Feb. 17, 2021

Episode 56 - Music And Lyrics

The Wolf fooled the The Shepherd into talking about inspirational lyrics from songs. 


welcome to this episode of the wolf and

the shepherd today we're going to be

talking about

music and lyrics i mean we're we're

music fans

we we do like our music we like

listening to songs

one of us actually likes playing songs

from time to time

one of us likes singing songs horribly

but we are passionate about music and


we have had a couple of podcasts where

we talked about specific songs but we


hey what about just some songs we know

we couldn't make a whole podcast about

just one song and we wanted to talk


certain lyrics and certain songs that

kind of move us kind of

get us interested all that good stuff

well i think before we go any further

we need to address the elephant in the

room there's an elephant in the room

uh what's the word when they say when

it's not really a thing but it is a


oh an elephant in the room i think yeah

yeah yeah

i know some of our listeners right they


do their own podcasts yeah and we just

want to give advice

do not do a podcast on clowns because

we researched the top i researched the

topic heavily

the other day and it was an absolute

mess and we had two tries

to try and do a podcast on clowns and


miserably you know i'm glad you brought

that up because

not since the beginning of this podcast

have we

went in recorded scratched and then said

let's try it again

and all that that was the first time

since the inception since we started

bringing out our content that we both

looked at each other and said you know


this is not working yeah i mean the

pilot was bag crap

but i looked up all this stuff and it

was really confusing i mean we went to

our basic [ __ ]

