Sept. 15, 2020

Episode 4 - Gyms... Why we just don't go

Episode 4 - Gyms... Why we just don't go
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The Wolf AND The Shepherd discuss the modern fascination with people going to and subscribing to gyms and why they just do not matter.


welcome to this episode of the

wolf and the shepherd today we are going

to talk about

gems gym memberships

so you know that at the

first of the year or just before the

first of the year

most gems say hey come join our gym

we'll wave the feed to join we'll

weigh the subscription fee it's only

going to cost you ten dollars a month

it's gonna cost you twenty dollars a

month maybe you paid

ninety nine dollars for a year but

it's always about going to this

giant facility full of

all these workout machines and

tricking you into believing that you

actually need to

walk into this place and let

all kinds of strangers watch you

work out so why

why is it as a society

we are so interested in

belonging to a gym and why is it that

so many people pat you on the back to


oh you went to the gym today

i have a two big problems with

the whole gin model in terms of how they

market towards you okay a lot of stuff

through the mail i get a lot of stuff

through email and i don't know why


it's not like i'm looking up working out

right but

but what are you getting through the

mail what are you getting through email

oh i'm getting this uh pay eight dollars

a month to go and work out a gym and i'm

thinking well

that is a really good deal because it

costs more than that to join a cult

and i can't go and eat at double dave's

pizza down 377

and you know visit more than twice for

that it's like

so how how is my money how is my eight

dollars a month

paying for the electricity the cleaning

you know the inevitable bathroom issues

which are gonna happen if i

expect too much energy or or the

inevitable old man in the locker room

that's like

65 years old that that has got all his

gray hairs down

where you don't want to look at those


how creepy i don't i don't understand

the model it's

like imagine if you rented that much

space in an office building

okay you just put chairs there and

people just worked

i think they've just done the math on

okay if we could sell this office space

and this is enough office space for

150 people to sit there all day long

blah blah blah per hour

then this pays for the building and this

is what i don't get about this gym


what are they trying to entice me

towards i know they

obviously after the trial membership you

know the money is

gonna be like three times as much by

month four or

five um you know there's going to be a

lien on my

house you know some people are going to

come around and beat me up if i don't

play oh sure

it kind of reminds me of columbia house


in the united states maybe you you know

didn't have this in britain

but in the united states you always got

these memberships from columbia house

and you said okay

well you're gonna pay one penny for

eight cds or eight records or eight

tapes and you literally taped a

penny to a postcard yeah and then you


here's the ones that i want and then you

sent that out

and then they said well if you forget to


this postcard back in we're gonna charge


thirty dollars for something you didn't

actually want well actually

one of our good friends eric on facebook

the other day

posted a meme of

one of those you know buy five cds

for four dollars thing and he had

i finally paid it off you know like 40

years later

yeah oh i i remember no kidding uh

me and a friend of mine and i know we're


beyond the statute of limitations here


we actually got a p.o box and we

made up names and we got i

can't tell you how many probably 200 cds

sent to that po box from columbia

but in looking at gyms i i

honestly kind of think of it that way

it's like

you know they they try to invite you in

they try to say

okay well just go ahead and join up here

tour around here

let look at our equipment come work out


honest god they they try to hope that

you will go ahead and give your credit


give your bank account whatever so they


automatically draft every month your


and if you come once great

if you come five times great but they

hope you actually

don't count you remember

yeah it's hilarious because uh um

chandler and joey i think it was mainly

chandler he wanted to quit his gym


okay and every time he went there there

was a hot girl

who confronted him and said like why do

you want to get rid of your membership

and blah blah blah and i think both of

them went there at the end it was

like i want to quit the gym but they

couldn't quit the gym

well that makes sense and it's it it's

just going back to the fact that

it's all just bs

yeah i just don't get like i said that


is like any other model like going back

to the exact example you brought up

about you know you buy those first four

or five cds for 50 cents each

but then the next ones cost you an arm

and a leg to get

and you're paying it off 30 years later

you know 19

interest per month and um it's the same

thing with gyms they get you in

on these low cost programs then they try

and sell you these

uh personal trainer programs

you go to the vending machine and you

know you're hyped up on

monster or protein powder adrenaline or

whatever and it's like oh it's 4.50

and get one from 7 11 for 99

