July 12, 2021

In Other News - July 12, 2021

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The Wolf And The Shepherd are joined once again by Pat Beaman from On An Island with Pat Beaman to discuss news stories covering a woman who married herself, uses of cow urine, and a horse funeral in India.


welcome to this episode of the wolf and

the shepherd

the wolf and the shepherd are actually

back from vacation

and we figured there was no better way

to celebrate being back from vacation

than doing another episode of our

in other news and welcoming back to the


pat beeman with on an island with pat

beeman so pat

glad you could join us guys it's good to

be here it's been a while

you guys can't manage to stay in the in

the same state the great state of texas

i'm not sure why you're leaving but

happy to have you back i know we i don't


why we can't just seem to stay home but

we just

seem to have a problem staying home

sometimes but

what do we have on the offering for in

other news today

well first of all i'd like to point out

that the shepherd and i did not go on

vacation together

that is true we should clarify that we

went on separate vacations yeah i like

him but i'm not going on bloody vacation

with him

and and by the way the ironic part is


you and i were on vacation pat was

also on vacation too and we did not plan


whatsoever we we did decide hey you know

last week we're both going on separate

vacations but then we found out pat was

also on a vacation

as well where did you go pat the part i

can disclose

is colorado springs okay i was in


where are you yeah and colorado springs

for the last part of the week

yeah and y'all never bumped into each


well not that i'm aware of you were

probably in a

lesser kind of place in colorado springs

i'm sure pat was in an uppity place

i was in a uh big wharf onesie on all

fours just

prodding through the forest so you

probably wouldn't run into me so you

were at a furry convention yeah

okay i'm sorry to disclose that to our

audience but

yeah climbing mountains dressed as a

wolf yeah that's kind of sad

so this week i've got some unusual

stories so now i know most of our

stories are unusual but we're covering

uh trees

farting seeing if urine is a good cure


covid a woman who marries herself

and a horse who has

yes absolutely all right well bust out

the first story

all right first one indian mp causes

outrage by

claiming that drinking cow urine

protects her from covid days after

doctors had warned

people to stop covering themselves in it

and cow dung

okay so what's an indian mp i knew

that we were gonna have a problem with

that immediately

oh member of parliament oh okay yeah

yeah remember the government she's got a

lovely indian name pragya

[ __ ] and i'm sure you pronounce that


yeah well why speak fluent indian yes uh

an mp

from the ruling byrantiya jamata party

bjp for sure

um that's what i'd shorten it to is

claiming that

cow urine can cure lung infections

caused by covid19

her bizarre comments come just days

after indian doctors

urged people not to cover themselves in

cow dung and urine

as a treatment for the virus now if you

have the choice between covering

yourself and cow crap

or drinking cow urine which one would

you go with oh

cow dung all day long yeah i think so

too it

seems like a no-brainer yeah you can

always wash off the cow poop all

over you but i mean once you drink the

cow urine i mean

it's done there's nothing you can do but

do not think

kind of the equivalent maybe of like dr

fouchy telling people to double mask

you need to kind of double protect

yourself with the cows

doo doos and pee pee oh so what you're

saying is there are people that were

drinking the cow urine yeah they were

covered in

i'm pretty sure that used to be a deal

wearing two condoms i think

well i think that used to be a dare you

know years ago

growing up in texas of you know rolling

people in

cow poop as we were tipping the cows

over right

there's nothing about cow tipping in

there is there

no i actually used to go cow tip in when

i was at college in england

with like well i'd say would sneak out

early it's more likely

we were coming back late at night yeah

and the cows were

obviously asleep standing up some of

them yeah

and yeah i push them over then they fall


they fall over a lot of the time they

don't wake up i don't know if they died

from the fall i'm not sure they don't

seem that high off the ground but

well most people were off after a month

was there a sale

on beef the next day um

okay then they probably survived yeah i

think so

so she made the claims at a party which

you know i've made some claims at a

party before but

never something on this level right and

not while representing my

nation's government that's true because

nobody in their right mind would elect

any of us well maybe pat to a elected


for government yeah well she says if we


desi gal mutra which means urine from an

indigenous cow

so i guess cow imports are out oh yeah

so they have to be cows

from over there oh man that

killed the import export business for

texas ranchers

that's a shame well i think this is why

it loses a little bit of credibility

because surely

you know any cow would do right but you

know cows are sacred in india true and


they're probably thinking as the cows

are sacred and they're blessed and

prayed for and all this stuff that their

urine has

you know supernatural properties to it

it's not just something some chemicals