definition on wikipedia that was


and then we went to another definition

and it said clowns were

interchangeable with priests remember

that bit

yeah a bit where like yeah like go to

confession it's like

oh sometimes the clown turns into the

priest i'm like

this is absolutely lost me this is like

um you know the american horror

right like thing on hbo american horror


we basically ended up confusing

ourselves so bad we couldn't even get


i didn't even know what a clown was by

the end of it

i'm still confident now you have to

remember clowns should be an easy topic

but you're listening to two people who

managed to make a podcast about

somebody digging holes true right and

this doo doo dog holes

like before we had him on i did some

research i went on the internet and

there was some russian company which dug

a hole i

think was a mile and a half deep into

the earth

right might only have been a third of a

mile but i'm just going to run with

the mile and a half thing because it

sounds great but anyway

so we got this guy on yeah and we

thought oh my goodness he's going to

tell us about oh my goodness when you

dig deep down

you're coming into all these fossils

it's like you're going to get all these

oil and all this other stuff and then we

asked him a question

first of all it's like well how many

holes did you dig and he said

oh yeah about between 20 and 30 a week

and like the shepherd and i looked at

each other like

wow that's fantastic and then we asked


how deep the holes were dug and he said

yeah between

12 and 24 inches so and then

you know i was on my best behavior

because i thought i was literally sat

there and i was like well i could bloody

do that oh he needs a shovel yeah

so you know that didn't turn out well

but that was a fantastic podcast but

you just can't do one on clowns no

there's you cannot do

a successful podcast on clouds that is a


public service announcement from us just

stay away from clowns yeah we have

covered a man who digs

12-inch holes and made it

funny but we couldn't do clowns but also

i want to bring this up again all right

bill burr if you're listening mate we

love you

but we know you ate the starter you were

supposed to bring for us

exactly which we don't necessarily

condemn you for because

if the shepherd and i if somebody sent

us like if either of us worked through


we would be eating some of the food on

the way to deliver it oh sure

absolutely yeah so we don't blame you

bill burr but we're a little bit

and it's bill vaughn we're not bill burr

you're thinking

this is how unimportant hulk digging is

i'll be honestly

yeah so there's bill burr joe rogan dang

you because she

kind of yeah i thought it was bill burr

now well let's just blame bill burr now

because i haven't heard him yeah i i

think we do blame bill burr

all right well we were listening to

uncle joe earlier

we were yeah that's probably why you

made that mistake so did

he hear our food on the way did he steal

our food

bill burr i think bill burr did

i think joe rogan invited him to texas

and then bill burr

went up to aurora stopped by smoking

windmill barbecue

got our food grabbed him an alien ale

and ate our food on the way here and

then we never met him

he just can't trust anybody yeah so

anyway so

the topic today music and lyrics the

reason i really wanted to bring this up

is because we're both musical people you

in you're in a band and you were

you know pretty good at it i was in a

band i wasn't good in it at all i'll be

honest with you

i totally believe you well that's ups

and that's

that's rare yeah i usually don't believe

you but when you say you

are terrible in a band i totally believe

yeah you've made me a little bit tearful

for that

condemnation well lyrics you know music

and lyrics i think

you know there's certain lyrics and

songs which

make people feel things

you know and you might not even like the

song i mean there's a lot of songs i

hear lyrics and

i don't necessarily like the song but i

hear a lyric and i'm like

it kind of touches you not

inappropriately but

you know it kind of touches you and you

feel it and

sometimes there's you know songs where

it's just the music which touches you

and there's no lyrics and

so you know today i wanted you know the

shepherd and i

to come up with some songs where

something meant

something to us and it might not mean

anything to anybody else some people


not relate to it but just lyrics and

songs which kind of

touch you again not inappropriately

because we don't have any um

legal covering in terms of anybody gets

touched inappropriately so

no that's that's totally true yeah and

this this podcast

is going to be a little bit different

because typically

you're in charge of all the research

yeah you go out you write up all the


you go to your first page of google and

and figure out what we're going to talk


but in full disclosure because we do not

want to

lead anybody astray here before we got

started you came up to me and you said i

want you to pick out

some songs that have lyrics that are


for you and i said okay why

and you said well i'll tell you later so

i do actually for one of the first times

outside of a

interview have notes in front of me so

this is this is kind of weird for me

to actually have my own little chicken


page of notes in front of me that i get

to refer back to i

i feel kind of bizarre right now that i


am keeping the notes in front of me well

my one page you're allowing me to have

because you said

i can't read that so well we literally

only had one piece of paper left so you

have to fit it on one page so that's

that's why you only gave me one piece of

paper yeah okay

see that makes sense well and actually

that wasn't the first thing i said to

you the first thing i said to you

was put your t-shirt back on i know

we've got the

air conditioning turned up high because

it's really cold outside at the moment

here in texas 21 degrees

yes 14 degrees with the windchill but

you were sitting there with no t-shirt


yeah and and maybe we should clarify

that because you know we

record long before we put these out and

this is that cold snap in texas and

and it is a little bit chilly outside so

if you hear some

teeth chattering or something like that

uh we apologize but

it is a little bit cold yeah so we

decided when we were going to do music

and lyrics that we can't do the smiths

right because there was smith's we said


yeah not allowed because smith's is like

morris is like

shakespeare so it's an absolute waste of

time so i i thought of two

smith songs at random absolutely two

songs at random but but

they were prime examples of why we can't

use the smiths

but i podcast but i think you might be

onto something

what if reincarnation is real and


actually is shakespeare well that would

have to be reverse when

it because like shakespeare was there

first oh no i'm saying that

morrissey is the one

yeah it might be wouldn't that explain

stuff i would explain a lot

doesn't reincarnation typically kind of

stay local

yeah i mean you know souls just can't

jump across the atlantic apparently so

wouldn't that make sense that morrissey

might be shakespeare

that might be i like the two songs right

and i

literally just thought of two smith

songs in my head

and thought of two verses like so i came

up like real around the fountain

okay which i think was like a b side of

one of the earlier smith songs

it's time the tale was told of how you

took a man and you made him mold

if that's not poetry i don't know what

is to be honest with you and that was

like a b-side song

another song off one of where our

favorite albums one of the earliest


albums um hatful of hollow the uh girl


