May 5, 2021

Worst Movies Of The 80's

The Wolf And The Shepherd discuss some of the worst movies from the eighties, only two of which they have actually seen which would have discouraged respectable researchers, but alas, they soldiered on. From exploding horses, the possibility of Bo Derek's breasts, and the magic of George Lucas, the movies that they reviewed were Heaven's Gate, Tarzan the Ape Man, Bolero, Howard The Duck, and Superman IV the quest for peace.


welcome to this episode of the wolf and

the shepherd today we're going to be

talking about the

worst movies ever made

you just push this across the desk i

really don't want to talk about the last


well actually this podcast is only gonna


the 80s okay so we're safe until we do a


episode in which case we can basically

dedicate an entire

an entire show to the last jedi oh okay

all right so this is

just movies made in the 80s and only

five of them at that apparently other

than being one of the best decades ever

for movies being released in terms of


oh no let's be honest there were a lot

of good movies in the 80s apparently

it's almost

also one of the worst decades ever known

for bad movies

no i i can imagine that i mean i

kind of vaguely remember some bad movies

from the 80s i haven't even seen the

list yet

but uh yeah there were some bad movies

in the 80s but

yet there were some really good movies

in the 80s so

this this list might be pretty pretty


well i mean if we get enough emails

requesting that we cover other decades

we will actually go ahead and

dedicate an episode to each uh decades


at a later point in the year yeah but

are we going to go forward or backwards


well yeah but if you talk about the 70s

then i'm

i'm not going to be too sure but if we

go forward like into the 90s

maybe i can talk about those but if we

go much

backwards from the 80s i'm probably not

going to know the movies well i think

the big problem

you have when you look at really bad


is the 80s and maybe the 90s were the

last decades where you

had to have a lot of money to make a

movie right whereas

you know once you got to the 2000s cheap

video cameras and then obviously being

able to record on phones

there were more movies independent

movies produced so declaring something

the worst is more difficult

when you've got probably tens of

thousands of contenders

well that's true so maybe we should just

do the 90s and the 70s and then leave

out that

yeah you might have to do the 70s by

yourself though yeah

well i can't remember outside of star

wars i don't really

remember too many movies from the 70s oh

the godfather

godfather one godfather two those were

from the seven yeah but i didn't watch

him i wasn't old enough

well neither was i but they're from the

seven they are from the 70s but also not

likely to make the list of worse movies

ever made in the 70s

well no obviously they're not but if you

were gonna

ask me okay name three movies from the

70s i would say

okay godfather one godfather two and

i guess i just lost you're lying to

yourself from baby jesus you would say

star wars three times yeah yeah okay

so if you asked me for four then i'd be


yeah so anyway moving on to the first


i'll be honest with you okay worst


in the 80s so this movie is from the 80s

from the 80s

i had heard of the title of this movie

but i've never seen it and honestly had

no clue what it was about

but it's been widely renowned as


one of the worst movies of all time now

i know they throw that around a lot like

oh the best drama ever made and all this

stuff but

this one even decades later people still

put on their list

as one of the worst movies ever made

well yeah but

did you see the deal about citizen kane

how they dug up some old

bad review on that movie from way

long ago when now it lost its rotten

tomatoes perfect score because

some movie critic years ago didn't like


and now it lost its perfect score so i

mean i think we're gonna see more of


so maybe we can dig up some really good

reviews on some of these

movies you say are the worst of all time

yeah and

swing this around well a lot of the


lies for the director michael cimino for

this disaster

okay right because he started getting


obsession with being over perfect during

the movie

and there were some scenes he demanded

50 plus

retakes even though nobody could work

out what was wrong with the scene it

wasn't like

dropping lines or standing in the wrong


he just had this idea of perfection and


some scenes were like 50 plus retakes

and it also like refused to start

shooting until a cloudy light rolled

across the sky

well that's confusing yeah on its face

yeah and i've never heard of that


but i'm not heard of he was the dude who

did the deer hunter he won

