March 3, 2021

Ask Us Anything

The Wolf AND The Shepherd catch up on their email answering listener submitted questions. If you have questions for us, please shoot them to our email and we will answer them on a later episode.


welcome to this episode of the wolf and

the shepherd

today we're going to be answering some

questions about

us so i i was hit with this from the


and kind of got confused because

obviously you know we

kind of shy away from actually keeping

up with social media

i think we answer our email account

maybe once a week if we're lucky and

there's been some stuff that has came

into our email account

and through social media and all that

good stuff that we figured

hey we need to take a minute step back

and go ahead and kind of catch up on

some of these questions that everybody's

got for us

actually that's not true because i go

into our email account daily

and i read the email messages and then i

do that

mark as unread thing because i don't

want to deal with it and then hopefully

when you log in once a week you'll be

like oh my goodness this message is six

days old i need to deal with it

and then hopefully you take care of it

oh okay well so i learned something new


so that no you didn't i told you this

last week well i don't remember that

okay as our listening numbers have


how do you say that word inexplicably

how many syllables does that got that's

way too many soldiers

explicably inexplicably inexplicably

no there's no bab in there is it how

about we don't know unknown

i know unknown to us our listening

numbers have increased

greatly over the last couple of months

thanks for that yeah

and uh we've got a lot more emails in

i know we kind of mention our email

address like every two or three episodes

on the podcast when when we remember

that yeah

yeah yeah but no we've actually ended up

with a lot of questions across the last

few months now

i've actually been writing them down

should have probably used

notepad or something but i've been

writing them down and um

these these aren't technical questions

right no

okay good because we wouldn't be able to

answer those no

well the funny thing is given some of

the demographic

these questions have come from they'd be

better off as answering the

technical questions and we would because

i think they're more likely to fill up


demographic of the it helpline oh

okay let's not go there but anyway no so

i got um i think i had 43 or 44


so what i've done well hang on 43 or 44

questions that's way too many that's

like that is

that's like 41 too many yeah i've

knocked it down to 10 questions each

oh okay right and i try to put it in

like what you would be best at answering

especially as

given some of them had your name and

demanded an answer

actually people asking questions to all

geez seem very angry in asking the

questions for some reason

i accept that yeah they're just like

they almost demand

an answer and it's like i don't know

what if you don't answer it

what the outcome is going to be but

generally the questions aim towards me

where they mention my name it's kind of

pretty soft but we

there's a lot of people angry at you do

you think they're angry because i

haven't answered these questions

no i just think or they're just

generally angry at me

well actually i think during the course

of these questions you're going to

kind of see quite why they are angry at

you you've annoyed some people um

in some countries some fans of certain


and oh yeah i think i might know where

this is you know exactly where it's

going mate

so yeah so how are we gonna how we're

gonna handle this

i i know you've printed out these

questions but

how how are we gonna work our way

through this well i figured

like if we ask each other one question

each which

was specifically asked as in your name

or my name was mentioned

in the question then we'll just go

through these top 20 like this

okay and i apologize to the other like

22 23 questions i actually ended up

deleting all of those

after i made this list so they're never

going to be answered those questions

okay out of curiosity were there any


some similar ones yeah okay so yeah so

can we

in full disclosure say hey there might

have been like the same kind of question

asked and you might have combined that a

little bit

well yeah there were four canadians who


wanted to ask you a question so yeah

i've amalgamated those into

one question okay now i know where this

is going so

this is going to be bad for me okay all

right so hey

par for the course for for me that's

fine i figured the people want to know

so you know before we wait who goes

first because now you're pushing this

piece of paper in front of me who goes

first do i ask you first are you asking

me first do we flip a coin or

what are we suppose who's first in the


wolf shepherd you're first in the

alphabet so ask

me oh okay so i'm going first yeah

and by the way uh based off the fact of

you giving me this list the way you did

we're protecting the anonymity

of some of these people i think it's

probably not questions

asking towards me i get that no i have

most of their names and their email

addresses actually

well no i well obviously we have their

email addresses but we're not going to

mention them is

is my point right now i don't know oh

maybe we might i don't know okay well

maybe we shouldn't

we spent all our money on pizza we did


okay all right uh question number one

oh you know what you better put that

i've got a pen

so i'm going to check these off as i ask


right yeah because i i'm never allowed

of writing utensils i'm rarely

i'm rarely afforded even a piece of


all right so question number one for the


yep do you miss england no well actually

that's not entirely true there's a few

things i miss about

england i miss some of the food like

fish and chips i miss that

remember we explained in like a recent

podcast what fish and chips is

but do you really miss fish and chips


english fish and chips yeah and but

that's basically the only good

english cuisine you say english but i


english curries like all the indians who

