March 15, 2021

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

The Wolf And The Shepherd discuss the term Emotional Intelligence and try to figure out whether or not that they actually have EQ or not. The Shepherd wonders about Pepe Le Pew being cancelled because of his possible lack of emotional intelligence and perhaps it was actually his French background. 


welcome to this episode of the wolf and

the shepherd today we're going to be

talking about

eq and this has nothing to do with

equalization that's one of those audio

things that

we barely even know how to take care of

our own audio here on the podcast no not

not eq is an equalization we're going to

talk about

emotional intelligence now i'll be

honest with you until a few weeks ago

i hadn't heard of the term emotional

intelligence or ever had i kind of

disposed of it in the trash can of my


right and fully emptied the trash can

now like you when i saw the letters eq

i thought it had something to do with

music i think the last time i saw that

was when i used to use

winamp yep on the computer i read a

little bit about it

and i thought it sounded a woke getting

in touch with your feelings and all that


in touch with the arena child so you

feel like this is one of those

woke things this isn't necessarily like

a real

you know psychological thing well like i

said in that

thing i looked up it was leaning towards

that getting in touch with your emotions


in touch with your inner child which i

thought was going to be a bad idea for

you straight off the bat because

you've been wedging your inner child for

the last 30 years and stealing his lunch

money so i thought this is going to be a

bit of a

rough trip for you if we're going to

have to get in touch with emotions

well sure i mean that's where all my

savings go i mean that's

that's where i get my savings account is

taking the lunch money from my inner

child away and just putting it in a

little bank somewhere and

honestly that's where i kind of do my

bitcoin investing as well

i mean that's where all that money comes

from so nothing's wrong with that

did you set up a college fund for your

inner child no

he's probably not going to even graduate

high school to be honest with you yeah

i don't think he's got the emotional

intelligence to be able to get through

school well he's like 30 now so he's

dragging his

ass that is true yeah yeah he's an


well in latest news pepe le pew has been

cancelled for his lack of emotional

intelligence oh that's right

he you know i kind of feel sorry for

skunks in general they get a bad rap

sure they put off a kind of a bad smell

you know and

it's hard to wash out of a dog you can

do the tomato juice or whatever and it

never really quite

works but all skunks are doing is just

trying to mind their own business

and so here comes old pepe le pew along


all he's trying to do is just show hey

you know i'm a good guy

you know i'm i'm trying to impress the

ladies this thing

that thing and the other now the poor

guy gets cancelled

chalk another one up for the degradation

of skunks

i don't know how far it's going to go

because i read something the other day

that speedy gonzales might be next

oh i can 100 i will go

no i will go on the record right now to


speedy gonzales will never be canceled


never be canceled prove me wrong i'm

going on the record right now he will

never be

you mark my words because one of my good

friends is mexican and he doesn't like

speedy gonzales because it gives out the

false impression he said that

all mexicans are high energy are going

to work really hard he said it's kind of

countering the fact that he wants to be

a little bit lazy and take a siesta but

they're expecting him to rush around

like speedy gonzales oh that's an

interesting yeah so

he's so he's kind of supporting speedy

gonzales being cancelled

not for cultural appropriation or

anything or stereotypes but just that

it's giving the

kind of wrong idea that they're

expecting him to kind of work his butt


yeah i i could see that yeah i kind of

feel bad for the guy there but

i guess the other way to look at it is

does he feel it

you know he said the work thing right

yeah does he feel like

he can outrun usain bolt you know he's

quite short i don't think he's got the

leg stride

to outrun usain bolt to be honest i mean

when's the last time the mexican olympic


won in sprinting probably never yeah


thought speedy gonzales has got to be

their mascot for the track and field

though right

oh it has to be i can't think of a

better mascot than speedy gonzales for

the mexican track team

yeah or any track team for that matter

if you stop and think about it and if

anybody wants to complain about

stereotyping let's remember the shepherd

is married to a mexican that is true

yeah well i was trying to get all the um

pronouns sorted out so i figured just a

mexican because if we kind of mentioned

the gender

it might cause further issues you're

just married to a mexican

correct yeah which that is a fact yeah

so lola bunny i don't know if you

remember her from space jam and i think

she was in some of the original uh

pepe le pew cartoons well now she's

going to be reanimated because

apparently she's too sexy in her

original form

so they're going to kind of fill her out

a little bit make her a bit chunky

so she's not quite so attractive because


it puts undue pressure on human children

to look attractive if you have cartoons

where the females doesn't look like

cheesy in regular wings

from wingstop oh on that note wings from

wingstop are one of my favorite wings if

there is a representative

listening from wingstop we would very

much be glad

to have you sponsor us and possibly sort

out something where i can get like one

batch of three wings a week

just wanted to throw that in there well

now hang on a second uh

wing stop we we need two batches of

wings yeah because i'm

doubly hungry no no i need some too

now stop trying to bogart all the

sponsorships over there

i think the next thing is all the disney


you know the ones who've got a waist

like about four inches around

yeah but isn't that on the skeleton yeah

so it gets into that thing it's been


that maybe they all need to be

reanimated and apparently

with new technology you can actually go

through and isolate a character

and actually completely reanimate pretty


via the computer ai to replace that

character in the entire movie with this


version of the character so well i mean

so you're basically talking

about what george lucas did with the

special editions right

just the next step yeah right yeah so

the little mermaid the next time you see

her she's gonna look

something like jabba the hut but with a


that's uh that's kind of sad right but

but then think about uh what was the one

from aladdin

uh jasmine jazz what what about that you

know she's got the little crop top

mid-drip yeah those flowy pants thing

and she's showing her belly i mean are

they going to go back

and like put a baggy hoodie over now

because that's showing too much skin

well they'll probably ban the whole of

that just simply because again it

