April 2, 2021

In Other News - April 2, 2021

The Wolf And The Shepherd are joined by the host of On An Island with Pat Beaman to discuss various bizarre news stories that the Wolf has collected over the past few days including an overweight monkey from Thailand, nasal only face masks, a man who had a pear size testicle shaped growth on the side of his head, a motivational speaker with an upside down head, and a women who glued a boxing glove to her hand to beat up a child.


welcome to this episode of the wolf and

the shepherd today we're going to

do things just a little bit different

we're going to introduce a new segment

called in other news but before we do


we also have a guest with us we have pat

beeman from the podcast on an island

with pat beam and pat

glad you could join us thanks for having

me max

yeah today we're actually going to be

taking scraping the bottom of the barrel

to a whole new level

and bringing up news stories which other

people won't touch because they have

journalistic integrity but thankfully we

don't have any integrity so we're going

to discuss them

yeah absolutely and uh before we

kind of get into this would just like to

bring up the fact that

we now have a fancy little road caster

pro so

this is our first podcast that we're

doing on our road caster pro so

wondering if it's going to sound a

little different maybe it is maybe it


maybe we just wasted a whole bunch of

money we could have spent on beer

well and the other thing is if the

podcast now sounds like crap it's not

the equipment and it's actually us

yeah yeah we should have thought that

through yeah we should have probably not

mentioned the new

yeah broadcaster pro oh well which so

far meets all of your expectations


despite the fact you're colorblind it's

got lots of different colored

buttons on it but to you it's just like

looking at

a negative of something yeah and there's

all these little scale

yeah there's all these little fancy

buttons that have effects and everything

on them but we're

we're not going to do anything like that

that's not us

re-record stuff on it yeah yeah so

i searched through the news this week

and i found articles which i hadn't

heard elsewhere

and once you kind of get a few words

into the headline you understand

why they haven't been heard elsewhere so

i want to start off with the first one

because this is a two-part story

i found this one on monday and then

found an update on thursday

so chunky monkey being killed with


tank top wearing godzilla that's his

name that's not that radioactive lizard

from japan who makes those movies that

movie style godzilla

uh i wonder what sizes trailers like

when he's on set

probably did they let him be in a

trailer or do they keep him outside well

it might be a big

top like a tent he has to kind of lay on

his back and just scoot himself in

but michael he's such a big star now

he's probably got his own tent they're

made especially for him you know

japanese like they accommodated his

every wish but you're also

talking about the lizard not the monkey


at that point i was talking about the

lizard oh that's why i'm saying this is

not to be confused with godzilla the

actual lizard because he's chunky anyway

but you literally confused me well all

right this monkey is named

godzilla and he uh lives in a market in


and his weight is ballooned due to

shoppers giving him junk food

and it's sparking comparisons to uncle


who ate himself to death now at that

point it didn't explain who uncle fat he

was so i was like

well that's rude are they gonna call out

like the editor's

cousin or something i don't know but

uncle fatty was apparently another

famous monkey

who they sent fat camp but he escaped

and was never seen again so they just

assume he's dead

how many famous monkeys are there in

thailand well i don't know is it

two at least two well but they're both

fat so i don't know

i don't know so yeah uncle fatty

comparison don't call fatty

uh pat have you ever seen a fat monkey

some poorly monkeys but that's probably

the extent

yeah what is the definition of a fat

monkey well

if it looks like a basketball with the

head glued on top of it i think that's

definition of fat monkey because this

one oh

poorly oh poorly he's got a better

vocabulary than we do

just a regular monkey with a beer belly

i think that's poorly yeah that's

probably basketball

but baboons look like that anyway they

don't they because they've got that kind

of awkward

slouch with that kind of belly yeah so i

don't know

they're chunky yeah but we're not

proportionately yeah it's proportionate

yeah would you call bigfoot fat

uh is even a monkey though well he's got

a shop in plus

size stores he's got a shop at evans for

the larger oh my god that's just for

women in there

i don't know i've never heard of evans

no it's for larger ladies or at least

is that an american store or a uk store

i don't i

why are you

larger women but yeah actually yeah i

can't remember if that was

in england that must be an english thing

i've never heard

that yes okay well anyway godzilla's on

us as he exercises

every morning but has not been able to

shift the bulk now i don't know what

he's doing like jumping jacks kind of

running around the market a few times

crossfit no doubt crossfit yeah well

you'd think you'd figure the monkey bars