or whatever in the urine which would

naturally cure you it's to do with their

indigenous blessed cows yes

holy cows have you ever met a holy cow

have you ever said

that i'm sick holy cow but you've never


said losing 50 more doctors yesterday to

covert 19 is so disturbing

and stuff like this just is that word


it's supposed to say dilutes that's

about it

d-a-l-i-t-e-s is that

word that's fantastic journalism and

they didn't use spellcheck

yeah what is more disturbing is the

unscientific and illogical statement

from an mp

this will ultimately discourage people

from vaccination and invite

more devastation i don't really don't

see the problem to be honest

no well not argue that honestly if

you're willing to drink cow urine

what's a vaccination you would think

people would be

much more likely to do the vaccination

more people have died from the

vaccination than they have from drinking

the cow urine

yeah well it depends on the cow that

they got the urine from

right yeah i mean what if the cow was

like a drug user

what like on meth or something right


don't cows do a lot of math i thought

it's crack

oh well i think it depends on what

neighborhood you know the whole hooves

they don't really work so well

like building a meth lab yeah well

that's true

can you get secondhand smoke from a meth


i think so but what about the cows that

chew the cud

and they're chewing marijuana right and

then you get a

abnormal thc level oh that would be

awesome milk when

you put cows in a field and they just

eat marijuana plants and then you like

drink the unpasteurized milk from the

cows well i'm sure our friends

listening to the podcast in colorado

have now decided

hey maybe we need to get in the cow

business yeah and of our friends just

down the way at the smoke house

uh listening the cloud house

oh that's because you messed it up no we

we both get that wrong

yeah yeah our friends at the cloud house

just down the way i don't know why we

cannot get their shops

as in cloud city from the empire strikes

that the other week before i corrected


but that would you know what that would

be a good cool name

for a shot yeah right now yes

yes um copy right now because we're

gonna forget after we're done

so moving on from cal urine and dung uh

tree farts trees tree farts

yes and uh this is apparently an


concern because tree farts from a ghost


gets weirder i haven't even finished the

first sentence yet

in north carolina are releasing

greenhouse gases experts find

i'm so confused could you explain to us

what a ghost forest is

it's not for us for ghosts in it i don't

think no maybe

but it might be i don't know the only

other alternative would be

ghost of a dead tree fine as a spirit oh


forest full of dead instead of my

fault oh okay so yeah you have all these

dead trees and before releasing

chemicals no doubt oh like a chernobyl


right well but different well no

well no i guess the trees in chernobyl

they're alive right i don't know if

there were any trees in china

i'm pretty sure there are i mean there's

trees everywhere didn't they burn up in

the volcano oh maybe so

yeah i don't know but they i know they

have animals in chernobyl

yeah but they've got more heads than

normal yeah walking around on their nine


yeah yeah it's like the guy that uh was

watching the chernobyl documentary that

actually lived through it

and he said there were a lot of

inaccuracies in that documentary and he


like nine of them on one hand i bet he's

pretty good at hexadecimal

true yeah he's probably a hell of a

piano player

right i mean if you're going to play the

piano wouldn't it be nice

like those people you know when you get

two people playing tandem piano

and play those pieces which one person

just can't play right

it'd be freaking awesome on a flute yeah

you know you could play anything yeah

well players or a guitar yeah and think

about the guitar

oh yeah also get those twelve string

ones yeah yeah 12 strings and he got

nine fingers i mean dang watching the


yeah absolutely they would still only

play smoke on the water yeah

probably true yeah yeah or nothing else

matters by metallica

ghost forests from five different areas

in north carolina

were analyzed dead trees ah that's what

ghost tree is

oh there we go also known as snags

in these ghost forests release carbon


methane and nitrous oxide in trace


as does the nearby soil and they are

contributing on

some level to greenhouse gases i think

they're scraping the bottom of the

barrel now just who to get pissed off to

blame for

global warming yeah this sounds like

another global warming thing

i mean these poor ghosts for us it's

full of dead trees

they're already dead and then they're

getting the blame for that

i feel sorry for the trees now the

studies lead author

melinda martinez a graduate student in


and environmental resources said even

the smallest fart

counts she's not even a phd though nah

yeah she's still trying to get there but

how bad would you feel if you were a


in the ghost forest and you're like the

one live

tree and you have nobody to talk to

because all the other trees are dead so

you're super lonely

you're probably too busy holding your

nose to get rid of all the fart smells

yeah but that even makes it more

miserable because you know there's like

one tree alive out there yeah and he's

like how did i

survive this it's kind of like that

movie with will smith where it's like

him and the dog and

they're the only ones alive anymore i am


