Dec. 1, 2020

Episode 32 - The Star Wars Prequels

The Wolf AND The Shepherd discuss their favorite movie series, The Star Wars Saga, and delve into the Prequels, the first three movies in the order of the Star Wars timeline, The Phantom Menace, Attack Of The Clones, and Revenge Of The Sith. 


welcome to this episode of the wolf and

the shepherd today we are going to be

talking about the prequels now

what prequels well probably the most

important prequels that were ever made

and of course we're talking about star


uh the wolf and i were big star wars


uh we loved star wars and we were

actually trying to figure out

how is it that we went this long into

the podcast and not really

actually done a podcast dedicated to

star wars and so the wolf has decided


you know we're going to go in order as

far as the star wars movies are


in the star wars universe and not when

they were released

so today we're going to be talking about

the prequels

i think part of the reason we actually

started this podcast was

because at some point in time i knew the

shepherd wanted to talk about star wars

i love talking about star wars as he

said it's amazing we've gone this far i

would have

thought that this would have happened in

episode two or three right

now everybody knows star wars

everybody knows it was broken up into

three different trilogies

but i just wanted to give the listening

audience just a little bit of a

background on the prequels

because there are always numbers facts

and figures which come

up which people aren't aware of


people were like wow that was more than

i expected less than i expected but in

terms of the background

and the success of the prequels compared

to the original trilogy

obviously it was quite a time later

and you know allowing for inflation and

everything else

and merchandise and probably uh

different channels of distribution in

terms of it went to blu-ray and all this

stuff when blue rays cost more than dvds


right etc that you know there was a lot

more money to be made with the prequels


the phantom menace the first part of the

prequel came out in

episode 1 episode 1 the phantom menace

came out in may 1999.

