Jan. 25, 2021

Episode 49 - Life Hacks

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The Wolf AND The Shepherd discuss a variety of life hacks and whether or not they actually save you time or are just a bunch of wife's tales which actually don't work. 


welcome to this episode of the wolf and

the shepherd today

we're coming to you talking about life


you know those things that maybe you can


some information on make your life a

little bit easier and of course the

the wolf has done his normal research

on the interwebs and found some life

hacks that we're gonna

talk to you about and try to make your

life a little bit easier

now before the internet getting advice

on how to do things was pretty hit and


right sure there were old wives tales

which were generally a mix of bs and

stuff which could shorten your life


yeah and then you had your drunken uncle

yeah that would

tell you hey this is what you got to do

yeah you don't need tools to fix an


that's right yeah you just need some

greasy hands yeah we're going to clean

out the engine and pour a full sugar

coke in there

right yep coca-cola we do not yet have

an official

soda sponsor that is so if you are

listening we are not saying that coke

will clean out your car

engine but if it does uh maybe make an

advert on it and name check us

i i think it might though you know you

have all those things that coca-cola can


and of course in full disclosure

you brought the list of these life hacks

and i haven't

looked at any of this and you know maybe

one of those reasons why

we should actually film some of this so

we can prove it but uh

we don't want to go that far right it's

so i i haven't looked at

any of these life hacks but maybe you've

got coke on

these lists i think i think maybe we

need to do a future podcast on the uses

of coke other than drinking it and


diabetes right yeah so that was a

terrible setup for

something that could have actually been

in here but we'll leave it alone

so i'm not entirely sure how other than

word of mouth

people got life hacks as such other than


books but the problem is with books

when you read say a hack in a book

there's not any commentary from the

community on whether it works or not

sure obviously there's no video

somebody's showing you that it's going

to be a complete disaster or it does


yeah and there's no reddit thread that

says hey

this is how this works there's no

youtube video

that says hey here's how you do this

there there's no

twitter deal you know yeah it's

it's a book so i get that yeah now

from what i could find the first kind of

hacks life hacks

that came out were on bulletin boards

at the end of the eighties on the inside

well wait so we're all the way to the


before we had anything where people

would actually uh post bulletin boards


you know advice on how to do this and a

lot of it was like you know how to quick

and easy set up a network you know

lan and stuff but you know i mean the

first workable prototype of the internet

came out in the late 60s or whenever al

gore said he invented it i don't

remember which um but yeah and before

people like you and i could use it

it was you know roughly towards the late

80s where you could actually put in a


right now and actually get an address

out there so um

you know skipping quite a lot of

probably useful information i couldn't

be bothered to research

um one of the first discovered

generally agreed upon things about the

internet was you can't believe or don't

believe everything you read on the

internet that was one of the first

agreed upon statements no that that

cannot be true

everything on the internet is true well

the other one was

um bulletin board dating came in but

while i say dating i think it was more

for swingers and people who

were not interested in seeing you for

more than 30 minutes at a time

but okay let's be honest here

most people don't even know what

bulletin boards or bbs services

were so the people that were doing that

and trying to meet people

yeah that had to be the lower rung of


this this comes with the second most

agreed upon

statement about the internet nobody

knows you're a dog online

that's true now that's not a statement

about unattractive women it's the point

that you think you're talking to a cat

but instead you're talking to a dog

it's just you can be you you want to be

on the internet you basically i mean i

know the term catfishing is

i think pretty recent but right and

catfishing kind of came into play

pretty much immediately somebody got

access to the internet

well sure you can hide behind some kind

of username right

and then pretend that you're somebody

that you're not i mean i

i think you and i have a mutual friend


believes some things that are posted on

the internet

under some kind of a username and he

thinks he's tied into the way the world


but we're not gonna mention any names

eric but

uh you know that that's kind of what

happens now

i actually read a stat and this was over

a decade ago and i don't know now with

kind of profile verification whether

this stat has changed

but it was 92 of lesbians online are

actually men

i believe that yeah i i actually believe


percentage is a little low even at 92

i think it's probably higher than that i

think there's even some people out there

that are lying i

think it's more like 98 something like


with the advent like i said of them

having to verify profiles having

subscriptions on dating sites and also


ability to be able to reverse image

search so somebody just couldn't use a

photo of some hot girl from a catalog

and say hi i'm a

22 year old lesbian who's taking a break

from women and i'd like to meet a man

you know

type thing and you know i must say i i'm

not gonna say i

didn't ever do that for fun

about 20 years ago or so but i may or

may not have

everybody gets bored every once in a

while and and just needs to do something

but you know that

for a few years yeah that that

verification check mark i mean

that used to be easy to get now it's

hard to get again

i mean we can't even get verified

because of

uh certain aspects of maybe our

background that we don't want to

disclose or whatever and that's why we

can't get our verified check mark yeah

now actually do you know who came up

with that uh don't believe everything

you're ready on the internet

al gore no abraham lincoln oh he said in


that i believe that that was during the

gettysburg address well i mean that's

where the proof of what a great man is

yeah i mean i'll tell you what i really

liked him in bill and ted's excellent

adventure i mean i know he was only

playing himself

but you pretty much nailed it yeah but

it you know that was his only

opportunity to have

a role in a hollywood film so when you

only have that one chance you

you gotta kind of sit back and say yeah

we gotta give him a little bit of play

there you know

not a trained actor you know he he

didn't learn

from a college or anything how to be an

actor so i think he did well in bill and


i don't know why they didn't get him to

play himself in that lincoln

movie which came out in that well yeah i

think it'd have done pretty well but


i think i think the actor probably did a

better job than he would

no i think daniel day lewis actually had

a better agent than abraham lincoln yeah

and that's what it all boiled down to um

now we've actually tried to spend

probably the last 30

years um completely ignoring the

sage wisdom from honest abe as

evidenced by some of the utter crap

we've presented as facts here on the

podcast yes

