Sept. 14, 2020

Episode 2 - What Do We Believe?

Episode 2 - What Do We Believe?

The Wolf AND The Shepherd have an impromptu discussion on a variety of subjects and whether or not you can confirm or deny their existence, from Bigfoot to aliens and all bizarre things in between. 


welcome to this episode of the wolf and

the shepherd

today we're gonna talk about what if

there were things

that were out there that

mainstream tells you you shouldn't

believe in

but they actually came true so we're

going to talk about a lot of

different items from aliens to

bigfoot to the loch ness monster

to everything else but where would you

feel that that would hit you if those

things that you always question in the

back your mind

and maybe that might be real maybe that

isn't real how would that make you feel

i think

for the most part people wouldn't have

discomfort knowing that bigfoot was real

i think a lot of people would be


uh the conspiracy theorists would be

hey yeah you know uh

missing link or whatever they want to

call it can exist

you know in the forests or woodlands of

north america

undetected or unverified for so many

decades and suddenly we prove it's real


it doesn't change anybody's life right

but it also opens up these other avenues

of okay let's go and talk about the loch

ness monster

you know this uh incredibly deep body of


where it's entirely possible that

some type of snake

amphibian whatever you want to call it


has lived in there with descendants

maybe a whole family of them

and just pop up every now and then to

breathe or take a look around

but it doesn't change anybody's life i

mean nothing nobody's life is

damaged by the knowledge that these

things exist

i think you're right on the fact that it

doesn't damage anybody's life if they

find out they do

exist but it does shift the way that we

think about these topics

so as long as you say there's a


that and let's stick with bigfoot for a

little bit

right so there's a possibility that

bigfoot is out there

if you never have any definitive

proof that bigfoot is out there then

you're always going to have

this aspect of people that say well we

think bigfoot exists and you're

never going to be able to prove that he


not exist but

when you actually prove that

bigfoot exists there's a huge shift

that is immediately going to happen


all the people that said bigfoot doesn't


once you have that definitive proof that

he does

then it's going to discredit all of

those people that have

over time said bigfoot doesn't exist and

that's something i've always wondered

why some people

are so passionate about proving he does


but also why some people are so

passionate about

proving he doesn't exist right but

so how do you prove he doesn't exist

i don't think there is any way that you

could prove

something doesn't exist so

how do the in in once again

sticking with bigfoot right how do you

actually prove he does not exist i don't

even think with the technology that we


right now in today's society today's

technological age you can prove

beyond the shadow of a doubt that


does not exist and i'm not talking about

something like we had talked about

earlier about flat earth

you can have the flat earth people

saying hey

the earth is flat you can have other

people say no

the earth is round you can have the

round earth people say

no we can prove the earth is not flat

but you can never prove that something

doesn't exist in the existence

of an item of a

species of anything is tough to

not prove that that how do you

prove that something does not

exist well firstly if the earth is flat

i want a refund on that around the world


i've booked um i was supposed to go with

you on that trip yeah

yeah you made me put up 95 of the money

for that well it's collateral

oh okay um and

you know i can kind of see the avenue

people who are against bigfoot go

that you know they believe in this

absolute uh dated version

of evolution where it comes from they


you know homo sapiens came from

apes and they started walking upright

and blah blah blah and so it becomes the

missing link and

bigfoot is somehow this missing link

which has become

frozen in time and never evolved and i

think that's why a lot of

people who decide that bigfoot doesn't


out of rationale or science

can't accept that there might be

something frozen in time but what if

it's just a different deviation of a


because an upright walking ape is not

the most shocking thing

because the giraffe to me is far more


to me if if i look at a giraffe i think


is if you if you believe in

judeo-christian ideals

the giraffe is proof that god has a

sense of humor right

it's like okay let me make something

that looks like a horse is spotted like

a leopard

has this long neck that nothing else has

and it's gonna eat leaves can't hunt


looks just goofy and by the way

years later we're gonna make him the

mascot for toys r us right because

