Feb. 8, 2021

Episode 53 - Cancel Culture

The Wolf And The Shepherd try to figure out exactly why cancel culture is becoming so popular. The Shepherd realizes that there is a new animal that he doesn't like, the emu, and the Wolf reminisces about some terrible television in the UK from several years ago. 


welcome to this episode of the wolf and

the shepherd today we decided we're

going to tackle the subject

of cancel culture so

what is cancel culture this episode

actually replaces the wolf and the

shepherd have no talent episode because

i couldn't get

somebody to come in and use a video

thing yeah i i know i i struggle singing

dancing drawing yoga i struggled with

trying to find somebody that would film

that too and i can't figure out how to

try to record us

on my phone while we're also recording


episode on audio and everything yeah

we're still struggling with that

so uh one of these days probably i don't

know 2023

maybe we'll get it figured out and then

maybe we'll have something to show yeah

well i was thinking about that i had the

tv on in the background and somebody


cancel culture so thought yeah that

would be a pretty good topic to talk


now um you know whenever anybody

mentions cancer

culture there's automatically a

political leaning applied to it which i

think is

unfair because the vast majority of

people i think

disagree with the concept of how council

culture is applied

well and i think we're gonna have a

difficult time

taking politics out of this i mean i

think we're to have to mix a little bit

of politics in it

yeah but it's not necessarily which way

we lean yeah because it doesn't matter

yeah because let's be honest if uh tulsi

gabbard was the

democratic uh candidate for the last

election you and i would both been

voting for her twice

yes maybe even like ballot harvesting

for her i mean you have 50 states right

right couldn't we vote

50 times right yeah okay so that's a

hundred votes

between us right yeah i mean we could we

could have pulled that yeah so although

we kind of identify

oh right they're sending they're saying

no they're sending the bombers in

i didn't take long yeah i i think tulsa

that council culture came in a little

bit quicker than we thought yeah

so but no even though we identify as you

know right of center

you know more kind of fiscally

conservative than

you know the other way we would you know

we go for who we think is a good

candidate and yeah

we would have voted for tulsi gabadoo

ran as a democrat in the last election

if she had ran but

she didn't well we didn't you know well

no she did

but she got voted out in the primaries

well yeah that's because the wicked

witch of the northeast

claimed she had some russian right

you know i smell a rabbit hole that's


yeah funnily enough i do actually have

a very obscure russian connection

because you remember on one of the

previous podcasts i told you i used to

i guess uh catfish people for fun on

uh those dating websites before you had

to actually provide any

verification id verification or pay any


i went on those uh get a russian bride


websites failed to get a russian bride


so but if any of those russian brides

out there are real

if you can just dispose of those photos

those things yeah

over email not only that but but you

know they gotta be there's gotta be

some real russian brides out there it's

gonna be

it's gotta be but i think they probably

look more like the wife of borat in his

first movie than actually the ones i was

that's right into yeah yeah you know

it's like i

i always get some emails and everything

and look i say well

you know this this has got to be true i

mean there

there are so many local singles in my

area that just wanted me oh yeah

there's actually signs now i mean

they're so desperate to meet me there's

actually signs on almost every


saying local singles in your area are


to meet you yeah and that's that's even

with kovids i mean they're that

enthusiastic about dying to meet me

right and and so how do they know me

even though

they're dying to meet me how do they

even know me i i've got to figure this

out because there's all these local

singles that want to meet me

i'm just trying to figure out how

they've heard of me right because i'm

pretty sure we could

monetize that if we could figure out how

they know

they want to meet me well i didn't want

to talk about monetization yet because

that's coming along in a bit

so i think most people you know they've

got like an idea or an opinion on what

constitutes cancer culture

okay so i figured we'd look go our usual

route look up a few definitions on the

interwebs just in case

you know any of our listeners have been

in a coma for the last few years or

exclusively watch animal planet is there

a cancel

culture on animal planet i don't think

so because i actually watched that

like in the background well i listened

to it in the background which got you

which is like listening to skiing on the

radio to be honest but no i do actually

have that on in the background quite

often and um

actually before i move on with the

council culture definitions i

would just like to say that if any

representatives from animal planet are


we do not yet have an official zoology

based cable channel sponsoring us

so we're open to waffles although um

outside of giving us a zebra to keep in

the studio as a pet or a bowl of mantis


not exactly sure what they're gonna do

for us oh no hang on now

we might be on to something so how cool

would it be

to have an aquarium in here full of

mayonnaise shrimp yeah

but what would what material could the

aquarium be made out of that's true


of their supernatural powers take the

heat of the sun they generate

but what if we could channel that power


saving on electricity what do you think

would happen if you swallowed a mantis


while it's still alive probably the same

thing that happens when you eat at taco


well i was hopefully going the superhero

route oh yeah

kind of like being bit by a radioactive

spider or something along those lines

right i mean that would be great but i'm

thinking more taco bell route

but let's be let's be more realistic i


we we do not exaggerate on this part

i've actually i've actually been looking

out in our local race

track and other gas stations because i

don't want to

discriminate against any of them in case

they want to sponsor us for

manta shreep flavored chips

mantis shrimp flavored chips yep well

you you have that one flavor of chips or

one brand of chips or whatever that you

really like

maybe you need to get a hold of them and

explain to them

they need a mantis shrimp flavored chip

yeah might be good but anyway but anyway

first of all wikipedia a normal go-to

not that we believe yeah much of what's

on there but love the guys who were


