Dec. 31, 2020

Episode 42 - Welcome to 2021

Happy New Year! The Wolf AND The Shepherd take a stroll down dementia lane as they review what happened in 2020.


welcome to this episode of the wolf and

the shepherd and

welcome to 2021 we are officially

out of the mess of 2020 and here's

hoping that

2021 is going to be better than 2020

let's be honest 2020 didn't really set

the bar

all that high so we should

be able to have a better year in 2021

than we did in 2020

but you know we decided that

we're doomed if we don't review history

riding you know we

got to look at history and history might

repeat itself so

we decided we'd take a look back at uh

what all happened in 2020 and not not a

rehash of

covet and murder hornets and all of that

good stuff

but just kind of where the podcast

brought us

from that little bit of 2020 when we


and kind of worked through uh some of

the topics and everything that we


yeah actually the blown out proportion

murder hornets was one of my big

letdowns of 2020.

i was hoping to see a few more of those

around killing birds in mid-flight

well but not only that they had such a

great name i mean

murder yeah you know it wasn't some you

know it

killer bee remember that that killer bee

scare that we had

a long time ago yeah murder hornet

just sounds so much more dangerous than

killer bee

yeah not since the stab you in the face

monkeys such an animal came with so much

anticipation and being such a let down

maybe the mantis shrimp yeah

now um obviously 2020 was a bad horse


but uh we don't want to dwell on all the

negative stuff in 2020

no we don't have that kind of time so

we're just gonna focus on the positive

i got a new phone and we started


so that's yeah that's pretty much it


and the podcast somehow ninja sneaked

its way into the top 1

and listened to podcast shows out of 1.8

million plus

podcasts in that was a

big surprise for us uh we didn't quite


how that happened we still don't but you

know we

we decided we're just gonna keep doing

things the way we've been doing things


here we go apparently we've got a big

death following

oh well that makes sense oh yeah maybe

that explains it yeah

now it all makes sense yeah they can

slightly make some white

noise which is kind of like tinnitus or

yeah there we go

that that would explain yeah quite a bit

so looking back

we're not really going to look back at

anything other than

what we did in the podcast because i

think that's probably

the only important stuff which happened

last year yep i don't think anything


like major happened in 2020 other than

well not the things that we talked about

no we didn't cover anyway

and actually exactly if you were a time


and you kind of ended up january 1st


here actually listening to our podcasts

would absolutely

give you a complete rundown of the year

that's true with no need to experience

any of it

yeah as we normally do and

we we give you all the information that

you need no further research necessary


yeah here we go right well um

we started off the podcast with a

absolutely terrible pilot

well we had no idea what we were going

to talk about but you figured

you'd hit the record button and um test

out the equipment

you know the headphones and the

microphones which after three weeks we


the wrong way around but yeah thankfully

they have a good enough microphone

straightened up to make that much


i don't think well it did make a

difference when we figured out we had

them backwards but

uh nothing but the highest level of

professionalism here at this podcast

you'd have thought those stickers

in front and back on

i was looking at your microphone and

obviously the word front was facing

me and vice versa but yours

but yours was facing me too so i thought

we had it right yeah

anyway so the first few episodes after

the pilot

we basically talked about nonsense we

gave it

well we gave them some titles and hope

to kind of stick to topic

which didn't work very well um well if

we can look back on those first few

episodes at least we learned

no matter what topic we pick we're never

going to stick with it right

at least we have a general idea of what

we're going to talk about

yeah we did so little actual research

and i think google even got a single

name checking about those

first two probably not podcasts

um but once we kind of settled down a

little bit

we started actually having a plan of

what we were going to talk about

in terms of at least the title although

nine times out of ten i to explain to

you from the title

what exactly we were going to be talking

about right yeah well

in most of the time you just slid the

piece of paper in front of me and said

here's the title of the podcast this is

what we're going to do right now

so yeah it's uh kind of like today

right let's be obvious we got um

a few musical podcasts off our chest

over the three months which

you know is one of our great loves yeah


we attempted to sing quite often which

apparently according to some of the

emails we got from our listeners were

very popular with their cats in heat

well at least we made something happy

with the singing

because it doesn't make me happy well

plus i think we've basically ruined any

future opportunities a role in stone to

be invited

you know to discuss anything to do with


yes that's another another uh big name

we can cross off the list not to expect

an email or a phone call from unless