but but they're still facts and we're

sticking to them yeah

uh well i say perception is reality and

if you perceive that the facts we are

giving you are actually true and you

can't be bothered to fact check them

that's on you not on us yep not our

fault yeah

so um one thing the internet has become

more more useful for especially with the

advent of youtube

um is as i said the introduction of life

hacks now with youtube you can at least

watch somebody do something like you

know how to replace a radiator on the

front of a car

um how to fix a garbage disposal this

type stuff and you can see whether it's

pretty much legit

or whether it looks like yeah this is a

bit out of my league even when i watch

the video but the worst life hacks are

the ones which are just like single


or a couple of sentences and then

nothing no comments it's not putting

on something like reddit where other

people like 50 people can

come in and say no i set fire to myself

don't try this at home

yeah exactly yeah so the life hacks and

basically what you're saying

is it it's a little more

how do i want to put this uh it's harder

to do the click bait right with a life


i mean you have the proof right there if

you have this life hack

the the click bait's a little bit harder

with life hacks because people are going

to say

no that's not actually what happened can

you guess

over the last 20 years are you stumped

are you stumping the shepherd already


this is a trial question just see what

kind of level your brain's on

fair enough at the moment um yeah it's

like level two right now yeah

and that's out of a scale of one to a

hundred mm-hmm

most people think we like doing a

one-to-ten message yeah that that was

actually being nice but okay

yeah so um what do you think the most

popular life hack

or variation of the life hack has been

over the last 20 years the most

frequently given life hack with some

variations it's gotta

have something to do with laundry no no

because not everybody does laundry well

yeah but it's a

limited market well it okay okay

okay chromosome sure sure but let me

broaden that it's got to

have something to do with cleaning then

it's got to have something to do with

cleaning something

no okay well yeah you stumped me again

this is something which

if you get it pretty much everybody has

a theory to give you advice on it

okay how to get rid of hiccups

well we did talk about that

in one of our yet to be released sunday

seven years

about every day it involved

yoga beer holding my breath

and then i can't tell you what else

because i couldn't complete the first

yoga position

yeah but but part of the problem with

that deal

was you were supposed to use water we

didn't have any water

we only had beer well we did have water

in the faucet but we couldn't be

bothered to walk over there

no well actually we didn't have a glass

to put it in there yeah and that was


at least 10 steps away and we weren't

going to do that

yeah so um maybe one day we'll

actually release another sunday sevens

you know it has been a long time since

we've released one

we've got to clean up the last two

because our guests were just so excited

about being on there

they some of them had a little bit of a

potty mouth well it

in in that was a long time ago when we

still have them recorded

and that was before i figured out how to

bleep out bad words

right so now i know how to do that so

maybe we're gonna

get one of those i i i don't know yeah

we'll have to wait and see

all right now i mean obviously we don't

want to break

with any type of dish um tradition relay

any type of helpful knowledge so i've

put together

a collection of highly suspect life


okay share with the listeners who

hopefully won't attempt any of them

unless uh

possible bodily injury psychological

damage made their new year's resolution

yeah is this one of those points where

we actually

should have a lawyer no give the

disclaimer about why they shouldn't yeah

yeah but it you know if we had more than


it would be nice to have a lawyer to

just kind of draw up

some kind of deal that we should read

right now and say

hey we're going to tell you about some

things please don't do these

yeah you know it's kind of like jackass

that was

on mtv with johnny knoxville

this is kind of those same things we're

going to talk about these so please

don't do them but we didn't make any of

these up and we are suggesting none of

them whatsoever

even ones which might work yeah and and

we're also

not going to admit that we might not try


but please don't try these yeah now


um or or do we

or do we as we go through these say hey

try this one

oh no now see you're giving me that look

saying no

no you're yeah yeah well yeah can i tell

you two

um competitions uh this is off tangent


um as we always do um two competitions

which were run on different radio


uh a number of years ago when i say a

number like over 10 years

ago back when radio stations actually

relevant yeah and he can get it for free

on the internet right um

well one competition was stare at the


and win a free dog right now the title

should draw you in immediately to think

yeah i think i'll try this

well it depends on the dog yeah but

i mean anybody is stupid enough to

follow through this competition probably


that fussy about what type of dog it is

yeah i know but there's a lot of

expensive dogs out there

right so that's not okay

i mean it's not like a three-legged mud

that you're gonna get well but then

you're gonna get some people who have

this kind of

hyper compassion for dogs they probably

would choose that one over the vishla

but then maybe they should stare at the

sun maybe they should

yeah but anyway so so whoever created


maybe was a secret genius well anyway

the radio station ran this competition

and the thing was you know it was put

out during the day when people were at

work or

people were bored at home and the thing

was that you had to go outside

basically do your um one one thousand

two one thousand three one thousand


stare at the sun until you had to close

your eyes

and then call into the radio station to


you know how many seconds you lasted now

you'd think

oh my goodness there must have been like

you know a couple of dozen people who


you know retina damage or you know

partial or complete blindness from doing

this right right

they had just over 470 cases of people


permanent eye damage and another 500 who


temporary eye damage from staring at the

sun and

a few of them sued but there was a

i think a general court ruling which

said although you know bad advice can be


there's this kind of idiot clause which

comes in that if you're that stupid to

do something you're told not to do from


four then you need to realize straight

away this is a spoof

and rather stupid especially as it turns


there was no dog to be won and not only

that but

what about the people that do not even

realize what the sun

is and so they are people who live in


yeah they just stare at the sky or from

where i'm at you know people in the

north of england they don't know what

the sun is

exactly because they would actually go

out on the streets and stare at it when

it came out yeah

they thought it's like an alien invasion

right war of the worlds

yeah they actually could have benefited

from this case it does something dodgy

right yeah but then again if you live up

north in england there's not really

anything to see anyway so i'm not sure

eyesight's really that much of an


no that's true um but yeah the second

