Feb. 22, 2021

Episode 57 - Biology Minus 101

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The Wolf And The Shepherd discuss the wonderful world of Biology and have narrowed down a college level course into one podcast that anyone could listen to and not only test out of Biology in college but win Final Jeopardy.


welcome to this episode of the wolf and

the shepherd today we're going to be

talking about

biology now don't hit stop yet whenever

we talk about some of these subjects

we're not going to get too in-depth this

is probably

not going to get you through biology

class or

maybe it will well i think there are

certain topics which

the great scientists in history have

been afraid to touch

or necessarily maybe put their opinion

in too much because they don't want to

surrey their

reputation in this scientific field but

thankfully for us we don't have any

reputation in the scientific field

so what i've decided today is that we

need to

visit the most basic of all scientific

study biology

this is so weight now biology is the


basic of all scientific studies yeah

building blocks of life and all that

stuff without biology nothing none of it

because like physics and chemistry

wouldn't be examined without biology

because if biology didn't exist human

life then

i mean i know chemistry and physics

would still exist but there'd be nobody

to study

physics and chemistry if you might be

we could do that for any of the sciences

depending who's sponsoring us at any

given time but nobody is sponsoring us

from a biological field but we are open

so that's like biotech right isn't there

a lot of money in biotech there is

yeah i mean they've got to have some

money floating around saying hey we

we got some sponsorship money you know

yeah a million dollars oh i've looked

i've looked it up and we literally


none of the boxes maybe after this one

though we'll check at least one of the

boxes yeah

probably the do not call box i think

back in the

dark ages before the internet right you

had a

very few sources for reliable

information if you wanted to find out

anything about biology and to be honest

if you weren't being paid for it and you

were looking for a lot of information on

biology you're probably a big nerd who

needed a

big wedgie in anyways well sure or

could it have been like college students


or like uh what do you come you know

when you're trying to get your phd

something like that is that basically

where the research was well yeah but

then you

then you're kind of looking for a career

in it i think if you're doing a p well

i'd hope if you're doing a phd in

biology you're hopefully looking for a

career in it

yeah but what if dad just won't pay the

bills anymore unless you're in school

so you just basically become a career

college student you're like well

i got my bachelor's and now i'm going

for my master's and now i'm working on

my phd

but i've been working on that for 20

years just so dad will keep paying the


yeah i can guarantee you this podcast is

not aimed at anybody with any type of

background in biology

oh okay yeah just making sure outside of

um well i was going to say dissecting a

frog in like middle school but that we

don't even hit those giddy heights


so um for some reason back in like about

early 2010

on this website whose name i can't

remember which

is a shark i'm sure i found some really

amazing facts about biology which amazed


so much i actually copied and pasted

them into a notepad

and kept them and i only rediscovered it

last week so

so this is something you actually

researched a long time ago well i copied

and pasted it because i wanted to learn

some stuff from it but then it took me

like 11 years later to reopen the


well you are a busy busy it's a bit like

a time capsule of

bs so i do specifically remember that

they got all these facts from the early

bulletin boards

right so back when the internet was in

its infancy as such for regular people


you know get access to and so people

were like oh my goodness this is like

arcane knowledge type stuff i'm going to

pull all these facts off

and somebody pulled all this stuff

together and put it in a document

and some website kind of like published

it and i thought

oh my word this is the science they

don't want you to know

the type thing oh did you go on the dark

web no not for this no second page of


nah that's the dark web to me i think i

was using yahoo at the time so

okay you know yahoo is like the 19th

page of google i think

i believe so yeah lost all that ad

revenue since they had that um woman who

took over the company

and then she had to quit for whatever

reason oh

sad i'm not being sexist i'm just saying

those are the facts

so well if those are the facts that's

not sexist yeah

so anyway the great thing about these

facts which um this website pulled from

the bulletin board was that

they were completely unsourced for one


so you can't go back and say well he

didn't say that

i mean he might have said it he might

not exist might be absolute bs but

with today's podcast we are going to

pass them off as

absolute facts well like we always do

yeah and just a reminder we don't have

any money so don't bother

trying to sue us we we did have that 16

but we spent it already we have yeah but


but let's be honest yeah that pizza was

pretty good but let's but let's be


also that if you're following any of our

