Feb. 1, 2021

Episode 51 - Interview with Gary Miceli and Gary McKee from The Freshman Circus

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The Freshman Circus is a show premiering on YouTube and Amazon Prime on January 20th about 4 college students and their teacher navigating the world of online classes.

Gary Miceli is an actor, writer, New York native and an avid film lover. He is a graduate of Five Towns College where he earned a BFA in film and video studies. Early on, Gary had developed a great skill for mimicry, allowing him a talent for switching from one character to another in rapid succession. He took this rare ability to the stage in his one-man show based on STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE, playing over 30 characters. He eventually would like to bring his voiceover talents to animation. Gary is also the author of Collecting Hollywood, a guide to film memorabilia (available through Amazon).

Gary McKee is an Actor, Writer, and Director that got his start in Theatre from High School, where he was a part of productions ranging from Classical Pieces to Modern Comedy. Gary graduated from CSU Long Beach with a Bachelors in Performance. Known for his adaptability on Stage and Film. Gary has been in plays such as: The Boys Next Door (Lucien Smith), Cymbeline (Pisanio), A Raisin In The Sun (Joseph Asagai), and Of Mice and Men (Crooks). Gary has trained at places such as: The Actors’ Gang, Chekhov Studio International, Groundlings, and Steppenwolf West. In his spare time, Gary enjoys practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in which he currently holds a Blue Belt, Learning to Speak German, Hang out at the Beach (Manhattan on weekdays, Santa Monica on Weekends), and Ear-Wiggling.