great competition which was run on the


was uh i can't remember it as a cash


for this one but it was drink as much

water as you possibly can within an hour

and then call in and say how much water

you managed to drink right in ounces

so this one woman drank such an

incredible amount of water

that she did that internal drowning

thing and died

and her relatives sued on her behalf and

they actually

won because you know most people

especially here in texas they say you

know drink plenty of water drink this

and as a kid you're not

sure that you can drink too much water

and some people continue that through


they don't know it's dangerous to drink

too many fluids that you can get that

into right

kind of drowning so anyway yeah this

woman died and

they um her family actually sued the

radio station and won i'm not like i

said i don't know what the prize was but

yeah so you know even the radio has been


not just of running competitions but

given some pretty bad pseudo advice over

the years which again

not really many ways of checking it and

i think this was actually where i say

this over 10 years ago it might have

been before

before you could actually check the

internet on your phone and stuff so if

you weren't at home if you were in the


you know they were like i'll go stare at

the sun or drink as much water as you

can and you can really fact check

whether it's good or bad

then you know i think that's why you had

a few more people come in who

right yeah i should have ran the

competition at the same time you know

dehydrated outside and by the way i

think this is a

nice little segway before we move into

the next piece of topic that uh we'd

like to

thank our friends at rubber chicken

radio that

is broadcasting our podcast on there so

are we on are they broadcasting us on a

trial basis at the moment

well you know here's the thing

yeah well they're committed fully but

you know they're going through the back


so as of right now they're probably on

like episode four or five

so maybe they're broadcasting this

maybe they're not i don't know but uh

then at least we got their plug-in so

so thanks to rubber chicken radio for

having us

on your radio station even though it's

an internet radio station

and so uh yeah thank you guys they're

kind of going through the cream of the

crop going through our last dozen

episodes once they get back to about our


20 they might reconsider the deal that's

true yeah and

maybe they never hear this we'll go from

there so um anyway getting back to life


which i know everybody is uh really on

the edge of their seat

so here yes um i figured i'd start off


a lot of um well

areas which are most popular and one of

them's food

right sure so uh i figured you know

there's got to be some out there which

have a mixture of how you can poison

yourself makes yourself

vomit or ruin any chance of making

anything that appeals to any

sane individual's taste buds because

there are some bizarre recipes out there

which people say

try this it's going to be really good

all right so

right the first one i got and this was

from the food network

off their website and i actually watched

the food network because as you know i


to cook quite a lot and you know i've

gone on there before and i've

got recipes because i prefer it to going

on those blogs where

you know somebody says oh i'll tell you

how to make a shepherd's pie and nine

pages later they're still

still talking about their aunt sally who

lived on a farm and the

dog and all that how ridiculous is that

that's ridiculous

it is i mean talk about clickbait and it

is normally about

20 20 advertisements on each page on

that blog and you've got to scroll


like all this stuff just to here and

then you see they've just copied and

pasted it off like yummly or something

yeah so anyway food network right


well um anyway i'm figuring one day

okay they let uh some intern from the

local insane asylum get involved

probably because he posted a recipe for


edible candle now i don't know about you

i've never looked at a candle and


yeah i'd like to eat that not a candle


i mean there's been some soaps every

once in a while where i'm like yeah that

smells well

like i could eat it did you ever bite

into soap as a kid you know just to see

kind of why it was a bad idea no i

didn't actually

i never did it but i bit into it because

i don't know i think because i

it looked good and it kind of looked a

bit like candy

you know so i did try that but anyway

this this uh

recipe was actually for adults


so um according to people who actually

tried this i didn't try it

um it wasn't edible remotely

and it didn't fit the definition of a

candle because it didn't look like a


okay and um the chief ingredients were


because cheese always smells good yes

i don't know if you've ever smelled

burning nuts but that's uh

another treat to behold and uh this is

the last component of the recipe

a little imagination which i suppose is

where the it looks like a candle comes


so so cheese cheese nuts

a little bit of imagination yeah i think

that's where the insane asylum in turn

probably gave me yeah

yeah so anyway it used a pecan

as a wick a what a pecan a pecan a pecan

yeah no yeah oh you said pecan well


english where are you in england no no

we're in texas

it's a pecan in texas i know you're from


but there's certain words you have to

pronounce we have an international

audience especially a lot of people from


use the queen's english so i have to say

pecans so they know what's talking about

pecan right

otherwise they might think it's some

type of bird or something no pecan

yeah anyway so apparently once you let

this pecan

pecan for people in india um

um it gave off a smell similar to

setting fire to a used diaper which

somebody had also taken the extra step

throwing up into where i guess the kind

of burnt cheese

factor comes in but it ran on there it

ran on the website for quite a while

until apparently they got a lot of

letters coming in and said yeah this is

this is absolutely terrible whoever

wrote this

they it must have been april 4's or


no that does sound terrible yeah so um

i figured i'd look up you know like


what you could do with some of my

favorite foods okay

um and you know one of my chief

consumable items is gummy bears

right yes not necessarily a food group

in and of itself but

it it should be though yeah well it

should be i eat about six pounds of

gold bears you know yeah a month and um

haribo if you are listening we do not

currently have any form of gummy bear


we would love for you to be our gummy

bears yeah i will mention those

every week those are great coming back

to you on the website

on youtube on our facebook love those

gummy bears so listen up

yeah we we made zero money off of

talking about the hair bow but yeah oh

those are good

i love those cola bottles as well yeah

they're my favorite they're my favorite

i like the gummies overall but haribo i

like the gummy worms oh yeah they're

good as well

yeah i like the gummy worm pack mixes

you know it has the cherries the cola

bottles the bears

the worm yeah those things oh that's

fantastic that that must be the longest

unpaid sponsorship we've ever done yes

yeah yeah

so um anyway this i really want gummy

bears right now

yeah this is the one time i didn't bring

any in because a lot of time when i come

in you know i

bring like a bag of gummy bears for me

now i really want gummy bears anyway

let's try and uh get focused get over

there over that urge by

giving you this recipe so anyway this