scientific advice you've probably

overdosed on tide pods a couple of years

previous it's never going to happen

well there when our sponsorship were

tied no that can still sponsor us

now we could edit that out yeah because

we've got no source for any of it we

might as well

go with it so first of all think of

biology you think of the brain or maybe

you don't maybe just go back to sex

ed class maybe that's the only thing you

remember from biology but

number one the brain remember biology as

being a required course in

i think it was no it wasn't middle

school i think it was high school you

had to take biology what they first

started talking about the brain

in high school yeah well that's the

american education system

all right and then i had to take biology

in college

because i had to take a life science and

i had to take a physical science

so i'm pretty sure spongebob has covered

the brain in some of his

could you early episodes could you take

like an ap class about spongebob and

then you could test out a biology

probably now especially like with all

the kind of distance learning going on

okay well that there's a tip i mean

we're trying to provide some tips here

so it's not useful one but it is a tip

it is a term

so anyway the brain uh the first point

from this uh collection of uh facts i


states it's complex and poorly

understood which made me wonder

if somebody from 1610 wrote that

but isn't that kind of ironic that it's

poorly understood about the brain so the

brain is trying to understand the brain

but the brain can't understand the brain

well i think number two supersedes this

oh okay so we're about to yes

yeah without the brain a person can't

truly live now i think i could make that

up and probably

wing it maybe teaching at unt for a

couple of semesters with that

amount of uh expertise without a brain

a person can't truly live well what's

the other thing then all right if he

doesn't have a brain what level of

living is he doing then

well it kind of makes me think about

shows like er wife and i love watching


in fact we're re-watching it yeah you

made me download all 23 seasons

yeah and there are a lot of episodes but


several episodes in there where you know


it's that dramatic portion where the


brain dead and they're trying to keep

them alive

to make them an organ donor right you

know they're

trying to convince the wife that her

husband's not going to wake up and you

need to go ahead and sign this form

so your husband can be an organ donor

but there are a lot of people out there

that quite honestly they're not really

going to contribute

much to society except for being an

organ donor

that's kind of living without a brain

so you can make a contribution to

society so

i'm gonna have to disagree that you're

not really living if your brain isn't

well i think a lot of people

almost act very chemotropic you know

they don't really use their brains

anyway so

maybe the brain isn't that you so i do

remember actually reading an article

middle of last year and i posted

something on my facebook i think from a

meme from it

and it had this scientific study of

somebody studying wraps

and it was like rat lives most of its

life without a brain and acts pretty


normally and somebody had made this meme

with that as a headline above it and

below it was

at last my story will be told exactly

so um they did actually then start

splitting out in this

um collection of facts which we can

probably go with

as long as we don't question them well

no we're not going to question your fact


all right then the brain doesn't feel


i don't know if that means if you get

stabbed in the head so wait the brain

doesn't feel pain directly

it doesn't have any like pain sensors on

it yeah and i thought

isn't the brain the central part of the

central nervous system and the central

nervous system

delineates whether or not you're in pain

so that doesn't make sense

why wouldn't the brain feel pain if it's

responsible for

telling you whether or not you're in

pain that's a lot of expansion for the

five words of the brain

doesn't feel pain and it rhymes yeah

maybe it's true because it's like cyprus

hill missed a trick with that one

yeah yeah well yeah because they talked

about being insane

in the memory brain yeah so maybe that's

a different kind of pain

but yeah but basically what we can also


is if it's a biological fact

that rhymes then that's how we know it's

true doubly true

yes so your brain has huge

oxygen needs i love the the fact they

put the word huge

in there because that's not normally a

word people put into scientific

writings is it huge the moth is

huge compared to the whatever i don't

think they use that word but anyway your

brain has

huge oxygen needs 20 of what your body


even though it's only two percent of

your total body weight if you

were going to write that what word would


substitute for huge greedy greedy

your brain has greedy oxygen needs

especially given like

it's controlling most of your bodily


you know subconsciously i don't think it

needs that much oxygen

no i could see that because if your body

can live like you know they stick you in

a coma on a machine and stuff

and your bra and you can be brain dead

but your body's still living i mean how

much work is that brain really putting


to get your body to do all the functions

what about selfish

nah i think nice i think greedy because

