Oct. 31, 2020

Episode 21 - Election 2020

The Wolf AND The Shepherd discuss their predictions of the 2020 election in the United States. Most likely we will be wrong as we normally are


welcome to this episode of the wolf and

the shepherd today we're going to be

talking about election day i mean with

election day upon us and we're going to

release this podcast before election day

because we're going to make some

predictions and everything and then once

the election happens

we're gonna see how close we got so

there's gonna be some predictions but

we're also gonna talk about you know all

things election

we're gonna try our best not to be too

partisan with this

uh kind of keep you guessing as far as

who we're voting for if if we're voting

uh you know you could leave it at that

too whether or not we

actually voted but i'm pretty sure

you're gonna

drill into me here in a little bit and

ask me if i voted so

i'm probably gonna give that up so

take it away well you know i've been

using the last few podcasts we've done

as an opportunity to sing

um a good alternative song

i heard a few years ago was every day is

election day and it was

kind of a radio-headed um type

sound to it so every day is election day

yeah you're scaring it you're scaring

away listeners again you're singing

yeah well i'm i'm trusting on a lot of

them being tone deaf to be honest with


i was actually trying to uh implore

those people because i've gone on a few

of the forums and tried to

actually bring up followers get more

followers from the tone death audience

because when we do actually release that

offset of the podcast the wolf and the

shepherds sing the classics

that's going to be our audience oh i

i'm not sure i'm looking forward to that

but yeah well

it's going to be interesting well i mean

we're going to appear on the america's

got no talent show so

yes yeah but um that title the reason i

actually mentioned that other than

trying to get an excuse to just sing was

in reality every day is election day in

terms of what the politicians put before

us and how we react to

what is done i mean people don't just

48 hours before an election decide who

to vote for i mean it's the previous

kind of four years

which really sets the trail for how


i don't think too many people shift i

mean obviously there is a percentage of

people who cross the aisle

right i think that song every day is

election day

although it's not technically true is

absolutely true

in terms of the influence that

politicians decisions do make upon us

well it should be we we should be

looking at what the politicians are

supposedly doing for us what they

actually do for us

and that as americans

that's our only chance to kind of sound

our voice off

a shepherd what have the romans ever

done for us

irrigation sanitation nothing nothing

yeah you know gondolas sorry we're just

giving a shout out to our monty python


yeah that's kind of a reach but

but now now i see where you're going

with that

but um in in texas actually by today

uh and we're october the 30th today

and tomorrow um you actually won't hear

because i think it's a late no actually

you did hear it in

our first halloween special that

tomorrow halloween is your birthday so

it is tomorrow is my so election day is

kind of overshadowed by your birthday

but by today

more than 9 million people have voted in

texas which is

more than the entire of the 2016


wow so so the early voting which

early voting is big in texas uh

most people vote early but you still


those die hards that want to vote on

election day

that that's kind of their thing yeah and

election day

is of course tuesday so

more people have voted early than


voted in total for the 2016 election

that's crazy to think about

but if you if you stop and think about

uh the kind of

push that has been on voting in this

election i

i haven't seen one i don't think in

any election whatsoever with you go on

facebook and they say have you

registered to vote have you voted

uh it's all over the place it's vote

vote vote

it's really being forced down our

throats this election cycle yeah

and um so far actually in the whole of

the united states

just under 85 million have already voted

so far which

wow and um the estimates that most of

those people are actually alive as well

so i think we might have

actually you know relatively fair

election in that

now did you vote already i have i voted

uh not this past saturday but saturday


no uh by mail or did you actually go to

the polling station

no i i went to a uh election place

i was in and out in less than 10 minutes

uh there was lots your wife said that

was a record by the way yeah

yeah yeah uh that yeah that that

that was definitely a record it it's

usually a lot less than that

but you know but but this time i did


10 minutes yeah and uh went in and

was able to fill out my little form get

uh everything was done on a computer and

then it printed out a piece of paper

i looked at the piece of paper to verify

that what i punched into the computer

was actually what i voted for and

slipped that into

another computer and walked out and

like said in and out less than 10

minutes one bad

yeah my dog actually got um through the


uh an option to do a mail-in vote

now she's 15 but she's also ginger so i

actually suppressed her vote and ripped

it up because i don't want jinger's

voting in this election yeah

well not only that but i mean in dog

years it

it let's look at it this way so

so you got to be in the united states

you got to be 18 to vote right

and used to be 21 then it lowered to 18.