attack of the clones came out may 2002

three years later and then three years

after that revenge of the sith came out

may 2005. now

it did seem an eternity between

episode six and episode one i actually

thought regardless of the rumors the

prequel would never actually the

prequels would never actually be made

oh well we all did and growing up with

the original movies

and what jedi came out in 83 uh

you know 83 to 99 that was an eternity


there was always those dreams of you

know are there gonna be more star wars


beyond the ewok adventures and you know

the droids cartoons and things like that

we always dreamed of the backstory you

know it

how is this going to come out how how's

lucas going to explain

all of these characters what what were

some of the things that

the original movies were talking about

can we hear the backstories and now all

of a sudden

we're going to meet anakin skywalker

and we're we're going to see what

happened before he became

darth vader and all that good stuff so


the big star wars fans we were all

excited about that

yeah and it was actually back in 1992

george lucas acknowledged that he

actually planned to go ahead and create

the prequels

and then it was you know seven years

later before

you know the first one came out so i

mean that was quite a

quite a period of time from his first

announcing it and i think

you know that must have been the slowest

period in

history of somebody actually having to

wait for a movie to come out

you know as a star wars fan it's like

the prequels are gonna come out sometime

and year after year when

there was no new information and then

all of a sudden

heard that scripts were being ridden

yeah it was going into early production

how did you feel when you first heard it

was going to become reality

i think when it when it really dawned on


was when i ordered a poster

uh and i still have that poster it's

stored along with all my

other star wars collectibles somewhere

the the poster

of jake lloyd who played anakin

in the first movie or in episode one


and the shadow of darth vader behind him

and i have that original poster it was

i guess you call it a teaser poster or

something like that i mean i mean there

was no

you know release date there was no uh

actors names on the poster or whatever

it's just a picture of jake lloyd

right there in the desert with that

shadow of darth vader behind him

i remember getting that poster through

the mail and looking at that and being

so excited about that movie just

here we are we're finally gonna get to


what happened in the past of the

the star wars saga now i know most star

wars fans

knew that anakin skywalker was going to

become darth vader

but you have to remember the gap between

um episode six and episode one was so


that there was a whole generation who

came through who didn't

really kind of grow up with star wars

right and

that poster the one you're talking about

i also had that poster

i think was dub the biggest plot spoiler

of all time for those people who weren't

that into star wars

and remember he doesn't become vader

until episode three

right and that's you know you're going

from 1999

phantom menace until 2005 sat six

years and right at the end of the movie

so they've basically

done a plot spoiler six years in advance

sure yeah and and of course the way they

were making the movies

knowing what already happened in the

quote-unquote future

right they had to kind of explain some

things behind and

and they did some good explaining they

did some bad explaining

uh you know you can talk about the the

soft the sloppy the lazy writing on

on some of the things but of course you

know when you hear

that you know introduction you know i'm

anakin skywalker you're like well you

know you only heard that name a couple

of times in the original movies

so it's like okay you know here's this

guy that becomes

darth vader right the the evilest guy to

walk around the

whole star wars galaxy and all this and

then you find out he's just this little

farm boy that's a slave you're like well

how in the world did this dude turn into

the most feared person in the galaxy

less than the emperor and so it was kind

of interesting to know

you know this little slave farm boy

it basically rules the galaxy in the

span of a generation

yeah and i think obviously

in the original trilogy

there wasn't too much romance in there

other than the kind of

you got the han and leia yeah but that

didn't really even come to fruition

a little bit of it in empire but you


most of it in jedi but it but it wasn't

the same kind of romance that you saw in

the prequels yeah and

you know romance traditionally wasn't

necessarily a big part of sci-fi movies

right and i think

you know the way george lucas framed the


was he i think if those prequels that

have been written maybe 20 years earlier

the romance theme going throughout them

perhaps might not have been so strong

sure you know because the whole thing of

anakin turning to the dark side is


based around padme i mean you know his


you know what he wants and everything

his love for her

is driven you know pretty much drives


most of his uh actions and motives

through the movies i mean him turning to

the dark side you know when he talks to

palpatine and about

you know him being worried about you

know padme dying and

yeah you know when palpatine tells him

you know you can bring somebody back

from the dead it was like

wow now i've got the ultimate protection

you know this relationship even if she


you know if i become a sith i can bring

her back

you know but i have often wondered if

that that um

prequel trilogy had been filmed 20 years

earlier maybe

that had been the original trilogy how


that would have been in terms of plot

sure and i don't think the

the prequel trilogy would have

done as well if that was released first

right it it

never would have uh i don't think lucas

planned it that way but i think it was a

happy accident

that you know he he realized four five

and six were

gonna be his first movies then you know

you go back

and you do one two three and then of

course later on

you know you become a sellout you sell

to disney and let them do seven eight

nine and i'm sure you know at one point

we'll probably talk about those as well

but one two and three would not have

been the movies they were

without four five and six yeah and also

you have to consider the prequels were


special effects driven than the original


i think if you'd have tried to have made

the prequels

back in 77 that

i think the maybe the holes in the

script would have been more glaringly

obvious i think the special effects took

away from some of the bad scripts in the


whereas the original trilogy although

the special effects were great for that


you know we look at them now or maybe

even 20 years ago

and they they aged you know pretty badly

i mean we have

you know all of the star wars movies in


quality and watching the original

trilogy in 4k

is very very difficult you almost have

to put it down to 480p

to be able to enjoy the movie in some

respects sure

yeah you can look at the original

trilogy right now in like you say the 4k

and you can start seeing you know some

of the

quote-unquote bad special effects but

i've i've heard the story that i did not

see the

you know first movie episode four in the


uh it was out before i was born but

that's no excuse well you know what are

you gonna do

but i do remember seeing it on

tv at home and still

that opening scene was just amazing and

that's what blew

most people away with star wars and so

lucas knew that he had to have

something very similar to that in

the prequel trilogy with that

wow look at these special effects and he

has a lot of cgi

a lot of green screen a lot of all that

but you know

look it it's the 99 you know i'm

guessing you know he's making the movie

90 late 97 you know through 98 whatever

releases it in 99

looking back on it 20 years ago there's

a lot of movies that probably try to get

that level of cgi and still struggle

with it because he still has that

creative ability to

to make it feel as real as he possibly


with the technology he had available now

you know every episode i try and get at

least one opportunity to prove

why you should never be allowed on the

prices right okay and so i wanted to get

this i wanted to get this one in early


here we go i think this is going to be

the only one during this part right

another stump the shutdown which yeah i

think you're

uh 50 for 50. yeah yeah

so um the original trilogy

obviously very successful at the box

office and i think at the time they came

out they were the highest grossing

movies at that point and

by the way my wife will explain to you

that i had a hand in that because

when episode one came out we saw it

seven times

in the theater yeah seven times right

even though and i'm sure we're going to

get into the reasons why

it burns me but i still watched it seven


in the movie theater yeah now the

original trilogy

take away the re-releases

the releases on dvd um

you know blu-ray oh back-up back up


releases on vhs you're leaving out vhs


yeah i had three copies laserdisc as


yeah well i i wasn't high-falutin like

you we didn't have a label

you know i i had i had four copies of

the original trilogy

on vhs uh one that we taped off of


on our curtis mathis vcr and then i had

an original set i had a thx set

and i had a special edition set all on

vhs right

so the question hmm

how much did the original

trilogy earn at the box office alone

from their primary runs not the

re-releases and everything

combined the original trilogy and now

are we talking in

you know late 70s early 80s dollar

figures well

yeah 77 through 82 83 whatever it was

yeah wow

uh i'm gonna guess

500 million dollars it uh

500 million yeah no it was actually 1.2

billion which was

which was actually i thought that's

quite a lot less right

now i know it was you know 40 odd years


well that and and of course that's why i

went with like i'm not just billion

dollars not adjusted for inflation yeah

okay so what was the number again

1.2 billion that that's huge though now

take into account

uh and that's just the box office yeah

take into account

avatar i think was something like a just

under 2 billion

worldwide at the box office by itself i

hate avatar

yeah that's a canadian i'm not

yeah i mean in terms of sequels

i am well i mean obviously we're both

looking forward to the velocipasta

ii yes more than avatar too oh


i think they ought to take some i you

know just take

one percent of the budget from avatar


and give it to the guy making

velocipaste too

just just one percent well i had

actually read reports that

avatar 2 will actually cost far less to


than the first avatar movie just because

it's a lot easier now to do those

special effects

and because they have obviously the

original way of doing it from the first

movie that the second movie it's going

to be

way cheaper to be able to do what are

they going to do they're just going to

cut and paste control c control v

sure that that's what they're going to

do with a lot of it let's be honest it's

just to me just like an adult version of

the smurfs

yeah yeah yeah they're the same they're


right the avatar people are blue and the

smurfs are blue

yeah so you're not trying to pull my

color blindness one of them is purple

and you're just trying yeah okay they're

all blue okay now

from that one point big oompa loompas


blue or were they purple uh oh i think

they were kind of like um

lack of oxygen type blue you know

specification type blue

still blue yeah okay yeah so with the

original trilogy earning 1.2 billion at

the box office

how much do you think the original

budget for all three movies in the

original trilogy was oh

now okay so this might be a little bit

of a trick question because if i


some of my star wars trivia the budget

for the first one

wasn't that much because the studios

felt it was going to be a failure

lucas was trying to stretch the the

budget then

then all of a sudden it became this

worldwide phenomenon so we got a bigger

budget for empire and jedi

so original budget combined so i've got

to try to think okay

you know first movie low budget

second and third budget i'm gonna

go with

80 million dollars uh close 77 million

oh look at me go i think so price is

right rules i still lose but but

hey i'm getting closer now stop the

shepherds getting a little bit harder

for you but you did pick a topic

where i i might know a little bit about

what we're talking about

now now i think actually by episode six

the actual uh actors wages

were far greater percentage of that


than obviously for episode four because

i would pretty much unknown

yeah and if you dig and of course we're

supposed to be talking about the

prequels but i do remember reading

something a long time ago

that sir alec guinness decided to take a

piece of the movie

rather than a salary yeah and and things

like that

so uh i think that that made him some


what do you think i mean 77 million and

it made 1.2 i mean that's 12 times

return roughly right there

and then you're not talking you know

again about all the re-releases the

release yeah you know dvd well and even


decided to take the merchandising yeah

as his payday and it wasn't even really

the release of the movies and that's

where he made his fortune was the

merchandising off of it

now and he invented that but once again

that's original trilogy we're supposed

to be talking about prequels see

here's what happens when we talk about

star wars because you're going to

lead me down all these rabbit holes so

it's your responsibility to keep me on

task here well these are frames of


okay that's our excuse okay drifting off

okay so with the prequels how much do

you think

they earned at the box office oh

combined uh

just the box office i'm gonna have to

say two billion bucks

two billion with the b right now

it's two and a half billion but that

actually surprised me because

it was that much later i actually

thought the number would be

far far greater i would have thought

just the phantom menace alone would have