what better mascot for toys r us than a

goofy animal that's a giraffe well i

actually saw a uh

several step meme a few weeks ago

and it had a tree and a few giraffes

around it and a couple of the giraffes

had short necks and couldn't reach the

fruit on the tree and there was one long

neck giraffe

and then the next uh picture in it

was the tree got taller and the

giraffe's neck got taller

and the final one it went on for about

five different pictures

and he had a picture of the earth and

again this we're not saying anything


flat earth theorists but um it had the


and this tree was sticking out of the


and the giraffe's neck was also coming

out the earth and the tree was

will you just not go away yeah

absolutely you know it it's that that

goofy thought of you know it

there are so many weird things that i


learning about mammals and then you look

at the duck pill platypus right

and once again i'd talk about god's

sense of humor i'd like one as a pet

i'll be honest with you yeah

oh is that not the coolest and i mean

you know

i used to have a duck as a pet and i


that was the greatest that was the

greatest pet

right but you know what on top of that a

duck bill platypus

would have been a better pet if you

could toilet train it it'd be fantastic

oh absolutely well yeah hell yeah you

can barely toilet train dogs and cats

now i have a little dog

that walks around my house right now and

even though he knows to go to the back

door and smack against the back door to

say hey let me out

there's nothing that stops him to say

you know what

you didn't feed me on time today so i go


and pee on the carpet in the front room

and just say oh now who's in charge oh


not going back to social media too much


i saw a meme the other day and it had a


with a uh facebook page and it was a

if you give me one like i will literally

poop on the floor for no reason

oh and it had one like and it's like say

no more

yeah so i don't think

if we had definitive proof that

bigfoot existed

our society would change too much i

don't think

if we had definitive proof that the loch


monster existed our society would change

we we hear things from uh

biologists and things where they say oh

we thought

this certain species was extinct and now

we found this or

we found these old species and blah blah

but there's also no

real reason for governments to hide the

fact that a bigfoot exists or

yeti or you know depending on where

you're at

okay you're saying that or why do you

think why do you think we have these

different names because i can understand


because there's some redneck countries

like who has got a bigger foot than i

have and it's so it's called bigfoot

sasquatch you're thinking it's an

american indian name maybe i don't know

we're ignorant about it

the yeti and that comes from the

himalayas and i don't know again

well yeah but that but that would be a

vulnerable snowman why that one because

i again i saw a meme

and the uh uh baltimore snowman is like

a bona more seems a little bit harsh huh


it so in today's day and age if the

abominable snowman

existed they would have to change his

name because that would be

probably an answerable name but

it's also the same thing if you look

back when

return of the jedi was being filmed

they had to put a safety vest on

peter mayhew as he was playing chewbacca

because they were afraid that people

traveling around in the redwood forest

of california

would think he was bigfoot and try to

shoot him and he no

kidding had two bodyguards standing with

him had the yellow vest on and if you

don't believe me

please everybody look this up this is

legitimately true

that there are people that want to be

that person

that discovers this thing that we don't


whether or not it exists well the good

thing is that was california and they

have strict gun

control laws so it's all right if they'd

have been filming it in texas out

towards tyler the woods out there he'd

have lasted two minutes

oh yeah peter maintenant would have

never gotten that yeah he would have

never made it to the end of the trilogy

yeah but we're also

talking about what we want to call

earthly things

right so now let's talk about some of


other things that are part of

popular culture part of the even

unpopular culture

that we're not quite sure whether or not

they exist

popeye's spicy chicken burger

you know i know you're you're a popeyes


and and i get that i keep trying to

track it down

that this is one of those things that

you and i are always going to disagree

about but i'm i'm leaning more along the


of something like aliens

so if you think about the aliens aspect

of whether or not those exist

and i'm i'm gonna go ahead and spell out

my opinion on this

and then i'm gonna let you tell me

whether or not you agree with me

the the thought of aliens

to me makes perfect sense it makes sense

that in this vast

universe that we're in with the

i want to say millions but that's kind