recipe actually involves

uh gummy bears and it ruins them to such

an extent

that one person described the end result

as tasting like

canine cancer so i mean that's

you know i i gotta be honest with you

right now i do not know what

canine cancer tastes like and i really


want to know what that tastes like well

i'm not entirely sure what

she normally could to kind of achieve

that frame of reference but the gummy

bear recipe involves dissolving them in


to make what somebody else described as

satan's jell-o

well that that makes sense that must be

what canine cancer tastes like

so uh what what's special about this

recipe and what

separates it from other recipes is that

it doesn't give a crap about

any specifics whatsoever right so

here's the recipe in a nutshell okay

okay in a

pecan nut shell yeah so basically

add a random number of gummy bears to


water so random from two gummy bears to

two hundred thousand gummy bears depends

how many you want i suppose but yeah add

it to some water doesn't specific


somewhat some water okay a puddle

could be the pacific ocean right okay

which may or may not

already be heart so we're not even sure

whether the water's already hot or not


so we do not have mantis shrimp in the

pacific ocean

heating up the water for the ten

thousand gummy bears we're dropping in


okay right just trying to keep this

straight now

so simmer the water until the bears


and then put it in the fridge or


until it reaches the consistency

you like so no again no two no time just

until it

now apparently everybody wrote in about

this said

nobody got anything except something


looked like chunky swamp water that is

the most confusing recipe i think i've

ever heard

it gives you a lot of leeway yeah it

does the type of thing if

they ever call me into elementary school


into home economics and give a recipe

for the kids to do

i'm just going to give them those

directions and say have at it well

not only that but there's probably no i

probably still drink it

yeah there's no way to mess that up


i mean how do you mess that recipe it's

the opposite there's no way to get it


true so uh risk reward

50 50. yeah so um continuing on with


i figured i'd find out a few more

because i figured they can't all be as

bad as that

but i was quite mistaken so um number

three on the food life hacks list okay

um it's one of those pointless life

hacks which serves no purpose

you know maybe unless your house is

burnt down and you're living out your

car or something

um and you don't probably have any

knowledge of what

pre-made products your local grocery

store sells i don't know

so if you can imagine you're in that

scenario your house is burnt down you're

living out your car

and you don't know what the grocery

store sells right so okay

just identify with that this is this is

who this life hack appeals to right

i'm putting myself in that mindset right


my house is burnt down i'm living in my


i'm sitting outside the grocery store

okay go

right okay so um

there's this chick on youtube right

she's got over 11 million

followers and i think her name oh what

was her name

i think it's like no blossom or


i'm sure salma hayek's got more

followers yeah probably so

anyways this uh girl her name is blossom

i'm pretty sure it's blossom anyway

somebody can fat check that and send us

an email

and tell us we're wrong yeah that's fine

well actually no don't bother doing that

just keep it to yourself

yeah yeah so anyway she she suggests

leaving cookie dough

on the hood of your car on a hot day to

bake cookies

now you can do the cookie dough thing

on a tray in your car in texas yeah i'm

gonna get

in the summer i'm gonna get to that one

okay but yeah so anyway um

if you ignore cooking time temperature

and the uncooked cookie dough can

obviously give you pretty severe food


right and again maybe you could get away

with this in texas but again seattle and

you know oregon and stuff might have a

bit of charm yeah it might

not work out so well but again our other

suggestion was what you just mentioned

it's like you put it on a baking tray


somehow you managed to rescue from your

burning house um

and you leave it inside the car to cook

right so

this does firstly avoid the whole

problem of

the cookie dough mixing in with the bird

crap on the hood of your car and try the

method right

so it's already a plus but um

even with our hot texas summers here

it's estimated that it would take

five hours to cook okay

right so so yeah cookies yeah but you go

into work

right and you're parking your car

outside why not go ahead and

throw that on the dashboard and then

when you're done with work

you got fresh cookies waiting for you

yeah or maybe just go to the grocery

store and buy

cookies yeah because i think actually

buying cookies somewhere like walmart

it's actually cheaper to buy the generic

cookies than it is to actually buy the

cookie dough no that's probably true

this isn't this is assuming of course

you don't get it costed by the girl


well on the way in and out to buy some

expensive cookies tell us the story

about anybody

you know who has spent money on girl

scout cookies yeah

i mean yeah no one that i know has spent

35 dollars on seven packs of cookies

that got delivered to the house and

they're already gone i i i know nothing

about that

but the other benefit though of cooking

those cookies

in your car during the heat of the day

is what if you have like this horrible

smell in your car

and now all of a sudden now your car the

inside of your car smells like chocolate

chip cookies i mean right

that's the best fragrance in the car

cleaning that up that's an improvement

for a lot of peoples

absolutely but but still i still kind of

think that blossom might actually be a

girl scout who's

had a little bit too much familiarity

with meth yeah

or or maybe they're part of a vast

conspiracy that's on the internet that

gets people tricked into sharing posts


social media yeah

maybe now i saved i saved the best or


uh food life hack till last okay

because this this is one which suggests

you know kind of like mama might have

been over prescribed some opioids and

washed them down with some absence

because i can't

honestly believe anybody who isn't in

risk of getting a dui would come up with

this life hack

right you know out there so anyway

um shot glasses made out of cheese

you totally lost me shot glass is made

out of cheese

why would you want that well that's a

very good question

but shot glasses made out of cheese shot

glasses made out of cheese oh yeah no i

heard you the first three times

i'm confused give me that question why


hey do you like greasy hands do you like

your jack daniels to taste like pepper

jack cheese

if you check both of those boxes this

might be a life hack

for you yeah so you're talking about

point zero zero zero one percent of the

population that would actually want this

well probably the same percentage of

people who were homeless live out of

their car and happened to steal a baking

tray and wanted to make cookies in the

car i don't know

so it's the same beer yeah it's the same

people oh okay i got you i mean i

i thought about it because i mean i

really do like cheese

but to me it just seemed like the

equivalent of i don't know

drinking wine through a sock or

something because it's got a taste bad

yeah that's gotta taste terrible i mean


i mean i know you like this people have

wine and cheese nights and stuff but you

can't have shots of wine though do you

well not unless you're a [ __ ]