you know a billion and a half by itself

you know

yeah the reason i i was probably pretty

close on that guess is you know not

everybody went and saw episode one

seven times like i did right uh but you

did have those star wars fans out there

that of course

they went they saw it once and now


talking about the age of dvds or

are popular digital

film is kind of getting there it's not

quite there yet

you know most people are still buying i

i think what in 99

you're still buying vhs i think yeah but

but you're also getting people that are

buying dvds so they want to go see the


in the movie theater yeah but they're

probably seeing it once

and then they're waiting for the release

well i mean well

there were dvd they obviously were dvds


99 because i remember having movies on

dvd but

it did surprise me because you have to

remember like you say you went and saw

the original star wars

seven times but well episode one seven


yeah you have to think that many years


obviously the price of a ticket at the

movie theater has gone up

sure so you'd figure that that you know

2.5 billion combined doesn't really

sound like a lot to me yeah but

why but you also got to remember in and

of course

in in the age of kovid that we're in now

going to the movies

is uh a little bit different right back


you know you've got your release weekend

right yeah and

and so you got whatever they used to

call it where you couldn't use a coupon

they're not gonna discount anything but

then it stayed in the movie theater for

a long time

so even the other studios they're

bringing out movies and

this was back in the day when i was

going to the movie theater at least once

a week

with you know my now wife my then


and i would say well there's nothing

really good let's go watch star wars


and because it was star wars i'd go

ahead and pay for that ticket

so then you get the matinee price and

then you go to the dollar theater

i mean remember the dollar theaters

though those are basically

we didn't we didn't we didn't have those

yeah oh no we you know we had the dollar

theater where

you know you you'd go watch a movie at

the dollar theater and we called it the

dollar theater because the ticket was a


and you'd go do that and then they even

had like 50 cent wednesdays so you could

go to the theater and see it again

so you know i'm not saying when i saw it

seven times i paid full price

it was probably full price two or three

times and then

probably the dollar theater a couple of

times and maybe on 50 cent wednesday we

you know we're bored and we went to the

movie theater and i forced her to watch

it again

she probably you know slept through it

or whatever

so i'm not surprised that the

the figures weren't higher because of

the way the movie ticket prices went


now the budget for the prequels um i'm

not going to ask you to guess this

because it's one of those things pick a

number between 1 and 12 billion

was actually 343 million which i think

roughly works out you know they made six

times as much money at the box office as

opposed to the original trilogy where

they made 12 times as much right

and again a lot of those um yeah but how

much of that i wonder was

i think put towards marketing actors i

mean yes yeah you have liam neeson

right he was a legitimate actor back


uh you have ewan mcgregor you know so

so you've got a handful of actors

natalie portman

you know you've got some names in there

yeah back when

star wars was put out mark hamill

carrie fisher carrie fisher kind of had

a a career not big

harrison ford that was his second kind

of big movie he was in american graffiti


you know nothing big mark hamill was

unknown yeah the sir alec guinness

kind of known but it was like what's

this dude doing in this movie yeah you

know and and those were your names and

then you had uh

uh grand moff talking what was his name


peter cushing yeah you know but he was

more of a

british known actor but very famous

though very famous overlapping

play dracula for about 20 30 years yeah

but but

famous famous over in your part of the

world same with alec guinness

famous in your part of the world not so

much over here

so you know and they filmed the old

movies in pinewood

studios over in in england that's the

way that it kind of made sense

that but you bring it over to america

not so many people knew but

you got the prequels you got some names

in there but jake lloyd nobody knew who

he was

and you got a handful of other people

that floated around in that movie you


well you and mcgregor was decently well

known unless again in england

you know with like spot in and some

other movies he was pretty well known


liam neeson was known natalie portman

was known and

so you've got some names that are

popping up here well

jackson as well well yeah yeah exactly

so you

so you got sam jackson in the movie uh

you've got uh ian mcdermott i mean we

knew who he was i mean

you knew from episode one oh that's the

emperor it's ian mcdermott

you know so so you've got some people

signing on and then of course you got

anthony daniels playing c3po

who was already known for being c3po in

the movies like

okay you know you're gonna make me put

on this gold suit again

you're gonna write me a big fat check

you know because if you don't write me

this big fat check

everybody's gonna be a little bit hacked

off that you didn't get me as original

and kenny baker is r2d2 yeah they put

him in the movie even though r2 was a

lot of cgi

they still had kenny baker in that movie

so they had to cut him a big fat check

now do you think any [ __ ] could have

played the role of r2d2 no

no no no

no no no i'm thinking maybe

peter dinklage but no not so much maybe

maybe brad williams well what about what

about r2d2's great personality convinces

you that

nobody else could have played the role i

love r2d2 oh i know that

i know you you know i love r2d2 and i

know you love midgets but

this is why i thought this was a perfect

question for you exactly

yeah that kenny baker is rtd2 i mean

nobody can do it and

and once again not to get down this

rabbit hole but you know rest in peace

peter mayhew

i know we got the new dude that was

playing chewbacca but

there's just something about knowing

peter mayhew was in the chewbacca suit

yeah and he walked in a special way and

yeah there was something about it

yeah there was something about r2d2 and


kenny baker was in there that that just

did it for me yeah

it's just the way it is now with the


there were obviously some


i want to say maybe surprises at some of

the casting now

okay i was kind of a bit

apprehensive with you and mcgregor

playing obi-wan kenobi why

just simply because you know i think

outside of train spot i know i wasn't

necessarily a big

ewan mcgregor fan sure and i think

because we've waited so long

we all expected these huge name stars

playing these roles and then it was like

oh you and mcgregor's gonna play

you know one of the most important roles

i i think star wars universe i think if

you to put too many big names in it kind

of ruins what star wars is all about


uh liam neeson ewan mcgregor

were fairly good names not ginormous


but but fairly big names and quite

honestly when you talk about the actors

that are

in the prequels i mean look i'm a huge

samuel l jackson fan

great actor it honestly i don't think

there's a movie he's made that i didn't


uh but i struggled with him in star wars

i i i still struggle with him in star

wars to this day because i thought he

fitted perfectly

no because you look at him and you say

that's samuel l jackson sitting there i

mean that that's

jules from pulp fiction this is not


there's something that's off here and he

did a good job

you know he had his purple lightsaber

and you know the only jedi apparently in

the galaxy that had one but

something was off by him being in that

movie now mildly off topic

did you name your son jake after the

actor who played anakin in 90 minutes

no no going back to an 80s movie

jake was named after jake ryan from 16

candidates oh oh yeah you told me yeah

but before you know when mason was born

he was supposed to be named chewbacca

and i mean i had the paperwork filled


in the hospital and i said you know

look why don't we name him chewbacca


and then we'll call him mason and then

you know

my wife of course she's hispanic i said

we can tell all your family

just call him chewie and they're just

gonna think it's chuy yeah

and they're not going to get it and uh

she wouldn't let me do it

uh typical typical lisa you know won't

let me do what i want to do

and even today i think we regret the

decision that we didn't name him

chewbacca yeah

it was amazing i got away with it naming

my son giving him the middle name wolf

to be honest there you go i mean i mean

we we

every once in a while get that little

gift yeah rarely do we get it but

the deal was she chose this first name

and i chose the middle name and she

actually the first name she chose

you know his name is xander and that was

actually the name of my best friend

right from you know kindergarten so that

was kind of a win-win situation with


now jumping back on the topic with the


with anakin the casting i think for the

phantom menace

i think he did a good job i think the


it'd be hard he did a good job with a

role he was in you really didn't want


that much more charismatic just simply

because of his circumstances

right slave kid you know you didn't want

somebody who was just gonna be popping

jokes and it being slapstick

you know every two minutes so i think

that's a good role but

once we get to episode two and three

one of the biggest critiques of the star

wars universe

is the casting of anakin star walker yep

skywalker skywalker star walker oh well

he was originally going to be called

something like star star killer star

killer yeah

he was starkiller glad they didn't go

with that yeah then it went sky

walker but uh but yeah not

not a fan yeah not a fan of him

at all now did you know leonardo

dicaprio was first off of that role

in two and three yeah that would have

been bad

uh he turned it down because he believed

he was not a big enough star

to appear at that point in his career to

star in a

um franchise as big as star wars imagine

if leonardo dicaprio would have been

anakin skywalker you know

early on i was not a dicaprio fan

uh i i really wasn't uh i i

i tend to remember him from uh the movie

benny and june

yeah he was in some wishy-washy yeah and


no that that's the one i said yeah yeah

what's eating yeah that was what johnny

depp was in that yeah yeah

uh so for

for a long time i was not a dicaprio fan

and then it seemed like dicaprio turned


and just kind of changed his career a

little bit

and i can't peg the movie exactly when

it happened

but then you know i i love seeing him in

django unchained

i mean i mean he's fantastic in that

movie yeah

inception and his incredible deception

just all of a sudden something happened

with dicaprio

and now i'm a decapitator i think it was

after titanic because i think that was

the last

last of his heartthrob right

you know you bring that up it and i

struggled with him in that movie

uh great movie uh i liked the movie

for the historical aspect and you know


the special effects and watching the

boat sink and all that but

you know i even struggled with him

through that movie because

i remember when it came out i was 97


i really want to see a movie about the

titanic but i don't know if i can

put up with leonardo dicaprio i wasn't

expecting much i went with my girlfriend

at the time and i went

if you know i hadn't been dating her

there's no way i would have gone slower

yeah oh i know i i remember the the

first time i saw it we went to a kind of

a late showing

lisa and i and a couple of friends of

ours and

lisa got mad because the guy

that was you know the the two friends of

ours he was getting bored with the movie

he hated love story movies

and just that scene where the guy is

falling off and then smacks into the

propeller and spins around

he started laughing just really loud

in the theater and everything and so i

started laughing too because i thought

it was funny and lisa

was not happy about the fact that we

were laughing at that part because

right you know the girls they're all

kind of almost crying because

everything's sad we're like oh look at

that guy

flipping around because he hit the

propeller but but going back to uh

hayden christensen uh

yeah i i still i struggle with him in

that movie

he he was not a good actor uh

he he did his stunt scenes well if that

was really him but

i still cringe kind of thinking about

him in two and three

of how he you know was supposed to be

that representative of one of my

favorite star wars characters of all

time darth vader and anakin skywalker

and i still to this day don't really

look at him as anakin skylar now paul

walker of the fast and furious movies


uh very interested in the role for

anakin skywalker but didn't

get it i think he would have been a

great choice i mean he's

yeah you know when it would have

probably been better now that he's dead

you know because hayden christensen's

still alive so

it at least we wouldn't have to worry

about some

bizarre reboot of disney

making a movie you know in between two

and three

like you know the clone wars cartoon or

something like that

uh we wouldn't have to worry about that

but we do have to worry about that with

hayden christians

yeah so now do you remember how many

years the phantom menace is set

before episode four ah no

i you know if if you look at the

timeline of star wars

from the originals to the trilogy and

you think about how

old luke and leia are supposed to be you


you would have to guess

somewhere around 30

years 30s somewhere between 30 and 35

years would be my guess it's from

four back to one yeah it's it's 32 years


uh between there now um i i thought

george lucas had actually sold lucasfilm

to disney

earlier than he actually did he actually

sold it in

2012 but um

by the time it got to 2015

i think the estimate on how much star

wars merchandise was worth

per year worldwide was between five