it's a definition

or something yeah that list by the way

it keeps getting longer and longer

it does still there's plenty more


multi-million dollar companies

true um before long we did actually

manage to crack on a few things from a

great height which

isn't saying much giving our studios

kind of like ground floor yeah

uh yeah gyms we kind of had a bit of

yellow tunes mainly because um people

going to the gyms for the wrong reason


gyms and people who go there to

seriously work out just the

people who go there they just kind of

pose and take selfies

yeah yeah not our bag yeah karen's that

are looking

oh yeah they deserve it yeah we bash

them pretty well

and amazingly we didn't actually get any

uh hate mail from

karen's so i'm pretty sure they looked

at the title and

just protested in silence of not


what's very uncaring yeah

yeah that's true well plus they knew

maybe they went to the spam filter well

maybe we have um i think i did set

something in the spam filter that

any email address that had the name

karen in it would just

immediately go to spam so uh

maybe i need to go look in the spam

filter after we do this but i'm sure i'm

going to forget about that by the time

we're done

it's a bit sad because i was looking

forward to reading out some complaints

and accounts well maybe we'll just have

to do an episode on the complaints that

we've received

but i'm sure they're all in the spam

folder yeah probably which means i'm

going to have to go in and look in the


well you know that's not going to happen

so um

we didn't have too many positive things

to say about evolution because we

considered that overall to be a letdown

yep uh mainly because we don't like

but we do like the mantis room we do

like the mountains

that was our big discovery yes if

if 2020 had a positive theme for me it

was the discovery of the mantis shrimp

which can heat up water higher than the

temperature of the sun

allegedly i love that i'm pretty sure we

still have double factor have we

well even single check well but i don't

i don't want to i don't want to be let


it should join the avengers yeah not

this point please

please don't factor yeah i i want to go

on a living

believing that that mantis shrimp is the

greatest animal

to ever swim the earth

and uh you we discovered you don't like

cats and i don't like chimpanzees

yeah cats are bad enough that

you know they just well i mean the fact

that you have cats as well

yeah i know that that's kind of yeah

kind of misleading but you know i

tolerate them

i'm i'm definitely not happy that

they're that they're here

yeah and i'm definitely no advocate for

animal cruelty but

marriage the urge not to punch

chimpanzee in the face would be

one of my big struggles no and i don't i

don't believe we ever advocated

cruelty towards candidates but i would


much happier if i didn't have any around

some bad language

i'd rather have the dodo bird back even

though i know nothing about the dodo

bird bring it back from extinction and

just make cats extinct

so that's not cruelty to animals right

oh yeah also evolution the fact that

humans have not really started growing


to help out a little bit we're kind of

annoyed with evolution over that

yeah well at least for most people they

need a third arm just to hold their


while they do other things yeah because

they they've lost the ability to use one

limb because they always have a phone in

their hand

yeah so uh that was kind of the

seriousness we got into

pretty early on and uh for anybody under

the misconception that we're gonna

buckle down and start discussing some

serious topics

and quickly peed on that fire what did

we discuss we discussed

midgets yep ducks witches gingers and

killer robots

yes so uh all serious time all serious


well well we delve into the topics that

serious journalists don't want to

touch because they're so controversial

okay that's tough yeah

they they don't want to get cancelled so

we we look into those topics for them

because we're not afraid of getting

canceled yeah because we're self-funding

yes exactly for this

high quality i know that

i know that comes as a shock to many of

our listeners but exactly

we're mostly self-funding but um and now

a message from our sponsors

hey it's us no that's not true we do

we do have a couple of sponsors i'm sure

we're probably going to get into that

here in a little bit right

um we will say oh yeah we also just

missed any suggestion

uh better research might be the way to


no yeah we we actually a little known


because we didn't obviously broadcast it


actually spent a lot of time in research

to topic started recording it

and about halfway through we just shut

down and said no this sucks we

we don't like doing this and we water

the papers up and throw them away

yeah because we with our ever growing

audience we figured it's not our

responsibility to educate them

now now we can barely educate ourselves

yeah i mean

i mean once we made that commitment to

not scroll past page one on google and

even then not necessarily click on any

of the links i think then we hit

that kind of a sweet spot yeah it was a

good stride

and then when you increased the text

size on your screen

and refused to scroll down i think that

helped out too right

yeah i mean your eyes have been feeling

better you haven't been straining as

much yeah how much you can

miss off the screen when you change your