should we put a maximum

age on voting that's

actually a very good question because

actually um

in some countries when you have your

driver's license when you get to a

certain age you have to retake your test

to prove

that you can still actually drive

effectively on the road and you're not a

danger to people

so i mean that might be a good thing and

this is one of the reasons why i'm

against lowering the age to 16 because

when you've got kids who are

eating tide pods and dancing on

tick-tock i'm not necessarily sure those

are the best people who should be

making fiscal and foreign

you know policies for the country sure

it and then on that flip side

at certain ages like you say

if you have to retest for your driver's

license if you have to re-test for all


it should there be a maximum cutoff age

i mean that

that's something that's never really

discussed but

if you take someone that is kind of up

there in age and they're making a


that it's going to affect the rest of

the country

but maybe they're only going to live


you know three to six months we're

talking about a decision the last two

four six years right so it should there

be at some point that we have a maximum


before you know you lose your right to

vote i don't know

because i'm actually against people

voting if it's

been within 12 months of the divorce

because i don't think you can make

rational decisions yeah no that's true

yeah uh

there probably should be some questions

you you probably should have to pass

a hybrid iq test maybe a u.s history

test or whatever before you click the

button but

i digress we don't want to get down into

that but

i know some people listening they're

probably thinking the same thing yeah or


they've never thought about it that way

and said well hey

maybe maybe that is smart i mean we

using your driving example we don't just

pass out driver's license because you


buy a car and you can get behind the

wheel and drive it

you have to prove the fact that you can

actually drive that car and you know

what the laws are

so well i mean you and i are actually

very in favor of voter suppression but

not based upon race or religion or

political affiliation

correct it's mainly based about um what

you watch on tv

and kind of what music you listen to and

that type of stuff i think

if you listen to nickelback you you

should probably be treated like a felon

and maybe not have the vote

yeah maybe it should be a felony to


like nickelback i wonder if we could

squeeze that through congress

well i didn't know who gets in well but

we might be but if we

lobbying power maybe maybe we turn the

podcast into a lobby

and that's the lobby that we make it


in a felony to listen to nickel back

that way

people that listen to nickelback lose

the right to vote

yeah new mission uh that that's our new

mission statement but we

we still have mantis shrimp that we got

to take care of i mean

for as lazy as we are we've got all

these responsibilities now that are

piling up

and uh we both know we're not to get any

of them taken care of no

because we don't care enough yeah well

and we're too lazy to even put these

things on the list

right yeah um now do you

ever vote in local elections i don't

actually know anybody

personally who votes in local elections

but when we drive

in our area here in north tarrant county

in north texas

there are constantly on almost every


all these signs vote for this person for

this this person for this and yet i

don't know anybody who actually votes in

local elections

i don't uh i

i see some of the election returns with

the local elections and i'm saying

okay well there were a total of 300 and

some votes

which is crazy that you know if it's

160 versus 140

and some dude wins off 20 votes that

goes back to

the fact that you know every vote counts

yeah so when

something like that yeah every vote

counts because there's such a

low turnout with that and of course

there's always that look

of the uh what are they called the

off-year elections you know when there's


a president running and you have the

midterm elections right

you know every every two years every

every two years that the voter turnout

is so much lower but then

like you say with the local elections

it's even

lower than that yeah because people just

don't want to take the time out to

you know cast their vote well i think i

think it's actually like watching an

elementary school

basketball game you know you go watch

those things and the score ends up like

11 to six right or something like that i

literally think a lot of the local


and we're actually more in texas a

little bit more inclined to vote i think

we value the freedom to vote

sure a bit more than some other states

but even in texas local elections

traditionally have a lot of you know

kind of kind of low

turnout and stuff and it gets to that

point of apathy i guess that because it

doesn't really you ever get seen really

affect us because

i i guess maybe in north texas unlike

again like some other states

that regardless of who gets in it really

doesn't change much

right i i don't want to put too much

time and effort

into figuring out who the railroad

commissioner should be right

because number one i don't even know

what a railroad commissioner

does i know the trains go by and i gotta

stop and i gotta wait for a train

but uh what is that railroad

commissioner doing that

what does the county comp troller do

uh what about the tax assessor collector


you're electing these people and

i i try to consider myself somebody that

kind of knows

a little bit about that stuff but i

don't have a clue i mean

does it really matter who the tax

assessor collector is maybe it does

maybe it doesn't

my taxes aren't going to change

depending on who i write my check

for my tags on my car or whatever

right i quite honestly don't care and i

think most people

just they don't care nobody cares i

didn't even know you could vote for a

railroad commissioner i'm pretty sure

you can well well the thing is

obviously we didn't research that we

actually have a lot of followers here in


especially pretty close to where we live


if they actually did a way with

railroads abolish them completely

most the people here where we live would

be pretty happy because then we could

avoid the keller train which

slows down any journey by about 10

minutes it does yeah

there is nothing 140 carriages yep

yeah nothing worse than trying to cross

the railroad tracks because you're

hungry or or you're

