Dec. 22, 2021

Festival Pass With Ed Vincent

Festival Pass is the world's first live events subscription service across music, film, food & wine, theater, tech & innovation and more. Enjoy thousands of events locally and globally for one monthly fee. Visit for a signup bonus. is a story about community and creating experiences that change you. We as humans need connection - it’s in our DNA, as strong a need as food, water and warmth.

The team at festivalPass, that spans the globe from Bali to NY to Detroit to Lisbon, is bringing their members the only place to make accessing, discovering and attending festivals across music, film, art, food & wine, and tech & innovation the most user friendly, frictionless, affordable and valuable member experience possible.

They strive every day to secure new event partners, think about what they themselves would want from a social mobile app that compliments the live experience and encourages all to live, life, live.

Now festival and event goers from music, art, food & wine, film and other interests can become a member of festivalPass and join the millions of life fans from around the world choosing to enjoy experiences live.

Find your tribe and join them in changing how we all experience festivals and events.