Nov. 17, 2020

Episode 27 - Vaccines

The Wolf AND The Shepherd discuss the world of vaccines and how they have changed our health over time.


welcome to this episode of the wolf and

the shepherd today we're gonna

talk about just a little prick

just just a little prick

and don't take this the wrong way

because we're not trying to

put any kind of intonation in this but

actually what we're going to talk about

is vaccines

and of course if you're following the

news which i think we are

all following the news right now trying

to figure out what's going on especially


vaccines and the uh coven 19

and all that good stuff uh we decided we

we'd take a little dive with our

crack squad of research

and figure out what are vaccines

why should we be concerned about


and should we be concerned about this

new coveted vaccine

right um when i first suggested the

subtitle of it's just a little prick

the shepherd kind of went a bit glassy

eyed and got a little bit upset it

brought back too many memories of what

had been said to him in the past

absolutely i i always

you know worry about the fact that you

try to trick me into some of these

topics yeah and and i felt this was

another trick

possibly yeah it's a subliminal dig


uh titles in parentheses um now um

during the research for vaccines or

inoculation whatever you want to call it

well what what do they call it in

britain because over here

in the united states it's always

vaccines you know you're getting


but but you talk about inoculation yeah

is that just more of a

medical word i mean you called it

vaccines over there yeah okay yeah i


the kind of people you hear use the word

inoculation i don't think a general


everyday type person that's right just

another way for them to describe it

without well

in the same word inoculation has so many

more syllables than vaccines yeah

it's easier to say vaccine it's worth

more in words with friends

for sure but um

yeah looking i was actually very

surprised about

you know how far back you know vaccines


inoculation goes i was actually

surprised to see it goes back

over a thousand years to china

where they actually climbed they'd

actually grind up smallpox

scabs and that either blow them up your

nostrils which i'm sure must have been a

very pleasant experience

sure or they'd actually scratch them

into the skin on your arm

okay but i'm assuming it must have had

some kind of level of success unless

this was just one of those

things where you know there was no level

of empirical study going on whatsoever

sure and of course you think today

with the vaccine testing and you asked

for volunteers for that

can you imagine back then when you know

back in china and there's like hey look

i want to scratch your skin i want to

rub all this bad stuff in your skin and


want to figure out whether or not this

works for you

and some dudes got to be like yeah huh

okay yeah

yeah let's give it a shot yeah i'm not

sure all this

test subjects were necessarily


you know they probably got a whole bunch

of people blew some scabs up in the


scratched some smallpox stuff into their

arm and just kind of the cards fell

where they

yeah did really no there's probably a

lot of truth to that

and guarantee they weren't being paid

like seven hundred and fifty dollars per

yeah oh no no it's not like going and

donating blood or anything else like

that and there's

monetary value it's probably a lot of

military where they said

okay soldiers hey come over here we're

gonna do this to you and

and let's figure this deal out but

you've got to wonder who came up

with that idea to blow the scabs up the

nose it's one thing which is always

surprised me by things like um i think


i think it's hemorrhoid ointment one of

the largest

parts of it is shark liver oil and you

have to think well how did

somebody kind of have that idea that as

shark's liver

the oil from it would cure hemorrhoids i

mean i kind of thought that it'd be a

man wandering along the beach

late at night hemorrhoids killing him

sees the dead shark washed up on the


thinks you know what i'm going to cut it

open grab the liver and stick it up my

butt and see if that helps with


it worked and you know yeah well it it's

kind of like the old story about

uh preparation h you worry about

all the people that took preparation a

through g

you know they they finally got to h and

they figured it out and then of course

everybody says oh well the age stands

for hemorrhoids

uh did it really or or

or or were there certain people

that did tested a through g and and had

horrible yeah adverse effects right that

that would be terrible to think about

well even something like if it had

landed on preparation g they could have

still said oh yeah it just means giant


lumps on your butthole or something you

know exactly i think they just made it

fit the narrative yeah

no it makes total sense yeah and one

thing another thing which actually

surprised me when i was looking up

this stuff about china having very early

versions of

i guess inoculations or whatever was

that um

the website i went to it used the date c

e which means in the common era now

there's also bce which means before the