it doesn't need that much

yeah and so for the little bit it but if

your brain dead

so if your brain did that because

remember it's going to need 20 even if

your brain dead

yeah see this sounds like a it's either

greedy or selfish your brain is greedy

or selfish when it comes to oxygen or


or both yeah here's one which again i

love the wording on it and this is

probably also why they didn't use any

sourcing on any of these statements

your brain comes out to play at night

there's literally no more information to

that sentence

so is your brain a vampire no i think

what it means is it's more

active at night given that you suppress

a lot of your thoughts during the day

with what you're doing manually with

your body and everything but a brain

you know at night because you're not

doing anything but laying there trying


you know trying to find a comfortable

position for your arms which should

figure out after being alive for

40 or 50 years you'd get that down but


still can't find a comfortable position

for the arms uh

so the brain know comes out to play at

night and that's why you start all this


stuff well why can't the brain figure


at night when nothing else is going on

a comfortable position for your arms

it's like can it prioritize things like


hey look everybody we gotta figure out

something to do with you two arm guys

i mean we got the legs figured out we

got the back figured out we even got the

head figured out you know my home up

here i'm the brain

i live in the head arms you gotta get

your stuff together guys

you gotta figure out where you need to

be you're holding up the show here well

two points from that when you hit

puberty i don't know if the brain does

really know what to prioritize

and also from hitting puberty i don't

think the brain does know where it lives

well i think we both know when you hit

puberty the brain decides what's


yeah and then and it moves that up to

number one yeah and then

everything takes a very distant second

and the funny thing is

it's like one of your least chances in


for where it puts that priority for you

to actually take advantage of that


because if you're any younger depending

what culture in the world

you grow up in you don't really have a


in it and when you get a little bit

older and you're in control of things

you have

more chance of fulfilling those needs

and so your brain

kind of takes over something where

you're actually least likely to get

that function achieved makes total sense

i agree with you your brain

requires 10 watts of power seems kind of


well i don't know today's today has been

a slow day i don't know if it's even


yeah but same watts to be honest let's

take the led

light bulb out of this right i mean your

normal light bulb is like 60 watts isn't

it and i know the led

light bulbs are like 7 watts or

something because it always says

you know this only uses 7 watts equal to

a 60 watt bulb

yeah but you have to remember the brains

the brain's not as good as led

technology oh that's a good point yeah

so it's

so the brain's still incandescent it's

still catching up it's catching up

but we've had brains forever we've had

brains longer than electricity why are

we not

measuring brain power in like candle


you know you go buy a flashlight and

it's like it's got so many cables

yeah well or horsepower i mean and not

to steal from jerry seinfeld but he has

a big joke about

how you know why are we still using

horsepower i always think about that


flashlights it's like why do we still

use candle power

why do we still have to look at all this

antiquated technology

and compare everything to that why can't

we just

say light bulb power i think why can't

we update things i think the first time

i thought that horsepower thing was

completely bs was uh i had a car

which was supposed to be one of those

limited edition cars of a

small piece of crap car but it had

limited edition so it made me feel good

about buying it

and it said it had so many horsepower

and i thought well the acceleration in

this is

absolutely terrible but at that time i

lived in england and

it was pretty close to a farming

community and i drove by

and i saw how lazy some of these horses

were and then suddenly it clicked the

horsepower was relative

to how much of an effort the horse

wanted to put in yeah

and what about like stronger horses

right yeah like shy horses all the

budweiser horses what club

what are they called the clydesdale

clydesdales yeah yeah and there's an


bigger horse than a clydesdale i can't

remember the name of the horse but

i had a friend growing up and he used to

ride one of those

as like a security detail and of course

me not knowing

that much about horses spoiler alert

yeah not everybody in texas knows

everything about horses right i can ride

one i can

ride a horse fairly well but he had this

even bigger horse than a clydesdale so

is it horsepower like that or is it

those little miniature

horses that look like you know something

you could do in the kentucky derby for


anyway it's not great measure is it no

it's just like when they used to measure

thing in hands

you remember that oh yeah yeah they'd

actually measure horses in hands what

they do

they raise your horses so talk about so

talk about a double crap way of

measuring things horsepower and then

measuring the horse in hands

or you have this like get that [ __ ]