reinforces stereotypes of the middle


back in whatever time period that was

yeah yep it's like 1980

no i mean what what time what moment in

time it's supposed to represent not my

cartoon was made no i

i thought that was supposed to represent

the middle east in the 1980s

well flying carpets and that yeah that

story's been around before then

aladdin i'm pretty sure that was certain


i don't know if that's true i'm just

waiting for the wonder woman

franchise to be renamed to mediocre

woman so that doesn't put too much

pressure on females or gets renamed

i don't need no man woman just to hammer

the point home that one

that's a tough one right there you know

because wonder woman

has all those powers and she's you know

fast runner strong

you know all that good stuff right i

don't think they're going to change it

especially with that latest

what is it 1984 see here we go with the

80s again

the original what was her name linda

cotton yeah linda carter

you know she made that little cameo in

the end i mean she's still sitting there

supporting it

yeah so i i think as long as you have

all of the past

people supporting that it's going to be

tougher to get it to change

yeah i think linda carter is top of my


list since carrie fisher died right it's

a bit awkward to still have

her on the list to be honest with you

nothing wrong with that but the problem

is though with one woman if they do kind


go that route i was just kind of

figuring who's going to make sandwiches

and do the laundry for the rest of the

justice league

storm who's storm that's a female


female super hero but she can conjure up

storms right i think that's where she

gets her name

it's not much use when you want a bacon

lettuce tomato well

now hang on you said sandwiches and

laundry i'm trying to take care of the


parts so she can dry it well no no

work with me here she can take all the

laundry and

put it in like a big pile in a field

right and conjure up a storm

throw some soap on the top of it and

then boom that's taken care of then

tornado comes by dries all the clothes

the wind

blows the clothes over to you know

wherever they need to go

all through all done sandwich thing i

don't know who's going to take care

i still think it's easier for wonder

woman to just put it in the regular


washing machine and just do it that way

to be honest with you i think you're

creating too many problems with the


of storm doing the laundry that could be

a problem so anyway what were you

supposed oh yeah emotional intelligence

yeah right

going serious for 10 to 15 seconds here

what do you think emotional and

emotional intelligence is before i'll

tell you the interwebs

opinion and why you're wrong my guess

based off of

when i last heard about or i should say

when i first heard about it which was

pretty much at the same time you did is

some kind

of a measure as to whether or not

you offend other people so you mean

don't say something which might offend

somebody else

yeah kind of like the uh the anti

sticks and stones may break my bones but

really will never hurt me

method of the parent and let me be

honest i do this all the time you

tell your kid you know don't say

anything if you can't say anything

nice or you know if you don't have

anything nice to say don't say anything

whichever way you want to manipulate the

saying so to speak

yeah basically how much are you

capable of practicing that method

determines your emotional intelligence


in summary if you're trying to get

somebody's attention by saying

oy fatty oy ginger that shows a lack of

emotional intelligence 100

okay yeah i almost want to end the

podcast there and let's just go with

that definition

but we're only about 10 minutes in so we

should probably uh

drag it out a bit more so i thought the

quickest and probably least reliable way

to find out

what emotional intelligence was was to

either ask

siri or google right i tried asking siri

couldn't understand my accent um and she


started bringing up some movie with

kevin hart and the rocking central

intelligence or something so she

completely misheard me

but i thought that's where you got the

recipe for the mexican lasagna

no that was um ripped out of a magazine

from the electricity company actually

for some reason we got one from our

electricity company which

let's be honest didn't do a great job

this last month

during the winter storms in texas and

about two days after

the power finally came back on we got

this lovely pr magazine through the mail

telling us how wonderful the texas

electricity grid was and all that but

smack bang among the adverts

in this magazine was a recipe for

mexican lasagna i mean

i don't know whose idea it was to be

like yeah i know where i'm gonna reach

my demographic i'll put it in the

texas power and energy magazine

which i didn't subscribe to i'll be

honest to you that's pretty much spam


yeah it was but you know what would

probably go

really good with mexican lasagna italian

tacos what are italian tacos

i don't know what's a mexican lasagna i

serve lasagna made by a mexican

so then a taco made by an italian would

be what an italian taco is yeah that's

uh yeah that's true

because if chinese make food that's

chinese food isn't it well it's all made

in china

what all chinese food right isn't it

well how do they get it to the table

when you go to a restaurant but it's

made in china probably buy boat that's

why it takes so long

and that's why a lot of chinese

restaurants are buffets so they

brought everything over already yeah and

now it's ready for you to go scoop up

and get

yeah that definitely sounds like it's

true anyway i turned to google

typed in what is emotional

intelligence so i accidentally clicked

on an ad to begin with and it offered to

sell me emotional intelligence for 39.99

a month which i thought was kind of a

little bit on the pricey side

but you know you don't know what you're

getting for your money that might

actually be a bargain but

as usual i didn't bother clicking

through to see okay so you don't know

whether or not they were going to give

you like the first month freeze you can

try out so i can have emotional

intelligence for a month and then if i

like if i like it

i can continue having it for the rest of

the year for maybe 10 off or something


no didn't do that no so i went with our


they must have the same marketing

campaign we do we don't have a marketing


oh that's right i went to our wiki basic


definition which came up with something

which if i was going to take this topic

seriously which

i think i am a really good definition i


it says emotional intelligence or

emotional quotient

is the capability of individuals to

recognize their own emotions

and those of others to discern between

different feelings

so if you can't tell the difference

between whether you're angry or happy

you know whatever then you've got a lack

of emotional intelligence

i think this is a sliding scale isn't it

really i don't think it's a case if

you've got no emotional intelligence or

you have emotional

intelligence i'm guessing it's one of

these what's your score out of 100.

