Dec. 20, 2020

Episode 38 - Get Out Of My Wormhole

The Wolf AND The Shepherd discuss time travel and whether or not we think it exists. Of course, no time travel discussion is complete without talking about the movie series Back To The Future and the Shepherd discovers a plot hole which frustrates him and makes him have to watch the movies yet again.


welcome to this episode of the wolf and

the shepherd today

we're asking you to get out of my


get out of my wormhole whatever what are

we talking about with that well

we're gonna look a little bit into time


uh i i was hoping that which i tried to steal the

domain name from

like early in the 90s but failed

miserably um as a simple definition it


time travel is defined

as moving between different points in


now i'll be honest with you if i had

managed to steal that domain name i

would have come up with a better


obviously they didn't get a hold of

webster and asked them to

make that definition isn't there some

old saying that in the definition of a

word you're not supposed to

reuse that word in the definition so

time travel defined as traveling through


did that really define anything moving

between moving points in time this is now

i'll be honest with you i haven't gone

to their website

and seen what else they offer i mean i

wonder what their definition of space is

well i i think they might have been

bought out you know those uh

companies who build those big barns and

like warehouses on like you know

agricultural land

yeah and stuff i wonder if they've been

bought out by one of those companies and

somewhere in east texas they just have

acres of land of these big

bonds you can wear out i mean

this and this is

this is why their definition is uh

moving between different points in time


the majority of their business is

basically just renting out warehouse

space in

east texas true true so

nothing wrong with good side hustle well

i went for the

absolute definitive um

explanation of everything wikipedia

and uh they came highly accurately yeah

yeah always because

nothing sells authenticity as much as

anybody can log

in and change whatever yeah that's on

the web page but anyway outsourcing

yeah it says the concept of movement

between points in time which again i

thought was a little bit of a cop-out

because if you really want to

if you wanted to fluff something up if

you wanted to have a cheerleader thing

you'd think

time travel yay time travel right but it

seems like everybody is in a competition

to make time travel

sound like the most boring thing to have

ever been thought of

yeah but obviously it's not i mean it's

kind of a

fascinating topic to kind of look into


haven't yet proven whether or not it's

even possible

uh i think it was all what was his name

stephen hawking

that through the little party for time

travelers and nobody showed up

and he said oh well based off of this

you know

the time travel doesn't exist or they

would have shown up but what if time

travel does exist and they're like

yeah you know what we don't want to show

up to your boring party anyway

well that's the same thing you calling

me and saying hey

you know i'm going to have a party over

at my house just because you have a

party and you invite me doesn't mean i'm

going to show up right maybe i don't

want to come over to your house for your

boring party

right that's the thing i mean you know i

thought if i'm gonna be invited to a pie

him hosting a party for time travelers

for one i'm thinking all right i'm gonna

get some alcohol i'm gonna like

be putting on the xbox doing some dance

dance revolution

yeah he's not gonna partake in that

isn't he well it

they do have that adaptive controller

now for the xbox

and that would kind of be cheating so

yeah so yeah exactly it's not proof

that time travel does not exist just

because because somebody did not go to

stephen hawking's lame ass

party yeah yeah because i wouldn't go up

if i had like a month advance

warning and be like is the free free

booze or not free boots because i might

be busy

that friday would have got offended

if you would have actually went to the

party and you walked up and you said hey


by the way uh battery's a little low on

my phone can i plug my phone into your

wheelchair and just kind of get a boost

yeah here yeah

how many usb sockets do you have in

there yeah okay anyway you have fast

charging capability yeah and can i just

set my phone

against your wheelchair and charge it


yeah we're terrible people well

i think he should have you know if he

wanted to get people excited

about science i think time travel is one

of those things

sure it no it's it's honestly one of

those avenues

where if you're gonna get somebody

excited about science because it's hard

to get people

the average person once they're out of


excited about science getting excited


math and time travel is one of those

things it's like yeah we can get people

excited because when you talk about time


there was a a study done and they

interviewed over 30

000 people maybe like 30 000 4 or

something but over 30 000 people

to talk about time travel or their

thoughts on time travel okay

and 97 of them referenced

the back to the future movies well of

course because those are the greatest

time travel movies ever made

and most accurate yes today absolutely

100 accurate especially the predictions

made in back to the future too about the

year 2015. yeah i mean we all have

flying cars

there's still phone booths out there we

see holographic

movies about jaws and we have


yeah so i i i give that 10 out of 10

for accuracy 100 they figured it out

uh you know we still don't have

doorknobs on our doors anymore we use

our thumb print for that i mean they

they got it all right

they got it all absolutely right and

this is the thing

it's like people want time travel but

they don't want

the consequences of time travel um

again in this same research thing and i


you know the person who was writing up

the questions probably uh

wrote this sentence because i doubt the

people who answered it gave this out


they said the use of a hypothetical