over there it's like oh yeah that horse

is like 198 hands tall it's like

no he's not martin he's 15. yeah

but so basically what we're saying is

the people that have been in charge of

measuring systems have just been

ridiculous just crap units of measure

yeah and that's why we're never going to

go to the metric system which i hate the

metric system

yeah i did i don't want it that precise

to be honest no i don't

i still like a bit of give and take in

my measurement yeah i like to sit there

and scratch my head and say now how many

quarts are in a gallon right

and i don't really know why there should

be four quarts in a gallon

i don't even know how much is a court


i feel comfortable with the measurements

being so random not

powers of ten well without a bit of give

and take i mean a lot of the dating

websites your profile would just be out

in our lives

yeah yeah that's true so anyway but

let's talk about that for a second

here's one that never quite

made it across the pond that has always

bothered me is stone

what do you mean with weight it's like

oh that that guy weighs four stone or 20

stone or well again it's another

relative dimension of measure again crap

just like pounds

well i don't even know where that came

from or or calling two weeks of


well that might be a little bit

different because the word fort might

mean something like duel or double or

something and of course we're not

talking about

fortnite the game no which is going to

be fun when we look back through the

transcript because we're lazy and we use

an automated transcript service and

fortnite is so popular there'll be an ad

pop up for fortnite yeah but is it going

to spell it the way fortnite

the game spells or is it going to spell

it the way fortnite oh no it will

i mean hey all the all the um platforms

we go on they're definitely going to be

promoting fortnite again yeah

it's going to be spelled yeah yeah

there's going to be mini videos playing

in the corner and then it's going to be


eight seconds to the next video really

kick in yeah and it's going to be about

fortnight and we're also going to forget

to actually look back and see how it

spelled it

so following on from your brain requires

10 watts of power what i did love about

that statement

was with no connectivity whatsoever

and lumping this in with this statement

it said uh

some people believe they are smarter in

their dreams

than when they are awake that doesn't

make any sense well not

either isolated or in comparison or

connectivity to the first sentence but

yeah some people believe they are

smarter in their dreams than when they

are awake now i don't know whether that

means when you're in your dream

and you're dreaming that somebody's car

is broken down you're thinking like yeah

no problem i can fix that

and you know you just come out with a

hammer and just like beat the tires a

couple of times

and the car starts dude hang on now did

we just solve depression

because think about how depressed you

are if you walk up and you

realize oh man i was really smart when

i'm asleep

and now i'm not that smart and then you

become just so depressed when you

realize that i would rather just sleep

all the time which is a sign of

depression a lot of depressed people

sleep all the time

so maybe they're realizing i like that

life better kind of like ready player

one the whole premise of that movie

right was

going into that virtual world and they

can be whoever they are and then once

they come out of the virtual world they

realize their life

sucks basically right maybe we just fix


so everybody that's smarter when they


should just not ever go to sleep this

would normally be the point in the

podcast where i

point out that we are not yet sponsored

by an

antidepressant pharmaceutical but the


uh when they start reading all those

side effects that be like for the next

20 minutes and so that's why we haven't


put ourselves out to tender for a

antidepressant drug

because we've got to think of all the

liability information we're going to put

in there

right but maybe we should get sponsored

by a drug that keeps you awake and then

we prescribe

that to people that are depressed and so

they never sleep so they're not

depressed anymore just give them some

coffee well with that said

we don't have a coffee sponsor either no

we do not have a coffee sponsor

right so the last one i'm gonna leave

the brain on this one which is another


one you can run with the brain changes

shape during puberty now i don't know

what from

and what to because i think the brain

pretty much keeps that brainish type

shape i don't think it goes from an

octagon to a you know

triangle look like a pecan it's a