late for something and then ding ding

ding ding ding

you got to wear that train yeah but the

good thing is i mean

you know people say don't text and drive

don't dial and drive all this stuff but

when that train comes by

you can pretty much catch up on

everything on your phone

and plus start browsing through absolute

crap because that phone

sorry that train takes so long no that

that is true

and of course i i grew up in a house

that was

right by the train tracks i mean not

like against the train tracks or

anything but

it was about a quarter of a mile away

from the train

and i also learned by

watching my dad as he drove of how to


you know whether or not you could outrun

the train and try to get across the


and of course now that i have a daughter

driving age

i've done it a couple of times makes her

nervous makes the wife nervous but i

also said

you know do as i say not what i do i've

been doing this for over 20 years i know

how to race the train and i know when to

go across

and and just don't do it now this is off

a little bit of a tangent

for a minute but you know i love your


but i look at your daughter and even

just looking at that i think she

shouldn't be allowed to drive but

sure your favorite story you ever told

me about

driving with your dad rather sorry

rather when

when your dad was driving one time he

turned down the radio

and told you probably the most


piece of advice about the opposite sex

that you've ever received

and left it at that can you tell us that

story okay

so so i'm driving with

my dad i'm gonna say i'm

12 13 somewhere around in there yeah i


don't remember the age but i remember

the day

just plain as anything and

uh radio's on and i'm sitting in the

front seat of the truck he's driving


and the radio's going all of a sudden

he just reaches up to the radio and hits

the volume button and

turns it down and he says max

i need to tell you something and it's

very important

i said okay he said i i've tried my best

as a father to to teach you

you know how to be a man how to live

your life and

and all this good stuff and and maybe

you've listened to everything maybe you

haven't but i

really need you to pay attention to the

next words i'm gonna say

because it's very important it's

extremely important for you to

understand this

so are you paying attention i said yeah

yeah dad i'm i'm

paying attention he took a deep breath

and he looked at me

and he said women are nuts

and then he turned the radio back up and

didn't say a word after that now the

great thing about this story is this is

before the age of cell phones so it

wasn't like you just received a text

from your mom which is crazy

yeah and just kind of like oh yeah this

was a well thought out opinion

yes you've probably been waiting like

two years to tell you this i i i

couldn't tell you

where we were going i couldn't tell you

what happened before that

it was it was just one of those moments

and i i will never forget that moment

and never forget that moment now

actually here in texas we've

got 17 million registered voters and in

the united states as a whole i think


close to about 240 million adults who

are eligible to vote

but only about 157 or 158

whatever it was are actually registered

to vote so i mean that's like you know

close to you know 80 million people just

don't even bother to register to vote

why do you think that apathy is

well i think it's one of those

things that people look at and they say

what's really in it for me

you know i've got to fill out another


to be able to go and vote and does my

vote even matter

but at the same time we were always


years ago that jury duty

is picked from voter registration so

there might be people that say you know

i don't care to vote i don't think my

vote counts and the last thing i want to


is be picked for jury duty so

it's it's not worth me registering to

vote because

i don't want to be on jury duty oh my

goodness the the

types of excuses i've come up with for

avoiding jury duty i don't want to go on

onto them on here because of legal

issues but

i've come up with some good excuses for

not having to go on curious i mean

jury duty is yeah

i've had several people that have always

told me you know

they want to sit on a jury and all that

i've been called to jury duty twice i

never got selected

one time they just ran out of cases so

they dismissed everybody

i went into a courtroom one time i was

number seven or eight i'm thinking i'm

gonna get picked for this and this was

back in the days when i was in insurance

and it turned out to be an

insurance lawsuit and when i filled out

the paperwork

they said uh no no that's okay sir you

can sit down

and i thought oh okay well this is an

insurance case so i got out of that

well well i think they were lucky enough

to not have to serve on a jury

well i think once i actually came up

with the excuse

that i had aids i was on experimental

drugs and not of sound

mind to actually choose my own dinner

so that kind of got me out of it i think

it's something along those lines i mean

it really was

i will tell you that uh the day

that i got dismissed because they

ran out of cases i was sitting in the

jury room

and a woman came in with a baby carriage

and had a dog in the baby carriage and i


she's crazy or brilliant i

should have got a baby carriage and

brought my dog along because

who in the world would want a woman or

a man woman doesn't matter gender

on that one who would want a person

sitting on a jury that brought a dog

with them to jury duty and then a dog

in a baby carriage right i think it was

brilliant i think

she was prob she probably won the nobel


the next year well they i think she was

brilliant well if it was an open and

shut case like the

person was obviously guilty or obviously

innocent i would actually

love as the prosecution to actually

choose her

just to see what she has to say yeah


you got to run with that point but you

know voter turnout in the last election

you know 2016 was that

at a 20-year low so i mean like a 5-5

election cycle

um but ironically swipe of the fox from

door there

dora the explorer was blamed ahead

of apathy by hillary clinton as to

why she didn't uh get you know

get the job basically now what do you

think has changed in 2020

to basically counter this apathy and why

we have

so many people voting and i mean even

early i mean before we get to november

the third

we're gonna bypass how many people voted

in total in the last election

well i i think it's twofold number one