and seven billion wow do you think at

that point george lucas had so much

money and just wanted to

clear it out and star wars was like oh

if anybody's going to take this

franchise and have the money

to send it in the direction i foresaw

it's disney or do you think it's

probably one of the most

undersold well okay

so uh here's something we rarely do on

the show

uh and i i think this is important for

this point

2012 is where he sold

star wars yeah how old was he in 2012

i don't know yeah okay so so we rarely

do this but i'm going to grab my phone

here real quick and i'm going to

siri don't type oh oh we're going to ask

siri yeah oh this might be a great


so hey siri

how old is george lucas


george lucas is 76 years old okay

so we're in 2020 of course the age of

covid yeah right

so 68. okay

so the reason i'm bringing this up is

you know you're 68 years old

you've you know you you've created star

wars you've created indiana jones

you've done all this stuff right you've

amassed this huge fortune

you've had uh skywalker sound you've

done all this

so at 68 don't you say okay four billion


yeah i'm good even if i live to a


how am i gonna go through four billion

bucks in the next year

it depends how many kids and grandkids

he has yeah

but am i also kind of tired you know i

i've done this my whole life

i need to retire just like your normal


who at 68 years old would probably say


maybe i've got 30 years left in me maybe

you know i'm a wealthy man

i how much money do i need to live the

rest of my life i

really do just want to sit on the

rocking chair on the front porch and

actually enjoy the fruits of my labor so

i'm not surprised and you've got to

think also that you know despite the


the headliner from that deal was you

know you sold lucasfilm for 4 billion

you've got to think you still had some


merchandise percentage and movie

percentage built into that deal just

give me one percent of everything

we're never going to know all those

details and and of course

like i said you got to remember he

didn't sell

star wars to disney he sold lucasfilm

which is indiana jones and and some

other projects that he had

so so taking out just that star wars


i think disney got a deal i mean they

really got a deal on that and but lucas

got a deal also

because he could walk away he he could

he could actually sit back but he didn't

know did he i mean he still had pretty

active involvement

well yeah but that was his choice yeah

you know he could have

easily sat on that rocking chair on the

front porch

and said you know what i made my money

i'm good

y'all do with it what you want yeah and

let's be honest that's what disney did

yeah but

uh another rabbit hole and we'll

probably talk about that later but

let's focus on the pre now now moving to

probably the most important part of this


for as long as i've known you obviously


you're a huge star wars fan and also i

know it's been a while since you've

watched the prequels but it has but i

think that's actually

in full disclosure i have not watched

any of the prequels in

years yeah so for the

uh listeners who perhaps

you know might not necessarily be great

star wars fans

and also those who are very very nerdy

about star wars

i want to have the shepherd's breakdown

plot and what he thought of

each of the prequels so going from like

the phantom menace

just break down the plot as you

understand it

and also what you thought over all of


movie but kind of avoid you know kind of

plot holes and don't go on about jar jar

too much before

because you're going to break the

cursing rule if we go on about yeah jar

jar is canadian as far as i'm concerned

yeah uh so you know episode one

you know the you've got this political

junk going on

and it's almost like luke has tried to

confuse everybody by saying hey let's

throw some politics into the mix here

but let's uh talk about the trade

federation in

blockades and political discourse

so you know the jedi they're in power


so what do they do you know the

the council or whatever they say hey

let's let's go send some dudes over

there and do some negotiations next

thing you know

uh civil war almost breaks out

you meet a little slave boy on

tatooine because you know you got to


this planet you go ahead and do a pod


and all of a sudden this slay boy who's

never actually finished a race

somehow wins the race you get off the


and you save naboo and

next thing you know okay you know now

we're gonna watch this little slave boy

figure out what he's gonna do palpatine

is sitting there like oh i know what

you're gonna do

i i see this i know what you're gonna do

i i get that

so that that would be the plot of

episode one and then

you you go to episode two so we

completely missed out darth maul and

everything else

you know darth maul

is one of those characters that didn't

get enough screen time

and now they've tried later on we're

gonna resurrect him

and everything and that's kind of

frustrating but

you know uh and and maybe i shortchanged

episode one a little bit i mean

you know there's some great late

lightsaber battles and

and all that good stuff and you know

when you walked out the whole prophecy

thinking about him being

bringing balance to the force as well

that was a very important

see i don't believe that though i i

believe the balance to the fourth was


leia so that that's why we'll bring that

up but

i'm saying they got the prophet they got

the prophecy wrong right now

the prophecy was still there but uh but


anakin won the one that brought balance

to the force ended up being leia later


uh changed my mind on that i i know i'm


but you know that that's basically

episode one right and of course it's a

setup movie too

you know it's like oh okay anakin

magically makes c-3po

and doesn't put any skins on him

anything but you know

obviously sees him i mean i think in

empire strikes back yeah

yeah yeah okay fair enough fair enough

no no holes

yeah yeah but you know and also it you

know we

we start the introductions right we meet

c-3po we meet r2d2 we meet obi-wan


you know so it's like oh okay so here's

where these people are coming yoda

let's not forget yoda yeah true true

so then we go to episode two and uh

that's it episodes two and three i'm

gonna be honest with you i struggle

a little bit in my memory of exactly

what happened

on those i've seen him multiple times

watching them with my kids and

everything but

i just don't watch them all that often


but you know i remember when episode two

came out

and you know it was called attack of the

clones i'm like oh

oh so the clone wars so we're

we're finally going to figure out what

the clone wars are referenced

in episode 4. yeah and and so so now

we're going to get to figure out exactly

what this is

and episode 2 to me

giant mess you know is an entertaining


i i didn't take a whole lot from episode


it's probably of all the star wars


outside of the uh the final movies

because i've watched episode 8 exactly


episode 9 i think twice

but if you go back to the prequels i

probably watched

episode 2 i don't know 10 15 times

episode 3

more than that but when i've watched

episode 2

it's been years ago just don't remember

too much about it it it's really kind of

a blur to me

you know you meet django fett and then

you say oh

oh look little boba fett oh look at him

look how cute he is

and then you find out okay well the

clone troopers are

clones makes sense that's why they're

called clone troopers

but uh just kind of weak on that side


some good action scenes then you get to

episode three

well wait at the end of episode two of


you've got the marriage the secret

marriage between

anakin and padme and uh anakin doesn't

like sand and anakin likes to

lay in a field full of flowers and say

oh i love you and all that and

just uh shoot me in the head so then we

go on to episode three

and and now it's you know revenge of the

sith and

and here we go and and you know that

you're gonna get see

vader and you know

obi-wan has the high ground i mean that

that battle on mustafar

that lightsaber battle it's probably the

best part of that movie

you know watching that in in seeing the

pain but then

towards the end of the movie you look in

and you say oh all this technology

all around me and i die in childbirth


i don't have the will to live it's like

really they don't have a button

somewhere that's what's up

let me give you will to live click here


and now you're gonna live but that's how

i felt watching episode eight

almost the will to live yeah yeah

exactly we have all this technology

we can cut your arm off and then put a

new arm on there

and we can cut your leg up put a new leg

in fact

episode three i mean anakin's a burnt up

little crisp right he's a pizza that you

left in the oven

all night long and somehow we can

magically make him

live but we can't figure out how to give

somebody the will to live

sorry not buying that just not buying it


well as an alternate recap of the


um basically if the shepherd had had

more time to think about it it would

have gone something like this

some people are flying in space they

land somewhere

and there's a funny looking queen with

really weird makeup

and she looks really young and goofy

clothes and

some droids turn up don't know where

they came from

start causing trouble then some even

funnier looking people

start making outrageous trade demands

this guy with a really funny painted

face turns up

periodically keeps trying to ruin

everything for everybody

this young kid who looks like he's

living in the sahara desert

uh races this floating car that he's


somehow wins the race the two heroes who

we were originally introduced to

managed to get to fly off the planet

they meet some really tall gangly


character who curses our lives for the

next six or seven years

then at the end everything's happy and

we find out there's

even more of those tall annoying people

we go into episode two which seems to

make you

sick the the ironic part about your

description of episode one is until you

got to the floating car

yeah it kind of sounded like fresh

prince of bel-air

yeah a little bit yeah maybe

so now episode two according to the wall

episode two

um in the shepherd style recap episode

two yeah there's a lot of water

uh made me feel a little bit seasick on

the big screen

met some cool clones

got a little bit of an early view into

the origins of boba fett

yeah because we also called our buddy

steven spielberg and he said hey can you

make the guys that make the clones kind

of look like the aliens from close

encounters of the third

kind yeah but just taller yeah because

my budget wasn't that big for a close

encounter so i had to hire midgets to

to play them yeah so make them really

tall but but make them look like that so


jar jar has been there again somehow

managed to get himself a paid question

mistake ever we do not curse on this

podcast you just said jar jar beep yeah

yeah yeah

that is a curse word um there were some

cool lightsaber battles

and a lot of unnecessary love interest

which probably ruined the prequels more

than anything else other than jar jar we

get into episode

three but let's also remember how long

has yoda

just been walking around pretending to

be crippled but then all of a sudden

he whips out a lightsaber and he flips

all over the place well just like

padme lost the will to live he got the

will to fight

ah wow so anyway he's such a giant

anyway episode three finally the

worst keep kept secret in the world is

released that uh anakin skywalker

becomes darth vader

yoda gets an injection of

ketamine or something like that and

jumps around a little bit gets some

steroids but then kind of gets fatigued

padme dies after naming the kids

again uh there's some cool special

effects in the middle so that's a

that is a beginner's guide to the

trilogy the uh prequels

from the shepherd and the wolf for those

and by the way

uh yoda is is friends with the wookies

we do kind of meet chewbacca in there a

little bit

han solo is nowhere to be found

which is kind of weird

or do i have my timeline you don't

timeline uh my timeline remember when

somebody oh

that's right solo is after that okay

yeah yeah

but but solo's like 3.1

yeah that's right that's right yeah but

you know if yoda's so much of a friend

of the wookies

why can't he just take piggy back rides

with him well i don't know

i mean again let's let's forget the plot

holes i

i think yoda went to the dmv

and faked that injury so he could park

in handicap spots

going through the uh prequels phantom


what is your favorite part of the movie

and what is your least favorite part

about the movie

favorite part of the movie is the

podcast or the

the podcast the podcast that was in

there right

yeah i i don't remember what part the

podcast was

now the pod racing uh i i thought that

uh obviously tons and tons and tons of


but uh probably the best scene in there

a very close second would be the

lightsaber fight between maul yeah

and qui-gon and everything but but yeah

uh favorite scene

but honestly i like the podcast

see i did it again that's what we get

for being podcasters right i like

the pod racing scene more than i like

the lightsaber fight

i i honestly do although lightsaber


with duel of the fates song by john

williams i mean great

great song i mean that's a tough one i

mean it it's close

it it's almost a tie right uh worst part


worst part worst part of the movie worst

part of the movie gosh

there's so many uh anything with jar jar

yeah beep yeah cuss word uh

yeah anything anything with him in the


yeah yeah absolutely detested hate it


hate it absolutely hate it if if

star wars was going to get on to the

topic of genocide i would have been a


of genocide against the guidance yes

yeah that that was a mistake yeah that

that they didn't just perform genocide

and get rid of the gun guns yeah my

my favorite part uh phantom menace is

actually the lightsaber duel with

darth maul my least favorite part other

than the obvious

is i i just think

there are a hundred different ways you

could have done that movie and that was