yeah it normally simplifies it but um it

says um

council culture is a modern form of


in which someone is thrust out of social

or professional circles now

personally i think that's a bit of a cop

out and crap because it sounds like

anybody who's lost a sumo wrestling

man yeah i've been thrust out of a

social circle and and i'm also wondering

why we are so against flightless birds

i mean why do we have to be so against


i mean they're just walking around

they're doing their thing why

why does everybody have to be so against


well i think ostracization if i'm using

the term correctly

uh which is when somebody is pushed

outside of a social circle because of

their beliefs or actions

it is ostrichization

i think that started after the dodo

became extinct

because the dodo went extinct because it

was ugly and people killed it because it

was ugly and then they started picking

on the ostriches

but wouldn't it be better if it was


i mean i i don't like emus i'm okay with

ostriches but i'm not okay with the

immunes what's the difference

uh emus are uglier than ostriches emus

scare me

and plus you can ride an ostrich but i

don't know if you can ride an

emu well well is that because emu's

won't let you write them

possibly yeah they mean they're both


well they are both mean that is true

yeah you know but you can also find a

mean horse right that doesn't want you

on his back so uh

yeah i i i still just i don't like emus

i think emus are canadian i'm pretty

sure they're from canada

yeah probably let cats ride on their


probably that makes sense so anyway um

we've obviously not

taken any tangents on this topic but um


the non-woke edition right uh it

describes council culture as to stop

giving support to a person which again

it's not really a great thing is it i

mean it's just like finding out

your child with your ex-wife was not

really yours so you stopped paying child

support i mean it doesn't really cover

a grand definition or it might sound

like the ex

kind of like five head coaches of the

dallas cowboys jerry jones has got tired

of i just don't know if that's a

complete definition

right but of course based off this

definition they had to have

support before right so that the support

is being

yanked it's not that they never had


that there had to be some support to

begin with and like you say

with getting canceled and people are

behind them they're fans or something

like that

then all of a sudden they don't become

fans so if you have somebody that

never had a fan never had any support


can't blame cancel culture on this

because they never originally had the

support yeah i thought i thought while

you were saying that if somebody

canceled us

i'm not sure anybody would notice i

don't think so either yeah

i don't even think we would have i don't

know yeah the only difference is we just

the microphones just wouldn't be turned

on yeah well and we

probably wouldn't because we'd probably

just go through the motions yeah but we

made that mistake before where we

when we podcast and forgot to turn the

microphone yeah and the microphones were

replaced the other way around and then

yeah then we didn't have the input for

the microphones for two or three

episodes we were just recording off the

laptop so

yeah then we've got to switch the deal

on the laptop to say hey don't use the

internal microphone on the laptop yeah

yeah so so when are we doing doing our

doing our nationwide tour on the

podcast 101 essentials charging 28

per head oh is it up to 28 now i was

going for 24.95 that just

that's what they're getting a free

t-shirt oh are we making t-shirts for


yeah you didn't tell me about that so

now i got to look into that

yeah you're giving me a lot of stuff to

do here and and it's kind of ironic

because we're talking about canceling


yeah so i thought this was like removing

responsibilities now you're giving me

all these additional responsibilities i

i don't know if i'm

i'm willing to handle that well i'm

figuring now we're getting a little bit

more china friendly as a country that we

could get a better deal on the t-shirts

and of course uh in our last podcast we

talked about

subbing out uh the amish dolls to china

we need we need to get a contact over

there uh

we need to work on that staff remember

earlier i was talking about the russian

girlfriends online thing now how they

get unmonitored access to the internet i

don't know so i'm kind of a little bit

suspicious about it but there is a

maybe we need a vpn sponsor maybe that's

what they're doing they they have a vpn

yeah so they're pretending to be

somewhere else you know i'll be honest

with you at this point

i was gonna go with the definition of

council culture in my head

but as we've probably previously

discovered i don't think any of our

thoughts should really be

broadcast on a podcast probably probably

not so um

dictionary.com which is never my go-to

why well for a number of reasons one

because i normally spell words

incorrectly and so i come up with a

definition like

ostracizing instead of ostracizing

and so i think that doesn't sound

correct but hey it's dictionary.com

they've got to know what they're talking


that's true yeah so anyway i actually

copied and pasted this so i didn't have

any spelling issues so

this had the best definition i've come

across actually it says uh

cancel culture is withdrawing support

or cancelling public figures and

companies after they have done or said

something considered

objectional or offensive which i thought

was fantastic because it's that

considered word

which is really the big word in that

entire definition

considered who considers you know who


the culture of cancellation considered

as the buzzword in that entire


well i agree with you there so are we

trying to

get those people whoever they are that

are responsible

to make these decisions to cancel us

it wouldn't be hard well i mean if we

could be cancelled because again we're

it's like we're almost immortal in terms

of cancelization culture at the moment


we don't have any money right b we don't

have any platform behind us

that's right and c will still find a way

to keep bugging people with a podcast

over some form or another so we're safe

so we're safe

okay good at the moment all right thank

you for doing that research

yeah so we're safe we'll continue on

yeah now now unfortunately

council culture does have this kind of

political bias applied to it and that's


the majority of people who support

council culture i guess

well they drop into that group of the

far left but it's a it's a group in the

far left which

the majority of democrats also don't

agree with and so

it kind of stains you know a whole

political side

with this i guess millstone around their

neck which they don't identify with or

support because