i was thinking it was bad boys yeah

oh in that i am legend thing where he

has his dog

right where he's just wandering around

and you know the apocalyptic

future notice that he lives for years

with his dog but dies one day after

meeting a woman

yeah that's a good point yeah it's a

underlying theme for that yeah so moving

on from farts basically

back to urine a woman claims drinking

snorting and pouring her own urine into

her eyes every day as cured her anxiety

improved her sight and helped her lose

30 pounds well i wouldn't be able to eat

if i did that so

i could understand losing the thirty

percent right

yeah and i'm with you on that one pat

and kind of at the same time

the anxiety i think the anxiety is


her to for urine and somebody drink some

i don't know and honestly i don't want

to find out yeah

i'll take her word for it you know if it

does it does if it doesn't it doesn't

she just needs to tell me and i'll take

her word for that

well for the non-benefit of our

listening audience

we are going to provide pat with photos

of said woman so he can give us

his expert opinion on how attractive she


is that the same woman yeah that's after

she lost 30 pounds

she's now it's how clear her eyes are

she's looking a little bit better

yeah um not we've seen a lot of uglier

women do a lot of stupider things let's

just go with that

there we go is this a before and after

deal actually i don't know which ones

before and which one's after

looks like amy schumer she's just got a

different okay

does it seriously sure the one on the

right does that

not look like it is yeah except this one

i don't want to punch in the face so

yeah well you just haven't heard her

talk yet that's right

but honestly her porn urine in her eyes

is funnier than amy schumer

well yeah yeah if she died of cobit it'd

still be funnier than you human to be

honest that's true yeah

so grace jones who no she was a black

singer wasn't she sure

she was pretty starship right yeah no

she did had some stuff

um in the 80s she was pretty

revolutionary grace jones

and she was in a view to a kill that

james bond movie i think is one of the


really tall short head kind of flat top

haircut she was pretty good

uh you lost me yeah anyway this woman is


original grace jones 32 from wait oh oh


this woman's name is grace jones oh okay

i didn't suddenly go on an assault yeah

i thought you did

you lost yeah you lost great soundtrack

to your anger and by the way to that


um she's been doing europe you urine

therapy for two weeks

well ain't long enough is it and how did

she lose 30 pounds in two weeks from

she hasn't eaten i've ever ever done

yeah well it says here

she ingests it snorts it pulls it into

your eyes and

rubs it on her skin daily health experts

say urine contains toxins expelled from

the body and kidneys and drinking it

could therefore be harmful which isn't

i've heard varying opinions on that

because apparently it's supposed to be

sterile right urine

comes out freshly but okay so i'm not

gonna say

the drinking it the pouring it in the

eyes and the rubbing it

on your body is normal right but that

one i could

almost halfway get yeah the snorting

i'm not sure i'm getting past that one

like why do you snort it

yeah i mean what what is the benefit to

snorting it if you're drinking it yeah

because i mean you snort something it

still goes up your nose

and then you know down your goal so to

speak and if you're drinking it

it's going down the same route what's

the benefit there well did you know like

in the olden days sailors if they were


sailing towards somewhere they hadn't

been before right and they hadn't

spotted land yet before the water would

run out

they'd actually drink their own urine

yeah that makes sense you know to

preserve it just in case there are a

couple of days you don't want to run out

of water and then you're only water

source for

your mp yeah but they weren't snorting

well it sounds like this woman would


started drinking the urine before she

even set

sail whose allergies oh it could be

something like a neti palette

yeah it could be something that takes

care of allergies well dermatologists

have said i don't know who maybe a

couple of them that urine can have

anti-inflammatory properties that could

help the skin but only when applied in a

very specific

way all right how do you apply urine in

a very specific way to your skin like

drop it from a height

well maybe they're talking about the

whole you know you get stung by a

jellyfish and you're supposed to pee on

your foot or whatever

so so maybe it's you kind of gotta rub

it in

versus just pouring it on so to speak so

they're saying hey you know just don't

go pee on yourself

you know you gotta collect it and then

you know rub it on

in a certain way or something like that

well apparently

grace the singer or the urine no the

user urine queen

she's been gulping down the urine and

she's also been putting it in her hair

which probably makes sense because her

hair does look better in that second

photo i think

plus oh my goodness look how long i'm

look how much longer her hair is in that

photo apparently that's two weeks

i call cow dung on that one that is true

what do you think that's like a foot of

hair that's right yeah

that first photo was probably taken in

2003 and this one was taken

2018 or something when she was like

getting ready to go on vacation

exactly yeah yeah it's kind of like

those before and after pictures when all

