Oct. 22, 2020

Episode 16 - Evolution - I Want A Refund

The Wolf AND The Shepherd discuss the theory of evolution and how it has benefits and drawbacks. In this podcast, we talk about crazy animals that have somehow made their way though the winds of change when it comes to what is survival of the fittest and what is just a joke because God has a great sense of humor. Is the giraffe and the hippo just proof of God's sense of humor, or are they a byproduct of the evolutionary line gone wrong? How clever or crazy was Charles Darwin?

The Shepherd discovers that the mantis shrimp is the cause of global warming and that we actually do not need more than two toes.

And while we are at it, can anyone get us access to having a mantis shrimp as a pet?

Have you heard of the velvet ant, the red lipped batfish, the gastric brooding frog, or the fish that lives in the sea cucumber's butt? Yep, we talk about those.


welcome to this episode of the wolf and

the shepherd today

our topic is evolution i want a refund

so if you look at evolution there's a

couple of different ways you can look at

it but we're gonna

try our best and of course you know we

struggle with this from time to time but

we're gonna try our best to

stick to this topic as defined

right so the definition that we have of

evolution is the process by which

different kinds of living organisms are

thought to have developed and


from earlier forms during the history of

the earth

so can we stick with that can can we

actually stay on topic on this one

i think we can mostly um as you know i'm

not a big fan of evolution

um there's always been this

statement about god having a good sense

of humor

sure but it's like evolution is trying

to one-up

god uh because you look at some of the

diversity in the animal kingdom and even

some of the diversity

you know among humans it's

either somebody has a sense of humor or

this whole type of

evolutionary path of producing the best

of the species

isn't exactly going quite to plan oh

absolutely and you think about the that

sense of humor topic and i'm sure we're

going to delve into that

here in a little bit but kind of reminds

me of the scene

in good fellas kind of towards the end

of goodfellas when they're getting

arrested and the

either the fbi or or you know law

enforcement whoever it was

was arresting them and they said uh

whoever sold you those suits had a

wonderful sense of humor

and you know they're all standing there

in their nice silk italian suits and

kind of gave this look i would

always think about that with sense of

humor so when we

when we look at evolution are there

different types of evolution

uh i just want it noted there that the

shepherd asked 15 seconds ago if we

could stay on topic and then he moved

over to goodfellas

but um yes there are there are various


types of evolution the most standard

form which most people

have a view about or understanding about

is called divergent

evolution okay there are two other types


and parallel so would you say the uh

divergent is what most people associate

with thinking about evolution yeah


unless this is a topic you've actually

researched by yourself

the vast majority of people's

understanding of evolution comes down

this divergent path

okay that's um an evolutionary pattern

in which two species gradually become

increasingly different

so if you want to talk say uh on a large

scale divergent evolution is responsible


diversity of life on earth from the

first living cells

so that's where you've got right from

the first cells to where we are now

on a smaller scale it would be something

like um

the evolution of humans and apes from a

common primer

okay so you know that that's how most

people understand evolution they

want to have something coming from

something from one

common ancestor and it's just a case of

how far you push it back

but there like i said with convergent

and parallel

types of evolution it's where

uh species may split off because of


because that's something you can never

allow for you know that's a very random

uh factor in evolution but when it does

happen it can

split a species in half within a couple


generations as such right and and

because we're talking about evolution

it doesn't necessarily mean that it gets


it just means that it's changing because


could probably be certain things that

you look back at and you realize

we've evolved but we didn't necessarily

get better

and i'm sure we're probably going to get

into some examples of that but we're

just talking about that

change that change over time most people

when they think about

evolution they probably think about that

poster that was always in the science


of you know the monkey that eventually

stands up

and next thing you know it's man walking

with spear in his hand

kind of deal so in that instance you

look at that

and you say okay well that got better

over time but there could be

instances where evolution actually

changed it worse over time so it's just

we're plain talking about the change

over time

not good not bad just the change right

yeah and along with

that divergent uh view of evolution i


most people's knowledge of evolution or

at least

to something to throw their hat on is


darwinism you know obviously which comes

from charles darwin

he was an english naturist and he stated

that all species of organisms arise and


through natural selection and an

inherited variations

increase an individual's ability to

compete survive and reproduce

so if you're looking when you were

mentioning before about

you know does evolutionary to something


well better is very subjective i mean

it's really that survive and reproduce

which is the aim of every species

and yeah so you know survival could be

looked at as

true just surviving we have to evolve to

survive so

it might be something looked at that in

certain environments it's not

necessarily as

good on the evolution side of what we

have become but we had to do that out of

necessity to survive

the natural selection process though

might be a little bit different

because if natural selection was there

for that quote-unquote survival of the


then sometimes you could argue that the

fittest even though they survived

maybe it was an environmental

circumstance that was

mitigated to just this small portion of


and now that problem is gone maybe it's

a disease maybe it's an

environmental change whatever it may be

and what if

everything reverts back to the way it

was before

and now we've evolved and now we can't

attack that like we did before you

follow me

yeah um well i mean what a lot of people

don't know about

charles darwin was that he was actually

a creationist

prior to visiting the galapagos islands

and he saw so many amazing animals


there that he then adopted this theory


species arise naturally by a process of


rather than having been created by god

and this actually took

you know the focus of his work uh

in a completely different direction he

still had to be very sensitive obviously

with the church

which you know given this you know his

book on the origins of species was

actually published about

i think it's just over 160 years ago

and at that point in time a pushback

from the church was actually quite


yeah that there was of course with with

him being over there

there was no you know true separation of

