Nov. 26, 2020

Episode 30 - Simulation Theory

The Wolf AND The Shepherd try to decide whether or not we live in a fantasy world like the Matrix or if what we experience is actually real.


welcome to this episode of the wolf and

the shepherd today we're going to be

talking about simulation theory

i have absolutely no idea

what simulation theory is all about so

once again

the wolf has decided to throw me a nice

little curveball

and say hey let's talk about something

that you absolutely have

no clue as to what it is so we're all

going to get an

education here about what simulation

theory is all about

for those of you who tuned in hoping to

listen about muse's last album and

documentary i'm sorry to disappoint you

this is actually about

simulation theory in terms of the

science behind it

um for those that for those of you are

very unfamiliar with the entire concept

yeah including myself yeah yeah you'll

actually be surprised to find that this

has been presented to you in

movies and writings and you will

actually have a basic understanding of

the concept it's just i think the title

simulation theory

probably throws the people off through a

few people off

yeah well i mean i think simulation

theory i think okay well

i'm playing microsoft flight simulator

and in theory i'm a pilot so i'm flying

my little airplane around

playing my video game that that's it

that's what simulation theory throws at


now when when you used to play flight

simulator after

after a while you get pretty bored with

it so what i would do i would try and

get as high as i could in the sky and

then crash at the ground as fast as i

could and try and break the record

yeah the the the flight simulator i used

to play was back on my

really old computer right and i think it


actually chuck yeager's flight simulator

something like that

and one of the airplanes was the sr-71

and you could get in that airplane and

actually go

into space and that's pretty much all i

did i would fly

up into space and the sr-71 and then

i'd fly around for a minute i'd get

bored and then

yes just like you said i'd see how fast

i could get that airplane to crash right

into the ground

and that ends this podcast on simulation

theory we hope you enjoyed it and we

hope you join us for the next one yeah


we just solved all your questions about

simulation theory like we always do

well basically simulation theory it's a

proposal that

our perceived reality including the

earth and the whole of the universe

um it could be an artificial simulation

that we're absolutely unaware of

so like a video game yeah kind of but

you have to like a computer video game


you know not not like super mario

brothers but maybe

something a little more advanced like i

i think i i hear the word

simulation i think of the old game sim


right you know you're this almost god

figure that's creating this city

and you can either try to play the game

you want

you know based off their rules or you

build the city and then you just create

all these natural disasters and cause

all kinds of chaos and all kinds of

stuff like that

well again the great fun in that game

was building up a great city populating

it and then

sending like earthquakes and floods and

fires or or what was the old cheat code


you know you could type in there and get

all kinds of money

and then go ahead and build your city

right yeah you know way

yeah we're talking about way back in the

day with some of those games

yeah now some versions of the theory

actually rely

um on the development of a simulated

reality that

technology would be able to actually

convince its inhabitants that the

simulation was real

it's also known a little bit more um

as the matrix theory they kind of gave

it that label so people would understand

kind of along the lines of what it was

talking about that makes sense it's

almost like the dallas cowboys they're

in a simulation theory that they're

going to win the super bowl every year

but then

that just doesn't happen well really

that's just like you playing john madden

on the xbox with one hand

while you're watching tv and you're

actually controlling the dallas cowboys

against some 13 year old kid who's a

fantastic at it that's other dallas

cowboys are yeah that's basically

what happens to me if the 13 year old

kid plays me on man

yeah i'm gonna lose right now kind of

like you playing rocket league right

well no not that bad

i've got some pretty good stats on right

now okay you've been practicing

yeah i'm still practicing i'm still in

the bronze division on on 3v3 2v2 m1v1

so i mean it's not going that well but

it's yeah it's not bad you're improving

you're improving so nothing wrong with

that yeah

you got to improve now i think the whole

problem with having

you know perhaps simulation

theory being presented as the matrix

theory is that most people would think

oh yeah i get to be a hero like

nero sorry i like neo you know in the


um or morpheus when in reality i think

you know most of us would just be naked

in a glass coughing floating in her own

piss and crap with a tube down her


yeah probably so yeah i mean that's what