known as a time machine okay right it's

like hypothetical yeah because

yeah yeah really because i thought i

existed i thought i could like go to

walmart and buy the cheaper version for

like 19.99 rather than going to best buy

spending the full 300 and guarantee i

wouldn't be like

heading back to the dinosaur thing you

know i mean well it

you could have but apparently there's

bots now on the internet that buy up

stuff like the new xbox and the new

playstation so maybe those bots are

buying up all the time machines

so maybe they're out there we just can't

get our hands on them unless you go on


and somebody posts a picture of it but

then you go in this sketchy neighborhood

with cash trying to buy one

well according to this study and

originally i was gonna

dis it because it's an online university

but now like

obviously in what i do we in check we

are in the age of well in the age of


a lot of universities are online so this

is an online university so we can't

discredit it because it's like even the

even the um ones with some kind of

reputation are online

but 82 of people believe time travel

will be invented or

proved within the next decade wow but

then the next 10 years

yeah well you know maybe maybe we can do

that i mean we

we did go to the moon in the late 60s

right legend

here we go and maybe we need to do a

podcast on that but

you know we we went to the moon not

allegedly we went to the moon back in 69

through whatever it was 73 74

i think was the last time we put people

there and here it is 2020 the age of


and now we're talking about sending

people back it's like well

what what was so hard about that we

figured it out 50 years ago

and now all of a sudden we have to

re-figure this out i mean

literally it brings to mind the reinvent

the wheel

scenario like couldn't we just dig out

some of the old stuff and say hey let's

you know slap coat a turtle wax on this

and shoot it back

up there yeah and i think nasa pretty


word for word took that approach you


described which probably explains why

the government

kicked it out within two minutes for

review in the paper but uh

what age did the concept the age of


yeah oh oh wrong not not the age

covering okay because we're now in the

asia curve

that's right that's right okay um at

what age

of the shepherd did you

first know or hear about time travel

outside of obviously back to the future


are not sponsoring us by the way we just

like the movies yeah

i i will take a free delorean though if

uh delorean wants to sponsor us but

uh when did i first hear about time


well think about it even if it wasn't

like introduced think about it

i wish i could go back and oh gosh it's

got to probably be before

back to the future because you always

think about you know when you're

hearing about history you're hearing

about stories from the past whether it's

you know the bible whether it's uh

just your normal history whether it's

world history american history

like oh you know that would have been

kind of cool to see even if it was

something in the

kind of recent past i mean there's

there's stuff that's happened

you know within the past say 50 60 years

that i wasn't alive for that

i would have honestly kind of liked to

have seen even stuff that was on

film when film was invented or

photographs or whatever

it's one of those things where you're

like yeah that would have been kind of

cool to be there

you know be that whole fly on the wall

scenario now what year did the first

actual uh back to the future movie come

out 1985

1985. so you were still sucking on your


now when that came out i mean did you


any type of concept of

time travel probably not

probably not at that age i mean it was

still just kind of a

thought you know how cool would it be to

witness some events

not actually interact with them but just

witness them

once again that fly on the wall scenario

i mean the reason i'm asking that

is because like i said 97 of people

reference that sequence of movies as

their understanding or

basic understanding not total

understanding right

or of when they were introduced to the

concept of time travel yeah

it in 97 you know it that always

that seems kind of high yeah the the

girl that cuts my hair

tomorrow i'm getting a haircut and the

girl that cuts my hair

shout out to kimberly uh has never seen

back to the future

and that kind of bothers me i mean i

almost didn't want to let her

cut my hair anymore and i keep joking

with her look you're going to watch

these movies

or you're going to stop cutting my hair


every person should have seen back to

the future right

and you know what say what you want

about two and three i like them all

back to the future one quite honestly

they they even study that

in film school so take the time travel

part out of it right

they study that as the perfect script

for a movie well you actually to

interject there

the reason they do it is because they

actually call that one of the most

perfect trilogies in terms of how

everything ties in

yeah because it was like they wrote this

entire script in one day

and broke it up into three different

parts and it's you know for as long as

they actually

the gaps they filmed the movies i mean

it is almost like a seamless trilogy i

mean you watch

that it is i mean it is a great example

of if you can have a movie which really

you could have probably done in 30


but you spread it out to three different

movies should it be

entertaining still you know the same

kind of plot line i mean that's why they

study it because it was

it was it's renowned as one of the best

trilogies of all time

not only that terms of quality but don't

forget about when they were

filming two they filmed two and three at

the same time

so it kind of helped in that when you

saw two

and honestly i think even if you have

two on

dvd or whatever but i remember seeing

two in the movie theater

and when two ends you

see the preview immediately for three

right they had already filmed the vast


of three whenever two came out so it was

that just

seamless they had a date you know hey