yeah i i'm wondering when you went

through all of your research and all

that good stuff

whether or not you found out i mean is

is there some kind of score

is it out of a hundred like i'm i'm a 98

eq person or i'm a three eq i might have

to go back and click on that ad because

at the moment when i read that wikipedia

definition i thought

what am i gonna get for 39.99 a month

yeah but things like credit score we can

raise your emotional

um intelligence score by nine points

this month if you follow these simple


yeah exactly that's what i'm thinking

let's say it's one out of a hundred


or one to a hundred rather yeah and

you're like a

94 and you can pay 39.95

to get seven more points by that

definition right that's all you'd have

to do so you'd only have to subscribe

for a month

so if they're raising it like seven

eight points a month and you're really


obviously you're gonna have to spend

more money and more months to get that

score up yeah i guess the big question

would be

does it expire like can those extra

points go away

after a certain period of time i don't

know i feel our score would

probably be on par with somebody

entering the country illegally from el


in terms of their credit score so

somewhere around 50. 50

50. that's a little bit higher than i

thought it was well we're gonna fake

some of it oh

we're going to fake empathy and all that

so just to let the

listeners know the shepherd and i were

in a clubhouse room a couple of weeks

ago and this is how we first kind of

heard of the term emotional intelligence

and the whole room was actually

dedicated uh to the topic of eq and it

was pretty good

um i feel i learned all i need to know

probably on the topic at that point but

we figured we better kind of

share our gained knowledge with our

listeners just to educate them on the


sure we we have gotten to the point now

where we jump into clubhouse and

we'll be in like a podcast room or

whatever and then we get bored and then

we just start looking at these other

random rooms yeah that's how we ended up

in that so

you know maybe if you've seen us in

there and we end up talking about


or we pop into some room that they're

talking about some topic

yeah it's probably going to be a podcast

later on because

that's kind of our new pastime that i'm


what three maybe four weeks we're going

to get bored of that moving on to

something else yeah

now i actually if you remember when

we're in that room

i offered a lot of opinions with

absolutely no factual research evidence

whatsoever but everybody seemed to be

agreeing with me and thanking me for my


obviously except for you because you

you're quite aware when i'm talking out

my butt

well sure not only that but i was

starting to get bored

hearing you talk because i mean we do

the podcast together so i talk to you

enough i don't need to hear you on an

app either so i was like uh

you know i listen to him enough i want

to hear what he's talking about so i'm

pretty sure i started playing a video


yeah so i didn't really want to bore our

listeners by going any deeper into the

concepts but we've spent 10 minutes

talking about our

roofie figurehead pepe le pew so i

thought we might want to i don't know

maybe fill it out with something i've

come up with a new term

and this is going to be copyrighted wait

a second before

before you give us this term yeah

something just hit me are the french

upset with pepe le pew

you know i don't know i don't know how

big he was in france

well yeah but if you're if you're a

french american right

wouldn't you consider that a negative

stereotype that all

frenchmen or womanizers it might be

accurate though

that's true that's why they're all in

canada isn't it yeah french canadians

yeah yeah

that i wonder if the french canadians

don't like pepe le pew

well you know your thing about you don't

like canadians i told you i do like


except for the french canadians yeah but

the reason that

or one of the one of your character

flaws is the fact that you like

canadians well

except for the french ones well no even

then that goes down a little bit further

because i don't mind the french

canadians who play hockey i like those

it's just the other french canadians so

as long as they play hockey

do they have to be good at hockey no

they just have to play yeah i think it's

a different mindset you know it kind of

gets them out of that because my whole

if you combine what i don't like about

canada with what i don't like about


it all comes together in the french

canadian but i think if they play hockey

they just happen to be french canadians

but they've got a completely different

mindset and i

kind of don't mind those people so

they're all right yeah but see

i don't like the french and i don't like

canadians so i definitely

don't like french canadians what about a

french canadian cat that would be like

the worst thing imaginable french

canadian cat i mean

that's basically satan yeah right i mean

that that is safe well i was actually

going to say you would rather

go through a living reenactment of the

exorcists and have a cap

from the french canadian province of


correct yes all right so anyway this new

term i've come up with right

this is a term which i wanted to

describe any information you get from

the internet

and you treat it as a fact but you

actually haven't done any research to

back it up

right and so i want people to use this

from now on

so it stops a whole bunch of complaining

about whether this is true or not and


you know it's been backed up it's a


so if you say i've got an interfact for

you it just means i read it on the

internet i don't know whether it's true

i didn't do any research but this is an


should we change the tagline of the

podcast to

home of the interfact no okay

good because i don't know how to do that

on the website right too difficult

well also you've got to put that kind of

parenthesis stuff around it and i don't

think the meta tag like

special characters so yeah or or that

little special character the little

trademark thing

i know the little c in the circle the

copyright yeah yeah well you can all the

tm yeah

yeah yeah tm for trading oh that's easy

you just change the font size and make

it super small

sounds difficult it doesn't matter so

the five features of emotional


i was going to ask you at the end but i

know what your brain's like and you'll

have forgotten the first three by the

time i ask you

by the time i tell you the fifth one so

i'm just gonna ask you about these in


okay five features of emotional


number one self-awareness oh there i

am yep so self-awareness uh i give us a

point on that one i'm

pretty sure we both are aware that we're

right here

so yeah we got that one yeah


oh we're not good with that i thought it

was about you know like people who

aren't regular

like going potty yeah people get in the

habit of going to the bathroom in the

morning and before they go to bed i

think that's a good way to regulate

because it gets your body into this


of clearing out your digestive tract and

you're dwaddling them and all that and

it actually keeps your body

healthy because then you don't have

those toxins in your system so i think

self-regulation is talking about toilet


well uh dr wolfe i will probably

experience a wolf

professor okay professor wolf then i'll

agree with you on that but i'm gonna

have to give myself a zero if it's based

off that because i never know when and


it's gonna happen i have a friend who

explained to me

he was a outside sales guy and he'd

drive around and he said

man i'm gonna let you in on a little

secret if you're

ever out on the road and the urge hits

you to go

take a seat in the bathroom always go to

a hotel

yeah because people that stay in hotels

are using the restroom

in their rooms and the public restrooms

and hotels are really

really clean yeah you know and if you

don't have a bucky's

near you yeah the next best thing is

stop in a hotel

walk in i mean people are walking in

walking out all the time just go in the


and use the public restroom or find a

chick-fil-a because chick-fil-a keep

their restrooms so clean you could


off the floor not only is it great food

you could also eat off the floor in case

you don't have a

so i agree with you the table available

but here's the problem with

doing that at chick-fil-a you only get

chick-fil-a six days a week so if this


on a sunday well you got to have a

back-up plan that's true

now my girlfriend she has the toiletry


of a hibernating bear as in like she'll

only go toilet like twice a week i don't

mean peeing because that would cause a

serious issue with the kidneys

but whereas whereas you know me i like

to go like two or three times a day

mainly to play

games on my phone well that's why your

score's so high on words with friends

that's true i only lose about one in

every hundred games and that's because i

don't renew games against people who i

know can possibly beat me at the moment

i just play against

people who you know i know pretty much

if i put in a half assed effort i'm

going to win

so you play a lot of words with friends

with eric now

he's got that um cheap knockoff phone so

i don't think

he can't load words with friends because

he bought the um chinese

clone copy of a samsung and it's it's

got some

unusual features to it which you know

don't come with the standard

official samsung and one of those

unusual features

is not being able to actually install

anything from the uh

google play store i think you actually

had to pay extra for that as well

probably yeah so anyway number three on

the list empathy

struggling with that one i know how you


because i get it i know how people feel

but sometimes i just don't care

i understand you i feel exactly the same

way and that listeners

is a good example of empathy so


you get a point for that one and i'm a

zero so you're

yeah but remember i'm faking it so yeah

but you're at three and i'm still at one

right there's only two more left this is

not looking good for me i mean you've

already won right

i mean there's no way for me to yeah to

win yeah

actually on the subject of empathy or at


using part of the word i have a friend

who's an

empath and she works with police

departments to go and

solve cold case files what's an impact


they um pick up on the emotions of their

strong emotions that are set in place