no but

there is some truth to to that part but

the wine and cheese thing i never

understood i like wine

i like cheese but i never think

i'm gonna have some wine and cheese yeah

yeah i don't think that way

it interferes with my steak and vodka

night exactly

yeah right my beer and oysters you know

get togethers yeah my tequila and

uh crawdads yeah so um

yeah i didn't want to spend the entire

podcast you know to be about

morons who combined too much spare time

with being left unsupervised in the


so i moved on to some other life hacks

okay biggest problem was actually trying

to narrow it down

so the podcast didn't take like about 40

hours and i actually think

at some point we're gonna have to do a

sequel or even make this podcast a

trilogy because there were so many which

i didn't get to

you know well there's a lot of them and

i mean we

we've gone quite a while and we've just

talked about it on food

yeah and we've just talked about food

yeah so yeah

we we got to move on to other kinds of

life hacks right so um i did research

some other life hacks that

you know going to different uh areas

and um i think they're still best left

for drunk college students who are

maybe tick-tock contributors who've run

out of dances to do and just got

just want to do something and you know

because you know those stupid you know

eating tide pod challenge and all that

not really life hacks but kind of


but i think some of these life hacks are

also kind of quasi-semi-type

challenges which people take on even

knowing there might be a high risk of

failure you know just to see what


sure you know it's just like the whole

putting mentos and coke thing you know

to make it

well i mean people still do it even

though they know what's going to happen

right you know because it's fun to watch

well not only that they want to see it

live for themselves so i get that oh do

you make sense

do you want to know something i used to

do with that whole thing

i used to um freeze um

mentos in the middle of ice cubes

and uh when people came round and they

like made drinks and stuff i'd put the

ice cubes with the

mentos in the middle of them in their

drink and as the ice dissolved all of a

sudden they

would like overflow on the table i'm in

there yeah well

i i remember i had a friend of mine uh

you know i grew up with the guy and when

i grew up i had a swimming pool

and so my friend said you know we can


aluminum foil and kind of

roll it up in a tight little roll

put it in a 2-liter bottle pour a little

bit of muriatic acid

since you have a swimming pool and

you've got these bottles of muriatic


we can pour that in there put a cap on

shake it up and make little bombs yeah

and we would do that

you know to entertain ourselves yes well

i made a

homemade napalm and developed a delivery


out of a bicycle pump and uh

washing up liquid bottles um

i didn't post it on the internet though

because i don't want to get free i know

and you know i i just realized when i

said that

and then you're going into that we

might get into uh some bad google

search results

they want to go that route all right

well now that just

hit the uh the google search so anyway


yeah we're in trouble now so anyway um i

know this one applies to you which is

why this is the first non-food one on


um don't throw out your old doll heads

because i know you've got quite a big

collection of them

yeah i do i i collect dolls yeah

so uh you can actually turn them into

handy night lights for your

yes i have seen these yeah yeah

now unlike the cooking life acts i think

this idea

probably came from the satanic bible or

something maybe the modernized version

but um it came with very precise


the ones i saw because even if you're

not too bothered about

you know giving your kids night terrors

you don't want them to electrocute


right but i mean first of all it's like

you know you've got a daughter right and

so you know when she had her dolls

normally unless it was a made in china

you know or hong kong or taiwan or

something type doll normally the head

stayed attached unless you you know you

had a kid who

corrects like a psychopath or something


and um so i don't know how many people

have a lot of doll heads unless you just

go to walmart by the cheapest doll you

can find and deliberately remove the

heads to actually make these likes

i mean do you wait like four years for

the head to fall off one of your kids

dolls well

try this i i think you solved your

question right there i i think they're

going to walmart

and getting the cheap dolls yeah so

because you guarantee those things

aren't going to melt or catch fire oh no


not at all if you buy dole for like you

know 1.99

is it going to be heat resistant

definitely oh sure yeah yeah

not going to be a fire house we don't

have to worry about just like those

clothes i think it's is it like indian

cotton where it gets like anywhere near

like a naked flame the whole thing goes

up like yep yep there you go yeah

so yeah so yeah yeah totally safe there

uh listeners definitely don't

try yeah unless it's what's that really

expensive doll american doll

i'm sure oh no american girl american

girl yeah yeah

i'm sure i'm sure those things could

stand a bit of electricity

yeah let's hope so for the price they

charge for those

and all the right ridiculousness behind

the american girl that should probably

become mandatory instead of kind of like

selling them for money you know on ebay

and stuff i think to remind your kid of

how much money you wasted on that

freaking thing

right you should take the head off and

make one of these

doll lights so it's a nightly reminder

of how much

daddy had to spend on this thing

that's that's a really good point yeah

uh trademark yep there we go so um

as i got more into the kind of genius

combined with

uh moon induced madness i figured i'd

actually uh

bring back a little section i haven't

done for a while let's dump the shepherd

oh here we go all right all right so i


uh i came up i found um six

life hacks which may or may not actually

be true in terms of

whether they work or not they might

sound a bit obscure but

some of the obscure ones do actually

work you know like using right

apple cider vinegar you know clean

surfaces you wouldn't think

oh hold on i put i drink this stuff put

it over salads surely it can't clean

stuff but it's a fantastic cleaner

it's great putting on your skin you know

to get rid of you know blemishes all

this stuff

it's got a lot of uses so you know there

are certain life hacks on the internet

you know which sound a bit bizarre but

do work so i found

six and i want you to tell me if you

think they

actually work on okay so so you're gonna

tell me

what the life hack is and i have to tell


whether or not it's true yeah okay all

right here we go

all right number one number one rubbing


on marble countertops will make them


true false it doesn't

work and it can do irreversible damage

to your countertop oh

why why i don't know you didn't expect

me to repass that

oh okay sorry no all right you're lucky

you got anything past the false part

yeah all right so that one doesn't work


so so now hang on so do not

rub lemon on your countertop

okay to try and make them shiny all

right hey we we got to do a service yeah

to the listeners so

do not rub lemon on your marble


okay all right we're good next one

number two brushing your teeth will

chuck with charcoal

will get rid of stains yes that is true

is true but it will also likely get rid

of most of the anomaly on your teeth at

the same time

so it is true just in the same way as uh

concentrated bleach gets rid of acne

true in because it melts your face off

so it's one of those

you got to use it yeah yeah you got to

use it sparingly yeah

so so it's true but you got to be

careful with what you do with it yeah

don't do it yeah yeah probably so it's a

good one yeah

so here we go oh this one

i will be honest with you i had read

this life hack

maybe about three months ago but that

was back in 2020 so i wasn't

responsible for any rational way yeah

that was a crazy year

yeah so anyway i read this one and i

kind of thought about trying it

um but hadn't got around to it and i

actually thought about trying it the

other day

but then you know yesterday i looked

this up

okay ran to see you know

how effective it was so anyway putting

ice cubes in your garbage disposal will

sharpen the blades true

false really garbage disposal so so this

is one of those i've

always heard yeah over the years i was

going to try it the other day because i

i you know because i make it again i

cook a lot

and you know i've been making a lot of