of ridiculous i

it's probably billions or trillions of


and then you have systems that are

around these stars

that there are

aliens out there right and you

can also look at the fact that you could


aliens trying to visit us

and all this good stuff and we've talked

about before

how you have horrible camera

pictures horrible camera video of these

aliens that are are coming here

if we cannot figure

out a way in our technological society

right now to send humans

to mars and i know ol elon

is working on that and you know what

elon godspeed i

i hope you get there we're living in an

interesting time to where

i hope that that we see that

i i can imagine my parents

when they saw the moon landing that must

be huge in

the current generation yeah

but the current generation that we're in

right now we we haven't had

something like that so i hope it happens


if if we have quote unquote aliens

transversing the universe

wouldn't they be able to figure out a

way if they have the technology to

go light years away quick enough to

show up here and look around

they would be sight unseen we wouldn't

even see them


truly story for another time right

but let's let's just assume that they

didn't have

such great technology they figured out a

way to hibernate

whatever it is they show up

and all of a sudden here they come down

and they

land and they're here

what would that do to our society well

firstly i think that i don't think

aliens with advanced technology

would be that impressed with us i think

it's like when you go to the zoo totally

i think it's like when you go to the zoo

and you walk through various things and

you see the ants and you see a lizard

and you look at it for maybe four or

five seconds and you move on it's like

that's just not that interesting you

know if your civilization is so advanced

that you can find a way to you know

travel what we think

you know maybe as linear you know light

years point to point

i i don't think they would find our


that exciting i mean again you go back

to ants we see they have a structure

we kind of think yeah they might have a

hive mindset

but you know we have very limited


uh are really just staring at them for

too long and i don't think an

alien civilization which was really that

advanced would find us

that interesting um and one thing i will

say about aliens

uh i i think it

i think it challenges two different


one the creationists theory

where you've got christians who believe

you know we're the only life form in the


but there is nothing in the old

testament which says

we're the only people in the universe

you know it says god flung the stars

into space

but the bible even if you take it like

that the bible

was written for us right not for the

aliens it's just written for us

what if god wrote a book for every alien

civilization out of there

and when you take the science people and

you do the numbers and you do the math

it's like how can there not be life out


so i find it a struggle that people

can't accept whether you're a christian

or anybody else somewhere out there

there must be life there must be life

but like i said

if it's advanced enough to travel to us

it's probably got no interest in us

absolutely and so

one of the things that i look at with

the got no interest in us where i'm


disagree with you is the same reason why

i bought my kid an ant farm because you

and i

are not interested in ants but

my kid wanted an ant farm so

i ordered him an ant farm and it

came in and there was a little

deal that had frozen ants and we had to

warm them up

and then you poured all this

goo inside the ant farm and then he sat

there and he watched the ants

and he was absolutely fascinated with it

now granted he's

you know six or seven years old at the


but there's also a reason why most

adults don't care about

what color you color a picture about

or you know talking about the wheels on

the bus go round and round

nobody cares about that but what if it


some kind of alien civilization that

says hey

we're so advanced right now you need to


what a civilization

is so far behind us like we

look at the cavemen it's not fascinating

to us

to see fire

but if you back up several thousand


that's fascinating to a caveman you know

if they've never seen

fire and then a caveman comes up and

lights this fire

that's fascinating are we just

a research project is it something where

you've got a bunch of aliens sitting

around in the kindergarten class

saying hey you need to go find

a backwards old civilization

to go look at and see what they've done

well it's very very interesting you say

that because i

got an ant farm online it came through

the mail uh

and it had green goo in it like a mini

aquarium type thing

right and a couple of days later i got

the ants

sent by usps i mean why not so

so when you got your ant farm wow

separately really no i think i got i

think i got the ant