common era

and you know they use this instead of bc

before christ and

no dominar in the year of our lord but

and you weren't going to a website that


shows videos that are not suitable for

work right no

okay no okay just making sure no but i i

know that's the first time i've actually

it's the first time i've actually seen

that and i actually had to open up

another browser

window and look up in the search engine

what ce

and bce meant because i'd

actually never seen it down like that

but i think

what i could get from it is i think it

was invented by people who cry when

they're seeing god we trust on money

sure i i mean it makes total sense the

the ironic part about the whole

ce and bce is

they're still using the same years right


in the old school way it's before christ

and anna domini

but they didn't change the numbering


they just decided to change the way we

talk about

it they they kept that so they're

acknowledging the fact

of this is when the calendar changed

yeah we're just going to rename that so

kind of ridiculous they're weird but

anyway in 1796

i believe a.d anno domini in the year of

our lord

yeah common era right and

edward jenner actually used cowpox


to create immunity to cow pox do you

think they were related to

caitlyn jenner uh i would say so

it has to be there's got to be a

correlation here

oh big rabbit hole there maybe we

shouldn't go around there but

yeah yeah there's something there but

anyway so my logic my logical

thing from reading that sentence was huh

i wonder if cows get

cow pox and what's your guess on that

one shepherd what well do cows get cows

chickens get chicken pox do monkeys get

monkey pox

do uh midgets get smallpox

yeah i don't know so i i would say cows


not get cow pox that would be my guess

they actually do get cowpens and there

we go and they get

i i'm a hundred percent wrong guessing

yeah as always and they get

lesions on the udders and teats which is

a bit like

a date in a zombie i think yeah

yeah so so does that mean monkeys get

monkey parks and chickens get chicken


and midgets get small parks again i

wasn't curious enough to look to see

whether those things are true maybe one

of our listeners could actually email us

and let us know

yeah or a future podcast yeah we'll

we'll figure that out yeah

because i actually spent so much time

looking up some of this stuff i've

worried i'm going to be flagged for

encouraging biological warfare or


yeah you got to be careful with that

very careful with that now actually

once you get to 1885 we actually found

somebody you and i had both heard of

louis pasteur and when he developed the

rabies vaccine

ah okay yeah well it it was that

in milk you know he was big pasteurizing

milk yeah

yeah yeah so so of course we you know we

always think of louis pasteur as

pasteurizing milk but we

also forget about the fact that he was

working with vaccines as well

i'm i'm still gonna just uh remember the

milk thing i

bet by the end of the week i'm gonna

forget about the fact he did anything

with it right

we've got about a minute and a half and

i'm going to forget about

louis pasteur and vaccines but walk us

through it

well that's it that's it

it seemed like a good title because

we've heard of him and he came up with

the rabies vaccine so there we go he's

got a name check he should be happy

i i hope so you should be happy and and


let's move on to the next topic and

forget about louis pasteur in the next

45 seconds

because i've already forgotten about

edward jenner even with the bruce and

caitlyn jenner joke have already

forgotten about yeah but see here

i'm still thinking about that a little

bit yeah because

the last time i checked the pasteur

family didn't have any kind of

controversial stuff

but uh i i think if we go

like another minute or so i'll probably

forget about

you know the jenner family having

something to do

with vaccines yeah so it was it wasn't

actually long after

uh louis pasteur came up with the rabies

vaccine that

a whole bunch of vaccines came up for a

lot of diseases which were

you know killer diseases pretty prolific

around the world

i mean they managed to counter


tetanus anthrax cholera plague

typhoid tuberculosis etc in a pretty

short period of time i think once they

got it down they just kind of

ran with the project yeah i mean good

for them it's like oh

okay hey we figured out a way to

start to eradicate these diseases and


you know process basically is

getting everybody healthier yeah people

are not

dying from these diseases that they

shouldn't be dying from in the first


they figured out a way yeah and

according well according to the world

health organization

immunization prevents about two to three

million deaths each year

now i'm always a little bit skeptical

when you use kind of

relatively low numbers but there's such

a big gap because if somebody says to me

oh it's between

480 billion and 490

billion i'm kind of like well i can

understand why it's not exact but

between two and three million that's


tight window yeah it's it's it's a tight

window but

you'd figure by now they'd be doing

research to get their data a little bit