you know the majority of democrats the

majority of republicans are good people

but you've got

five percent on either side or a wacko

right the far left the far right

and those five percent on either side

ruin it for everybody else and


with cancel culture because it's you

know really a media driven

thing whether it be through you know the

news through

hollywood through music that because


what consumers take in you know the

council culture affects

you know almost everybody and it doesn't

matter whether you support it or not

whether you vote democrat or republican

you know sooner or later somebody who

you like

is going to be a victim of council

culture yeah absolutely

that's always going to happen and yeah

it it's always the extreme

that's that's what i found i mean

throughout my life it's always been that


sideway no matter what you want to point

it out whether it's politics whether


being a fan of nfl football

it doesn't really matter the extremists

with anything kind of ruin it for

everybody it's that

uh bad apple the uh you know the one

bad apple ruins the bull bishop or

whatever the saying is

right so you have this little sect

of people that just kind of ruin it for


the irony is the majority doesn't think

that way

yeah but they let that little piece of

the minority of

whatever that aspect is kind of control


so totally totally get what you're

saying well yeah and i think um

i was listening this week actually to

the podcast with uh joe rogan talking to


lovely political hero tulsi yes gabbard

and uh

you know they mentioned multiple times

that most people regardless of political

affiliation in terms of how they vote

have much more in common than they have

that they don't

agree with unfortunately you know the


centers in on this stuff which we don't

agree on and blows it up

and makes it the most important issues


you know that that type of division

we've seen

over the last whether it be four years

or the

eight years before that and even towards

the end of

you know george bush's presidency that

you know there's

there was this underlying theme to try

and divide the american people and i

don't think

you know it's been healthy obviously

because you know i've got

friends i've got relatives who vote

differently than i do

but we're friends because we have much

more in common than we don't have in


right in there's absolutely nothing


with having things not in common that

keeps things interesting

if you surround yourself with people

that you obviously

just agree on everything then that makes


boring life needs debate life

needs differences in friendships or


whether it be and i'm going to go back

to the whole nfl thing you know i

there's a lot of people that i like to

give grief to because they like a

certain team

and so it's just convenient jostling

that you do

between two people and then there can be

topics that

get a little more sensitive but then you

have to realize that friendship needs to

be stronger

than that belief structure and sometimes

yes you do have to agree to disagree

which i actually hate that statement but

sometimes you actually do have to agree

to disagree

and move on and just be friends and say

you know hey

you know i like black t-shirts you like

black t-shirts but

you don't like it when i have a black

t-shirt on that

has white on the front of it and i don't

like that you have a black t-shirt with

red on the front of it

we can find goofy ways to disagree and

as long as they're goofy ways

i think that keeps things interesting

it's funny actually one of the cartoons

my son likes is a

rabbids invasion right and it's that

yeah it's

yeah i don't get it i've seen every

episode like about

200 times have no choice in the map but


there was an episode where the rabbits

were in the uh

laboratory monitored environment and

the scientists dyed half of the rabbits

kind of like blue and half

red and automatically this division

started appearing

you know they started forming groups

even though you know they were same

species didn't have anything

different in common in you know how the

way they approachings whatsoever

but it was strange that it really


on probably the most simplistic basis

ever that people will always

find a way to find a vision and if

you've got somebody who can make

money out of promoting that division and

people who are in power

especially in media power to promote

that division you know

they will run with it and unfortunately

where you have people especially over a

certain age who

still believe the news is the truth and

it doesn't matter what

tv news channel you listen to they're

definitely reporting the truth

you know you're going to have a problem

because a lot of people you know they

still have this trust factor in the


and they don't they don't maybe want to

think they have this

cognitive dissonance that they don't

want to feel that people are lying to

them and

it's the same on both sides don't matter

whether you watch cnn or fox news

there's a lot of it which is divisional


which is set to put people against

people for ratings

right and and once again you go

back to that opposite ends of the

spectrum where you're so

far on one side or the other that that's

truly the danger zone when you start

getting so far on one end of the

spectrum where you believe

nothing is true or everything is true

and you can't think for yourself

that's that's the scary part yeah and i


also part of the problem is that you

know you get labeled immediately now if


are against something i mean i'm against


well yeah that's fair enough you know

you've got the support of 99

dogs out there that's true yeah and also


of cats because they hate each other i

mean you notice most of time

dogs some of them we might have been a

bit bit

you know maybe abused whatever they're a

bit you know angry towards other dogs


most dogs like making you know like dog

parks right

right now we take our dog you know to

the dog park and most the dogs say they

get along you know they don't argue

imagine a cat park

it would just be non-stop fighting it'd

be like rollerball

i mean it would just be blood and fur i

i really wish you wouldn't have brought

that up because just the thought of a


park makes me not want to be able to

sleep at night if

those things exist i'm kind of sad you

said that because i had

another entrepreneurial idea that

there don't seem to be any cat parks

where you can take your cat to

socially mix with other cats but maybe

i've already kind of crapped on that


they'll try and murder each other i

don't know right i think that took

two sentences to realize why there are

no cap

there although although now now hang on

a second

i will tell you my wife took my

son to a cat cafe

and yeah a cat cafe

cafe yeah cafe cafe that's how i say it