farm via ups because i paid the extra

two dollars shipping

but the ants just came in regular usps

and it just came through the mail in a

padded envelope you know like

a petri dish type thing okay so i got


and after a couple of days of viewing


which got boring because they were just

like eating their food and they were

making their way through the goo to do

all these

channels and not to interrupt you but

that the green goo

was also kind of like it's a food source

yeah yeah

yeah okay yeah so um i thought huh

so i caught a spider right

okay and i put one of the uh

well i put the spider in a petri dish

which was like at the end of the

channels on the

ant farm and one ant

came through into the petri dish saw the


santana wiggled ran off and then came

back with about

30 other spiders and they attacked 30

years of spider

yeah yeah and sorry yeah pulled off all

its legs and ate it

and you know um

it was interesting uh but yeah what if

alien civilizations just see us as that

that they do these experiments of just

like let's

something let's make something weird

happen let's put a pandemic in there

let's do this let's start some wildfires

let's start a war let's do something

just to be interested to see how it

looks because they look at us

just purely like hands yeah absolutely

and and you could

actually bring that back to plants

right i i remember when i was younger

i made a terrarium so i took a

big jar and i put dirt in it

and i put some rocks in the bottom and i

put some dirt and i

planted everything and then you put some

water in there and then you seal

everything up

and you put it up on the shelf and you

watch it go right right and so

my terrarium actually did really well

but at any point i could have said you

know what

i'm gonna open this up and i'm just


burn everything down yeah i i'm i'm

going to

put a spider in there or throw a

centipede in there and it's going to be

god yeah or you know

yeah whatever you want to put in there i

want to put a caterpillar in there

right and then now i'm going to have

butterflies and then

i'm not going to let the butterflies

come out of the coconut so

you're playing god yeah

so that that

part has always kind of baffled me but

it also goes back to the

can you prove that those things

don't exist and i don't

really think we're ever going to get to

the point to where you can say

certain things don't exist well i i


you know outside of the ufo

stuff and the aliens that there's

much that could be proved which would

cause people to lose too much sleep i

think with the aliens

you know there are people who believe

you know god ordained life on earth and

earth only

and they would have problems from a

theological point of view

for life existing on other planets what

does this mean to us to me

you know i mean i'm a christian but i

can easily believe that

you know god had a bible on other

planets and god

you know had earth going on other

planets why are we so arrogant that we


we're the only ones i don't see any

point in the old testament that

earth is the only place of life

but you know when you go into the

cryptozoology thing

of you know bigfoot the loch ness


it's not going to ruin anybody's day

if they've proven that hey the loch ness

monster exists

i mean nobody's going to be quitting

their job you know throwing themselves

out of the 18th floor of a

you know building on wall street nobody

really cares if these animals exist

and i don't understand the passionate

uh objectivity

you know which sometimes comes up you

know for people trying to disprove

bigfoot or disprove the loch ness

monster or some of these animals

you know i don't get i mean if you win

what does it prove i mean what what are

you gonna do you get a high five from


if you prove this animal doesn't exist i

mean so what

i'd be more happy how can you not be

more happy if this amazing animal does


surely that would make you happier right

but i don't think

you will ever be able to prove that they

do not

exist and that's my argument

because you can put all kinds of


in front of everybody saying this

doesn't exist this doesn't exist

but then all of a sudden it does i

i remember when i was in school i was


there were three states of matter solid

liquid gas that was it i said

so there's only three states yep there's

only three states solid liquid gas then

all of a sudden

plasma came along like well

but i was taught there's only three


well now there's four so all of a sudden

even though there was concrete evidence

that solid

liquid and gas was the only three states

of matter right

now there's a new state of matter so i

don't think you can

ever prove that something

does not exist now where the idea

of something that might exist comes from

that's a slippery slope because you and

i could sit here and say

there are random

little characters that dance on our


right now and one of them wears a white


one of them wears a black coat and they