church and state and you

go against the church and that could be

the end of you

and so for for his time

it was quite possibly a career-ending


by proposing all this yeah and

you know the two varying types of

evolution you know talks about in the uh

on the

on the origin of species was natural


okay um which is obviously you know

affected by environment competition

availability of food you know various

factors and also artificial selection


you know there's human intervention so

you talk about selective breeding with

dogs or with

um you know plants and could it also

lead to like human contamination of


you know there there's plenty of

plants and animals both that thrive in

their natural habitat but then

humans get involved and you know it's

kind of like the

the stay-at-home moms that get upset

because coyotes are walking through the


because there's all these homes being

built and next thing you say oh there's

a coyote here

you know what do we do i'm i'm worried

for my little kitty cat or my puppy dog


something like that going on so you have


artificial human interaction with that

environment that might cause those

coyotes to say

oh let me just wander through the

neighborhood and dig through this trash


you know you got the raccoons doing the

same thing the good old trash pandas

you know they're digging in the trash

saying well i don't have to really hunt

as much anymore i can just dig through

these humans trash

now um

one of the things i was thinking about

when i was researching the topic of


was actually uh i guess

the constant abrasive abrasion

between uh religion and science

and that you know certain

christian fundamentalists absolutely


the creationist theory word for word

right there are others who

you know like myself i believe that god


life but once everything had been

created there was no reason why

evolution shouldn't have taken place

after that creation so that's a mix of

god and science

whereas you have some people who you

know just purely believe

that you know just like the big bang

theory we don't know what happened five

seconds before the big bang we don't

know what

which came first the chicken or the egg

you know we didn't

we don't know kind of how these first

cells came to be in

you know out of the galactic soup um

and so you've really got three different

belief systems when it comes to it

and like i said that abrasion between


yeah and somewhere in the middle is the


you know in in getting getting too

hung up on one side or the other and i

you know

believe that with everything uh getting

too hung up on one side or the other

is detrimental to the thought process

and getting through that

but in looking at like if you

look at that creationist theory you can

look at an animal like the giraffe right

and you know if you've ever been to one

of those drive-through

zoos or something that has one of the

giraffes i've been to one there's one

here in north texas

and you know the kids always love seeing

the giraffes because you'd pull up and

i have a jeep wrangler and we'd always

take the roof off the jeep wrangler

and you walk up in the giraffes stick

their big long necks into the top of the


and you feed them and they pet the

giraffe and they get these big long

tongues but you're saying

oh wait a second if

all of this you know evolution existed

and yeah you know

they needed the long necks to eat the

leaves off the trees

did they really need the neck that long

or you know why weren't the trees


to keep growing taller and if they did

and we had

two thousand foot trees would we have

two thousand foot necks on the giraffes

or you got the big fat hippos it's like

you know

why don't y'all go on diets you know why

don't you get on some jenny craig or

some weight watchers and lose some

weight do you really need to be that fat

so lots of things you could probably

argue on that side of

evolution in the survival of the fittest


you can go to the zoo right now and see

both of those animals

yeah but do you think i mean you

mentioned about

you know the tree following a form of

evolution where

you know made the fruit less accessible

would it not have made more sense in

terms of expanding the lifespan

of the tree for it to make the fruit

more readily available so it could be

eaten and then come out of the excrement

of the animals and spread

to different areas because i'm in a i

mean i don't know obviously a genetic


behind why you know an apple tree does

what it does

but you know if it is relying on

birds to eat the fruit and they'll

spread the seed maybe

wider right than maybe

you know a mammal underneath the in it i

don't know because that

that would be or did it go so far as


maybe the apple tree doesn't have to

produce that many apples anymore because

you got the humans coming along and they

decide that you know they're

living somewhere in new england and now

we have this

activity that we all go out apple

picking and so now we have to go pick

our own apples

as some kind of a you know experience

now versus just going to the grocery

store and getting them which is by the

way so much easier

so now we go out and we pick all these

apples we go home we eat the apples we

throw the apple core

in the trash cans and once again here

come the raccoons and they're like well

we don't even have to climb trees

anymore we'll just wait for the humans

to eat this then we'll eat a little bit

of that apple core

then they go you know scatter the seeds

so to speak

whenever they run around you could look

at it that way

uh yeah i'd just like to point out there


we discussed the evolution of giraffe

snacks across

possibly tens or hundreds of thousands

of years

and compared that to some granny living

up in new england who's been picking

apples for 10 years

and whether the tree will actually

outgrow the granny's apple picking


yeah now it you got to protect those

people that want to go out there and

pick apples because you know what more

power to them i'll just go to the

grocery store and find my

rights or yeah or better than that it

you don't even have to pick out your own

apples anymore they have them all bagged

up for you and you can just get a bag of

apples i mean i remember the days where

you actually had to go

and you had to look at each one of the

apples they all had the little sticker

on them and you say oh that's a good


and you put them all in the bag now you

can just grab a bag of apples

to me that's kind of evolution but once

again trying to

steer off topic a little bit yeah well


obviously you know when we talk about


we tend to group humankind

separately from the rest of the animals

so sure

most people you know have an interest in

you know where

man originated from and then the animals

kind of are another group

all together well sure i mean we we're

all egotistical

in the way we think so we want to know

where we came from right you could care

less about the

giraffe or the raccoon or something like

that it's all about solving

our own problem right and we kind of

ignore some of these

other animals that are floating around

saying yeah well if we

have evolution what about some of these

other animals yeah

because i'm not a fan of all animals if

i'm honest

and i think one of the uh

better arguments which atheists have

overlooked when they confront christians