but it's there is nothing in there there


no proof the

machines and gyms is any better than

body resistance

workouts right so so push-ups

right so so are our gems

trying to play on the fact that

everybody belongs to a gym you know

you've got to look at popular opinion

and oh i went to the gym i did this

and so the people that want to be in

shape they

want to look good you know they want to

have that beach body

you know that they want to be able to

have a six-pack

abs they they want to look if if you're

a woman they

they want to look good in a bikini


are we playing to the fact that the way

to get to that body

is to have a gym membership versus

somebody saying hey you actually

don't have to go to these

facilities right you can actually do

push-ups you can do

sit-ups you can do this and have the

same body but

we want to create a kind of community

where not only are you going to come in


and do your quote-unquote

workout yeah but we're also going to try

to sell you some stuff

we want you to come in here we want to

quote unquote

encourage you but we really just want to

try to sell you

more stuff yeah is it almost like a cult

status and because we are in the age now

to where everybody wants to be healthy

everybody wants to join the gym and

everybody looks at somebody that goes to

a gym if they don't go to a gym and say


man that that person has great

self-discipline yeah

they go to a gym they work out they take

care of themselves

i wish i could be like them maybe one

day i can do that

is that where we're getting at

in society um i i think

the gym has become it's replaced the bar

scene in some ways so people go there to

meet males

go there to meet you so explain how that

would happen

well because it's not just the actual

being there physically

it's how many people do you have on your

timeline on social media

who post photos of themselves at the gym

or they check in at

gym and you know their female quota or

their male quota depending who's posting

it it's like

oh they like to take care of their body

they like to eat well

and it's an attractive thing i mean

let's be honest if you've got somebody

being like yeah put on 30 pounds this

weekend drank a lot

eight four pizzas throughout i mean it's

although that sounds fun sounds like fun


a lot of the time you don't want people


have that as a continual lifestyle and

so it's an attractive thing

when you have somebody who says oh yeah

i checked in at the gym i

ran 9.4 miles today

you know on a treadmill yeah or a wart

wherever i mean it's an attractive thing

because it means they've got

self-respect and i think we've come to

the point of enlightenment

whether it be through dr phil or whoever


that you know people who don't respect

themselves find it hard to respect other

people and so when you see this kind of


of people or they're going to the gym

they're trying to improve themselves

you think oh they're confident with

themselves as a person and so

you know they'll respect me because i

think we've got to that point where

we kind of think that if they're not

happy with themselves they're never

going to be happy with me

right so

are we going to get to the point where

things like the peloton bike

uh there's uh i love the idea the

the mirror deal where where you hang the


on the wall right and you look that yeah

is that going to put

gems out of business and i don't want to


too far ahead here because i i look at

things like the peloton bike right now

right now okay

i understand how people need some


i mean look you know me i don't like to

work out

i i don't want to run around i don't

want to lift weights i don't want to do

you ask me you asked me to give you a

piggy back to your jeep

which is yeah yeah yeah inside this

office yeah if i have to walk

five steps from here i'm gonna have to

take a break two and a half steps in

right that used to be the norm

now we look at people and we say oh okay

well you have to be in shape

right and honestly there's nothing wrong

with that

everybody should be in shape they should

be taking care of themselves and all

that good stuff

and i'm not going to

anybody wrong for trying to take care of

themselves because

that actually is a good thing

yeah people should be taking care of


yeah but you don't need all of this

crazy gym stuff to take care of yourself

you could do it with push-ups

and sit-ups and pull-ups yeah

and going outside your house your


wherever you live and running so

is the gym an attraction

for more than just getting into shape

i think it's more about correlative


because you know obviously with going to

the gym

comes with buying this gym whale

you know oh well it no it's called

athleisure is that what it is yeah so

you can actually look this up it's

called athleisure

so you and i both and and of course most


listening to this right now don't know

but there are

several times where you and i meet and

we've got

adidas shorts on yeah it's just

athletic shorts either of us have ever


athleisure well but by definition this


athleisure right but it used to be

this was workout clothes right now

it's okay for a woman to go out in

public in

yoga pants yeah used to yoga pants was


yoga yeah now women

go out in public in yoga pants there are

websites of pictures of women

in yoga pants yeah athleisure is a big

deal yeah i follow a lady on uh