welcome to this episode of the wolf and

the shepherd today we have with us a

couple of guys

from the freshman circus a new show that

has debuted i think we're on

episode two right now as it's dropped uh

and it's gonna be fun because we have


and gary with us we actually have gary


and gary maseli so during this interview

i'm actually going to use their last

names uh so we can keep all this square

and everything

but uh gary and gary thanks for joining


thank you so much for having me thank

you yeah likewise thank you for having


yeah so uh yeah i've got a couple of


that i'm gonna direct towards gary

maseli to begin with so

uh uh gary mckee if you can just you

know hang out

and you know get some beer and you know

kind of sit back and enjoy yourself

while we're talking about this

uh yeah i'd appreciate that and then

we'll we'll get into some of that but

uh i i gotta ask

gary miceli yeah

we just released a podcast episode the

other day

and uh my co-host and i and our co-host


he he couldn't arrive today he he had

some stuff going on

but we're huge star wars fans and

i'm reading up about you and you have

this one-man show

that you do a lot of characters from

star wars a new hope

and honestly you would think we planned

this but our

last podcast episode we talked about

star wars a new hope i need you to walk


through how you created this one-man


about star wars a new hope and what you


right so what i did basically is i

condensed the two hour movie down to


45 50 minutes i took some things out

and put some new characters in and i did


show just by myself i did all the voices

i did all the characters on

on stage just me no props no sets it was

just me with

khakis and a blue shirt and i just ran

through the entire movie

i did that i did that a bunch of times

at different different places and

it was really really fun so

yeah so you did all the voices yourself

uh give me your r2d2 voice

so before you i know you probably got to

get ready for it but

r2d2 is my absolute favorite star wars


so i i gotta hear what you did for r2d2

that's good i mean i mean that's better

than i can do i i mean he

he's tough i i always said that r2d2 was

the most

vulgar character of all time and so

george lucas yeah you don't know what

he's saying

yeah well george lucas basically had to

bleep out everything the guy

said i mean it doesn't that make sense

right so so good deal well uh

sounds like a lot of fun and that shows

kind of your creativity i mean to be

able to take a movie like that that

has you know so much it in and out with

that that

uh you got to go through i mean

i would have loved to sing the show

hopefully maybe you can revamp it

something like that you know

maybe have us out to see it but the

other thing i wanted to ask you about

is your book on collecting hollywood

so yeah so you have this book about uh

collectibles in hollywood what

what got you interested into that

okay so i have been collecting

memorabilia ever since

i was i think the first thing i got i

was about six years old

a little batman statue i still have it

to this day

um so i've been collecting for about 20

to 23 years

um i've worked with different companies

i've i've consulted a bunch for

hollywood memorabilia

and yeah it's just all about collecting

your favorite hollywood treasure

preserving it and keeping it for the


i just got um just got in my collection

recently two scripts

from the dick van dyke show given to me

by someone that knew a producer on that

show and i said well

if you don't want these scripts i'll

take them i mean this is this is part of

american history this is part of

american television so

i so yeah memorabilia is my the

humongous humongous thing for me

yeah look what what are some of the

things that you've collected memorabilia

that you know other than those scripts

from dick van dyke what what are some of

those home runs that maybe you

grabbed hold of right so right right now

as it's standing

i have the biggest collection of

inspected gadget

movie memorabilia in in the world and

that includes the us

uk and and uh other places overseas

uh collection with um matthew

broderick's uh two of his hats his badge

his code his shirt and a bunch of dr

claw stuff and some production artwork

and some autographs

and yeah that that was amazing that was

basically my friend george because i

remember seeing that in

1990 98 or 99 when it came out of the

movie theaters and i said

i i need that stuff and over time you

know you talk to the right people

and and try my hardest and i was able to

find some of the items that were used in

the film

gotcha and what's that one

elusive item that you would just


love to get a hold of that maybe you've

been hunting around for

and you haven't found or you had you

know the

untold amount of money that somebody

could just cut the check for

what what's that one item that you say

hey this is that piece of hollywood

memorabilia that i

absolutely want right

um so my thing was i always wanted

to see the ruby slippers judy garland's

ruby slippers from the wizard of oz to

me that is

that item is priceless you can never

really put an accurate assessment on

that thing

i went to washington not too long before

the virus and i was able to see them in

person i said

if i had these i would put them in a

museum as well because i think everyone

around the world should see them

right well well and i've seen them too i

mean i remember

going to the smithsonian and everything

and seeing that

and i mean that that's something you

can't get a hold of right or

maybe if you're nicholas cage and you're

stealing the declaration of independence

and at the same time oh and i'll grab

