Nov. 29, 2020

Episode 31 - Interview With Jay Davis

Jay Davis is an award-winning sketch comedy writer, producer and actor from Bellwood, IL. As a young boy, he had dreams of making people laugh on public platforms, but was unclear on how he would make that happen. His passion for comedy writing emerged in 2010 after he found humor in his life experiences. Since then, he has committed to producing jaw-dropping, controversial and uncensored content that’s guaranteed to bring you plenty of “laugh out loud” moments. His work has featured popular actors in the industry including Janet Hubert, Rodney Perry, Damon Williams, Leon Rogers and J. Ivy. He was nominated as “Comedian of the Year” by the Chicago Music Awards and his work on Not Another Black Movie received Hollywood’s stamp of approval at the HAPAwards for “Best Independent Film”.  Additionally, he released feature films Shots Fired, Not Another Zombie Movie and The Hostile Takeover. Choke On That; A risky pun used to describe Davis’ hysterical impact became a household name for his sketch comedy DVDs Choke On That and Choke On That Reloaded. After rave reviews and the pursuit of his TV writing dream, Davis released Season 1 of Choke On That: The Series which encompass six 22-minute episodes of sketch comedy found on Amazon Prime.  Jay Davis is now filming Season 2 of the series and is looking forward to seeing his work on other major platforms.

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welcome to this episode of the wolf and