instagram actually

who does a lot of yoga and i have not


done any yoga but i just like

the photos of her doing yoga um nothing

wrong with that nothing wrong with that

i'm thinking i'm gonna get

i'm gonna get around to it um eventually

i think but

what i was saying about this kind of

marketing around going to the gym

not just the clothes but supplements you

know you can go into walmart and buy

you know a keg size container of protein


right and you're supposed to you know

have like

how much stuff of that before you go to

the gym and it gets your

you know shook up and all these vitamin


you know smart water i mean what's that

smart water

right well i i did drink a bottle of


were you smart yes i i think i was

you sure yeah well maybe i wasn't done

maybe i was done before you were 2.80

out of pocket

oh so maybe but the point is it's like

yeah this this whole

marketing around the gym thing and

you know we look at in our area

especially we have 24-hour fitness

and i'm not dogging on them i mean i

know they offer a lot of good programs

and i think anything i mean anytime

if i'm driving and i see somebody who


slightly overweight kind of jogging or


it's never in my mind to make

any type of derogatory comment good for


absolutely i am so proud of you you know


you want to go out that no that's a

great point because

the people that are out of shape

are the ones that actually need to do

the exercise

yeah and for for the people that

want to make derogatory comments

about somebody that's fat yeah somebody


out of shape some somebody that's


trying to lose some weight or

or get healthy yeah and and then they

say oh

you know and then they make it you know


fun of them you know what that's

terrible yeah

that's absolutely terrible i appreciate

everybody who tries to make a

better change in their life look it's

the same

as looking at the the old people

going to the grocery store yeah it

you've got

the 70 80 year old people

going to the grocery store and you know

what you you've got the guy that's

on the walker right and he gets out of

his car

and he grabs the walker and he

he drove the car to the grocery store he

gets the

walker out of the back seat and he

walks in the grocery store and he

buys the food or whatever in the grocery


and then needs some help outside from

the 16 15 17 year old kid

that's sacking the groceries or whatever

and then there's people saying oh you

know look at that guy

you know what's he doing you know what

you know what

those people that are looking bad on

somebody like that that's actually

trying to

continue their life and

trying to do the things that they did

not 10 20 years ago but you know what

you know what i see when i see that

scenario what's that

you know 75 year old guy who's putting

that walker in the back of the

car and you know parking is uh

i kind of wonder why they don't have a

younger relative who can sign them up to

amazon fresh

because all people in grocery stores

let's be honest they are a pain in the

butt they walk slowly

don't think they should be in there i

think there should be an educational


where people grow around and teach them

how to sign up to amazon fresh

or one of those equivalents just get the

old people out of the grocery stores we

could get this stuff moving

you know that as especially now with all

this covered thing in the

social distance then this whole thing

would speed up if we could get this 75

year old away from the meat market

well okay fair enough so then

what you're saying is we should actually

take and we're going to say like

i guess high school kids something like


to to teach them to do that and

honestly you're on to something there

because that

would be great for high school kids say

you know what you're gonna have five

senior citizens right senior citizen


right that you're responsible for and

they're gonna tell you you know what

they need

right and you're going to either a teach

them how to put this on amazon fresh

or b you're going to have to order it

for yeah

so it in my example of five and

actually let's make it ten so we can

uh do the math easier right so

so you got ten of them by the end of

your term

you ought to be able to take seven out

of ten to do it themselves or you fail

yeah but think about it because because

because we

we should look at the fact that the


that we have right now the

younger generation should be teaching

the older generation

hey you did all this work before you

you set all this up for us right

now let me repay you right so in in your

grocery store deal seven out of ten

should be a passing grade but

you know what if if you talk 10 out of


then you get an a plus well like i said

think about your parents i mean

you know once jeff bezos skips this

whole drone delivery thing

you know sorted out you know if your dad

asks you to stop by the store

and pick up a turkey you would go online

and get the drone to drop it off and say

dad just go outside and pick up the

turkey right because you don't want to

have to do a 40 minute round trip to

going to libya yeah

turkey and and honestly that happens


he says hey you know my dog needs

dog treats i said dad you have a

amazon prime membership

let's go ahead and order the dog treats

so they get delivered to your doorstep

as well i mean he just say hey alexa

well what was that story you told me a