the ruby slippers also

uh is there something that is

kind of floating out there that you

would say is attainable

and and you've been trying to hunt it

down and and maybe trying to

figure out a way that you can grab a

hold of that or

at least maybe help somebody else grab a

hold of

yeah so i've done a lot of consulting

work um today i was talking to someone

that wanted

some original production scripts from

like child's play

american horror story and i kind of

walked through the process of where to

get them

and i showed her some stuff that is

available on the market and showing

some real stuff because we know there's

a lot of fakes out there but um

yeah but the thing that i would really

really want from my collection as a holy


um okay so um

i would love to find inspector gadget's


and his pants so then i can complete my


so that i can one day have a mannequin

with the entire costume on it

and put it you know archiving behind

glass like that would be really really


i've been seeing those items uh for sale


the thing that i saw for sale that i'm

trying to get is i'm trying to get uh

some original scripts from the

tv shows that i love happy days um

gilligan's island those the shows from

the 60s

um those are what i'm trying to hunt for

right now so

how do you differentiate between the

fake stuff and the real stuff i mean

that's got to be tough

especially with scripts that are on

paper so how do you

how do you validate the fact that this

is a real script and not something that

somebody printed off on old paper or


and made try to look original

right you're absolutely right i can go

online and type in mesh season pilot pdf

and i can get a match script

print it out and i can sell it to you

and say yep i got a real but it all

comes down to provenance um

know who you're buying from knowing

knowing where it came from um

luckily i've i've i think in this field

we've all gotten burned at some point

but you know you live and you learn

and uh yeah i think providence is

probably the best thing where you're

getting it from

if they're getting it from a source

where are they getting from maybe a

producer was in the family maybe their

grandpa was on the show and

you got us he got an episode or he was

on an episode he got a script

it really all comes down to who it is um

if you could trust them

how their record is how their history is


yeah like you said i i always say unless

you know

unless you were there you cannot confirm


of that item was used in the film or the

television show

you cannot say 100 because simply you

weren't there

yeah it no that totally makes sense and

and that's got to be tough with a lot of

hollywood memorabilia and

you get into some films that are famous

films and i mean people make replicas

all the time

you know especially going back to star

wars right it you know there

there's a whole uh genre

of people that make fake lightsabers or

or fake han solo guns

in all that stuff and they're the


are so great that it's hard to say that

this wasn't actual film used and

i think there's a term for that right

that uh whether or not it was film used


or something else like that uh like

hero cars i've always heard that you

know this was a hero card

that was in a movie or in a tv show or

whatever versus

a car that was just used for pictures

and for marketing stuff so carries

a a different amount of value

behind that so great yeah but uh yeah

so good to catch up on that but hey

we're here to talk about

your new show uh freshman circus and

so uh you know now now we got gary mckee

now he's waking up now it's like okay

now now you're actually gonna start

asking me questions right so

uh but glad you all are here to talk

about this so

let's talk a little bit about freshman

circus so

how did you all come up with the idea of

freshman circus

well um i think i'll take this one

so i was actually miss ellie and i

met through facebook of all places

um i think he was putting out a like a

search like hey i'm interested in

finding new actors

and i was like you know i wasn't doing

anything at the time we were stuck at


so i was like sure i mean what's what's

the age range on this character what are

you looking for

so then he looked at my my stuff like i

think he said he loved my comedy reel


i was like oh yep okay great i'll i'll

do this so

from there it was just originally it was

me and miceli

and um our our miss josephine

jessica and two other people and

we were trying to figure it out you know

like all good things are trying to

figure out like

how to feel people like okay i like you

i don't like you

and so something came up with the other

two people they

had other commitments so i said hey

um how about we just keep going and i

could probably help you write something

because i just felt the idea was too

simple to pass up

so i just felt like hey let's just let's

keep doing this like

there's i can find those people so i

reached out to

to my colleagues who um

noelle who's doing in grid and jesse is

doing kevin

and from there i think everything

started to take

shape and it's like you know it's kind

of like creating that souffle it's like

oh my god it's rising it's rising

yeah no totally makes sense totally

makes sense so

when you're trying to you know turn out

this idea

of you know the these freshmen


in this age of covid that we're in right


and and that's kind of what you're

basing this off of

it was there something that happened

that you said hey

here's a great idea for a show because

of what

what's going on is that kind of the the

genesis of the project

right well i was finishing college at

the time i finished and i finished i

just finished in august 2020.