song right it's like girl afraid where

does the intentions lay

or does he really have any because he

never really looks at me

i give him every opportunity and that's

two b-side songs i mean none of this

you know famous smith songs but every

song from that period was

just literal genius i mean and that's

why we can't use the smiths in any of


music and lyric scene because he is

shakespeare and

like no you're absolutely correct he's a

great lyricist

great singer all that good stuff we we

said okay

no smith songs those are off limits we

both like dismissed too much

we're going to fight over whichever

songs we want to pick

and we'd probably pick some of the

similar songs so we're not going to talk

about any smith's lyrics

so i haven't said well outside of the

ones that we just talked about yeah so i

haven't said that

and agreed upon that i want to actually

do a boomerang on you on this one which

you weren't expecting please please


let me go on the opening thing right

good times for a change

see the luck i've had could make a good

man sing bad i mean

i mean where'd you go from that yeah

it's such a powerful song and

in that song of course is a very short

song compared to

you know the standard valley of it's two

minutes right

and uh covered by several bands uh

great song in great message but i think

18 bands actually if you look

on youtube yeah but he didn't really

need to

have that long of a song in there to get

that message across

how old were you when you first heard

that song because when because

did you hear that firstly on hatful of

hollow or what did you hear it from the


smith's eponymous kind of no it it would

have been hat full of holo

is where i had heard it off of so i

don't remember what year hapful hollow

came out it was

uh very definitely early eight years or

early to mid 80s

probably when i heard it so i'm going to

be seven or eight years old somewhere

along in there

and it was i'll be honest with you i

mean listens uh

album and the lyrics and that album it

was rough on me because

you know i identified with a lot of it i

wasn't particularly social

and hearing songs like that on that i

wouldn't mean i

identified with most of it and i think

in a way and it's a funny thing

that you'll read of a lot of famous

people who

listen to the smiths early in the 80s

especially english people and they say

that smith

saved my life and you know in terms of

you know going to a psychiatrist or

anything else yeah the smiths

really did save my life in terms of

listening to those

lyrics and feelings so i don't know i i


feel like i had an identity and a lot of


especially in england at that time

didn't feel like they had an

identity because you know you didn't

have a social media you didn't have

these groups where the goths could come

together where the alts could come


and you felt you were all alone and

suddenly this band came out and just

said you know what

sometimes life's an absolute piece of


no absolutely and and of course we could

go on and on about the smiths

yeah so yeah so anyway we're getting

them out of the way now

we're getting them out of the way so

musical lyrics

right i asked you to put down on paper

some songs

maybe some lyrics which spoke to you

even if you weren't necessarily a big

fan of the song so that

if i said to you what you top favorite

songs none of these songs might be in

your list

yeah i i look back and of course i had a

very short time to figure this out but i

mean the first song

right out of the gate for me is by my


favorite band flogging molly uh been a

flogging molly fan

for years i've been very thankful

that i actually know a few guys in the


uh talked to them on a infrequent basis

but every time they come into town get

to sit down with them

hang out with them and talk to them one

of their first songs that

i remember hearing the song and saying

man the

the lyrics are really powerful in this


is a song by flogging molly called if i

ever leave this world alive

part of what we were looking at with

this podcast is just like little

snippets so it's not like we're gonna


you know the lyrics to the entire song


any of these songs but what we're

actually going to look at is just

kind of one of the most powerful

statements in that song

and one thing that i love about this


is the following line so in a word

don't shed a tear i'll be here when it

all gets weird

it that one always hit me really hard

i've also told

my wife and i've since now said don't

give me a funeral

but i always said at my funeral i want

this song

played for the simple fact of that line

in there

of course the song's called if i ever

leave this world right now can i

interrupt there because you said

i had complete autonomy over what

happens when you die and i was just

going to set fire to you and like throw

you in a ditch

yes well once again like i said this is

back when i am on your own life

insurance policy

well that was back when i wanted a

funeral now i don't know

so what about that lyric i mean you know

i joke about it

in terms of like touches you

inappropriately i think there are some

lyrics which

jump into parts of you where you don't

necessarily want to expose to

people even you're close to but some

lyrics just kind of i don't know make

you well up with tears or just

make you feel a certain way and

sometimes you can't even unders

understand why they make you feel like

that without lyric i mean what about

that lyric

kind of hits you the reason that i

always said

that song needs to be played at my

funeral is

because i i know i'll die before my wife


much healthier than i am takes better

care of herself and all that

and i wanted her to really dig into the

lyrics on that song to basically say

hey things are weird right now you know

i'm gone of course she's

i've always joked but in seriousness i

know she'll probably take a date to my


uh it's not going to be difficult for

her to find somebody else

after me but it kind of wanted to let

her know hey

you know i'm still going to be here when

all this stuff is now weird it's a

powerful line in that song

that's partly true but like i said you

sneaked in me on

third beneficiary on your life insurance


i guarantee you she won't be turning up

to your funeral so anyway

that's okay so my um i mean i'll be dead

so what do i care

well i don't know we've got a medium and

we're going to be interviewing in a

couple of weeks

don't don't be letting out the secrets

all right there you go again

he good he good he talks dead people a


so um my first song it's an awkward song

for me because i don't understand

why i like the lyric play it's archived


fire speaking in tongues now the music

in terms of the guitar it sounds like

somebody very angry but very desperate

you know what it is you know when you

hit the guitar strings

rather than just like playing them

you're like spanking the guitar

almost like a rage against the machine

yeah yeah yeah

really yeah exactly you're like angry at

the guitar but it's the only way you can

get your emotion out and

you know the lyric from this song his


reader my double my brother

where did we lose our way and i've

struggled for like a number of years

with this lyric because

it's introspective it's um

one of these existential type lyrics of


it it's really talking about himself you

know hypocrite reader my double my

brother where did we lose our way

and with the angriness i guess of the

guitar playing it

for me i i don't th this is the one song

and this is why i chose this first

i don't understand why i like this lyric

i mean i love the song i love the guitar


but that lyric i don't know stuck with

me for years

and years i still don't really