salads so i have a lot of you know onion

peel and all this other stuff and so i

actually use the garbage disposal quite

a lot not that i thought onion peel

would kind of you know

mess up the garbage disposal but i

actually thought about trying this a

number of times

but no it's actually false yeah because

i i was always told

hey you can take your ice maker

and go ahead and dump all the ice out

into your garbage disposal

to sharpen those to kind of reset your

ice maker

and so you get a twofer so you're saying

no no this doesn't work well what makes

this easy

even better is it shows our ignorance in

terms of

garbage disposal units right okay so

garbage disposals don't even have blades

right they have grinding impellers that

don't need sharpening so it's like you


cogs very you know right those big cogs

which just grind together grind the food

yeah and they don't need sharpening

yeah well there you go there you go so

learnt something there yep yeah right

here we go

um and i know this is

you know something i've seen you do

quite a lot during your lunch break

uh doing cardio while wearing


you know i don't believe in cardio but

okay sorry i shouldn't interrupt

you oh sorry i thought that was false to

the doing thing i didn't even realize we

got to the cardio part

um doing cardio while wearing plastic

bags can help you lose

fat faster false that is indeed

false yeah all it actually does is it

increases water loss and

also increases the chances of

dehydration so yeah in

and that was popular i think in the 80s

when you had those plastic

suits that everybody was wearing when

they were you know working out or


and and they would do stuff and they

thought oh well this is going to make me

sweat more so i'm actually losing more

weight or something like that yeah it's


yeah yeah sweating doesn't have anything

to do with burning fat

it's just about your body trying to cool

itself down right you know it's got

yeah it's the body's natural air

conditioning system

yeah so yeah it's not um it's not

part of your love handles pouring out of

your sweat plans right

yeah so here's a life hack which

maybe you first heard of this one

from the same source i did on an episode

of friends monica gets stung by a


ah the the the the urine yeah the people

with the jellyfish sting and to get rid

of the pain and so that's when i first

heard about it now i haven't

you know had the luxury of being stung

by a jellyfish

and so i hadn't had cause to try it

right gotcha so do you think that is


that peeing on a jellyfish thing okay so


here's one that uh i i gotta give you

that thing yeah you didn't know about

this but

my family and i we went to the beach

here a couple of three months ago

and i had a couple of kids got stung by


and i knew that your kids yeah

yeah i thought it's not a story about

how you went and randomly peed over

strange kids

right but but i do know that doesn't


right it's vinegar that you have to use


so yeah i i know you were you were

trying to

post something there but i actually knew

that if if you'd asked me a year ago

i might have said okay yeah that works


i i did have a you know my youngest son

he got

a big jellyfish wrapped all the way

around his leg and stung him in several


and there was a nice lady on the beach

that actually had a bottle of vinegar

just in case something like that

happened and we poured the vinegar

all over him and and settled him down

before she

turned up were you just gonna like pee

over him probably so yeah well

yeah well you see you're probably one of

the few people who have actually had

the experience and an interjection

before you actually got to try it out

and actually got the um

you know quick shortcut to knowing it


work right you should really be doing

although most people they do have pee

but don't carry around vinegar

so that's true you know probably why

they don't research it any further

because they think

well i'm at the beach but i i will tell

you this

after that you know the next day uh

we're down at the beach

and that night before i went to the


and bought a bottle of vinegar thinking

i want to

kind of pay it forward you know what if

somebody else has this problem first of

all i'll pee on them to prove

that that doesn't work yeah they know

we'll bring it well then i'll bring out

the bottle of vinegar yeah

it it it depends on

the people you know with whether or not

i want to do that

do you think do you think um that would

make a good defense in court if you had

some kind of perv who went around peeing

on people and he said

oh i thought they got stung by jellyfish

yeah especially people in like kansas

yeah you know where in kansas

yeah exactly he's like well i thought

they got stung by jellyfish she's like

well you're in lennox there's no

subway in new york or something yeah

yeah exactly yeah because you're more

like more likely to probably get peed on

there than

you know that's probably true so um yeah

actually peeing on it it can

uh release more venom from the sting

himself really attaches in so it can

actually make it worse it might not

not just doesn't work it can actually

make it well worse as far as like the

pain yeah

exactly yeah yeah yeah so so don't

don't pee on jellyfish well stings

that's not i said

depending on how hot she is there's a

certain there's a certain

segment of people who we might have um

you know kind of dashed their uh hopes


right you know peeing on somebody who

may or may not

have been stung by jellyfish so anyway

last one

and again i've heard this for a lot of

my life

and i think i kind of believed it

but in pure wolf fashion i never

remembered it when it would have been

time to have actually put it into use so

guys feed a cold starve a fever true or

false ah

okay so i'm glad you brought this one up

because i gotta be honest with you i get


confused oh yeah something that's

and i never can remember which one is


based off the fact that i cannot

remember which one's which

i think it's false well i think your

solution of just

drinking a lot of beer to kind of you

know just

get your bets it's probably the best one

because then you just pass out and you

forget about feeling sex

exactly so um yeah it's actually false

guys fasting during illness actually

weakens yeah it makes sense you know the

key is actually to try and eat some

healthy foods

you know to strengthen your immune

system and even if you don't have much

of an

appetite that's why they say you know

have some broth or something and you

know there's so many like uh

good things in broth and that and that

actually boosts your immune system

and it's gonna cover quicker it's gotta

have more to do with like the clear

liquids like you're saying the broth and


with any kind of sickness or whatever it

it has nothing to do with

starve or feed a fever starve or feed a

cold yeah

yeah so um i figured

like once we went through the crap life

hacks before we kind of finish

off that section um i didn't think the

whole thing would be complete

unless we introduced some uh beauty

life hacks something that you're very

concerned about with your lush head of


yes you know kind of haircare well i i

have enough hair for both of us

on the top of my head yeah well i have

enough hair for both of this

on other parts of my body

and probably a few other people who

aren't present as well so

you know i know there's this thing about

you know donating hair to people who

have alopecia or is going through

illnesses and all that no i hadn't heard

about that

yeah well no not hair off the rest of

your body you know like people cut off

you know people with long hair

especially girls will cut their hair off

and they'll make wigs out of it oh no

no the locks of love and everything i


no i think that's a that's a great thing

but i i have read

some deal about how

if you cut your hair and you

donate it to locks of love and then that


commits a crime

now they have a dna profile and now all

of a sudden you get arrested for that


that that person did it what happens

there does locks love kind of step in

and say hey no no no this person

donated their hair and and that's why

you're picking up this

yeah that goes hand in hand with one of

my favorite sayings no good deed goes


there you go yeah absolutely yeah um

but anyway the reason i mentioned that

is there doesn't seem to be one for

bodily hair

so uh if there is but who who is out


actually saying donate some body hair to

me you'd be surprised

really well i don't know i'm just saying


there must be out there somewhere some

people who want you know maybe make a


uh pull over or something yeah but you