dance on our heads all day long

how do you prove that doesn't exist you


but your logical

part of your mind says well that seems


right but all of a sudden if you

prove that exists

now everything goes a little bit crazy

because the guy that said this doesn't


now proved it existed i had teachers


solid liquid gas those are the three

states of matter

nothing exists out of there then

somebody said

oh here's a four state and i don't want

to get in too deep but i think there is

now a

fifth state of matter so

once somebody says something is out


there's no way to prove that it does not


right and you look at um your son's not

here to look up and fat checkers but

there's a certain amount of dna in our


from the bacteria in our stomach which

would be classified as alien

because it has no right to be in our

body we didn't inherit it

and it suddenly appears from nowhere

right and it's one of those things where

they don't almost try and even begin to

understand it

and i looked i looked once i think on an

article on it

and it was just very hard to understand

because the basis of science behind it

there was just so little research and

there's like oh yeah you've got a whole

bunch of alien dna

in your stomach and yeah there's

bacteria in your stomach

you didn't inherit it can't see where it

came from

but it's just in your stomach and it's

in everybody

but we look at you know physics and


and we look how

our rules from einstein etc how

these rules apply to our world

but then you look at time and space

you know relative dimensions once we get

outside of the earth

those rules no longer apply when you

start talking about dark matter

a black black holes wormholes

you get into all this theoretical

physics it's like

we have a set number of rules which


we can see okay this works under

the situations we know about but as soon

as we get outside of our small planet

which is not even a trillionth of a


of the measurable universe all these

rules like physics apply completely


and we used to say like you know light

you know had a consistent speed but you

pass it through certain gases you can

slow light down

you can speed it up you know and it's

like the rules of physics yeah they're


challengeable but absolutely

and some of that in and i think rules is

strong word

i really do because you talk about the

laws of physics so the rules of physics

things like that but we consistently

disprove that all the time right

and i i remembering i'm i'm going to

bastardize this a little bit but one of

my favorite scenes

in the movie men in black with

will smith and tommy lee jones

he's sitting on the park bench with

will smith he being tommy lee jones and

he says something along the lines of

you know 400 years ago everybody thought

the world was flat and

40 years ago everybody thought this and

four minutes ago you thought you were

alone on this planet

we've done that right ever

since we have existed yeah

and it's so easy to just tell somebody

this is what it is you've got to believe


i'm a position of authority yeah here's

what you need to believe

i have this backed up with

facts or with research or with

something that is written and we blindly

believe it right

and so when you say

okay this doesn't exist this

is impossible

everything seems to not exist everything

seems to be impossible until it's proved

that it exists right or that it's proved

yeah that it's possible i mean we are

still operating by

a lot of physical laws and theories from

hundreds and hundreds of years ago which

you know some of them have proved uh to

be exact

but you know we have to go back again

your son's not here to look up the facts


i think it was in the 1900s where they

said if you traveled on a train

faster than like 40 miles per hour

whatever it was

that you would asphyxiate that you could

not breathe now obviously we know that's

bs but you think at that point

how many hundreds of years of theory we


and it's really not that long ago where

the scientists said yeah if we go faster

than 40 miles per hour what it was it

might have even been like 28 miles per


i can't remember but we would asphyxiate

you would asphyxiate if you went faster

than that speed

yeah and elon musk has proved

that somebody said there's no way you


land a first stage rocket

yet you have to just go ahead and expand

that rocket

you just got to let it land in the ocean

or burn up in the atmosphere

and now all of a sudden he's proved

that's possible

right and we're going to constantly see


as we evolve as a species as we evolve

through our technology

and everything else that we have going


so you cannot say

nothing exists yeah however

you can't constantly make crap up right

and then try to say okay

my dog talks my dog talks to me

i'm lying to you my dog doesn't but

now you have to prove to me that my dog

doesn't talk to me

so where do we arrive at

where there's pseudoscience and there's