the women

get on facebook and they try to sell all

the products for

weight loss or whatever and they take a

picture of them two years ago

yeah and then say that's the after

picture and then the before picture is

what they posted today

well it gets a little bit more in detail

here the retail manager

so at least we know what she does for a

job now drinks a glass

first thing in the morning and claims it

has already cured ailments including a

bad eyesight

eczema anxiety depression high blood


digestive problems and helped with

weight loss has it fixed her love life

um i figure if you've got all those kind

of ailments you don't have much time for

love and plus

you know i mean i have been on the

internet so i know there are people who

would be attracted to a woman who

does all these likes pp but um i don't

know i don't think this kind of thing

you put on your dating profile is it

yeah but does she have an only fan's

account i win to a cup in the morning

and drink it straight away

uh i don't know it doesn't say actually

i bet she does well

an expert weighs in here with my opinion

should you drink your own urine

urine is made of approximately 95

water and 5 nutrients including calcium

and iron

fans of urotherapy a term used to

describe drinking

your own pee include madonna which is no


in 1945 a british naturopath

published a book claiming that drinking

urine could cure all major illnesses

however there is no scientific

proof of this so basically once again

leave it to the british people to

yeah come up with something that's

absolutely ridiculous that

is not going to work yeah and to all the

generation y people out there apparently


cures uh acne so if we can get a surge

of tick top videos

going with uh maybe some before and

after videos of you

applying your own your own face and uh

peeing all over yourself

send us an email yeah you know true now

all of a sudden when your skin

is perfect i mean you'd put uh what is


uh cochlear or proactive proactive there

it is

proactive yeah and put them out and

stuff yeah

ointment in england and it used to be

like acid

not acid as in the good acid lysergic

acid lsd but like acid has

like battery acid or something and um

you'd put it on your skin

and no joe after the first day after one

application it was like you had leprosy

you could literally peel off like a skin

peel mask

layers of skin off your face zits was

still there

yeah but it did stopped you get having

oily skin

oh well that's good yeah at least it did

one thing

yeah made 13 year olds have skin like

they were like

59 or something but you know it's yeah

it's almost like you have when you used

to take the elmer's school glue and pour

it all over your hands and then pretend

like you were peeling your skin

off your hands yeah i mean in america at

least we didn't hurt ourselves

right i want to give the woman one more

platform just to explain herself she

says i try not to drink it in the

evenings because it gives me a lot of

energy and keeps me awake i'm completely


of my blood pressure meditation it has

helped my skin problems my hair looks


and longer are you liar and i've lost 30

pounds i no longer have depression

anxiety or brain frog

frog fog

pat to explain what brain frog was there

for a moment as well as a new morning


grace has adopted a plant-based diet and

cut out

cut out alcohol that may have more to do

with it

with some of these yeah what is that


cognitive bias or whatever that's kind

of floating along there however grace

still credits much of her personal

transformation to urine therapy

yeah so she's running five miles a day

and she cut all the sugar out of her

diet but

yeah but it's definitely because she's


yeah okay so woman who's married to


say she's still open to finding love and

believes it makes her more eligible

because she's learned how to deal with

her own issues so a partner doesn't have


i'm pretty sure she doesn't understand

what that sentence means

if you married yourself you have issues


yes yeah and by the way her partner is


right yeah let me see what find a photo

of her oh there she is that explains a


um i'm guessing she's the one in the

white dress

she is the one because that's that's her

wedding where she marries herself

yeah i don't quite understand what's

going on in the background i'm not sure

if they're all doing a tick-tock dance

or what again for the benefit of our


here's a photo i'm going to show pat so

as pat looks at this picture i have a


yeah when you go to the wedding

and we've all been to weddings yeah they

usually say are you on the bride's side

or the groom

side right so did they only have like

one section

or do you have to pick which personality

you want to

get behind are you suggesting she might

have disassociative identity disorder a

little bit

okay yeah um i'd be interested kind of

like eavesdropping on the argument she

has when she falls out with herself for

like leaving the plate out on the

counter or something well yeah and who's

going to decide to have

you know what's for dinner yeah because

there that she's probably going to

starve to death right

probably i wonder what it's like when

she's not talking to herself because

she's in a mood

yeah she keeps asking herself what's up

and she keeps going it's fine i'm fine

nothing she

she could actually live in a public

library yeah that sex is awesome though

yeah that's probably true and the makeup

sex is probably

really good yeah right so sophie tanner