you know in proper american english the

whole premise of this place is you could

get drinks and some kind of snacks

but there's no hanging off yeah but

but you walk in you can bring your cat

if you want to i think

but you go in this place and it's just

full of cats and all these cats are

wandering around

how ridiculous is that yeah so so kind

of your

your cat park thought there's

one around it's not outdoors because

now we're in this world that uh you know

in the age of covid not anymore not

anymore no we're not in the ice oh

oh did we get out of that yeah man i

haven't checked my email today

but now we've got people that have all

these cats together and they're

creating these businesses i i think i i

know a couple of people that have a

really bad

cat allergy i'd like to go ahead and

take them there and lock them in there


beyond that who in their right mind

would want to be around all those cats

nobody nobody would want to do that

that's a very good question

and one which i had not considered while

researching cancer culture

well but but it goes right along with

cancer culture i don't know if it is and

i've kind of forgotten where i was now

what was i talking about before we went

i don't even have a clue i i think we

need to go back to our notes and move on

to the next section

because i don't have any notes that's

waste time um so anyway let me think

oh yeah it was the labels thing that um

you know if you disagree with somebody

you know they happen to be a in

speech marks protected species that

you're automatically anti that person

and everybody who's like them like case

in point right

you know the wicked witch of the

northeast hillary clinton one of her

152 reasons of why people didn't vote

for her as president

was that you know white men don't like

women okay which is

crap because we like women and it's also

crapped upon because again this third

time we've gone back to it because i

hope she's listening

we love tulsi gabbard we'd have voted

for her she's white she's a woman

maybe it's because we just didn't like

you hillary you know same thing people

said you know like oh if you don't vote

for barack obama

it's because you're a racist and no

that's not true i would have voted for

ben carson um colin powell right yes

i mean again it's james earl jones right


absolutely i mean yeah no not even in

politics on a devoted face right but

i would have voted for james earl jones

hand down hands down because

i would have loved hearing him speak i'd

have voted for kanye west probably if it

had gone the full distance yeah

you know what definitely dave chappelle

or the vote for that oh now hang on hang

on now

you're on to something what about a

kanye west dave chappelle

ticket double ticket absolutely i mean

that would you not tune in

would you not tune in every day for

those press conferences yeah because

well you've got kanye on one side you

got dave chappelle

on the other as far as their delivery

you know because dave chappelle

you know he he's more of that speaker

he's a stand-up comedian

so he he formulates basically

speeches for his job it would be

fantastic kanye

on the other side has all these great

ideas entrepreneur

and all that and and is a musician and

so he's not more of a

spoken word artist but put the two of

them together

what a fantastic i would vote 50 times

for them but you know

like kanye's just gonna be sitting in

the corner probably in the back of the

room right

unnoticed with a microphone dave

chappelle's gonna be walking up to the

stand and you're just gonna hear this

good morning on this day we become

legendary by any means necessary

and then dave starts to speak okay now

hang on

so now we have a problem is it kanye

west is the president and dave

vp or is it dave chappelle is the


and kanye's the beast i think they

should change wheat tweet there's got to

be a

oh well well no actually actually they

could with the 25th amendment right

they could just kind of alternate like

dude i need a week off

so i'm going to turn this over to you i

mean they could take advantage of that

definitely vote for that yeah i

definitely maybe that's what this

country needs yeah

so anyways you know we're not


we're not racist but just didn't like

hillary just didn't like barack obama

just didn't like him don't

really like joe biden but also i didn't

also like mitt romney so i mean i don't


old white men whether they're you know

democrat or republican either it just

depends upon the personality but

and herein lies the problem cancel

culture has now got to the point

where it pretty much outside of the


things which we'll get to in a moment is

concentrating on

if you're conservative you should be

cancelled because

the five percent of maniacs on the right

you know the kind of idiots who into the

white supremacy and all this stuff

they attribute to all conservatives and

that's just you know

similar to us if we decided that you

know those five percent of maniacs on

the left

who you know decide that burning down

police precincts and trying to lock

people inside of buildings and set fire

to them

represent the whole of the democrat

party and that's absolutely not true


45 of democrats and sorry that

didn't work out but out of the 50 on the

democratic side you know 45

of those are fine and 45 on the

republican side are fine i mean 90

of people are great people who have a

lot in common it's this

five percent on either side which just

ruin the crap for everybody

right and it's the polarization yeah

it's almost like you you gotta choose a


i don't know why this is spinning so

much to nfl football but

let's think about it because you've been

thinking about the super bowl this week

um maybe a little bit

but so let's take a nfl football game

so i have no vested interest

in who wins the super bowl this year but

i will

watch the super bowl i'll enjoy it as a


even though i don't like tom brady i

will watch it as a game

enjoying the fact that i'm going to

watch a football game

but most of the time now we can't enjoy

the game because we're so polarized on

one team versus the other team on this

aspect it's kind of like the dallas


that's my favorite football team so when


watch a dallas cowboys game i'm more

critical of what the cowboys do

i'm upset when they you know commit


i'm more happy when they get a touchdown

and so i don't appreciate the game

so much as the performance of the


i'm more critical of that the super bowl

now i'm good i'm going to watch a

football game

i'm not going to root for either team

i'm just going to watch the game for the


and most of the time now we're not

worried so much about what's going on


being polarized on one side or the other

if that metaphor makes sense

which it probably doesn't okay