it's gonna be released whenever

i think it was like 89 or 90 or

something like that for three

so it you know they already had that in

place that

back to the future comes out and they're

gonna have two and three

and and they knew it was coming yeah and

just to shout out the

wakowski brothers it is possible to film

two episodes of a trilogy

and actually make them good if you're

filming them back-to-back that's

that's a non-shout out to matrix two and


yeah cause that didn't go so well no no

there's some other trilogies out there

that were

have certain parts that were great and

then somebody decided to

sell out and kind of ruin certain

people's childhoods

but george lucas will remain unnamed

um i'm pretty sure

like before back to the future there's

been plenty of people through history

who in their own um equivalence of

having a shower

i've had the hypothetical arguments i


i would have won with people in high

school when they're like

64 or whatever and wishing they could go

back in time and change things or if i

just went back in time and changed this

one event

my life would be better sure right yeah

i mean

you stop and think about i'm sure on a

daily basis a lot of people

you know they get into a meeting let's

say a

zoom call now in the age of cobit or or

a phone conversation

uh because you don't have as much

face-to-face interaction anymore

uh and then that ends and you

go 30 45 minutes later and you have that

oh man i should have said that you know

if i could only go back and just

say this part but that's kind of but

that's kind of minuscule in a way

compared to

life events like if you could go back i

mean it's like the old

al bundy al that whole bandai is not


al bundy thing from her married with


you know when he's a quarterback and he

like through whatever

yeah you know i mean we all have these

scenarios where we could go back and


one thing where our entire lives would

have changed now when it comes to work

like you were just mentioned i

should have said that that's small stuff

and it may or may not have changed much

at all but

you know the majority of people have

these kind of things that they think

if they went back and could change one

thing or just this little sequence of


their entire life would be better and

everything would be perfect

yeah there was a writer at one time i

can't remember who it was

that had said you know your life's only

really a series of like

you know eight or nine huge moments you

know huge

choices huge decisions that you make and

you find yourself at that crossroads and

you realize okay

if i go left you know this happens if i


right this happens but i've got a turn

i'm at an intersection so i've got to go

one way or the other and you always say


what would have happened if i would have

went the other way

did i make the right choice talking

about time travel i remember

was it uh was it amazon

that came out with the uh the jfk deal

the 1122 63

had uh i can't remember the guy's name

that was in it it was

one of those like five or six part


and he's got this ability to travel back

through time

what's the series is series serious


i i invented that word is that like

blu-ray version yes

okay and so the whole premise of it

is that he can go back and stop the

kennedy assassination but then he


when he stopped the assassination the


went into nuclear war and everything was


and so it was better to actually let it


so just because you think you're doing a

noble thing or

taking that other turn in a tragedy

doesn't necessarily mean

everything else turns out better that

whole butterfly effect

you know butterfly flaps its wings and

all of a sudden this starts moving that

starts moving and all kinds of other

things are affected by it

yeah that um leads me to two points

and actually reversing back to one of

the podcasts we did

earlier in the week about alzheimer's

i've actually forgotten the second point

but the first point we did a podcast

about alzheimer's

because i don't remember that did we or

did we not um i thought it was oh no we

did one on memory i think oh

i i already forgot about that maybe we

didn't do it i know

i think i wrote the notes oh anyway it

doesn't matter anyway the point is

no there was a um talking about the

kennedy assassination thing

um there was a uh

similar thing i think it was on

something like the twilight zone or one

of those type

shows where this guy was a amateur radio


like um you know short band radio yeah

and for whatever reason you really don't

have to get into it because if you're

watching the twilight zone at 11 o'clock

at night i doubt the exact science is

really gonna like throw you off not

watching it

but anyway he managed to get in contact

with his grandfather in world war

ii who actually died on a ship oh yeah

well they they made a movie about that

too yeah and this is probably it because

this might be complete bs and i'm not

remembering it correctly remotely but

let's not because we obviously let's not

change the track on that oh sorry about


yeah so anyway um he's managing to

contact his grandfather and

he warns him that his ship is going to

be sunk by a german u-boat

and he mourns his grandfather and that

ship doesn't get sunk

and he goes to bed that night falls

asleep and wakes up in the morning

and he's waking up to the sound of

marching he looks out of his window and

there's a whole bunch of nazi

troops marching down his road and so

even though he tried to do something

good it had this unforeseen consequence

right sometimes you have to let things


you know for things to materialize for

the better

and i guess that's the one thing about

time travel you think you're going to go

back and change this and this

but it's very polarized in terms of oh

how this how is this going to affect my


but you don't realize the knock-on

effect of how it might change everybody

else's life and circumstance

yeah i mean let's take something kind of

near and dear to our heart right if it

probably wasn't for covid

the age of kovid that we're living in

right now we would have never started

this podcast