in terms of

you know kind of like exchanging

viewpoints they shouldn't be asking

how logistical it was to build

noah's ark because um you're going to

get somebody who's done enough research

you can actually work it out

oh it could have been done blah blah

blah but if an atheist asked a christian

okay you believe you believe in the


uh path why did god create

the wasp well you know that

there's a wasp or you could argue the

mosquito kind of the same thing it's

like come on noah you could have left

those two mosquitoes behind

but going back to one of our prior


you got the ducks and to bring the ducks

up again

you know i i believe it was eddie izzard

that had a stand-up thing

years ago about ducks and you know

ducks could fly ducks can be on land and

ducks can swim

there were probably not ducks on the ark

because the ducks were just

probably swimming around letting you

know people

you know noah and his family throw bread

or whatever at the ducks and

say you know hey we're good right here

we we can stand on top the ark or we can

swim around in the water

and maybe that's part of the reason why

ducks are a little bit on the evil side

well um i was i was looking through a

whole bunch of animals other than wasps

who you

know i'm i have a particular disdain for

there's a whole bunch of animals where

you have to question

why because these animals are basically

a-holes to every other animal and plant

and thing of existence and of course

we're talking about besides the normal

house cat

yeah yeah because because we all know


cats are bad but yeah they they somehow

made it through but

but we're gonna get a little beyond just

your normal house cat and kind of delve

into some of these

ridiculous answers now obviously this

year we had um

in our 2020 heading for

an absolute dystopia in a 12-month

period we had

the mention of uh the murder hornet oh

yeah on the news right that these

species were going to come you know they

were like three four inches long

they could kill it with last thing now


you have to question again whether this

is creationist or evolution

you know why this thing why give this


this much power because there's actually

something called a velvet ant

velvet velvet and uh which is actually a

wasp but

oh so yeah well you say velvet ant

yeah i think of like you know in texas

we got fire ants right

and so i think of just your your regular

old land

they got their little ant colony they're

digging and all that stuff but you're

you're saying this is more along the

lines of a wasp

yeah um well i thought where you were

going with that was

fire ants because when they bite you you

know it feels like a little bit of fire

on your skin absolutely velvet and i

thought you were gonna say

this if it gets on your skin and bites

you it feels like a soft massage

or something well see that could that

could be an argument for evolution

if you covered yourself in velvet ants i

mean you could get somebody like

uh oh you know name a famous designer

that could create some kind of a jacket

or whatever that was made of nothing but

velvet ants and just bit you all over

and next thing you know you're walking

the red carpet covered in velvet

just saying i mean if we had evolution

that that could have taken care of a lot

of seams dishes

yeah um well the reason i mentioned this

velvet ant

is because the name is a little bit of a

throw off because it's uh

the sand and only actually grows to

about quarter of an inch long and like i

said it's

technically a wasp but only the males

have wings

and the females because they don't have

wings look like an ant

ah so that's where it comes from but

apparently one one

sting can actually subdue a 2

000 pound cow which is roughly

equivalent to about

13 average humans one sting

from the sand so i've got a question why

that's existing

yeah it in that's that's a little bit

crazy i mean

in texas going back to the fire ants i

mean we there's all kinds of

homeopathic remedies to try to get rid

of the fire ants and there's all kinds

of chemicals we put on

them but how have we not over time tried

to say

what is the purpose of these guys and

how we not try to eradicate them

right because if they've got that much

power behind them i don't want anything

to do with the velvet ant

well this is the thing i mean even if


had the power to wipe out a very


species you know say in the insect


yeah uh there's always people who come

up with arguments against it

there is actually an official wasp

protection league

okay so those five people just need to

move away

well yeah who who wants to do that

there was a deal and and of course this

is one of our you know

thoroughly fact check deals that uh

somewhere in florida they were talking

about releasing genetically engineered

mosquitoes to try to

drill down the population of mosquitoes

so maybe we need to get some people on

genetically engineered velvet ants and

you know get rid of some of them right

yeah neither here nor there yeah

now i know your animal knowledge is

great oh absolutely

so i'm giving you a soft pitch here all


what a fish very good at

swimming swimming right well

there is a fish called the red-lipped


it's known for its bright red hooker

lips okay

um and it's difficulty in swimming so

here you've got a fish

and he's bad at swimming a fish bad at

all he's bad at swimming it's uh finn's

like a politician it's finn's

server's legs which he awkwardly walks

across the ocean floor

oh poor guy and does he get handicapped


in the ocean well when he's showing up

to the food source you know kind of like

in the spongebob era and they're in

bikini bottom

is he parking in the handicapped spots

well his his shoes don't actually

stop there oh apparently because the


is the one with the bright red lips now

in nature

it's normally the female who has the

bright attractive red lips to attract

the male

and for whatever reason in this species

of fish

why that has happened um

it's a mystery because those red lips

still attract more males to mate than

females to mate

wow we we could have done a whole

podcast on

those guys red lip bat fish go look at

that fish

is there a fishing industry behind that

i mean

can you imagine having one of those in

your fish tank at your house

you know somebody comes over and you

have a dinner party and you're saying

hey let's all sit around and

you know behind the head of the table

you get this nice fish tank

and somebody's sitting there saying what

is that fish like oh it's a red lip

saying that that is a very attractive


you never know but but then you've got

the points they're going to see the red


and they're going to be oh what a

beautiful fish she's beautiful but

don't assume it's gender that's right

and and then

then the poor guy that brought his wife

along his wife's gonna say

you know you were staring at the red

lips on that fish and you just did not

like my red lips and i put on this new

lipstick and

all that and that you know once again it

chalk one up for the

red lip bat fish and causing marital

bliss right or not allowing for marital


i should say now the red lip bat fish

other than

being a bit pathetic swimming um

you know i think it's a good character

you know you have these funny animals

well they look funny but most of the

funny looking ones are pretty harmless