and so she can go to somewhere where

somebody was kidnapped or somebody was


and she'll pick up on like almost like

flashbacks of emotions and give clues

and she's helped like police like solve

a lot of crimes just from

the insight she's given of like being

able to tell the police the last thing

the victim saw

and that type of stuff i mean i know

people believe or don't believe it but

empaths actually have quite a serious

role in a lot of uh

cold case files and they've there's

plenty of documented evidence that

they've you know

it's really made a difference but anyway

that i know that's a bit of an aside

do the police dogs have like emotional

support dogs with them

and so the emotional support dogs are


empaths for the real police dogs so the

empath dog could then help the real

police dog

try to find the person no you've got

you've got to be a jack of all trades if

you're a police dog

oh you've got to do everything from like


uh drug sniffer dog yeah all type stuff

it's a general training course it's like

community college for dogs but that's

not fair to dogs

like they need specialized trades i mean

we we rely too much on the police dogs

to put that much pressure on yeah

i mean on top of that they they gotta go

find the ball

they got to go play with the tennis ball

and you know they've got to eat and they

got to sleep that that's too much

pressure on my dog

we got to fix that maybe that should be

our mission well ricky gervais said it

best in one of his stand-ups

you know he's saying how much he loves

dogs you know they're better than people

in some respects

and at some point he said when all these

breeds became so

separate somebody had to hand out these

jobs to these dogs and so you know he

called up you know the labradors and


hey do you like chasing things and

retrieving them in your mouth they're

like yeah

it goes good that's your job go small

dogs do you like being carried around by

elderly homosexual men

yeah well that's your job yeah

and the rock violets are like what's our

job because shaking babies

stand up by them that that was fantastic

yeah oh yeah and it's the one where it's

the um

south african uh rhodesian ridgebacks

he goes okay rhodesian ridgebacks yo

your job uh hunting lions what

hunting lions but anyway number four

motivation hard fail for both of us yeah

yeah do we even need to talk about that

one anymore

fail yeah i think we just move on to

number five well number five again


if they're gonna take away marks on this

rather than giving you marks this is


negative mark social skill i think we

have okay

social skills i mean we don't like

talking to anybody and we really don't

care what they have to say

isn't that the opposite of social skill

we would really rather just you know

kind of do our own thing

but beyond that i think we have pretty

good social skills yeah we have good

social skills with each other

well yeah because the only time we ever

really talk to each other is when we do

the podcast

other than that we just text each other

back and forth yeah self-awareness

because it's really hard picking up the

phone and talking on the phone

you know if you think about it we're so


yeah empathy no motivation

social skill no right all right so um

those are the those are the basic

five right now i'm gonna hit you with

this list later

which is gonna break those down a little

bit more

and we can actually give ourselves a

proper score so do you realize it

the last one was social skills right

yeah yeah so do you realize hey you

interrupted me and now i can't even

remember what i was talking about i

think that's part of social skills well

that was part of it because you were

talking and that's why i said

self-awareness maybe we have more

emotional intelligence than we realize

we do

doubtful probably yeah so i'll be honest

with you if i read that list

and i was some type of lip manipulative

evil marketing genius

that sounds right for exploitation i

mean forget the 39.99 a month

i'm pretty sure that within about a year

prince harry and meghan markle are

going to be doing a topic on this on

netflix not to say they're marketing

geniuses because they're not but

exploitation no hang on maybe they are

marketing geniuses maybe they're getting

that set up

what if what if harry and megan started

a podcast

well they do have one remember they

already have one remember yeah they

launched it

and they thought it was going to be like

the next big thing and

it actually got less downloads i think

in the first week than our podcast

and one of the podcasts which finished

above them in the list

was whale sounds well what's wrong with

whale sounds nothing

but i'm just saying people would rather

listen to whale sounds

than harry and meghan i would i'd rather

listen to a whale fart than listen to

harry and megan but you know that's

just me and well the majority of the

rest of the population

oh yeah i mean there's a reason why

you're sitting here in texas and yeah

over in jolly old england

well they don't live there do they live

in los angeles oh they don't live in


no they moved over here england england

wasn't woke enough for them

what are they doing over here um well

they moved over here because they wanted

privacy and which is why they're on the

news site every day and pushing

netflix specials and like books and

podcasts because they want privacy

oh and they did that interview with

oprah where basically megan whined for

about two hours said the royal family

was racist

and all this other stuff and other

things which got fat checked and

didn't quite work out for it but um no

they live over here now in california

oprah still has a show i thought she

went off the air

well maybe she just just does specials

now oh

and that magazine that oh magazine were

they in the magazine too

i have no clue mate no but you know it's

i thought you had a lifetime

subscription to the oprah magazine

uh i do but i'll save it in case the

power goes out again and we need to burn

something to keep us warm

are you sure that's not where you found

the mexican lasagna recipe

no i've still got that magazine i don't

want to go any further into that topic

except for oprah the childless woman who

tells you how to raise children

the woman who has fluctuating body

weight but gives you advice on dieting

and various other things like that i'm

not a fan i'll be honest with oprah

i would let her adopt me because she's

got a lot of money

she's not going to treat you well mate

oh but she's so busy she would never see


i mean she'll treat you better than

ellen to generous because probably

because apparently she's a [ __ ] yeah i

feel kind of bad for

ellen's uh staff whatever you want to

call them production team i i don't know

what they're called

she's a meanie i i wonder who's meaner

though who's meaner

oprah or ellen well i don't know if

oprah's got a reputation for being mean

i just think she you know kind of milks

topics she's not really an expert on

and people just lap it up yeah you know

another wrong thing but you know she's

found her audience you know kind of

do you realize that pretty much sounds

just like us no oh

what's that shepherd you want to know

the 19

signs of an emotionally

intelligent person wait there's 19 of


yeah it's 19. oh man it's all right i've

got you mate let's go

all right so so we're going to work

through 19. so so is this like a

a yes no like we're keeping score type

thing like

aren't all things are yes no no or left

or right

it's binary okay so it is binary so yeah

so do i get a point for

yes and zero for a no i don't know

i think we need to judge each other's

answers to see whether we get point on

so i'm actually going to keep score on

this one oh properly

well now hang on let me keep score on

you well no i can write it down you

don't even have a pen or any paper what

are you going to write it on

i don't know i was not used to asking

you to remember it we know that

no that isn't going to happen just have

two questions you're going to lose okay

all right so you're going to put like a

w and an s for

you know next to each one no if you get

if you get it correct and i get it

correct not that is

it's probably not as binary as i made it

out to be to be honest reading the first


um no i'm going to put an s if it

applies to you okay and i'm going to put

a w

if it applies to me and then at the end

we'll count up the s's we'll count up

the w's which would probably

end up being like about three and four

or something like that

okay and uh we'll see if we have

the signs of an emotionally intelligent

person and then actually because 19 is

pretty close to 20

i think if we multiply those numbers by


that's going to give us our score of

like one to a hundred like we were

talking about earlier and we can say to


i have an emotional intelligence score


15. gotcha okay yeah so we're going to

make this psychologically official

well scientific this is scientific yeah


this is this is empirical evidence but

but what we're saying is

everybody listening can actually do the

they can play a long thing

with us and they can figure out what

their score is and we'd like you to post


on your facebook profile that you have

an emotional

intelligence score of blank yeah

yeah especially if it is blank yeah

emphasize that maybe write blank in

parenthesis to show that you just didn't

forget to put down the number

it truly is blank you have a blank score

yeah note yourself yeah i do mine

make sure you put the number i can't

wait till our all our followers in

india do this because you know we're

going to end up with like about 50

emails within the first week of this

podcast going because they jump onto

everything we say when it comes to this


that is true i think but before we get

started though

i think because there's 19 and i like

your idea of taking that 19

number you know we get through it and

multiply it by five i think

everybody should get five free points

that's what i was gonna say five bonus


just for doing the test you ought to get

five points yeah

so you can't get below a five right okay

here we go

number one now i'm gonna say number one

but by the time i get to about six or


i'm gonna have lost count yeah so i'm

just gonna say

number one and when i get to the last

one i'll say that oh this is the last

one so that way we know we've got to 19.