i would do yeah which sometimes doesn't

seem like it'd be a bad idea well you


it just kind of all depends right

now the simulation theory um before it

was actually given that title it

um had a long philosophical and

scientific history

uh which i guess gave a similar

underlying thesis that reality is an


sure i mean there's a lot of things that


in everyday life right now that you

say you know to quote the old queen song

by human rhapsody

is this life resist just fantasy yeah

sometimes you sit there and you say

how can this be real especially in 2020

and to give you my famous quote in the

age of

kovid yeah you know we we're sitting

here saying

you know i is this real yeah every day

you wake up and you say

is this really what life is right now

because of what we're going through

so i i could totally see that yeah i

mean it even has its origins in greek

philosophy and

uh more recently uh rene descartes the

doo-doo did the meditations on the first

principle and

the kind of i think therefore i am right

type thing existential

uh writer he mentioned for those trying

to google search it

it's desk carts wait when you're dicots

yeah yeah when you when you're trying to

find it when you're trying to spell it

yeah yeah

yeah but actually the first recorded

person to state the basic concept of

perception being reality or experience

being reality

um was plato back in 380 bc

wow yeah he didn't have flight simulator

he didn't although although they did try

to confuse me on the internet again by

calling it bce the

before the common era but i refuse to

put that ae on the end of that

no not happening no not having them but

i don't know if you've heard of um

i would rather go buy uh the star wars

you know before the battle of yavin yeah

after the battle of yavin

i mean why can't we just adapt that way

of talking about time or like have a

star trek star date of one point

nine point seven point four i mean you

know 1977 was the battle of yavin right


why can't we just reset the calendar and

just say okay

after the battle of yavin which was 1977

and just go by that count now don't the

chinese count backwards

oh don't i don't know what i said i

don't know what they're counting from


i don't know i don't know it's kind of

like uh there's a

theory that the old mayans had a

dyslexic guy and really 2021

is the end of the world and not 2012

right because he

flipped two characters around so spoiler


might happen uh so if it's 2021 you're


listening to this because the world's

already ended

well um actually i don't know if you do

you remember

plato's allegory of the cave at all

it's been so long but no uh not

not where i could talk intelligently

about it i mean i

listened to a podcast i think it was

like philosophy bites or something

bites about bytes oh listen to us

promoting another podcast

it's really interesting because it

covers a lot of philosophers a lot of um

famous philosophical writings but breaks

it down into really easy to understand


easily uh to understand type things and

i remember actually the allegory of the


and it describes people uh being kept in

a cave since childhood and how

their reality is basically

shaped by silhouettes on the cave wall

and the people like shadow puppets yeah

and the people making the

silhouettes um actually convince the

people chained up in the cave that it's

safer to be in the cave and chained up

than it is to be outside of the cave in

the real world and they're able to

convince them through these silhouettes

and through

fake sounds and noises that they're

actually better off being in

captivity with no freedoms than they are

so backing up a bit

explain to the listeners what an

allegory is

because i mean you and i it we know what

an allegory is right but

that might be a new word so what's an

allegory what's an allegoric story

and i've heard that term too so what's

an allegory

it's basically a story which perhaps


represents the point you're trying to

get across and you actually given a real

example it kind of exaggerates some


of the story to get the point across


equal to what a parable yeah

yeah exactly i mean jesus you know used

a lot of parables just to make

people understand something which might

not be as cut and dry if you're really


so of course way back in the day you

know i'm i'm a little kid i'm going to

sunday school

and they always said a parable is an

earthly story with a heavenly meaning so

an allegory is kind of one of those you

know a physical story

with a metaphysical or a philosophical


yeah would would you agree yeah okay i

think i asked one of my friends

what an allegory was and he didn't hear

me properly and he thought it was that

guy who ran for president who

claimed to have invented the internet no

he did invent the internet

thank you al gore al gore for inventing

the internet so we can do a podcast if

it wasn't for you uh we wouldn't have

global warming and we wouldn't have

podcasts so thank you sir brilliant

now i'm sure you've seen the matrix

most people i think i have seen

elections i have seen the matrix right

so and again that there's a good reason

why simulation theory is often presented