more exact than that

because you know obviously the world's

population is increasing

right so you'd consider there's more


and you'd be able to track i guess

you know somewhat accurately

you know as in deaths in previous years

what percentage of people

you know lives are being saved so i just

thought that

two to three million was just kind of a

guess i think they asked uh

frank late on a friday afternoon when he

really wanted to go home

said frank how many lives a year do you

think you're safe by vaccines

i don't know two to three million all

right we're running oh well yeah it's

not like anybody can fact-check us so

you know yeah buy me a pint and yeah

and send me on my way that that's all

all i got going for yeah

now um the cdc actually estimate that

one percent of children in the

united states don't receive any

vaccinations at all now part of this is

one person wow okay but part of that is

down to you know illegal immigrants

being scared to kind of register their

kids to go and get

you know vaccines but well yeah and of

course they're

kind of scared with that because they

don't want to get punished out of the

country yeah it makes sense and the

other side of it

is obviously the anti-vaxxers you know

people who don't believe in any type of

vaccination at all

sure so i mean i guess that kind of

makes up for that

um but strangely enough i mean the world

health organization report there are

only actually no let's play another

you've got no chance of guessing this


yeah yeah here we go yeah yeah i'm i'm

sure i will lose this one as well i

i'm pretty sure i'm over a million

here so so hit me with this one so how

many licensed

vaccines do you think there are to

prevent diseases such as you know

whooping cough and all this type of


that have actually been licensed for use

by the world health organizations

throughout the world

throughout the world wow okay i'm

i mean you think about how many

diseases and everything are out there

i'm i'm

gonna say a hundred

twenty-seven just 227. yeah

god it seems to me that there should be

so many more i mean i i think about my


in the vaccines that they get as they


growing up and you know a lot of the

vaccines that they got

were the same vaccines that i got when i

was a kid but

i do remember when my kids went to the


and the doctor is explaining to to me

and my wife you know

here's the vaccines that your your kid's

gonna get

and they listed chickenpox and i said

there's a chickenpox vaccine that was

part of growing up for me

everybody got the chicken oh yeah we'd

have parties to make sure everybody goes


yeah yeah yeah there was no chicken pox

vaccine everybody got the chicken pox

and you just suffered through that and

you knew

once you were done with the chicken pox

you couldn't get it again yeah now

there's a vaccine

because i i was thinking as a young


you know i remember as a kid having the

chicken pox and thinking

you know this is going to suck to have

my kids go through the chickenpox

and you know my oldest daughter is 17

years old never had the chickenpox has

had the vaccine will never have the


but that's fantastic kind of looking


years ago my dad was the same way

when he found out that there was a

measles vaccine because my dad had the


and that was something growing up in

kansas that everybody got the measles

and it kind of you know was a

survival of the fittest kind of deal can

you get through the measles

and my dad kind of had that same

reaction that

well i thought my kid was just gonna

have to have the measles that's part of

growing up

yeah and so there we are with that

i'm pretty sure in the 80s actually

there were similar parties

aids parties where everybody went to try

and catch aids but unfortunately that

didn't catch on once people realized

that that had to do with certain music


in in certain uh people of uh

diversified origin yeah yeah

well we'll leave it at that yeah because

we don't want to get

too discriminatory yeah now what i

couldn't find

and i did go to a bunch of different

websites was exactly how many different

types of vaccines there

are there are depending where you go

anywhere between four and six

different types how they're described

really yeah i mean one's called um

a live vaccine a live background

attenuated that's where they actually

put in

i think the live cultures into you and

jet you were the actual

oh wow okay so they're they're basically

giving you the disease yeah then you

have a inactivated

um there's toxoid subunit

and conjugate so uh at this point in

time i had a little bit of research

fatigue so i absolutely made

any zero attempt to find any difference

between those lower ones

yeah i just say it's just too much yeah

that that that was too much

just to try to explain it to me right

now yeah

but according to the cdc and i actually

do not believe this

statistic whatsoever is that flu

vaccinations reduce the risk of flu

by between forty and sixty percent i

don't believe again i think that's a

guess but i also don't believe that

i don't believe it i i don't believe it

yeah i i

i don't think flu vaccines help i don't

believe you

i i don't believe you yeah yeah the