five oscars that was his previous movie

the deer hunter that won five oscars and

then he comes out with this

oh and in this movie is what what do you


well you haven't even said the name of

the movie yet it's called

heaven's gate yeah i i thought i'd

mentioned it no i don't think he did i

think the listeners

probably need to know what movie well

maybe we had to stump the audience

moment there

oh okay i thought i think we stumped

them all because we didn't say the movie

so the movie's name is heaven's

gate well the first line i actually read

on this movie

was from a um film critic and he said

to even mention this movie's name

in critique circles is blasphemy so i

think i probably

that stuck in my head which is why i

don't say the name of the movie oh maybe

we weren't supposed to say the name of

the movie it's bad luck now

but heaven's gate was the name of that


where all the people committed suicide

and they were wearing nikes i mean

that's why we wear adidas because we

don't want to belong to

well all the best cults kind of commit


well you know yeah for the most part

yeah no yeah

well this movie was loosely based on the

johnson county war in wyoming back in

the 1890s which obviously i've never

heard of

no i haven't either i mean johnson

county in texas is just

south of us yeah but if you just said

the johnson county war

we'd have said oh the people in burleson

are upset

with taxes and they're shooting their

guns at drones or something like that

that's what i would know about the

johnson county war now the movie

actually cost

about 45 million dollars to make and it

only bought in

three and a half million and it ended up

bankrupting united arts

artists in the process well let's also

remember you're talking about 45 million


in the 80s yeah that's not 45 million


yeah that's a lot of money yeah what

exactly was the

premise of this movie i mean it do we

know because

i can i'm gonna be 100 honest with you

i've never seen this movie i've never

even heard of this there's a reason i

haven't put in

actually more about the plot of this

movie because the moment i get home i'm

gonna download it via bittorrent and

force my girlfriend to watch it tonight

i wonder if movies this bad if you try

to pirate them

that you get some kind of credit to say

hey you at least tried to share this

movie that nobody wants to watch so

we're going to give you a pass on

it for about two weeks and yeah like no

downloads exactly

well one of the issues around this movie

was that it's almost four hours long

four hours four hours long well now hang

on so you have gone with the wind

yeah to if you ask me what's one of the

longest movies

i always think of gone with the wind and

that's like three hours and something

so this movie any of the longer any of

the lord of the rings the hobbit one's

pretty much three hours yeah it's like

two and a half hours of walking

and 30 minutes of actual movie but gone

with the winds really

long so you're saying this movie's

longer than gone with the wind

now it got yanked from release after a

week because there's so many complaints

about how long the movie was wow

and then they re-released it as a

149-minute version so they managed to

cut out

90 minutes of fluff okay from the

original movie so that just shows you

how padded out with

crap which was either boring or just not

relevant to the plot whatsoever yeah but

okay so a whole movie's worth out of the


right but on the opposite side with the

lord of the rings like you bring up

there's like these directors cuts of

those movies which make them even longer

right i mean i remember seeing whatever

the last

lord of the rings movie was with my wife

and thinking oh the movie's over and i'm

sitting there gathering stuff up and i

look up

and the movie keeps going it goes on for

another hour i'm like i need to get up

and go to the bathroom

like what's going on with this movie

you're telling me

they cut 90 minutes out of this movie

yeah and it's still bad yeah after a

week right

is there a director's cut of this movie

that's like

six hours long i don't know there's

various um directors cuts or not

necessarily the director

who did it but people have released it

as a director's cut of this movie

apparently you can

watch them on youtube and i guess

because the film studio went bankrupt

when they released it there was no

copyright issue on the movie and so the

original copies can be found on

youtube now the entire movie with no

infringement warning on it whatsoever

ironically they're probably not

monetized yeah they've probably got

about nine downloads or something yeah

well even after they cut the 90 minutes


the reviews for the monthly magazines

were also

always coming out you know a little bit