yeah so i've got my son for the weekend

so we're probably just going to be

watching yo

gabba gabba while i catch a sneaky view

of the game on my laptop

yeah no based off what you just said

you're going to be watching that rabbit


nice he's got he's really moved that yo

gabba gabba

at the moment yeah so all i hear like

about 40 times a day is

yo gabba gabba yeah yeah

that sucks for you yeah i can understand

now the thing is like dj lance who's

great dude i can understand what he's

saying but in a way it's still nonsense

i'd almost still rather listen to the

rabbits you know i think uh

i think what really highlights the


of the recent council culture is when

you know that there was a groundswell

movement obviously basing from the uh


part of black lives matter to actually


the show poor patrol on nickelodeon


because and i quote it portrays law

enforcement in a positive light

now again before we kind of move on from

that point i absolutely 100

in my heart believe black lives matter

but do i

support the movement which every single

leader has publicly come out and said

they are a marxist funding organization

with ulterior motives to just promoting


i do not support the blm movement but do

i believe black lives matter

absolutely one million percent but do i


that as a result of that that poor


you know should be in the firing line

there i think we've almost

kind of hit the precipice of


i don't like paw patrol so i

would inadvertently get behind

their movement if they're trying to

cancel paw patrol well it's not like

even though paw patrol

even though i don't support their


i think that's where some people get

confused you think it's a hazy ground

there because people who don't like

cartoon yeah so i might say oh these


want to get rid of paw patrol okay i'm

going to get behind this because i want

to get rid of that too

so then all of a sudden i get bought


their ideology and maybe that's where

people are getting confused

because they they attach themselves to

one little wagon

they say hey this is the wagon i'm

hitching my horse to

whether it's gun control whether it's

abortion whether it's

uh paw patrol all three very important


right yeah i would hitch my wagon to paw

patrol cancellation

other than those other two because to me

getting paw patrol canceled so my kid

will stop

wanting the toys and wanting to watch

the show so i can see how people get

behind that

yeah now i understand what you mean

because you know there's probably a

certain segment of people out there who

don't really watch much news don't even

know what blm is

but just don't like paw patrol i mean i

feel the safe about

same about you know the real housewives

of orange county and shows like that

i don't care what acronym what letters

are kind of

all for abolishing those type of shows

i'm kind of behind them

yeah and let's be honest there's so many

acronyms now

to keep up with i don't remember what

all of them mean yeah somebody's going

to have to provide us a guide because

i'm lost with all the acronyms now that

i'm supposed to keep up with

i think what proves that such a small

percentage of people who are behind this


council culture is that although it is a

very far leftists and

i'm not even sure of it you can even

define it as liberal nowadays

it's even a segment of liberalism you

know there's people who are behind this

hardcore council culture that they've

even started turning on their own i mean

you know this last kind of year you know

they turned on

ellen degeneres because she was mean

which you know it's fair enough you know

a lot of people are mean

um especially in you know show business

because you know they're tired of

dealing with the peasants and stuff

yeah but they surely decided to turn

around and be like oh ellen you've been

a [ __ ] the last 20 years and somebody's

just come out and said it

so right but but let's be honest i don't

know that much about the whole ellen

degeneres thing

but you know i know i'm i'm conspiracy


here right now but what if ellen was


trying to run a tight ship and wanted

her show to be

really good and so people said well

she's being a [ __ ]

because of the way she's treating people

and the whole time

all she's trying to do is make sure

people are doing their job

and because she's a woman they


point at her and say she's being a [ __ ]

but she's it that's her show

her name is on and that's the thing i

don't even like i don't even like her

but i still think the whole thing came

about was that like

she had a bunch of snowflakes who were

working for her and got offended because

they were told to turn up one time

i think she got the wrong end of that

yeah i i really

do i'm not even a fan of but i'd still

support her because you can guarantee

that like i said it's just people who

you know wanted to be treated with kid

gloves you know

wanted a starbucks you know when they

turned up in the morning it's like oh we

didn't get even get any free food for


and that type stuff yeah you know i mean

and also you know what

it's her show she's successful and it

doesn't matter whether i like it or not

she does a lot of good stuff for people

yes you know and

so you know again it's just stupid it's

just people eating their own and i mean

you take um

uh jimmy fallon right who again you know

he's you know pretty left-wing and stuff

and sure but you know i do actually like

him because i think he is one of those

few talk show hosts who is actually can


quite funny in terms of a monologue

without reading a script

yeah you know he does have some humor

about him but he got cancelled because

of he did a uh blackface sketch back in


2000s and you know there was this thing


you anytime there's any blackface going

on that it automatically means that you


slavery you hate black people and you

know i don't know the origin of

blackface i mean i don't know

we had it you know in england we had

this show in england called the black

and white minstrel show

okay now if there was ever a show which

would be cancelled in the studio

burnt down to the ground nowadays this

was the show it had a bunch of

uh white people with blackfaced singing

show tunes from like decades and decades


and you know that was basically the

premise of the show is entertaining

white people dressed as black people

singing show tunes and it's called the

black and white minstrels show when was

the show

this was oh my goodness i want to say i


70s and 80s i mean i barely remember it

you know i was like

fresh out of the embryonic sack at that

point right

but when you're watching it then you're

watching reruns

yeah are you watching it yeah but i but

the thing is i remember watching it and

i didn't

look at it and think oh yeah black

people are stupid i hate black people

i didn't i mean i didn't like the [ __ ]