but there's a bird called a shoe bill

okay bill shoe bill and it grows between

four and five feet tall right wow

when you think about it it's pretty tall

yeah i mean other than like your ostrich

or your email

or something like that too many

so anyway uh he's carnivorous

ah he eats turtles fish and young


i don't know i don't know how young i

don't know we're like you know 10 days

old because

you're talking like six months that's

pretty impressive yeah

and it decapitates its prey before

consuming it

does it eat the head you know that i

don't know

only because i just went on one article

alone well

you know true fact checking from the

wolf and the shepherd that as we do

i'm just wondering if it ate crawfish

does it suck the eyeballs out

when it eats the crawfish or does it

just kind of

stir away from the classic crawfish i


i just thought of something what if this

isn't a real bird at all what about if i

just clicked on this

link and it was something like middle


but it's on the internet legends of

middle earth and this is a bird it was

describing but i just didn't read the

top part of the screen i don't know i i

think we need our listeners to research

this for us all right make sure this is

an actual animal

yeah uh shoe bill s-h-o-e-b-i-l-l shoe


is this a mythical beast or does it

exist in nature

and is it going to become our new mascot

right you know the wolf in the shepherd

in the shoe bill right um now

talking about where i think if evolution

is real

it has some issues there is a

there's a frog called a gastric brooding

frog okay and this this frog gives

birth through its mouth

so um the eggs get extended externally

fertilized by

by um a male and the female swallows the

eggs which then

obviously hatches tadpoles in his

stomach and then they grow into frogs

and when they get to a certain size

uh she then regurgitates them

well that's interesting there's got to

be a more efficient

oh absolutely that that is one of the

definitions of inefficiency that's like

50 years of evolution that's not like

five million years ago yeah no kidding

yeah uh

evolution kind of dropped the ball on

that right yeah yeah

um but actually this frog it went

extinct in the 80s

right now i don't know if that was

because of uh

you know effects of humans getting into

its natural habitat

and you know made it so it died out or

whether it was predators or whether it

just went extinct

naturally maybe the females just got fed

up and they said you know what i'm

i'm not swallowing anymore of this i i'm


i i don't want to swallow anymore i'm

just going to spit

and then all of a sudden they went

extinct it's a possibility

it is possible but apparently i did also

read that scientists are trying to bring

them back

how are they doing that uh getting

richer um

hold of the original cells and dna

yeah kind of dolly of the sheep but

instead gas um

jerry the gastric brood and frog i don't

know yeah well

uh good on science for working through


because that is exactly what this world

needs right now

or uh frogs that spit out their young

i mean with with all the problems we got

going on good on science

we we need to pump more research money

into that one

right now the uh the last animal on my

list on my short list which i'm

disillusioned with um

i've saved the best for last unless of

course the shoe build does turn up to be

science from lord of the rings in which

case with that one's going to be the


yeah yeah i mean you got the shoe bill

and you got the the

swallowing frog i don't know how you're

gonna beat those right

well anyway now this

this animal i did actually have to go to

multiple websites because the first

information i read on it

seemed so outlandish i just absolutely

couldn't believe it okay

and so i checked on i think it was like

four maybe five different

links and it pretty much all confirmed

the same thing

so whether so you did a true deep dive

i could write like a group where i'd

have to have a peer study to kind of

like approve it or disappoint you

you could get your phd in this is what

you're saying so anyway

there's this shrimp called the mantis

shrimp okay

now at that point i was all in okay i

can believe this

i've looked up uh freaky

um freaky freaky evolved animals kind of

thing anyway and this this is quite high

up on

every single list anyway the mantis

shrimp this crustacean

has spring-loaded punching arms

that strike with over 200 pounds of


wow now come on all right 200 pounds

so basically you have an mma shrimp is

what you're talking about yeah i mean

i mean this dude 200 pounds the pressure

that's a lot from eight but even if it's

spring loaded i mean 200 pounds of

pressure for like

now i guess if it means on the tip of

there but surely it would snap

off yeah i mean that that would be


if you're eating these in a shrimp

cocktail and you grab a hold of one and

it pops you in the finger i mean that

that's gonna end a nice dinner red

lobster if they get those confused

now as unbelievable as i found that


fact that was only the first half of a


let me read you the entire sentence oh

yeah do tell

this goes from a leap of that first part

of the sentence

where you're trying to break it down

into pounds per square inch if that's

what it's talking about

right of like uh force

whereas the second part wait for this


so mantis shrimp crustacean has

spring-loaded punching arms that strike

with over 200 pounds of force

momentarily heating the water to nearly

the temperature of the sun

ah well that's that is a hundred percent


x-men shrimp yeah absolutely yeah yeah

what is it

uh professor xavier whatever that i mean

why didn't he just have an

army of manta shrimps go take care of

everything you just get them out there


you know punch punch punch punch oh

heated sun heated sun

and every everybody just boils and burns

up but honestly

momentarily heat in the water to nearly

the temperature of the sun now do you

know what the temperature of the sun is

uh i'm gonna say it is higher than 120


it is higher than 120 degrees yeah it's

actually 27 million degrees fahrenheit

of 15 million degrees celsius so i

wasn't wrong

so if you have a shrimp arm

a spring-loaded shrimp arm and you hit

that water

with 200 pounds of force you can almost

get up to that 27 million degrees

fahrenheit or that 15 milliliter

so it kind of goes back to that article

i read a long time ago and of course i

don't have the facts in front of me

but they were talking about cooking a


and you could slap a chicken something

like 36 000

times and actually cook it so does that

mean a manta shrimp could actually

smack a chicken once

and cook a chicken talk about evolution


we have just evolved every chicken


you don't need ovens anymore you just

get a mantis shrimp the manta shrimp

walks up

punches the chicken it immediately gets

cooked fresh chicken

boom kfc i just solved

all your problems well you're saying

this now you know i'm a big fan of

martha stewart just as she's a big fan

of mine

and um i don't think even she could work


what the appropriate length of time to

cook a chicken is at 15 million degrees


celsius all you need is what like a

one millionth of a second one minutes of

a second yeah

i mean that that's my math brain going

right there i'm pretty sure i did all

the numbers well