moved there now

if we stand out before we start crying

tears no

i mean like all the indians who moved to

england after the second world war they

set up all the

you know curry restaurants indian

restaurants all that type

stuff yeah i miss going out really

easily and just having a nice

indian cuisine whereas over here you

have to you know drive a little bit out

of your way

pay like four times as much as you would

in england

you know it's just not there but no i i

do miss some of the food

i miss a nice greek kebab you know

there's a few places here again which

say they do it but it's nowhere near as

nice as i got in england so yeah

the food i do miss going to english

football games because

going to games over here is nowhere near

well let's back up to food food

so you miss greek food in

england because the greek food in

america is not as good as the greek food


england yeah but the moral of the story

is you miss

greek food yeah so yeah and they

actually go to greece to eat the food

no they're not as good as doing it in

greece as they are in england

actually same thing with the indian food


in india when they make the curries they

don't do the hot

stuff right they don't do the madras and

the vindaloos

because it makes you dehydrated and they

don't necessarily all of the um

you know villages or whatever in india

you get dehydrated they're not

necessarily always having the clean


whereas in england you do so they can

get you all the hot curries and stuff so

you eat that

you don't get dehydrated because you

just go home and drink out the tap

and stuff so follow up and this is for


this isn't from a listener you know the

the listener question was do you miss


do you miss driving on the wrong side of

the road no

because it was more like mario kart i'll

be honest with you

because the roads in england there's

probably about six inches either side of

your vehicle

and obviously your vehicle is a lot

smaller because we drive like i don't

know micro machines

cars over there right well compared to

over here

yeah where we've all got giant suvs yeah

pick up trucks

yeah especially here in texas so no i

really don't

and i didn't actually drive that much in

england because for the first part of my

life you know i was playing professional


and i used my money a lot of the time to

buy pizza

and get taxes everywhere but i kind of

moved over here so i didn't really drive

that much yeah

but here's the problem and i'm picturing

this in england and

maybe even certain cities or whatever in

the united states

i mean in texas you have to have a car

you gotta drive around because

everything's so far apart yeah i'm

guessing over there

there's a lot of spots you could

probably walk to

and everything so a car is not as

essential no not really

no not really you had public transport

where you wouldn't get

stabbed on which is a great benefit of

like english

public transport as opposed to american

public transport i don't like public

transportation yeah i wouldn't i


do any public transportation in the

united states i'm not

i used to when i actually lived up in

the northeast and

you know i went to uh grand central a

lot in new york and i'd catch

that it was kind of safe then now

i mean i wouldn't really catch any

public transport in england it was safe

i mean and and that's that what is it

the underground

that that's that picture london

underground yeah yeah you know people

actually yeah

yeah yeah i was pretty safe i mean it do

you have

a london underground t-shirt no

because i would never buy tourists well

yeah i would never buy a new york subway

t-shirt no

over to you right and my first my first


and i thought this was the best question

actually for you and this actually came

from somebody in um

lancaster in england uh-oh to the


do you ride a horse to work yes no it

doesn't mean making the horse

work do you like climb on the back of

the horse

and use it as some type of vehicle to

get to your working location

yes yeah all right that one

no i ride a motorcycle have you ever

found which is

which is a steel horse have you ever

owned the horse

i have never owned a horse i should have

dad owned a horse

he has not wow but i've ridden

several horses had lots of friends

growing up that had horses and

everything of course growing up in texas

you have friends that do have horses

i can ride a horse very very well you

mentioned that in a previous podcast

i've been bucked off a horse i've i've

ridden horses that are broken i've

ridden horses that are not broken

i can ride a horse right but you

currently do not

i do not i do not currently own a horse

well that's answered that question from

michelle in lancaster in england

so so uh next question for you

do english people really hate gingers

uh yeah well it's not a case of hate


a case of absolute prejudice which

is this kind of an anti-irish thing no

just making sure

well remember if you're growing up and

you're like kindergarten

you know elementary school type level or

primary school as we call it in england

you don't know all the history of where

the gingers kind of came from like the


and celtics and all that stuff so but


it's just i think ginger is an offensive

color and so you

naturally treat it as abhorrent and so

when you see a ginger kid you're like

we have to avoid him or maybe point out

the fact that his ginger three or four

times a day so that's kind of no we

don't hate gingers we just

well i mean we know the fact that they

don't have souls i mean even people in

america know ginger people don't have

souls right

no that's a given yeah yeah they don't

that's that's an internet yeah

yeah so i don't know that so i mean if

you're an atheist that means

nothing but if you're a christian that's

quite a heavy deal what if you're


well that means they believe in

something but not one specific religion

what's the agnostic thing again

well yeah but agnostics how do they feel

about genders

what have they done have they figured

that out yet i don't know if they're

ginger themselves i'm assuming they

avoid this subject