the shepherd today

we have with us jay davis

jay how are you doing tonight i'm doing

great man how you guys doing

oh we're doing great it's good jay

jay is a a master of all trades he's a

comedy writer he's an

actor he lives in chicago

even though that's not part of the

the country of texas we're just willing

to talk to him so

so jay it's great that you can join us


and and this is actually one of our

first episodes that we've done on the

wolf and the shepherd

on zoom and done via video chat

so jay we're we are extremely happy that

you've actually

volunteered thank you basically to do

this with us

and and we're excited about it i am too

thank you guys for having me

absolutely yeah we always assumed that


we had a face for radio so we're not

used to the uh

video thing i mean i i know across soon

we i know across zoom we look real

handsome but you know we weren't sure

how it would come out

right now see now i disagree with you on

that i mean that

that's true for you that's why you've

got the hat on to cover your bald head

and everything

but oh man i'm a gorgeous man

and i know that is terrible for you to

just kind of

look at me in the computer and say

yes that is a gorgeous man i wish i

could be as gorgeous

this is like a minute in and he's lying



so jay um i had a good look through your

resume uh

yesterday and you've got a real deep

impressive resume

uh thank you i did notice when i was

reading through um

the imdb under the biography um you

actually wrote it yourself

yeah which i thought which i thought was

awesome i think they should give

you know everybody on that platform the

opportunity to write their own biography

because i've read some and clearly it's

been written by somebody who's pretty


it's kind of like yeah this act has been

in some crap what of it

you know

do they actually give you that

opportunity to write it yourself

yeah they ask like if you want to submit

it as long as you don't lie too much

like i was on twitter with eddie murphy


you don't do that you'll be okay yeah

see yeah i was kind of i was kind of


it's kind of like yeah i was the lead

star in the first three star wars movies

i've had 19 platinum records and stuff

because if the shepherd and i wrote ours

i mean that's how that's how it would be

non-stop bull for you know about six

pages of biography

if they if they gave you an opportunity

to write your own movie and like no

one's gonna say anything

it'll be like the greatest movie ever


everything would be embellished now jay

um one thing it didn't kind of show on

the biography and stuff was

um a bit about your kind of background

in terms of where you are in your life

at the moment are you kind of married

kids and all this stuff i literally got

married on september

20th this past september dang

we had a covert wedding so so you're

talking about

less than a month and a half and ago you

got married well

congratulations on that thank you

yeah thank you how's it going so far any



you know what we had to cut out half

like two-thirds of our family couldn't


right wow well it now is it because they

weren't bringing gifts

and that's why you said that hey don't

show up you're not bringing gifts

some of them i knew they wouldn't bring

a gift so i didn't feel bad about saying


uh you know that invitation i sent you

three months ago uh

let's throw it away so i didn't feel bad

about it

now um before we get into the real meat

you know the podcast

uh we wanted to kind of cover a question

which i know kind of the whole nation's

talking about at the moment we didn't

want it to be the elephant in the room

and we know you know a lot of people

been asking it across the past couple of

weeks but um

is a hamburger considered a sandwich i

literally had this conversation with my

friend on

thursday and i hate calling it that

i think only sounds just like they're

supposed to be cold

i think if i have i don't go i don't say

i'm going to get a sandwich mcdonald's

you're going to burger just decide not

throw it doesn't sandwich not have to be

in like bread or something but then

again you have subway i mean that's not


two slices of bread is it yeah it's just

it's not the same like that's in that

case a hot dog is a sandwich right

right that's it yes good point and

thought of that one

if you look at it i mean a hot dog is a


so it is a sandwich a hot sandwich or a

cold sandwich i mean

you know what one of the problems we

have on the wolf in the shepherd is we

start going down

rabbit holes and probably talk about

this for like an

hour trying to figure out whether or not

those are sandwiches

but i don't know wolf maybe we need to

have a whole

episode on what actually is a sandwich

okay when you if you're at home and your

wife say hey

what do you want to eat and he said you

know what make me a sandwich she gonna

say what do you want turkey ham

she's not gonna say a hamburger that's

not gonna be an option okay

so so once again you must be doing

better than

i am because if i said

i i would like a sandwich my wife would

say well get up and fix it yourself

that you've actually got somebody that's

going to make you a sandwich

yeah i mean that's year one year two no

yeah i think i've actually made the

shepherd more sandwiches than his wife


that 100

right which by the way equates to

three sandwiches three yeah oh when was

the third one

so jay um again looking looking through

your resume

you've really kind of gone all over the

board in terms of

everything you've got involved with was

that um

more out of necessity to kind of control

the process and really put forward the


you want to put out there or did that

just kind of happen accidentally because

you just couldn't

kind of find the people you felt you

connected to to really kind of

you know at inside i mean i i put out


all the content is like different it's

all comedy but it's all like

different styles of comedy or whatever

like step dads is more of a

sitcom kind of show actually kids can

watch step dad there's not

you know not profanity in that but where

choke on that on the other side of the


it's just like uncensored sketch comedy

yeah i watched some on youtube yesterday

it was funny as we'll get out

thank you thank you so i just want to

try to push

everybody's comedy button because

comedy's selective

and everybody likes what they like it's

just so i just like trying to

this this person might like this one or

this person might like this one i just

try to find

something that someone's gonna like yeah

now with the uh

directing and producing do you enjoy

that a lot or is that just one of those

necessary evils you have to do to get

the product

well i do all the producing and writing

my um partner uh diesel he does the


and it's uh we recently

and i when i say recently within the

last six months we grew our team so we

have more people doing stuff

but we have to do a lot of stuff

especially independent wise

out of necessity stuff just needs to get

done like i can be ready to shoot a


and like hey man um did you forget you

got that prop that we needed and i gotta

like run out to the car

and get the problem it is what it is

yeah well i sew up with donuts and i'm

in the first scene or something

now have you uh directed or produced

stuff for other people or you just

solely concentrate on your own

kind of work i produce like a few like

music video treatments for people and a

few other like smaller projects for


now do you enjoy one more than the other

or i mean is that

the most fun thing or is that kind of


you have more control over stuff

before things happen so i like to know


i don't like surprises so it's like i

control like hey

i have to make sure people are showing

up on set on time like

let's call it babysitting basically

i've heard all kinds of excuses um i

just have to make sure you know

everybody's on the same

page as far as their lines if they have

any questions about the character

uh location scouting i do most of that


right now back tracking a little bit how

did you get into this in the first place

because i know you said that

you know you write a lot based upon your

own experiences

and you know a lot of people who succeed

and you know really driven

you know haven't always had the easiest

life in the easiest background and it's

that determination

to kind of break away from that and be

successful even when you keep hitting

you know hurdles and roadblocks and

stuff so can you give us a little bit of

an idea about you know

what well basically the lead up to how

you all got into this

i just started writing i needed

something to do

and i was just at a point in my life

where like i got to figure this out

i got to figure what i want to do out

because i did like

what people wanted me to do as far as

like go to school

all that stuff but it wasn't what i

wanted to do so i had to

figure that out so i started writing

down these short

stories about bad dating experiences and

then i was like

and they were all like weird stories and

i'm like this actually happened

and so i like i think i want to say i

want on facebook or somewhere and i

found like a guy

the first guy i found like had a camera

and like he shot stuff

like hey man um how much would it cost

to shoot this sketch or whatever

and i shot the first one and put it out

it was

now it's terrible to me but at the time

it was wow this is not that bad and so

people liked it

so i kept doing that i kept doing like

each more i got up like ten

five minutes short stories and then i

took the characters from all my um web

series that i created and made my first


right now is every everything you've

done in terms of write in

producing directing all being comedy

based or have you ever kind of

drifted off into another genre

everything that's

out now is all comedy i have several i

have like a few

horror and thriller scripts that i have

we haven't shot yet

i've been working on like doing like the

covet stuff but um i look forward to

shooting those but

everything for the most part right do

you think

being predominantly you know a comedy

writer and being known for comedy

do you think that makes it harder to

branch off into other genres

i don't know um well before

i saw that before i saw get out i was

like yeah but um

um jordan peele when he did yeah i'm


okay he can do that like and people

accepted it so

it's just all about having something

creative and something different

yeah i mean that that movie actually

surprised me because obviously you know

i know jordan peele from his comedy work

and right i mean i mean it won a lot of

awards and quite rightly so but

you know i mean it was shocking in a

very good impressive way that he managed


move from his normal routine of working

to something which was so suspenseful

and you know i mean it is fantastic for


kind of attempt to that kind of work you

know yeah yeah he had like and the

budget wasn't

a lot for that film either but it made

so much money and it just

i think it's just that that muscle that


thing he has in him like comedy you have

to be creative all the time

you can't just be like a singer can

write the same

song for 10 years and people are loving

comedy you have to

have something different because people

always looking for the next joke

yeah so so in the era that we're in

with you know the era of kobit you

tried to write something in that

you know kind of coveted

you know background or or whatever that

that kind of theorem behind hey

let's let's try to write something based

off of

what's going on with covid now and and

got that in your back pocket

or have you decided hey you know nobody

wants to hear about

tobit anymore you know i don't

want to hear about this anymore so i

want to write something that

you know somebody can laugh at while


dealing with this right i wrote

something in like at the very beginning

and it was like the top five things

that people it was like a sketch the top

five things that people did while i'm


and i like one like things i've seen on

social media like

somebody tried to do a comedy show um

people started only fans page

people started to exercise those a

sketch but as far as like a movie like

not it's gonna be a while before because

i know personally like

between 35 and 40 people whose head


and like a few that pass away from it so

it's like right now i'm like i don't

think i can make a movie about cover

it's like it's still

fresh like we still really haven't had

like a feature movie about 9 11.