by matrix yeah and and by the way just

so we're clear i have seen the matrix

i saw parts two and three i've seen

the matrix the first movie several times

i've seen parts two and three one time

each because didn't care for them

the first matrix great movie i mean

great special effects

that that was a movie that came out in

you know the bullet time that they came

out with

that was brand new yeah and all of the

things that you

gather from that movie are just amazing

parts two and three

sorry not sorry they sucked started

getting a bit a little bit unrealistic

in episode two's reading

yeah yeah yeah episode one totally

believable yeah but episode two and

three not so believable although i did

actually like the philosophy

um stuff in i think the second one the

whole stuff with the greek philosophy


yeah but see even right now you can't


figure out is it from two is it from

three because nobody carried that much i

didn't like that i didn't really like

three yeah

two i thought was okay well i can't even

tell you what happened in two years

three i mean if

if i was on final jeopardy right now and

somehow made it to there

with my little bit of knowledge that i

have and they asked me a

question about matrix two or three i'd


yeah you know if they put up their uh a

final jeopardy category

rest in peace alex trebek by the way uh

final jeopardy

category is the matrix i'd be like oh

yeah i remember the matrix i want to bet

all my money and then they're going to

ask me something about

two or three now i'm going to lose it

yeah but that's going to haven't we

proven on

every podcast we've done so far where i

give you the kind of quiz

thing that there's no way you'd be

invited on that show anyway

can a man dream

well that for those of you who it's been

a long time since you've seen the matrix


you're one of those weirdos who hasn't

seen the matrix

the matrix takes part um it's a

dystopian future after there's been a

man versus machine war you know kind of

along the lines of the terminator except

this time around the machines one

and they keep humanity unknowingly

trapped inside a simulated reality and

they use the humans as

like human batteries to actually um

support the system and power the system


and of course we all know it's fiction

because the

female hacker in the movie is actually


so then we realized well this is

absolute fiction because you have that

and you had the movie hackers with

angelina jolie and she's pretty which of


is a hollywood movie which of course you

realize is fiction

and you realize female hackers are not

that hot that

that was probably the dividing line

between stopping it from being a

documentary and

making it kind of exactly right well

they had to put the hollywood spin on it

yeah so it

you know granted it's a hollywood movie

so that's what they have to do

i mean the movie does actually contain a

lot of references to religious and

philosophical quotes

you know especially um like any of you

can remember the kind of buddhist

type kid when he has the spoon and he

says you know you understand that it's

not the spoon that bends it's you that

bends and all that type stuff

that you know you should in a way you

shape your own reality that if you can

convince yourself of something then it

you know kind of becomes your reality

kind of like you convince yourself that

curry is a good

dish that people actually like to eat

but nobody really likes it

most of the world disagrees with it now

well some of the world's greasy

yeah well yeah but the the part of the

world that disagrees with me is

not the important part of the world wow

the part of the world which agrees

with me has a lot of diarrhea it's

canada canada is the one that actually

likes curry

now no i think we're getting down to

another reason why i don't like canada

canada that's not that i think they do i

think you can go to tim hortons and get


it just wouldn't make sense to me i

don't believe you

you should well anyway there's some i

think the matrix movies

were especially the first one it leaves


i think with the dilemma of whether

you'd actually be better off not

knowing that you're in the matrix and

remaining in there

then breaking free of it because again

we're not all going to be neo and

morpheus we're going to be like i said

the guy floating in

his own piss and poo and absolutely

that's the way most of us kind of float

through life i mean

we wake up in the morning you know the

alarm goes off we woke up in the morning

and of course before the era of

covid you know we all hopped in our cars

we went to our jobs we did our job

we go home you know we watch mindless tv

maybe we read a book and then we go to

sleep and

you know rinse and repeat yeah that's

what most people do

yeah but it's amazing how 20 years later

so much of what we see reader experience

is controlled and our reality or

perception it's controlled you know more

and more by the media

social media technology that it's hard

to argue really that we're in not in

some basic form of simulation or

artificial reality because we no longer

set those parameters you know you hear