that's a good point yeah so anyway no we

don't hate them we just kind of

make fun of them and it's unfair i mean

you know you get them even in england

without limited

sunlight you know the gingers burn

pretty easy in the summer actually it

gets to about april and they're always

you know having to apply the 120

spf sun cream you know they look out the

window then their eyes kind of like go

partially blind and that type of stuff


you know we don't treat them any

differently other than they don't have

souls they burn easily and they've got

copper coloured hair all right next one

up for me

this one is from michael where it says

michael it might be pronounced

mikhail actually because he's in lyon in


says uh do you get heads up he's gotta

have translated that do you get a heads


shepard questions are you literally put

on the spot right but hang on

did this have to go through one of those

google translates i don't know

okay i think it's just i think he's an

english person living there because

nobody says that yeah

do you get a heads up for the stump the

shepherd questions or are you literally

put on the spot

i am literally put on the spot god's

honest truth

i have no idea when there's a stump the

shepherd that comes up that's because

normally i write it within

30 minutes of his broadcast and so you

don't even have chance to check google

right and not only that but you know


prepping for the show and everything and

i'm i'm over

doing other stuff and then it comes time

to record we hook everything up you know

usually you give me maybe 30 45

seconds to say hey this is what we're

going to talk about we hit the record


and then you say oh here comes the stump

the shepard questions so

so that is not me faking that i

literally have no clue of the stump the

shepherd questions

it doesn't help that i ask questions

that knock

that cannot be answered by conventional

science like does bigfoot

poop in the woods we don't know he does

well again that's one of the stump of

shepard questions yeah

but he does yeah cryptozoology that's

got to be a future podcast

yeah probably so we avoided it although

we talked about the yeti and bigfoot

and we talked about the loch ness

monster we've got

some ufo stuff coming up i think we do

need to talk about cryptozoology because

you know what we've got like literally

30 emails

on that since that episode where we

mentioned that are those

one of our early ones so what do we

believe thing we've got 30 emails or


people wanting to know about okay so so

was that one of those deals because you

have all those little folders

yeah on the side of our email account

yeah i don't

go into that is that what you're doing

you're you're just kind of punting

yeah i'm trying to divide but you see

the 28 unread ones yeah that's all on

cryptozoology on that

yeah well it's difficult for me to read

sometimes so next question for you

are you as sarcastic in real life as you

are on the podcast

and this comes from janelle

the belgian girl who followed me on

facebook yeah no

um yeah i am but i've i've got this

feeling that there's a lot of college

students who have suddenly started

following us

and listening to our podcast and every

time i say you know

and last year when you said in the age


i think they drink every time they hear

that and so we're responsible for

getting a lot of

underage college students drunk which

wouldn't be the first time in our career

yeah so there's a secret wolf i think

shepard drinking

there is a dream i've got two emails and

i had one comment one instant message

actually on my

instagram and i actually think yeah

there's this underground

drinking game based upon our podcast so

should we play our own drinking game

or is that just who would never keep up

with probably never finish the podcast


well i mean there have been some times


we've struggled just to get to the end

because maybe we've had a little bit

too much of uh too much coffee can get

you too hyper and you can't

concentrate on a topic so i've got a

question for you here

okay and surprisingly enough this does


from i can't pronounce his name so i'm

not going to insult him from somebody

yeah don't don't mispronounce somebody's

name that's mean

martin martin no actually this is a dude

from new delhi

in india he says have you watched any


movies since the podcast you did you

know i would

love to say i have but we're honest on

this podcast

i honestly haven't i i have not

watched any yet i'm not saying i'm not

going to

because i truly have plans that i will

watch some bollywood movies

i'm a little bit fascinated with that

not not

as much as i'm fascinated with some

other topics but

i do want to watch a bollywood movie i

think maybe we need to

pick like a really good bollywood movie

you and i sit together one you haven't


i haven't seen we watch it together and

we do a

movie review of a bollywood movie well i

started watching one right it's a

martial arts

one and like for whatever reason wait


there are martial arts bollywood movies

well actually there are some

indian martial arts which are supposedly

pretty good but anyway

and i can't remember the title of it

because i downloaded it without

subscribing to it and

you didn't subscribe to the indian

version of netflix

no i got it on bittorrent ah yeah so


i've never heard of this yeah well i

downloaded it anyway i started watching


and there was this man i think he was a

farmer because he had a lot of cows in

his backyard

and he had two wives which i thought was

a basic mistake

so anyway from what i could gather after

the first

dancing scene in it were these people

were coming to like take over his land

or steal the cows or stole his wives i


really tell because they were speaking

in that country this could

this could honestly be a premise of a

texas movie

well it's not yeah it's kind of indian

version of eminent

domain or whatever they call it yeah

yeah but i i have a feeling and you're

about to spin yeah

anyway yeah no so he got into some like

real good moves all these people pulled

out of these black limousines and they