dora's off the air now

so swipers well they're not

making any new door episodes really as

far as i know he's serious

i think so so so swiper

has no influence on the american

election process so i love swag

i guess that's probably good but i love

him the second thing is in in this

age of cove ding ding ding that we're in

people are bored and so

there's nowhere for them to go so like

well i don't have

anything to do i might as well actually

go vote

that that will give me something to do


in texas we have stuff to do still

you know restaurants are open bars are

open and things like that

i mean limited capacity and you still

got to wear a mask and all that

mess but there's a lot of places that

you know there's nothing to do but you

can go vote

so most people you know they're they're

sitting there

and guys talking to his wife like oh

what are we going to do tonight and the

wife says well i don't know what do you

want to do well i don't know

at least now with such limited options

it's like well you know we can actually

go vote we can get out of the house and

go vote that gives us something to do

right and maybe that has some kind of

contributing factor

to why there's such a big voter turnout


people are bored yeah now going back to

swiper which we probably shouldn't

um yeah we probably shouldn't yeah

yeah as you know my son has autism and

is mostly non-verbal

but one of the first phrases he learned

from watching dora the explorer

and watching swiper was oh man so


anything goes wrong or he gets caught

out something he shouldn't be doing

something he's still to this day is like


man yeah it well not only that but then

espn stole that because they had to

come on man i always thought they stole

that from swiper

yeah i mean it and ironically because

swiper supposed to be the thief

and then they stole something from

swiper yeah in in

i thought yeah ironic yeah but you know


at least with swiper it was easy to stop

him because all you had to say is swipe

for no swiping yeah swipe or no swiping

swiping i wish we could stop

thieves that way yeah you know like we

were talking about earlier

uh we talked about robots before and

there was an article in

ap this uh today about

a lawn mowing robot that was trying to

get stolen

and it sent a text message to its owner

could the robot have just say you know

swipe or no swiping

and then the thief put it down yeah it

would be nice to

to be able to have thieves stop that way

yeah ironically

he is one of the few immigrants who has

been allowed to get away with multiple

offenses without being put in jail he

gets instant

race he gets instant grace he does now

on the subject of stealing uh this leads


into a great segue actually about

election stealing through

various methods and again this is not

partisan one way or the other

but you know do you think it's fair that

social media

has the ability to be able to suppress

news that doesn't like especially on

political issues

i do i i totally agree with them

uh i think they should be able to

you know squelch whatever they want to

squelch because

it's it's their own deal right

they get to set the rules you're just a


right so if you don't like the rules

then stop using it

don't don't complain about it don't get

them to change the rules

it's kind of like i've said with the in

the age cove

ding ding ding that we're in

i can choose not to do business with the


that requires me to wear a mask when

nobody's in the store and i still have

to put on a mask

that's that's my choice to walk into

that store

right and same with social media it's my

choice to have an account on social


and post what i think i want to post

what i think is free speech to

let everybody hear but

it should be their choice to

determine whether or not they allow me

to say what i want to say do what i want

to do

post what i want to post put a picture

up of whatever i

want to do i think it's totally their


most people though will not walk away

from it

they're so addicted to it it's kind of

like drugs they

they're still addicted to drugs

they made that choice to

use a drug and stick with that drug

so it's not the drug's fault it's the

person's fault to make that choice

well well i think where the problem

comes in is that

people treat social media as almost like

a solid news base nowadays so what they

read on social media well

not only do they do that but they almost

treat it as a right

right they almost treat it as a right

that they should be able to be on social


as a right and it's not a writing can

you choose can you choose a different

word because like when you say right and

i agree with you normally i say right

but now it just sounds like there's an

echo in the room

oh no okay okay

but my point is that i think

you know we know there's an absolute

lack of fact checking when people read


from anything whether it be cnn

fox and you know both both

matter yeah i mean both platforms both


kind of pander to their base and it's

not good to watch cnn all the time it's

not good to watch fox all the time


you get in this polarized mindset where


start believing you know you get this

confirmation bias

and if there's anything you hear from

anybody else whether it be on social

media or anything else

you get this you know cognitive


where you stick your head in the sound

and you don't want to hear it but on

social media

i think people are still or rather the

majority of people are still

very naive that they believe just like

we always joke about everything on the

internet is true they believe that

everything on social media is true

but then you have people specifically

with you know like facebook and twitter

where they have an

obvious political bias and they get in

these fact checkers on other people's

behalf the users behalf

who are still on that side of the

partisan fence

and so it's like oh well i don't need to

check this because somebody else has

fact checked it

but there's so much bias with it it ends

up misleading people so do you think


perhaps all political speech on those

type of platforms so it doesn't mislead

people should be banned

just simply because of that effect

because there are too many people who


influenced by what we want to call fake

news where they won't fact-check it but

if somebody says

i fact-checked it they believe them well


think that boils down to kind of our


mantra in our podcast that we

don't do that much research we talk

about what's

in our minds i think

we are actually