because i don't like show tunes

right so that's what like the show you

know this kind of um

people being cancelled for stuff they


20 30 years ago or a tweet they made 12

years ago i mean you take even like

kevin hart right

he is one of the most self-depreciating


i think on the circuit i mean 90 of his

act is making fun of himself right she's

making fun of his relatives making fun

of his own skin color or you know black


and stuff and he came under a lot of

fire last year because

some of his early stand up had jokes

about gay people

in it unless you're saying i hate black


i gay people they should be put on fire

and you're actually

spitting out actual hate speech being

self-depreciating does that make

kevin hart a racist but because it but

because he's not

gay he can't make a joke about gay

people because if he was a gay black man

he'd be able to make jokes about gay

people but right

really what's the difference like i can

guarantee nobody went to that show heard

a joke about gay press and thought oh

yeah i hate black people now

right i hate gay people you know it's

just tough but

but in that comedy world that stand up

comedy world though

those guys honestly and i'm sorry let me

back up

those guys and gals and whatever gender

you choose

they have a tough time they really do

because all they're trying to do is make

people laugh

they want to put on a show where you're

sitting there you're listening to them

and you laugh and you leave there and

you're entertained

and then they turn around and they just


lamblasted and it's actually

extremely unfair to those

people it's truly sad i think one of the

saddest things which comes out of it

now is um again it's such a small small

minority pushing it but they have such

influence in terms of the media

is that even if you disagree with basic


such as there being two genders at birth

you know now you do have a few

abnormalities medically where you know

you might have a hermaphrodite

right you know whatever but that's not

you know what you're talking about

there's some people who are born with

one eye but you can't really count that

as a

cyclops yeah yeah cyclops

well now hang on no maybe you're wrong

if you're born with one eye

wouldn't you technically be a cyclops

well yeah

okay yeah i'd like a cyclops buddy be


i think he could see further than

regular people probably because that's

that would be kind of cool to have a

psychologist so

if there's anybody out there that was

born with one eye we want to be

come on yes please yeah and be our


yes yeah hey they do a better job than

we do well let's be honest well because

they might do some research but yeah now

if you disagree with that whole


thing you know you can you find yourself

cancelled to a certain degree

now you know personally i mean i don't

care what you choose to identify as you

know i mean that's really your choice


you know i'll support it and i'll

respect it as long as it doesn't start

infringing upon my rights or my

i think she's right so sure i think what

you're hunting for

though is it you know you do what you

want to do i'm going to do what i want

to do

and let's leave it at that right don't


don't make it to where i have to treat

you in this

special way i have to put this special


around you when i'm around you because

you have this deal that i don't agree

with i'm not gonna

make you feel bad but at the same time

you know if you came up to me

and here we go again if you came up to

me and say

oh well you like the houston texans

because you're a texan

well no i don't but you don't offend me

by saying oh well there's a literal

football team

called the texans and you talk about how

you're a texan and i say well i'm

actually a dallas cowboys fan

i'm not gonna shun you i'm not gonna be


that you assume that maybe i like this

football team

because people have assumptions we have

to have conversations you can't just get


offended and get so bent out of shape

because somebody

was trying to have a conversation about

something yeah and i think that's where

we're at with

this cancel culture yeah like i said i

mean i'm okay with whatever you want to

really identify as but

you know i mean if you're claiming to be

a non-binary unicorn named masala

when we all know you're a heavily

bearded man named peter i'm not really

going to play along with it i don't


okay peter needs another drink sorry

masala needs another drink

no no i'm going to disagree because even

though my name's not

peter that whole nine non-binary unicorn

named masala that sounds kind of

interesting it does maybe i'm going to

change that do i have to fill out a form

with texas

and the thing is because loud gender is


because you know again the whole

transgender thing like

that again that's the stupid yeah that's

a different

rabbit exactly it's a sticky topic and i

can get

people who feel that you know they


were born the wrong gender now does that

mean they're not that gender

biologically no it doesn't but so

so hang on does the flesh overcome the

spirit or the mind in those terms but


let's not even go that route because

that's a different thing altogether what

i disagree with

is this fluid gender as in you could

decide to be a boy on tuesday a girl on

wednesday a unicorn on thursday with no


and then be back to a girl over the

weekend when it suits you that's the

type of stuff i disagree with yeah whole

fluid gender stuff of

it's not a case of you know women's

convenience yeah so it's not a case of

somebody who genuinely

you know they were born biologically and

male but as always felt female i mean

that's not up for us to judge because

you know the mind is more powerful than

the body i mean that's

you know they genuinely feel they were

born in the wrong

biological body then that i don't know


and i wouldn't pretend now enough i mean

i don't agree with discrimination i

don't understand it

it's the gender fluidity where somebody

says oh i'm the 57th gender of this this

this this and this and on thursday i'm a

polar bear because it gets me 10 off at


off pizza at papa john's you know i just

don't agree with all that stuff

right so so let me ask you this question


this is something i've wondered about in

texas there are some

kind of joke signs on

bathrooms and literally i was thinking

about this there's one that i've been in

and i'm not gonna name the restaurant

there's one that says

sit to pee and stand to pee so

what if you like to sit to pee

and the joke is that that's for women

right females for some reason your

mother has

told you you need to sit down to pee how

do we

work that yeah that's a bit of a

difficult one because

i'll be honest with you when i'm at home

nine times out of ten when i go to p

i actually sit down and have what i call

a luxury pee

you know sometimes you just want to take

the weight off your legs and just sit

down and pee

is it because of our inherent laziness

it's just like

you know this is going to take a lot out

of me to stand up and take care of this

so let me just go ahead and sit down

well that might be part of it but also

50 of the time i'm not sure if i need to

poo as well so i think it kind of

i just think well i don't want i don't

want to have to kind of like you know i

might as well just prepare for every


right anything else happens it's going

to happen that's got nothing to do with


wondering whether i'm a male or a female

i just think it's just more convenient

for me to sit down

have my phone in my hand be prepared to

sit there for 20 minutes even if nothing

else is happening than a pee

but just to get some peace and quiet and

just read the interwebs

and play yeah but but at the same time

right you're

number one so you're you're you're doing

some really good things here right so

number one you're

preparing for the unexpected because you

don't know because they don't know what

it is

i never know what's gonna happen when i

go to the bathroom right so as a man

there's nothing worse than standing up

to pee and then realizing

wait a second oh something's happening


and especially if you're in a public

restroom and you're oh i don't know

i don't sit down in public restrooms i


well i use star wars hovering technology

land speeder technology in public

but but the the second point of this is