probably in the bottom three just in

terms of you know the way anakin was

found and how his background has

explained and

you know for the stuff for them to get

off of you know

the planet for me i i just think it was

just shoddy shoddy script writing so i

mean that that i know that's kind of a

hole as such

as a w-h-o-l-e but yeah for me the worst

thing about that movie was

the overall plot i think it was a very

very poor plot

and you've got a character as cool as

darth maul and he's on the screen for

barely any time at all now i know in the

original star wars trilogy

darth vader's not on the screen that

much in episode four

um but the rest of the but the thing is

the rest of the script and the plot was


sure so that's okay you know absolutely


now moving on to attack of the clones

what is your favorite

part and least favorite part of that

movie oh man

attack of the clones for me was just

honestly such a nap i mean it really was

uh i do like the uh

scene whenever you know they're captured

and those little monsters come out there

and they're gonna fight the monsters and

then the jedi show up and you got the

big battle

right that's probably the best part of

the movie is that padme's outfit

a little bit yeah a little bit let's be


a little bit there yeah i mean it's


yeah it it's not slave leia outfit

but a little bit a little bit i'll get

rid of it a little bit

uh worst part of the movie i mean just

basically almost all the rest of it i

mean it was

you know anakin being so whiny and

you know i don't like the sand and and

it looks

like the sand it gets everywhere yeah in

in laying in the

in the field it was just so forced and

yeah there you go

i think my favorite part was obi-wan's

uh battle with jango fett

one man and my least favorite part was

the entire romance thing yeah but

but remember you know django fett

the who were the people that decided to

make clones whatever

whatever they were called and can't

remember you know they they picked

jango fett right this supposed just

great warrior and all that and

he has this one battle and he gets his

head cut off

and then he got little boba walking up

there saying oh

let me pick up my dad's head and his

helmet and stare at it

it's kind of ridiculous i mean you know

you you go somewhere and let's say


some kind of scottish warrior and you're

fighting with your dad

and your dad gets his head cut off do

you really walk up to the battlefield

and pick your dad's head up and look at

it and say you know oh i'm going to plot

my revenge well none of us really know

what we're doing that situation but

remember he was fighting a jedi so it

wasn't like he was fighting a regular

regular person yeah well yeah but a lot

of jedi's got slaughtered i mean

and i know you're about to move to

episode three but i mean let let's talk


the the best and worst parts of episode


i mean you've got these jedi's in

their practicing this ancient religion

and they're all powerful they've got

jedi mind tricks they're using

a lightsaber they're doing all this and

then all of a sudden

you know everybody gets a text message

saying oh execute order 66 let's kill

them all

and then just boom all of a sudden they

all die

how powerful were these guys that

somebody can send a text message and

just say

you know it's almost like twitter that

somebody puts on twitter

uh let's let's cancel robert downey jr

uh we don't like him anymore it was

almost like that it's like somebody put

hashtag order 66 cancel jedi i want to


well yeah that they never really had any

messaging problems did they

they were not using att and this this

this is a fantastic aside which has got

nothing to do with star wars whatsoever

but on the note of cell phone providers

i remember on one of joe rogan's

stand-ups and

he was um discussed in osama bin laden

when he got killed and he's saying that

um you know summer bin laden

you know orchestrated the 9 11 attacks

and all this from a cave in afghanistan

and joe rogan said you know i should

have been focused on you know the


um how this could have happened how it

could have

you know got through all the you know

loopholes all of this

he said i should have been thinking that

but my first thought was

huh i wonder who this guy's cell phone

provider is yeah he said i can't

i can't get a signal i can't get more

than three bars down the center of main

street and hear this guy in a cave in

afghanistan being able to broadcast and

send out videos to the world

anyway that's a huge aside um my

favorite part

revenge of the sith i think is the final

battle between obi-wan and

anakin i think absolutely you know i

think hands down the best part of the

yeah the worst part for me a game was

the romance and also the kind of like

you say when padme loses the will to


and the number of different ways they

could have killed her off

and it came down to that i think again

it was just such sloppy writing i feel


probably for all three movies you know

somebody tried to

have a brainstorming situation and it's

like all right

there's five of us here we've got eight


to write down the plot for each movie go

right and by the way before we do this

let's all take

10 shots of jameson yeah so we're

completely drunk

let's uh let's drink i don't know 12

alien ale beers from martian margaritas

you know let let's just get

so plowed that we don't know what we're


and then write it all out and then all

of a sudden they pushed it in front of


and they said okay george uh here's some

alien ale brew from martian margaritas

i want you to drink this six pack then i

want you to read this script

and then go ahead and approve it and

he's sitting there saying

oh okay well you know looks good to me

and then he signs his name off on it

well i have to disagree with that

because i think if i had a 12 pack of

alien ale

i think i would be that happy that i

would have written

three consecutive masterpieces

because that beer makes me feel really

really good

excellent point yeah now jumping back to

the prequels

and this is something which is discussed

a lot especially since

you know more internet usage since the

movies came out

and this is the plot holes which is why

i was trying to dissuade you kind of

going off on that tangent earlier yeah


we'll see the this is why we should

actually have pre-production meetings

but you know what why are we gonna

actually do that right

so okay all right now now now i realize

why you were arguing with me so okay

i think i only told you the topic about

30 seconds when we started the podcast

well no it wasn't even 30 seconds but i

i appreciate you trying to

give me a little bit of leeway there

anyway i mean if we were a real podcast

right you'd have said hey

uh tomorrow we're going to do something

on the prequels so

how long is it going to take you to go

ahead and watch the movies and refresh


rather than watching even even going on

wikipedia yeah yeah

give me something rather than sitting

down saying okay uh

microphones plugged in yeah okay we're

going to talk about the prequels

so go ahead and hit record yeah now so

um but that's how we roll

there's obviously lots of plot holes

throughout all three trilogies

especially like the original trilogy but

and now are

are we going to be allowed to talk about

the later movies well we can as a

reference but only as a reference to the


right so you can understand

plot holes when you look back at it in

the original star wars trilogy right

but the prequels actually had something

to anchor off

reverse engineer and work from so they

really didn't have an excuse to have

plot holes between

the prequels and the original trilogy

other than sloppiness

that's true so what i found here

and by the way they have years of

ability to

go back and watch this yeah and we're

talking about when the prequels were


i mean we we've already talked about how

many vhs copies i had

dvd i mean you've got you know fandom

out there that's talking about

theories and and all kinds of research

well there was an entire

alternate star wars universe by the time

the prequels were even made

yeah they could have actually just

followed any of those plots yes the fans

had written for years and years yeah it

turned out

all the all the work was already done

for yeah exactly so anyway

there are dozens and dozens of plot

holes um

mentioned on the internet and i figured

i'd just pick

uh 10 okay um and it wasn't all from one


some of them seemed a bit good a little

bit lousy and i didn't think it was

really plot holes

just think it was somebody like be

honest about it if you had to scroll

down with your mouse you weren't going

any farther than that

so whatever was on the screen was

well i have a rule when i scroll down

with a mouse i don't reset my finger if

i can't reach the target by the time my

fourth finger

has reached the end of that scroll i'm

not going any further there you go

yeah so anyway

in empire obi-wan's ghost tells

luke that yoda was the jedi master who

instructed me but we know in the

prequels clearly it shows it's kijian in

qui-gon jim quikonjin yeah

i don't know why but when i don't think

about i might get him confused with the

leader of north korea

yeah it he does kind of sound like that


maybe china that's not gonna be the end

of the movie or some money into the

movies but

uh so that plot hole

i could explain out that you know maybe

off screen yoda was doing a lot of the

teaching and then said okay

you know hey qui-gon you go ahead and

take care of this guy

because remember in the first movie and

in episode one

how obi-wan saying you know master if

you would just

you know obey the council you would be

on the council on this that and the


and so maybe yoda was like ah you know

i'm i'm done teaching him you know i'm

trying to

get my handicap parking permit renewed

i gotta look a little more crippled so

you go ahead and take this guy over

yeah i don't think that really feels in

that hole

um this isn't so much as a plot hole as

possibly the laziest explanation for

anything in the entire

entire star wars universe oh are we

anakin are we going to talk about

midi chlorine yeah anakin being

conceived by parthenogenesis

as in his mother says he has no father

are you in that story i mean

yeah you know i don't buy that story at


that that [ __ ] one night stand yeah


well i can't imagine it being a sand


uh but but yeah something happened i

i think there's a little bit of line

there you know she just wanted to say

you know

oh i don't know all of a sudden you know

i'm sitting here

and one day now i'm pregnant with him

and and now he's got all these magic

mini coins now maybe

maybe yoda is his father

and because of whatever happened maybe

that's what crippled him

and that's why the midichlorian count

went through the roof well no the slave

owner had been a human i'd have been

like oh yeah we know what really went on

but given it was that flying pokemon

type thing who owned

you know um right anakin in his mother i

kind of just i

dispelled that immediate thought so

i think no i think she got a little bit


some homemade yeah some blue milk or

something like that put a little rum in

the blue milk

you know you never know but you know


maybe yoda paid uh old big nose

for you know one night yeah it

you never know yeah you never know now i

actually thought given she was supposed

to look a bit rough and didn't have any

makeup on that she was actually decently

attractive for her

she was a bit milfy i think yeah i guess

that's what happens when you get old

like yeah

i'm gonna have to disagree with you on

that one i'm going back to 1999 not now

but do you think anybody's actually put

on their birth certificate

parfait no genesis as the father

well what i mean you basically got two

people in history right you got jesus

christ and you've got

anakin yeah and was this maybe a reach

by george lucas to say you know he's

equal to jesus

because well i don't know this last time

i checked anakin never change water into


right so i mean that would have been a

good jedi trick let's be honest

well um

i don't know if it's i don't think it's

kim jong-un i think it was his

predecessor his father

i think the uh propaganda which was put

out to the north korean people

i can't remember if he was the one who

didn't actually have a father

but and i quote this and you can look

this up on the interwebs

apparently he literally walked out of

his mother's vagina

i think i remember something along those

lines that the propaganda in north korea


is fascinating but i still believe that

more than anakin skywalker being

conceived by

parthenogenesis i i do too yeah anyway

so let's let's move

on away from north korea propaganda okay

anyway so revenge of the sith leia's

mother padme

right dial dies in child birth again

laziest death ever

yeah and richard lost the will to live

yeah but in return of the jedi

leia recalls their mother as beautiful

kind and sad now she's just going on

here say or is that just a huge plot

hole they didn't bother checking out

you know i i almost wonder if that's one

of those you know

adopted parents that maybe the adopted


died and that question is never answered

because you got

bail organa right that you know takes


for leia and that's how she ends up

being a princess and all that other

stuff so

you know maybe did her adopted mother

die yeah but we're never really


what what happened there right but yes

huge plot hole yeah

why is technology so much more advanced

in the prequels than in

the original trilogy i mean you think

even r2d2 has a jet pack in what is it

revenge of the sith and attack of the

clones yeah

he can fly around he loses it so so i

read some deal a long time ago that said

something happened to r2 and he got

damaged and they couldn't repair it yeah


you see this is all kind of like i think

that's sloppy writing once again it's


technology advances over time it doesn't

regress over time

i don't think you should let the

audience have to think this much about

how you feel in these holes

right you know i i totally agree

yeah it seemed like r2 had so

many more capabilities in the prequels

than he did