resolution to 600 by 400 yeah

yeah that's the way everybody should

have the resolution

in fact now when i type anything in

google whatsoever the only thing i get

now is

ads because those first two first two

things and the list always adds so

yeah well we got to keep the google

machine running i mean

we could you know single or


keep google running just by saying

whatever's in their ads

well i mean it might work when i was

doing research on robots killer robots

you know that the first thing which came

up was

somebody trying to sell me a killer

robot in the google ads so

you know did you buy it you didn't tell

me i didn't have enough money oh okay

i was hoping i'd get some money for

christmas so i could get one on what if

we could have gotten

sponsored by the killer robot company

and they had given us one that would

have been cool

yeah maybe we should have name-checked

them a few more times

we could end up with the killer robot

although it could have ended up killing

us and taking over the podcast

actually in the studio or something

oh well i figured you would have sent it


no no i'm not looking at it to look to

me yeah well yeah but

yeah exactly yeah what if a porch pirate

stole the killer robot right yeah

how ironic would that be yeah anyway

yeah oh at one point

i remember we did try and depress our

listeners a little bit

with an episode on how the world would

likely end and

how visual and horrible and painful it

could be but then of course uh

covet came along and uh kind of stole

our thunder there

yeah it did you know we even though we


do that podcast in the age of covid

and kova did kind of steal our thunder


and uh oh yeah we did manage to bribe

quite a few guests to appear on this we


i was kind of surprised yeah you know

when we started out we agreed

yeah we we never thought we'd actually

have guests

but uh if you do remember correctly you

know we got the podcast started and

everything and

we decided to get rolling along and you

said up you know we've done four or five

episodes time for me to take a vacation

and i thought well what am i supposed to

do nobody wants to sit there and just

hear me talk so

invited a couple of people to come on

and that started the whole

hey you know this whole bringing a guest

thing in

actually kind of works so let's do that

from time to time

well i think the lure of the free

publicity combined with free alien our


suede a good two-thirds of them that is


you know where our our main sponsor our

our beer sponsor alien l beer

uh shout out to them uh you know they

they provided beverages for our guests

when they come in

and everything and we've been known from

time to time to

have one or two of those as we're doing

podcasts you know just the two of us in

here so

uh a big shout out to them they they

made uh

2020 a little bit nicer yeah

oh remarkably we've found out uh we're

not very good at using

zoom no no we we are terrible

at zoom just can't stay looking into

that camera for more than like a couple

of seconds

no i i struggle with the the sound

on zoom and i i look in the wrong


and then i get distracted and yeah we


not good with zoom yeah one of our

friends actually is a

ex laura enforcement said that he

watched one of our

zoom podcasts and he said we have the

body language it's somebody who looks

like they're lying to the fbi

just looking down and looking at the

stuff yeah that makes sense

yeah that totally makes sense but i

guess one thing

the guests did actually bring to the

table was um well i mean

they've all been like great fun but

they're all very knowledgeable about the

topics which you think would be a bad

fit for our podcast but

well every once in a while you gotta

have somebody that comes in that knows

stuff past that first page of google

right so

yeah we well you remember we actually

managed to go

over an hour talking about our local

public library

we did we did we learned a lot about

public we did it's probably too much


yeah i'm still trying to fathom some of


have you been to the public library

since that podcast yeah i've picked up a

okay well at least one of us did and

then of course we had the uh

guy who dicks holes oh bill vaughn

yeah did i bill who i eat some of the

food he was supposed to bring us on the

drive to the studio yeah won't forget


yeah yeah he uh he ate some food he did

bring beer

he did brings did he yeah he did yes

yeah that's right

beer from sponsor yeah he picked it up

for us well yeah and so he figured his

tip was eating our dinner

and that was a little disappointing oh

yeah because he picked up the food from

another one of our guests

yes brought it over and then we later

found out probably about a month

later that there was where he started


showed up yeah and we were talking

before the podcast and he asked us about


other foods we tried and we gave him

that blank look like

we gave bill vaughn we found out the

holes he digs are like two foot down

right and

once again first page of google we were

looking at you know really deep holes

and had to throw all that research away

then oh we did there were certain

topics we did actually i think discuss

and the depth that maybe had never been

discussed before or at least they went

off that tangent that has never been

visited before i mean indian indian


you know we're now in the that one

experts on bollywood in the western


yeah see that's another fine example of