understand it

i don't know if it's looking insular

wise but hypocrite reader my double my


where did we lose our way no i said i

still don't understand it really to this


but it just comes up to me whenever i

hear that song

i mean that's repeated like about think

three or four times

during the song just every time it stirs

something in me and i just don't know


i think there's a lot of songs that stir

things up in us

and we don't really know why for

instance the

the next one on my list and you know

me growing up wanting to be in an

alt-rock band

and being kind of that teenager of the


it was impossible not to have nirvana

be a influence

on it it was going to be nirvana or

pearl jam at some point in time

and so even though it wasn't one of my

favorite nirvana songs one line that i

always loved in nirvana songs was from

all apologies which is just a very

simple line

i wish i was like you easily amused

and it's it's kind of powerful my wife

even gets on me right now we'll watch a

quote-unquote comedy on tv or or a movie

and she'll look over at me and

she'll be laughing she's like why aren't

you laughing and i'll say well

it's not really that funny and i think

that's why that one hits me because

i'm just not easily amused now on the

flip side of that coin there are some

things that i find

hilariously funny that a lot of other


don't but they're far and few between

and i look at myself

as that same person kurt cobain was

singing about when he said i wish i was

like you

easily amused and i've just never been

easily amused yeah now i understand this

because obviously i know you

and and to carry on from that like i i

like stand-up comedy

but i'm not one that watches a stand-up

comedy show and when you

hear everybody laugh every 15 to 20


i might laugh six times in an

hour right now i'm entertained

but i'm not amused well neither of us

are people who like go along with a

laughter track

right right and i think that's one of

the big things but um yeah i couldn't

remember that

lyric but when you bring it up i


somebody from a band back early 80s

said you know i wish sometimes i could

just be a builder

a bricklayer because i just like to be

i just like to have a job and just be

happy at doing it

go out in the morning knowing what i'm

gonna do do my job and come back

home at night and collect my paycheck


you know just live that simplistic

lifestyle because

you know and really i mean it is one of

those early 80s you know all the

kind of old bands and punk rock bands

new wave bands were all

anti-capitalist but it was just like

someone said i would just

like a simple life you know sometimes

being smart

being an intelligent brings a certain

amount of depression

and then when you go back and look at

all these great people in history all

the great poets all the great lyricists

and everything else

they were depressed and their

intelligence did bring them out

you know depression i mean the same

thing with morrissey we were talking

about and that thing there i was

i wish i was like you easily amused i

wish i could just sit there

and just be happy looking at bull crap i

wish i could just sit here on the couch

and just be entertained by this useless

crap being put in front of me

but you can't because you're too smart

you're too intelligent you realize

yeah it's not funny there's a laugh

track it's contrived

it's nothing really inventive about it

and i i don't know if you asked me would

i like to be

easily amused or would i like to be


but a little bit depressed i honestly

don't know what i'd go with

i think it also goes back to the famous

saying and i don't know if it's

attributed to

anybody or not ignorance is bliss right

right so so the people that are ignorant

and of course

ignorant contains a a negative

connotation and it's not necessarily

that whatsoever but sometimes ignorance

is bliss when you don't know

any better you're happier right you are

happier when you just

don't know any better yeah and there is

some bliss

within that yeah it certainly is no

that's absolutely true

and that you know until you mention that

no i mean i have heard that from a

variety of sources in different

ways it's been you know maybe portrayed

or explained and that's the absolute

truth that you know it would be nice

just to be able to be

happy and just accept things the way

they are in society you know

not question your government not

question anything

and just be happy and just live your

life but i think there's a point where

you know if you're kind of smart that

you you start getting issues with things

you start getting disgruntled with

things you should otherwise accept you

know i think i've always felt that way

in a bit

you know and so now i absolutely

appreciate that lyric now

before you go to your next one it kind

of reminds me of an

a not an article but i think it was a

twitter response

to somebody they were talking about and


well i don't know your list you don't

know my list but i'm

gonna guess for a second you don't have

a rage against the machine

song on there i remember seeing a tweet

that somebody was attacking rage against

the machine about them being

too political and somebody on twitter

actually said

what machine do you think they were

raging against

the washing machine because it's the

political machine that they were raging


and all of a sudden you do get some bans

that have political messages that have

some kind of message kind of like morsi

or something

like that and it tries to take people

out of that

ignorance but a lot of times they just

say oh i like the

the way the beat is i i like the melody

of the song they don't even know what

they're singing

they don't know why they like the song

but it's a catchy melody it's got a

great hook it's got a good guitar riff

it's got whatever it is in there so

that's part of that ignorance is bliss

when people are singing along with songs

and they don't even realize

what they're singing well one thing i

will say for rage against the machine

if they were an instrumental band you'd

still feel the same way

i just think the way they played their


it got you riled up and made you think


something you needed to be like well no

you're absolutely correct

my wife does not like it when i listen

to rage against the machine because she

says i start to get angry

yeah i i just all of a sudden my mood

starts changing

and that anger starts coming out

and it's completely subconscious but you

kind of hear that

in the music and then the message behind

the lyrics is the same way

it's like turn off the housewives of

orange county i want to watch paw patrol

yeah it's yeah it's a real yeah you

switched it so

my second song is that little bit of a

bizarre one because

it's taylor swift and i'm not a taylor

swift fan all right so i'm

during this segment i'm going to tune

out yeah and and you're just going to

talk because

i'm not going to say anything yeah about

taylor swift but this one's all on

yeah but there was an early song she did

called change

right and you know you know we've

mentioned it on my pod

wow on the podcasts oh oh you have a

separate podcast

i don't know about well i do have one

which is just purely selling

clothes how's that going for you

it's not working out very well be honest

i'm sorry i haven't sold anything

i'm still doing it though twice a week

you know taylor swift

change now the reason i got connected

with this song

because as you know my son has autism

you know

as an autism parent you're always

looking for this hope

there's some development and you know

this song

you know i'll go right into the lyric

actually it says uh

tonight we'll stand get off our knees

fight for what we've worked for all