apparently and i think their pr team for

the mantis shrimp has been working


um well of course because their pr team

is probably getting paid well because

they say well

if you don't like what you hear i'm

gonna punch you yeah and i'm gonna make

you the texture of the sun

so uh they can smash uh clam shells

and uh disarm crabs by blowing off

their pincers now you've seen a crab and

you've seen their pizzas

with the mantis shrimp can blow off

now i don't know now i don't quite know

because i

didn't bother reading the rest of the

article but um when it says blowing off

their pincers as it means like given an

underwater breath

of air and it's so powerful that it

actually blows off

the i guess the big questions the big


is are these mantis shrimp swimming

around the coral reefs of australia

because this

sounds like one of those australian

animals like you know koala bear a

tasmanian devil or all

all the bizarro spiders and snakes and

everything they have down there

i mean these manta shrimp

i'd i'd kind of like to have a few pets

i'd i'd i'd like to give some as

gifts you know and then just say hey you

know hold him

he he he likes to be held you know give

him little kisses

right there on the nose and when he

reaches out to you and he looks like

he's about to punch you

that's just his way of showing love well

it sounds to me like he's been writing

his own kind of match.com profile or


right it's like uh yeah very handsome

crust station i have a

spring-loaded punching arms i can strike

with over 200 pounds of force

i can heat the water to nearly to the

temperature of the sun

i can disarm crabs by blowing off their

pincers earns and 100 000 a year no


absolutely yep yeah i i wanted to add

that but yeah

absolutely absolutely so

so you always do all of our research

but when you brought up this topic i was

thinking to myself well

i i've got to try to add something you

know i i can't be the guy that just

doesn't know anything

all the time and so i was thinking

about this random fish right

and of course honestly you know we

talked about some of these

crazy animals in in this evolution thing


what we're halfway through these crazy

animals and they're all

you know ocean-going animals right but

there's a

fish that actually makes its home

in the butt of a sea cucumber

think about that it there's a fish that

makes its

home in the butt of a sea cucumber

well you could honestly start to argue

why do we even have sea

cucumbers right i mean we don't have sea

pickles but we do have sea

cucumbers but the crazy thing

is why they actually do this

and it's because it's worked for one of

the crazy

ancestors and it's a winning strategy

but it gets perpetuated by natural


crazy it's just crazy to think about

that so

we've only hit what was that like

six seven animals i mean you could


if if we actually did you know a ton of

research probably dig up even more crazy

animals but

there are some crazy animals for you to

say well

is evolution really coming along is it

making things better how did we evolve

into all these crazy animals and

and go off on these spider webs and

tangents of

all the crazy stuff that's going on well

i think really we need to shift our

focus to the most

important uh part of evolution that has

asked the humans

because oh i thought yeah i thought we

were going back to the mantis

no no um i am going to

i'm going to look him up on youtube

later than

i want to see the water because

obviously if it's heating up

temperatures the sun

surely that's the old ocean immediately

evaporated there

sorry to go back on those topics yeah

but before we get on to humans

what if mantis shrimps are the cause of

global warming

because they're punching everything

because they're all upset right now and

now because they can punch at the heat

of the sun

that's why the earth is doing i mean


you're welcome i want no credit for it

there there's global warming right there

all right like two shrimps well there

can't be more than five of them on the

face of the earth that can there


because you get more than them like i

said i mean you can have to bring in the

avengers to defeat them

at this point yeah that's true that's an

excellent point yeah anyway sorry so

uh we're going to shift on uh

as i said to the most important part of

evolution and that's how it affects

humankind because that's

because you know animals can go to one

thing not many people care if a giraffe

originally looked like a chicken

or a crocodile originally and of course

last night

when we looked in our analytics of our

listeners we have no mantis shrimps

listening to our podcast

no we don't do you think they're edible

i want to eat one i want to eat one yeah


so anyway apparently we're humans and

this is kind of a bit of a bleak

outlook really but science is split


a body that believes evolution in

humans is pretty much near finished the

natural disaster will actually end

humankind before any type of significant

evolution takes part

that would actually be able to be

measured empirically

um and that you know when we did our


on uh come armageddon come basically end

of the world

is that you know naturally through

um you know reoccurring ice ages

asteroids whatever that the human kind

is going to be

wiped out once again long before any

you know new evolutionary features like

all we've grown

well and the leg out of our back comes

into play right and of course if

if we're looking at that end times and

in armageddon or

whatever you want to call it in theory

that is the halting point of evolution


now everything's gone so obviously it

can't evolve anymore

yeah and so it's it's really uh

transhumanism or biohacking is supposed

to be the next step in a

human evolution transhumanism

transfusion now when i first heard that

i thought

what so we're going to evolve into a

whole species i don't know which

bathroom to use

i think no i mean i i still struggle

with that

because because men's rooms are always

supposed to be

to the right are they yeah and so

if restaurants or places get that

confused sometimes

i'll just turn to the right and i

realize whoops

i don't see any urinals in this bathroom

i must be in the wrong bathroom

but what are those bathrooms i have two

separate and

well access points ah so it might be on

the right for one person

see we need evolution to say we just

need one

access point we need an entrance and an

exit and it could be the same door but

we don't need more than one entrance to

a restroom that gets confusing it does

so yeah basically the

theory goes that you know humans can

only really evolve

now with the assistance of mankind

um implants um

you know ultraman dna rna yeah you're

saying artificially or

or scientifically yeah with some kind of


involvement uh it's it's not going to

happen through the normal course of

human events

right yeah and so i mean we're basically

using technology to augment biological

capabilities and enhance the human

experience by that i mean

if there was a way to plug an iphone up

your button and ensure it had a

continual power source

and it could connect to your brain then

your experience of the world of that

information was instantly

available and you could disseminate

between all that information immediately

that your life choices would be somewhat

better but then

does relying