would be like given

uh but if he was doing crossfit we'd

have heard of this by now

oh yeah because he because he would have

shut up about it well he'd put it on

twitter yeah exactly

had been all does he have a twitter


um doesn't say actually remember this is

thailand they're a few years behind

everybody else oh okay if he'd been in

like beverly hills and guaranteed

probably his own tv show as well

probably so yeah he's ballooned to a


size and they're really worried about

him so that's that that's that article

i'm surprised that didn't make our local

news no especially with it being all the

way in

bangkok and thailand do they not have

scales in thailand should they not give


a little more specific on his weight


he's twice the weight for what he

normally should how would they know

i guess he just looks twice as fast but

who's who's setting these weight

requirements for monkeys

well there's got to be an organization

you'd figure

the monkey weight monitoring

organization yeah like that yeah

this probably has a catchy acronym to it

yeah that would be what mwmo

yeah the yeah yeah probably sounds

better in

whatever they speak yeah

oh yeah parents yeah yeah there you go

so second story

which you know i think i actually

believe this woman

florida mom hey we have to believe all

women well

anything that starts with florida yeah


she's 34 by the way just so this adds

any extra judgment perks

if she was 33 or 37 you know i was going

to be disgusted with it but i can


what she's saying 34 is a topic uh

she's charged with child abuse which

i think is incorrect because i think if

you beat up a child it shouldn't be

called child abuse

after showing up to her daughter's

middle school wearing a boxing glove

to fight a 12 year old girl but tells

cops it was glued to her hand and she

couldn't take it off

just one boxing glove just one on one

hand yeah i didn't even say which hand

it's on

does she only have one arm maybe no now

she has two arms i don't think that

counts as child abuse is it going to her

school and beating out a kid with a

boxing glove

i don't think so um well she was going

to do it with one hand behind her back


well no um she'd actually gone to the

school to have a meeting with the vice

principal because her daughter was like

had been in trouble at school and she

actually turned up to the meeting with

this boxing glove on her hand and they


what's that for because obviously the

vice principal's thinking hmm you know i

might get punched in the face here but

the shepherd and i did discuss the fact

that it would have actually been worse

if it had been bare knuckle it should

have been hitting the kid with a bare

knuckles so i think she did the kid a

favor wearing the boxing glove

isn't there some old law or something

that you can

hit your wife if you tie one of your

hands behind your back or something like


isn't that from england well actually in

the united states it used to be law that

it didn't count as spousal abuse

if it was an open hand it's only if it's

a closed hand it was actually

abused you were allowed to slap your

wife so you can't do that anymore

well apparently not frowned upon frowned

upon more than gluing a boxing glove to

your hand

well i i don't know if that actually

broke any laws i think like they said

they've made that charge of child abuse

because they just didn't know what to

put it under

yeah yeah there you go yeah what's that

a brazilian man with upside down

head vows to return to motivational


and brings positivity back to the world

after spending

a year in isolation due to covert now


i do actually need to show you this

photo just so you know what man with an

upside down head

it actually just looks like a man with a

broken neck and his head's backwards

which i think is actually what it isn't


yeah clearly he's just uh he's looking

up and just

continued to rotate yeah i wonder if he

kind of drowns when it rains you know

like the rain goes

how does he knows i'm sure he goes back

to normal

because you're um your food tract has

that um

those muscles which push it down anyway

which is why you can drink it drink out

of a keg when you're on

standing on your head oh yeah so anyway

yeah he's um returning his most

motivational speaking which i think is

going to please everybody

does he have a podcast uh no

he does upside down head man podcast


but i think he has a problem kind of

like setting the equipment up

obviously i was loving everything

everything looks upside down so that's

true you know

i don't know what he's what he speaks on

other than like hey if i can get a job

anybody can but the thing is it's like

well yeah you've got a job because your

head's upside down

if your head was the right way up you

probably couldn't get a job do you think

he wears hats with a strap on he

probably wears helmets with a strap

around the neck or something like that

or one of those australian hats where

you have the

kind of cord on it the billy bong hat or

whatever it's called oh like

uh the crocodile hunter used to wear

yeah yeah

well apparently his mum was told he

wouldn't live past a day but he has

defied the odds because he's now 44

44 yeah cool so anyway

so we can look forward to his do you

think we could get him as a guest

um yes we're probably gonna have to uh

no it's all right that can't because we

