Jason DeBord

Owner - Martian Margaritas and Alien Ale

Martian Margaritas is located at the Area114 Party Patio. We are one of the three permanent merchants at this location, including Halley’s Hot Dogs & Concessions, & Smoking Windmill BBQ. We offer TO-GO margaritas, beer, and wine.

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Episode 17 - Alien Ale and Martian Margaritas with Jason DeBord

Oct. 25, 2020

The Wolf AND The Shepherd are joined by Jason DeBord, the proprietor of Martian Margaritas in Aurora, Texas. Aurora hit the news back in 1897 as a location of a crashed UFO. The pilot of the UFO is said to be buried in the town cemetery, The Wolf and the Shepherd try Alien Ale beer, also made by Ja…

Guest: Jason DeBord