later than the kind of daily or weekly


sure so even after the movie got the

chunks cut out

it got such stunning reviews as an


disaster and i mean this taking world

war ii into consideration

the most scandalous cinematic waste i've

ever seen

again obviously then seen the last jedi

at that point but sure

time magazine called it one of the 100

worst ideas

of the 20th century it finished only one

place behind

neville chamberlain the english prime

minister at the time

trying to make peace with hitler well

and that's a bold statement

from time magazine because they named

adolf hitler man of the year

right yeah and the guardian newspaper in


called it the worst film of all time and

two years ago when they rewrote a

similar article it's still listed as

the worst film of all time now i guess

the big

question is was it nominated for any

academy awards no just bad stuff like

raspberries and all that stuff now we'll

leave the movie on this note

there were widespread accusations of

animal cruelty

oh there were animals in the movie yeah

and apparently well

founded because in one scene they

actually literally

blew up a horse with explosives on set

was it a live horse or a real horse yeah

a real horse

well no but was the horse no it was

standing still

but the horse was alive yeah before when

they blew it up yeah

it's not like it's not like a warner

brothers cartoon it's not still light

after being blown oh okay well that's

kind of sad

yeah no they actually killed that was


a number of uh animal cruelty things but

yeah they actually

blew up a live horse so they didn't they

didn't get that deal at the end of the

movie where it said

you know the humane society has

monitored this and no animals were


in the making of this film we just got

to hope this wasn't one of the scenes he

demanded 50 retakes of

oh yeah that would be terrible do you

know in the shawshank redemption

the scene where brooks has the crow

and so andy dufresne has the

the worm that's in his food and he

brooks says hey can i have that and they

fed that to the crow do you realize they

had to have that

worm dead to feed to the crow

so the humane society could give them a

blessing of no animals were harmed

in the film wow little tribute there now

since we're talking about

movies now following on from that i now


a movie where apparently many of the

animals were harmed albeit only

emotionally and psychologically

okay yeah so i bring to you tarzan the

eight man

from 1981 have you ever seen that movie

there was a tarzan movie in the early

80s yeah

the ape man not tarzan i don't remember

this at all no

i don't think i saw it i think it was um

actually i do remember it

just purely because bo derek was in it


derek was in tommy boy and the first

movie where she became famous was in

that movie 10 where she was like walking

along the beach in a bikini

well yeah that's the famous poster that

everybody has of her

and so you know obviously i was too

young to really appreciate that at the

time but i did know who she was by the

time this movie came out

and but that is the only reason i've

heard of this movie because i know she

was in this movie

right and so like i said in tommyboy

there's actually that scene where she's

getting out of the pool

and chris farley says when she thinks

yeah and he says dad she's a 10. and it

was a throwback to the fact that she was

in that movie

perfect 10 or whatever so yeah i know

who she is

it's kind of ironic though that she has

two men's names

and she's a woman right right not b.o

though not b-e-a-u

bow you know no no b-i-a-u is the french

version i mean

bow is still a man's name derek it's


you know two men's names and she's a

woman we also don't need to provide any


because this is just basically another

remake of tarzan

but it's from jane's point of view

mostly oh okay right

so it's like an adult who played jane oh


yeah oh okay so it's basically like an

adult version of the jungle book

but a little bit less anthropomorphism

gotcha yeah

so as we said one it's most redeeming

feature is that it

has bo derek as jane and it was pretty

much stated as a fact

that without people hoping to catch a

glimpse of the boobs

it would have been hard to force the

actors own relatives at knifepoint to

sit down and watch

the movie that was the first review of

that movie

wow was that cisco or ebert i don't know

i don't get that reference you don't

know who siskel and ebert are

no see this is your british upbringing

siskel and ebert were the quintessential

movie reviewers in the united states for


and then one of those dudes died i don't

remember if it was siskel or ebert or

whatever one of those dudes died i think

they're both dead now

but yeah that's where the whole two

thumbs up