had sunglasses on and that

you know he kicked the poop out of all

of them and his wives were clapping in

the background

start to dance he joined in the dancing

and i'm pretty sure

it was like a chick-fil-a commercial

where some of the cows actually started

joining in

and then i turned it off because it was

time to go to bed but

yeah so that's part of the bollywood

movie i watched i probably need to

refine that because it's pretty good

yeah that was only about 20 minutes in

as well yeah i don't know what that i

don't know what they're going to do with

the extra 57 minutes in the movie i

think it may be peaked at minute 16 but

yeah no that totally makes sense so uh

next question for you

wolf you mentioned sponsors jokingly

a lot i don't think you mentioned that a

lot but anyway the

the question is you mentioned sponsors


a lot do you actually seek out sponsors

on your show well we hope

that a representative of anybody who

could possibly

sponsor us will actually reply or send

us an email so which is why i say like

you know if there are any zoos

in the north texas area who do not yet

have a sponsor then contact us at the

wolf and the shepherd at

you know because i figured like we can't

be choosy at this point can we because

we've got free beer

which is the one thing you wanted and

this was your one thing about why we

were starting the podcast

wait wait not not just me yeah i think


both wanted that so so well you wrote it

down twice out of three things that you

would like from doing a podcast

yeah so anyway so we got free beer out

of it

so i figure from this point well now now

at this point

we need to shout out alienable that they


our main sponsor yeah i mean thank you

alien ale

yep thank you but yeah the other

sponsors i figured of like you know

somebody from discovery plus somebody

from fort worth zoo

you know that acupuncture center do you

think if the fort worth zoo sponsored us

they would

name animals after us well that was

pretty much the point because i don't

know what they're going to give us

free popcorn to feed the llamas i mean

what they're going to offer us

season pass well that wouldn't be too

bad i mean you have a kid i have kids


so that wouldn't be a bad deal but if

you were going

to have an animal at the fort worth zoo

named after you what animal would that

be and no

you can't pick a wolf well i don't have

any i don't have any wolves

for oh okay well they have dogs i think

they have some prairie dogs which aren't

really the same thing

i mean there's people that walk around

with like seeing eye dogs and

in servicing yeah i don't i don't think

i don't think they're going to take

somebody off the path and say hey does

your cni dog have a name if we give you

ten dollars can we rename it why not i

don't know maybe it's a good idea

i think you should get named after a

duck-billed platypus

why does wharf the duck bill platypus

kind of well because you've got a

duck-billed platypus right and so you

have wolf

or no no no no it's another animal no

that's the wooly mammoth you're thinking


no it's the duck type animal i was

thinking of

the dodo oh the dodo bird yeah dodo yeah

it's not ducky is it it can't fly though

same thing

yeah oh hold on a moment ducks can fly

hold up

no um i don't know actually i don't i

don't really know if i want to burden

any animal in there without much


that is a lot of responsibility yeah for

an animal because you call like

you know an animal max it's like maximus

maximum blah blah blah it kind of gives

this kind of

you can reach your full potential thing

you kind of give it my name and it's


this is weird no that's good i've got a

good question for you here and this was

actually asked by four different people

four different people wow yeah do you

really hate

canadians and cats yes

all right let's say that one what's my

next question all right so your next

question is i like your podcast is that

really a question

well i don't know there's two people

said that so i thought i'd just make a


on that yeah it literally says

i like your podcast well first of all i

i know this was kind of

directed towards you but first of all we

appreciate that

obviously yeah thanks for that yeah

thank you

it was like there's a girl called a

mercer sin ooh

all right i'm glad you pronounced that

name because i think it was actually

turkish because they add a lot of those

symbols over the letters

and oh kind of like tall whenever they

bring out songs and

they use these bizarre so yeah she likes

that podcast so

i know it's not a question but i just

figured that bigger chance for us to say

thank you to all of our listeners thank

you immerse the sin or

that's about hate or whatever please

repeat that name hey thank you

yeah i appreciate that yeah yeah so okay

yeah well that means and she supports

fenerbahce which is a favorite soccer

team football team in

turkey she likes fenerbahce because she

had a logo on her


did you see that deal and and maybe i i

didn't know we were gonna go down this

route but

there's some soccer team that has been

in existence i guess for like 14 15


and has only won one game what

professional circus yeah

i don't know that is yeah yeah what


i don't remember it's this is a terrible

follow up or laid in for whatever it is

that was a terrible segue maybe edit

that bit out i don't know

yeah it's a good one and this one

literally had your name in

all caps didn't even bother lowercasing


so as you talk about a lot of topics i

haven't heard of

a lot of podcasters don't talk about


for instance midgets who comes up with

this stuff

well we know the answer is me but make

it a little bit of a longer answer oh

okay yeah enough yeah

so to be honest with everybody most of

the time

the wolf comes up with our topics uh i

would say

probably 70 to 80 percent of the time

the wolf comes up with the topics but

you know in talking about you know

random stuff when we're just hanging out

or whatever i might say hey

let's do a podcast about this or that

one of my topics was the jerusalem


i've read an article about it i said hey