that's true but let's be honest yeah you

know i i

was you know going back and forth to

work didn't have the opportunity

for us to be able to get together sit


and and put a podcast together so if we

would have went back

in time what a little more than a year


and one duty to bat and you just go

ahead and knock him off and

kovid never spreads we wouldn't actually

be doing this podcast right now and that

science is too deep we need to

get that down there i know we were bored

had nothing back to do so we made a

podcast i was trying to make a better

exclamation mark

so anyway um there you go i'm writing

out the secrets again

you're not supposed to be letting out

the secrets the romanticized

introduction of time travel

came from hd wells uh in 1895

hd wells are hd there ain't no hd

wells well well maybe there is

probably not as popular okay actually

from the podcast

you did with uh kevin the other day yeah

when you have to actually register your

name and can't have

oh you know names which are similar

there probably is an hd

wells out there but he just didn't

produce anything worth crap so that's

probably about

him yeah yeah so anyway hg wells

um in 1895 uh

released his novel called the time

machine which i'm actually happy about

for two reasons

i wonder what that was about um well

this is the thing

i mean you you pick up that book

right 1895 or maybe 1896 depending on

how long it takes your printing press

local printing press or your local bonds

noble to get the book out there in

circulation or or your public library

right yeah they know

kelly might kelly might have a copy of

that book at the public library we love


and um yeah so anyway i love that book

just because of the title because you

know what you're getting

right right yeah there's no virtue

signal in

nothing i mean everybody knows their

roles and like i can't tell you like

when i

in um high school they gave us this book

to study and it's called to kill a


and i thought it was a guide

i can't tell you how disappointed i was

i got to the end of that book

no no bird deaths whatsoever i enjoyed

the movie

but the book was a disappointing

disappointing uh

thing based upon the title well not only

that but i'm surprised they allow that

book in texas because the mockingbird is

the state bird of texas

well i mean what why haven't all the

texans got together and say hey

who would want to write a book about

killing our statements there were no

deaths in the book

so i think oh well see i didn't read

them well no it's probably summarized


so people get mad they look it up that's

like oh no birds were hurt

in the production of this book and then

they just kind of well that was one of

those books i think

everybody was supposed to read i just

you know i i don't know how to read

books so

i i didn't read it i'm sure i probably

had to do a report on the book

and i probably plagiarized the whole

thing but i already got my

high school diploma so and you know

statute of limitations

bam online son 29

but anyway i've got this new section

normally we do stump the shepherd

um which is oh give me

you're not going to try to stump me so

you're going to stump me in a different


that we're not doing stump the shepherd

no this this is indict the shepherd

oh so this this is a segment where if

anybody records

it it can be used in court against me

against you

to put you in jail if any of these

things actually happen so it's this is

the indict the shepherd

version but it's on time travel

okay yeah all right which we all know is

bs so

you're gonna be right i'll do it so

first question coming from the guy that

says we didn't land on the moon but

okay no i didn't say that i just said


okay i i don't know remember you have to

think the whole thing about

landing on the moon right we're in a

very cold war era

and there are a bunch of countries which

were kind of

you know to the tatar in between like

russia or america

russia america which way do we go

communism capitalism yeah whatever

and the first nation which would have

landed on the moon would have convinced

a bunch of these kind of not so

i don't want to be rude about it not so

smart nations to actually follow

one side or the other east versus west


and so you know it was very important

that we landed on the moon because a lot

of these

countries which sell oil and have gas


and have great i guess you want to call

it interim

strategic shipping you know locations

it was very important that they sided

with the west over the east

so if we really had to throw everything

into faking it

it would have been the best decision we

would have

ever made in terms of guaranteeing peace

and making sure we didn't head to

nuclear war

and that's my only kind of thing on it i

i think we landed on the moon

and stuff i don't believe some of the

stuff around it but

you could absolutely understand and


if we didn't given the stakes yeah

okay fair enough yeah so anyway it's a

long thing so

anyway but we landed on them yeah


i'm a bit worried about sending a woman

to mars

why well look

why have there been no women on the moon

well now we're gonna get into this huge

philosophical discussion of something


why have we not sent a woman to the moon

tell me why we haven't sent a woman well

no i'm asking you

because they can push the same buttons i

mean i know a woman

can't play quarterback in the nfl but

there's no reason why a woman can't hit

the same buttons

well now that could be argued because

the dallas cowboys

severely need a quarterback and there's

probably some women out there that can

play better than that but

my sports

here we go here if you had free use of


and i'm stopping here because i did not

uh copy this link from pornhub

if you had free use of that anal ogus

analga and analog how do you pronounce

that word

analogous anal ogus

movement yep yeah if you had free use of

that what would you do with it

given we haven't described what the word

means or can't pronounce yeah what would

you do

i i would use it to

go fishing yeah that's probably good

well actually

what that word means because i actually