one you confused me on because i thought

we were going to talk about hollywood

and i was all raring to go

and then i just misread the title of the

little card you pushed in front of me

didn't realize that h

was actually a b and it was bollywood

and i had no clue what we were even

talking about

well i still think it's pretty

impressive i do too but you can go i

i learned a lot yeah that you can go

from knowing literally nothing

to know him almost literally nothing yes

yeah i mean just uh that's an accurate


you knew how to spell it afterwards yeah

so um presidential election that got an

entire episode from us didn't that it

did and i'm glad we did it the way we


yeah non-partisan because

non nonpartisan no politicians care

about you to be honest

yeah exactly doesn't doesn't matter what

side of the island

you're not even allowed in those seats

you've got to stay in the aisle yeah so

but i think we did it how are you how

are you uh planning to spend your 600

next stimulus check well

some beef jerky maybe or like yeah

you know i thought about like pizza yeah

pizza kind of sounds good like having a

pizza party

because that's kind of what this feels

like it's like that we know there's

people out there starving and having a

hard time but

go have yourself a pizza party the only

thing that could have made it better

honestly would have been like the 600

dollars coming in like a walmart gift


and including that would be like a


coupon for mcdonald's for mcrib or

something like that it's like hey we

know things are bad

so buy one get one free mcrib and go

spend six hundred dollars at walmart

well no what would have been

even better would have been about a

either that or like tj maxx or marshalls

right yeah you some factory effective


yeah you know that that would stimulate

the economy

uh shout out to tj maxx if you want to

sponsor us we are available yes

absolutely we can always edit that bit

out if you contact us within the next 24


yeah yeah well don't make promises like

that we don't know how to edit yeah

um we had two episodes on how now did we

originally just intend to have one long

episode on halloween or was it always

makes me sad

i think we were gonna do one and then we

realized that maybe we needed to

separate it out because we kind of

wanted to talk about halloween two

different ways

and we were afraid we were gonna confuse

each other in

knowing that we had this other topic to

look at that we'd just bounce around too

much so we were trying to stay on task

we were trying to trick ourselves into

actually staying in our lane

yeah we did beat that horse to death yes

we did i think i think

in 2021 we just need to release those

same two episodes

again for the next halloween so that's a

great idea i don't think you can improve

upon perfection

well not only that but if you think

about it could we maybe

maybe by this time next year

we could edit out the references to the

year 2020 and 2021

maybe we'll learn how to edit by then

and just insert 2021-2022

maybe that wouldn't work i don't know

but but you know we

we did that with halloween we had a

couple other episodes maybe we just

repeat right now it's kind of like

sitcoms right you know they had some

episodes that every once in a while when

they went on their little breaks or

vacation they show reruns

right maybe we just like re-run episodes

and just change the names yeah

it's kind of a bad idea trying to

squeeze anything else out of halloween

would just be like trying to milk dead

cows yeah because it's

yeah you know investigation college


level material yeah somebody can get a

phd in halloween maybe maybe an online

college yeah university of phoenix yeah


not that we wouldn't accept them as a

sponsor if they want to give us

free phds and i don't know can you get a

podcast phd is that even a thing maybe

maybe we should start the school

podcasting at the university of phoenix

and we could be the first two phds guest


yeah yeah there you go nothing wrong

with that

i'm making that one yeah we'll we'll

write that in right under the

check the spam filter for the caring

right they um

oh yeah the thanksgiving episode uh that

was pretty short

that's one of our shorter episodes well

we were kind of phoning that one in

let's be honest we we talked a little

bit about the history and everything but

we were trying to be thankful

for a year like 2020 and

kind of came up short a little bit a

little bit well i mean it's like trying

to get people motivated by

one dollar toilet paper from the dollar


and you know i think actually the uh

native americans had a better few

early thanksgivings than people had this

year's yeah

i'm sure they did um

yeah we did we did try and dip our

tongue in the water of science a few

times we did

we did yeah with our extensive science


i mean i think we fully explained a

variety of scientific topics

i mean especially important scientific

topics right

i mean ironically the only one i can

remember that well is the one on memory

um i don't remember doing one on memory


well i think i gave it snappy titles oh

you can't put the two together

that makes sense but we did have

vaccines yeah

yeah very very basic on facts

yeah i mean just hey they come in a


and yeah stick you and they make you

feel better or make you not feel better

oh yeah time travel and simulation


once as soon as we got into theoretical

science we were on to a winner because