can use video effects to get them the

right way around

yeah well we can just turn the laptop

upside down although claudio

if for some strange reason you're

listening to this i'm not saying your

head is the wrong way round it's just

unusually pointing in the wrong

direction true yeah

so that one here we go uh this is no

laughing matter

man's 21 year old testicle-shaped growth

on his earlobe

that slaps him in the face when he moves

his head releases a jet stream of blood

when it is finally removed by dr pimple


now this man for some strange reason

he's 38 right

but he's been living with this

pair-sized growth

for 21 years pear size

like the fruit pear yeah wow yeah not a

pair of scissors

yeah so um a pair of pants he said it's

a constant source of irritation

and interferes with his job as a

forklift operator he has to regularly

wash the wrinkled growth

because it can give off a bad smell

but now it's gone well yeah but this is

the thing

it might grow back because if it's one

of those genetic things you know with

the cells are supposed to keep growing

it you know it might be like cutting off

a starfish's arm it's just gonna grow


who takes 21 years to get to the doctor

well that's what i thought maybe he was

kind of like waiting for a new health

care plan to come out and find out

does brazil not it he's from brazil

right no the last guy was from brazil

yeah no not actually yeah this dude's

america well you know

from georgia oh yeah that's almost

america yeah

so that's basically the explanation

there i mean it's our health care system

right he's been waiting 21 years

and then he goes on dr pimple papa to

get it taken care of but imagine that

though every time you turn your head it

slaps you in the face and it smells and

i know for 21 years so

let's remember there is so he's at it

from 17 so the last couple of high

years in high school must have been

rough well i wonder how long

i wonder how long it took to actually

grow in because that's a good point

you'd like to think overnight yeah yeah

has to be

actually could be fun at halloween

though what are you going to call it

though oh

ball sack head i don't know what's that

what's the costume i don't know didn't

they have that on

some movie the guy that had the like

ball sack on his chin or something like


or was that family guy i don't know yeah

did you dream that

i think so it must be plus size women


yeah so um good luck to him i hope it

doesn't grow back me

again this topic a little bit

controversial to some people but

you know hopefully it will um be useful

sesame street

introduces two black muppets wesley

walker and his father elijah

and they're gonna help talk to children

about black identity and race

so wesley is the kid

yeah okay but there's a picture

and elmo already looks confused

obviously yeah look at this

but doesn't elmo almost always look

confused well

yeah but i don't know who's the best one

to really introduce him to first

so now correct me if i'm wrong but the


muppet in the uk is used a lot different

than over here yeah it kind of means you

it's a polite and affectionate term of

like if somebody does something silly

it's like oh you muppet

yeah well i remember watching uh top

gear you know the

the good top gear not the americanized

version or whatever and

they would always say oh you muppet and

i never really got that

i hope they treat it respectfully

because apparently one of the segments

on this shows

now is going to be uh the abcs of racial


so i don't know if you've got to come up

with a politically correct

term for every letter of the alphabet x

would be a tough one

well because there's not that many words

that start with x

or not related to racially

yeah but they can have the x and just

put them out on the other side of it and

that's true

or they could they could have pirates

come on you know why do you know why he

called himself malcolm x

because the x was supposed to represent

a lack of identity within the american


yeah i thought it was something to do

with his original last name was little

or something like that but it's also to

represent the slaves originally because

they weren't given last names that's how

they used to do their signature

well that's kind of well-pressing it's

fascinating yeah

so anyway i know pat you've been uh

waiting for the update on godzilla

so that first article i read that was i

read that on monday

and lo and behold yesterday i got an

update on godzilla okay so

depending on when we released this guy

the monkey yeah godzilla

when we release this it's three days

later yeah or

wait any four days yeah he might be dead

by then he might have killed himself in

rehab or something but anyway i hope

um godzilla gets sent fat camp mega


new one whose weight doubled after being

fed junk food at

thailand market is rescued after video

of the pogi primer

went viral so mega monkey is the third

famous monkey in thailand or is this the

same monkey no i think that's

uh king kong who fights godzilla

mega monkey i'm sure mega monkey's a

thing no that's mega man

game was king kong from thailand no i

thought he was american i thought that's

the whole thing

oh he was from georgia where the guy

with the yeah

yeah yeah i actually saw a good meme the

other day and it has this big gorilla

in the zoo in an enclosure and all the