bother looking it up

that means the free movement in time and

space so you had

free movement in time and space what

would you actually do with it why can't

they just say that

well because they had to put that

analogous and analogous

so we've got this terrible definition

for time travel but then we have this

fancy word for that

so so what would i do with that yeah

with time travel right

so basically where would i go what would

i do right

oh man you see i know

instantly the answer to this question


anybody ever asks me okay because i


i mean there's so many i i've got this

just laundry list of things that i would

want to go

see uh and it would be hard to

to pin one specific one down

are you trying to pin me down to one

like you know okay let

me ask it this way then if there was one

thing you could go back in time and

remember we had this conversation about

knock-on effects not the butterfly thing

right because that's

a little bit [ __ ] away but if there

was one thing you could go back and you

honestly think bam this would change my

entire life what would it be

um your analogous just

my life right yeah not not the life of


not not the country no just just me

i don't know i

i've got a couple well you see the thing


if if i said a couple you've already

failed the test chef

stop i've already found the test see

yeah all right there is the test

on this and it's in a very official test


okay but i didn't write it down so i

can't tell you what it was

but most people can within two

seconds bring up

something that they would like to go

back and change

in terms of what they blame for

what is not happening in their life

which they would like to if you can't

think of it in two seconds

there is actually nothing you could go

back that would change to make you any


hmm there was a book

um might not have been a book might have

been a commentary i don't know again i

didn't research it

very well by a uh uh pastor

who referenced about everybody saying oh

if only i could have oh if i could go

back in time i'd do this

coulda woulda shoulda yeah and it's

based upon the fact that

up into that point in your life your

conditioning your experiences and

everything else you would still have


that same decision 99.9999 whatever


type of the time there are very few

decisions in our life

which are a toss of a coin it could have

gone one way or the other so when people


oh if i could go back in time blah blah

blah they're really talking about if i

had the four knowledge

and i went back if you put anybody back

in that situation without

knowing what they know they would still

pretty much always make the same

decision so when everybo

so whenever anybody says if you could go

back in time

it's always with the four knowledge you


now yeah what would you go back and

change but then it's

a very linear constructive idea of if i

did this

it would lead to this but again you

ignore the knock-on effects

and the effect that it might end up of

you dying the next day and you would

never have got

this point you want to change in the

first place yeah what's that old

if i would have known then what i know

now i think there was even a song that

had that in there

so basically that's what you're saying


that we we never know the cause and

effect and again that's

you know the whole butterfly effect

which has been proven a million times to

be bs but it's a simple

idea of you know small things can have a

large impact

um right one of my uh friends

um avoided dying on 9 11

because the bus arrived three minutes

late she was supposed to be doing a tour

of the world trade center on that day


and she missed the tour by 30 minutes


if it the bus had turned up on time she

would have been dead now the reason the

bus didn't turn up on time

was the guy was sick and

was actually staying at home on the

driver bus driver

yeah he he was on the toilet called in

they didn't have another driver to take

that bus and so they had to okay just

turn up when he can so he was a few

minutes late

everybody was like everybody's

connecting on and they had to hold up so

too many passengers but she would have


on that day she would have died on 911

doing that tour plus all these


student cfl englishes the foreign

language students yeah if she had caught


bus so when you talk about the butterfly

effect yes it can be

very very small things but for the most


no a butterfly flapping its wings is not

going to cause right

you know like a hurricane yeah and

that's one thing that people get i think

there was another story about

uh seth macfarlane he was supposed to be

on one of the airplanes that struck the

trade center and

he was hung over or something like that

missed his flight

or i'd vaguely remember

something about that but yeah there's

all those weird things one of my wife's

favorite movies

is called sliding doors and uh you'd

like it there's a lot of british people

it yeah i wouldn't like it because it's

romance i don't watch something is that

the one with them that blonde woman who


uh chris martin what's her name oh i

don't know who she married

uh she's the crazy one it was yeah it's

a ripoff of serendipity wasn't it

no i don't think so no it's a ripoff of

ceremonies oh one one of the movies

that's the other one well it's called

sliding doors

paltrow there yeah yeah yeah yeah the

one who married christmas

oh okay i know she married him yeah yeah


for that dude but anyway you know that

in that whole premise

there was something in the movie where i

don't remember if she

like you know trips or something and

misses the the train

you know and so the whole premise of the

movie is if she would have made the

train this is what happens

and if she would have missed the train

this is what happens

in the movies trying to fool you into

believing oh because she made the train

everything turned out great for whatever

but then in the end it's basically

the exact same outcome so it was just

kind of taking two different routes to

getting to the same end game

i just want to say no to the listeners

out there over the last