about people living off the grid going

out into the wilderness to escape

you know getting outside of the matrix

yeah they're going to go out there

they're going to be like the unabomber

and maybe not necessarily sending bombs

through the mail

but they're going to build themselves a

cabin they're going to hunt animals

they're going to live like that and

i guess that's all fine and well is that

what the unibomber did they even live in

a cabin

yeah yeah he he built himself a cabin

lived up there

and would ride a bicycle to the public


and you know read up on stuff he was a


you know he he was a smart dude but he

was a nutcase

did he choose a location close to a post

office so he could mail his packages

because that would be difficult when it

was like about 12 miles away but you got

to remember in the united states how

many post office are

in the middle of nowhere that to have

like three residents and somehow the us

postal service has decided well we need

a post office here yeah

so yeah he he was close enough where he

could ride his bicycle

to the post office yeah i don't know

maybe we need to

maybe we need to do one on the unabomber

yeah we could do or

or mentalists who went rogue yeah

we can call it that title i think

mentalists who went wrong let's make a

note of that and

we'll probably never research it and

never do it but

right yeah yeah okay that goes on to our

theme well anyway came back to

simulation theory the other movie which

kind of springs to my mind is inception

have you seen that movie

you know we've had this discussion off

the air

so many times and it's one of those

movies where i know

it's a good movie and you know i i love

movies i'm a movie buff i i love

watching movies

i still have not watched inception

and i don't have an excuse i i really

don't i

i've watched maybe the first like five

minutes of it

in it seems to me like one of those

movies where i gotta watch it by myself

because i can't watch the movie

in in knowing some of the ins and outs

of that movie

from you know reading articles and

talking to you

and things like that i can't watch it

with my wife because

i can't answer a question every 30

seconds right i've got to sit there and

i've got to

absorb that movie and of course you know

i got kids

they're going to come in they're going

to say oh dad look at this lego thing i


and i've got to focus on that movie and

i just haven't had the time to just shut

the entire world off

and enjoy that movie yeah now um

i've actually seen the movie maybe half

a dozen times i think along with the

matrix and the velocipaster and v for


uh inception's one of my favorite movies

of all time i think

yeah i mean you throw star wars a new

hope in there and that's my top five

movies of all time well there you go

i mean obviously the lost pastor gets up


and matrix saying you know i i've

watched that but yeah

inception fell in that bizarre time in

my life

you know young family just didn't have

the opportunity to go to the movies see

that and then when it came out on dvd

didn't rent it didn't do any of that

stuff you know because we're taking care

of the kids all that

and it's it's floating out there as one

of those movies where

i know i've got to sit down i know i got

to watch this movie

i i totally know i have to watch this

movie but

i've got to ostracize everybody around


shut my telephone off everything so i

can focus on the movie

and we can't even research

a podcast how am i going to do this i

i've just got to figure out a way

yeah and i'll figure out a way one of

these yeah now without spoiling it for

you and anybody else who hasn't seen the


it's basically around creating a world

in which dreams are indistinguishable to

the real world

except that almost everybody except for

you is an npc which in the gaming world

is a non-player character

right and it's basically a creation of

your brain

and that when you're within that dream

although there may be a few clues it's

not a dream if you can

almost perfectly create that dream

environment and scenario that the person

within the dream

is incapable of telling the difference

between that dream and reality and so

if you can jump into that dream almost

like dream sharing

you can convince that person that

something is real or that they need to

do something or

plan a false memory to try and get them

to do something when they're awake it

actually affects their conscious world

right so so how would this fit into

a movie like the truman show well with

the truman show

you have to remember that he he believed

that his entire life was reality when in

fact the whole thing was being

orchestrated that was more like a

version of the sims playing the scenes

but everybody was a real person but they

were all playing a role yeah they were

all out and

his his whole world was you know kind of

artificial you know they implanted that

kind of bad memory from his childhood

about traveling on the sea

you know and and that's the only way he

could actually escape that place where

he was at and so they created that fear

that he couldn't

get away from this place did he want to

get in the water because yeah he's