they think about feelings who's they

why are we talking about us i don't know

that's their preferred nouns

isn't that a direct object pronoun they

or was a direct

collective object direct collective i

don't know anyway

they think about feelings remember these

are signs of emotionally intelligent

people or persons yeah

okay i'm with you yeah all right so uh

hopefully there's no questions about

getting confused about pronouns on this

so okay they so do i think about


uh no you just have them don't you you

don't really think about them yeah i

just have them

right so so no no points so zeros on

on would you sometimes think oh why am i

sad why am i mad

sometimes i think why am i hungry why am

i why am i strangely attracted to lola

rabbit oh i'm not now anymore

well not anymore not anymore not now she

went chunky right

i don't think about him so i'm i'm gonna

scratch on that one

no dis to people who are making an

effort to get in shape and stuff and

let's be honest lola rabbit she's

playing basketball and

still a little bit chunky but like so

you've got to give props to people who


so that's a no i guess about that that's

a scratch for both of us yeah all right

also i'm glad they didn't put in there

they think about other people's feelings

because that would have been a no as


oh yeah that that would have been a

double win probably should have added

that one in there by ourselves and then

just that way we could have done an easy

kind of

yeah well then we would have had 20

questions and that would have been

easier to multiply 5 equals 100

yeah okay well well i don't want to add

to it let's do the five bonus points

because that's

going to be the only way we're going to

get any score that's true the second one

right i'm a bit confused about this one

but let me give you an example of it so

we don't struggle as much as we did with

the first question right

point number two

they pause i pause a lot

mainly because we're trying to

extrapolate any

relevant information from the data we

have received

and it takes the time sometimes to be

honest yeah it does so i i think we both


a check mark on that one yeah okay yeah

does it

well it doesn't say why they pause it

just as they pause so

yeah yeah brilliant so we've got a

minimum of six points at the end of this

which is

i'll tell you i think you ought to put

it on the left side of the paper no i'll

put it there just because it's gonna

make it harder

oh okay i'm trying to practice some of

the counting stuff

and again this one's a bit weird i think

it says they control

their thinking now i'll be honest with

you i was reading this on my iphone

and my contact lenses were getting a bit

cloudy because it's later in the evening

and i thought it said drinking at first

so like neither of us were going to get

a point for that right i reread it

kind of later on and it says they

control their thinking now how can you

control your thinking because you're the

one thinking

i i don't control myself like telling

yourself off like don't think about that

don't think about that shepherd all too

late i'm already thinking about it now

that's all i'm thinking about

they control their thinking yeah i don't

control my thinking so

i'm a scratch on that one yep dio this


i thought is good just simply because i

thought i can exploit this one

they learn from emotional hijacks so my

first thought before you answer that

is tune in to my next webinar how to

avoid emotional hijacks

exactly book your virtual seat now for


limited to the first 10 000 subscribers

so they learn from emotional hijacks

have you ever been emotionally hijacked

somebody taken of

taking advantage of your emotional

reactions to certain

situations or stimuli have you been

emotionally hijacked you think no i


not been taken advantage of because of

you've lowered your defenses because of

sympathy empathy or

rage or something i don't do that yeah

so we're both a scratch on that one


yeah yeah okay oh hey that makes me sad

i think you're trying to emotionally

hijack me right now well

if i took advantage of it then that

would be one thing but then if you learn

from it

and learn not to do it again so i could

take advantage of it that would have


you would have learned from this

emotional hijack experience

so that's why i'm going to do that

webinar on that i'm going to read up on

it a bit

maybe like two or three minutes and i'm

going to do like a

clubhouse room on it how to avoid being

emotionally hijacked oh that would be


yeah i might tune into that for like a

minute and a half well i hope so because

i'm gonna put you as one of the

moderators oh no no i don't need one of

the speakers

i don't need that kind of response well

no i'm going to use you as an example

we're going to do some role playing

um role playing where like we'll read

from a script

it's like shepard you look down today

do you know what would make you feel

better no wolf

i don't know tell me please buying these

used pair of shoes i was going to throw


do you know why shepard no

because if i throw these away all i am

saying is these shoes

why was my first voice so high why did i

decide to do that

i don't know because you're remote

because you're because you're

emotionally upset remember i'm getting

you at a low point

you're emotionally you've got you've got

you've gone all submissive and

psychopathic so yeah i'm taking

advantage of your emotionally frail


yeah let's not do that all right i'm i'm

still going to do that

webinar though next one again i've

already lost count

they demonstrate humility no no

so we'll skip on the next one they


honesty now i think i'll get one here

because i do practice it okay

sometimes i'm dangerously honest yeah

i think it's known as brutally honest

there you go that that yeah yeah i

i do that a lot so yeah so yeah i i need

a i need a point on that one right okay

so that's the second one out of however

many we've actually got a genuine point

they're authentic what does that mean i

i hate that when somebody says that hey

that that's a real

authentic person thing yeah so they're

not i guess they're not trying to

pretend to be somebody else

i don't know i think we're actually


knockoffs of parodies of ourselves


yeah i honestly i'd rather be indian i

mean if you think about all the


we have learned that the indians are

fantastic people

and we're not at a game we're not

talking about the native americans

because they too are fantastic people we

are talking about the people who live in

india they are fantastic people

right we love all of you and we thank

you for

following us kind of i want to say

religiously but

don't get him in trouble don't get him

in trouble so uh

yeah we do practice honesty occasionally

we do practice because we haven't

perfected it

right so i no i think we get points for

that one oh

on that note i've managed to find an

aside from this to take a

little bit of comic relief because i

know this is starting to get heavy

oh wait wait a second yeah we bounced

back to the honesty thing and yeah we're

actually talking about the authentic


oh yeah that's true yeah so they have a

good memory

no points um right so well right then

while i'm going back to the practice

honestly saying one of ricky gervais's

friends who's on the podcast and he's at

his own tv shows there's a guy called


pilkington and he's from manchester in

england right

and he was telling this tale on one of

the podcasts of ricky gervais and steve

merchant he said

that he was walking in london and this

guy stopped him and said

hey do you want to subscribe to some

breathing lessons and gave him some sort

of price and he goes no thanks mate i'm

42 i think i've got the hang of it

that must be british humor i don't

understand we're breathing lessons you

know people give all these

lessons on how to breathe you know it's

supposed to be you know how to

you know calm yourself down get yourself

in a tranquil place but the guy said you

want to buy some breathing lessons and

he goes no thanks i'm 42. i think i've

got the hang of it

right just basic breathing so he's not

the smartest

person in the world but if you're

english that's hilarious

exactly yeah i'm going to chalk that up

to that you know 40 percent of english

humor that

americans just don't get yeah that's why

60 of monty python

is hilarious the other forty percent

it's like okay that was just some

british humor yeah

right they're authentic i really i agree

with you i don't really know what that


i don't i don't know what it means does

it mean they're like true to themselves

but even that term i don't know what

that means they're true to themselves

maybe if we look at it this way right we

are who we are right

and we don't try to be somebody else so

maybe we are authentic

i don't know sometimes sometimes we

pretend to agree with stuff we don't

really agree with

i say we do tie goes to the runner and

we get points for this one

we all right yeah okay look we're going

to need all the help we can get

yeah we're only about halfway through

the list and we're not doing well so

let's take what we can get in this one

we're halfway through 19.