so i was so i originally had this idea

in about june and july because

when i s when we first got blessed with


my school was saying stay home we'll do

online i was like alright you know

no drive for me no half an hour drive so

when we

logged on to zoom we saw people's real


you saw somebody was in a bathrobe you

saw someone with like their mom people

walking back and forth

you saw people's bedrooms and you saw

you saw your

the people that you went to school with

you really saw who they were and i said


i think there could be something with

this but i want to make it

as silly yet relatable as i can

all the characters in the show i went to

school with

like kevin i went to school with um

gary gary mckee's character i went to

school with so i wanted to base all of

it in reality

because i wanted people to say i know

these people

yeah no that that totally makes sense

and so

it as you're trying to fill in the other


you say you went to school with all

these people right

oh yeah yeah i went to school with all

these people all these people were

inspired um like kevin was inspired by

someone i want to um

i i forgot the class but i i went i had

a class that

there was literally a person exactly

like kevin in my

class and i said maybe i'll use him one

day you know kind of thing but um

now it's i never thought freshman circus

would be this

big beast right right now in

and that's good but of course what we're

dealing with right now with the whole

covet thing

everybody's on zoom everybody's kind of

held up everywhere depending on what

part of the country you're in

do you think the show would have worked

without the zoom aspect

like if you actually filmed it

normally it do you think you could have

spun it

into a show that would have worked like

a normal show

and i use the term normal you know what

i mean but

a a regular show that was filmed or or

would this

just be kind of a zoom type show

so i think um everything that has to do

with the show

um all the writing in it all the the

zoom aspect

i think it would only work for

now um like i think

i think i told gary mckee um this i said

if we do this we have to do this now

because in a year and a half we're

probably not going to be quarantined so

i don't know if

it's going to be something relevant and

that's the thing i also thought of this

like kind of like a time capsule

where people can go back to it and say

why are they doing

oh that's why they were doing zoom

right yeah well it's kind of like it if

you said to anybody in 2019

hey i'm gonna go buy the drive-by

birthday party today

and after that you know then i'm i'm

gonna go get another mask

you know it you'd be looked at as crazy

with all this that's going on so

it it makes total sense so it

going into what you're trying to put


with this show could you see some kind


you know when we exit this you know

quarantine or whatever you want to call


could you see some kind of a reunion


show of hey now we don't have to be on

zoom we don't have to

do all this stuff and kind of


you know push it into the next level

i would say yes

and solely for the reason that the


can transcend this medium of zoom

because they as misselli was saying

they're very relatable people we

worked hard to ground them in reality

while also

exaggerating certain features about

themselves i think it could even

work as a as a

as a i'm trying not to spoil stuff from

like as a

dual like drop like a dramedy almost

sure like a little bit of you know saved

by the bell

with with the little taste of 13 reasons


maybe gotcha so uh walk us through the


um so i'll

start with mine um i play noah beckett

uh he's a gamer hacktivist

future like probably anarchists making

he's very guarded and

and is very skeptical of his classmates

he thinks highly i would say thinks

highly of himself

and not so much of other people until he

gets to know

them towards the end and then there's uh

there's ingrid who's played by noel

gibson she's this

super hippie vegan girl who's

into nature flowers and peace

and then we have kevin jones who's this

wannabe muscle head who's into

any everything joe rogan like if joe

rogan says

jump off the lake that's what kevin's


and yeah we have zeke you want to take

that one miss ellie

so zeke is something and someone i think


should inspire to be um right now

season two you really don't know much

about them but

i'm sure everyone knows when they go to

class and they go to college and

whatever class they're going to there's

always that one kid that's in the corner

that's sleeping

and that's z but um

little by little you start to see why he

sleeps and

and uh and you start to learn more about


so it is we haven't missed oh sorry go

ahead there you go

well i i was just gonna ask so is zeke

one of those guys

that kind of like i did in college where

i had eight o'clock classes and i

realized that was a huge mistake

to actually have an eight o'clock class

because it was very hard to get there


so that's why he's sleeping



i i'm gonna say this i'm gonna say he

sleeps in class because of

actually a legitimate reason um

it's not like it's not like he's bored

of class or anything but he's just

he's sleeping for a reason gotcha

no it makes sense now go ahead and fill

us in with the

the other character oh yeah that's our

there's the teacher miss uh alana


played by jessica darderian and she's

she's a young ish teacher who's

in over her head i believe she

feels like she can make a difference but

she's not quite

prepared as most teachers during this

pandemic weren't prepared for

the zoom teaching life so she finds


usually in an odds with her

students and trying to maintain order

hence why we called it like freshman


she's the the unyielding

ring ring leader yeah

no no totally i i get that and that

makes sense

so what what separates

this show from any other kind of

uh let's say you know

teen comedy or or almost post teen