in the original movies and then even you


into the sequels because some of these

plot holes are so deep i don't even

think our friend bill bear the whole

digger could fill them in

no no not at all they they're much

deeper than he's used to digging

and taking into account and especially

because he's going to eat

all of the barbecue from smoking oil

barbecue on the way

here yeah yeah anyway let that slide

until next time

yeah so bill we're looking for you yeah

bacon bits that's what he ate the bacon

bites stuff yeah

i know what would have been probably you

know what i'm still a little

worn out about that i am yeah i've


i think i've got over it a little bit

and now

this week i've got a little bit angry

about it i don't think i'm over it i i

think we're just going to have to show

back up to aurora texas

and grab some melee nail from martian

margaritas and sit there at smoking

windmill and just

prank call bill until he shows up yeah

tell him we're going to buy him lunch

but instead we tell him we've both

forgotten our apple

yes and then we tell him he's going to

park in a specific

parking space but dig a hole so his car

falls in the hole yeah

yeah so given the prequels were more


probably at younger age kids original

trilogy was

you'd figure there'd be a little bit

more imposition in terms of explaining

why things which is like why i said it's

a bit lazy expecting the viewer to have

to fill in the plot holes

right but i in an attack of the clones

it's strange that it was never explained

why um the jedi master was

um sifo diaz ordered the clone army to

be built

because you don't hear anything else

about you know sifo diaz and if he's the


master how would he without any

authority from the jedi council go and


millions of uh clone troopers but i mean

surely there must have been a budget

right yeah but maybe it was one of those

black budget items

you know that that they paid like 250

million galactic credits for a galactic

toilet seat

and then that's how he was paying for it

yeah now you know i know a lot about

that stuff but there's always a paper

trail somehow i don't believe that yoda

didn't get his nosy little face in there

somehow and be like no

item number 17 four trillion

galactic credits yeah but but then at

the same time they're saying hey yoda

you need to go to the dmv and get your

handicap parking permit

so you're saying he's distracted and

elected and he missed that he missed

that meeting where they reviewed the


right right yeah right and and remember

you had a bunch of the uh

jedi council working from home i mean in

the age of covid we're in right now

you think about working from home as

normal but how many of those guys on the

jedi council were phoning it in i mean

well there was at least one the one with

the point he added

he was zooming yeah exactly you know

this was foretelling i mean these dudes

are working from home

they're lazy i think maybe a lot of it

kind of like you talk about the plot

holes the jedi's got lazy

it's like i'm not i'm not gonna hop on a

starship and

you know get over to coruscant or

whatever and go to a meeting

i can work from home you know i i don't

even have my whole

jedi robe on you know i've got boxer

shorts on down here i've just got the

top of the jedi robe on

so i can show up here you know and work

from home situation oh you know samuel l

jackson was naked under that

oh yeah absolutely now

i don't know whether this plot hole

is really a plot hole or not when

counting okay when count dooku

tells obi-wan the sith strategy for

undermining the senate

i don't know if count dooku was just

super super confident

that he could kick obi-wan's butt and

kill him so the secret would never go

any further anyway

but it seemed a bit strange why he would

tell him the whole thing

knowing there was even a slight risk

that if he didn't win this

the whole sis plan would have been

completely thwarted

i think the bigger plot holder is why is

he the only count

well remember he used to be count

dracula so he's got to be a count

yeah i mean you got count dracula now

you got the count

from the muppets and you got count dooku

right i mean he's the only count in star

wars like yeah

and that's a cool title maybe that was

one of his prerequisites

i'd like to be count shepard i mean it


what a cool title oh you know what you

could do if you were count shepherd

you could count the sheep ooh i could oh

sounds like a lot of work it does sound

like a lot of work yeah and plus i've

eaten them all so there's no point there

you go

great if chewbacca always knew the jedi

were real why didn't he tell han solo

and if he did

why didn't han believe him

he looked confused at that one let's

open it

oh yeah you threw a huge curveball at me

on that yeah

uh man that's a good one

right i it you have stumped the shepherd

i don't know unless han was just

pretending to know what chewie was

talking about all this time

you know yeah i know we've all sat at


and we're having conversations with the


and we pretend like the dog is talking

back to us oh i don't my dog's

stupid well yeah your dog's stupid so is

my dog but

i i have had some really cool dogs over

the years and

sometimes you almost feel like the dog's

talking back to you

maybe in the early days

of han and chewie being together he's

like it's just a dog

you know i'm not going to pay any

attention and maybe chewie tried to

explain it and chewie's like

all right you know i'll come over here

and fly around and

ship with you but you know you're not

listening to me about this so i'm just

going to forget it yeah you get trust

yeah i've tried to get frustrated

quickly forget

it yep forget it you know i'm done i'm i

mean it's like

trying to explain some things to your

significant other and you just say you

know what forget it i

i'm sick of trying to explain this so

all right plot hole explained

now chewy chewy just got sick of it

now the next one we know that um hiding

in plain sight is a popular tactic

but why did they hide luke on

um anakin's home planet and have him

keep the skywalker last name

i mean there must have been some

equivalent of yellow pages or something

where he could look

yeah that's another skywalker i mean

we're talking about all this technology

they have they can travel at light speed

but they don't have google

had white pages online well yeah i mean

they they weren't able to google

and hey uh by the way hey darth vader

uh dude on tatooine

named skywalker uh name ring a bell

yeah uh and by the way aren't you from

that planet it's a red

robot chicken plot that one did

bother me now the only thing i could

figure on that

is you know they're out in the middle of

nowhere and they're trying to be

moisture farmers and

maybe maybe it was far enough away

because you

you never do quite figure out how far it

is from their little moisture farm to

the mos

eisley spaceport you know you you've got

the chop cuts in the movie so maybe

maybe that trip is like driving from

dallas to

you know austin and it takes three hours

or something like that so maybe they

were hidden far enough away but i

i do believe that you know couldn't

vader just either a use google and say

skywalker or skywalker tatooine

in in oh look at the facebook but he

didn't know his name was luke though did

it right

he was there at the booth right and so

that's why i'm saying skywalker

tatooine search and like oh there's a

facebook profile for a luke skywalker

that oh that's about the age of the kid

that i would have had because i know i

was having a kid so

maybe you ought to check that out uh

yeah and also i mean i figured given he

was the master of the sith at that point

well and that's where i was going with

point number two that maybe he didn't

even need google he could just say

okay i have offspring out right i know

i've got and he knows his relatives

have probably inherited you know and of

course later on in uh

empire you know he can talk to him with

through telepathy

how didn't he just kind of try to figure

out where he was by

entering a dream and say oh oh there he

is there he is

hey let me hop on my star destroyer and

go grab him but i

i don't know maybe you know controlling

the galaxy maybe he got busy

yeah i mean maybe he was dead kylo ren

managed to do it

and he wasn't even related true but you

know maybe

maybe vader was more of a deadbeat dad

and he's like you know i know i've got

these kids but

you know i got a lot of work to do right

now i'm trying to run a galaxy

i'm trying to build a death star you

know and

he just kind of acted like you know i'm

going out for a pack of smokes and he

never comes home

but then he knew in empire because you

know i mean

at what point did he know before he

do you think he had to meet luke before

he felt that in the force that luke was

his son no but i i

i think you could look at it is that

kind of deadbeat dad scenario where it's

like okay well

you know i've got all this stuff under

control and even though

you know my first death star gets blown

up now i'm rebuilding another one i'm

doing all this stuff that

you know maybe it took some years and

said you know i've been

i've been kind of busy with work and and

maybe ought to think about my family a

little bit more

right you know because we're talking

about 20-plus years right maybe he's

like ah

you know i got all this stuff under

control i built this death star i've

done all this cool stuff

i wonder what happened to those kids

from that

chick that i married a long time ago

that died right

that remember in the prequels the

emperor blamed on him

killing so maybe he tried to hide that

in his mind and say

you know that was kind of a dark part

in in my personal history so maybe i

need to try to forget about that right

now this one is i would say

a casting issue in some respects but

there's 20 years between episode 3 and

episode 4

but obi-wan ages like an asian lady

because you know asian ladies they look

great till 45 and when they turn 46 they

look 87

because obi-wan i mean you know from

alec guinness from him

yeah from from ewan mcgregor to alec

guinness yeah

but you know what at the end of episode


they show obi-wan being parked on


and maybe that desert life just kind of

destroyed him i mean maybe it aids them

fast you look at

a president of the united states and

they always do those before and after

pictures right you know

you look at any president when they got

into office versus when they get out of

office maybe the stress of worrying is

vader gonna show up

i'm living in the desert you know i'm

used to living in the jedi council with

all this

you know great food and all this modern

technology now you park me on this

desert planet i've got to worry about

vader showing up every day maybe

stress overtook him now how was he

looking after luke

if you know he didn't talk to him see

him and when luke turned up

obi-wan was kind of surprised and didn't

even kind of know it well you know

no he did he did in

know yeah kind of episode it's like

because apparently they didn't seem to

be in the internet at that period in


yeah you know apparently there there was

like a magnificent problem

well that was no al gore in their

universe to create well no i

i think a t got the contract for


and so the communications were just

terrible there right yeah

so here we go last one last one

as anakin as you mentioned earlier spent

a long time building see-through pos

from probably one of these lego kits

because you do actually see other

see-through po type

you know right so you've got to think

it's a popular kit they bought all the

local store in moz

eisley right yeah i mean they go down to

radio shack and it's like hey build your

own protoculture why doesn't

darth vader kind of recognize him later

yeah but but going back to what you just


it seemed like a popular design right

right so i mean if you have

black toyota corolla and you sell that

black toyota corolla and you

go ten years later and you see another

black toyota youtuber

i used to have one of those yeah you

might say i used to have one of those

but you might not know if that was

actually your toyota corolla or it was


another black toyota corolla right

problem there

he also knew r2d2 was and he sees c3po

with r2d2 now what are the odds

yeah but fair enough but once again

lots of astromech droids so you know it

you don't know how many droids that look

just like r2d2 i mean even in phantom

menace where like

they're looking at r2d2 and we're

sitting there

watching the movie right we're like oh

that's r2d2 that's r2d2 and they

actually say

what is this droid's number oh r2d2 yeah


maybe a lot of them looked alike and you

had to have some kind of identifier

to tell them apart well there were

different r2 units because remember like


because luke refers to him as like uh

this r2 unit because i think the one

which blew up before he got

was r2d3 or something like wasn't wasn't

either one which blew up before they

actually no that was r5d4 all right okay

yeah so so that was an r5 unit

yeah exactly and and now now we're

getting into my real star wars knowledge


uh but seriously you could have had

just like a toyota corolla they probably

roll off you know a million of those

a a year in black and they all look the


could have been the same with r2 d2

units yeah

and we didn't see too many of them

through the other movies

but once again you've got a droid that's

made in some factory somewhere and they

scatter them

all around the galaxy maybe there's only

a handful on each planet

i mean it you probably only have

five ferraris in south lake texas

so you see those but there's going to be

more ferraris in dallas texas more

ferraris in

austin texas so they scatter them all

around yeah you have to remember he was

a slave and he could afford to buy a c3

sorry build a c-3po you'd figured

everybody would have one

yeah but you know he could have been

gathering parts out of the junkyard too

where it's like okay i got my plans let

me just kind of scrape the parts


and maybe that's why i didn't have the

skins maybe the skins were the expensive

parts and

everything else underneath were the