scared of it so that kind of trapped him

in there

yeah now i think we should actually you

know just for the sake of saying we

covered this topic

thoroughly which i think we already have

so this is really just a bonus

this is just a bonus really i wanted to

get into a little bit of the very very

basic science

as in like the kind of maybe pre-k to


type level okay but i've got some big

subscribers on my level

are you going to make me guess things no

no this is not one of those topics

that's fair to make anybody guess

so there's a philosopher named nick


um and what i say is a philosophy

studies a lot of math and physics and

everything else but i think his

base trade is kind of philosopher and he

examined the simulation theory

using i guess what he considered might

be developments in technology through

quantum computing all this type stuff

and he concluded that there's a 50

chance that we're actually living in a

simulation at the moment wow

50 50. well i mean the actual that's a

coin flip well

the actual calculation is fifty point

two two two two

two to forty nine point seven seven

seven eight

in favor so it's actually slightly more

in favor of us being in a yeah

so simulation you know i remember a guy

years ago that

i would always say well you know choose

heads or tails right and he would always


well what kind of coin are you going to

flip i'd say

what difference does that mean he would

always say well

depending on the coin it's not always 50


because of the way the coins are made

they actually

tend to go heads and tails depending on

the coin so

typically you know just like right now

this coin flip

kind of airs the side of

more than 50 percent yeah we're living

in a simulation and

actually that's and actually in terms of

coin flipping and 50 50

if you used the kind of common sense


you know each flip of the coin is not

dependent upon the previous one

when you're first given that i guess uh

idea when you're small when you're a kid

you think okay then logically

when you toss ahead yeah there's next

one should be your tails

then it should be head then tails and

head than towels when in reality you

might have six heads in a row then a

couple of towels and one head then four


they're really because it's not reliant

on the previous tasks that

it's even if you have nine heads there's

no guarantee the next one's still not

going to be ahead

exactly that's the tail but anyway we're

kind of getting off the point a little

bit there but

like i said i mean we never do that yeah

i mean he really

did kind of compare it in a way to

somebody whether it be a computer or an

intelligent being

playing a very advanced game of the sims


you know for me whoever threw in 2020

into the sims mix and he's a nail gun to

the testicles

absolutely yeah but it's theory like i

said it's based on a combination of

math physics and philosophy

but it relies on you know the

advancement of quantum

supercomputers to a point where ai


indistinguishable you know from the

human brain in terms of the reality


what computer might conceive of and

actually be able to prove

in terms of okay physically this could

exist abiding by the laws of physics

that the human brain would be confused

by the complexity of that world

i mean again going back to inception you

know there's certain things which happen

in the dreams

which are obvious signs that it's

not reality sure and the brain and it's

that part

where it confuses the brain and then

makes you wake up and question whether

you are in a dream or start questioning

that reality

that you know if quantum computing could


simulate an entire universe it

wouldn't have to be i guess as detailed

as we consider because it could be like

the truman show where really

you know the sky is just a computer

image there is

no you know millions and billions of

light years of space it's just really

10 feet it's just the projection

convinces us you know i

i think we probably all had that

experience where

we've walked into

you know let's say a grocery store and

and there's all these people walking

around that you've never seen before

you have these random interactions with

them like you say in npc

non-playable character and all of a


you see somebody you know and you're

like oh

you know now we crossed paths

i haven't seen you in a month i haven't

really thought about you that much

let's catch up for five minutes but

you also think to yourself i don't think

about this person

at all you're not really part of my


my world is centric to my

group of friends my family my

all of this and whatever happens out

there unless there's some catastrophe

in your family that i find out about

then i feel bad for that but you don't

think about that

it sounds like very much taylor swift's

on where she's trying to convince

herself that she's over her ex-boyfriend

which one is that that's one thing i

think all of the songs i think all of

them yeah

yeah yeah yeah except shake it off check


out shake it off yeah that's where it

started going down

she should have stayed kind of the way

she should have stayed country

there's a long health theory surrounding