have you ever heard of this and you said


this really sounds interesting but i'm

only responsible for probably

20 of the topics where the wolves are

responsible for

you know 80 percent of the topics that

we talk about

now is it true that if you look at

midgets and podcasts on the interwebs

that we

are like number one on number two in the

entire world of podcasts

on midgets it's kind of bizarre there

there's a few of the topics that we've

done that if you type in

that yeah we are number one yeah that


name and then you put the word podcast

after it

we're on the front page of google yeah

and so

we sit there and of course when i

scratch my head

at least i have luxurious hair that i

can scratch my head you scratch your


and then you have greasy jewish hair no

it's beautiful beautiful locks

but yeah but we like to

talk about stuff across a variety of

topics we touch the topics other people

are afraid to talk about

mainly because they have some money and

are afraid of being sued yeah

yeah that's mainly why we do it yeah one

of our podcasts we talked about cancel

culture right

yeah and and we just said you know we

wouldn't even know if we got cancelled

so who would know yeah who's gonna drop

us honestly yeah we don't care

but also on the topic of midgets which i

bought up there and we are

like i said if you type in midgets and

podcast we are

one of the foremost experts on midgets

in the world

what did you send me a picture of last

night when you're at the store

i i was fascinated because i was in

the grocery store last night and there

was a [ __ ] in there yeah

tell us more details because i saw the

photo yeah i i know that's where you're

leaning towards yeah

because look i'm pushing my little buggy

along i'm

actually buying groceries for my parents


uh until last night my

my parents went through some surgeries

and everything and they weren't

allowed basically to drive so

i had to go pick up stuff and everything

for them

and so i got my dad home and everything

last night my mom said hey i need you to

run to the store and

get some stuff for me i said okay so i

go into the store i've got i'm pushing


buggy along looking at the list that my

mom has written out for me

to take stuff home to them and i turn

the corner

and there's a [ __ ] and not only that

but he's on a scooter

he's on a little two-wheel scooter and

he's just like

going through the store and i froze i

had that moment where i said i

i can't believe this is happening yeah

it felt like

some kind of surreal experience and i


secretly took a picture of him and

texted it to you

and said you are not going to believe

what i'm looking at right now and you

texted me back and you said what is

wrong with you and i said well i

i just i can't help myself i can't move


i feel like i'm frozen in time because

i've taken this picture

and now i'm staring at this poor guy and

he's kind of looking at me like why are

you staring at me but i'm so

fascinated i just can't let go of the

fact that

you're in the store and you're buying


and you're on a scooter like i i just

want to

pick you up and take you home yeah well

i did have some good advice to you as

soon as you sent me that photo though if

you remember

yes i said kidnap him put him in the

back of the car lock the car

but put him in there with food and water

bring him to the studio tomorrow

and we'll interview him the problem was

when i finally read that he had already

left the aisle

and i'd already looked so super quickly

on his scooter yeah

and i couldn't do anything until he left

the aisle i don't care

how short i don't care how short their

legs are if they're on a scooter it's a

hard race isn't it

it's a hard foot race no no that's very

good very true

all right so next question for you how

much time

do you have to explain to the shepherd

the difference

in culture none really because i

normally just put the words in there and

i wait till the shepherd calls me out

on the show and so then i explain it

because most of our listeners are from


so i figured that would be the great

opportunity to explain to them the

differences in

linguistics and stuff so no literally

none i don't give them any heads up i


tell them in advance what certain

phrases or words mean this one's blowing

smoke up your ass what's this one from

i doubt that m-m-m-a-x

in fort worth texas that sounds familiar

that goes here you have a great voice

have you ever thought about

voice overs ads etc

oh hold on this is from your mom's email

address this is in my phone

ah yeah so all right see mom wants to


right have you ever thought because i

don't know if she's like disappointed

with your current

lifestyle choice in terms of career and

all that but your mom wants to know have

you ever thought about

voiceovers and ads no no right

no i'll send her i'll just send her a

text because she's not going to listen

to the podcast anyway

well no you should probably put a uh

piece of paper in the mail but yeah she

doesn't know how to

respond to text messages okay all right


you're up next this is from

patrick patrick b

okay uh you seem quite passionate

about the supernatural for example

halloween witches vampires

is this a personal interest to you well

again this comes back to the we

touch upon subjects which everybody else

is afraid to touch upon

we discuss those things which you know

people are too scared to talk about

but also we needed a space filler in a

couple of episodes

so yeah no i do love the supernatural

never really been haunted

well not by ghosts i don't think no i

just think it's an interesting topic

because you can't really prove or

disprove anything about it

and everybody has an opinion on it even

if it's very for

or very against and you know i think our

double halloween special we did last

year which

we're not even going to bother doing

another halloween episode this year

because we're just going to regurgitate

that one because we were

out infancy and we don't think that many

people have probably listened to it so

we're just going to do the same episodes

again this year