nobody can actually previous wrong

that's true

yeah we we found our stride there we we

have to

talk about topics that nobody can prove

either way that way we can't be wrong

well i mean thankfully we've discovered

that you know from the emails from our

listeners that none of them really

research or fact check anything either

so i'll get those ones out the ballpark


no that is true uh that that does keep

us going yeah

when they say you know hey here's what i

think but i don't know either so

you know your guess is as good as mine

that's the kind of feedback

we like to hear yeah i mean so have you


you know feeling curious about science

and want to hear

a mixture of waffle and outlandish

claims then

go into our back catalogue and check out

those uh

scientific podcasts because we came to

the table knowing nothing and left

pretty close to knowing pretty close

yeah pretty close to nothing

we did uh actually talk about a couple

of topics we knew something about we had


free knowledge about we did the star

wars prequels we knew about yes

that that was so far our record length


yeah you know clocking in at just a hair

over two hours

two hours and non-stop complaining yeah

and we probably

could have went on longer than that to

be honest but yeah but we

actually kind of rained that one in

knowing that you know eventually

we will be talking about the originals

and the sequels

and then the you know the expanded

movies and everything

we're not going to get into the cartoon

stuff or the comic books or anything

because i just don't want to talk about

those yeah but

uh we'll eventually get into the other

movies but yeah uh

star wars is something we didn't have to

go to google for

yeah i don't think oh oh we did that


we had to ask siri about how old george

lucas was

yeah because we didn't know that yeah so

there is now george lucas said you're


and the same thing goes to you hating

christians i wouldn't bother listening

to that

podcast on the star wars prequels if

you're feeling a little bit depressed

yes i will second that recommendation

we will uh put the num we should have

put the number for the suicide hotline

on there really

just yeah well everybody on facebook

keeps saying hey can you please cut and

paste this

because it's going to keep people from

killing themselves

maybe we should do that in the listen

notes on

on that one yeah that's a good idea yeah

let's write that down

on our list of stuff we should do and

won't do somebody wrote a comment on our


version of that podcast saying that they

hope george lucas didn't listen if he

was feeling a little bit depressed

there you go yeah now um hey by the way

you know one thing we did leave out is

that you know we started the podcast

with no

intention of actually putting them on

youtube and then decided we'd go ahead

and include them on youtube

too so we do have a couple of video

podcasts that we did

and kept the video on zoom yeah and and


we started out saying hey we're just

gonna do it with microphones no cameras

no nothing like that and then when we

did the zoom thing like oh

hey now we've got a video let's you know

what if we

took all of the audio ones and put those

on youtube too so uh

we we ventured into the youtube realm as

well yeah i mean we decided to entertain

the visually impaired as well as the

partially deaf

yes part of our transcriptions on


are highly accurate yeah it's done by a


yeah and uh not one of those not one of

the smart ones we talked about in one of

our podcasts this robot is kind of like

an early version of the dragons

naturally speaking

program you see exactly in the ladies

and 90s and it was like

worst thing ever yep if you bought a

certain version of it it came with a


yeah that you could plug into your

computer for

better accuracy it didn't work took like

about four attempts to get to understand

hello so you just ended up saying hi

and then read that out hi

look looking back on that though i mean

it was a pretty big leap because you can


tell alexa to do stuff and she gets it

wrong or

you know siri or any of the other ones

they they still get

most of it right but they still make

mistakes that's considered a big leap in

technology if something doesn't work

though because imagine if somebody said


hey i've invented the camera it takes

photographs but it didn't actually work

and don't take any photographs is that

still considered a scientific


in america yeah yeah

still get on the front of time magazine

because as we know invention of the year

yeah you don't have to achieve anything

right magazine

so um oh we discovered that uh

all the stuff we knew about pirates was

completely written

what a disneyland that was i i really

thought i

knew stuff about pirates until we did

that one and uh

and uh that that whole stump the

shepherd part

uh that one really threw me i'm still a


disappointed about the parrots yeah

because they still don't come with

powers yeah that

that just that's horrible yeah that

that's another thing that the

the halloween machine has changed our

perspective no

walking the plane no i know but shiver

me timbers is there

yeah we never did figure out which one

was the better

horrible restaurant long john silvers or

captain d's

uh captain d's are hard to find i know

where one is down south here but it's

it's a ways away and i don't know if it

survived the age of covert or not but