cheap parts i think he had a pretty


slave life to be honest not not not a

real reflection of slavery

you know he built himself a freaking pod


right a robot yeah yeah come on yeah

i know that's the bigger anyway

before before we get into this next

topic um


i know you don't need to use the

bathroom necessarily but would you like

to go there and cuss a lot before we get

on to this next topic because you know

what it's going to be

oh man you know without you without you

even saying it i know exactly where this

is going since we're talking about the

principles so

oh man i i probably should but i will

try to refrain

let's not let's not actually mention his

name throughout this entire conversation

so we're going to pretend like it's

voldemort yeah okay

so this character

he's canadian why why do you think

what came over george lucas's brain

to include this character in the

prequels horrible

comic service trying to be funny when

it's not funny

uh because they must have been test

audiences oh

you know it it reminds me of the movie


fan guys yeah yeah or fanboys sorry uh

you know when the uh seth uh was it seth

rogen yeah yeah seth rogen character has

the tattoo of him on his back he's like

oh this guy is going to be the

you know what uh kind of funny because

i think the test audiences the

the initial reaction was everybody's

gonna think this guy's funny

uh it's gonna be the comic relief

and it just fell so flat so

flat in almost

ruined the entire movie yeah almost

ruined the entire i mean i

i hated him within like two three

seconds i mean i think i gave hitler

more of a free pass

in terms of timeline before jar jar

because at least hitler when he first oh

you said his name

you said his name you're not supposed to

say his name oh but you know i mean at

least you know some of the great

dictators in history they at least

kind of weren't instantly dislikeable


eventually they were incredibly evil and

well they all started out as charismatic

leaders yeah

this guy started out let's just call him


that that could be a double on time yeah


how did well i was actually going to ask

you this and then i completely scratched

this question out of my mind

that in attack of the clones how on

earth had he managed to become a

politician and then i thought about our

own congress and then

yeah yeah that's a stupid question yeah

you might as well scratch that one off

your list because yeah

we don't want to spin into politics

right now but i'm pretty sure i can give

you a lot

so that's examples yes so that's

actually yeah so that

that's actually no surprise whatsoever

that one so um

what i know everybody has their own

reasons for hating them

and a lot of them overlap a lot of them

are the same but what is your

personal major beef with him

he just didn't fit he just didn't fit in

the movies

it was so forced

you could tell that they needed somebody

that was gonna be in there and try to be


try to lighten the mood not dissolve the

mood and not

turn the movie into a comedy but needed

a comic relief

and it just didn't work yeah to me it

was like absolutely

permit the frog turning up in the middle

of titanic

yeah oh exactly i mean i mean you could

pick anything it it

it would be like uh big bird showing up

in schindler's list

and just deciding uh oh we're we're

trying to escape i'm a bird let's fly

away it's like

why yeah but why all of a sudden do we

need this

where did this come from it doesn't make

any sense and it and it still doesn't

make any sense and even lucas figured

that out because in

two and three he had much more of a

smaller part

but i mean you go back and re-watch

episode one

and how much of that movie he is in that


it's crazy and in its horrible slap

stick comedy and there were there was

never slapstick comedy in star wars

and episode one is so full of slapstick

crap with him it's terrible now

21 years later do you still hate him as

much or do you think the characters in

the final trilogy maybe eclipsed him a

little bit

oh they're called list they eclipsed him

a lot yeah

in in sad to say they they actually did

because of the uh what i'll call the

sequel trilogy uh i hate

so many of them so much more than i do


him i still hate him

but but yeah it makes it more tolerable

it really does i mean even even us

sitting here

tonight talking about this makes me

almost want to go back

and watch the prequels again because

i haven't watched the prequels since

i've watched

the sequels and almost think to myself

you know what the prequels were better

movies yeah they were better movies than

the sequels well i think the opening

20 minutes of episode 7

was good and i thought it was gonna go

and i think there were parts in it you

know obviously when han solo and

chewbacca turn up and a few other

moments sure

but but but each one of the each one of

the prequels

and the sequels have their moments right

yeah but you can't take those moments

and say those were great movies yeah

because they

they need to be able to stand on their

own a movie has to be able to stand on

its own

if you haven't watched a prequel or a

sequel or you

don't know the story behind it a movie

has to stand on its own

right and the prequels and the sequels

suffer a lot

yeah from being able to stand on their

own yeah there should be a certain

amount of imposition whereby you can

pick up the plot even if you haven't

seen it

and this is we're going to say it's no

secret it's no secret between you and i


probably our i'm gonna say

second maybe third favorite star wars


is rogue one right and that movie can

stand on its own you don't need to know

anything about the history of star wars

or whatever

you can show that movie to anybody right

and as a movie as a standalone movie it


stand by itself and be a good movie yeah

none of the prequels

can do that yeah now there's an

alternate fandom theory that

uh jj was actually secretly a sith lord

that his clumsiness was orchestrated

you know he was being secretly

manipulative and alliance with palpatine

no don't believe it don't believe it and

i have seen that fan theory and i think

it's interesting

yeah but i think it's some fan service

to try to get people to not hate him as

much as

everybody did and that didn't really

come out

until just before the sequels were

announced and everything

and it was almost a way to say hey can

we figure out a way to

not hate him as much and

no we really can't hate him but you know

the actor who actually voiced him

said in an interview or suggested an

interview there was actually some truth

to that

but lucas kind of shelved it pretty much

immediately when it was brought up in a

group session

yeah i i mean i feel bad for the guy i

can't think of his name

i i can see a picture of him in my head

i can't think of his name but i i do

feel bad for the guy because

you know he did his best uh a mod

i mean the guy who did his voice yeah


well it's not only his voice but i think

he even wore like a costume

you know i i feel bad for the guy


he he the actor did a good job

he did what he was asked to do so it's

not his fault

and so he gets blamed a lot for it so

i i truly feel bad for the guy with that


but at the same time

not so much you know i'm i'm sure an

actor in hollywood's not going to turn

down a role in star wars

right so you know dicaprio yeah

actually worked out pretty well for him

yeah but they're not all leonardo

dicaprio's yeah

now before we leave the topic of uh jj

do you not think it was a strange choice

really if you're trying to appeal to

kids which obviously the prequels were

right when you consider somebody like

baby yoda in the

um mandalorian and his obvious

merchandise appeal

is cute everybody loves them and

how on earth you come up with jj as

opposed to something like baby yoda

because you could have had a baby yoda

in the prequels

that's true you could have it in there

there wasn't a baby yoda there wasn't an


there wasn't a porg uh none of that


in the prequels uh but i think

lucas knew that based off of

the original movies people were gonna

buy toys

yeah they were gonna buy toys and they

didn't need

some kind of a gimmick right

character to sell the toys right

even with him uh i don't think the

goal with him was to try to sell well i

think he

walks were probably a little bit going

that way you know

well yes no that no the ewoks were the

porgs were they

you know baby yoda to some extent i mean


you know once again i i think we'll

probably eventually talk about the


but uh there were no gimmick

characters in the prequels right it it

was more of that

old school you mean original trilogy no

in the prequels there there were no

gimmick characters

as far as just to sell toys

well jar jar was i don't think so no i

think it was to sell toys

well maybe that was the original but it

backfired yeah i'm a kid

okay well it backfired yeah and maybe

that that was because i can't for the

life of me

think unless you were trying to sell

toys wine earth you would put i mean it


he must have lost his ever living mind

if that was not for merchandising


and again he misjudged it but why on

earth would you put a character like


yeah but okay so let's think about it

this way right you got the

the ewoks you got baby yodi you got


right they're all small cuddly

easy to make a quote-unquote life-size

version that you can sell kids yeah as

opposed to yes

he's like seven seven foot tall

lizard looking thing uh that talks funny

yeah i don't see it i kind of hope isis

would get a hold of him

at some point you know yeah well i i


i think honestly uh not to make uh the

original actor

feel bad but we could have had osama bin

laden play him you know been just

still wouldn't he still wouldn't have

like still would not have disliked the

character in his life

now looking back you know obviously

we're 21 years since the release of the

phantom menace

how crazy is that to think about 21


what now you've had time to digest and

like we mentioned earlier it's been

quite a while since you've seen the


but with the release of the final

trilogy which we didn't like

and the standalones which oh no now hang


episode seven it in in i'm sure we're

going to talk about these later but

but let's be careful now because i liked


i didn't love seven i liked seven

hated eight didn't really like nine

so i'm not going to say i hated the

the sequels because i kind of liked

seven episode seven for me was like

going on a date

to a really nice restaurant i had a

fantastic meal but i didn't like the


i didn't like her

i like that analogy yeah i mean there

was enough fan

service in seven that i don't hate

seven yeah i don't hate seven yeah

but i don't love seven well let's take

all three trilogies let's

let's keep rogue one out of it because

that's unfair because that was one of

the best movies you can keep rogue one

out we're going to keep solo out we're

going to keep mandalorian out

we're going to keep the cartoons out

yeah we're talking about

movies yeah how do you think the

prequels hold up

in the three trilogies now we know how

we thought it compared to the

um first trilogy the original trilogy


but with the release of the final

trilogy how well do you think the

prequels stand up

as a trilogy in that set of movies much


you know much better than the sequels uh

not as good as the originals but

much better than the sequels yeah in in

so disappointing when you think about

the technology when you think about the


story when you think about the history

when you think about

everything that surrounds star wars

it's extremely disappointing that

the prequels hold up better than the


what is your most annoying or

the thing you find maybe not not

necessarily annoying but regretful

with all nine movies just what maybe

there's probably a lot of things maybe

one thing which you're kind of a bit

annoyed at george lucas that he didn't


through the nine movies

doesn't have to be the biggest thing

just one thing which you thought about


than a couple of occasions you wish this

would have happened

and obviously with jj we wish that

hadn't have happened but

um i i think there should have been more


in three and when i say vader i mean

vader in the suit

uh i think they missed the boat there

because until in and i know we said

we're gonna leave

rogue one out of this but you know until

rogue one

you didn't really get to see vader being

vader yeah and then that last scene in

rogue one

you could see vader being vaped yeah and

i think

they missed an opportunity

to put the vader suit out there

and really show how

he was controlling the galaxy and how he

was feared

and all of that versus this

kind of whiny character at the very end

of three

just upset about padme dying

yeah uh because that's how you leave the


if you were to show somebody who knew

zero about star wars

and just showed them episode three and


say okay well here's this warrior guy he


almost killed they pick him up they put

him in this suit and he's crying about

his dead wife

that's all you know about him you don't


all of his exploits and so you have that

big hole and i think

to me that that was my biggest takeaway

with three

that yes it's cool to see

the charred body of anakin being put

into that suit

and see him become that darth vader

iconic character that we

know from screen and if you look at some

of the

imdb stuff about you know the best

villain of all time

it always goes towards darth vader

but they missed that opportunity where

they could have

ended the movie a little bit more


in time of vader being that

true evil person that we always thought

he was

yeah i i think my biggest

fault i guess across some movies is that

in the prequels other than palpatine

there wasn't a consecutive

strong villain now you think about the

original trilogy

you know you had luke skywalker you had

darth vader

right you look at the final trilogy you

had ray

and you have kylo ren right but in the


well in the prequels you've got a

mixture of kind of heroes no one

standout hero

right and really again the only kind of

baddie you have

right until the last moment is really

