i said earlier at once pat in south


is admitted to psychiatric ward

i would be too well you've only got four

kids and you feel like you need to go in

a psychiatric

absolutely yours weren't even born all

at the same time right nor did they come

from your non-existent vagina

yes that's true and on top of that i

mean can you imagine going from zero

kids to ten kids

basically instantly you know within a


now be honest with you think of all the

birthday presents

she does look like she's carrying 10

kids oh but she also looks like she's

got an ottoman stuffed up a dress wow

yeah because it looks like shape well

she looks like she's trying to

steal a turkey from kroger's yeah like a


yes yeah so what do you think pat smash

will pass

no pass yeah yeah i'll definitely pass


not even from behind obviously somebody

has already smashed

so is that a picture of her husband um

what what's

no no scroll back down yeah yeah is that

the dude

it's normal dude yeah he's got but he

does have that look on his face like

what did i just do well she's still

pregnant at that point well he probably

thinks there's a couple in there or

maybe she started off that size and it's

an unknown quantity

like a lucky dip bag yeah no that's a

good point

i mean he does he he looks kind of happy

but at the same time he looks kind of


you're gonna think by like baby five or

six so just crawling out

yeah absolutely they're probably walking

out it's like using dynamite to blow

open a

cave entrance once that is done they

just fall out she just stands up and

they drop

out and they just cut the while they're

dangling they just kind of

he had to be happy though as a man

because now all of a sudden he can be

the quarterback and now he's got a

football team

super sperm right

so what's her name here oh

gestiyami i almost pronounced this wrong

her last name is sit hole s-i-t-h-o-l-e

oh that's that [ __ ] i have trouble in a

public school over here in the

education american education system yeah

i remember

yeah growing up a friend of mine had a


in his class and his name was sethed

s-h-i-t-e-d yeah

she [ __ ] like can you imagine growing up

with that name in the united states i've

got an even better one than that

well anyway this woman she better have

grown up in a really nice house

otherwise the description of her house

would have been

somewhat exaggerated but no there was a

guy i read about and i think it was on


his name was uh michael


michael cadfan yeah he said in school he

did not put on

one ounce of white yeah exactly

poor bastard yeah she was taken

to tembisa hospital for a psychiatric

evaluation just days after her partner


tissotsi said he does not believe the


children exist well

that's one way to get out of child

support yeah he just says well they


yeah they don't exist so you know come

find me

government and hospital officials have

also cast doubts

over the authenticity well i mean

assuming she's got a

just going to show the babies right and

that's kind of i mean isn't that the

way to prove the authenticity it's like

i walked in here i have no babies yeah

now i have 10 babies how do you disprove

that because it's difficult to kidnap

10 babies i mean couple you can get away

with but yeah

10 10 10 10 she deserves the nobel peace


if she was able to kidnap those i'm

pretty sure they give away the nobel

peace prize for kidnapping babies

she's got a lawyer a legend she has been

held against a will

miss sit hole

that's tough to say in there is every

time i read it i kind of get that little

bit of a blur and i just want to

call it a spade because i looked because

if you look at that first picture you

look at that couch

well feel sorry for this guy from there

uh was first apprehended well

apprehended by police officers at a

relative's house in the northern

township of

rabbi ridge sounds like fun place to

live sounds like somewhere

from blazing saddles well oh that's

ruby rage near the city of johannesburg

which no that's not ruby ridge

no that's where all the murders are

okay so here we go she was transported

to a police station

handed over to social workers admitted

to the hospital for psychiatric


and hadn't been actually been arrested

for a crime

she claimed she had given birth but she

was denied

post-birth treatment whatever that is a

few stitches she needs more than a few


yeah she needs a whole singer so well

machine she yeah

yeah she needs like somebody who knits

pull overs for a living in there

for right 72 hours probably using those

knitting needles as well

she told her boyfriend that she gave

birth to the babies

after midnight on june 8th

so here we go oh yeah since being

admitted to the hospital psychiatric


sit hole has been subjected to mental


and starvation which i don't think would

hurt her

looking at the first picture and she has

also been handcuffed

a protest against her internment was due

to be held by relatives but they didn't

turn up

uh dalian maboweni one of the march

organized claimed that mrs

sit hole said she was being mistreated

by the hospital

this is breaking her we want her

released because she has been held by a


she also slammed her boyfriend for

saying he did not believe the

decuplets exist accusing him of trying

to hurt her

and ruin what she has with her babies

which are yet to be found

the mother they lost the babies the

mother had said she will continue to

keep her children's whereabouts secret

so if she didn't give birth to him in a


what was it like home birth or something

oh that could be because it's just after

midnight so i mean like

in the evening you kind of feel like a

bit of kicking

or um you're dropping out a whole

bathtub full of water out of the vagina

which i'm assuming if you're carrying 10

babies is

you know yeah the norm that's gotta be

massive you should probably get yourself

to the hospital but after midnight it


yeah nobody's gonna be open this time of

night saying yeah plus you probably have

to pay

extra there's only walmart open so right

her comments came after her boyfriend

said he had not

seen his girlfriend or the alleged

children since her incredible claims

which made headlines worldwide

there we go i speak to setsi now and

then i feel that they never loved me i

was just forced to be with him

yeah it doesn't go further on with that


it's kind of sad for all those kids yeah

i mean

you got this orphanage laying there

right and they've got like 30 babies in

there and now all of a sudden they get a

huge intake of babies and now they got

to try to find somewhere for that

right angelina jolie could have probably

went over there and adopted all of them


well yeah she's not a averse to stealing

a baby here and there she's right

exactly did anybody call her i don't


yeah she's probably she was probably on

the first plane over there the moment

that's probably where they've gone

that's true yeah yeah maybe they just

should check angelina jolie's house and

they'll find all the babies

because that's what she does yeah yeah

well with all that said thanks for

tuning in to this episode of the wolf

and the shepherd and we will catch you

on the next one


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