know it

it kind of makes you wonder because you

have like i think it was the 70s and

maybe into the 80s it was all about the

hair on the chest

and all that and now all of a sudden

it's a you know no body hair

are we going to eventually get back to

oh you're supposed to have body hair

and then all these guys that can't have

any body hair are going to be like oh

let me

you know put hair plugs into my chest


on my legs and everything so i can have

body hair well there might be some

you know greek americans out there who

you know

they tend to be a bit of a hairy race

yeah um italian

yeah and um well it in english i mean

you and i vote it's hit and miss in

england no well

well my family comes from the northern

part of england

where it's colder yeah and so that's why

i'm so much

hairier than you are because you're a

southern england guy yeah

so yeah yeah but um

yes i'm figuring you know there must be

some greek americans out there who are

embarrassed by their lack of bodily hair

and maybe want to go to a store on the

internet to buy

genuine human body hair although this

kind of

seems to be going along that uh it puts

the lotion on its skin

type you know frame of thinking using


body hair to kind of make it well yeah

but but some of these hair transplant


have got to figure out that you know

nowadays it's okay to be bald

it's okay to shave your head and be bald

yeah i'm trying to make you feel better


used to and and we're not talking about

that long ago men didn't

want to shave their head all the way

bald but now it's

acceptable it's like okay well i'm

losing my hair so i'm going to shave my


but those hair transplant guys got to be

saying well all these guys that have

been losing their hair and don't come to


and want to get a hair transplant maybe

i try to talk them into

putting hair on their chest or hair on

their legs or something like that

i mean they got to make money i mean

they got a family to feed

so why wouldn't they want to try to

figure something out like

that there are also people who have a

fetish for a lot of body hair i think

it's called her sweet or something


yeah i don't know that just relates to

the nether regions they're all over the

body i don't know but yeah i believe

people who like people have somebody

here yeah i believe i think it's


uh on women actually

body hair on women yeah okay

armpits yeah yeah so so now i don't

believe you

no it's right yeah well there's all

kinds of

there's all kinds of weirdos out there

you know

you know to each his own you can

actually buy um

kits with like beads and stuff to


braid your armpit hair for women

okay so on the next episode of the wolf

in the shepherd the

wolf is gonna braid my armpit hair with


well you know i trim mine so to keep

cool uh

don't get me started right you know you

know you you trimming hair like that


yeah don't get me started so anyway um

on to the beauty

life hacks yes i picked my favorite

okay uh first three i could find


right um three beautiful because we know


the scroll wheel on your mouse broke

actually got these all from the same

webpage oh okay i can't even be bothered

at this point so

sorry to go to yeah

our laziness has gotten to that that's

great i'm not going to name check the

website just in case they're trying to

sue me for you know

stealing of content it's definitely not

amazing the commentary is all my own so

i was actually you know

gotcha yeah so um here's one use colored

pencils instead of eyeliners

this isn't a true or false thing but

this is a life hack

use a colored pencil instead of

well i don't know how eyeliners work

well you know i've watched my wife with

with her makeup stuff and she's not a

big heavy makeup person

but they do look like colored pencils

well some of them are but they are it's

eyeliner but it is a specific pencil for

that purpose this is i guess for

those section eight people who figured

out i'll use some of the child's

you know pencils instead of like going

and buying or shoplifting those expenses


not only that but especially if

everybody else is

providing the school supplies then they


free eyeliner yeah so if that works

i guess that works there is a downside

to it you know okay

um components and colored pencils are

actually dangerous to the mucus layer in

your eyes

and it could and you can often end up

looking like a bee as stung your eyelid

yeah but you know if you think about uh

some of these money well but if you

think about some of these women that

draw their eyebrows on and all this

other stuff

it looks like a bad art project from a

third grader

so it that totally makes sense did you

know like um

i think it's victorian times it might


around there maybe a few hundred years

either side whatever

but um a popular thing like among the


and especially the royals and stuff

would be they would completely

shave off their eyebrows i guess with a

knife or something because i don't think

they had razors or such i don't know

yeah um and they would use mouse

a hair strip of mouse hair that they

would somehow stick

to replace their eyebrows wow

i'm not surprised yeah but i think

you're not surprised i can't remember


i don't think it was queen elizabeth the

first but there was some famous queen of

england who

she would wear makeup which at that time

was very heavily lead

uh based and instead of washing it off

she'd just put another layer over the

top of there wow

yeah i can't remember if it was when she

died or when she got sick

they washed her face and she actually

had maggots

living in her skin and she because she

just used to paint another coat of

you know this makeup over her face yeah

yeah so

so looking looking at that was not a

life hack but yeah

yeah in in looking at uh what

women do today the the modern version

of that is instagram filters right yeah

you know they just put those filters on

and you say oh they look how pretty this

person is and then you see them in real

life and like ah

oh my god yeah what what happened

yeah and that's what

the new life hack is i i will say one

thing though

a lot of women do look better with the

cat ears on

they have ears yeah you know with those

filters especially on what is it um

oh oh the the the animal stuff where

they put the little

noses on them is that kind of tends to

improve a lot of women's general

appearance seven those cat is maybe i'll

have a

uh kind of little bit of a feline fetch

there and there's actually a name for


oh that goes back into the furries thing


we did yeah i i i think you have a

mental problem

yeah yeah maybe we need to get five


very fast going on i don't know now i'll

tell you why it is

i can actually uh give you the genesis

for that one it's because i used to have

a huge crush on catwoman in batman

which one um the very original one uh


oh julie newmar yeah no she was pretty

yeah and i think the cat is in that

capsule kind of did it for me and i just

kind of associate the cat is with her in


tight yeah yeah so anyway good luck with


got an excuse for that one anyway next

next beauty life hack

okay uh use antiperspirant on your face

to stop the sweat making your makeup run

that that well i'm assuming they mean in

the dry spray and not the roll-on

yeah well gel

but you assume that but

i've got to think about this for a

second it kind of makes

logical sense right interpersonal well

that's a big problem a lot of these life

hacks some of them do make

logical sense yeah but antiperspirant

is going to prevent you from perspiring

so if you put that on your face

you're not going to sweat and you're not

going to

ruin your makeup as a woman so

oh man

yeah yeah let's not go that far but

i can kind of see that working yeah

yeah nice complete crap it doesn't work


you can get rashes from allergic

reactions to it oh i'm i'm not saying

it's a ring a good idea

yeah and also bring out zips because of

you blocking your paws

right right so it's another one which

doesn't work

and here's one of my favorite ones um

just because whoever came up with this

one you know was really

maybe not sober and was trying to

cover an issue which their lifestyle may

have led them to making

even more irrational decisions but um


transparent nail polish to conceal fever

blisters or as i like to call them lip


transparent nail polish

are you talking about like on your lips


stuff around your lips yeah who who


put nail polish on their lips well

like i said the people who come up with

these ideas oh my goodness how can i

hide this rather than just going and

getting that is it what's it called um

not i think it's called herpes now i'm