you know zoo vistas are all

around the you know fence looking at him

and it's got look guys

i'm going to do the best i can but it's

a freaking radioactive dinosaur

so because you know king kong west

godzilla is coming out soon is it

yeah i thought they already made that

movie well they were coming out mate as

in being released at the movie theaters

no i mean i thought there was already a

movie yeah they kind of redo them

i think that's a typical hollywood thing

they always are redoing everything yeah

so anyway godzilla the monkey he rests

on a pile of pillows and soft toys in

the corner of a store

as he fiddles and plays with things

around him

including a playboy branded coronavirus

face mask so you know he's got to be

happy he's got a face mask

do little food i'm sure he's like having

a whale over time

right but do monkeys have to wear masks

to prevent coronavirus

um probably in new york or california

yeah oh but he's in thailand

isn't that where the coronavirus came

from no that was china

oh what's the difference um about 480

miles i think oh

okay so um yeah shopkeeper man up

so man up spit the monstery name as well

so this

this article so confusing so now we've

got mega monkey godzilla

uncle fatty and now man up said she

adopted godzilla after he was abandoned

by the store's previous owner

and he was actually slim then so it's

man-up's fault

yeah she said she feeds the monkey and

treats him well

oh man up is a woman yeah that's a

bummer of a name for a woman

well it's thailand so were they all

named man but they live

they live in a place called bangkok so i

don't think manop's exactly the worst

you know name given scenario here that's

a point yeah

so anyway this one this is a uh guy

radio dj veteran radio do jay i've never

heard of him

actually i don't even have his name that

probably explains why i've never heard

of him

but um he's been fired for being


he says it's a good thing we can't get

fired yeah

well we don't say inappropriate things

that's true he said

i will never go to a serena williams

level but i'm comfortable at

halle berry i know he was describing how

he likes his toast

and he said this on air i mean how

stupid have you got to be

but also it's a pretty bad use for

the doneness of toast in there well not

only that but how do you compare

a tennis player to an actress when

you're talking about toast

right i don't know it just doesn't make

any sense on any levels

what happened to the monkey uh can we

move on from that camp

it's gone fast yeah so i'm expecting an

update around about monday tuesday next

week about how he's doing

so last time we knew he's just sitting

on the pillow playing with that

playboy playboy branded rounded mask

okay moving on sorry about that yeah oh

here's his name

rob leaderman uh used black celebrities

skin tones to describe how he likes his


he's been fired from his job which he

had for after

30 years well he was probably ready for

retirement anyway

wow what an idiot i don't know but but


and i agree maybe he was an idiot for

what he said and all that

we're not condoning that but maybe he

just wanted to get fired so he could

collect the

you know extra unemployment yeah maybe i

don't know

anyway moving on i don't really have any

sympathy for this woman

27 years old she inexplicably

started growing a beard at 15 which

again probably made

a high school bit rough has never shaved

it off despite being branded gross

on tinder now my first thought there is

what you're doing on tinder

because we know what tinder's for and

you're on there with a beard or maybe we

do know what she's doing on tinder

but she's got a bit she's 15 now 27 mate

she's at it since she was 15. there's a

picture there for you pat

just in case you were thinking of eating

like that's

i don't know i don't know why she's

wearing that where's waldo shirt in the

second photo either because she looks


she might be on par with godzilla there

a little bit so um

yeah it's a fine looking woman other


some unfortunately i won't go that far

she's from nebraska i'm not going to

give her a name out

um because we don't think she knows who

she is well now we have

so many people listening to this i don't

want her to be sought out

on social media and mocked and bullied

so i i think

nebraska is probably one of the

lesser listened to states as far as our

podcast so i think we might be

safe in going ahead and saying her name

well we have thousands of fans in india

so i wouldn't say that

but maybe the people in india don't know

where nebraska

is it's in the middle yeah somewhere in

the middle

yeah it's in the middle she says a

facial hair is a favorite feature

she is taunted on dating apps but it's

determined to find a partner who loves

it too which i'm sure there's enough

perverts out there

oh absolutely i mean she did miss her

calling though if she'd have been born

100 years ago

yeah yeah but didn't his bearded lady


yeah i think so i think so too this girl

is much more attractive than p.t


lady probably it says uh the reason for

her excess facial hair

is a mystery in it you know i bet she

makes a lot of men

jealous because she doesn't help wearing

that lipstick um i know the audience

can't see it but she's wearing a blue

black bad choice but can you imagine the

men that are jealous that can't grow a


and then they come across her well it's