on that type of data then overshadow

your own personality because it's going

to take a very strong person

to say oh well i disagree with those 1.6


pages on the internet that had this


and i can't find any support in mind so

does that

then stop you being you yeah but but

could that be

our buddy elon musk's you know goal

with the neuralink you know is that the

next point in evolution because he wants

to be able to put electrodes in your


you download an app to your phone and it

connects via bluetooth

and you can access all the data that's

on the internet

you know right straight to your brain so

you don't have to google search anything

you don't have to look anything up on


anything like that he he wants to be

able to feed that and then

also on the flip side of that throw your


into some other kind of artificial

holding cell whatever you want to call

it i mean maybe that's the next stage of


maybe that's where we're going and like

you say it's

it's a man-made thing it's a technology

thing it's a science thing that

that we push ourselves towards that

evolutionary wise

yeah and you know cyborgs

you know the mix of you know man and


hasn't traditionally had a good press

in sci-fi movies you know it's normally

you know the worst case scenario yeah

bumbling in

like c-3po in star wars where he's just

a pain and

well he was a pure robot he wasn't a

cyborg i mean it was a human machine no


fair enough yeah fair enough you're

talking about

well yeah our synthetics i can say blade

runner or you have

um what's the movie i can't remember but

yeah basically

just um well actually you know i was

going to talk about the first alien

movie where

um she doesn't trust robots but that one

guy who turned out to be a good guy was

actually a kind of synthetic he was a

robot mixed between uh

yeah well it's kind of kind of like uh

you know

when people are dating you know the uh

the girl goes out there and doesn't

trust the bad boy

and next thing you know she likes the

bad boy yeah it's kind of the same thing

okay same thing i'm just saying i think

the plot line's kind of going exactly

the opposite direction

but it's been a long time since i've

seen that movie

but you know i mean there's obviously um

with good reason a lot of mistrust about

scientists wanting to put chips

under your skin on the one hand you have

the evangelical christians talking about

oh it being the mark of the beast right

and all this type of stuff and yeah they

what what what is it uh

i think in the bible where they say like

a mark on your forehead or something

or on the right hand or on the right

hand yeah you know the bar code thing

yeah people bring out those deals where

i i saw there was a bracelet

that you can wear now that they're kind

of testing that

hooks up to your phone but it projects

onto your forearm and you can

swipe up and down and people are saying

oh that's the mark of the beast but

yeah i mean there there's people out

there that think monster drinks

have the mark of the beast on them so

you know you got to dismiss a lot of

that yeah

you just got to say oh okay yeah we're


reaching a little bit right yeah now i'm


as i said i am not a big fan of

evolution and even

if evolution is going to go this mix

of you know robotics

ai and regular humans

then and manta shrimp and mantis shrimp

where they've got any sense they'll

actually completely

redo the entire model yeah now

you know but um

like i said i'm not a big fan of

evolution when it comes to natural

selection because

we have all walked somewhere um

whether it be walmart on a saturday

morning or

walmart on a sunday morning or walmart

on a

saturday night at like one in the

morning yeah

on a thursday afternoon but anyway my

point is

natural selection it's

it's hard to see that really we're at

our best

point because there is so much diversity

in humans between

you know what we might judge mentally

call a good specimen and not a good


that's the name but but it's very

difficult to tell that same

thing in the animal kingdom you look at

other mammals now that might be because

we're not

the most uh highly respected scientists

in the world and perhaps people can look

at different mammals

and actually see that all that one's not

got plump enough hips so

it's probably only going to live a year

and a half well and maybe that's why

science actually is saying how

intelligent dolphins are

right you know maybe maybe dolphins they

always put dolphins below

us right but what if dolphins were

actually smarter than us and they've got

it all figured out and like look at

those morons up there

doing all this stuff and and dolphins

are the ones that have it figured out

i mean maybe maybe the ones that get


and turn into the and i

hate to use the term circus performers

but you know the performing dolphins you

swim with the dolphins

and they're the ones that jump up and

and they do everything

they're the ones of the sideshow days

back in the

barnum and bailey days and and they're

just kind of the dumb ones right

but the smart ones are the ones we

haven't even seen i mean maybe

maybe you got a dolphin colony that's

living in the bottom of the ocean right

and they're swimming around

and they've got manta shrimp cooking

chicken for them

and they're just hanging out and they're

having a grand old time and they're

living life and then they're loving life


we're the dumb ones maybe maybe dolphins

are the number one

and so by that rationale that could

disprove evolution because dolphins

can't hop out of the ocean and walk

around and do

what we do but maybe they've got it all

figured out and we don't

well if you look at i think if you ask

most people

you know what the point of life is or

what they would like to achieve in their

life they would say to be

happy and our life is so complex in

terms of the variety of jobs we do

all the needs or wants we try to fulfill

but what if dolphins

are absolutely completely happy with

their life that they're mating

um you know eating

they're surviving yeah torturing the

occasional poor poison taking part in

gang rape

um which and which i just want to say

is actually characteristics of dolphins

they can be a-holes

yeah but look at uh remember when

the the tuna industry

had to put all the stuff on their cans

about you know this is dolphin safe tuna

yeah what if the dolphins got mad at us

about that like

look we figured out what y'all are doing

and catching this tuna and we were

taking the outcasts

of our dolphin community and we were

throwing them in these

nets pedophiles and now we don't have a

way to get rid of them because we were

relying on you guys and now you said oh

now we have these dolphin safe nuts like

you know help us out here i mean we send

our outcasts to

go do your sea world shows we were

trying to get rid of the really bad ones

that were kind of dumb that couldn't do

the sea

world tricks and we were throwing them

in the net so we

get rid of those and now the dolphins

are getting all mad at us and saying you


come on man just help us out here a

little bit

is um that dolphin to english

uh app available on the new ios

oh no that comes out at 15. we're on 14

right now it

comes out in 15. right okay that's what

i just want to clarify that one uh we


insider information that yes that that's

coming out at ios 15.