that whole thing about dreams you know

we were talking about inception

that lucid dreaming and hallucigenic

influence streams and visions

where the brain can actually create a


reality also aided by the physiological

effects those drugs or lucid dreaming

might have on you like

you genuinely feel warm or cold or

couldn't feel or touch

in your dreams because i mean again you

know touch

even in reality it's still a bunch of

signals sent back to your brain so that


so if your brain is receiving those

signals that you've been touched you can

feel that touch even if you haven't been


right or or would it be that there are

certain things that happen in your life

that you thought

might be a dream then you realize the


or on the flip side some things you've

been thinking about

so much that you think something

actually happened and it didn't well

that's the whole

controversy about when they were

interviewing i think

people who said they were survivors of

satanic child abuse that they'd had

implanted memories

whether it be through hypnosis or

whatever that they were recalling events

that didn't actually happen but they

were so convinced

that they happened that they would have

nightmares and physiological reactions

to when they were when they thought

about it or were prompted to tell their

story about it and it's the same thing


some ufo abductions that you know is it

implanted kind of memory false memories

yeah but yeah you can also play kind of

those psychological games there

there's tons of documentaries and

podcasts and everything about people

that make

uh false

uh what am i looking for uh confessions

false confessions of crimes yeah they

didn't commit a crime but all of a


they falsely confessed to a crime they

didn't commit yeah

same thing yeah actually yeah that

reminds me

on the opposite side of that i think the

movie was called the number 23

and this guy saw this number everywhere

and it turns out he was actually a

killer but it repressed the memories

of him committing these crimes and so

this was the opposite instead of him

remembering something which didn't

happen he had forgotten something which

did happen

but eventually reality and all these

patterns led him to this point where he

actually discovered the truth about

himself yeah

i mean totally possible yeah in scary at

the same time yeah

now our good buddy elon musk

hey by the way uh the day we're

recording this

elon said he's got the coven

uh took four tests two were positive

two were negative elon's saying he's got

a moderate case

uh get well soon elon you know we like

what you're doing

uh i know you're sitting there probably

trying to figure out

whether or not you actually have it but

you know what

uh the wolf and i we've had it uh we got

over it

i thought i thought he was over it i

thought he took something like dayquil

for about four hours and he was well i

know he was there

no he did take the day quill uh but

he did post on twitter or something that

you know

he does have a moderate case nasa kept

him away from the spacex launch and

all that good stuff but you know what

yeah uh

if anybody elon's gonna get over it and

and we're just wishing you well

but uh yes good buddy elon musk although

neither one of us have ever met him but

yeah you know we like the dude

yeah he's a good dude we're ready for

you on the show when you're ready

elon yeah now what do you know which

will never happen let's be honest

but hey hey we can dream understand and

the same goes for you too joe rogan oh

oh oh we can

we can dream just kind of like what

we're talking about here in this

simulation theory i mean

what what if we were sitting here with

elon musk

and joe rogan and then you know we're

having a big conversation

and alex jones pops in with his shirt

off and just starts screaming

i mean i i'm pretty sure we can die

happy after that

i don't know about alex jones taking his

shirt off i'm not sure i'm gonna die

very happy if that's one of the last


oh i would you know i would i i'm a


male but i would not mind alex jones

just jumping in our studio with joe

rogan and elon musk sitting here and of


joe's eating his mushrooms and smoking


and elon saying yeah go ahead and give

me that and

alex jones busts in screaming everybody


starts screaming with no shirt on i

would say

i'm pretty sure there's nothing else in

my life i can accomplish after this

i i think we just hit the highlight so

now what do you know about elon musk's


thing so i i read a little bit on the

internet about it and it's

very interesting uh

spoiler alert i'll never do it but uh

i don't believe you oh believe me i i

i would never let him do that to me

but the whole pig thing that

that he had going i mean it's extremely


i mean there's so much

possibility there uh i

i think we're getting to the point to

where we can

you know transplant those thoughts ideas

or whatever

into an artificial being that can

live on forever i think yeah

and depending on what you believe and of

course i don't believe

this but a lot of people believe that

walt disney you know

froze his body and you know is

gonna try to be woke up later on