pecan a pecan yeah yeah yeah well

we're in texas right it changes shape

during puberty that's all you need to


anyway we need to move on to the other

facts because i think we spent too long

ironically on the brain so these next

ones right is next facts a pretty quick


and i think um like this would help you

if you're on jeopardy

oh and there was a certain section but

and this i do actually want to say in

terms of sponsorship

well well now wait though you're talking

about jeopardy is this a stump the


no no no no no no okay no okay because

you said

before we hit record i'm not stumping

you know this one

okay yeah but you tend to lie on that so

i'm just making sure

when i knew you'd know literally none of

these things so it wasn't worth it

thanks for your confidence yes

so anyway i thought hey if there's any

representatives of jeopardy listen to

this show

we do not yet have an official classic

game show sponsor

particularly since we mocked the prices

right as the price is bullcrap the will

of fortune is according to the old

testament your will should be put to


true and family fortunes as giving

cestual families a lucky break yeah

so we've we're not getting sponsored by

any of those shows no we're not

so jeopardy we haven't yet thrown them

out with the bathwater

now hang on you're on to something here


jeopardy needs a new host it does can't

be either of us though but

well now hang on well first of all let's

first say

rest in peace alex trebek great jeopardy


watched him growing up liked him loved


great host great game show host uh will

ferrell did a great job

impersonating him but you say we can't

host it what if you

and i hosted it together well it may not

so get in turn so we just

no not taking turns at the same time


you have i mean what game show it

usually have like wheel of fortune right

yeah pat

sajak and vanna white and they have

these two different

jobs and every time you have like a host

and a co-host even

with like the price is right you had

johnny over there talking about the

products and then it goes back to bob

barker and nowadays it's drew carey and

i don't know who the new guy is that

helps drew carrie out right

but what if he actually had like two

hosts up there

and we essentially just fought over

whether or not

it was our turn to ask the questions

well i don't want to immediately poo-poo

on this but i'm pretty sure

the pre-requisites for hosting a game


number one enthusiasm number two

less sarcasm and making fun of the


okay number three must

turn up on time if at all okay so that's

why we're not game show hosts yeah i'm

not even gonna go on for the rest of

this so yeah we're not turning out yeah

i mean the first three

right there you know it scratches us

right so back to the facts right

these ones are kind of pretty random but

this is how i got them from the

original document because remember i

copied and pasted it into a notepad

thing at the time

i think i was on windows 3.1 at the time

you're actually yeah

you found the file which was like um you

know using an abacus

to today's equivalent calculator your

smell is unique

unless you have an identical twin so

you're saying twins smell the same

yeah no kidding no i don't know if that

counts if one of them doesn't have a


but what about what about uh like a

male and female twin all right yeah i'm

thinking that might be good

like what what if you have like you're a

guy right and you have a twin sister

and she smells like a normal girl

so does that mean you smell like a girl

well what do girls smell like without


roses no they don't oh

that's what i was told well i grew up in

england they don't smell like roses

oh okay well yeah i thought that's what

they smell like but

i'll take your word for that so humans

use echolocation

if they're blind mostly or mostly blind

it didn't deniate you know so

i don't know if blind people mostly use


or mostly blind people is that your


i don't know that long stick that they

use in front of them

and i always thought they were just

making sure they're not going to step

into anything but is that why they kind

of tap it

are they walking around tapping that and

using the echo location to figure out

you know what's around

them i thought that was to beat the cni

dog oh

it's sad for the cni dog yeah no no if

that's what the

if that's what the blind people really

use that stick for is to beat their


i'm pretty sure i'm pretty sure they

don't because i've not i don't think

i've seen

maybe i have in a cartoon a blind person

with a cni dog and a white stick because

if you've got that white stick

and the sea and eye dog that seeing eye

dogs like really you don't trust me you