i think it's it's worth the drive down



yeah oh yeah well yeah because i

remember going into captain d's whenever

i was a kid

and when you went in there you got the

little paper pirate hat that you got to

wear while you're eating

that was worth the trip and uh just a

reminder captain d's we are available to


um we will take french fries and hush

puppies because i'm sure you've

been turned down so many times you're

finding it after and we will

take you on we will take you out yeah we

will talk about all

three of your remaining restaurants that

i'm guessing that you have

i mean what arm could it do it's not

like we're gonna hurt you any worse

but yes i mean we've done we've recorded


i think including ones which haven't

been released like about

the pilot if we were even going to do it

let's be honest

you know we recorded a few and then like

scratching our heads and

and then did a few more and kind of

caught our groove

and did a few more and did some

interviews and

you know like you said earlier turn the

microphones the correct way around and

you know

kind of kind of got us a little

better you know we we've improved i

would think

we've become more prolific in output uh

you did that or you know we just

still phoning them yeah did we phone it

in actually the pilot convinced me that

i didn't want to do the podcast but you

kept promising me that

one day we will get a beer sponsor yeah

and behold hey

we've got a beer i don't make promises

that i can't keep

so we we did finally get a beer sponsor

yeah i mean we didn't have i mean over

40 podcasts i mean

there's obviously some gems in there

which we haven't mentioned like the one

on gay asian

disco oh yeah yeah that music genre

still hasn't hit yet yeah that was one i

think was going to be on our list that

we were going to

create that on spotify or something like

that and

yeah we just still haven't got around to

that well i told you i've been

compiling tracks with that little music

maker thing oh phone

yeah and i'm going to release it under

the title of now that's what they call

gaijin volume 1 sometime in the new year

okay uh available on itunes yeah we'll

look forward to

downloading what if that would be the

album that unseats taylor swift

well music's so terrible now i think

yeah very nice

mind you i did actually learn that she

once accidentally released a track which

was just complete

silence some they've recorded in the


i don't know why they did it whether

they were testing background noises or

whatever but she actually released on

itunes i think

a track which was 100 silence and her

fans are so kind of blinded that they

bought it and it got to the top of the

icons charts

imagine paying 1.99

for track of silence yeah well i don't

know depending on

yeah who lives in your house maybe that

track of silence might be nice

right well actually i've got cheaper

than noise cancelling i've got some


bootleg versions of that um song of

silence some alternate versions and some

remixes so if people want to send me

some money i'll send you the remix of

that completely silent track

there you go yeah that's a pretty good


oh yeah so the asian gay asian disco one

i think that's gonna get a revisit next

year when the musical genre becomes

popular and we have to remind people

that we were the people who invented it

yes i think we're going to have to do

that yeah

we'll make a note of that yeah and um

actually the christmas episode we did

not so long ago yeah

that was just last week that was the

that was the only episode we've ever had

to re-record and we had to reread

through because we got so excited

about doing it because we've been

looking forward to recording the

christmas one because that was something

else we thought we might know something


that we actually forgot to mention half

the stuff we were going to put right

so that um you know i'm still not sure

whether the second version is better

than the first version

yeah and we know we can't edit them

together because we don't know how to


yeah so i think it started off a little

bit history about christmas and ended up

about me

saying how much i like to miss santa

claus yes yeah yeah

it it did kind of uh traipse down to

there yeah like

quite quickly and we did it we did have

a concern about that but then we thought

yeah we can't edit it out we don't know

how to edit so

i might have the covid i'm coughing a

little bit

but hey for our new listeners uh

hopefully that gets you

caught up to date once again want to

wish everybody

a happy new year uh here we are 2021

looking forward to hopefully a better

year than 2020 provided and

we're still going to plug away and

create some podcasts and talk about

stuff that hopefully you enjoy

hearing about and listening to and share

with your friends

and hopefully by this time in 2022

who knows oh actually one last thing

one last thing with uh this is our

our new segment we call it one last


which may be a one-time thing um


i saw the other day online can't be more

specific than that

but some guy who lives in new york was

saying with them there'd be

no time square thing this year and as he

was getting older

he was going going to times square by

himself and watch his balls drop

ah that makes sense well thanks for

tuning into this episode of the wolf and

the shepherd

we certainly appreciate all the support

and we'll catch you

in this new year on the next one