now you can like you say relax and


so so that stand a piece centipede thing

feel bad for that restaurant then like i


i don't want to name them anyway do you

remember actually

before the age of cell phones and you

know if you didn't have any magazines or

anything how you'd pretty much learn off

by heart

the ingredients and composites of like

the air freshener in the bathroom

because you know the only thing you'd

have to do is read the back of the can


try and pronounce some of the long

chemical words which

20 years later appeared on infomercials

late at night as having

caused a new cancer yeah year years ago

i knew the ingredients in

soap yeah in shampoo and conditioner and

everything else because that's what it

was because if you forgot to bring the

magazine in there

to read then yeah you're stuck with um

well let me read the

shampoo bottle it's kind of like the

cereal box

remember when you used to eat breakfast

you had the cereal box that would sit on

the table

and you read the cereal box yeah and

now that's gone yeah and now you realize


you know my phone was almost dead so i

had to plug my

phone in i don't have my phone and

you kind of go back to the quote-unquote

dark ages

and you're like oh well i guess i'm

going to read the air freshener bottle

because i got to have something to

distract me a little bit going back a

little bit to the uh

being a man and a woman when it suits

you i just

um because we live not too far apart and

you actually i think

live closer to my son's school than i do

are you gonna support me when i uh

enter the um middle school girls boxing


identifying as a 12 year old girl who

only weighs 78 pounds

so yes i am but what i'm gonna kick some


no no actually you're not because what

we're gonna do

is we're going to control the betting

on that and you're going to take a dive

and then we're going to make

a ton of money because if you go in


that you're a 12 year old girl because

that's how you identify

everybody's just going to assume that

you are going to

win that boxing match so the odds are

going to be like 500 of one we're going

to bet against you then

you're going to have this little

seven-year-old girl walk up and just

barely touch you on the

middle school middle school i'm not i'm

not i'm not i'm not going to

box in elementary school that would be

morally wrong whichever right but

i'm going to box in the girls division

in middle school

but didn't we have you take a dive and

think of the amount of money

we could get from you taking a dive

on that do you think that's the way we

think it's a big underground betting

system in keller in the school public

schools i'm sure there is well we can

make one there isn't

yeah i just want to say let's add that

to our list i just want to say if we

can't pull that off

emily right expect some of this when we

meet in the ring girl

yeah yeah we'll figure out a way to make

you bring the american girl doll to

comfort you after the

match right and they're carrying you

away on that gurney

absolutely yeah frequently kind of in

the past you know we've discussed

movies which you know wouldn't not

necessarily be able to be made nowadays

but they wouldn't be able to they

wouldn't get any

i guess movies studio behind them

putting up the money

because they'd be so controversial

they'd almost be no outlet

you know for them to be shown and

without you know editing them to the

point where they'd last like about six

minutes long

you know these movies just wouldn't

exist today now you always bring

the example of pulp fiction up of when

it's shown on regular tv

right where they're having to beep it

out so much it sounds like r2d2

sure you know the entire movie well that

or they edit it down

so much yeah they cut the cursing out in

the violence out or

or you take a movie like blazing saddles

kind of the same thing

i don't know if any of blazing saddles

could be shown i mean you can get away

beeping out pulp fiction and knocking it

down to the same length as a stranger

things episode i don't know

if you'd get past the credits of blazing

saddles yeah i i

i think blazing sound is one of those

that it

it it's kind of sad because it's such a

great movie it is

but i agree with that but but even i'm

being genuine even actually in the

titles there's these jokes in the titles

because it's a mel brooks movie right

and he i think he you always used to put

all these jokes in the tops as well i


think you could show the titles without

it being cancelled

right and i mean even if you get past

some of the

the stereotypes or whatever that he was

making fun of i mean you could even go

to spaceballs and there were

some things in spaceballs that would

probably not be able to be

shown anymore and it's honestly it's

quite sad it's quite sad because it's a

form of

art the irony behind it the satirical

nature behind it you're not going to see


you're not going to see any of that


and you're not going to encourage kids

to say hey i want to

go make movies i mean i can picture

quentin tarantino right

looking at movies like that in in some

other movies i'm sure along the way and


you know hey i figured out a way that

just like mel

brooks did or or francis ford coppola


in making these movies a certain way and

that's why quentin tarantino made such


movies that's why i think a lot of

movies suck nowadays because they've got

to be

so careful with what they put out versus

putting out what they want to put out


maybe you like it maybe you don't but

here's my

artistic version of what i think people

might enjoy

and we're so deluded of what we get to

look at

that like you talk about in the canceled

culture then you have this actor

that turned around and put something on


two years ago and now they want to

cancel this actor that played this bit

part in the show and they try to

cancel the show it's a huge mess

well you've heard well maybe you haven't

but the last week or so

they're actually trying to pull grease

the movie off of tv network

showing it no i haven't heard that yeah

you know i mean it was a

movie which came out in the 70s yeah

which was based in the 50s

right and yeah apparently there's a lot

of misogyny

rapey racist because there's not enough

black people at the high school dance

apparently yeah and so they're trying to

cancel that

and it's been pulled off of a few

networks as being

that they're just not going to show it

anymore so so my question to you is

where is it going to stop it won't we're

seeing it right now

with the lack of actual

entertainment out there and and it's the

same reason why we have a podcast

because the entertainment value of

what the normal machine is putting out

people just don't enjoy anymore yeah


they want good entertainment and not

that we're good

because hell we're not fantastic okay

well you know it stopped

trying to cancel me we get to the point


where it gets so deluded

that nobody wants to watch it anymore

it's so

virtue signaling junk and then

when nobody watches it nobody listens to

it nobody

follows it nobody does whatever then

there's something

wrong with you because you don't follow


you don't watch it you don't listen to

it and then you have that

guilt factor versus personal taste

i don't like this oh well you should

like this

okay why i listen to a song i

watch a show i watch a movie and i say i

don't like it

well there's something wrong with you if

you don't do this that's

part of the canceled culture right now

that if you don't follow along what

somebody else tells you

you should like you should watch you

should listen to you should follow

you get cancelled there's always been

very blurred lines between what is

morally acceptable because

you can sing about things which aren't

morally correct but well i guess

ascribed as morally clear but if you

speak about them

outside of a movie or outside of music

you get condemned but you can

throw a message into a movie or into a

song and get away with it

one of the worst you know outside of the

paw patrol

examples is you know when they decided

not this last christmas the christmas

before was to ban

baby it's cold outside as a christmas

classic from the radio

right and there was this meme which you

know was widely circulated