yeah i mean well there's been a few

there was that a world trade center


one other but um have you actually been

working kind of on some material about

kobe because obviously

once everybody returns to the stand up

you know tours and everything there's

going to be jokes in there about it

still a sensitive topic but you know in

the same way people make jokes about the

flu and more people kind of die from

that so i mean

have you started kind of writing some

stuff about maybe fitting some stuff in

about code

i got i got a few things just like you

know people you have to learn how to

talk like mass

like you have to understand math talk so

i got a mess going to talk to him

um i went to a comedy show um

right before right after things kind of

opened up

and it got real awkward like one of the

comedians just like

hey somebody probably got covered right

now and it's like

they got real quiet and people like okay

so so you being up in illinois

i mean it's probably a lot different

in illinois than it is in texas so

you know we walk us through it not that

we want to sit here and focus on coben


any means but i mean in texas

right now i mean we're open you've got


wear a mask here and there but uh

you know we live in our own little world

here in texas so

in illinois it's got to be a lot


about a record talk us through you know

how it is for

just you know the average joe nothing

for the average joe by the way but the

average joe that's

walking through illinois especially in


of what they have to deal with with the

covid right now

well well to start off i went to texas

for the first time

three years ago that is a beautiful

place by the way i was in dallas

and i had a great time and i was going

there for a funeral

jay jay of course you did because

texas is texas it is god's country

this is where everyone should be and

like you're saying you're already trying


convince us how great texas is we

live here so we already know that yeah

it was like october and it was in the

70s i'm like oh my god

it's beautiful so but um here

we're we're headed towards another

shutdown we have um

you know it gets cold fast so you know

restaurants are going to suffer now in

the summer

they had like tents outside and people

could they had like the open cafe


i don't know what they're gonna do

during the summertime because like

what's the difference between having a

tent with a heater in

and actually going inside the restaurant


like i don't get that but um the mayor

and the governor pretty much shut things

down you got to wear a mask

everywhere like you see somebody without

a mask they might as well have like a

pistol in the hand or something like


that that's how we operate in texas

anyway everybody's got a pistol in their


riding a horse and we're shooting guns

in the

yeah yeah now i'm not no i'm not being

rude but that woman should wear a mask i

mean she's not the most pretty woman

he wants to get a mask and a tailor she

wears horrible suits

i was talking to like a close coworker

and she's a lesbian

i'm like i blame you guys step up

and say something about us

now trying to get back on track a little

bit where where i was going with them

you know you using your background you

know into your material and stuff

um other times where you have to maybe

rewrite stuff because maybe you feel

your audience won't connect to your

experiences as well as

you remember them or experience them

like you have to embellish it a little


you know or kind of expand pad some

stuff and leave some

stuff out yeah you got to pan some stuff

i gotta like i started a cartoon series


covet and it's all based on true stories

like and i had to like oh my i i'm

a nice person so i always tell somebody

hey man

i'm going to do this this cartoon i'm

not going to say your name

but just so you know this story is

getting out there so i've been covering

up names for a while

uh as far as material like it wasn't up

until like the last five years

when people got really sensitive and

it's just like certain things that i

said in 2012

it's like i can't say now

so it's just like i don't get it but oh


yeah it's gone too far i mean i remember


a few months ago kevin hart having to

apologize for some of his early stand-up

material where he's talking about

homosexuals and

you know i have all of his stand-up

stuff and you know i've listened to all

of them

well watched all of them you know

probably half a dozen times and it

i mean it really wasn't offensive i mean

he jokes about everything i mean the

majority of its humor is


he's not having to go at somebody he's

just laughing at something because it's

funny but he had to

you know write all these apologies in

case the council culture crowd

kind of got hold of him and you know try

to force him out

right i mean i'm not like is the

difference between a joke

and being hurtful and trying to like

harm someone

a joke was a joke like if you my opinion


you want equal rights you should be able

to take equal jokes right

like richard pryor talked about doing

crap and setting us up on fire and

nobody can say anything worse than that

about anybody else

right he talked about himself so i'm

like you can take that this man

oh yeah some of eddie murphy's original

stuff especially when he was talking

about homosexuals i mean

that stuff was close to the bone i mean

now they would never have that stuff but

i've got some of these early stuff

and i think with kevin hart hey how far

do you go back

how far do you go back where you're

looking to get offended like what is

there a time frame did you go back

well the problem is now i mean they

search for all of your social media as

well i mean like if you sent a tweet

you know nine years ago you know they

could they call me out because of that

and it's like that was nine years ago

you know i might have been

drunk i might have been joking with

somebody who yeah

you know along those lines it's just

it's like you're not safe anymore yeah

well it is kind of sad if you

look at that right because it you can go

back in

in twitter or facebook or whatever

and somebody especially like you jay

who is comedian and and you're making a


and depending on whatever the


behind what is going on in the world

you make a joke and then it gets taken

out of context

and you know for most comedians

they're trying to do is make people

laugh yeah

and that's why the vast majority of the


love comedians because we want to laugh

it you know we we want people creative

like you

to just turn around and give us

something to laugh at

because we we're sitting there you know


it you know it before the area coveted

right you know we're

driving to work we're getting through

traffic we finally get to work gotta

drive home through traffic

and you know what we just wanna laugh

so so we guys like you you need to make

us laugh

and all of a sudden you tried to make us

laugh then you get attacked

i mean it is it's terrible it's not fair

because it's like

the comedian's job most comedians take

their pain

and make people laugh at it and make

people relate to the same story like oh

i might have had that happen to me

it's funny the way he told it and so

it's like you can't

laugh at us and then one thing oh well

that's not funny anymore like no it


it doesn't work that way it's like we

they think we should get a pass

it doesn't our job is to make you laugh

if you go to a comedy show

and you get offended you maybe you

shouldn't went to that comedy show

because there's a chance you're going to

hear something that you might

get triggered if you're that kind of

person and you know the kind of person

you are

either you're going to laugh or you're

not going to laugh but if you go there

and you the

type of person that gets triggered easy

comedy's not the thing just stay home

watch netflix yeah exactly

you know just watch something on hulu

watch something on netflix

you know but basically if your first