problem is

you're not saying this is true so i

can't say i don't believe

you but i don't believe you who with the

the flu vaccine yeah i just i

i just i don't believe it have you ever

had have you ever had a flu vaccination

nope no i had never have i had one

maybe about eight or nine

years ago and that's the only time in

the last

eight or nine years i actually got the

flu if it makes you feel better i've

lied about the fact of getting a flu


because my wife wants me to get a flu


and i've said yeah i i went to walgreens

i went to cvs i went here and i got

one i totally lied about it i'm not

gonna get it

yeah i'm not afraid of the flu so if i

get the flu i get the flu

i'll be fine you'd rather have the flu

than a little prick

yes yes yes we'll go with yes on that


good choice now this again going back to

the cdc they actually say that

um your child should be protected from


14 different vaccine preventable

diseases by the age of two

sure which which is a lot oh it's a lot

i i i mean i remember my kids of course

you know you

you've got a kid as well it you know you

go to the doctor

and every time you turn around it's like

oh we're gonna give them like three or

four shots and then we're gonna prevent

all these diseases

and most of them you don't even think

about it's like oh measles mumps rubella

i gotta be honest with you i don't even

know what rebella

is but i know we get vaccines for it

and so that means that disease is still

floating around somewhere

so we still have to be back for it i

thought that was like

is that not connected to like german

measles and the mmr chap i don't know

again i didn't do enough research by now

exactly but but there's so many vaccines

we get

i don't know what these diseases are i

just say well

i had a shop for this i i'm good yeah i

don't worry about it with the six most

uh deadly diseases actually which you're

supposed to be able to prevent

via vaccination colorblindness uh

no there is one for that but the needle

is about the size of a bicycle pump

needle and they have to do it

directly in the eye and so they haven't

found enough people volunteering for

that stuff

i'll stick with my color blindness then

yeah but the six most deadly diseases

anyway are measles

polio diphtheria whooping cough

tetanus and tuberculosis so those are

the ones i mean i've heard of all of

those so i can understand

you know the kind of need to inject and

prevent those i mean they're the largest

and so the the only one that i kind of


remember some of the rules on is tetanus

because they always talk about you

should have a tetanus shot every 10


right so yeah the basically yeah yeah

so so you got measles mumps rubella

chickenpox all these and and you have


course of vaccinations and now you you

have the immunity

but why haven't they figured out a way


make you immune for your whole life with

tetanus yeah you always have to have

this tetanus booster

i remember watching the show er and you


they'd have somebody come into the the

er and of course this is tv but

there's still a little bit of reality

here and

you know somebody had

been impaled by an object or whatever

and they'd always say and give them a

tetanus booster yeah

like why haven't we figured out a way to

make us immune to tetanus yeah when


all these other diseases where we

figured out a way to just give you a

couple of shots when you're a little

baby and you

can't remember this but somehow we

haven't figured out tetanus well i don't

i don't think we all have the same

level of i guess weakness to tetanus

i remember in england they'd also used

to call it you know tetanus is to

protect against blood poisoning

which you know infection by you know

going over a you know blunt dirty object

whatever but i haven't had a booster now

i don't think in 30 years

and yet some of the work i've done you

know i've tried on nails

scratched the heck out of myself and

never really had a reaction so i wonder

after you've

had a few of the boosters that your


not maybe 100 you know immune but right

along those lines

you've got enough antibodies floating

around your system to kind of

fight this way in in going back to what

you said

i haven't had a tetanus booster

since i was a teenager right

at least so you're talking about 20 plus

years ago and if you're supposed to have

one every 10 years

i mean i'm way behind on that but i've

stepped on nails

i've had you know metal rusty metal that

that was always the

the deal it's always rusty metal right

you step on a screw you step on a nail

it you get some kind of metal with rust

on it and that's going to give you


right and that's happened

i can't even remember how many times

it's happened to me

and apparently i haven't had tetanus so


well a lot of um the isds the

independent school districts here in the


actually require that your children have

a certain number of vaccinations and you

have to provide certificates or they


allow them to come to schools and i

thought originally all this only must be

you know some states and the usual

suspects at that but there's actually

laws in all 50 states that allow

independent school districts to pretty

much make their own rules about