this one so what are we on 9.5 how i

don't know

i i was just making fun of the fact that

half of 19 is not really a

integer is it so this one we

uh touched upon this inappropriately

during the

uh main five things about eq okay

they show empathy now i'm going to get a

point for this because i show a lot of

empathy towards my son

everybody else can piss off but you know

but i'm going to give myself a point

because it doesn't say to everybody does


yeah and pets i give i'll give empathy

to pets and

well yeah because you have that old dog

that i

can't believe still alive no i can't

we're trying to be honest here

so i'm gonna give myself a scratch on

that one i've already i've already

started looking

for pet mediums because like her death

is so imminent

right that i'm gonna you know want to

get in touch with her the moment she

crosses that rainbow bridge i want an

immediate update

if you have a pet medium do you have to

find a person

or a dog well also if it's a pet medium

we're not talking about mediums you keep

as pets either

that is really confusing yeah isn't it

no you actually get a person but you

have to get somebody who talks dog

language you know like the horse

whisperer and all

those type of people remember that crazy

dude that had the weird beard that was

like the cat whisperer yeah

yeah yeah so you're looking for those

yeah he'd visit those homes with those

mental cats who were like

being all mean and scratchy and stuff

and he'd go and calm them down or

at least find out what's pissing them

off right and sometimes

the simple solution was will you own a

refrigerator and the cat doesn't like

the sound so

as long as you don't mind room

temperature food then there's problems

never going away or something like that

he had a weird beard didn't he look like

he was a kind of

what did male witch or something yeah

didn't he have a lot of like piercings

and yeah stuff too i don't know where

that job found him or he found that job

to be honest

hey good for him though being an

entrepreneur got tv show out of it

yup don't think he's been in anything

else but i wonder if that dude has a


we should get him on the podcast make a

note yeah uh

so cat whisperer dude if you for some

reason are listening to this yeah we

want to have you on the podcast right we

don't even know what your name is

right so i'm just gonna actually write

this down because i genuinely want him

on here yeah

get get cat dude the cat

talker dude yes on

show now don't lose that piece of paper

i won't okay well remember i keep i keep

everything all the notes and stuff

because i'm going to sign them all and

send them to our fans in india

yeah man that's going to cost a lot of

postage it will i was

just going to send it all in one package

just send it to one random person in a

village who's contacted us and they can

just hand them out

yeah i mean to anybody whether they've

listened to the show or not

what do you do just say so and so fourth

grass hut

on the left new delhi india this is

india not africa mate oh i thought they

lived in grass huts over there

no i don't know actually no it's like

bamboo huts i think

so whatever they live in i've come to a


well i've got a good plan actually how

to distribute okay

stuff to our uh listeners in india a

couple of weeks ago i went on the usps

website uh

snagged a bunch of free envelopes and

boxes so i'm gonna put all of our notes

into a box okay and stick about four

stamps on it and just write

to india and drop it off for the local

post office so it's gonna get there

and it's going to have some instructions

inside on a sticky note and it'll just


hand out to your friends and family and

so that's how i'm going to get it out

there and

like maybe put the you know website

write the website down on the notes and

stuff and so they can um

write in to say they've received it

maybe i don't know paypal me back the

cost of the postage and

yeah just don't put a return address on

it because if you don't put enough

postage on it

then the post office might send it back

to you that's true

yeah well what are they going to do with

it if you don't put enough postage on do

they have to deliver it to india and

then make some poor person in india

actually pay for the rest of the postage

i don't know how that works on another

note does the usps

actually service india in its delivery


i don't know that you might have to

fedex it yeah yeah i think that's a

fedex or ups thing

well crap now i'm gonna have to get the

fedex website and get some free

envelopes and boxes from there

so next point on the list now we've

nailed empathy down i don't know how we

oh i got a w on that did you you didn't

get it done yeah no that no that was the

one i said no

no i know in qualifying next one they


others let me commend you on your

splendid tie

yeah i i'm gonna say no no

all right now i think i do actually

commend others at times

so i'm gonna give myself a point for

that i'll tell i tell my girlfriend nice

things so she'll go ahead well

okay so i was actually gonna go with

that i mean it outside of like

my wife and kids i don't

but i mean my kids do something good you

know they get a good report card or


they say hey you know yeah you did good

good job no living on the streets for


yeah yeah so i do that so does that


yeah go on okay yeah then give me a

point yeah as long as we can put they


specific others right is one which is i

think is a bit

well it's not funny not half funny but

it's a bit

wishy-washy they deliver necessary

feedback effectively oh give me a point

for that

i do that a lot i do give me an example

use it in a sentence no i don't feel

like doing that

well i figure like well necessary

feedback effectively all right then say

you like um say i ran into you right and

you'd been on that my 400 pound life

show or whatever it is on

the learning channel or whatever network

they've put it on which doesn't seem to


with the title of the channel um so say

i run into somebody on there and i say

oi mate you're looking a bit chunky lose

some weight or you're probably going to

die of a heart attack or

probably get one of the forms of

diabetes which will lead to a miserable


that i've delivered the message right it

might not be effective

if we're having to take into account

some of these other things on the list

where i'm supposed to be a little bit

kind in my delivery method and choice of


ah now see you didn't say anything about

kind but it was necessary though

wouldn't it necessarily i've got to tell

them all you're chunky you're gonna die

if you don't

sort yourself out and i have no problem

with saying hey you know if you do that