name is karen

and woman that it

just can't take a joke with anything


just stop watching tv yeah

because it's not worth it but the vast

majority of people

we we laugh at everything we we're

trying for everything that there's

enough horrible stuff

going on right now that we can't be that

destructive with everything going on


i think people have a poor perception of

being able to dissect to joke

and having that joke being funny as

opposed to

the subject itself not being funny i

mean ricky gervais

tells this joke uh it's uh what did the


dumb and blind kid get for christmas

cancer you know

it's funny now cancer is not funny being

deaf done blind isn't funny

it's just one of those when you put it

together that kind of synergy it's funny

but it doesn't mean

those subjects itself when you dissect

it are funny but you can make almost

anything within reason funny as long as

it's understood

look this might not be the way i feel

about something i'm up here even if i'm

a comedian

i'm still playing a role in a way you

know it's just like i'm reading a script

in a movie it doesn't mean

you know i agree with everything i'm

saying in this movie

right that people don't think that

arnold schwarzenegger really murdered

a thousands of people who are like that

rocky could actually beat mr t in a fist


like that it just doesn't happen like

that oh oh no

i i think rocky could beat mr t

right now now

but it's funny you said that death thing

i had a sketch

it's called the deaf interpreter and

when we shot this it's basically a guy

goes over to a girl's house and she's

deaf and she has a male interpreter


and he's just like he's not he's

unorthodox being an interpreter

and he's just basically like yeah i want

to have sex with you it's

like that kind of thing shout to sketch

it was great i had a real

a person that knew sign language and she

couldn't make it to cancel

so a comedian friend of mine she knows a

little sign language

and she agreed to do the sketch so we

put it out it went viral

and i started getting all these

incoherent inboxes

from deaf people and they were not angry

at the sketch they were angry because i

didn't use a real deaf person

yeah now i saw that on youtube is it

like the deaf interpreter

they were angry that i didn't use that

i'm like what but

it was like you didn't have caption on

it on facebook because facebook didn't

like put captions but on youtube they

had captioned

and they were angry with me because

facebook didn't have a caption so they

could read

well i'm kind of pissed they don't use

real dead bodies in movies i mean like

that kind of ruined terminator 2 for me

exactly so

people like admit they'll look for

reason to

be angry it seems yeah now social media

um it can be the devil in terms of like

i said

people use it to gather almost a dossier

of evidence against people to try and


people that you know this person's

racist this person's homophobic

you know this person's cruel about

people with special needs

and they will spend hours and hours

trawling through stuff to put together a


and you have to think sometimes you know

what is what are these people's

end games to try and drag people down to

destroy their reputation and career

i mean what do they get out of it i

don't understand this new

type of um almost like campaign

certain people take to just destroy

people for no good reason

you remember on um what was it uh

the dark knight rises yeah and you

remember when alfred

told the story about the the thief that

went into the woods or whatever

and he's like you know some people just

want to see the world burned oh yeah

like it's like some people are just just

want to be angry and they don't want to

be happy and they go out of their way

like i'm going to make everybody else

stay miserable

now do you think it's easier you know

with your own work

to kind of get the word out there and

promote it now there is social media you

know you got youtube

facebook all these other platforms

because i mean before

you know unless your agent was you know

really working

24 7 you know you have to do a lot of

the work yourself which you know


you know basically being on the phone

all the time knocking down doors now

you've got these platforms which can do

a lot of that promotional work for you

is it made it easier for you to kind of


it's a lot easier it's like it takes

marketing it helps

marketing your product a whole lot


and faster and more efficient like i can

reach somebody

like someone from like i want to say

south africa

a few people from south africa reached

out and said i've seen i've seen your


it was like an old movie i did like it's

so funny i just watched it yesterday i'm


thank you so it's like with that like

that would take

uh thousands of dollars to do just

without social media

yeah yeah or it a couple of random white

guys here in texas

that used to be a podcast with right i

mean yeah all right

i mean it is much we enjoy it if you

look at it back in the day

we probably never would have been able

to connect so

we've got to appreciate the fact of

social media and the internet

and everything that we can you know have

avenues that we can

talk about stuff like this when uh you

know the

initial part that uh was reached out to


i started looking at your stuff and i'm

like this is funny

i mean this jay davis guy he's funny

and i realized there there was one thing

i saw from you before

that i didn't realize it was you yeah

and i said

and i start watching some of this stuff

i'm like man

this guy is funny i mean he's hilarious

it was great and then of course i told

the wolf about it

and he starts watching it and he's like

yeah this guy

is hilarious like why

why is he not you know shot through the


but you you've got to pay the social

media attacks right

there's some people out there that are


trying to make their way

who you know full of the myriad of

absolute garbage i mean let's be honest

i mean there's a little

garbage out there right yeah it is so so

you got to get past all that garbage

but once in a while if you're sifting

through the garbage

you say well wait a second

oh this is good oh he's good

you know and and then next thing you

know it becomes

viral right and that's the i'm like how

does that happen

i see a lot of stuff go viral i'm like

oh this guy got kicked in the nuts

a million views that's that's creative

now have you ever been a victim of any

type of censorship yourself kind of

people like on any of the platforms of

say like i mean i've been i get

banned from facebook probably about

twice a week

um i'm permanently banned from twitter

but if you if you've been a victim of

any type of censorship we've either been

told to take it down

oh i have never like that's the crazy


i post as much reckless stuff on my

on my facebook all my social media pages

as i can find

like all memes scheduled everything

and i think the only thing that has

happened is like

instagram said hey we had to pull this

post down and it was like a post from

like two years ago i'm like

all right yeah i i don't even remember

doing that but okay if you got to pull

it down man

i've never been i'm shocked by that i'm

like maybe i'm not

doing something right but i've never i

i went off on people like i've never


banned now you mentioned that um

you know it's a surprise sometimes how

things go

viral and i've seen stuff some stuff

which is viral and i kind of look at it

and think

why the heck is this viral but do you


um you know especially given some of

these youtube influences and i've

seen some clips of some of this stuff

and i can't stand it it's a lot of

people with no talent

doing dumb stuff you know to try and get

a whole bunch of ad revenue from google

adsense but

do you find now that there's a lot of

people who maybe use

controversy to hide the fact they really

don't have that much talent

yeah it's a lot of people and they get