what vaccinations your kids have to have

now there is

like medical exemptions um

and amazingly like even my son you know

has autism he didn't have to have

a number of vaccinations on the list

because there still isn't conclusive

proof that some of these vaccines

don't necessarily cause autism but don't

you know maybe increase the chances if

you get in it or if you've already get


already got it make it worse and that's

partly due to the

uh build up of the heavy metals which is

the delivery system

into the brain and you know some


i guess physiology doesn't deal with


very well and it causes those issues

which lead to

you know kids being on the spectrum and

you know whether it be adhd or

autism or whatever we're all different

i mean it you know no white person no

black person

no brown person

you know wherever you want to go with


we're all different and we're all going


react to things differently whether it's

vaccines whether it's drugs whether it's

you know whatever else that there's so

many variables out there

so to give this finite description of

here's what is going to happen when i

inject you with this

is pseudoscience

there's no way for anybody to know what

exactly is going to happen with anybody

you got all the different blood types

you you have body mass index you

you have all these crazy things that can

be out there

to determine how your body is going to

react to certain foods

whether or not you're going to be

allergic to eating peanut butter

or get stung by a bee or whatever

science hasn't figured that out yet

right so

i i totally believe that and it makes

sense and i

you know before we decided to talk about

the subject

i had done research in the past about

why they put heavy metals

certain metals in what what metals are

they putting in there uh well mainly

it's aluminum and mercury

okay and they used it

mercury in what aluminum aluminium

there you go yeah yeah you're supposed

to say aluminium

you know that's the way the british

people but you know what you've been in

this country so long now you're saying

aluminum yeah so

so we're we're converting you so we're

slowly converting you

so that that's good to hear you

pronounce that word correctly

yeah well they're basically used as a


which means their presence boosts the

immune response

from the vaccination now whether that

means if they weren't included

they wouldn't be anywhere near as

effective or it just kind of increases

the effectiveness a little bit i don't

know but given them

a number of studies over the last 20 to

30 years

and there still hasn't been a definitive


because there hasn't been a long enough


which people will dare kind of dip their

fingers into as such to come out and

say that some of these vaccines are

dangerous i mean they're over

um half of parents in the united states

believe that the flu shot

actually increases the chances of their


getting the flu and thankfully the flu

shot's not on that list

of what you have to have to be able to

go to school

right it look it like you say

with all of this time and research

i i don't think the time's gonna change

any of this because i don't think we're

ever gonna figure it out

yeah our science hasn't gotten there yet

uh as much as you and i both agree that

science is trying their best to figure

this out

they're still not there they're still

making best guesses

yeah and so you've got to say well okay

these guys over here they're they're

studying this they're in laboratories

they've got their

white coats on they got their pocket

protectors on

uh they never go on dates they eat

terrible food

and they have zits all over their faces

we hope that because we're all out there

living our lives that there's somebody

locked up in a lab

trying to figure this out for the rest

of the population that sounds like me

when i was 14 actually



i i thought that's where all english

people were well

not since the uh developments in

acne treating creams you know that stuff

which boils the skin off your face when

you put it on

yeah you're not supposed to put within

like nine foot of your eye because

you have it on your face it's not like

radius of the lost ark when they open

the ark in the cupboard

no no not like okay okay so too

too much to that extreme well but i tell

you what

none of those nazis had acne after that

happened that's true

that's a benefit you've got to look at

that benefit analysis

that that was a benefit yeah let's be

honest all right

now um obviously the biggest vaccine

everybody is curious about

yeah in in in let's lead into this so

here's why we're talking about this

right now

this is why you presented let's talk

about vaccines yeah

the biggest one is what what why are we

talking about vaccines

protection against the corona oh the


the wrong dad

even though we know there there's plenty

of diseases that are actually corona

viruses we're not going to go down that

but we're talking about the covid19 the

covet the rona

that that evil thing that that is

keeping us locked down and now on the


we have this vaccine that's magically


now remember aids has been around for 40


we still don't have a vaccine for that