yeah no i do i do love supernatural

stuff i love the spooky stuff i watch a

lot of

spooky shows watch a lot of horror shows

well you are a big fan of horrible i am

a fan of

horror yeah especially vampires and

werewolves not in the same show though

because whenever you put them in the

same show

i don't like that like you know twilight

didn't really appreciate that and the um

what was it the underworld movies

whatever it was with the um

no i don't yeah i don't know anyway yeah

i picture you

locking yourself in the vampire and the

vampire diaries sort of stuff i mean i

like it until they start mixing and

matching thinking we're all on the same

page but we're not on the same page

werewolves have got nothing in common

with vampires and vice versa and we did

do that great

show on vampires yeah right but but i

still picture you

locking yourself in a room reading the

twilight books

pretending that you're a part of that

little atmosphere you know that world of


yeah just pretending that your edward

and bella just loves you oh look at you

knowing all the names mate

look at that gave yourself away there


so no i would like myself in a room and


maybe i would listen to the audiobooks

on who also carry our


well i would say you were what's the

name of the guy that was the werewolf

jai uh jacob oh listen to you go now

well yeah how am i not gonna know that

one man

yeah yeah yeah you okay fair enough so

you were sitting there pretending you

were one of the werewolves in those

books so you were locking yourself in

the room saying yeah i'm one of the

werewolves in

in this twilight well actually the

second movie i don't know i don't know

if it is new moon or whatever the second


one of my favorite songs is that tom

yorke song

hearing damage and where it's the

werewolf is following the

car i think i don't know if bella's in

it or whatever well i don't know if it's

like washington or whatever can we stop

right now

in just a brilliant song i like that

song hearing damage by tom york and it

was in one of those movies so let's just


fantastic so my son loves that song as

well okay let's

stop talking about twilight is it your

turn or my turn now

no it's your turn i am so after that

last question from your mum

is it true people in the northeast east

east hate your family name yes

yes elaborate so the

billington family originally came over

on the mayflower

but we're related to those people

but not directly we're so you have this

mayflower society it's i think it's

called the descendants of the mayflower

and they literally have

a little house there in plymouth


and i think it's called the mayflower


something whatever my family line

comes from the brother of

john billington who came over on the


and i did a lot of genealogy my father

had spent years of his life trying to

trace us back trying to figure out where

we came from and

you know you know in england billington

that's a that's an english name yeah

and there's a a section of uh lancashire

is how i say it i don't know if that's

the way you see yeah lancashire

yeah that that's where my family comes

from but

it's an interesting little tidbit in

plymouth massachusetts

there's uh i think it's billington

avenue billington boulevard billington

something it's like billington street

billington road doesn't matter

right it's the only street in that town

that doesn't have a street sign

and there's such an animosity against

the billingtons because of

what happened with the way history was

rewritten because of my family coming

over here

but here's what i would challenge anyone


look up the only family

that survived the first winter when the

pilgrims came over

and my family the billingtons that came

over they weren't pilgrims they were

considered strangers they were the only

family that survived the first winter

and john billington taught most of them

how to hunt

how to survive but because he didn't

want to put up with their

bs he was ostracized

and the murder that he was convicted of

actually he was shooting somebody that

was on his

land so all he was trying to do was


his land and because of a

you know what he called a kangaroo court

so to speak

he got sentenced to death probably the

first texan in terms of shooting

somebody who comes onto your property

so it's so then people wonder why i'm

the way i am

yeah it's in my blood right so yeah go

on i think it's your turn next oh

yep no it's your turn uh so no no no no

i asked you about people waiting you

know by my name

i mean it's my turn to ask you a

question yeah yeah run with it

i love this one do you love curry

yeah it's that off because according is

that it

without the question no no no the

question that that is printed out here

do you love curry you've mentioned it


yeah i've mentioned it and you've

mentioned it like three or four times

i hate curry but yeah but this is time

yeah but this is your question no i do

love no i do love curry

i learned to love curry in england

because we had a lot of indians

not native american ones the ones

actually from the country india you know

set up restaurants in england fantastic


and yeah i absolutely love carrots one

of my favorite dishes i cook a lot of

different dishes

as the shepherd has mentioned across

various episodes

even when the topic hasn't even come up

he doesn't like it because he had a bad

experience once upon a time with a curry

and and it kind of put him against

curry's for the rest of his life or


i can maybe get one under the radar and

he eats it and he's like oh this is

lovely what is this it's like it's curry

it's like oh i didn't like it anyway

yeah so anyway like that no no i do love

curry and our thank you like

we had um automotive let me look up it

yeah we had

nine eight of them from india

um yeah we had a lot of questions about

asking if i liked curry

so the answer is yes i do like curry oh

good for you because i hate it

right and this is actually i can't

believe that most of our emails are

actually from people in india

this one is from somebody else in india

are you both really terrible at drawing