got this white stick but then i suppose

if he does use a stick to beat the dog

with that kind of explains everything

why don't you have more blind people


race horses because they already have

the stick so

you just throw them up there on the

horse and then they have that longer

stick where they can reach back well i

can answer that

i can answer that immediately okay

because horses

have tender upper back thighs which is

obviously not the

most scientific name for it but jockeys


when to beat their horse before it gets

too tender and it goes numb and so

when the jockey sees that they have to

catch up on the people in front of them

they beat the horse harder and they know

when to hit that pain threshold to make

the horse go but if you're blind

you wouldn't know what position you are

you know in the race so you wouldn't

know when to beat the horse and when not

to be the horse

yeah but couldn't the horse tell you

well it's not mr ed oh

that would be cool though if mr ed was a

racehorse nice about the fatty i think

yeah probably yeah what was the guy's

name that had mr ed

i don't know yeah i don't either did you

know by the way in that show

that they used peanut butter to make mr

ed talk

i always thought he'd just talk no

because he has because he's cleaning his


oh well i thought he was a talking horse

your nose

remembers 50 000 cents i don't believe

you on that one no i

i my not when i wrote that down

i put a note saying i call bs i bet it's

about like 50 maximum i can't even think

of 50

well let's be honest i can't even think

of 50 right now

i'm not going to be different it took me

a couple of weeks i could write down


you know sewage pineapple on pizza

so pretty much the same thing so we put

those together yeah okay so

so your first two right out the gate

yeah the same thing yeah you don't need

like another five thousand variants

no you don't there's gotta be like yeah

six smells yeah i think there's six yes

that's crap i think

it's gotta be an even more yeah so your

teeth start growing

six months before you're born okay so uh

using three months math you're three

months in

the belly right yeah now you stopped

right yeah

i'll buy that yeah well that's unless

your mum is a

like meth addict in which case they kind

of fall out three months before you're

born so

well that makes sense too yeah but both

your baby teeth and your adult teeth i

don't know

maybe that's why some kids don't grow

their baby teeth because there is that


because there's that kid in stranger

things right the fat kid with the curly


his teeth don't grow in do they because

he didn't have any baby teeth and then

they like he gets as an adult

he gets his adult teeth oh well i've

never seen that show but i i've heard

something about a kid on there

with no teeth yeah something like that

and yeah i feel for you man

i know i know what it's like to have

teeth problems it sucks

here's one which i don't know quite how

they came to the conclusion especially

in the bulletin board days pound for

pound human babies are stronger than


i've always been kind of anti that pound

for pound

yeah you know i hear people talking

about fighters right it

usually always goes to fighters whether

it's boxing whether it's mma

something like that right and it's

always oh pound for pound this guy was

the greatest fighter

yeah well yeah but you look at somebody


butterbean i remember watching him box

when i used to watch boxing all the time

and this guy's like

i don't know 350 400 pounds or whatever

it's like you know if he smacked you in

the face and you weigh 90 pounds yeah

you're gonna fall down but if you had

some gorilla guy that was like

600 pounds like some sumo wrestler that

beat him

then pound for pound he wasn't the best

fighter so

why can't you just say best fighter

period why do you have to

do it in weight it's it's weird anyway

because you know i used to do like you

know full contact you know mixed martial

arts and

you know i was about i think about 190

pounds when i was doing that

and fighters you went up against you

know i mean it

it was pretty much a match it was you

know just who got the best hits in

but there were this would have some


you know some contest would be open and

if i fault

somebody like you know 20 25 pounds

lighter than me

you know his hits still kind of they

hurt a little bit

but when you hit them you really notice

the difference i mean

that that extra weight really really did

make a difference but when you're

talking about

say like a boxer or a martial arts

fighter against a normal person

even somebody who weighs 120 pounds

you know they know how to throw a punch

and you're like 250 pounds they're gonna