but magically

we're about to have a vaccine for the


yeah now actually on a little bit of an

aside i remember when

corona first appeared and

they fed us this bs about it being

connected to a manny in about

uh you know live market or whatever and

one of the best memes i saw

hey by the way bat lives matter they do

bad lives do matter

and the meme had jesus

like doing a twitter post and say hey

guys i'm back

what's been going on and right and one

of the replies to some this guy's saying


i'm not sure some guy in china ate about

and now i'm unemployed

yeah i mean that's kind of where we're


yeah that is where we're at yeah so so

now we have this news on the horizon

yeah that uh and

i think you're probably going to get

into this a little more

but uh the coveted 19 vaccine

is almost here it's almost here well

it depends what you mean by almost here

because pfizer and

biontech announced uh the vaccine a few

days ago

i don't know why they waited till after

the election i'm sure the information

was out before but

oh i'm not let's not go there no i'm i'm

sure that is

that is just yeah you know a

happenstance right

there that had nothing to do with the

election right

so that was coincidence 100 coincidence

so it's supposed to be uh over 90

effective and they had just over

43 000 people uh take part in the trials

and they're just passing through kind of

the middle towards the end of phase


at the moment but pfizer actually

expected to apply to the fda for

emergency use

authorization by november the 20th okay

so so what is this emergency use

because last i checked pfizer was the


that makes viagra so can i file

some kind of emergency use with pfizer

if i have a problem well i'm sure if you

got script

okay making a making

this might be important yeah but but

let's try to stay on topic okay

yeah so that that will make it uh let's


about two months um

since the last volunteers got their

second dose of the vaccine which

magic oh wait wait let's stop there

second dose so

so this isn't a a one shot walk away

deal no

you've got to have these boosters kind

of like tetanus where apparently you got

to get this every 10 years well i'm not

sure why

it was two part but the key thing in


is that by november 20th that will only


two months since the volunteers got

their second dose of the vaccine

okay which i don't necessarily think is

a long enough time to decide if you're

going to grow

two heads that could be convenient


yeah but the fda magically have asked

vaccine makers for two months of safety


two months so today before before they

apply for authorization

um and so it could actually be cleared


mid-december to actually be used on the

general public

yeah but but you know what you're going

into thanksgiving you're going into

christmas time you're going into kwanzaa

you're going into uh

oh why am i drawing a blank uh hanukkah

you're going into all those december

holidays wouldn't it make more sense to

have this come out say

i don't know january 21st

you know right around inauguration day

would that make more sense well i i

don't know i mean i think the

thought is that people can have this and

more people

realize that hey you know it's going to

be thanksgiving soon and then the

christmas holidays the new year

maybe if i have this vaccine now it's

going to protect protect me

from getting it from my family or from

me giving it to their family

which is why i said the whole timing to

me seems very very suspicious

it's a little bit you know a little bit


i i gotta say i wanna be

robert de niro here and goodfellas


a little bit a little bit yeah i i'm

just a

little bit i i'm i'm a little concerned

with this now i kind of know the answers

obviously but will you take it

if it's not no no i will not take it


plus we've already had it right we we've

talked about the covid before and you

and i have both already had the coven

uh so why

yeah you know look let's

let's put it this way i had chickenpox

when i was in i want to say like third

or fourth grade

why would i take a chickenpox vaccine

doesn't make any sense right i already

had the disease

once you have it you don't get it

anymore well i think the scarcity

so cdc and the world health organization

have been that

if you've caught the corona that your

immunity might only last for about six

months even though there's not really

any way of them being able to tell that

given we're

barely six months past from when yeah

but you know what fair enough

you know for for the listeners out there

i've had malaria

and it there is no malaria vaccine

and there are plenty of people that get

malaria in their life

more than once right so even though i


medicine i took i wouldn't call it a


necessarily i don't even know what the

name of it was but i

i took drugs before i went

overseas to try to help prevent me


malaria but i still got malaria

and you know now i i can't donate blood

and there's all these other restrictions

on my blood

but i would never take a malaria vaccine

knowing that hey i've had malaria before

i can get malaria again but

i would never take a chickenpox vaccine


i was always told you get chicken pox