these years

and the battle was long it's the fight

of our lives but we'll stand up

champions tonight

it was the night things changed can you

see it now

these walls they put up to hold us back

fell down

it's a revolution throughout your hands

because we never gave in

and we'll sing hallelujah we sang


hallelujah and so to me i mean that song


you know forgetting how i feel or don't

feel about taylor swift

that song just really speaks to me about

my son and it's

hard for me to listen to that song

without crying especially that last part

of that

song because you know it's everything i


you know i want my son to have victory

you know to overcome the hurdles he's


and yeah i mean those lyrics like i said

when we said about you know these songs

might not be in our top 10

songs but it's just the lyrics you know

i mean that

that for me i mean that's a powerful

song for me and

i see what you're saying i mean that

there's another one so the next one on

my list kind of a powerful song

with me and once again here we go we're

dealing with death

and the song was actually written by a

guy named

wayne cochran then a band called

jay frank wilson and the cavaliers got


up a little bit more into popularity but

in my generation when i'm growing up

listening to music

and i heard pearl jam cover the song it

really hit me hard and i remember

playing the song by pearl jam

for my parents and my dad saying well

they didn't write that i've heard this

song before

and if you haven't figured it out by now

it's last kiss

by pearl jam and it's an extremely

extremely sad song but

there's a line in that song that to me

is very powerful that says

she's gone to heaven so i've got to be


so i can see my baby when i leave this

world right

that's a super powerful line

now i never knew that that was a cover

version when i first

heard that so well neither did i you

know i

i'm i don't remember exactly when pearl

jam released their

uh cover version i mean it's a great

cover version

it really is but i i just remember my

dad telling me

well you know that's an old song it's

almost like and this isn't

on our list and now that we're right in

the middle of this now i'm thinking

cats in the cradle would have been a

good one right now

because uh i i remember hearing a cover

version of cats in the cradle

and it was an old band to cover that

right what was that i don't know

that song ugly kid joe was the name of

the band i think that covered the song

was it or or something like that but but

hey now what's the binder did

i tell you everything about you right

yes yeah i'm pretty sure

and i remember a good friend of mine

tommy true love

uh hopefully you're listening to this

man but i remember

going to your next-door neighbor's house


we played that song off of a tape i

think we made

and his dad and the guy

that lived in the house that we were

playing pool with they both looked at us

as kids saying this is an old song this


not a brand new song because we're like

this is a great song it's brand new

and we didn't know but going back to

last kiss

when i heard the original i was like

okay well you know

that's good too but you listen to the

whole song

and you realize what a sad song no it


now didn't pearl gem actually record

that on like an original like a track or

something because when you listen to it

they they did it so it actually sounds

kind of

old like it was you were playing it on a


or you were you do have to remember well

i know you're not

you know an audiophile guy like i am not

that i'm great at it but i

i kind of study a little bit of this but

pearl jam has always been all about

analog recording versus digital

recording right i mean even dave roland

the foo fighters you know they

like recording into that old analog

sound recording on tape and then having

to convert it over to digital so you can

stream it and download it and put it on

cds and everything but

pearl jam always wanted to record that


analog style and it gives it that kind

of warm

feeling and then when you listen to it

on vinyl it's even more

warm now this was unexpected for you

but i know this is about music and

lyrics i wanted to bring in

your top three instrumental songs

ever she reminds me she reminded me with


instrumental so so no lyrics no lyrics


yeah you can't use melancholy in the

infinite sadness because that's a given

yeah yeah that was one of the that was

going to be in there

beethoven would have killed himself to

have written that

yeah no that's that honestly would have

been in the top three most perfect

honestly and piece of music ever believe

it or not i used to

use that song as a wake-up song

on alexa i had a uh you know an alarm


and alexa would wake me up at a certain


and then play that song and i had to

stop it because i started to associate

that with having to get up out of bed

i always say of course i still do

i have a similar story on that that i

had it but it would send me into lucid

dreaming it wouldn't wake me up

because i loved that music so much that

melancholy and the infinite sadness and

i remember i would go into lucid

dreaming i remember

buying that record or or album or

whatever you want to call it right

and popping that first cd and remember

it was a two

yeah yeah you know and popping that

first cd

and and listening to that song and


wow this is the smashing pumpkins and

then of course tonight tonight was right


that that had an orchestral you know

beginning and i'm like man i love this

band but where are they going with this

because this is

utterly fantastic and i still love

that first track on melanie that's not

there's not many pieces of music which

you'll actually use the word

beautiful about but melancholy and the

infinite sadness

yes that is a beautiful piece of music

so anyway

so you got three other pieces of music

off the top yeah you got like less than

20 seconds

okay so uh and it can be in songs

where there's actually lyrics but just

pieces of music which you're like

um well i know one right off the top of

my head

and i cannot think of the name of the

song and it's driving me nuts but it's

the first track

off the toadies rubberneck album mr

love i believe is the name of the song

and i'm probably going to get fact

checked horribly on this

but it's just guitar and drums and

everything and i think there's a couple


little you know talking in there

there's not any real singing but i

remember that being

like this instrumental track where i

said you know that's great but the

toady's rubberneck album i think it was

1994. toadies were big in fort worth and


back when you know i was really into


wanting to be in a band and everything i

mean one of my dreams was to get a call

from a club in deep ellum and say hey

your band's going to open for the

toadies tonight

and i always wanted that to happen yeah

so that would be one honestly uh

the theme from star wars it's always

going to be on that list

i i think it is a great piece of music

that john williams put together

on there now you talk about that

not the um

although that was my ringtone on my

phone for a long time well you told me

that was your sex music

yes well make love to your wife that

[ __ ] you use that star wars that's right

that's why yeah i can go three and a

half minutes yeah but

uh so so we got those two remember it

doesn't have to be

it can just be an instrument of a song

the rest songs

have some singing in it there okay

so here we go back with smashing


the uh because of spotify that we have


there is a i think it's called sadlands


badlands demo and there is an

instrumental version of 33

that you can listen to on spotify and

i've always

loved the music behind 33.