real science

and people are just making stuff up

just to say well prove me wrong but

taking that analogy you just said

if actually software or an application

came out today for your phone

that literally translated

dog to english speech

i mean what what would it change because

you know i know dogs aren't chemotropic

like insects but they have

they want to eat they want to sleep they

want to mate they want to be petted

but in reality if we could actually talk

to dogs

english to english after the novelty


off what would it literally change

well it wouldn't change anything my

example would be

my dog talks to you in english

i say well i go home i talk to my dog

my dog talks back to me yeah you say

no he doesn't right he doesn't do that

say prove me wrong how do you prove me


you can't right and that's kind of my


so when you get into the cryptozoology


does bigfoot exist does the loch ness

monster exist

we don't have any real good definitive


that they do exist but we also can

never prove that they don't exist but

you and i

i mean we can both agree

that would actually probably be a little

excited if bigfoot and the loch ness

monster existed

because it'd be like absolutely yes

awesome because it doesn't

hurt our feelings it doesn't hurt our


knowledge of science we'd actually be oh

it's something else exciting

you know and i would love you know a few

people to find you know

dinosaurs which looks like i mean you

know obviously jurassic park's not a

thing but

you know they went and found somewhere

where there were their animals they

thought were extinct for

millions of years and they find them

just like a love when they

find these new species in the ocean and

all their stuff it's fantastic

yeah it doesn't hurt my feelings and by

the way

and that happens probably on a daily

basis right

that that we found new species in the

ocean new species in the amazon forest

all that so uh as we

talk about things that

you know may or may not exist i want to


everybody with this thought

of course uh the wolf and the shepherd


broadcast here from texas

north texas so right outside of the

dfw metroplex there's a little town


aurora texas and in that town

there's a cemetery and years ago

and when i say years ago we're talking

about better than a hundred years ago

there's a story about a alien spacecraft

crash landing in aurora texas

and the citizens of aurora texas

burying the alien

that was in the spacecraft and if you go

to that town right now today

outside of that cemetery there is a

texas historical marker

that talks about in this cemetery

there there's an alien buried there


and so does that mean they exist

does that mean they don't exist you can


go to i don't know what part of scotland

the the the uh nest lock is or whatever

because isn't it well it well it's the

loch ness monster but it isn't lock

one of those terms for a body kind of

like yeah

yeah yeah or in scotland or something


or you you've got the bigfoots

in the pacific northwest and you have

sasquatch you have the yetis you have

the abominable snowman you got

at some point they've got to be mate in

those so there's going to be more than

one big fit

yeah unless he's like you know like

coming from the old testament he's like

800 years old

yeah exactly but uh

sorry i i just want to say that um

you're always gonna have people who are

looking and very passionate about


aliens you can have some people who

think et was a documentary

uh oh it wasn't well i don't know i'm

not saying that definitively

um but you're also gonna have people who

it really damages their belief system

and fundamentally challenges everything

they believe in

if these things would prove they were

real and

obviously you and i come from a point


we're kind of excited of any of this

stuff is proven to be real

because it just adds to the excitement

of life it doesn't challenge our belief


but you know at some point

if an alien disclosure came out and

there's been more and more stuff

released and i know we're going to do

a podcast soon with actually some very


experts on the subject how it changes

people's day-to-day life if a revelation

came out

that 100

there is extraterrestrial life it has

visited us

it is intelligent what does it mean for

us i think that's going to be

an interesting point in

the history of humankind

it it really will be a

table turning event

when we can say definitively that this

has happened

i hope i'm alive to see that

there there are several things i hope

i'm alive to see

there's several questions i want

answered i think there's a lot of people

listening right now that probably want

similar questions answered

i hope we live to see that i hope the


go away and we can actually look

at some of those

important questions of

what's really going on yeah so

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the wolf and the shepherd

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