couple of months ago about

you teaching your dad to deliver dog


like alexa yeah

it's so hard though for them to let go

of the new technologies

and it kind of goes back to the gym

because you used to

there was no gems right you had gold

gym right it that was the muscle bound


that that that was the ridiculous you


the exactly the power lifters it was

oh look at my muscles i'm i'm gonna wear

this wife beater shirt

and look at all my muscles and all that

my nipples are permanently hot

absolutely and look at look at all my

muscles and my veins are popping out

and and look at me go or you have muscle

beach over there in california

all that crap yeah but now

are gems inviting

people to get past the fact of

the muscle-bound guys and not really

being in shape and just taking

the hot women that

want to do yoga classes and everything

and the creepy guys want to sit in the

back and saying oh look at that

chick that's bending over and look at

how great her

butt looks in those yoga pants yeah and

the other part of that that uh there's

there's some people that want to come

here and try to

flex their muscles and and try to meet


i look at gems as the

new dating aspect absolutely

and it's not really about working out


if you think about what working out

should be and years ago

when i was in high school and i played


it was all about running and just being

in shape

doing push-ups sit-ups pull-ups you

didn't need a fancy gym

you just you know kidding did

uh what the military would call pt

right yeah you know you just got out

there and you worked out yeah

and that's the thing um i always look at

these before and after selfies on social

media right

and it's got something like this was me

nine weeks ago this is me now but i look

at those photos and it's like

this is just me just taking a good poop


me just not eating like an idiot for one

weekend because you can see

you know their arch in their back

they're sucking their stomach in it's

like what are you trying to sell

well i'm just trying to get

congratulations for a virtual high five

for you like looking better but even

then that comes back to a dating thing

because it's very rare you get

married men or married women you know

posting that stuff on social media and

it's like hey

i'm trying to make a better me so so why

would a married

person and

we're talking about married men married


right why would a married person

kill a gym in your opinion why would a

a married woman in married men in

i know there's there's a little bit of

divide there but

why would someone that is

honestly in a relationship

that no kidding is a permanent

relationship based off marriage

why would they want to go to a gym i


in 2020 i think there's a few things you

do have to absolutely accept

that there is a certain amount of


in gyms you know people want to go and

find people who

are you know maybe trying to lose 10 15

pounds they find it harder because they

have a

certain metabolism they find it

difficult and they want to find a peer


and they get and they talk and and so

you're saying they need encouragement

yeah they need somebody to say

hey you know come here with me

yeah so you let these weights you run on

this train

i don't think it's all insidious i do


this kind of doubt when you have people

who are already in good shape

going to gyms because

again a lot of the resistance body work

you can do through push-ups sit-ups or

home weights or a home gym which

you know costs way less and a gym

membership even after that

initial bring you in at eight dollars a

month thing i do

think i start getting skeptical past

that point

you know once you start bringing in the

personal trainers to help you lose that

extra two pounds

i'll tell you how to lose that extra two


don't stress much yeah start eating yeah


maybe burn up more calories than you

actually intake um

but no i do get the sense of community

and i think for a lot of women


you know that sense of community that

support group

recognizing each other's struggle

especially like i said if they're not

able to burn off those calories i get

that with

men on the other hand i don't know a man

who needs to go to a support group to


six pounds for men i think it's

purposely about

them being able to take a selfie put it

on their social media

and impress the women they have now okay

well you say

social media but they're dating yeah

yeah but

again like you know my good friend danny

who i mentioned in our last podcast

about the smiths he's a powerlifter

okay i coached this kid at soccer years


fantastic guy super smart

i know he does it for his own personal


that he really wants to i mean his

fiance is

as beautiful as all get out so i know

he's definitely not looking for

somebody else i know he does it because

he wants to power left

10 pounds more than he did last time but

people like him are few and far between

you know yeah but he is not going to

accomplish anything more in his life by

lifting not more power this is a person

it's just a personal thing and a


challenge i mean it's like you and i

playing rocket league okay you had a few


head start on me you know i'm terrible

at it

yeah you know i'm not great but i'm a

hell of a lot better than you

yeah i feel like at some point if you

can be ostracized from the internet or

microsoft live whatever that this is the