not that impressive it looks like pubic


she can still grow a beard better than

somebody probably yeah

she's learned to love her natural body

and so negatively

negativity from other people doesn't

affect her she said i get a lot of


and people on tinder will go out of

their way to message me and tell me i'm

disgusting and gross

oh that's that's yeah it's a bit rough

yep we do not

encourage any of our listeners to look

her up on the internet and

view other photos of her because um you

know she's a happy

that's all that matters right but it

still looks strange so this one baby

name wars

which is i think uh disney's is that a

reality show

no that's gonna be i think disney's

remake of star wars for toddlers

yeah baby name wars mum is furious

after finding out her cousin not a

sister not anything close like that

furious i have to find out her cousin

wants to call her child

almost exactly the same name as her own


that reminds me of the woman and this

has nothing to do with this but um

you know how much this didn't work is

this just about a furious woman then

no this is about the woman that had the

kid and the oh i know

i can't remember what airline it was but

basically the

gate agent kind of made fun of the kid

because the kid's name was

absidy and it was spelled abcde

yeah and then that woman you know cried

and complained that

they were making fun of her kid and i'm

thinking well

kind of deserves it a little bit just a

little bit

i've got something remotely linked to

that as well

and pat you're gonna have to come up

with your own story makes this one's 100


this uh

i woman remember royce actually but

she's got a daughter who's in school and

she keeps getting annoyed because the

teachers pronounce her name wrong

and they call her leah

and her name is actually when it's

written down it's

l and then a hyphen and

eir but the mormon sish is called lee


because she put a dash in there i think

i had heard that yeah

that's actually true yeah yeah maniac

but anyway so this um this actually is

an australian

story so furious mom in australia

a cousin wants to name her own daughter


where this original woman leanne is

furious again because uh

her own daughter's name is maya so can

you imagine that pat getting mad at your


because the name is similar it seems

like a stretch to be honest with you it


i think that unless they're next door

neighbors uh how often do you see your

cousin's right

child but even if it was the same name

don't really matter does it i'm i'm with

you on the same name

yeah you know there's a lot of names in

the world but mia and maya

seem seem acceptable to me we will

mention at this point that pat's wife's

name is karen

so she must be thrilled with the latest

craze she's not a big fan of the whole

karen thing she actually didn't know

anything about it until my

nephew clued her in at thanksgiving and

since then she's tried to change her

name several times but well weren't

y'all supposed to have like a little

contest or something to

give karen a new name well my children

have a lot of

ideas for that but none that we've said

in front of her before

nothing that stuck but what were some of

your favorites

well k is the easy one

unfortunately her middle name is aileen

she's not a big fan of that either

so uh you know really aileen or eileen

alien ailanes i-i-l-e-n-e

a-l-e-n-e yeah

karen no it's gotta be called karen i'm

calling my next dog karen starting to

shout air

yeah no that'd be right right stop

pumping the couch

there you go well yeah but it'd have to

be a girl dog

no what is the girl dog wait but girl

dogs girl dogs when they get on heat if

you don't get them fixed they still try

and hump things they hump towels and

stuff like that no i don't believe you

that's true look at him okay have some


yeah i'm sure you have yeah i have yeah

the internet is dark dark place

yeah that second page of google yeah

yeah so this next one marco rubio i've

heard of him

he plays for the tampa bay buccaneers

right nice and godfather

oh okay um he opposes nose only masks

apparently there's this new video coming

out saying that people when they go to


they should wear two masks one which

goes over the nose only and then a full

normal you know kind of like mask like

everybody's been wearing and so

when you get seated and when you start

eating you take the outer one off and

then you just leave the one covering

your nose

and again pat i just want to show you a

photo of this because i know you don't

have a very

good imagination when it comes to things

like this i think i'm out on that first

i don't see the benefit to uh yeah my

fellow diners

well you have to have smell to be able

to get a sense of taste

to some point that's why people hold

their noses when they drink horrible


and medicines and stuff so if you're

into the two masks

thing you probably aren't going out to

eat anyway but if you are

i think you just have to yeah you have

to be mask free well i mean if you're

going to wear that you're probably this

type of person who's you know wearing a

mask in your car and that and i can't

tell you how many people i still see

like wearing when they're the only

family passenger in the car

it's a nice look isn't it yeah i can't

tell you how many people i still

see wearing masks in cars driving to the