comedy dramedy what it whatever you want

to call it it what

what's the big difference other other

than the obvious fact of

you know the uh quarantine and being on


why would somebody say oh yeah yeah you

know here's why i want to watch this


what is that hook that you all have

i would say the hook is really

in the it's in

the interwoven storyline that we came up


where it's not

although the characters may be cliche

the story

and the things that these

individuals have gone through aren't so

it's very much

them dealing with real issues you know


noah says at one time during series like

real issues not

you know what protein shake not you know

the superficial things that we

that often hollywood tries to glamorize


it's real real freshmen dealing with

real issues of

well how how am i going to get through


you know they're essentially on their

own it's a whole new

world and i i think that's what's

going to be the drawing factor in

getting people to look at it that

they're experiencing these new

hopes and hurdles with the characters


gotcha so why did y'all decide to

release it like on a weekly basis so uh

so you got two schools of thought here

right and especially with

you know netflix and hulu and amazon

prime you've got one of two choices

either the entire season drops

and then you can binge watch it or you

have shows like the mandalorian for

instance on disney plus

where they do that traditional you know

once a week

you get an episode dropping and y'all

chosen to go ahead and go with that

once a week we'll drop an episode wait

was there any thought

put behind to that you know where did

you figure out that hey

we're not gonna drop this so you can

binge watch it

we're gonna do it you know one episode a


um uh when we

initially we were talking about you know

doing the whole

drop as in hey let's just drop the

entire season all eight episodes you

know they're

manageable it's not like you're watching


like you on netflix or even brooklyn

nine-nine on peacock

um what it was mainly to

build up the audience like to get them

behind each episode

and hopefully our our goal is that once


build up enough you know viewership and

audience that

eventually we made down the road like

start releasing

the entire season just for them so that

way they

we can get more word of mouth more eyes

more viewership

we're fans we're we really do doing this

for them

not for not so much for us yeah well

yeah i think that's

now go ahead go ahead i was gonna say

i said i think that was what really

inspired me to do the show is

i said i wanna do something that's

light-hearted that's funny

that can help people go through this

thing right now because

kova doesn't care who the hell you are

it doesn't care if you're rich doesn't

care if you

it doesn't care everyone is going

through this people around the world are

going through this so i think if

if we're able to take someone

some kid out there that's like 15 or 16

and take him out of his problems and

just to focus on us and to make him

laugh for eight minutes and

not i mean that's that's that's

everything i mean

the fact that so many kids now are

missing their friends and

missing people and don't have that

opportunity is really important

and i think that for me especially i

just really wanted to help people forget

what they're going through and how

people forget

no i think that's uh very important you

know i

i'm not going to mention the name of the

show because i don't want to drag him

through the mud

but there's a show that my wife and i

used to watch and i say used to watch i

think she still watches it but

i refuse to watch it because they went

from the normal

aspects of life to now it's all about

covet it's all about

wearing a mask and this that and the

other and i said

we deal with this every day


is supposed to be an escape and if i

have to watch this

on some show and see that virtue


about you know oh wait we're going to do

a virtual hug

you know let let me give you a virtual

high five or whatever

we we're doing that every day i we don't

need to see that

on tv and what y'all are doing is

basically saying hey

here's what's really going on it right

in here because you didn't have your


before this happened so i i do see that


and i think it is important but

there could be a argument said

how do we get out of this i mean it let

me ask you all that

how do we get out of this

that's what it is for dr faushi

um are you talking about like out of you

know the zoom

type like how it's taking over

our interpersonal relationships

yeah whatever you're aiming at yeah if

you stop and think about it

there's there's a lot of people um my

son included who has a lot of friends on

xbox live right and it's

it's to have the friends i mean i i've

never met

youtube guys but you know we're sitting

here we're talking on video chat

right and if we were doing a normal

everyday interview or whatever you'd

probably be in our studio

and we'd be sitting around you'd be

drinking alien ale beer with me

out of our tap and and everything else

and i'm sure you'd probably enjoy that

but then we've got to get past that

we we've got to look forward to say you

know hey this

this is going to be over eventually

you know let's hope right

so where where are we going to be

are we going to still be stuck are are

there still going to be people that

based off of the fact that you can hide

behind the computer screen

and you can put a fake background like i

have right now

i mean like like when we started this i

still had my star wars background on


i mean you you know you could you can

hide behind

all this so so do you all see that as

kind of a

factor in what y'all are trying to


okay so i i see two things um

gary mckee i would love to have your

input in this as well after but

i definitely think that

when the covet boom hit when they first

went on tv and said

quarantine no one knew what the hell