with this dj saying um i'm sorry uh we


play baby it's cold outside because it's


uh now we're going to play a song by

cardi b inviting you to eat her house

i've seen that and then there's another

cardi b song and that

i honestly don't even want to repeat the

name but

that's okay w.a.p

yeah is how you abbreviate it i thought


was about coming out of the shower yeah

but remember

not too long ago will ferrell

made a movie called elf and him and zoe


yeah sang baby it's cold outside and

everybody loved that version because

will ferrell let's be honest

he knows he's not a singer but he likes

to sing

zoe deschanel has a great voice and that

little scene in there

of them singing that song was great yeah


think about the fact that they would

have released that movie when

that little what's called a conspiracy

let's call it a whatever you want to

call it right

if that movie would have came out in

that same time

frame that movie might have tanked


cancel culture would have went in and

said they had baby it's cold outside

in that movie don't watch this movie you

should not

listen to this song now now the funny

thing about that whole story was that

it was very exaggerated because there


that many radio stations which actually

pulled the song

it was brought up because somebody had


hey this song sounds a bit rapey we need

to take it off the airwaves and a few

not big radio stations actually didn't

play it or said they weren't going to

play it or considered not playing it

and of course as always it got


and sure you know the you know


maniacs on the right ran with it and

said hey everything's been censored we

can't play anything anymore blah blah


and again then you've got again there's

90 of normal people in the country

confused because well i don't know why

this is being cancelled if it is it's


but again it suddenly becomes this

political issue

you know that it's funny enough there's

this agreed upon

situation where things are inappropriate

in terms of

portrayal and interpretation in media so

you know if i set out with a

crowdfunding to do

the muppets version of schindler's

schindler's list

and the muppets version of the passion

of the christ quite

rightly there would automatically be


assumed irreverence to my projects and

nobody would support it

now there might be these few people who

you know again if they're on

dimethyltryptamine or you know

accidentally fell face down in you know

a bowl of meth or something whatever

might think it's a good idea but

generally speaking

most people would agree that would be an


approach to reworking

those movies okay it doesn't matter how

political you are what your beliefs are

i mean

it's you kind of agree yeah that's

taking it too

far but we're being told things

are being taken too far which for

99 of their existence nobody gave a

second thought to

and suddenly points out to you that

three words or

four words in a song written 60 years

ago or whatever

is now inappropriate it needs to be

pulled off the airwaves

if you listen to this and you're

misogynist you're in favor of

rape again it's this stuff is

highlighted by such a small percentage


individuals but it comes back to this

whole thing that it just

creates division because they use it to


people with assumed morals against other

people have assumed morals when in fact

they don't really care about any of that

it's their own agenda of being able to

control the media

and i still can't understand to this day

what their end point or end view is i

mean how bland

do you make things before

nothing is offensive yeah

we're we're gonna get there eventually i

i would encourage

anybody listening to this right now to

do a

a quick little google search about a

ad campaign that levi's jeans did

years ago where they had a dead kennedy


and it was one of the most famous dead

kennedy song but i i'm going to

leave you to that it's not too drunk to


no intimate with you yeah but but

there's there's a controversial line in


that jello baffria uses a racial slur

during that song but

levi's jeans actually use that song

in an advertisement and that would

never fly first of all the song wouldn't


today and i'm surprised honestly it's on

one of my

spotify playlists i mean i like the dead


it's one of the songs that i have on my

little uh

you know random song playlist it's

honestly it's like

50 hours long and i just put it on


i think a lot of people would be

surprised that a big company like levi's

actually said we're gonna use this song

and it had a racial slur

in that song and if that would happen


levi strauss would be out of business


it would happen i just want to end with

this one now it seems that

you're not allowed to critique anybody

even if they're

living a willing abusive self-abusive

lifestyle and by that i'm bringing the

point of fat

shaming right this this is not just a

recent thing either last

that fat isn't overweight yeah okay

yeah not ph yeah okay yeah because now

you have a new meaning for that word


you've got fat yeah and you got fat like


this is fat not like not not like little


fat right lad ass fat exactly yeah

so um but this hasn't been you know this

hasn't been one of these things which

has come about the last

three four years this is something which

has been boiling under for the last 10

years that

you can't criticize somebody who lives a


that leads to them taking in far more

many calories than they probably should

take in

due to their bodily structure now

we do know that there is a certain small

percentage of people who have biological

deficiencies that lead them to being

overweight regardless of what they do

what they eat and how much exercise you

take but 97

of the people out there who are a little


it's because of a lifestyle choice and

all right

even if we take the economics out of it

of yeah that i can only afford

crap to eat and get rid of those people

out of the equation

there are still a lot of people out

there who carry in a little bit too much

jubbly love

around the center to do it out of choice


you're now fat shaming them if you don't


if they put a 280 pound model on the

front of vogue and you say

she looks like a fatty it's fat shaming

well i appreciate the curves even though

the courage right

looks like a beach ball i i honestly i

don't know too much about this story

but in bringing this up you got to look

at the singer

adele right and she was

a big girl that's and i'm sure

that that was probably offensive but


she was a big girl and then she started

losing weight and

they were precise for it yeah and and

they threw her under the bus

which ironically she could now fit under

that's true

and she could change the oil under there

as the bus

ran over here it's really sad it's such

a thin ice world that we're

navigating in right now but i think i

think the main point of what we're

trying to get across

is look stop being offended

stop being offended by all this stuff


man up warming up unicorn up do whatever

you've got to do

and just move on there's

more things we need to be worried about

than being offended by

all this stuff yeah right we're not

racist people we're not sexist people

we like to make fun of everybody i will


i don't like cats so we're

we're going to go with that and i'm

going to stick by my guns on that

don't like cats but konami

maybe that needs to be a separate

podcast konami a little bit different

i don't like emus now i i realized that

and and now i have to make a mission

against emus i do like unicorns and i

now want to be a unicorn but i also


that i can't just magically state

that i'm a unicorn and then all of a

sudden i'm a unicorn

we got to be realistic with some of this

stuff we got to hit the brakes and we

got to say

hey hang on this is a little bit


it's a little bit ridiculous with where

we're going with some of this stuff

and let's be more real than ridiculous

yeah if you get my drift with all that


thanks for tuning in to this episode of

the wolf and the shepherd and yeah we

went a little bit political

we did but you know what now we're

getting to the point

to where sometimes we're going to do


and sometimes we need to vent a little

bit but we also want to thank you for

your support keep tuning in and we will

catch you

on the next one