this is going to be the thing i'm going

to get kicked out for but yeah

it's just this personal challenge thing

and i think some people do

genuinely go to the gyms they use the

weight stuff

and it's a personal challenge and it's a


between them and then you know they want

to achieve a goal

and they set their minds on it but i do

think a large percentage of people go

there and this is the target audience

the gyms go for i don't think the gyms

aim for the people who want people to go

there to make a better them

i think the gyms aim for the people who

want to go there

and make it like a dating app so

are gyms going to fail then because

if if you look at our news

well you've got the peloton thing and

you've got the covid thing

and you know 24-hour fitness right now

that they're going through a bankruptcy

and they're shutting down

all this is the

ability to go to a gym

right now going away

because that

interaction of saying i'm gonna put my

athleisure wear on i'm gonna i'm

gonna i'm i'm gonna run down i'm gonna


the this sports bra as a woman i'm gonna

buy this sports bra

i'm gonna put on these yoga pants

and i'm a single woman and i'm gonna go

into the gym and i'm gonna hope

that i'm gonna be on this elliptical


and some guy is gonna come up to me and



give me your phone number give me your

instagram whatever

is that gonna go away or

is it is there something that's going to

actually continue with the gym because

it's really not about getting in shape

yeah it it honestly it's

not about getting in shape it's about


either i'm trying to get in shape and

i'm single

and hey look at me and oh you're a good

looking guy

hey i don't think the single slam is

having an issue

yeah but but but hey come over here

and share your instagram right

yeah you know or by the way i

as i'm taking a selfie of myself

on this machine and somebody else looks

at me

or are we gonna get away from that

and say no gyms are done

no jim gyms are truly done and then

we're going to go

back to the gold's gym thing

where it's only going to be the

muscle-bound meat heads that just want


bench press right five bajillion

pounds and say look how tough i am and

nobody gives a holy hell

about them because nobody

outside of powerlifting cares about that


you say that but i think that is

possibly the only

pure gym if you look at the olympian

you know the original greek model of it

yeah those people

go in there to be powerlifters

i think they are really the only pure

people in it because everything else

like we said through resistance


what you can do from videos on youtube

you can do most of this stuff from home

so you have to assume

that again it is the new dating

thing i think it is somebody wants to

you know see me work on the elliptical

and think i've got a cute bird which

you know works better if you're a female

than a male i think but um

well okay so stop looking at my butt

yeah okay

stop looking but the point is because i

know i have a cute butt but

stop looking at my body if you i'm

getting uncomfortable

if you had an alpha come through your


today which said hey

six months free you still wouldn't go to

the gym

you know why because hey you know you've

been in a marriage forever long

i know i've known you long enough to

know that you know when you do

feel like you get a little bit

overweight you maybe change your diet a

little bit

or do something to kind of lose a little

bit of weight

but you know to me it's like going to

tom thumb all right

okay um i go there

and i might see a dozen

really attractive women but you've asked

me to pick up some beer and so they're

looking at me

thinking yeah it's really gorgeous but

there he is at

10 a.m buying a lot of beer so it's not

for me

but you know people always say oh

oh yeah you can go to the grocery stores

and meet your potential mate

but how does that happen i mean i've

heard that so many times but

you know unless you like both choosing

which atlantic salmon to buy

and you're there and engaged in the


that that's not an environment you can

meet and as we spoke about the other day

you know dating apps there's so much


so much fakeness on there you don't know

who you're really

seeing that's almost not a good avenue

so i think

jim's is now the new bar scene i am


but but if you look at

gems now is the new bar scene because if

you look at

you know 1970 1980

hell maybe 1990 right

yeah you go to the bar

and you sit there and you hit on


now the bar scene is the gym

scene yeah like you say but

the bar scene was fake yeah so the gym

scene is fake

it's all fake it is it's all

it's all faith yeah because

i can go to a gym right now

yeah and trick somebody into believing

that i go to the gym and

work out right i can do that yeah it's

very easy

you could do that as well and

there might be some woman that looks at

you and say oh

okay well he comes to the gym all the


and guess what you might have bought a


month gym membership right just so

you can try to pick up on

some woman yeah in 30 days you're like

okay well 30 days uh 10 bucks

i mean that that's less than a six pack


good beer so i'll throw 10 bucks this

way and

do a trial membership or maybe honestly

wouldn't cost you a dime maybe you've

got a friend that says

hey i'll bring you here for free

and you get a free 30 days but do you

not think

that most of that pretense not