you're gonna have this response so i'm

still giving myself a plan for this

yeah have you noticed i've started using

the word chunky instead of fat because i

think the word fats offensive

and also i don't want to confuse it with

phat giving our

hip-hop podcast we did the other day i'm

now exclusively reserving

fat at least phonetically for the ph-80

version and that's something i kind of


i agree with or i think it's cool so i'm

not using the fat word anymore

unless we're talking about uh hard

drives so

that is mighty fat of you yeah i'm phat

right but you might have to explain to a

lot of people especially your parents

when you're using the word fat in that

context like if you see something go

yeah that's fat your mom's gonna give

you a funny look

for starters right so you can have to

explain it probably every time you use

it in front of your parents just be


sure yeah right they apologize

you know if i'm going let's say through

the grocery store right and i

accidentally bump into somebody

i say sorry excuse me so yeah wait a


is well yes yeah i mean if they're


or chunky i don't care yeah

but if they're attractive and you know a

nice person

i apologize yeah yeah so yeah give me a

point for that one or

or if they're old because you've got to

take that you've got to take that

move it or lose it approach that you

take on the highway when you're driving

behind a slow person sometimes you need

to kind of pull up on their

you know rear bumper to kind of give

them that you know come on

move over and i think you should

practice the same thing when you're

pushing shopping carts in a grocery


i agree you know i think we get points

for that one all right i'm

brilliant they forgive and forget not

the old people who have just been

terrorizing this is the next one on the

list they forgive and forget

uh i no i don't get a point for that

i forgive but i don't forget i barely

forgive and i never forget i mean i used

to practice

the good lord jesus christ example of

forgiveness but i'm

useless at practicing the forgetting

things so i forgive

but i still have a lot of prejudice i

understand where you're coming from and

i believe in that same kind of deal but

i'm just not very good at that all right

point for me not yeah

yeah uh by the way michael borrowed

a dollar from me in eighth grade to buy

a coke and

never paid me back if i ever see him i

will get that dollar back plus interest

yeah yeah you're gonna mollywhop him i

mean what what do you think like a


if you invested a dollar in say

80 which didn't even exist at that point

so say no this is the thing you've

already given him

look michael i have given you 21 years


i didn't even start collecting interest

until 2010 or 2011 when bitcoin came out

then at that point i bought one dollars

worth of bitcoin when it was still like

1 24th of a cent

so now michael you owe me 1.9 million

dollars or something like that it makes

sense i can write that out for you later

so just in case you run into too bad i

can't remember his last name

search on the internet just but where is

michael yeah where is michael the guy

that owes the shepherd a dollar

yeah yeah and maybe use your real name

because he's probably not aware

that you go by the shepherd now oh

that's a good point you know

it's just like bruce wayne and batman

there are some people who just know him

as bruce wayne

true yeah so next one they keep their


i do you do i i get a point for that one

yeah i'm not

so sure i'm going to give myself a point

for that one i mean i do sometimes but

it's so random

and again very choosy sure i mean don't

you ever say something knowing full well

there's no way on earth you're going to

follow through on it

no when you run in no way when you run

into people or you talk to people you

haven't seen in a long time

like oh yeah we'll have to catch up

we'll have to go out for a drink blah

blah no full well there's no

charts on this earth well it so that

happens to me a lot i'll

get a phone call in fact a good friend

of mine i talked to him a couple of


ago hadn't seen him in years and we tend

to talk on the phone about once a year

uh hopefully he's listening to the

podcast anthony

and we always kind of joke that hey we

got to get together and have a beer and

catch up and i always follow that with

and we always say that every time we

talk and we never follow through

he sounds like an above average friend

as opposed to a good friend if you're

not following through on your commitment

to him

yeah but i preface the fact that yeah

i'd like to do this but i'm not

committing to it

if i tell you hey i'm gonna show up to

your house in the morning and

bring you a box of donuts i'll do that


right next one no i'm by the way i'm not

saying i'm going to show up to your

house tomorrow i'm bringing you donuts

i didn't think you were that's why i was

moving on

right they tell good stories so this one

time at band camp

so she gets she gets i can't remember

the name of a character allison howe

or whatever her name was is the

actress's name yeah that's the real

american pie but yeah her yeah what's up

what is the name michelle that's the

name yeah that's right american pie yeah

so she's a good storyteller so she's

definitely a point

but do you tell good stories i don't

think so i used to be able to tell good


i think you tell good stories do i yeah

i don't think you tell the jokes tell

good stories

so do i get a point yeah i think okay

yeah i think you tell good stories to

you so i think we both get a point

yeah yeah is one again it's very


they help others we do that i mean think

about it

when we're done with the podcast today

you're going to go

help kids with soccer skills yeah so

you're helping people

and i help people only because they're

paying me though

well sure otherwise i wouldn't be there

well yeah that's just like saying if you

work at 7 11 you're helping people like

without that less than minimum wage they

wouldn't be there

they'd be at home playing xbox and but

you're still helping people

hmm i don't know that's a bit

i wouldn't give myself a point for that

sounds like the air force is out there

right now right

they're not helping no they they're

definitely not they lose a point on the


yeah so so air air force

they lose a point for emotional

intelligence yeah faa we're going to be

in touch

yes yeah i'm not going to give myself a

point for that now you i know you help

your parents out but i don't know that

gives you points

yeah that's that's just something you're

supposed to do yeah so no points for

either as well

okay now this one i am going to give


well actually i don't know the last one

right so number 19.