talking about the stuff where you can go

to grocery store and buy it and it

reduces um

i think it's got like heavy content of

sink in there or something and it

kind of shortens the life of the um

uh lip herpes

down from like about five days to like

two or three days

but anyway so um you might be surprised

at this

but it doesn't work um

it can actually be toxic depending upon

how cheap

the uh nail vanishes which i'm assuming

if you're going to use this method it's

probably the cheapest snail varnish you

can buy

yeah i'm not kidding for one dollar

whatever and um actually because it

dries and it's shiny it actually brings

more attention

to the area oh i i don't doubt that and


here's the greatest thing apparently

from how it's been tested it actually

extends the life of your facial herpes

wow so it's a three thing in terms of


wow that i'm not surprised by that one

not surprised by that one at all right

so um

i didn't want to finish off this podcast

without actually listing

some life hacks which do actually work


it cause it feels like all we've done is


all this stuff that doesn't work yeah so


now we have to do the public surface

or public service portion of the podcast

and say

hey these things work right okay

yeah here we go right but remember what

podcast this is

so yeah you know these are life hacks

please don't

believe us too much well you know they

they might actually

work but you could end up getting fired

divorced or arrested for trying some of

them i don't know

right anyway they do work but but

they might not be useful as such yeah


and by the way uh our lawyer

who just walked in and actually our

lawyer is a cardboard cutout of baby


is telling us uh you need to have a

disclaimer that

we do not support these but we're just

going to tell these to you yeah

okay so here we go all right so here's

the first one um

you're on a winner with this one uh if

you sleep till noon

you only have to pay for two meals

instead of three during the day

i believe that yeah yeah and by passing

breakfast so that wouldn't work for me

because i'll just eat

yeah an extra meal like but i usually

only once a day

so yeah okay so that

again might work for you depending on

how your metabolism is it

right you know so here we go

this one was i think probably comes

shepard recommended um

stir coconut oil into your kale so it

makes it easier to scrape into the trash

yeah but so i don't know what kale is

but i'm not gonna eat it and i don't

know about it myself

green leafy thing yeah yeah so it's so


yeah but the easier way is just don't

allow kale

into your house then you don't have to

worry about

getting rid of kale superfood yeah yeah

which is

why you avoid it yeah yeah there you go


so um is one which i think is actually

pretty good always give a thumbs up


yawning in public so deaf people don't

think that you're screaming at them

i like that that makes sense

that's a good one yeah yeah yeah we'll

go with that you see i always cover my

mouth when i yawn but my girlfriend she

yawns like that game hungry hippo right

and i can imagine if you're a deaf

person watching her and you actually

accidentally caught

yeah and you think oh my gosh screaming

yeah yeah you know for no reason

now now could you actually do like the

the you know horns

you know stick your hands up and

and it makes it look like you're

screaming like you're you're

extremely happy about something you

could do the same thing

uh maybe yeah

anyway i don't know i don't know if

that's universally uh

that one's up thing well we only know i

care about americans

yeah yeah super evangelical christians

might think you're kind of devil

worshipping or something

yeah a good point yeah

so um it's a good one if your phone

screen is too small

put it in a glass of water and it will

magnify the screen by up to 200

um i don't think that's a good idea it

depends on your phone this only works if

you've got an iphone 8 or later

right yeah it doesn't work splash proof

yeah and if i if you have an android

phone because you're cheap and you don't


about phones i i would not recommend


so so it's a good one actually if you're

finding that money is tight which after

2020 some people uh

you know might find themselves you know

a little bit underfunded at home

um just tell if you have a child who's

four years or younger don't tell them

it's their birthday because they

probably won't realize it and that way

you don't have to buy them any gifts

makes total sense yeah they don't know

yeah they don't know

just like you know in north texas we


six flags over texas and i convinced my


for years that six flags over texas was

disney world all right so

there's another life hack right there

you know i'm going to tell him you took

them to the local school

kind of playground and told them that

was six flags well

well yeah flags from a walmart stuff

there you go

yeah i mean white frames yeah but but

why not just tell them that's

disney world yeah yeah there was another

hat pretty close to that one actually

um whereas again if you're kind of

running low on money

you know to save buying your relatives


and friends christmas gifts kind of fall

out with them

before christmas right not on talking to

him so you have to buy gifts and

what i think one of the great pieces of

advice with this was

you know kind of stagger it and fall out

start falling out with them from about

september onwards so it doesn't seem

like it's all about the gifts

well i i think there was uh an

a guy that used to say you know if


dating a girl you need to

kind of dissolve the relationship


after thanksgiving yeah you want to go

to thanksgiving because you want the


you want to eat but then you want to


buying the christmas gift and then

somewhere after valentine's day you say

hey baby i miss you

and all that and then you circle back

and you can save

a few hundred bucks doing that yeah

that's true

yeah just gotta hope she doesn't have a

she's one of those women who likes

eating about

14 pounds of chocolate for easter

because otherwise you might have to wait

till after easter as well

oh forgot about easter yeah that's a

good point

yeah so um here's a good one uh

if you're having trouble finding a

legitimate parking spot

park anywhere you like and turn on your

hazard lights

thus making yourself immune to traffic

laws it's traffic stopping

yeah because most people think you turn


hazard lights on all of a sudden

you don't have to obey any traffic laws

but i got a better one for you

you tell your parents who have

a handicapped parking permit you say hey

can i get an extra one of those and

most places you go have so many open

handicap spots

you just get an extra handicap parking


and then you hang it from there and you

walk in

you never have a parking issue yeah

that's what i do

probably illegal so again we don't

recommend this to our lessons but

yeah but the difference is though i mean

that has to yeah it still has to be some

form of a parking lot with the hazard

light saying

just be stopping in the middle of the

stream yeah i'm fair enough you go off

and eat your food

wherever and then come back right and uh

just hope the police haven't

you know driven past which in texas is

going to be an issue but in those states

where they're doing all that to fund the

police thing

they'll probably get away with it now

just leave your car anywhere

and of course in texas i mean we park

wherever we want

right so yeah so uh here's the final one

um i'm not sure about this one because i

think it'd be a bit costly

but uh replace your treadmill belt

with sandpaper for better traction when

you're running barefooted

anyone that has a treadmill

i don't want to help them

well i don't particularly want to help

people who have found themselves

homeless and living out the car but have

managed to rescue a baking tray and have

a fetish for cooking

cookie dough either on there yeah but

but these same people are not owning a

tree there are a lot of people who have

got treadmills well no because there's

burnt down in the house they lived in

yeah there's a lot of people who own

treadmills and this is good advice put

sand paper the rougher the better maybe

even that glass paper stuff because that

really gives a good grip well

we had a treadmill years ago and it made


great clothes hanger we would hang

clothes on it

and that's pretty much what we did with

our truck i would have figured you would

have used it to walk the dog

oh no no i i would have never

have done that so with all that said

thank you for tuning in to this episode

of the wolf and the shepherd and we will

catch you on the next one