18 months have downloaded about

40 romantic movies for the shepherd and

his wife and so

when he's giving it all this blah blah

blah something and maybe

blah blah blah and this and that that he

actually knows full well because he

has sat down and watched this movie with

his wife but also

i need to actually add serendipity to

the list because i don't think we have

that in the romance folder on the uh

hard drive serendipity movie though

it doesn't really have anything to do

with time well yeah that's how about

since yeah you know in in and then all

of a sudden

yeah just right all of a sudden happens

now you're absolutely right but

but you know what that that's a good

movie i mean i like a good john cusack


when he's trying to be that type of


uh in any was in that movie but uh

time travel if that's what you want to

choose when you're mm-hmm

anyway so um

if you had to go back and this is a no

consequence question question right

no consequence no consequence because

you know you asked people oh you have to

go back in time what would you do and

they're like oh yeah i'd kill hitler

yeah he might have made things worse but

don't matter with no consequence

if you could go back in time and punch

somebody in the face or punch them in

the balls or the jj

who would you go back and assault

you don't have to use their actual real

name you can use their initials

they're probably not listening to this

anyway because you know

um that's a very long list uh

top there's got to be a top person you'd

go back and punch

are we talking about just somebody kind

of you know in my life so yeah speaker

we're talking about a famous no not a

famous person because i'd go like

you know i mean i mean if we asked that

question i'd be just

like going in a forest or whatever and

punching the chimpanzees in the face

cd because they're high enough remember


and we'll leave it at that all right

fair enough is that a woman or a male

at that time at that time what did they

identify as uh honestly

uh it was questionable at best even


fair enough you've probably answered the

question with that

um so if you have the choice

of traveling to the past okay to correct

things and remember because of that

kind of study i bought up where i

couldn't remember who did it or whatever

right um or going to the future just to

be really nosy about

crap which one would you decide because


you took longer than two seconds so you

don't really need to go back to the past

or but if you go to the future and have

a glimpse of what crap's going on

which one would you choose past past why


because i i would want to witness some

things firsthand

we we have this now this is within your


oh this just yes okay so this is not can


go back to the continental congress and

watch them yeah

you cannot watch a t-rex kind of like

okay okay

this is in my life then i'd go to the


obviously why what would you be nosy

about what would you bring back

figure out if i ever get a delorean

well that's you see that's based upon a

lot of factors which could change

now that's not and even if you have that

knowledge you finally get one

you've got to reverse engineer that to

how did you get one

yeah but knowing it kind of like

bringing it back

because you can come back and you can

make decisions which

i think are going to get you a delorean

but now you start making decisions which

stop you from getting that delorean

yeah but it's like right now the paradox

but you know what though

even in the back to the future movie

when doc brown's talking about you know


it's good to know that you know i made

it 30 years i get to see

1985 that i get to travel through time

and i've invented this and i've done


it it probably helped him along knowing


hey i was able to continue on my


knowing that i was going to succeed at

something finally because if you look at

the way the movie's based and when

marty goes back to 55 and he sees doc

and he's got this failed experiment and

this that and the other and he's

not able to do anything that he can make


but then doc says hey you know i just

need to keep plugging along

because i did invent this time machine

so you know maybe he was having a bad

day and

he said to himself you know i i'm just

i'm no good as a scientist

i'm going to go work at whataburger and

flip hamburgers now

but then when he saw that if he just

continues down that path he's gonna


the delorean time machine then boom it

maybe that gave him

that kind of push to keep plugging away

at what

he's been doing i've just realized we

could literally

piss upon any movie script that has ever

been written and make sure it never got


how because we have such a

i i think this is actually applicable to

everybody okay that

you know when people i mean just like

when we were talking about you know star

wars trilogy prequels everything else

that would go back change this change


we ignore you know the effects it would

have on everything else in the sequence


okay because we don't like this part of

the movie oh let's cut this part out

it doesn't explain this it doesn't

explain this and then somebody else

comes along and says look yeah you

didn't like this

bit but what you don't understand this

is what influenced this character to do

blah blah blah

right and a lot of the time when we

watch movies again we watch it on a very

linear fashion

yeah we set what we're presented with

and we think oh yeah i would have

changed this i would have changed this i

wouldn't have done this i wouldn't have

done this but

you have to remember the majority of

people make very stupid mistakes on the

spur of the moment

and so if you actually took this part

out of the movie

the movie would have ended very

differently and you probably wouldn't

have enjoyed the movie overall

it's probably about it and that's a very

complicated thing when it comes to i

would change this

i would change this it doesn't matter

what it's about when you put in the

whole course and effect

thing of it you know you you kind of

take out

well i want this goal i'm going to kind

of reverse engineer it by not making