oh we're on the last one all right

number 19. okay as i would like it to be

referred to

they know when to relax now i do relax a


but sometimes i relax when i shouldn't

be relaxing so maybe i don't know

when to relax i do relax but i don't

know when to relax because i relax

a lot of time when i shouldn't be

relaxing when i should be doing

something else i should be being

sturdious or studious or

you know working or something right but

i choose to relax instead so

i would have to not give myself a point

on this one because i

hardly ever relax i've got to be doing

something so yeah i'm a scratch on that


all right so i see you're over there


up yeah and believe it or not i don't

need the fingers on both hands to take

those out until we actually add the five

all right so so you got your score

counted up now you're counting my

score up we both got eight so plus the

five we scored thirteen out of a hundred

no no we take that eight

multiplied by oh yeah multiplied by five

then at the five so forty five then so

we're a forty five out of a hundred yeah

that's not

bad that actually is a little bit higher

than i thought it would be

well yeah it's like still an f isn't it

yes yes going back you want to know the


signs of an emotionally intelligent


so in summary 45 out of 100 we're


emotionally intelligent i think it's

more deliberate the lack of emotional

intelligence not the inability

we just choose not to be very

emotionally intelligent i don't see

anything wrong like that

yeah oh no i was wrong that was numbers

that was number 16.

there's three more oh well seriously no


let's get through these they safeguard

themselves from emotional manipulation

which i think goes along with that

avoiding emotional hijacks once that's

gonna be my follow-up webinar i think

that one

safeguard themselves from emotional

manipulation yes

so if you're feeling like a bad friend

that's probably the time for me to come

and ask you to borrow some money

because you'll be like oh such a bad

friend oh no i'm not because i can lend

the wolf some money

so that's emotional manipulation and a

perfect example of it so

yeah so do you safeguard yourself from i

do you do

right yeah

yeah they embraced diversity

no do we really need to go into that one

yeah i i think we can just

skip that one and go to the last one

well you see i think i

do because i don't care what color you

are what religion you are whether you're

male or female to me you're either cool

or you're not

you can be a white straight male and an

absolute [ __ ]

you can be a black laser being an

absolutely fantastic

you know i to me it's all about the

character and the personality i really

don't care where you come from what you

believe anything else if you're a cool

person you're a cool person i don't have

prejudiced against

anybody other than our souls ah but

diversity by definition means there's

cool people

in their [ __ ] and you don't like the

[ __ ] right well i'm still getting

myself point for that no

okay mainly because i need one because i

missed out on the last one

all right fair enough um you're you're

just upset that i took the lead there

for a second

now we tied it up and now it in so now

we're at 50

we're now we're at nine now we're at

question 19 right now we're at the last

one this is going to be the decider they


the power of emotions

well i do because otherwise how would i

know how to emotionally manipulate

people for my new webinar series

yes and and i recognize the importance

of emotion because yeah you can play on

those emotions

if it is beneficial to you so so we've

now got

10 points each so we get our

50 10 plus the five so we're our score's

gone up to 55 so we're still an

f but we've passed the halfway mark yeah

brilliant i consider that mediocre yeah

which is par for our course yeah yeah

i suppose there's no point any of our

listeners looking any further to find

anything else about emotional

intelligence if anything i think we

overdid it

once we went past the first five basic

definitions or breakdowns of emotional

intelligence once we got to that list of


if you take out our actual commentary on

it you do have

an exhaustive list of the signs of an

emotionally intelligent person right so


we've done the listeners a favor there

they don't need to go anywhere else to

find anything else about emotional

intelligence now

all right we did fail a lot of questions

okay but

i did come up with some summaries couple

of summaries from this right

so we've gotta jump on the bandwagon and

sell ourselves as experts and make some

money out of this because there's a lot

of people like us

who until a few weeks ago were

completely unaware of it there's got to


lots of people out there unaware of it

and we can suddenly before they get a

chance to really kind of look it up and

realize we're talking out of our butts

actually kind of get a couple of

webinars going true right i'll set that

up for next week

so you'll look to set that up for next

week yeah but this podcast is already

going to be out

so well yeah everybody's i don't think

the people who are going to sign up for

it are going to be listening to this

podcast oh

yeah oh okay they're probably

professionals who take this kind of

thing seriously

gotcha so we're going to go into that

untapped resource yeah

people of people who might know what

they're talking about yeah we finally

found okay

okay all right i'm with you all right

the next one and the other thing i

thought about this

and uh i think if you score 14 or more

out of 19 on this list

my chances of selling you a safe space

tent or a therapy puppy is just like

gone through the roof

well now let's be careful though because

if you're gonna sell

therapy puppies we wanna make sure

they're rescue dogs

well it's no use if it turns around and

bites you in the face because of its

unknown history

yeah what difference does it make to us

there's no dog facts like car facts you

can't find out how many fights it's been

in how many people it's maimed

well i think you know the little money

we do have

especially given you revealed that we

own some bitcoin

some people are going to come and sue us

if we give them a dog or sell them a dog

which then kind of maims them or a

family relative

ah but see here's where i'm covering our

bases because we're not doing it we're

just going to point them in the

direction of the animal shelter

we're not going actually they're now

we're gonna sell them i said

sell safe space tents or sell a therapy

dog i'm just pointing them

in the direction of a animal shelter i'm

just doing a public service which will

probably get me an extra point

on that list exactly i'm not making any

money at that why am i going to do that

no we charge a fee we say hey you need

an emotional animal okay give me ten

dollars and i'm gonna tell you where to

get one

they give us ten dollars and we say okay

go to your local animal shelter

now we made 10 bucks yeah that's

might have to reuse it that plan well

with all that said

thanks for tuning in to this episode of

the wolf and the shepherd we hope you

enjoyed it and we will catch you on the

next one