researching stuff a little bit deeper

than your general person they

they don't want to take the time to look

anything up they want

somebody to tell them what's happening

what to think what to feel and

they don't have the time for it because

they're worried about paying the rent

they're worried about putting food on

the table so they need somebody

to tell them what they're supposed to


what they're supposed to think and

unfortunately with all of the and you


not to just keep down on social media

but with all the social media

it's so easy now to put your voice out

there because

even with podcasts right i mean we

talked about this before

we started this podcast we loved doing

the podcast and all that but

we couldn't have done this 30 years ago

because you'd had to have a radio

station behind you you would have had to


producers in the contract and they could

kind of control you

and all that and now you have all this


speech out there but you have zero


right and we relied on people to say

well you have to be your own filter

because there's so much going on out


and so much being said out there

and nobody really knows how to filter it

and so like we joked about like you

brought up before with the if it's on

the internet it's true

once something's put into print which is

the internet or put into a video

you know you you put a dude up there

with a suit and tie

on and he makes a minute and a half


it's pretty convincing because you're

like oh okay well that person's dressed

nice he's got a nice background he looks

like a

newscaster i'm going to believe what he


yeah most people do that yeah sad

but most people do it now i i know we

don't like to go off topic

on our podcasts we never like going no

we don't we don't but i just never do it

i just got

yet another text thrill on my watch

from the boy scouts of america or rather

the whoever's in charge of the class

action lawsuit

uh asking if i was abused while being in

the boy scouts of america

i just want to put it out there right

now i was never a member of the boy

scouts of america

and i was never abused to stop texting

me now

quick shift do you think honestly

foreign actors

like russia and china

really have that much influence if they

spend millions of dollars

buying ads on social media

you know giving negative or positive

views towards candidates that it really

affects that many people i know we

talked about

yeah people believe what they read but

that's normally from the friends and

what the friends post article but when

you see a random banner thing do you

really think it has that much effect on

people's voting

i don't think so i i think that

people inherently already believe

what they're going to believe and it's

very hard especially in a political

atmosphere to change their mind right

most people

get pretty dug in

on their political beliefs and it's very

hard to change their mind

and you can have hundreds or

thousands of articles trying to change

people's minds on their political

beliefs their

political ideologies you're not going to

change their mind

right i think some of the

you know the facebooks and in the

twitters or whatever

encourage that because it's a

money-making machine

so so why not i mean if i own twitter i

would want all that money coming in

i i wouldn't care i don't i don't think

they care

they they look at it as a revenue stream


now um we spoke about this earlier

because we were both listening to our

buddy joe rogan's podcast earlier with

kanye on there

and he's running you know as an


yeah and not not really a third party

because i don't think he identifies with

any particular party

i don't know and of course we didn't do

the research on

whether or not he has a party yet right


the deal with kanye that i'm looking at


kind of like uh what was the guy's name

gary johnson that ran

back in 2016 uh too early

i think kanye was too early

uh you know he he went out there he was

a trump supporter he was wearing a maga


and all that and then

all of a sudden decided well let me go

ahead and run for president

once again i think too early i think

kanye actually would have a decent

chance of

winning just like trump did in 2016

when everybody voted for him saying you

know i'm sick of the way

politicians are so let's try something


look i'm going to be honest with you if

i'm i've already voted and i'm not going

to tell you who i voted for but i will

tell you i didn't

vote for kanye not because

i wouldn't vote for him because if he

runs in 2024

be honest i'm going to vote for kanye

well he's not actually on the ticket


right this is he registered to like no

but but see that's my point yeah

i didn't vote for kanye because i would

have to click the button

and actually write him in yeah and that


like 10 seconds and that was too

much work yeah so that's why i say

kanye man it was it was too early

you got to get it organized a little

better i think you got a chance in 2024

you're a young man yeah you know we we

got two

uh and we obviously we have more than

two candidates running for president but

the the two main parties they're they're

older guys

you're a young man you got a lot of life

ahead of you

dude just give it up for this one

learn from the mistakes and run in 2024

and maybe shock the country well we've

obviously come to that time where it's

asked the shepherd the how many do you


type question how many people do

so once again here here's one of those

stump the shepherd and you always stump

the shepherd

so so the question again is i talked

over you sorry

that's okay the question again is how

many people do you think are currently

on the ticket across the nation right

for president officially yeah

eight i actually don't know the answer

because like normal

when i ask you these questions if you

get close i just changed the answer just

knowing full well you're not going to

bother looking up to see whether i'm

telling the trees or not of course

but with them i mean given it's 2020 and

2020 has not just thrown us one curve

ball it's like a curveball every month

i think it would actually be quite funny

if kanye

won in some respects because 2020 can't

get any weirder plus

i really love his album graduation and i

think he deserves at least 20 million

votes just for that

yeah i mean once again i i think if the


would have done it right and made sure

he got on all the ballots and all that

it would have been shocking i i think he

would have done

better than gary johnson did in 2016.