well well now hang on

i i interrupted as you showed the

picture to pat

so yeah we need to uh get pat's opinion

on uh the woman that marries herself

here we go like i said i think that the


i believe is is the most attractive of

the three women in the picture

well now the officiant is actually

there's another photo it's a guy in

those tall hats it's one it looks like

he's from the vatican or something

i just assume the one in the middle yeah

i'd say the one in the red behind she

looks quite cute

you know i think here's something we

should consider

in this picture yeah right and we're

gonna have to make some assumptions here

but this goes with women needing too

many bridesmaids

she's marrying herself but somehow has

two bridesmaids yeah there's no


because there's nothing there so you're

marrying yourself but you still need two


like what are they supposed to do yeah

what's one for each personality

yeah that's a good point do you think

she bought herself a ring

got engaged to herself got down on one i

think she was surprised

oh yeah of course because you don't you

want it to be a surprise as a woman

don't you sing she probably got drunk

and proposed to herself and woke up the

next day

saw the ring on her finger and was like

oh my goodness i'm engaged yeah

it's too bad that her two bridesmaids

are kind of ugly too yeah well the one

in red's all right the one in blue looks

a bit mental but

yeah but let's be honest we know all

three of them are mental

the two that are participating in the


have to be mental and then the one

that's marrying themselves

is obvious i disagree with that because

if the three of us were invited

to a wedding of somebody marrying

themselves we would definitely go

we would have video it'd be on facebook

oh absolutely i can't miss it we can't

say we can't

make that claim no i totally agree with

you there so sophie

have you been to a same-sex wedding


i have not i have no no kind of seems

like a

bucket list item well yeah okay i think

i would enjoy

if there are any attractive lesbians out

there who are considering getting

married and inviting a majority of the


group to the after wedding party the


and i will be willing to come in and

make notes

and maybe talk about it on the podcast

not only

that but i will off also offer up

for free that i am an ordained minister

and i will actually perform the ceremony

while the wolf and and we can't leave


out of this so the wolf and pap will be

back there and then they will talk about


you know with the wolf can kind of do

the play-by-play

and pat maybe can fit that into his busy

schedule on his podcast

and do one of his podcasts on the

wedding so exactly

it's out there so you might be able to

accuse us of being sexist but we're

definitely not homophobic

no no no we're not so for the third time

here i'll try this sophie tanner

married on the steps of the unitarian

church in brighton which is actually in

england ah that explains why she's ugly

in 2015 the 42 year old she left a bit

late didn't she

yes a biological clock was ticking away

that's why she married herself well yeah

she said nobody wants to have a piece of

this so i might as well get my own piece

yeah i get a piece of myself yes yeah

she says marrying herself has improved

relationships with friends and family

also has learned to focus on doing

things that make her feel happy and

fulfilled all right what was she doing

before then what was the

barrier let's take just a normal

god is normal bad to say in this man

that's what i'm going to say

a normal cup and like hey i'm going to

put together a dinner party

right and i'm gonna invite some married

couples this is gonna be a married

couple dinner party and it's not


heterosexual we'll have same-sex married

couples but then

you've got the table and now you've got

this woman that you're inviting and now

you have an

odd number of people at the table do you

think if she gets invited to weddings

she gets a plus one or

now maybe on the invitation yeah but

maybe she's into something there right

now because

if you do the plus one and you say i'm

bringing my spouse which

is me now you get two plates of food


that's what i was thinking yeah that's

the first thing i thought it's like it

you know you gotta pick between steak

and chicken and you're like i can't make

a decision

so i'm gonna pick steak in my spouse who

is me

is going to pick chicken and now i get

both maybe she's smarter than we've

led her on to believe i am doubting that

five years after a last serious


sophie tanner wed herself in a brighton


a serious relationship came to an end

when she discovered her boyfriend had

cheated on her with one of her close


she decided the girl in the marine dress


yeah yeah because it wasn't the one in

the nose

she decided upon the wedding which was a

symbolic ritual

as a way to express love for herself and

believes their relationships with

friends and family have improved

i'm a bit a big advocate of self-love as

we all are

yes yeah but that doesn't mean i'm

against romantic love

the two aren't mutually exclusive so all

right break that sentence down for as


so what worries me about this is


yeah oh last point yeah you should catch

yourself looking at

right like women like which one gets

mad yeah like if she cheats on herself

with somebody and it doesn't matter you

know male female

apache helicopter binary whatever it is

yeah like which one of them gets

mad and then another thing is