here a day i saw at least three people

by themselves

in the car wearing masks the one that

gets me

is the guy on the motorcycle that wears

a mask

and doesn't wear a helmet i'm i'm not a

big helmet fan

i don't wear helmet when i ride my bike


you're that afraid of covid so you're

wearing a mask on a motorcycle

but you're not afraid of wrecking your

motorcycle so you don't wear a helmet

just i don't get it he's okay with a

quick death he just doesn't want a long

drawn out death oh that's true

well you know what here's one so

pat is a covid survivor

well so wait absolutely well yeah we had

cobia too but we didn't know we had

cobot right

when we had it it wasn't finished yeah

we didn't take the time off

work like somebody we can mention yeah

in the same room with his house

yeah but but yeah you know pat pat

is a coveted survivor pat and karen both

are cocaine survivors

yeah yeah glad you beat that horrible


yeah it was a tough couple of days yeah

so anyway marco rubio it well his

comment on this which

i think was a bit long and drawn out he

says i'm sorry

but no so i'm glad we got his opinion on


because um it always helps when somebody

famous kind of gives you a good

you know explanation that quote could be


several different things oh yeah like

mostly a lot of the girls i tried to ask

to promote high school

yeah yeah do they have problems in

england yeah they do the big

uh mums no that's texas thing sure

yeah i don't think they do that anywhere

else in the country actually

anyway this last one i think it's the

last one i've lost count

i i don't think we were counting well i

was trying to count so i thought i knew

how many we had

oh but apparently i don't after you do

this one if there's no more than that

was it

yeah that's one way to look at it well

yeah we need to keep that in mind but no


also can't remember the number of how

many i had as well so not only have i

lost count i'm not even sure what i was

counting two

so more than two two four more than two

you know there's that tribe they only

have like the system of like one

two three and more than three that's

their accounting system

the people that live in georgia no i

think it's one state like

no the country georgia you know there's

a country georgia yeah

one of the georgia ex-soviet type ones

no not there no this was in africa


oh if i lived in a mexican tree i don't

know if i lived in the country of

georgia i would start a petition to

rename the capital of georgia to atlanta

just to confuse everybody i don't think

it's about the same way

i'm pretty sure it is how do you spell

georgia differently than

georgia i don't know mate oh okay

but anyway this actress i'm not going to

mention a name because the shepherd has

an irrational hatred for her

he's told us the story but i think

he's kind of lying he's left a lot out

of it anyway this

famous actress well part famous

say she's kind of sea level at best to

be honest she started some kind of


about periods because she's trying to


menstruation among women she says it's

one of those topics nobody talks about

but every time i'm watching tv it's like

every third advert it's a

panty liner or tampon or i don't know

why they say

because all women do have you ever

watched women comedians all they do is

talk about periods

well what channel are you watching that


commercial is that i mean are you

watching wii tv

or the oprah channel no i think i saw my

girlfriend's watching tlc

oh well that's basically the same thing

same thing yeah so the

thing is called period piece and it will

consist of 36 monologues by 36 different


it doesn't give wow i cannot imagine

making it past

but there's one here they'll tackle


which you know that's an exaggeration

from eleanor roosevelt

who also had periods to the life of a


nigerian girl who can't go to school

when she's bleeding

so that should cover pretty much

everything in there i think i might

download that

yeah that's uh that's depressing just to

think that they're

making a show about that but yeah you

know what good for them

yeah so that's it that's the last

article um

earlier well yeah i think you could have

left that last one

sorry to believe the topic dry but yeah

that's what i see

it was worth it right there yeah i'm not


impressed with that okay well

yeah well we hope you enjoyed this

special edition of in other news

with the wolf and the shepherd and

thanks to pat beeman

from uh on an island with pat beeman for

joining us today

and hopefully you know you can come back

and check back in with us and good luck

with your podcast

i'd love to appreciate that and for

those of you who wondered why pat wasn't

saying much his podcast

on an island with pat beeman is actually

him pretending to be on an island so he

doesn't really

say much he doesn't have anybody to talk

to yeah so this has been a bonus for him


that is true yeah normally it's all

insular yeah it is a

podcast considering he's on an island

so we he's not used to the the

interaction and

all that stuff that a podcast normally

is with guests and all that stuff

normally does facial gestures and

internal monologues yeah

so be sure and check that out yeah and


thanks for tuning in to this episode of

the wolf and the shepherd and we will

catch you on the next one


Pat Beaman

Podcast Host for On An Island with Pat Beaman