away i call it like shock value

they just like they're gonna they're

gonna try to shock you into laughing

and it's like how far do you go

like how hurt do you have to be before

you realize like you know what i really

don't have it

right yeah and do you think for you i


given you had to do it the hard way at

first and you know really kind of

earn your way up through the ranks to

get where you are

um would you find it difficult now i

guess to

maybe mentor some new comics coming


have kind of never known anything but

this instant

gateway to an audience you know because

like i said you had to earn your fans


it's like as long as you manage to get

in the right place at the right time and

perhaps be lucky

and you know especially with the whole

viral thing that would you find it hard

to connect with some of the younger

comics coming through because your

experiences are so different

i think it is um i actually tried to

i've spoke to like

other people who do like um viral videos

and this is like

it's a it's a age gap like

they see their people who they look up


are like people who became famous on


and it's like the people i look up to

are like robert towns and

eddie murphy it was referred like people


who who mastered comedy

and and and took it to the next level

like it's

two different people so it's hard to

like try to relate to talking to them

about who eddie murphy was and they're

like who norbit

that guy

so it's an age gap and they just don't

get it it's like if you were born

like in 2000

right yeah who are you looking up to

right now yeah

now who are your favorite i mean in

terms of stand up and um

comedian actors who are your favorite

guys out there

uh my top five um eddie

richards not or any order but eddie


chappelle um george carlin bernie mac

chris rock yeah i love dave chappelle i

mean i must have seen

every episode of the chappelle show at

least a dozen times i mean that guy just

i mean he can read a menu in a

restaurant and it'll be funny i mean

that guy's just got that

i mean his face with him as well i think

it's his face is just funny even when he

didn't say anything he's just able to


move his eyebrow and that gives you the

entire commentary on

something i mean he's such a talented

guy i mean i'd love to go see him i

actually was supposed to go see him

earlier in the summer but the tour got

cancelled he was going to be coming here

in them

to dallas somewhere i think but i

definitely want to go see him

but let's talk about like uh

a richard pryor or

uh you know somebody that's passed away

and of course richard pryor comes up to

me right now

what do you think is a comedian that


pryor or or someone like that would

think about

what's going on right now with the the


comedy is with the canceled culture and

everything else

how do you

things he's talked about and and look at

what dave chappelle says and i'm like

that guy

is so brilliant and and he's so right

on this but um you know richard pryor

didn't come from the era of twitter

and social media in all that junk so if

you could

rewind back in those days from

george carlin or uh

richard pryor what what do you think

those guys would have to say nowadays

with that they

i think they would be relevant because

the stuff that carlin talked about he

talked about the government

richard pryor talked about police

brutality like everything they would

their content would be relevant

um as far as them getting censored and

banned yeah

they would they would get me too and

everything would happen

they would get canceled because some of

the stuff you just can't say anymore

some of the stuff like with the stuff

that eddie murphy said in wrong

i'm like he could never say that right


right now i i remember some of the stuff

that uh

george carlin for instance talked about


most we'll call them conservative

people would say oh we don't want to

listen to

george carlin he's this that the other


now you look at it today you know we're


listen to what george clooney and you


we're we're right behind this and it's

so comical

ironically to use that term but it is

comical how much we've spun around with


yeah everything to me comedy is

is extremely important

in society and

with the country like we have in the

united states with

freedom of speech you have to have that

you have to have comedians you have to


comedy and of course people are going to


bent out of shape because somebody says

the wrong thing

or whatever and they just need to

you know take a back seat and go ahead

and get

another you know large french fry from

mcdonald's and

just go eat that right but that

there's so much going on right now

in with the quelching

of some free speech honestly one thing

i think we need is more comedy we

we need comedians

drilling into all this ridiculousness

that's going on

in making us laugh because

most people are miserable and we need

guys you jay

that they are just going to make us


that's why i got so happy when deja pal

won an emmy for um sticks and stones his

last special

and by the way that was a great special

yeah it made so many people upset and

that's why i

loved it like it was a guy he's a

facebook instagram friend and he's gay

but he got so offended by i'm like what

part did he

what did he say to you personally that

made you upset

he never said anything like hurtful

about the community so he's the state

facts yeah and it's funny because you

know i mean dave chappelle did a show i

think it was a

stand-up show called deep in the heart

of texas and

he got a lot of criticism you know


social media that you know it was racist

he was anti-republican and thing and all

this type of stuff but

the thing is here in texas we didn't

care we loved it it was funny and it's


you get people being upset on other

people's behalf

and you know i watched that show yeah

i'm white i'm a republican but it was


i mean there was nothing nothing in that

which would offend me in a million years

and then i was reading on social media

that i'm supposed to be offended by you

know jokes he made in there and it's

just ridiculous

you know it's just like on the blm

marches you know the people creating

most of the trouble with these stupid

white liberal college age kids those are

the ones kind of

doing 99 of the trouble you know

yeah there is not a single

dave chappelle stand up that i haven't

watched and i haven't

laughed like crazy because the guy is


i mean i mean he really is he's

absolutely brilliant

his company is brilliant it's smart

and and you you have to laugh

but even if you're laughing you

have to kind of listen to it a little

bit and realize

this guy is actually thinking this stuff


and he he's representing what

most of the country is actually thinking


yeah yeah and it's like um he can't be


and that's what was great about it

now hang on jay yeah you know he did get

cancelled you know he lost chappelle's


he lost the belt but he doesn't have a

shirt so

he's been talking about how he lost that

and you know what he got screwed in that


and i feel bad for the guy because he

did so

much with that no and then he

kind of got screwed so he yesterday

but now he doesn't have to show he

doesn't have a show that he can worry



there's no way nowadays he could get

away with doing like um

i think one of the early sketches on the

chapel show was the one about the uh

blind black clansman and that thing i


i've seen i must have seen that sketch

dozens upon dozens of times there's no

way you'd be able to do that nowadays i

don't think

right you know because remember that

show aired on tv at the time

it was like 2001. wait what what did

they come out like

it was earlier

by the way jay don't don't ask us about

any kind of research because we yeah

if you say that's what it was we're

going to believe you because we're

going to figure out when any of this

comes from

no sorry i was going to ask them do you

do you do much stand up at all have you