kind of palpatine

and i think they missed out not no i

mean because we know now that darth maul

survived i think if they'd have had

darth maul being the main protagonist

through one two and three

i think it would have added a lot more

you know killing him off i think was one

of the biggest mistakes in the star wars

universe well yeah

and and you've got that and now you've

got mandalorians saying boba fett

survived which you know everybody wanted

boba fett to survive

it doesn't say that he survived they got

found their armor but they

could have pulled that out the silent

pit yeah but

but you got to look into that uh episode

of mandalorian when the guy turns around

and that's the same actor that played

jango fett and they're saying that's

bogus most people wouldn't know that


i know yeah but everybody's saying it's

boba fett yeah

but it's almost like the fans are

sitting out here saying

how have you guys not figured this out

yet right this is what we want to see

yeah why do you not give us what we want

to see

there's a reason why hollywood has test

screenings and movies have changed


somebody goes in they watch the movie uh

and and this is gonna sound extremely

crazy right now

but the one that comes to mind right now

is pretty woman

so when pretty woman came out with

richard gere and julia roberts

the original ending of that movie was

richard gere threw the money at her and

basically they you know parted ways

and never saw each other again and the

test audience said

no we don't like this they they have to

get together at the end of the movie

and look there's nothing wrong with

surprise endings and movies and quentin


is excellent at that right but you're

still not disappointed

in the ending you're surprised surprised

and disappointed is two different things

when it comes to the ending of a movie


some of the the the star wars it it's

there's no surprise it's just

disappointment like it you missed the

boat here

why were you so lazy in this why why did


do this are you just really trying to

sell toys are you really just trying to

sell movie tickets

why why are you disappointing all the

fans why

why are you doing this well for me it

comes back

to something i'd read a long time ago

about the um

you know the uh star wars games knights

of the old republic

i don't know the video games i don't

know if you've seen all the cut scenes

added together on youtube and it forms

like almost like a full

feature length film right that is


i mean you could make a movie and it

would be a great

movie with all the cut scenes from those

two games yeah right and it's like

why on earth could he have not taken you

know because there were so many star

wars universe

books written i mean a famous one comes

to mind i think it's called a

splinter of the mind's eye which i think

was set maybe after episode four or

maybe a little bit before i'm not

entirely sure

but there were so many great books in

the star wars universe written

and even you know if you'd have gone

back to something like knights of the

old republic

you know that type of a plot

you know you're looking you look into

that and you do need to watch it on

youtube i think it's on the hard drive

if you haven't

seen it i i think you made me watch that

yeah i mean it's

it's very long when you put them all

together but it's incredible

absolutely incredible and i don't

understand for the life of me

given they knew how much of a

blockbuster each one of these movies


was going to be individually and as a

trilogy why it literally just seems like

they sat somebody down the day before

production began

gave them six minutes on each movie to


and this is what they come out of they

they didn't care about plot holes they

didn't care about audience reception

and it just seemed the most laziest

right now i understand with the final

trilogy in the age

those movies were filmed in the

environment we're in

a lot of things which ruined that

trilogy was because of the era we're in

right and there were things they had to

put in the movie you know you know

social justice in in you know uh what do

you call it

uh it was awoke it was

worried uh

i can't think of the term right now uh


yeah i i get what you're saying and and


it's unfortunate it's like so many shows

so many movies that that you say could

never be made today

because of all the oh virtue signaling

yeah that that's that's the term i'm

looking for

a virtue signal yeah uh that that's what

happened to star wars and

and it's so disappointing and and what

surprised me about that is that rogue

one wasn't

made too far away from that final

trilogy in terms

of when it was produced written and

directed yet right

one it's got the most diverse group of

characters of any other movies again

you've got a lead female character

yep you've got hispanic characters black

characters everything else

and yet that movie is perfect in terms

of there's no virtue signaling no


nope i i i don't look at that movie as


that oh thank goodness that we have a

female lead hero character i don't think

of her that way

it's a strong character yeah the whole

movie just

it's great it's absolutely great and the

thing is just like the original star

wars trilogy

you liked every single character in that

movie in rogue one though there was

not one weak character in that movie

you're absolutely you know i i like i

like to can't remember his name now

um the robot k2 k2 so

i liked him more than i liked any


you know and probably you know the

previous and final trilogy in terms of


how they were on screen now their

original incantation obviously i like

han solo and the well sure you know

first but you know the

original trilogy but in in before we get

too much in the rabbit hole on rogue one

i'm gonna say this and then we're gonna

you know sum this up

but k2so in rogue one

had kind of a comic relief part here

and you laughed at this stuff but you


laugh hysterically it wasn't slapstick

it was just

enough to lighten it up a little bit


it's a robot yeah and so he says some

things and you kind of laugh

it and it lightens you up a little bit

because let's be honest rogue one's a

dark movie yeah

and so you need that a little bit now

i've got two questions to ask you before

i kind of

wrap up with this first of all do you

think a

pre prequel trilogy would work if it

went along the line of the knights of

the old republic

no no not at all zero why not no won't


uh disney

has went so far to

milking star wars now that they're gonna

have to spin off on things like


anything if they try to go back in the

past they're just gonna ruin

more of the star wars universe i think

i hope at least they're smart enough not

to do that well

well what i meant by that i don't mean

because we know that disney would

probably mess it up and especially if

you put somebody like ryan johnson

directing it then it would be

yeah you know train wreck let me put it

this way

if say the writers and producers


of rogue one were gonna produce

that pre-prequel do you think that could

work do you think there would be a story

line there which

no so the only way i think a pre-prequel

would work

is if you gathered the people like

you're talking about that

wrote the the books in the expanded


and the people that are on the internet

in the forums and on the blogs and

everything and you

rented out a convention center and you

locked them in that convention center

for a year and got them to agree

on what the story would be it's the only

way it's going to work

other than that not going to happen

sorry i'm just finishing off this email

to george lucas

uh dear george forget what i mentioned


he's not interested in it yep right last

question here and i think this is a

good one to finish on given that the

standalone movies rogue one

was excellent solo i think was

underrated i think

you know solo was a good movie but yeah

there there's a whole story and i and i

hope that we're gonna do a podcast just

about so low so i don't want to dig

too much into it would you like a movie

about any of the characters other than

darth maul or darth vader

as a standalone movie i think boba fett

would be a good movie

uh pre-empire strikes back boba fett

in in between the prequels and

up to empire strikes back

to learn his backstory i i think that

would be a good movie right

uh obviously i think a lot of people

thought mandalorian was going to be that


because they're like oh that kind of

looks like boba fett

and so they thought it was like a boba

fett story

uh so i think that'd be a good one i i


you could actually get a good movie out


obi-wan which i hear they're still in

talks i hear

even mcgregor is supposed to do that i

think that can be good if they're

careful with it

but it could be horrible as well i think

another one

that most people don't think too much


maybe but maybe they should

would be some of the other backstories

from the bounty hunters

from empire strikes back and more

of a story behind the huts in

tatooine general movie rather than a

singular character because none of those

are really famous enough or popular

enough to do a standalone yeah

and maybe you have a bounty hunter type

movie maybe have a and and i think

that's where mandalorian was kind of

going with the bounty hunter thing so

yeah so

we'll scratch that but but if you had a

movie surrounding the huts

but made it dark made it a

organized crime movie

almost a mafia style movie which is what

the hutts were supposed to be

i think he made a tv show than a movie

yeah but you know what in this day and

age you've got a lot of tv

shows that stretch out to you know we

did 10

episodes that are 40 minutes apiece yeah

that you could cut those down

maybe 15 minutes worth of good material

times 10 now you got 150 minutes you got

a two and a half hour

movie just make it a movie just made

give me a one and done yeah i

i don't want to it's like the

mandalorian look i love the mandalorian

love watching it i hate the fact that

they don't release all the episodes that

i just can't watch them on a weekend now

i've gotta wait

just like we used to way back when when

tv shows came out

uh you know like the mandalorian but

would just like to go ahead

and sit down and enjoy the whole thing

right now that question was actually a

two-part question but we kind of jumped

into the first part of it

real quick and heavy other than a

stand-alone movie for a single

character a general movie like

rogue one if they were to make another

movie which slotted anywhere in the


say like prior to episode one or in

between one and two

two and three or after three

and i'm talking purely about the

prequels here if there was another

standalone movie which could appear so

either before one to kind of set things

up in between one and two

in between two and three to fill the gap


immediately just after three and before

solo where do you think the best

standalone will not stand alone but a

general kind of movie

to fill out the gaps once again vader

i've got to go with vader so just after

three then yeah

yeah just after three before rogue one

well obviously full solo though so well

yeah before solo before rogue one yeah

it doesn't matter who you put in the

suit as long as james earl jones is

still alive and he can voice vader

it doesn't matter who you put in the

suit so you're missing

out on the ability to have a vader

movie it's going to happen eventually

wow i don't know there's money

yeah but but you know what if if james

earl jones and

and please don't die please don't die

the covid but if james earl jones passes

away and they gotta have somebody else

go in there and voice him

it's not gonna be the same it's not

going to be the same

but i think you can almost computer

generate his voice almost as good no

just like the

layer in rogue one well yeah and

peter cushing same same thing i mean

maybe we've gotten to the point to where

we can

have james earl jones go into some


and just you know read

the quick brown fox jumped over the

whatever and and we can

replicate his voice but i hate to see it

for him because he's

he is vader right it that voice and the

great thing

the great thing is i mean if you did do

a movie after episode three and before

solo say like 3.0 episode 3.05

i mean again what we learned from

watching rogue one was what they did


you know grand moff tarkin and with

princess leia

and this is even now even a few years

down the line that we could still have

you know the cast in some respects from


original trilogy actually in that movie

making appearances where it needs to

kind of support the plot

i think that would be as much fan

service as i would like on that i think

that would be too much fan service

because you could do so much with

vader by himself without

han solo without leia without

even grand moff talk and wait without


and just figure out why he was so feared


why he was so great why we all know he

was great right

yeah they could make this movie they

could but you have to remember

if they make this movie it's going to be

aimed at your son connor it's not going

to be aimed at 40 year old shepherd

sure but but at the same time i think

the reason they don't make the movie

because they know they can't make the

movie there's nobody out there that can

write the script

there's nobody out there that's going to

be able to write the story

and it is going to be so over analyzed

that they they know it's a failure

walking in

um maybe i'll think you'll be my no

no no let's bet uh 15 cents

okay all right 15 cent bet with


25 cents okay okay all right and with

that said uh

thank you for tuning in to this

extremely long episode of the wolf

and the shepherd uh we are nipping the

heels at two hours so we hope you stuck

with us through this one

uh we get a little passionate about star

wars and

one of the reasons why we've kind of

delayed some of the star wars talks as

is we knew that uh you know we're we're

gonna go a little long with this so

most likely you probably paused a few

times in the middle of this and

and picked it up but uh we're we're

happy that you stuck with us and

we'll catch you on the next one