uh it's a good song all the way around

it even the the regular song i love how

the bass comes in on that song

back when darcy was playing the bass for

smashing pumpkins and

all that good stuff i'm gonna have to go

with that

is my number three now now that you hit

me out of left

field i mean look you came in and we

were gonna

record and you gave me like this short

amount of time to think about that

i'm like god there's there's so much and

i know i'm missing this and we're i'm

gonna listen back

and say oh i should have said this song

oh i should have said that song

those are the first ones that popped

into my head all right so

no no no says mine i was gonna say you


this to me and of course you knew you

were gonna do it to me so you probably i

need to

know i only decided like okay 10 seconds

before i said it

but um i think with mine everlong by the

foo fighters that introduction is just

okay now but now you're changing the

rules no i told you it doesn't have to


somebody's singing it just has to be a

piece of music it just has to be an


which there's instrumentals in songs

well sure i if we go with that i mean

we're gonna need like six hours

right i love the solo in tripping daisy

uh their record i'm an elastic

firecracker i can't think of the name of

the song

it's the longest song on the record the

song is seriously like seven or eight

minutes long

and the guitar solo is incredible

i could tell you november rain by guns

and roses right yeah

the the guitar solo yeah and november

rain and the piano

in that is just utterly maybe you

misunderstood the question

i'd probably taste the music yeah yeah

so no eva long

foo fighters love that smells like teen


nirvana if there was never any lyrics in

the song

yeah they'd have just played that for

the whole song

i think that would have got things i

think that was the third

song i learned how to play on the guitar

and it was the first song i taught my


how to play on the guitar yeah said it's

it that first riff

is so powerful and it's so easy to play

but yeah

you basically have to have this in your

house if you're gonna play the guitar


really surprising one because it

surprises me and it's on my list

is a landslide by fleetwood mark

so here we go with the smashing pumpkins

again right you have landslide come out

by fleetwood mac and i never was a

fleetwood mac fan

and it's kind of ironic i i mean i

really wish tommy true love was sitting

here because

he loved fleetwood mac and he

always tried to get me to listen to

fleetwood mac and get into him and i

never could

then pisces iscariot came out by

smashing pumpkins

and they covered landslide and i'm like

this is a greatest song have you ever

heard this and he's like

well this isn't a smashing pumpkin song

this is a fleetwood mac song

and i almost stopped liking the song


for some reason i just was so

anti-fleetwood mac

but my favorite part about landslide

and i still think that smashing pumpkins

did a better job than fleetwood mac

hands down i know they wrote the song

but remember it's a piece of music they

play the same way but the no the

pumpkins do a better

job but i remember when the dixie chicks

which now they're just the chicks

when they brought out their version my

wife's like oh you gotta listen to this

and i'm like i i hate it i i absolutely

hate it

it's almost like they said okay

fleetwood mac wrote the song

the pumpkins covered it but now we're

gonna try to cover

the pumpkins version yeah and do a

terrible job

yeah it's terrible i agree now my last


actually breaches into our list smashing

pumpkins tonight tonight

the intro should we have just called

this podcast why we love the smashing

pumpkins well after we did the smiss bit


but no i mean the intro to the tonight


have you heard the strings

only version on the spot i have tonight

yeah yeah i have yeah

is that not amazing i go into like all

types of heaven when i listen to that

but no the intro to tonight's night

again it makes me feel things i don't

know necessarily what i'm feeling but

going back to the music and lyrics thing

the thing i was going to come up with

the opening thing

time is never time at all and about the

relativity and never ever leave

yeah but but about the relativity of you

know time is never time at all

yeah the opening part of that song just

sends me to directions and places which

it just hits in different parts of my


my mind i just can't explain but

that being the following on song from

you know obviously melancholy and the

infinite sadness

on that album he listened to melancholy

and then it breaks him here tonight

tonight i mean i think that album

it's a powerful it's like dmt it's like

metal trips mean i mean it that

that album sends you to places which

i remember in and let's talk

just a little bit more about the

pumpkins and then move on i remember

listening to gish their first record

and knew about that before

you know a lot of folks did and then the

the next record come out and for some

reason i'm drawing a blank

of the name in the next record but that

was the one that today was on

which i always loved the song today

siamese dream there it is

uh siamese dream came out and then today

kind of made the pumpkins super popular

and there were

other great songs on there rocket and

lots of good songs lots of good songs

but my parents they knew i

liked the smashing pumpkins and they

would hear me

playing all this and of course i was

always as a kid

trying to get my parents to say hey you

know listen to this

you know this is a great song and and

they just no

no we don't like it it's too much

screaming too much this you know they

don't like screaming i remember

when i played tonight tonight from my

parents and i said

you've got to listen to this song this

is an amazing song

and both my father my mother heard the

song and they're like

that is so great i wish you would listen

to more music

like this i said mom and dad this is the

smashing pumpkins

right and they couldn't believe it so

after that

i would play him a different song and

i'd say what do you think of this

my mom literally would always say is

this the smashing pumpkins right

after that that also probably that

tonight tonight

is one of my top three videos music

videos all the time

fantastic video i mean my number one

video all time

hands down november rain right never was

a big

guns and roses fan but all-time top

favorite video

of all time yeah november rain but yeah

you can't

out do that and and i don't want to hear

crap about the

thriller right yeah we're not going


yeah november rain great video tonight


tonight tonight i agree with you by the


here's a little trivia so did you know


i think it was aeroplane by red hot

chili peppers

they were actually looking at doing a

video kind of like that

and the pumpkins were actually looking

at doing a video like

aeroplane because it was this kind of


video that red hot chili peppers did

for that song and they decided to you

know kind of divide out and

we'll take this genre you take that

genre because it was

right along the same time and obviously

the pumpkins

back when mtv mattered yeah they won all

the awards

and chili peppers didn't win anyway yeah

before it's about

16 year olds getting married and stuff

on mtv man

you know before we leave the pumpkins


you know one of the songs i forgot which

really i think

hit me hard was the uh bullet with the

butterfly wings was the world as a


when he opened up with that lyric the

world is a vampire

and then it got on to look so like you

know despite on my rage i'm just really


but i mean yeah that opening lyric of

that song

you know you can understand it i mean it

doesn't matter what your political views

are whether you're anti-capitalist blah

blah blah

you know the world is a vampire i mean

that just

opening in terms of a song given where

they're at

at the time i mean for me when i heard

that i mean i never

not get chills going out my spine when i

hear that eric i love that

thing i know i'm gonna have to rush

through the rest of this