this happen or making this happen

but then expecting it going along this

linear line

of getting to a certain goal where

nothing else is effectuated

right that you know nothing is going to

change it's like i do this

and it results in this goal and that's

not how it works in anything not in the


basics of science i mean you know when

when you talk about

you know you're going you know into the

future and looking at

things the knowledge you gain from going

into the future

might absolutely prevent that future

from happening because i can guarantee

you once you've had like

you know 19 alien ales yeah

um down your throat you're gonna say to


oh well i bet this or i bet that or this

or that and that one person

may have wickedly kind of accept the

comment you've made but maybe mention it

to somebody two years later and it

changes this

it changes that and again going back to

that butterfly effect which is not


in the minuscule things but you know you

might actually stop

something happening in which you when

that is true to the future to see

so i mean if you have the choice between

free time travel to the past

or have an exact clone of yourself

now to do all the stuff you don't want

to do

what would you choose free travel to the


so if you could go back and change small

things where you don't think there would

be a consequence you'd choose that

rather than having a clone now which

would do all the crap

you don't want to do yeah no i i'd like


you know once again be able to just you

know fly on the wall maybe change a

couple of little things

just maybe you know out of curiosity

sake would be it you know

and the stupid examples that i can come

up in my

head are you know

little mistakes that i look back at like

you know i i traded this car in and i'm

pretty sure i could have got 500 more

dollars on my trade if i'd have pushed a

little harder

it it it's such in the comments

your escalation for that of really this

many years later if that she

well yeah but like you said

i failed the test of you know what major

events in my life would i have changed

because there

there really are no you actually

succeeded well

fair enough yeah it depending on your

winning on your opponent

you're one of a few percentage of people

who actually succeed in like if you

can't answer that question within two or

three seconds

you've actually succeeded in that you

know what look

so i i look at i look at certain things

you know going back in this of some of

the times i used to play poker

in in knowing the outcome of the hand


man i shouldn't have folded that hand

right you know

once i realized you know what came you


on the river i i would have hit this and

i would have won a couple hundred bucks

it's those things that kind of go into

my mind of man that knowledge would have

been great

well no i could have won yeah but this

is one of the reasons we had to

completely get

rid of the example of the back to the

future thing of going and getting the


almanac in the future because when it

comes down to money

if you were when you were 15 years old

suddenly had like 20 trillion dollars

yeah you you could have chosen a live

point now you might have been dead at 17

but that's still about your decision and

even like the sports almanac you could

say well i

you know i'm going to get

all of the copies of the wall street

journal printed out

and i'm gonna buy at the right point and

sell at the right point

and just you know play the stock market

perfectly because

i have all the information yeah you

could look at it that way but again too

complicated i mean like if you had the

sports salmon out

it had been all you needed just well and

of course

you know that gonna happen but that's of

course why they did it that way and and

didn't go with the stock market because

it's easy to say hey if you know all the

horse race results

you know then you just go bad on horse

races because this is the point you

could have affected stock market things


say like if you bought shares on

something it might have completely

destroyed the competition

yeah but you know what one of those

things results say just what they are no

but but maybe horse racing no

not so much because if you've ever been

to the horse track

and you've seen it what was that movie


frozen let no let it ride where he

has this premonition that he can't lose

that day and so he goes and he puts a

bunch of money on that last race and

they see the odds

drop on the screen because when you bet

money and horse racing

depending on how much money is bet on

each horse

it changes the odds it does so there's


exactly there's no people it's the

amount of money yeah but that's a

fallacy in back to the future too that

i've never really thought about that is

true yeah it's the amount of money not

the number of people because you can

have a thousand people bet a daughter

but one

one person bets fifty thousand dollars

that changes the rci yeah

and it would in sports too i'm not big

on how sports betting works but

i know lines change and odds change

based off of that money in there so

um maybe that's a plot hole in there


if all of a sudden all that money was

being bet

by biff maybe he wouldn't have been able

to win

as much the outcome of the game might

have been the same but

if you're betting big money on that and

it's even bets you're not going to win

that thing yeah

that would have been a vegas point of

sale last year

for that tour so anyways so we we've now

started off uh championing back to the

future and we're now crapped on it

um so nasa i would have thought of all


right nasa would want to get people

interested in science all right

absolutely because wikipedia and

kind of let us down a little bit totally


right yeah but this is look let's back

up just a hair because you also made a


about how you know that we struggle to

get people interested in science and


outside of school but we also do

struggle to get them

interested in it while they're even in

school yeah so

so this is a a continuous struggle yeah

well it's nasa against tick tock so yeah

you know what