in the whole cryogenics thing is kind of

a mess

but i think we're getting closer to the

reality of the cryogenics thing that you

can actually

take that consciousness and plan it into

a computer

i think they should keep him frozen

because his last bunch of movies were


well maybe he's had some time to think

about it now well yeah but

but let's be honest walt disney wasn't


you know you know and by the way well

that's why they made the movie frozen so

all the google searches would be

corrected to where

walt disney frozen would point to that


so people that's not why they made that

yeah no that's why it is

oh conspiracy just let it go let it go

max let it go

conspiracy theory let it go conspiracy

conspiracy theory that's why it is

google it so um you're not you're not up

for having a kind of brain

machine interfacing

one of my big things against it is not


well maybe most people would have this

it's just like when you die

the thing is like make sure your best

friend clears your browser history

but one of the one of the things which

this uh neural link is supposed to do

it's supposed to enable telepathy now

for me

that would be a bad idea i don't want

people knowing what my thoughts

are because i'm just i'm just gonna get

arrested i'm gonna get beaten up yeah

i'm going to be arrested on

yeah what what time what was the tom

cruise movie

where that was the whole thing they were

trying minority rep yeah they were

trying to solve crimes before they

happened yeah

you know because somebody had this

thought they were going to do something

they arrested them

i'm like if we enacted that

i've got 30 seconds yeah they'd probably

be crying in prison

they'd turn up and be like fair enough

yeah yeah

that's fine it was me in the future i

was gonna do it yeah

probably so yeah yeah both of us but he

also claims it will render physical

disabilities as

you know mostly unimportant because you

know you can do things through this

virtual reality where otherwise you

wouldn't be

able to do them because you're limited

you know well yeah but

you look at somebody like stephen

hawking yeah you know

and and he was supposed to be one of the

great minds of

physics for years and you know he's

confined to this wheelchair

and he's got his little computer voice

and then he goes on big bang theory

and he guest stars on that or whatever

and he's supposed to be this great mind

so yeah we we totally get rid of the

physical part of being able to walk


and maybe you're in a wheelchair and

then it's like okay you can't walk but

you can still communicate and then you

have stephen hawking which just

you know he was all kind of curled up in

that wheelchair but was still able

to do all this stuff then if you just

have the brain

going then yeah you don't need the

physical body to take you around you're

just plugged in

kind of like the matrix yeah yeah you're

in this

pool or soup of goo with a

plug in the back of your head

transmitting data yeah now did you hear

actually and this is allegedly but i

heard this from a ricky gervais stand up

actually so

if this isn't true then don't blame me

i'm just repeating what i've heard

that stephen hawking you know he married

i think his caregiver his nurse

uh i think that was his that was his

wife well after that

i've watched the movie but it's been a

long time ago but i i think i doubt i

don't think i don't think they put this

part in which i'm about to tell you

well anyway apparently after they got

married after a while she started

mistreating him she'd leave him out in

the sun

um she'd hit him and stuff she'd be like

ow why don't you keep hitting me what

happened to all the sex

yeah you know you know kind of like kind

of went downhill yeah kind of like my

daughter with a rabbit

yeah i was like no i'm not gonna feed

you i'm not gonna tell my dad that

you're out of food i'm just gonna

let you starve then i'm gonna look at

you in the cage every night when i go to


and wonder why you dial right yeah well

elon musk actually said about this uh

neurolink that it's like a

fitbit in your skull i think that was

his actual quote

you know i'd rather it was an eye watch

but i can see where he's going with it

you know well at least the iwatch is

going to tell you what the weather is

right yeah

yeah the fitbit's like oh yeah stop

being lazy yeah

take more steps i'm like well wait if


gonna be this city of being that i don't

have to move around

yeah then why do i need to take steps

just leave me alone that's all you need


oh something else in your head nagging

at you that you're not doing the right

thing you know

i already have a wife i don't need

another one

now do you think we've kind of been


heading in the direction of a simulated

sorry a simulation theory or rather

trying to escape this world into a

virtual world for years anyway i mean

you look at virtual reality augmented

reality it's all about escaping this

world and trying to live in a

world which is more preferable and

escape let's not even take

it that far let's think about social

media yeah i mean you can put this

pretend world on right now

in social media you don't post a picture