you get over it and you don't get it

again yeah

now this talk of the corona

vaccine being made mandatory including

going door to door in some countries

where they'll check

and you have to provide your certificate

and you're going to have to carry this

certificate around with you to get

entrance to certain places

and some of these things some of the

politicians even in the united states

have talked about making this mandatory


it's not a choice thing that protect

everybody everybody has to have this

vaccine this vaccine just

had safety tests for two whole months


and by the way there there was a movie

that came out that

you and i uh off the podcast we talked


uh that kind of dealt with the same

thing you know you had the bracelet

that you had to wear saying hey you took

the vaccine

for this or whatever kind of sounds like


same thing in uh contagion

yeah i think was that the name of the

movie yeah i haven't

watched the whole thing yeah but but

it's kind of that

same deal where they're saying hey you

have to take this

to to be able to do anything

uh maybe we get to that

it's kind of scary to think about but

maybe we do get to that well just to put

your mind at rest about the vaccine

okay and this is the last piece of info

i really kind of have on it

back in september which was not that

long ago right

pfizer announced mostly

mild to moderate safety concerns in


3 profiles with occasional instances

of severe or grade 4 side effects and

this was just a few months ago but

now they're applying for it to be like

oh no it's totally safe in the fda

you're gonna be like oh yeah you've gone

through two months the safety checks

right this thing could be at your local

cvs or walmart and then injecting you

into yeah you know you go to cbs or

or walgreens or walmart or or target or

something like that or or to uh use a

phrase from one of our sponsors with

alien ale jason the board

target right

go ahead and and take this vaccine

it's gonna be okay don't worry about


but maybe we should be worried about it


wouldn't risk it to be honest i mean if

some people want to take it if

people who are high at risk because they

have you know secondary or tertiary


and catching the corona would kind of

push them over the edge

they want to take it i understand it but

you know you and i when we both had it

we were kind of

felt a bit under the weather for a day

and a half and then yeah was it it was

it was a bad flu yeah in in well even

that didn't really last that long

no it didn't and and you've known people

i've known people

that that have since had it and they've

gotten over it

and it was yeah kind of like a bad flu i


look let's be honest being sick sucks

being sick sucks whether it's

you know your nose is stopped up and

and and you're blowing your nose all the

time or you're coughing all the time

or you've got a fever or you're

lethargic or

or whatever being sick sucks

but we do have an immune system yeah

we our bodies have

a internal defense mechanism

to try to fight off these diseases

so sometimes you gotta let our bodies

say hey

we got this we got this just

go do your thing yeah go to work go go

take care of all this go to school go to

work go do your thing

we got this we don't need anything

introduced into us to to help us

now don't take me in the wrong way

to say vaccines are bad because i

believe in vaccines i think they're

good but it's the same reason

i don't take the flu vaccine or the flu

shot which is ironic if you think about

it they don't say it's the flu vaccine

every year

right they say hey come get a flu shot


it seems to me to be a little different


right and you gotta have it every year


the virus mutates or whatever in in last

time i checked

neither one of us are doctors so we

don't really know exactly how all that

works right

but i would rather rely on my immune

system to fight that off

than than pumping something into me but

if it was something horrible then yeah i

would say okay well

maybe i'll take this vaccine but what if

what if you know they put a microchip in


what if they put a microchip in me are

are we microchipping people

well with people carrying frames around

yeah but but outside of your buddy yeah

have we have we hidden in that

aluminum and mercury have we hidden a


have we done well that's the big fear

and obviously going back to the mark of

the beast and

revelations all that i just want to

leave by saying before we wrap

up again another great meme i saw about

uh vaccines was this guy saying

my father always said that laughter was

the best medicine

right which explains why nine of us died

of polio

my god yeah that it makes total sense

so uh you know we're gonna put this out

that there's been news

that this vaccine is coming

and obviously if you're gonna make your

decision on

whether or not to take this vaccine

based off what we're telling you

then you have some serious mental issues

and you

probably need to see a psychiatrist but

you know we hope that we're gonna get

out of this

covered era and we're gonna go back to


but with all that said thank you for

tuning in to this episode of the wolf

and the shepherd

and we'll catch you on the next one