list because your wife has ordered some


for you yes at home one of those rare

occasions where you're gonna have dinner

waiting for you when you get home

so i've gotta rush through this it's

only twice a year

yeah so one of the songs which i is

really quick and simple

rihanna stay never now i love the piano

bit of it and i mean it's a beautiful

love song

but there's this lyric in it which says

well funny you're the broken one

but i'm the only one who needed saving

and it's a little bit

sarcastic in a way it's like you know

when you i don't know when people date


people who are like narcissistic and

like make themselves out to be the


and but you know like i'm hurt i'm hurt

you need to take care of me but then

they make everything about you

being the problem and stuff and i just

love that lyric

you know they're well funny you're the

broken one but i'm the only one who

needed saving

that song i mean like i said the piano

in it it's fantastic

i'm not a rihanno rihanna fan but that

song i think is beautiful and i think

i really do like that lyric because i

think most people

have dated somebody who they think yeah

they kind of victimize themselves

and we kind of got a little serious with

some of this

but one of the ones that i chose was

actually kind of a fun

song and lyrics that kind of mean

something to me

there was a band called bowling for soup

i i went to college at the university of

north texas in denton texas

and this band was from denton texas and

i remember

this band got their start playing on a

little street called fry street right

outside the college

and then got some nationwide stuff and

they had

one song called ohio and

then they eventually had to put in

parentheses come back to texas

because it was kind of all about texas

and in the entire song i mean i could i

could read the entire song

and if you live in texas you would

love the references that they put in

this song

but one of the the best parts of the


is the chorus which the chorus actually


come back to texas well let me back up

so that the song is basically about

losing a girlfriend

that moves to ohio and that's why they

call the sun

ohio so the chorus of the song is

come back to texas it's just not the


since you went away before you lose your

accent and forget all about the lone

star state

there's a seat for you at the rodeo and

i've got every slow dance saved

besides the mexican food sucks north of


anyway such a great chorus yeah and

there's so many

references to texas in that song

it there's like a what do you call it

like a bridge in there

it's like you know blue bell wants you

back the bush twins want you back

it it's such a it's a fun song it's a

happy song

but i've always loved the chorus of that


because you and i both living here in

the great state of texas

when you hear that song you almost want

to play it for other people and say

this is texas and they even referenced

denton county now you've never really

losing a girl who moves to ohio well if

she decides to move to ohio then she's

probably texas you know she's probably

not you know she's probably not worth it

one of the songs

that she actually both chose on this was


fake plastic trees right one of the

great songs

of you know in terms of english alt


that was almost on my list yeah until

you told me

no yeah you can choose it yeah i've

already done it you've already chosen

yeah you can't have it you use

i think the way it starts off very

simple right there's two chords

until halfway in the song right so you

can teach anybody

play this song and then it kind of


no hang on i don't think i could teach

you how to play it

i can play fake plastic trees

guitar hero doesn't count all right then

i can't play fake plastic trees

all right anyway i've got two sets of

lyrics from this song

she lives with a broken man a cracked

polystyrene man who just crumbles for

one which is like

yeah it's pretty freaking deep and then

the second part she looks like the real


she tastes like the real thing my fake

plastic love the sad part is that fake

plastic love

we could spin that into a podcast

and that might get a little scary you

know what i mean yeah but

i mean i think that first thing about

you take it it's about the same person


you know she lives with a broken man a

crack polystyrene man who just crumbles

it's somebody who just breaks apart and

loses their crap

every little you know instigation and


you've got the other thing the other

side of it where it's like she looks

like the real thing she tastes like the

real thing my

fake plastic love it's like this person


i don't know it just seems like it seems

like it

touches all my buttons pushes all my

buttons but

i just don't want i just don't want it

it's just pathetic

radiohead radiohead has always been one

of those

bands that's kind of always been outside

the norm

uh creative almost like the smiths yeah

and let's be careful we don't want to

get in this mess again but uh they

they've almost been

kind of like the smiths that they've

always tried to go outside the box with

the way they've done stuff distribution

of records

distribution of tickets concert tickets

kind of like pearl jam did as well

totally get where they're going i mean

tom york is the genius

i mean he actually has some i think it's

his brother who had a band called

the unbelievable truth there's a few

songs which i have

by them which again fantastic but yeah


tom york's lyrics i mean he did a song

for one of the twilight movies

uh hearing damage and you listen to that


and just the whole beat of that song

again if nobody sings to it there's no

lyrics in it it's just one of those

songs which

evokes an emotion in you and i think


you know did a very good job you take

like karma police

you know songs like that the guitar in


i mean it's it's like somebody taking

the strings of the guitar and strangling

you at times in terms of

what it evokes in terms of emotion and

even if you hear the lyrics because

tommy york doesn't always

sing that well that you can actually

understand the lyrics

you know you actually have to look them

up to actually yeah especially like

songs like karma police and stuff you

actually have to

look it up see exactly what he's saying

but it's just

i don't know radiohead i mean they're

for as long as they've been around


very powerful mood

mood based band now move on what are you

going on my last song yeah

so my last song is by joni mitchell

and in full disclosure i didn't know it

was a

joni mitchell song when i first heard it

no because i

heard the counting crows version first

and then dug into the song and realized

joni mitchell

wrote the song and first performed the

song and that's big yellow taxi

i think that song has such a powerful

message in it and one of my

favorite little pieces of that song is

don't it always seem to go that you

don't know what you've got

till it's gone they pay paradise and put

up a parking lot

such a great line in in so powerful such

a great metaphor

because you don't realize when you know

that some aspects of your life go away

and then you move on to a new spot or

you know maybe you go back to your

hometown and you say hey i remember

when this looked like this i remember


the house i'm living in right now this

is no lie

the house i'm living in right now i know


i was a kid i walked around that field

with a shotgun

with a friend of mine and we were

hunting doves and now it's

nothing but houses it's powerful that

you don't know what you've got

till it's gone and when the counting

crows did it

you know i love counting crows i've seen

them two or three times live

but i kind of almost understand why they

decided to go ahead and cover that song

because of the message behind it well

you don't

know what you've got what that lyric

you've literally said

right with accounting crows with the

song a long december

there is this verse at the end of it

says um

and it's been a long december and there

is reason to believe

maybe this year will be better than the


i can't remember all the times i tried