marriage counseling like that's got to

be tough well she's coming up to her

sixth wedding anniversary

six years she's been happily married to

herself for six years

well good for her i mean let's

congratulate that

yeah i mean that that's good right there

yeah i mean i've been self-loving for

about 40 years so i mean that's been a


term mutually beneficial relationship


uh i have a huge respect for the deep

love connection that two people can find


it's very special and deserves proper

respect and value

i really admire couples who make it work

since i married myself i've been

attracted to other guys but they haven't

become partners for one reason or


probably when she explains that she's

married to herself

exactly she's bat poop crazy my friends

totally get the point i'm trying

to make they weren't expecting me to

live like a nun

no one was that's the end of there i

don't have anything else to say on error

yeah then i'm a bit disappointed they

didn't get an invite

yeah yeah that would be an interesting

one to

go to now i think it would end on this


okay uh horse funeral okay well you know

how i feel about

dogs dying yeah um almost

as partial to versus dying yeah you know

i i don't like horses dying either

right so don't make me too sad on this


right hundreds of people attend funeral

for a horse

in violation of india's lockdown rules

as countries cover death toll passes

three hundred

thousand so other than the cow urine and

dung they've now got this issue where

they're going in hundreds to attend a

funeral for a horse i'm beginning to

think that india might have bought some

of this on themselves i mean we do love


and yes indian people but no we we do

love india there is a pattern um

i'm kind of curious is horse funerals

popular in india i don't know it's the

first one i've heard of because

obviously they treat cows as sacred but

i don't realize horses kind of got in

through the back door

yeah stable door i'm a little bit

confused so maybe we need to read on a

little more

perhaps i'm wondering if the horse died

of covet or if it's just a

coincidence do horses get covered i

don't know



hundreds of mostly maskless worshippers

gathered to pay respects to the animal

which belonged to a local religious


that that kind of sounds a little bit

virtue signaling

right there where it's like maskless


it's like are we trying to spin a story


where we really need to be focused on

the horse well the village is now closed

off to the outside world

because nobody wore a mask to the

funeral police say

villagers in southern karnataka state

gathered to pay respects video shows

dozens of people gathered

in a public square to lay floral

tributes on the body of the horse

before a packed procession through the

streets attended by hundreds

oh do you want to see a picture of the

horse yes right

i i'm actually looking more forward to

looking at the picture of the horse than

i am some of the women you've shown me

during this podcast yeah well some of

those looked a bit horse facey

again uh for our listening audience

basically i'm going to show a picture of

the horse

laying down and it looks like it's been

painted but they've put it on a comfy

blanket and there's a big pebble

pebble by one of its legs other than

that there's nothing new to see here

looks asleep really yeah that's kind of

sad and

they definitely painted that horse i bet

i bet it's going to raise from the dead

next i bet it's not even dead it's just

laying down taking a nap

yeah maybe he was tired maybe

maybe he actually recovered from the

coven once they

even gave him one of the coveted drugs

or something like that

and that's uh and that's it that was the

end of the story it didn't tell us

anything new other than that so that's


horse had a funeral and that wasn't

unusual the whole point of the story is


some people didn't wear masks and went

to the funeral yeah well my guess would


trying to size this up that

you know these are western indians

they're like your texas indians they

have horses they grow up with horses

they don't really care for your

government mandates anyway

you do know these are the dots and not

the feathers ones right indians oh yeah

definitely well again in texas if indeed

people went to a funeral for a horse

and i believe some have they would

definitely not wear masks right

you know and they'd have the sidearms

strapped on and

a pair of boots and stetson right so i

think these indians

dot not feather are are the texans of


not only that but they probably did it

in solidarity to the horse because

based off the fact the way the horse's

snout is

it's probably very hard to put a mask on

a horse we just put one of those

feedback she's in those feedbacks right

yeah just

a little bit tighter yeah but then

they're gonna eat and then once they're

done eating they want it off

i don't think it affects horses oh but

i haven't said that do you remember at

the beginning of the pandemic there were

a few stories

came out which said that dogs could get

it so maybe they can

oh yeah well we can't leave horses out

but you know the cows

in india are not going to get covered

because they're sacred

well and they roll around in their own

dung right and

possibly drink their own urine possibly

that's a good possibility

so with all that said thanks for tuning

in to this episode of the wolf and the

shepherd and we will catch you on the

next one

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