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​I am a college student who loves to listen to the Joe Rogan Experience. So many different guests, points of view, and always something interesting! But guess what, Joe Rogan does a lot of drugs and might leave our dimension never to return again. I, just like you, am worried about this, so I have volunteered as a replacement if need be!

Why did I volunteer for this dangerous mission? I want to grow from the people I meet on this show, (selfish reason). Moreover I hope to share some tips for surviving in the increasingly complex Matrix of a world we find ourselves in (bigger reason).

Your world is moving fast: crypto-currency, simulation theory, advances in spirituality and science, culture wars...

Stay on top of it by engaging with enlightened people and their ideas. The AJ Podcast is our attempt towards a higher consciousness while having fun

Aug. 25, 2021

Interview With The Real AJ

The Wolf And The Shepherd sit down with the host of the Real AJ podcast, who is a college student who loves to listen to the Joe …

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