on social media of you

you know going on a bad vacation yeah

well that's why it's called

fake book instead of facebook because

you live a life which isn't necessarily

every everybody reality on there puts

either the

really good stuff on facebook or on


in the whole instagram thing you know

you put the filters on you make yourself

look really great

nobody says oh you know stuck in traffic

again today oh some people did yeah

they've got two followers and if it was

myspace it would be

tom from myspace so that they'd have a

grand total of two people that are

following them right but it social media


all about you know the best parts of

what's going on right so

so you have that kind of first step

of this virtual world uh

you know look at me i'm going on


look at the beach i'm at let me take 200

pictures of myself

and pick the best one to go ahead and

post on here

uh there's no polaroid picture there's


take a picture with a disposable camera


drop that off at a you know walgreens or

something like that and wait for the

pictures to be developed so i can look

through these and post them

you know it that's where we're at right


and so we're about to be at that next


of what you're starting to describe and

i think

again even you take something as simple

as tvs the fact they got

larger and larger and cheaper and

cheaper and moved up to 4k

and now moving to 8k that again it's

that we want

the experience to be so immersive that

we escape

reality and we're absolutely convinced

we're in this movie or in whatever we're


and we hide ourselves in our own little

capsule yeah where we can say well i can

experience this stuff just as good

sitting right here on my couch then

actually venturing out into the world

and seeing it

yeah so um do you think

overall we've covered as much from

simulation theory as most people who

want to waste 30 minutes can really uh

take or do you think there's actually

more to it than we've said i mean do you

think it's

do you think there's a more nefarious

future to simulation theory that as much

as we want it as an escape and to live a

perfect life that it will actually

lead to more of a dystopia than a utopia

if we really get into a

oh i i think we're going to go to a


you know it it kind of goes back to what

we were talking about at the beginning

of the podcast about sim city

yeah right you can play that game

and you initially start playing the game

correctly you try to play by the rules

then you get bored yeah and i think the

the message here is the boredom

yeah right so if we are in this

simulation theory

and god or whoever it is is starting to


bored maybe that explains what's going


you know because everything's clicking


just great and then all of a sudden

whoever's in charge of the simulation

theory is like i'm kind of bored

let let me throw some curveballs here

yeah because

because i'm sitting here bored

everybody in my simulation theory is

bored so

let me see how they can react to uh


let me see how they can react to

whatever it is yeah and i think that's

where we're getting to well a couple of

points on that

one you have to remember that uh the

xbox series x has just come out and

along with playstation 5 i don't think

god's going to be bored for at least

another five or six years with

some of the great titles which are going

to be coming out in 2021 so

if it and of course this is 100 percent

on topic

does god buy a playstation 5 or an xbox


oh no but you know what if if he had to

choose which one's he going to choose

well it depends i guess on which

exclusive titles are going to be

released next year but he already knows

which ones in advance so i guess he's

already chosen

you know god's buying an xbox well god's

blind if i was god i'd buy an xbox

absolutely yeah yeah he's buying an xbox

but additionally they saw this is also

something let's put

god aside because god is perfect and god

is love but

that's why he's buying an xbox but if a

human was in charge of this whole

simulation theory thing that's when i'd

get worried because then

then that's when it would be like flight

simulator or sim city or the scene

whereas if a machine if a computer was

in charge of it i'd feel a little bit

more at ease because i don't think

unless it had true ai and went

sorry uh well yeah true ai and had a you

know evil intent or a bad sense of humor

that the computer would actually be

sending storms and you know

plagues and all this type of stuff to

disrupt us yeah but you know what they

could get bored too

well i don't know because they'd also

have access

to a xbox series x simulator on their

quantum computer and so they could play

against other super computers

yeah but there's only so much rocket

league and goat simulator that they're

going to play

before they're just saying you know what

i'm sick of this let's just hit the

power button

so that's that's our uh wise

interpretation of the future is it

quantum computers playing

goat simulator yeah right and speaking

of hitting the power button

uh thanks for tuning in to this episode

of the wolf and the shepherd and we'll

catch you on the next one