if so email me i can help i don't think

he can help

i don't think they can help i don't

think he can help obviously

to answer the question yes we really are

that bad at drawing

and no you can't help i don't want to

use the s

word but we are crap at drawing yes we

are crappy drawing so we're terrible

yeah so even if we email him i don't

think you can help

yeah i'm not going to go onto the next

question you go to the next question

because i think this next one is

actually from the same person but go on

okay so uh let's see the next question


from sam uh so wolf you're bad

on zoom you don't really look at the


but your voice sounds really good

maybe you want to just not have yourself

on camera maybe you ought to be

just kind of in the darkness now funnily


she actually sent this question oh wait


hang on real email yeah sam yeah no she

used to play soccer for me she was at ut

at the moment

ah no she sent this question to my

personal email address as well

first of all i'm thrown off by the name


i mean when you hear a zoom your first

connotation wouldn't be

oh like audio visual over-the-webs

kind of contact stuff with it so the

name kind of puts me under

undue pressure but also i don't like

looking at the screen when i'm talking

because i don't see the point i don't

know why you've got to have my face on

the screen

you know we're not trained journalists

by any means and

we struggle with staring into a camera


and that's what you have to kind of do

on zoom as a podcaster

or as a journalist or whatever you have

to stare into that

camera lens and we're just not used to

that we we would rather have somebody

sitting here live with us and and just

talking and and doing all that stuff so

i i understand that struggle

yeah i'd rather they picked up on the


and the disinterest in my voice rather

than looking at my face to see i'm not

interested i'll be honest with you

we can make our voices sound passionate

and interesting

but when you're having to peer out this

really small lens which if it's on your

laptop or on your phone it's a difficult


you've got to keep refocusing to this

kind of thing on the top of your phone

or your laptop and you're like okay can

you see me now can you see me now type

thing and it gets like

well it doesn't really matter does it

yeah it we struggle with that and

we've honestly talked about setting up

cameras in our studio

and making our podcast a video podcast

where you can see us talking but

do you really care i don't know why

anybody would care to see

either one of us i mean yeah if you've

got a

big time guest that shows up then yeah

people are going to want to see that but

but beyond that who wants to really

look at us talk i mean hell we're

surprised that people want to listen to

us for that matter

i mean i just want to say in the future

we will continue to use zoom while

people are too scared to come in the


yeah but there are some people we have

to use zoom for because they're in

different states which is fair enough

well not only different states but

different countries

yeah i mean yeah we've done people in


and all that kind of stuff yeah we're

not opposed to that

but you know at the same time

some people get so uppity about all this


and that's not that's not us we're not

uppity about it

we really don't care that yeah strongly

about it

yeah it's one for you and actually this

is this question

came from the same same guy you asked


whether we're both really terrible at

drawing if so email me

i can help so he says who did your logo

it's the best

i can do it better i don't believe you

well no

it's the same dude well the same email

address well you can't do the logo about

because it's the most perfect logo on

the face of the earth yeah

no i mean we got our logo done off the


yeah the dude that did it did a


job uh we'd love it so for all those

people out there with crappy logos tell

them how much we spent on our logo

five dollars five dollars you see our


how perfect that is and how some of you

out there may have wasted like hundreds

or thousands

yeah we'll put you in touch with a dude

who like knocks this stuff up

like in a day and as the most perfect

logos ever

oh yeah and it'll only cost you five

dollars or maybe six dollars fifty once

we take our 1.50 cut

you know the the the problem is

i kind of feel bad because i could have

tipped him

but i didn't because i'm so cheap yeah

but on his thing he said that he like

does like hundreds of them a day he's

earning more than you and i

are just doing this because he's so

fantastic at it

he can literally knock up these logos in

like five ten minutes and just like move

on to the next one

plus he's the pluses in india isn't he

so he's being paid in rupees or whatever

they get paid in india

honestly i don't know where he's from no

but he's somewhere over there

he's a genius so yep so if you want a

new logo

we'll look it up and we'll find the dude

for you because

yeah yeah well i know we've got the

email somewhere

of of his contact information yeah yeah

we love our logo

he did a great job yeah i don't remember

the dude's name but i know we've got his

contact info somewhere yep so

all right so i only have one more

question on my list for you

all right and man this is a super

random question that was kind of asked


i think we we probably needed some kind

of random questions on

here to kind of end this up so uh

last random question uh jason w

asked which marvel character

would you marry no i think i saw this

one but marked it as

unread was there not more to this

question well wait

now hang on which marvel character would


marry and it's okay if it would be a gay


oh well it doesn't narrow it down that

um woman

from that wonder vision what's her name

scarlet witch whatever she's called at

the moment

scarlett johansson no no no no no no not

a real name

no it's that tv show at the moment

wonder vision the girl who plays the

scarlet witch i think it is because i

haven't watched it yeah i've downloaded

it illegally but

i haven't watched it yet no and i

haven't watched any of the