okay android folks you're gonna have to

wait a little bit longer yeah

um now i think

animals for the most part again based

upon our scientific viewpoint

have done pretty well out of evolution


you know there's some of them we

question whether they should be existing

or not because we can't see the point of


and there are others which you know are

just plain funny to look at but they get

the job done

sure um and a lot of those really ugly


and insects and stuff are actually blind


you know love love is blind so right it

doesn't doesn't really matter

but um going back to humans so i think

we got the rough

rough kind of deal of evolution a bit

because some of these things i think

should have dropped off the charts

you know about half a million years ago

no problem you know i don't understand

why we've still

got these things going on um

and you know what one of the few uh

things which people feel they have a

need for on their body is the little toe

oh the baby tail

because other than cramming it against

stuff and learning how to custom four

different languages

yeah but it is the the one that went we

we all the way home

yeah yeah but um apparently it's


crucial to helping you maintain your


if you take it away it can affect your

balance up to 30 to 40 percent

wow so why is it always the one that

gets stubbed on the furniture when

you're walking around at night and you

say you know what i need a glass of


and it's always the one that just makes

you wake up everybody in the house

whenever you

you know snag it on a piece of furniture

yeah i mean for something that small

it's got a lot of responsibility in

helping you maintain its balance but um

i did read uh that its effectiveness

is thwarted pretty well by alcohol ah

no kidding no so it's the

the alcoholic of the five toes i mean


one in five people that drink is the

alcoholic so i mean that makes

kind of sense yeah and i did research


fact uh you don't have to look that up


now now i'm actually a fan of just

having the two

giant big toes on one foot instead of

these five individual

toes oh almost like a duck foot

you know they they've got the the three

that's sticking out yeah but that weight

yeah but but you're saying two just two


giant toes yeah just two giant toes yeah

i think that'll get the job done

well you'd probably get the toenail

clipper manufacturers

be really upset because now toenail

clippers are going to last

don't eat toenails oh

no see now now you're getting off on a

little tangent there

i mean so so now that the nails are

going away so now you're putting the

toenail manufacturer the toenail clipper

manufacturers out of business

and now you're gonna have to take all

the shoe manufacturers and say

hey we got to redo these shoes yeah

you're causing all kinds of problems

well it's causing all kinds of problems

with this line of thought well yeah

you didn't even mention the shoe

industry you might have a bit of an


especially with like ladies shoes yeah

absolutely yeah

i mean can can you imagine how goofy

those shoes would look with two toes i


do you point them all together or do you

separate them out

and then does it become some kind of a


of the gap between your two toes is it a

close gap

or is it a far gap well i tell you one

thing it's going to ruin the whole uh

fetish phenomenon out there because

there's nothing going to be worse

than seeing a really kind of sexy lady's


and then two big toes stuck in it yeah

in in are the toes equal size

i don't know yeah because because

what if what do you think would be the

prettiest conversation yeah but but what

if the attractiveness

is both toes are equal size and then you

end up with

one toe a little bit smaller than the

other toe yeah and now you're ostracized

and now you're like well but you know

who it could

actually help is plastic surgeons

because now they're going to put

toe implants in to make sure that both

toes are equal size

if that's what's attractive conversely

if one of those toes has to be a little

smaller and

you have toes of equal size plastic

surgery again so

once again medicine wins plastic surgery


yeah um now i don't know when i

originally thought of that idea what my

kind of

time scale was for it to come in but

i haven't read up on um evolution i


you and i might be dead before even one

giant big toe kind of like

oh yeah starts growing i hope so i hope


i i don't want to see that now i mean

one famous uh

discard from evolution was obviously we

lost our tails at some point in time

at least as far as evolutionary theory

goes i mean

there are other theories about why we

have the cossacks bone

but the main one is because we had a


and we've actually lost our tails

twice no kids during evolution there

were two separate times apparently our

lineage of humans had tails and we lost

we managed to lose them both times

evolution decided

they don't want no more tail no i think

it's because humans are as mean as crap

and they were probably just pulling them

a lot and cutting them off

and evolution just thought this is well

and it it could go back to

a cosmetic thing that uh you know you

remove the tail i mean there there's

things that we do as humans that

something as simple as cutting our hair

right if you

think about that most people cut their


i mean there there are a handful of uh

religious groups and other ethnic groups

that don't

ever cut their hair but we do cut our


and then now we've gotten into socially

acceptability of

baldness in men you know if your

hairline starts receding

used to you'd look at somebody that

shaved their head you'd say oh they're a

skin head or something like that

now it's attractive so

we've always altered our appearance but

that's a little

extreme if you're cutting off a body

part now would you like a tail

if you have the choice no no i would not

want a tail

why i have a hard enough time finding

jeans that fit

correctly and then if i've got to worry

about another measurement on there

besides the length and the waist of

where the

tail is going to go in i mean that's why

i buy jeans once every five years and

once i find a pair that fits

i go in i buy five pairs of those and

i'm like i'm good for another half a


because i don't want to have to go buy

jeans anymore so if i if i had to worry


especially if my tail is gonna grow or

maybe shrivel up a little bit as i get

older or maybe

my my tails got some hair on it now i

gotta shave my tail

too much too much hassle to too much too

much responsibility

don't want to deal with that okay we'll

uh cross that one off the list then of

things we don't want back

um now um what i was

absolutely amazed to discover and i

actually heard this

uh back on a joe rogan podcast a few

months ago

that the eye is actually considered part

of the brain

right it is the only visible part of the

brain but it is actually

legitimate for all intents and purposes

part of the brain

makes sense yeah i mean it that that's

one of those

of course the core five senses uh

depending on where you're at in science

you know we have

several senses beyond the main core five

senses but

you know sight is obviously very


to humans right most of what we

look at and and see even there you go

once we look at we

we even delineate that towards side but

we're so reliant

upon side especially in this

evolutionary process that we have now i


you're listening to this right now but

most of what we do is through sight and


touch taste not as important

but sight super important

now uh

if evolution could improve upon the eyes

okay and say it had i don't know another

billion years

or so to work this out how do you think

it could improve on the eye

in terms of spacing size

just you know uh less sensitivity to

bright light

better not well i i think you could you

could put sunglasses

out of business you know if you could

actually get your eyes to

not be affected by the sunlight where we

all want to wear sunglasses and of

course there's people out there that

never wear sunglasses they say oh that

doesn't bother me

if you could get it to where you didn't

have any degeneration

in your eyesight so if you were able to

evolve your eyes to where people didn't

need glasses or contacts that'd be good

getting rid of colorblindness uh you

know i'm colorblind

so that's a problem for me so that'd be

a nice evolution that we

got rid of that but if you could detect

things with your eyes

like if someone's sick and you could see

the fact that they had a fever because

we have these new

thermometers now that you don't even

have to touch the person

you shoot a little laser you hit them on

the head

you know right there on their forehead

and it says here's the temperature if

you could imagine

being able to walk around and you could


kind of a uh oh

what's the term i'm looking for you know

you have