that meant and

so three weeks has turned into can i

remember it was originally three weeks


now we're turning into almost a year of

staying home um

so i think that as soon as the covet

boom hit where

stay home social media

elevated to such a high level

like that's when really social media

boom tick tock

instagram facebook everything because

they all said well

now what do we do especially for the

people that are like 18 and under

even 21 and under still going to college

i think for them it's really really big

to still have that interaction with


and i think that as soon as covet ends

i think covet i think social media might

dip again

because everyone wants to go out and hug

their friends and be with their friends


go experience life and experience the

world but i think that

i think that social media will still be

there and films online will still be

online because now

now that we have no other option or

filming online now we're saying to


we could still do this i mean we could

still work from home

we could still make a tv show from on

the computer so it just

broadened our our horizon of what we can


and can accomplish at home and i think

we'll take that with us

so yeah and i'm going to piggyback and

say that um

there's been a lot of generosity from

people um this past year

like there have been people i've

communicated with that i

otherwise wouldn't have been able to

connect with like

i talked to a gentleman up in canada who

edited my reel

and um yeah he did it for free and

usually that costs like a couple hundred

bucks in la

um i think we're seeing that social

media is bringing people together

and giving us that and other people are

there by

giving out that generosity i feel that

in order to get through this to answer

your question

um it's going to

it's going to take more a part of us as


people to not take for granted they

going to a concert anymore or that

handshake or the hug that you had from

people every day and you know

at least for me um my line of work for

like as living was you know

as an actor but i also pay the bills as

a brand ambassador i did a lot of promo

work and things at events like staples

center you name it

so i was always in front of people you

know connecting with them

talking to them and just having a good

time and

looking back there are a lot of things

that i did take for granted

that moving forward i won't

you know such as the hug and the

handshake and the you know the high

five so i think it

it starts with us not taking advantage

of the things that

are that mean the most to us sure it

i guess the one way to look at it like

you say the high five the hug the


or whatever i i shook hands with a guy

last week and

we both kind of looked at each other

funny like

when's the last time you shook hands it


that used to be just a normal thing and

of course i

i know y'all aren't in texas it you know

texas we're a little bit different down


uh you know we we still they were like

okay yeah covets a real thing we're not

pretending it's not but

we also say hey we you know we're not


you know stop a lot of this but there's

a lot of people

that you walk up to and they're not

quite sure

do you shake hands do you fist bump

do you do all that and i think the

social interaction

is gonna still be bizarre

once we get past all this stuff

so yeah in going with that

kind of thing and especially with what

your show is trying to show

right let's say uh

everything goes away you know yeah

you've released your show you've

released all episodes and magically

you know kovitz gone could you have

season two of your show the way you're

doing it now or would you have to change

season two and say now we got to change


um you know what i would

i would say that it would change

and more of a it wouldn't be school

but it would just be an like uh like a


text almost like a like a consistently

changing group text of people still

figuring out how to um

how to communicate and how to navigate

almost like a support group

so i feel like it could work in that

sense where

we could have a coming together and then


film individual scenes like outside

and then just make it like intermix it


yeah i i agree i definitely agree with

gary because gary even knows that

max you know the whole video thing has

been around

for a while the whole face time i

remember i

i oovooed with someone back in 2009

you know this thing has been around for

a while but it's crazy to think that

before the pandemic no one knew what

zoom was zoom was around

no i knew how to fit but now everyone

knows how to use it

yeah and wouldn't we all have like to

have a little bit of stalking


yeah you know you're right with the

skype i mean skype's been around forever


you've had face time and you've had all

this and i remember way back in the day

i mean i'm obviously older than you guys

uh when cameras came out that you could

plug into the computer and actually do

some video chat

and it and it was ugly and i mean now

zoom has made it better and and we keep


farther and farther to make it smoother

and everything

but it still doesn't replace

being in person with people yeah it

never will

it never will yeah yeah and

and and i think gary will agree that um

you know the

zoom thing is great doing the tv show

everything's great but it doesn't


being in front of somebody and

interacting with someone and bouncing

off of them in person

i mean that's that's a completely

different energy

exactly i mean there were times where i

just wanted to say like hey

like let's do a hype no we can't do the

high five thing or

um i think even one of the other cast

mates was saying like

we should play around with the idea that

maybe one of us breaks quarantine

if should we move on with the season two

and it's like wait what are you doing

over there

it's like um yeah about that

you know we we've been in quarantine

together it's like

wait what yeah so