have you done much kind of stuff

circuits i've done stand-up before when

i first started and it's like in my mind

i didn't want to be at the clubs every

night going over the same joke

so i was like i'm just right yeah i

found out

most comics want to be in movies so yeah

so so how how hard is it for a


from doing like a stand-up

versus writing like a screenplay

for a show i mean what's the difference

there it

what do you struggle with with that

because i know it's got to be

two different ways of writing your body

well it's it's basically you can have a


and you can take the same concept from

a movie and and write a bit from it but

it doesn't the exact same thing won't

translate on stage

like the deaf interpreter

that was like a concept of a guy a

comedian who told me about like he went

over a girl's house

and she couldn't speak well so he had an

interpreter so

his but his bit was totally different

from what we put on screen

because a lot of stuff won't translate

most comedy won't translate

on screen it makes sense

yeah now now have you found um i know

you're working on a couple of shows at

the moment

um men in soups you said

uh which is on amazon at the moment


men and sleep uh sorry step dad step dad

yeah sorry i know yes that that that

sounds exactly like

men and so that's not like a point yeah

no the step-dad's thing which is on

amazon um

have you found that like filming stuff

at the moment has been kind of

not impossible but just a slow painful

process with all the precautions and


we filmed for the first time

um i shot a sketch three weeks ago

but before that we haven't filmed since


february and then we shot episode three

of step dad when we were supposed to


in march then we had to shut down we

just shot that last week

and there was a headache it was a


like just making sure people were safe

we couldn't have a lot we had a birthday

party saying

and we had like four people

extras in the same we just had to make

sure everyone was safe

to get away with it and it's it's

going forward it's going to be hard to

do now would the whole thing have been

wrapped up by now that whole season if

it wasn't for covered

yeah yeah it's the second season of

choke on that have you finished filming

that or is that everything's done

filming that we're gonna add like a few

more sketches

right before we shot like six sketches

in one

day um in february the last day we


and it's everything's in post-production

right now so i had a fuel on the air but

i was like now we can wait

yeah because those episodes are pretty

short right it's like 20 22 minutes or

something yeah

yeah yeah

now is that giving you more time you

know obviously not being able to film as

much as you want is it giving you more

time to kind of sit back and write

and maybe plant future projects or have

you been trying to kind of uh

i don't know focus on maybe doing a few

more real life

kind of things now i've been um writing

i just

finished the feature film um like two

nights ago like a script

um just touching up old scripts and old

tv pilots that i have

okay and that's pretty much what i've

been doing like the last couple of

eight months and i started a cartoon

series too

yeah yeah i remember you mentioned it

now you know what's up about is it kind

of a along a kind of like south park


comedy or is it a little more subtle in

terms of the comedy it's

me narrating um true terrible stories

that happened to me

um i'll give you one the first one i put

put out and it's actually we shot the

sketch already

but we didn't finish we can edit it so i

actually like made that into a cartoon

it was a story of

i slept with a girl and i was about to


and she said there's something inside of


and i looked it was a condom inside her

but it wasn't my



so that that's kind of like true story


they're quick two three minute stories

now do you have anybody in house

like in your own team who does the

animation or do you kind of outsource

that do you have a

specific studio who does that because i

should imagine that

you know we want to do an animated

series it's a little bit harder because

you know how do you kind of put that

image in your head into

animation i mean when it's real life

it's a little bit easier it's like you

stand there you stand there you know

what the people look like right with


you know i mean it's amazing in some

ways you know shows like

south park and the simpsons was so

successful because the animation is

pretty basic

yeah my my buddy omar

um is funny because doing that he's uh

he owns a school

and he owns a charter school and he

started a comic book

series and so i did the first one and i

outsourced it

um to somebody and he watched it yeah

that's pretty good hey i think i can do

that i'm like what

i'm like what do you mean you can do it

let me do your next one i'm like

all right so he i wrote the script out

i recorded the audio on my own and i

sent him everything

and he in like a week he had it done it

looked exactly like my last one

so i'm like oh you can do it

would you consider doing like a feature

length kind of movie animated thing do

you think

i thought someone asked me to do it and


um they wanted to hire me to do it and

then i told him how much it's gonna cost

and then uh they wanted me to do like a

20-minute christmas

uh thing and i'm like first of all it's

november happened in november

so right a little late but i thought

about it like if things don't clear up

that's pretty much the next step

yeah now with them obviously it being

now past the middle of november

and we keep hearing now that certain

politicians in

states want to basically cancel

thanksgiving and christmas

um is it going to affect your

thanksgiving plans at all i mean are you

going to like

sit in different houses and zoom eat

turkey what are you going to get

everybody together

uh it's not going to be big it's going

to be um me and my wife we just talked

about it right before this call

i was going to go over to our house um i

think my parents they might just like

hand out plates to

people but i'm not gonna like it won't

be like a huge thing

it's like i don't you can't tell people

what to do because people are gonna do

the opposite of what you're telling me

to do

you just tell people be safe and be

smart and you know

if you love your aunt nanna um stay away

from my wearing mess around

yeah yeah i mean i don't know if they're

gonna have a

you know the police at grocery store so

if you purchase a turkey which feeds

between 12 and 16 people they know

what's up

you're going to get chopped out stop


right and you know there's probably a

lot of people who are

definitely going to follow the social

distance in at thanksgiving because they

don't want to sit next to some relatives

anyway and uh

if it's stopped if it stops you smelling

your granddad's parts

after after dinner that might be a good

thing for some people

right yeah i mean just be smart about it

like you know if you love your parents

don't stay around if you have people who

are at risk just

have you been like on a plane or

partying all week don't go around

now you've heard obviously this past

week about all the um

well the two new vaccines which have

come out one which is i think from


which is supposed to be 90 um effective

and there's another one which came out a

couple of days ago which is supposed to

be 95

effectiveness we actually did a podcast

about a week ago on vax themes it hasn't

been released yet

and we discussed about whether we would

take a vaccine which has been through

such a short

trial period especially given i think it

was flagged maybe about six weeks ago


some people for the fighter vaccine were

having some very adverse reactions to it

but there hasn't been a long enough

study period to really kind of

work out even what the effects medium

term might be so i

haven't said that would you get a

vaccine if it was off the tee