vision either because i've tried to get

my mom to watch one division because my


name is wanda but she doesn't want to

watch have you tried to explain it to

her the marvel universe

i can't even explain the marvel universe

to myself

right so there's no way she's gonna

watch it but no there's that tv show

i like the girl on that so i might marry

her but she looks very very ginger so

i've got a little bit of a pause on that

the captain marvel

who when i grew up was always a man but

now in the latest movies

is now female i kind of like her one of

the x-men

movies uh i can't remember the name of


girl but she was in um game of thrones

she plays a pretty good catcher in that

so yeah

one of those three girls no so one of

those three girls yeah i think i'd go

with those

oh but also in the x-men uh

what's-her-face um the girl who was in


the hunger games what's her name katniss

yeah her yeah katniss evident yeah her

yeah the one who i don't know what her

real name is yeah the one the one who

plays her yeah she was that

blue thing in the x-men yeah she's quite

nice not as a blue thing in the x-men

because i wasn't attracted to that at

all but i kind of like her character


the woman that played katniss was the

blue thing

yeah next man yeah and the x-men yeah

i can't remember her name well i can't

remember her name because no it's

scarlett johansson no son that was a

completely different character in there

yes million percent okay it's the one

who played um

i still think it's scary no no no

because i know what character you're on

about and that's not her

i know what character you're on about

that's not her catwoman

no that's not the marvel universe that's


the capital of the united states no

but i'm saying no the person you're on

about played a different character in

the x-men

i'll i'll have to take your word for

that right well if i think of a name

later i'll

my brother mention it because well so

that was

my last question so we got that covered

some people whose names i can't remember

i'll marry them

so this last one and like i didn't

really like how it started off and i was

going to

cut it out but then the rest of it i

think rescues it in terms of

love it says uh are you stupid

i love you but maybe you are not smart

it's okay though i'm single and that's

from somebody uh

i did actually look up the ip address

it's somebody close to the ukraine

oh okay uh yes i'm stupid

i love you but maybe you are not smart

that's what i don't know how those two

kind of combine with it yeah

i mean no part of that statement has

anything in common with recipe

it's okay there i'm single so there she

is just in the ukraine you want to bring

her over or not

does southwest 90 day fiance yeah the

southwestern airlines fly over there

because you can get those

cheap like 49 one-way tickets

that might not be bad but i don't know

how i'm gonna convince the wife

to bring her over here to have a third


maybe she would be like a cheap

babysitter right

and she can watch tv shows with your

wife and

talk about stupid celebrity crap and


you know that that's an excellent point

yeah we probably she did actually put a

name on it i didn't put it on here

so maybe we need to look her up on

facebook yeah let's

whatever let's not see if it's working

yes if it's worth going

kind of pushing that any further forward

but i do actually appreciate

you know every email we get even you

know i mean these

these were the prime questions the ones

i kind of got rid of you should have

heard some of those

yeah but no we appreciate you know all

of the questions we get into our email

address i mean

obviously keep sending them because you

know every now and then we do need to

kind of uh

revisit what we're doing and maybe some

of these questions can help us to be


well sure but let's be honest we we

struggle with keeping up with our social


in answering emails and all that i mean

obviously we

we look at it i didn't know you were

looking at it as much as

i initially thought but we do

we see them and we're going to pay

attention to each one of these

and we're going to be better with that

yeah we're going to try a little bit


everybody that listens to this they know

we're lazy

so it's taken us how many episodes

before we actually started uh answering

some of this stuff so

uh so please technically i think 57

isn't it or is it

58 or whatever i don't know yeah once


we don't even know that right we pay

attention to it so keep sending them in

we like it and also i did actually read

a couple of times i didn't put it on the

on the questions for either of us

because um it was just a comment

somebody said why don't you use more

kind of catch phrases buzz

phrases on your show like you don't

really other than

you in you introducing the episode

we don't really kind of have anything we

say frequently other than like copying

the anchorman's i don't believe you

you know we don't really have anything


he actually put forward you know a few

suggestions of some phrases we can

use just to kind of from what he says

formulate a better relationship with our

listening audience

and that's verbatim there so one of them

he said

and i've always hated this phrase

is like you know how we do you know

how we do it that's how we do

type stuff so he wants he thinks we


kind of use one of those phrases like if

ever we do

something which we've mentioned before

we should be like oh

yeah you know how we do this is how we

do or

whatever what's your thoughts on that so

i see where you're going with this yeah

that's just not it's not really us no

yeah i mean we

we're we're sitting here talking yeah

because we don't know how we do do we


do we know how we do we don't know what

we do

do we know what we do when we do what we


well i think by that point we do but i

don't think we could use it as a

catchphrase because i don't know

oh yeah this is how we do it on the wolf

and the shepherd yeah i don't know

how we do it on the wall from the

shepherd i'll be honestly well we're not

that street

we're not that straight now we have we

have almost