knock you out

ah but okay so that's why the pounds of

pounds is bs i'm agreeing with you yeah

and i remember a good friend of mine

frank who would

uh ran the bike shop here locally in

the mighty metropolis of keller texas he

had told me a story about going up to

sturgis and there was a guy called the


and he was this little skinny guy and

you basically you know all these bikers

rolled into sturgis

and they could pay money to fight the

daisy and

if you won you won something i don't

remember frank's gonna know the story

better than i do

but the daisy just whooped up on

everybody right

he was literally was thin so maybe get

rid of pound for

pound and shouldn't it be aged to age

because taking the weight right if it's

like 190 right

if you're 60 years old and you weigh 190

pounds and you fight a

20 year old that weighs 190 pounds and

you both have the same training

wouldn't you put your money on the 20

year old i don't know because

no there's a point where right up until

about the age of 50

you actually get stronger as long as

you're still training the the old man's


yeah yeah it was always about that old

man's strength and i remember that

growing up as like you know old men for

some reason just have this weird

stream so let's just agree now put it

out there the phrase pound for pound is

absolute bs

yeah it means nothing all right yeah i

can get behind all right

so here's one your feet can produce a

pint of sweat a day now before you

interact on this one i just want to tell

you about the story of stinky dave

stinky dead stinky dave when i was at

college i had a

shared house for my let's see

sophomore year right it's only in there

for about maybe about eight weeks

because the house we were supposed to be

moving into wasn't ready and so

there's this you know kid dave who we

hadn't met but

he just so happened to get this i don't

know application in with the landlord

and he took the last

bedroom in the house but this dude

really great guy

that had the stinkiest feet i have ever

known ever even to this day right

and when he would walk across the carpet

the carpet would

stink it would stink of cheesy sweat now

it wasn't because he didn't bathe right

he showered every day

but his feet just left behind this odor

of like cheesy sweaty things now well

you know

i don't want i don't want to embarrass

him but that was david marshall of

manchester england who

graduated round about you know 1995 from

the university of central lancashire and

preston so but i'm not going to say that

because i want to protect his identity

and not embarrass him no that's awful

nice of you

but when when stinky dave was walking

around yeah

and you say he left this smell yeah was

he walking around barefooted yeah

yeah okay so what about socks well i

don't know i think his feet had eaten

through all the socks

i think i only saw him barefooted he was

a bit flint stone-ish like that but it

might have been the

acidity okay so now how many people are

living in this house four of us okay

and that's kind of what i figured four

people so how did

the three of y'all not tell stinky dave

hey look

dude when you're walking around man you

gotta wear shoes it's one of those


things you just can't tell somebody i

mean the funny thing is with guys i mean

we'll pretty much

call each other out on anything but i

just think it's one of those things


it's just a little bit too personal no i

don't know

no now you you gotta tell stinky dave we


followed behind him with some talcum

powder and just like poured in the


and some shaking that we used to hoover

and but

was stinky dave not smart enough to

figure out that

hey maybe i stink and that's why

everybody calls me stinky dave

well we didn't call him stingy dive to

his face oh that would have been fun

well and the internet wasn't up and

running so we couldn't really put it on

his social media so

i wonder if he's on twitter right now

and that's his twitter handles

dave well i hope he got surgery on his

feet to get rid of some of the sweat

glands or find out what the problem was

because but in europe it was horrendous

yeah but in your example you're saying

the average person puts out a

pint no sweat i'm saying they can it's

not everybody

oh you don't put out a pound of sweat a

day well

i thought you said a pint point yeah you

know see now

your food no it says your feet can

produce a pipe sweater

oh can so up to a pint yeah so like

normal person

yeah maybe nine ounces or

40 tablespoons or something we're not

guessing here in case you're listening


but but stinky dave yeah is one of those

pints yeah full

well probably a full six pipes he

probably averaged it out for everybody