we know he's going to win

nasa doesn't have boobies but does nasa

have a tick tock account

would that be one of those paradigms


maybe nasa needs a tick tock maybe they

need like astronauts dancing or

something like that maybe that would fix


uh nasa go ahead and do that free of

charge that's all you don't need free of


no give us some money if it if you're

gonna use it give us some money why do

you always do that like oh free judge no

give us some money

you can do this now so give some money

so anyway this is nasa right

really trying to get people forget which i think has been taken

over by

some east texas warehousing company if

you want to rent space

right wikipedia wikipedia which can be

changed by anybody

right so this is nasa right okay this is

their official line on time travel

how to get people excited about

science right and time travel here we go

nasa okay

although humans can't hop

i'm not a rabbit can't hop into a time


and go back in time we do know that

clocks on airplanes clocks

okay grandpa clocks on airplanes and

satellites do

you think they have clocks on satellites

anyway who's carrying clocks on the


the clock the white rabbit obviously

apparently the clocks on airplanes and

satellites travel at a different

speed than those on earth that's nasa

trying to get you excited about science

and time travel

clocks how to be a [ __ ] 101 i mean like

if you want to

get have nobody get involved

in in your line of work that's the way

to do it yeah they can't up into the

time machine and

you know clock's a little bit funny when

you go up in the air so yeah just don't

worry about it

ryan yeah so that's that so um i didn't

want to actually revisit

before we kind of like wrap up um

on one of joe rogan um one of our


yeah gets on the show uncle joe uncle

joe um

he talks in one of his stand-ups about

the grandfather paradox which is a very

common paradox that

people talk about in terms of cause and

effect that

they say time travel is not real because

somebody could go back

and kill their grandfather and then you

would never be born and i mean it's a

very basic

linear structure right and they but they

talk about that

back to the future i mean that's the

whole premise behind the first movie

yeah but that's the thing of like

you know the future we know now almost

no risk even if it would be a small one

would be worth going back and changing

given the cause and effect

now obviously the grandfather paradox a

very obvious one you kill a grandfather

you're not going to be born

yeah but you know even these small

things you know if you could go back in

time and

you know you're in high school and you

ran a different pattern caught the ball

and got a touchdown

how that would change your life it might

literally lead you be invited to a party

that you were never going to be invited


you drink too much and you die crash and

drunk on the way home

right and that's the end of your life

and it's you know people

don't kind of see this cause and effect

it's just

very linear line and i think that's

where back to the future kind of

fails and it also succeeds in terms of

it introduces people to cause an effect

you know because the set things of like

you know doc brown's always like you

can't change the past you can't change

your past you know

maori don't change your past blah blah

but you see these small changes have a

huge effect true in the future and it's

like what you think is

a change for the good becomes a change

for the bad

right yeah it makes total sense so here

we go

this is the official line on time travel

right okay

um this was the absolute piss on my

parade thing of it right

we're going to leave the listeners with


a temporal paradox time

paradox or time travel paradox

is a paradox an apparent contradiction

or logical contradiction associated with

the idea of time

and time travel now i don't know about

you i just want to go with the back to

the future

thing that's [ __ ] yeah i did i uh

yeah i'm just gonna crap

yeah i'm i'm gonna go with the back to

the future thing that's so much easier


kind of digest and and understand

and for those three percent of people

out there

that don't immediately refer back to

back to the future i'm highly

disappointed in you

uh that i thought that num or that

percentage number would be lower but i

think it should be a hundred percent

don't you i mean you you look at back to

the future and and we

poked holes in one of my favorite movies


i didn't think whenever we started this

that i would start having all these

questions about back to the future but

now i'm

i'm starting to get a little

disappointed in some of the things in

the movie

do you actually i was going to say this

like within

like 90 seconds of a podcast but you

absolutely want to know

what my embarrassing if i could go back

in time

thing would do yeah you know what you

asked me so fair enough

tell me tell me what yours is we had um

this home

economics teacher when i was like in

high school and i was like

i don't know maybe 15 16 whatever um

i'm sure mrs mrs marshall

that was her name i'm sure she's dead by

now actually

pretty sure because she was like 45 50

whatever but anyway she would say milf

gilf whatever title you want to give to


right and

i remember one time like she gave us

this uh

like homework assignment to make a

shepherd's pie which is a great english

staple fantastic

meal fantastic meal but anyway i made


and um she was like oh my goodness

this tastes fantastic because we had to

bring it into class

yeah and uh this is awesome this is

awesome and i remember standing next to


and she was like going down because we

had to like write down you know how we

cooked it all the ingredients the time

in the hour and how much you put in and

all that stuff and i remember this time

where i thought if only i could have

moved my left hand

four inches over to the left i could

have touched her boob

that's my time travel mode there you go

there you go and with that said thanks

for tuning in to this episode of the

wolf and the shepherd and we will catch

you on the next one