i'm not going first i am not going first

i'm not going to be that good zombie

origin story guy

i think i should test it on china first

just like inject

all of china and then give it like about

three months and see what happens take

the data from that

they still haven't perfected a facelift

yet so i'm not

taking the uh coping vaccine right yeah

yeah now do you when when do you see

uh well i say a normal returning but

maybe things will never be entirely

normal now and i think some people have

taken advantage to be a little bit more

i guess draconian over things and take

away some of our rights or at least kind

of curtail them a little bit

when do you think even if this vaccine

rolls out in january or february

that things are going to return back to

a normal life for the majority of people

um the summer maybe

uh realistically the summer because the

thing was we're in the midwest

and i knew this was gonna happen we only

get three months of good weather

so when the numbers went down going into

the summer i'm like they're gonna shoot


up because everybody's going outside

it's something that's like

it get hot that's exactly what happened


um they're gonna have to do something if

you're telling people to stay home

you you have to make sure that their

house is not gonna get foreclosed on or

they're not gonna get evicted you have

to have

some kind of yeah i can stay home if my

bills are paid

but you know you're telling people to

don't go outside and they don't have any

sorts of income

it's going to be hard for them to do

that yeah that's why i find a little bit

hard to swallow about

you know some of these politicians and

some of the actors and

all this stuff out there telling people

yes stay at home do this and

you know it's fine if you've got you

know 50 million you know

you can sit home for the rest of your

life you know when people have got to go

out and work and earn a living now

obviously i don't know

you know to what extent you can really

take a back seat and write this stuff

out but

i mean do you have you know obviously

other than what we talked about with

step dads and choke on that do you have

other projects which at the moment

would already be in the works and you

know really got going if all this stuff


happened yeah we actually were planning

on shooting a feature

last summer like we had like a feature

movie and that

usually that usually takes a majority of

a summer to do

because we film on a weekend so that

that had to get put on the back burner

like i know comedians

who move and actors who moved to l.a and

i went and got my groceries from my

instacart and one of the

actor who moved to l.a was doing

instacart he had to move at home

so it's it's rough for everybody right

now now do you do that uh

meal delivery at home i mean did you do

it before i mean i would love to sign up

to one of those services and not have to


and have you know like three meals a day

which i just pull out the refrigerator

or the freezer

and you see i mean do you do you do you

actually do that

no i just do instacart already okay yeah


get a grocery get the groceries for you

and bring them in

yeah i think the problem is with those

things i mean i went around a friend's

house and he um

subscribes to one of those ones which

does specialty meals and i think it's

like a keto

meal diet and i looked at it and it's


i'd need like six of those just to get

full because the pimples they send you

i think the average age those meals are

aimed at is like an eight-year-old girl

who's watching awake

i mean so when it says like this will

cost you you know like 48 dollars a week

i look at it and i think no that's going

to cost me 368

a week because i'm not i'm not living on


i should have asked this to begin with

because i didn't actually what's up

how old are you jay 39 39

so um i mean obviously

so he's 39 so we're old men

yeah and the reason i asked that was

because um

you know things kind of became real

difficult to

you know restart uh you know

do you have kind of any type of

retirement plan in mind that i'm going

to do 10 films or

10 tv shows which are going to be

successful then i'm going to go off do

something else or do you see yourself

doing this do you like

70 or 80. um right and until i can make

people laugh

and i'm coherent i'm going to keep doing


like i i just don't my dad is like one

of the funniest people i know and he's

in the

70s and he's hilarious so if he can

still make people laugh i'm like i can

do that

yeah so do you see a shift maybe away

from eventually maybe just doing the

writing and producing rather than

being so much of an active actor or such

and yeah i'm probably gonna yeah that's

the goal this will be right

and it takes a toll like doing both and

having to prepare for stuff so i'd

rather just do the writing

portion of everything yeah now when

you're in front of the camera

especially if you're doing the directing


are you a perfectionist in terms of like

you'll have to take 20 takes because you

didn't like what you did or do you give


a little bit of a free pass i i get like


i'm very critical of myself and i like i

like walk away

and come back just so we can get it

right but i'm more critical on myself

then i'm not

like the people i pick to be in the

roles i'm not worried about them i'm

more worried about myself

right so because everybody i pick they

they come they deliver

and that's great i'm kim i don't want to

be the weak link on the team

yeah now i know the shepherd uh

he had um now do you sorry shep

um do you still subscribe to amazon

prime i do

now um i don't at the moment but

the reason i asked that was because okay

so now in fairness

you still log into my account so you can


stuff on amazon prime yeah it's cause i

wanted to change all the icons of all

your family on the uh

trying to find stuff to watch but did

you get

difficult for me yeah now gj do you see

a shift

kind of not permanently but the way to


is really do stuff for the subscription

services of the man no like netflix have

produced some

you know really successful movies and


you know have made their own disney plus

do it hbo

max they're doing it do you do you think

that's the way to go in the future


in instead of the movie theater thing

that it's

a lot easier and maybe more profitable

long term to go the subscription

services route

i know you know for your audience i

think that is going to be

like the new thing now like the movie

theater industry may not ever recover

um i saw like for example if

i used to do like premieres at theaters

and uh one

like major theaters like amc they will

charge like

2400 to rent their theater out i saw

something they're trying to rent their

theater out

for like ninety dollars ninety nine

dollars for like 20 people to come there


and i don't see like if you were like

directly affected by covey

like i used to get scared when someone

coughed when the world was normal and

i'm only the other

so now it's like it's never going to be

like you remember when avengers in game

stuff came out and they made a million

dollars it's never going to be like that

again like i can't see

a pack movie theater and no time zone

absolutely i i saw an article uh

i don't remember the movie but this past

weekend they said oh

the top of the box office was three


dollars that is so

ridiculous ridiculous because

yeah people are not going to the movie

theater anymore

i want to see how they want to be

they want to be able to pause the movie

get up go to the bathroom grab

a drink out of the refrigerator

pop a bag of popcorn in the microwave

and enjoy themselves right

so that the movie theater aspect is

dying and yeah it's it's actually

bad because you know the wolf and i we

always would go

watch star wars movies when they were

released and the newer star wars movies


that's one of those movies where you say

to yourself hey you want to watch this

on the big screen you know it's a lot of