all right so uh moving forward

what's else plans after this show

gary mckee can answer that for me

oh great um so

miceli is working on this um operation


thing and it's uh it's uh 50 years

if correct me if i'm wrong of movie


yeah it's called the project it's called

fandemic 50 fans celebrate 50 years of

cinema and what it is basically is

we're taking clips from we'll take you

we're taking reenactments from people

around the world

and they're doing reenactments of like

someone's doing spider-man from 2002

and someone's doing like dark knight

from 2008

and we're compiling these clips so it's

50 years in a row and we're doing it in

one film it's going to be a gigantic fan

film of people reenacting their favorite


from home and that's the only rule we

gave them

is don't leave the house use what you


and it's been really amazing um somebody


sent us a reenactment yesterday

yesterday the day before they were


some girl did the little mermaid and she

used her daughters

like to get her daughters involved and

to have fun

for at least a day you know that's

that's all it's about

um i want to give people an outlet to

help people not

turn on cnn again yeah

so uh last question and

i'm gonna go with mckee first and then

miss ellie

uh best movie ever made

oh easy dark knight christopher nolan

misselli so when you say best movie

what do you think like best movie to me

or like

what i think the number one movie on the

afi list should be

uh let's go now let's go with both

and i'm sure you're going to be

incorrect because i'm going to tell you

what the

the correct answer is oh the best movie

ever made

um for me i i don't have one

there's so many amazing magical

wonderful wonderful films

but i there's too many but uh but tell

them the number one on the afi

we've had this conversation oh no

and and please don't don't say uh what

everybody else says i i can't even think

of the movie right now

uh oh what what's the name of the movie

that has a vodka oh no

that's actually the correct answer yeah

of course casablanca

is the correct answer but no i was

thinking of uh

rosebud why can't i think of the name of

the movie oh citizen kane

dennis and kane there we go yeah yeah

everybody always says citizen kane

but no casablanca to me is the best

movie ever made

but not to steal your thunder micelli


it now now that you know the correct


what would you put up there so i think

there's one movie that i think will be

number one for me and

it should be on the list says number one

so i'm going to say this

movie hasn't inspired people and

entertain people for

80 plus years this has this movie has


kids adults everyone in between

grandparents people love this movie and

if you look at this movie

the costumes are masterpieces the sets

are masterpieces

technicolor was the masterpiece the

casting was unbelievable

has to be the wizard of oz

okay so well you would make my

wife happy with that because that would

be her

it's always wizard of oz and so every


i force her to watch casablanca

i have to watch wizard of oz but i can't

stand it

i i just can't stand the singing and all

that i i love a good musical

i i do when musicals are put together


i i do like it but uh i can't stand all

the singing

well uh gary or gary

uh please let everybody know

how they can find the show find you on

social media

all that good stuff so it's plug time so

i'll i'll let whichever gary wants to

take care of this

and make sure everybody knows how to

find you

okay well you can find the freshman

circus on youtube

just by going on freshman circus we also

have our page up on instagram and

twitter and facebook at freshman circus

just all one word and you can find me

um on instagram twitter gary underscore


too and i'm also at my actors website


yeah and you can find me just on imdb i

type in my name and you'll find me and

that's it

all right well great guys well uh thanks


thanks for joining me today uh really

appreciate it

and uh lots of luck to y'all and uh

everybody yeah everybody needs to check

out the freshman circus

and uh so one thing we didn't talk about

but i've got some signed posters from


and we're gonna talk about a little


uh that's gonna come out here uh shortly

after we release this and we're gonna

send those to y'all

so uh thank you uh gary for sending


and uh we're gonna hang one up in the

studio of course so

thanks for tuning in to this episode of

the wolf and the shepherd

and we'll catch you on the next one


Gary McKee


Gary McKee is an Actor, Writer, and Director that got his start in Theatre
from High School, where he was a part of productions ranging from Classical Pieces to Modern
Comedy. Gary graduated from CSU Long Beach with a Bachelors in Performance. Known for
his adaptability on Stage and Film. Gary has been in plays such as: The Boys Next Door (Lucien
Smith), Cymbeline (Pisanio), A Raisin In The Sun (Joseph Asagai), and Of Mice and Men
(Crooks). Gary has trained at places such as: The Actors’ Gang, Chekhov Studio International,
Groundlings, and Steppenwolf West. In his spare time, Gary enjoys practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
in which he currently holds a Blue Belt, Learning to Speak German, Hang out at the Beach
(Manhattan on weekdays, Santa Monica on Weekends), and Ear-Wiggling.

Gary Miceli


Gary Miceli is an actor, writer, New York native and an avid film lover. He is
a graduate of Five Towns College where he earned a BFA in film and video studies. Early on,
Gary had developed a great skill for mimicry, allowing him a talent for switching from one
character to another in rapid succession. He took this rare ability to the stage in his one-man
show based on STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE, playing over 30 characters. He eventually would
like to bring his voiceover talents to animation. Gary is also the author of Collecting
Hollywood, a guide to film memorabilia (available through Amazon).