right and gary johnson didn't

really get that many votes but

if you dig into the numbers it was

actually pretty respectable

yeah what he was able to do um

talking about people running for

president we would have joe jorgensen

who is the libertarian candidate a lot

of people don't know who she is

joe is that honestly her first name yeah

j.o well that's probably what throws it


yeah and yeah yeah so you have two

different joes

right yeah but uh you know i kind of

feel bad for her because

i haven't of course done any research on


whatsoever and what her platform is of

course i know what the libertarian


stands for but if you

if you took a hundred people in a room

six foot apart in the uh jacobid that

we're in right now ding ding ding

you would probably have three of them

that have even heard the name joe

jorgensen right

so maybe after this 2020 election

some things kind of bust loose

you never know you never know i mean i

mean i think um

you know last election it happened

and this election even more so that a

lot of

hollywood celebrities sports stars have

weighed in with their opinion

feeling that you know because they're

famous their opinion should somehow

carry more weight

and you know they they talk about you

know who you should vote for and they

took on issues which they're really not

you know that educated to talk about i

think you know as ricky gervais said at


uh grammys earlier on in this year that

you know most um hollywood stars and

stuff have spent less time in

school than greta thurber you know so

that they're not in a position

to kind of lecture or educate anybody

but the problem is you have people who


a band or like an actor or an actress

and you know i mean i think you know

taylor swift is a famous example of

whoever she gives her um

approval of endorses it's like it's a

kiss of death

you know i mean they lose they lose

heavily but

you know i mean i even the even the

celebrities and actors i like

i don't give a crap about their

political beliefs i don't really want to


to them lecture me on anything i like

them because of how well they act

or if they're a singer however he's

singing or if they're a sports now how

well they perform

i know that you know compared to the

person who lives next door who's

moved out she got divorced so maybe not

her maybe the one the other side of us

um you know their opinion is not worth

any more than theirs just because

they're famous and they make a lot of

money for you know being able to dribble

a ball

or you know fake a persona on movie it

doesn't make any difference to me but

there are a lot of people who are

affected by that

yeah and the one band that comes to mind

immediately with this topic is rage

against the machine

right love their music uh growing up

you know a teenager in the 90s

rage against the machine was one of my

favorite bands loved their music

i would sing along to those songs

not even thinking about what i was

singing along to

then i started drooling into some of the

things they were saying i'm like huh i

don't agree with that

and oh wait i do agree with this but

i like them for their music not for

their political statement

yeah if you were

a little bit older you know say maybe in


mid-20s or something like that and

could actually understand what they were

trying to project

you were kind of a fool if you said you

liked them and

followed everything that they said

based off the message they were trying


portray i liked him for their music that

was it

look i'm a george clooney fan uh i don't


so much with his politics right but i

will tell you yeah you know what

i like him in movies and because i

disagree with george clooney on some of

the things that he

talks about politically doesn't mean i'm

going to stop

watching his movies because guess what

george clooney

great actor yeah i think he's he's a

great actor there

i haven't seen all his movies but

everyone that i've seen that he's in

i've liked and because he tells me

that you know he has this political


i'm gonna say okay well we can agree to

disagree on that because i really don't

care what you think about that


i care about you making good movies sure


and um you know i want to move into the


part of the election so so the the

reason why we did this podcast

is for our predictions

what is going to happen after election


well i think i mean we probably might

be the some of the worst people to make

a prediction because

now we are the worst people because

because let's be honest if the lottery

was based upon there's only three

numbers between one and three

and you had to choose the number between

one and three and the number which

kind of gets out you win and we bought

ten tickets

we probably still wouldn't win the

lottery oh there's no problem

no champs would win because we'd put it

all on one number yeah we would

try and like whatever that number is we

wouldn't we wouldn't even

think about the fact that oh there's

only three let's say

our bets now we'll put it all on one

number yeah yeah we don't yes

yeah so please don't um go out

and either online or wherever kind of

place any bets based upon what we're


so there has been a lot of people saying


and from the left and the right across

various news networks

that regardless who wins we're gonna get

in a mini scale

civil war or whoever wins just because

of the

i guessed untrust of the process or

their dissatisfaction of the eventual

victor there is going to be a mini scale

civil war and i mean i know we've had a

mini scale civil war maybe for the last

you know six seven months in certain

states but that it will actually be you


nationwide i'm going to say

yes uh i think there will be

no matter who wins uh i think there will


more writing writing has now become


and especially with everybody kind of

holed up and

they say oh there's a protest here

there's protests there it's something

for us to do

yeah yeah you're going to see and i like


mini scale civil war uh you it's going

to go

beyond some of the protests that we've


for the other causes there will be

protests no matter

which side wins that there will be

there will be a specific amount of time

that people are going to get out there

and protest so yes uh