sci-fi and

all that but he'll tell you

most of the time i'd fall asleep

and i love star wars but if i go to the

movie theater

i get in that big comfortable chair and

i fall asleep

yeah we'd normally go with another

friend of ours

and uh he'd sit one side of me um our

friend eric it sit one side just

eating non-stop you know get one of

those uh bags of popcorn which was the

size of a

trash recycle man and then i've got the

shepherd the other side of me falling


and i'm sitting the middle like really i

paid nine dollars for this

and especially when we watched rogue one

you had to

smack me upside the head to say hey this

is the darth vader scene you want to

watch this

i want to watch it man i'm

kind of tired so i i i might just still

want to sleep

all right now i think people have


learned now that they can do without a

lot of things which

they normally did before covert i mean

like going to the movie theater

you know a lot of people did it

routinely even if there wasn't really

anything they specifically wanted to


they got in the habit of with a wife

girlfriend or whatever going maybe twice

a month once a month

but now i mean i think people have

learned again especially with the rise

of the subscription services that

they really don't miss it that much when

you build in the convenience

of the money yeah like the shepherd said

about getting up to be able to pee pause

in the movie

not paying through the burp for food

yeah i mean now for me if i go to the

movies you know

maybe go with normally with one person

and you know maybe it's a 20

thing because you know we'll bring in

our own food but with a shepherd i mean

he's got like

9 million kids in a while so for him to

go to the movies i mean it's like an 80

it's like an 80 escape

right or or when we would go to the


i would wear my leather jacket that i

cut the lining out of that i could put a

case of beer

in the line of the jacket and then we

would just sit there and drink


yeah now um one

thing i did want to ask you when

obviously you're on our podcast here is

do you have any plans about

doing a podcast or something do you

think that would be a good way to have

other comedians on

and maybe you know talk about things you

might not necessarily have an

avenue to talk about and then you know

reach out to your fans about

under normal circumstances i had started

one i did one a few

like i started my first podcast i want

to say

years ago and then me and my wife did a

podcast like

a year or two ago and we stopped because

he was in school

and i actually started one in the

beginning of the um

i did it every sunday in the beginning

of the shutdown

and then i was like man i want to do

this every week

i remember like every week i had to plan

and prepare i'm like i don't want to do


yeah i'll think of it i think it

actually took that much work i don't

know if we'd do it because

the shepherd and i are pretty lazy when

it comes to stuff i mean

i think for about the last five years

every week we've come up with a new

money-making scheme

but a lot of them a lot of them involve

too much work like

getting out of bed and stuff so move

because you know what we normally did a

few times a week was just stand around

and talk about crap and we figured well

why not just record it and so

you know for us we'd be doing that we'd

be doing this anyway regardless of it's


you're a uh remote executive producer

because that's exactly how we

run our podcast today

you're very lazy everything we do

right but but you know what you got to

keep it fun

and i that that is one of the things


hollywood and all of the

uh entertainment media is missing

because yeah they

look let's be honest there's a lot of

garbage out there

there's a ton of garbage out there

but there's a lot of good stuff out

there too

and then you've got the people that

have got some good stuff and then they

get lazy and they don't want to do it


and then there's a lot of garbage people

that just putting out garbage after

garbage after garbage and

nobody wants to listen this and they say

why isn't anybody listening to our stuff

or wasn't anybody

watching our stuff well it's because

it's garbage

nobody wants to listen to this nobody

wants to see it

it sucks you gotta have something

structured it

sucks so

okay jay will you have you got anything

i mean before we kind of wrap up here

because i know you've got stuff to get

on doing and you've had a busy day

kind of you didn't finish till what

tonight like 7 30 or something or

yeah yeah yeah um is there anything you

want to kind of

because i know you've got your own fan

base and stuff and many of the people

who listen to our podcast might not

necessarily have

heard of you but we're going to um post

some links

um to some of your work so some people

can get to experience because like i

said when

well as the shepherd said when we

watched it we found it really funny and

i think

you know i want to share some of your

stuff out there is there anything you

want to kind of say out to

you know the podcast audience out there

or anything

oh i mean just keep watching um go on my


i'm posting updates um new shirt i don't

know if you can see it

wait i have a reckless enlightenment


so okay oh yeah so i have these

on my website just to support everybody

um j davis tp youtube

everything is j davis tp jy davis tp

cool so i'm posting stuff every week

every two weeks something like that yeah

well man it's been a privilege having

you on like i said you're a funny guy

and we'll help try spread the word and

get other people to experience your work

because as the shepherd said you know we

need funny people especially in the

times we're in at the moment

and uh you know it's always good to add

something extra funny to the list to

kind of you know chill out and relax do

you know

yeah just laugh people need to laugh

more and um

and we're mess laughing we're mad

well hey let's be honest

the whole mass thing there's a lot of

ugly women out there that probably

should have been wearing

masks that is true

oh did i say that out loud i'm sorry

hey only people are not gonna defend our

ugly people yeah let's be honest they

should have been wearing a mask

quite a while


well jay uh thank you once again for

joining us

on this episode of the wolf and the

shepherd we certainly appreciate that


everybody take a minute check jay davis


jay davis films and all that good stuff


we certainly appreciate you spending a

little bit of your evening with us

and for our audience thank you and we'll

see you next time

thank you


Jay Davis


Jay Davis is an award-winning sketch comedy writer, producer and actor from Bellwood, IL. As a young boy, he had dreams of making people laugh on public platforms, but was unclear on how he would make that happen. His passion for comedy writing emerged in 2010 after he found humor in his life experiences. Since then, he has committed to producing jaw-dropping, controversial and uncensored content that’s guaranteed to bring you plenty of “laugh out loud” moments. His work has featured popular actors in the industry including Janet Hubert, Rodney Perry, Damon Williams, Leon Rogers and J. Ivy. He was nominated as “Comedian of the Year” by the Chicago Music Awards and his work on Not Another Black Movie received Hollywood’s stamp of approval at the HAPAwards for “Best Independent Film”. Additionally, he released feature films Shots Fired, Not Another Zombie Movie and The Hostile Takeover. Choke On That; A risky pun used to describe Davis’ hysterical impact became a household name for his sketch comedy DVDs Choke On That and Choke On That Reloaded. After rave reviews and the pursuit of his TV writing dream, Davis released Season 1 of Choke On That: The Series which encompass six 22-minute episodes of sketch comedy found on Amazon Prime. Jay Davis is now filming Season 2 of the series and is looking forward to seeing his work on other major platforms.