to tell myself to hold on to these

moments while they pass

well i think exactly kind of yeah but i

think adam duretz the

lead singer accounting crows that guy's

got a lot of pain

yeah it in his life and i think that's

what makes a lot of the songs

so powerful i remember seeing them live

on the recovering the satellites tour in

fact i

believe it or not i still have the

t-shirt from that show when i saw them

in a tiny little club over in dallas

there might have been 200 people there


i remember standing in that club i was

probably five people away from the front

of the stage

tiny little club so 200 people not that

big of a deal

and i fired up a cigar and was smoking a


while they were playing and adam duretz

just kind of looked at me

and then gave me this nod that you know

i was sitting there

smoking a cigar and i i was almost as

close as i am

to you right now from him it was kind of

bizarre i've always liked this the small

shows versus

the the big stadium shows but most kids


they don't get to go see the the small

music shows anymore

everything's the big stadium shows but

back in those days

i always liked the small shows you know

the counting crows were almost a band

which i wanted to actually

not kind of talk about in this because i

think a lot of their songs

you know recovering the satellites

mr jones you know cowboys and stuff

a lot of adam duretz's lyrics are just

like pure poetry

and you know i wanted to avoid that

because it's just too easy to choose

those songs

but it it's impossible for me to give

you a list of

powerful lyrics without including him

yeah exactly that's why we have to get

rid of the smiths get rid of the

crows get rid of these bands yeah it's

just too easy

well you told me no smith you never said

no counting crows

yeah but but it's something your last


right my last one which isn't gonna be

the last one so i'm gonna stick in like

three really quickly here actually

fedei blind how how's it going to be

uh i wonder how it's going to be when

you don't know me

how's it going to be when you're sure

i'm not there you know when you've

broken up with somebody and they know

it's done

and you've kind of got that


kind of attitude of like don't bother

trying to resurrect this relationship

because i am

freaking done but how's it gonna feel

when i'm not around anymore i mean

there's a lot of things you should say

about that song but i think that's one

of the best

break up songs ever how are you going to

be you got it

one of the best breakup songs ever right

so i'll give you that one

shifting on because we ran out of time

because i know you want to get home and

eat the food

your wife is ordered for you i'm hungry

so coldplay the scientist

i i don't know if you know that song we

probably know i don't like

beautiful i don't like coldplay yeah but

i'm just not a fan

but again but again the early albums

right very very poetic all right and the

piano stuff i mean you've got a dude

who's like

can play incredible incredible piano and

guitar everything else

but lyrics come up to me you tell you

i'm sorry you don't know how lovely you

are i had to find you tell you i need

you tell you i

set you apart and you know it's funny

you watch the video of that

song and everything's in reverse right

the entire video is in reverse

and you know those lyrics without piano

music to me i mean again it is just like

a beautiful thing like

could i relate to it no not necessarily

but it was just a beautiful thing it's


when you talk about guns and roses and

november rain

it's not relatable it's just a beautiful

image like in the

video and the lyrics and music and

everything which goes with it

you know especially with how the piano

starts and that

and when it gets in the guitar it's just

a beautiful thing

and that's the same thing well dang

they're the hackers

yeah somebody just drove by yeah

somebody just drove by the studio and

said listen to my muffler yeah

we're not listening to anybody's muffler

without sponsorship just want to put

that out there

so my last song again a song which i

know you have never heard of

it's by aqualung it's called strange and

beautiful and it's really a song about

unrequited love and the lyrics are

sometimes the last thing you want

comes in first and sometimes the first

thing you want

never comes a lot of truth a lot of

people can relate to that right

and um you know the chorus says i'll put

a spell on you

you fall asleep i'll put a spell on you

when i wake you i'll be the first thing

you see

and you'll realize that you love me i

mean just uh

to me that was always kind of like a

nerdish view of a love song

of like you know i've got no way to get

this girl to like me and so

yeah i'll turn to magic or blah blah but

i mean that's the whole

epitome of unrequited love when you've

got somebody who doesn't even

acknowledge your existence

and stuff and it's like you're just

gonna wake up and you're just gonna fall

in love with me and it's

a stupid notion but this is the type of

stuff when you're

a kid when you're in your early teens

and you like somebody in high school or


that you know how do you just get this


to like you or know you and you come up

with these stupid

imaginary things when you're in the

shower or the bath or while you're

laying in bed late at night of

how can i get this person to love me and

this song's about

i'll put a spell on you and when you

wake up i'll be the first thing you see

and you'll fall in love with me and just

mean the most

stupid answer to try and get

somebody like you well i remember

one of the many songs that i learned how

to play on the guitar

years ago and this isn't on my list but

kind of going back to what you said is

tyler by the toadies

once again bringing them up i mean fort

worth band

gotta give them some props here but


kind of what that song is all about and


music was good and all of that nobody


read into the lyrics behind the song

but there's actually a line in the song

when he kind of gets towards the end he

says i can't believe i'm really here

as she's lying in that bed i can almost

feel her

touch and her anxious breath i stumble

in the hallway

outside the bedroom door i hear her call

out to me

i hear the fear in her voice she pulls

the covers tighter

i press against the door it was one of


where that was somebody he was in love

with he

wanted to be with her but he couldn't

and you could hear the struggle

and and when you hear todd sing that

song you

you hear that pain in his voice like

that this was something he had dreamed

up in his mind like it

i'm going in there i want to do this and

and there's a lot of people that

see some different things in the song

when they're wrong but

he had that pain yeah he had that pain

of what he was trying to

search out there and it was that love

pain like you're talking about

now to end off with you know

music and lyrics there was somebody who

said if a lyric doesn't

punch you in the dick punch you in the


or punch you in the head then it's


i agree i mean it there is a place for

bubble gum pop

right it you know that there should be

songs like

who let the dogs out who who you know

nobody cares

i still don't know who let the dogs out

well i get on my kids because they won't

let the dog out because he's got to go

to the bathroom yeah

there needs to be goofy songs right

there there needs to be songs that you

just kind of

listen to sit back and you don't have to

think about

that are not high level in the lyrics

and you just

listen to it because it's fun there's a

lot of music out there that people

don't actually kind of drag themselves


and figure out exactly why it's

meaningful with that said

thanks for tuning in to this episode of

the wolf and the shepherd

hopefully we did not depress you too

much because

now uh i guess i'm going home and

eating dinner but hello darkness my old


yeah i now now i'm i don't even want to

listen to music tonight because now i'm

going to

start digging deep in that spotify

playlist and

start listening to songs we will catch

you on the next one thanks for all the