you know the thermographic i don't think

that's right

but you can see you know heat signatures

and everything if you could actually

look at a person and know whether or not

they had a fever

you would know to stay away from them

right you would know that they have some

kind of infection

so if you could look at a person and say

that person's sick

yeah even though they could hide the

fact that they had symptoms

maybe they're not coughing maybe they're

not sneezing maybe they're not sweaty or


but you could look at a person and say

that person's sick

i'm going to stay away from them that

could be an evolution

to where we could be a healthier society

yeah well

well obviously in the animal kingdom

that ability exists to a point

because you have dogs which can sniff

cancer they can sniff various

you know diseases and of you know in in

other parts of the animal kingdom they

can tell it's

sick and it's obviously not just

well it might be based upon some types

of some type of observation but whether

it be smell

or something that they can tell when

other animals are sick i just don't


that might be one of those things that

we have lost or that we never had

right so so now going back to the

survival of the fittest or whatever if

we did have that at one time and we lost

that olfactory sense of being able to


whether or not somebody has cancer

somebody has a disease somebody's sick

we obviously didn't make any progress in

the right direction there

because that would have been great and

and you were mentioning eyes but

smell would be the same way uh you know

sight hearing maybe there's a

tribulation in a voice

or something like that that you could

detect that

yeah maybe we had it at one time maybe

we lost it

and so that would be a negative

on the comment or on the column rather

of evolution right because maybe at one

time we realized

that's a healthy person that's a sick

person yeah i want to be with the

healthy person not the sick person yeah

but evolution you know also through

natural selection

comes to a point where overpopulation

can kill off a species or drastically

reduce the species numbers

sure so you know all of these things

which evolution could have given us or

another animal

that you can't make an animal kind of


super animal or make us superhuman

because we become almost indestructible

then the species obviously overpopulates

and every species overpopulates because

everything becomes impossible to kill

right you know carnivores die off

because they can't actually eat anything

we we get rid of all of our natural

resources develop

all these spikes on it and so you know

the herbivores can't he

see i get that now um which led me to


in terms of the eyes okay being part of

the brain okay

would you ever see that the cyclops eye

that one eye in the middle of your

forehead that big eye would be a better

way to go

than the two oh i think so i think we


one eye i don't think we need two

because everybody has a strong eye and a

weak eye

i don't and of course i've

fact checked this like crazy like we do


but everybody has a strong eye and a

weak eye

and i remember there being tests you

know you cover this eye

and then you cover the other eye and you

focus on one thing and you can always

figure out what your dominant eye

is so if you have a dominant eye why

don't you just have one eye

right why can't we just have one eye and

of course i think a lot of that goes


to symmetry in what is considered

uh attractive or whatever but maybe if

we just got rid of the two eyes and we

just went to one eye

but of course there's several people

and i can't think of the dude's name

he's in congress right now he's got the

eye patch on

dan crenshaw yeah dan crenshaw you know

poor guy

if he only had one eye and he lost that

eye now he can't see at least he's got

one eye

so so maybe it's one of those you know


if you lose one you gotta spare right so

i i

get that part but if we had some way to

protect that eye

and maybe make it invincible right now

you only need one

right so we've just got to grow one

invincible giant

one invincible giant yeah yes

i i did i did actually kind of want to

find out why one eye wouldn't work as

well as two eyes if the one eye was big

enough and had a few

you know genetic modifications sure but

instead i kind of got

drawn in you know on google where it

comes up with the most popular ask


so i typed in cyclops and um

compared to you know dual vision or

whatever anyway so these are the

questions i got

first up do cyclops eat humans

uh i would have to say no they do


yeah yeah i don't think the one eye is

directly responsible

no probably not um here's one which uh

how many eyes does a cyclops have

six um

as one who is very concerned about the

cyclops history uh

what did the cyclops do now i didn't

know whether it meant like job hobbies

or yeah you know it

fished in the morning and played the

guitar in the evening i mean

i i i i don't get where that one's going

what what i felt

you know what the most pertinent

question was about the cyclops

and i'm glad they asked this one was uh

our cyclops fireproof

i would have to go with no yes they are

oh yeah yeah

yeah see you know nothing about it i

know i i

now you know something about so i i now

have a couple of facts about cyclops

so i i can die happy

right well just to kind of end up here


i do have a short wish list okay okay

all right let's hear your wish wish list


for evolution if humankind can keep

going you know that's

x number of million of years for this to

actually yeah

what what can we make happen in the

betterment of

evolution i would like an extra arm or

maybe two for aesthetical issues

so about four now is this in case you

lose one or uh are you looking for like

a general

kind of deal with the extra arms for

lightsabers i mean wait

what why do you want extra arms well i'm

thinking at that point in time

when evolution gets there think of what

model of xbox we're going to be on then

and how complex those controllers are

going to be

you're going to need three hands minimum

on one controller

you almost need that i mean what was the

nintendo that came out that had that

goofy controller that

you could never figure out exactly how

to hold it

the wii one no no no before that

it it was after the end i think it was

after the n64 but remember it

it wow it had the little deal in the


not the gamecube controller so i know

the one i know the one you mean yeah but


stick was right in the middle right in

the middle if you didn't have a long

thumb you were screwed

exactly yeah all right so so for video

game purposes

ah okay yeah i can get back i think two

because one it looks stupid

one yeah yeah and so of course

no no we're going back to symmetry

because where do you put that third arm

yeah so

okay i'm with you forearms or arms i'd

like to

see an update on the whole toe situation

see if you can't work uh we've been over


i know you have a problem with the toes

yep and i think there should be a

uh try out the cyclops one eye on a

30-day trial basis if you don't like it

you can go back to original eyes

i'm sure there is a plastic surgeon

somewhere in california that can


you know set that up for you i i'm

almost certain or or there's somebody in

secret saying

you know what i think i might be able to

make this happen and i'm just waiting

for the right person to come

along and say you know what here's what

i want

here's what i want so so

some scientists believe that human

evolution is far from over

and suggests women will become shorter

and stouter

that that one to me just

completely blows my mind especially with

high heels i mean let's think about high

heels just

right off the bat because it's always

about women wanting to look a bit

taller actually if you look in history


actually used to wear heels as well

everybody wanted to look taller but

maybe we're getting to the point to


we've reached that pinnacle of height


now we want to turn around and be


you know now we don't have to build our

houses as taller

our cars is taller things like that

i don't know if i buy into the whole you


shorter and stouter thing but this is

just women not men so the women are

going to grow

shorter and stouter so more kind of

beach ball shaped

which i think personally is going to

address the overpopulation issue

well it it very well could be because as

we all know

that uh men

evolve a heck of a lot slower than women


so we're we're going to have to go a few

generations there

and if they want to get that way then

we'll whittle down the population

and let the whole survival of the

fittest go ahead and take hold

so thanks for tuning in to this episode

of the wolf and the shepherd we

certainly appreciate

everything that y'all done for us and

all of your listens

and we'll catch you next time