yeah there you go yeah so a full bladder

is about the size of a softball and can

hold up to 800

cc's of fluid how many tablespoons is


ccs is that cubic centimeters i think so

oh well we have no clothing maybe one of

our listeners back

in england can actually educate us on

what 800 cc's actually equivalents to

because like

is it a milk bottle full or is it well

you said though

it's the size of a softball yeah so i'm


maybe a three-quarter full cereal bowl

well in women apparently it could be

raisin bran with women it can be visibly

noticeable if they need the bathroom

because it swells out a lot to the front

if they

if their bladder gets that full so this

one i thought definitely

scientific if you thought that last one

wasn't kind of like going to be

published in scientific american this

one you probably pass

gas 14 times a day you know when i first

read that i thought

you know they've got that fat from brody

in second grade at hill springs


right but you probably pass gas 14 times

a day

so probably it's a good indication that

yeah well is that from the front

or the back end um i don't know

probably pass gas 14 not about 14

or not i'd have rounded it up to 15 and

said about 15. you passed gaffes about

15 times a day and left it at that

yeah i don't like the number 14. i mean

once you get past 10

you should go in fives right i mean

we're already having problems with

measurements right now so once you get

past 10 it needs to go

it should just immediately go to 15.

yeah don't tell me 13 or 14 just tell me

15. i don't know

make the math i don't know how much

science was in that oh here's one which

i did actually look up this is the only

one i did look up

okay and it wasn't true but i'm gonna

read it anyway uh sneeze can travel

at 100 miles per hour as opposed to a

cough that can travel at 60 miles per


now it's wrong because the upper limit

of a sneeze in terms of

miles per hour is actually greater than

that and a cough can actually

travel great in that how much greater

well i don't know i can't remember it

wasn't while i was getting

obsessed about remembering it but it

both those numbers were wrong apparently

so based off the fact of all of these


that you've now read the one that we


to the end that you fact checked is


well no i just don't think they're

measuring instruments at that time when

they made that

fat without correct there's probably a

plus or minus error

well probably yeah it probably wasn't

radar of course we're using

miles per hour and not skipping stones

across the pond

pearl throw per fishing cast

which would be probably a better

measurement yeah oh

is one the last actual fact i've got


oh you had to sneak another one in yeah

i wanted to get this one in because i

also didn't believe this but this could

have easily

been dismissed if i had fact-checked

this one but i was in a rush

25 of your total number of bones are in


feet there's 26 bones in each feet

so that makes 52 52. so once again why

couldn't it have been 50.

50 would have made more sense so so is

there roughly 208 bones like in the

human body then um

there's 25 percent so there's 26. that's

pretty close

26 in each foot right so it's 52 times


208 i don't know i think i think there's

like 200 and some bones you think for

some reason that makes sense

i don't know it might be 300 something i

don't know

might be a remember when this was

written you know that's it i think i

believe a lot of those facts

but you have to remember i'm still

skeptical about the dangers of

drinking gasoline or licking lead paint


don't really be taking my word for any

of those things if you want to bring

them up in trivial pursuit or if you

happen to appear on jeopardy

or any associated game show don't kind

of bring these things up as knowledge

because you might make yourself look


well that's probably true

but can you imagine if one of these

questions just happened to be on


and they got the correct answer like

it's the final jeopardy

question and it's well based upon what

we've just told them

yeah no i can't imagine that at all or

no i think that could happen i mean

could you actually go on jeopardy and

just listen to

this podcast and then clear the biology

category and say look all the research i

had to do was just listening to this one


and i cleared that whole column no i

think that's the equivalent of you and i

going on america's got talent and

expecting to make the final

round i think we could in the art


yeah something along those lines well

with all that said

thanks everybody for tuning in to this

episode of the wolf and the shepherd

we certainly appreciate y'all's support

and we will catch you on the next one