my prediction no matter who wins yes

protests we'll call it a mini civil war


that's going to happen yeah now two

things without um

number one again this is not remotely

related but i just saw the uh

lady who is in the the office

next to our studio just come back with a

bunch of food and she didn't bring us

anything back so i wanna

well that's typical well right yeah and

um the second thing is uh

you know i'm not in favor of looting but

but but i've got a really cheap

laptop and i'm kind of figuring if this

thing kind of gains a lot of momentum i


just get involved for one night and try

and get myself an alienware laptop or a

dell gaming system just just for a

one-off i don't want to get feed

i don't want to get food to feed the

family i just want to get

a laptop if if you look at it that way

then you realize that sony and microsoft

have realized there will be some form of

mini civil war because

i would go out and get me a new xbox

but they decided to delay that

until much past the election and they're

hiding behind the fact that it's a

christmas thing

but i'm with you if if we're all going

to go out and we're going to steal


then i'm going to get me a new xbox yeah

and instead of like we

talked about before you know maybe we're

gonna wait until after the first of the


after you know the day ones are out uh

if if i knew i could just run down

because everybody's bashing in

some store i'd probably snag me an xbox


why not yeah now did you did you

actually know

that part of the

solution for the reduction of crime in

new york what particularly manhattan and

you know the other boroughs

during the late 70s and during the 80s

was actually

down to the

saturation of gaming consoles nintendos

because a lot of time people were

committing crimes because they were


and didn't have anything to do and so i

did stuff but when the computer systems

came in

they sat home and played games all night

and so

there were actually um government


to give incentives

to stores to reduce the price on these

consoles so pretty much anybody could

afford them

to actually reduce crime and it was

measured in more than one state and it


measured overseas as well that the

introduction of

gaming consoles reduced crime greatly

that makes total sense yeah what was


i don't remember which batman movie it


but they were talking about the the tv

and the batman movie

and there was this attachment you put on

the tv

and it kind of dug into your brain and

and kept you there it's

it's kind of that same thing are you

sure that was a batman movie i'm pretty

sure it was a batman movie

sounds like a spongebob episode

or it could have been a dora the

explorer yeah i i don't know

now do you think covert will go away

about a week after the election after

the results it's going to disappear

you know what do you think it's used

politically no i think it's going to

depend on who's elected

right well that's what i mean i mean

yeah so so prediction

from the shepherd if uh

joe biden wins the election

coveted disappears by

march along with hurricanes we'll never

have another

hurricane or forest fire according to

him yeah

if if trump wins we're staying in the

coveted season

yeah that that is my prediction

quite honestly uh i think that is what's

going to happen

now now do you think um i mean obviously

a lot of states through their courts

have said that they're gonna

you know take mail-in ballots days after

the election and they're gonna have to

be counted

even ones which aren't signed um there's

some states which have said you know

there doesn't have to be an id to prove

that this person actually voted and all


do you think by this point if it drags


past the election night which i'm

it 99.99 99 so so and

i know where you're going here but but

let's stop put a pin in that and say

i am 99.999

sure on tuesday we are not

going to know who's elected president

and the fact you've just said that we

probably are

99.9 sure that they will announce it on

tuesday night probably

yeah but no i mean my my question was

going to be do you think

people at that point are going to be

fatigued when it drags on too long

and don't really give a crap just as

long as they sort it out and they just

want to get on with their lives

i i think they are i think

we just we're so fatigued with

everything else that's going on right


that this is just one more thing that

we're sitting here trying to figure out

when this is going to end

uh you know the covid thing nobody knows

when this

is going to end you know when can when

can i

just go into a store and not put a mask

on my face

is that what i'm supposed to do the rest

of my life so

the same thing with the election look

let's just

get it figured out and so we can move on

stop dragging

things out this is not some kind of

uh sitcom this is not some kind of

drama show on netflix where

you know you could have had the show


would have been three episodes but we

turn it into 10 and we just drag out


story and we don't know what's going on

we don't know what the end is

just tell us what the end game is just

tell us what the results are

now you're gonna be um on tuesday are

you gonna be sitting at home glued to


screen like nine o'clock onwards just

kind of see where it's going

you know i don't know yet uh

i i remember when the 2016 election

happened i was actually in new orleans


and i was on a work trip

and everybody else on that work trip

decided they were going to bed early

and so i'm standing there in the hotel

wondering you know what am i going to do

because actually the next morning we had

a fishing trip planned

and so everybody wanted to go to bed

early and rest up for that and i'm like

i'm in new orleans it's election night

you know what am i supposed to do

and i remember walking down the street

and going to a newsstand and i

bought four copies of newsweek magazine

that had hillary clinton right on the

front and said madame

yeah madame predecent yeah yeah and

i have uh i gave one to

a buddy of mine in new york city

he has one i gave one to a friend of

mine in

the outskirts of atlanta georgia and i

still have

the other two copies but i saw that and

i thought well

wait a second we haven't even decided

the election yet