necessarily comes from

actually meeting with people in the gym

and conversing with them because

again there's so many uh

photos out there of people just

basically taking selfies of themselves

in gyms rather than working out sure get


you know they post on social media but i

saw a really good meme the other day i

had uh

this guy and this girl meeting and the

girl was like i'm a model on instagram

and he said well i'm a soldier on call

of duty absolutely

it's exactly the same thing it's all


yeah it's all pretend it's all fake yeah

you know

so why do we care in

quite honestly we don't care we don't we

don't care

we do not go to the gym do not send the

sam absolutely

i i do not want a gym membership

if you send me a gym membership i'm

going to send it right back to you and

i'm going to say

you know what yeah i don't want this


look i'm not in the best shape

i could be but you know what i do 12

ounce curls

every day and that's just drinking beer

yeah and

you know what yeah there's nothing wrong

with that but

somewhere somehow we got

lost that talking

about the 70s and the 80s in

in that fat guy that was sitting there


provided for his family that had the

goofy ass

mustache and he was

he was the guy that had to buy new pants

every two years

because his pants got a little bit too

tight and they had to buy a couple

more pairs of pants nothing wrong with

that yeah but

all of a sudden we decided

that oh no all men have to be this way

all women have to be a certain way and

now we have arrived

at this portion

in our lives that everybody's got to

look certainly

you look at i saw today

and not a huge fan of hers but

jane seymour so

we're in the middle of september of 2020

want you to look up jane seymour's


she's 69 years old

to god looks absolutely gorgeous

at 69. if

you would look at her you would not know

she's 69

but we have arrived at this point that

women should look a certain way yeah

and on the women's side not to

alienate our women listeners men

should look that way as well you've got


ryan goslings you've got your ryan

reynolds you've got

everybody else named ryan apparently

they're the only sexy people out there


but but now all of a sudden i remember

thinking about women as they

looked at that age when i was younger

it was the golden girls right you know

it was br

it it was all that and you picture them

that way

right so so we have this ridiculous way

of looking at people and it shouldn't be

that way yeah

i think um i mean i

absolutely agree with what you just said

i look at

martha stewart's hair and i wonder how

her hairdresser is not the first


as opposed to jeff bezos because you

look at her yeah but

okay so martha stewart's a little bit

different because if you

look at a picture of well if you look at

a picture of martha stewart

and snoop dogg and you say which one of

these people

went to prison right you would pick

snickers oh yeah yeah

yeah but that was some miscarriage and

justice but anyway no the point the

point is

hey i had to add that no because we

we like martha stewart and we like snoop


and and i know you like marth stewart


you can go ahead and say it she

signed an autograph to you yes she did

it's okay photo of her

but you go around and just like you said

about the golden girls right i mean look

at martha stewart now you look at her


and you look at women i don't know 40s

50s 60s you look at her hair and you're


oh my goodness how is her hairdresser

not like booked up

90 hours a week if you can make that

hair look like that but

going off a little bit of topic with

that in terms of gyms do you not

think that what gym you go to is

almost replaced hey at least here down

in the south

what church do you go to everybody

expects you to go do a gym

and that honestly is

what has happened yeah

what is your workout schedule

when do you go to the gym oh you go

three days a week two days a week

four days a week five days a week oh oh

you go seven days a week

you go every day to the gym

that that is what has now happened

everyone expects you to go to the gym

and if you and i

were to try to meet up and i said hey

what let's let's go somewhere and have


let's go somewhere and have a drink and

you say oh

sorry i can't meet you i gotta go to the


i immediately give you a pass yeah

i say oh oh okay you're going to the gym

yeah that's fine but if

i would say hey let's go

have a drink and you say oh well i've

got to go

to a hoa meeting

i would say oh come on you can skip that

just come have a drink with me but all

of a sudden

because you're going to the gym you just

kind of float that out there and you say

oh that's okay because all of a sudden

working out is so important

yeah although and and that's what's

happening kind of wrapping it up there i


i don't think if anybody looked at you

and i they'd be like

what gym do you go to i think they'd

actually go back to the reverse point of

being like you'll need jesus

um i don't think they were going to

assume when you and i go to any type of


but well that everyone knows i'd

probably go to some

gym because i'm extremely sexy and


just a little bit less sexy than i am

but no as we digress so

thanks for tuning in to this episode of

the wolf and the shepherd

we hope that you enjoyed this episode

and we look forward to you

coming around and listening to the next