and this is already on the newsstand

so so they only had four copies that's

why i bought the four copies

i still have those the remaining two

copies sitting in

a box somewhere in my right

i don't know what's gonna happen this

time around though

uh will i sit there and watch it

i'll probably turn the tv on after the

kids go to bed

on tuesday night just to see what the

news channels are saying

you know are we going to drag this out

have we already decided who the

president's going to be

all that and leave it at that yeah

now i actually think i mean given i

think it was hillary clinton's birthday

last week

or earlier this week yeah it was in

october yeah when our latest supreme

justice was

uh voted in that maybe you should send

one of your spare copies to her but you

know i love you and i don't want you to

commit suicide next week so maybe no no


i'd rather not do that no not yet yeah

yeah i i've still got

you know 21 years left in my life yeah


no i've never noticed that earlier now


you know i tried to think of you know if

i was able to ask

you know any politician who we could

actually get to come into the podcast

and ask them a very pertinent and

serious question about the election

what would i ask what would be that one

thing where

i think most politicians wouldn't answer

because it's so controversial

but i wanted to ask you this question

i think the question would be did george

lucas make a huge mistake selling the

star wars franchise to disney

no he's just swimming in money so not

from his point of view for the rest of

us yeah

but actually it was uh if you could vote

for any sesame street character to be

president who would it be

oh see much better question uh

big bird big bird why

because he's clueless you know he he's

just walking around he's got his

imaginary friends snuffleupagus

uh which why is he imaginable well when


when i was a kid snuffalupkus was

imaginary now i've heard

the sesame street cannon says that he


but well i've seen him he does exist

but if you look at big bird

the big question should be who would run

and who would be the running mate i

would say big bird

for president and oscar the grouch for

vice president no you you cannot choose

the running mate

from sesame street the running mate the

running mate has to be from the star

wars universe who's

backing up big bird

yoda why

you've got to think about if the first

candidate dies or something unfortunate


the second one the running mate is going

to take over do you really want yoda to


oh absolutely i think he's a better


why why wouldn't you want yoda run in

the country

he's he's the only one in the star wars

universe that really didn't make any


and he's always that that quiet guy

that's kind of sitting in the corner and

and remember was that uh was it episode

two whenever he fought count dooku

and you know he's always walking around

with kane next thing you know he's got

his lightsaber and he's flipping all

over the place and

and he's crazy that that's what you'd

want in a vice presidential candidate

yeah but you also have to remember that

in the empire strikes back

it was pretty uh confused by the concept

of a flashlight

wow i i think that was brilliant because

i know that you know he knew what a

flashlight was he was fooling luke

he was trying to prove to him that he

knew a lot more than

luke ever knew well that's kind of the


so uh last before we wrap

this up let's let's make some

last-minute predictions

so uh like i said we're not going to be

partisan with this

you know and and i'm i'm going to go

ahead and say this but

i almost hate that i'm going to say this

seriously if you haven't voted go vote

this is going to be

you know out before the election day and

all that so

so go vote but if

biden wins

do we see any difference in the country

it what what do you think

i i don't think there will be but like

like you said we don't want to go down

right now okay so so yes you're gonna

see a difference if

trump wins again do you see

anything changing well you know i i tend

to vote

based upon domestic

foreign and fiscal policies so i don't


necessarily care that much about the


of the people i'm voting for unless

they're pedos

so i'd rather have somebody brash

win who maybe might be

come across like we discussed in one of

our previous podcasts about

maybe they exercised a little bit of

toxic masculinity i'd rather have

somebody a little bit

brash win who will get things done

and make things work better for us than

somebody who's trying to be an appeaser

and that's why you know if he had to

push me

i would rather have trump win i don't


joe biden necessarily you know

has the nerve to stand up to some of the

people who would like to see america

fail and i don't just mean that in terms

of foreign people i mean that in terms

of within the country

so but having said that i think it's

really up in the air if you gave me a


i absolutely don't know i mean i

wouldn't i wouldn't want to place

one dollar on who's gonna win and who's

not gonna win

you know because especially like i said

my dog got a mail-in vote option

and i suppressed her vote but i i just i

just don't know

i i can honestly tell you i i don't know

who's gonna win

i really don't i think uh one thing we


blame the mainstream media on

is the suppression of the fly that

landed on mike pence's head

that fly should have had a voice

should have had a voice we probably got

a male invite well

of course he did yeah yeah but you

probably have a short lifespan so he

probably died before it got to the post


and of course i'm misgingering the fly i

don't know if it's a male or female fly

or or

non-binary or whatever so i apologize to

the fly that landed on mike pence's head

if i offended you because that's the

last thing we want to do

so hopefully you've listened to this


the election uh if you're listening to

it after the election

and uh we may or may not know

who the president is uh yeah it it's

it's gonna be even if you're listening

to this in

march 2021 we still might not know

ah that's a good point yeah that's an

excellent point so

thank you everybody for your continued

support and listening to the podcast we

certainly appreciate it

and we will catch you on the next one