came from was siskel would say

thumbs up ebert would say thumbs up and

that's where

movies got reviewed it was two thumbs up

from them and it could be one thumb up

one thumb down or two thumbs down

but yeah they they were big movie

reviewers not exactly the most stringent

kind of guide to movies to go on though

is it if you've only got three


as well crap average excellent

well it and it's basically yeah well

it's basically like the oscars

are too i mean that's why if you look at

the way the oscars were this year which

the oscars just came out what like last


and it was the lowest viewed

oscars of all time for

several years based off population or

whatever just

nobody's caring about what the critics

in the academy cares about movies

anymore yeah well i haven't

watched the oscars other than a few


highlights a long long long time ago and

i think that's just because i wanted

certain movies

you know to win something but nowadays i

would honestly watch

rather watch a hundred naked men named

oscar defecate in an open field and


the oscars i think it would probably get

more viewers i'd rather be i'd rather be


of them as well rather than well in that

would that would get more viewers than


academy awards did this year yeah and


there'd be less crap involved that's

true yeah well

ricky gervais kind of set that up the

last year

yeah i mean good for him yeah i mean his

little speech he kind of set that up

yeah so you gotta hand it to him for


now as i was talking about before that

you know most people went

to see the movie in the first couple of

weeks on the promise

or rather likelihood that bo derek

might get a boobs out at some point well

sure i can see that yeah but once word

actually got out in the newspapers and

magazines that she did indeed not get a

boobs out

oh the box office receipts dried up in

about a week okay so basically

people went and saw the movie and then

said she did not take her boobs out yeah

and then nobody wanted to go see them

yeah it's like um the equivalent of you


i don't know like your 12 year old to

the movies and saying

son we're gonna go and see the new

tarzan movie be like dad i don't want to

shut up you're coming to watch the new

tarzan movie right

and you're just waiting like the whole

movie you come out and your son's like

dad that was really good and you're like


it sucked it's a disappointment yeah

yeah absolutely

but you also have to remember back in

those days that

there was no you know early release

there was no

trying to get it on the pirate network

there was no

you know getting the screeners or

whatever where you could see it

you had to wait till these critics

actually went out and saw the movie

and then told you some of what was in

the movie so

when they turned around and said this

didn't happen

and everybody was sitting there


that to happen then they're gonna say


why would i go bother seeing this now

one of the kindest movies about this


said the acting one of the kindest

movies about this movie

no wonder that's that's exactly

what you said oh we're not editing this


now you gotta buckle up buttercup so one

of the kindest comments about this movie

there we go so the acting was so bad

the animals in the movie formed a union

and insisted their faces were blurred

out in the close-up scenes

i don't blame them yeah i totally don't

blame them yeah

honestly i think the animals were

probably upset that bo

derek didn't show her boots yeah his

alley yeah they were all there for the

same reason well

and that's probably why they created the

union i mean even a paid actor actually

in the movie

it didn't say which character they


said it has poor screenplay bad acting

unintentional humor lacks action and


i could literally feel the shame

radiating from the chimpanzees on set

i got the feeling they'd have preferred

to have been imprisoned in a laboratory

being forced to smoke 200 cigarettes a

day for cancer research

now do we know who played tarzan in the

movie did we even bother

yeah i did but i've forgotten if that

counts yeah

so oh i do know that he went on

after this terrible movie went on to

appear in a kind of parody movie of

conan the barbarian

and it was a kind of parody of it but it

got kind of a little bit successful when

he was the lead role in that that's the

only thing i can tell you about him i

wonder if he's the one that made that


no it wouldn't make sense yeah

he's probably the guy that played edward

in the twilight movies

what was his name uh oh edward

edward you mean robert patterson yeah

he's a decent actor if i've seen him in

some really good movies

well you know that's why british people

aren't allowed to

talk about movies no he's actually a

good actor it's just a crap

set of movies well yes

that is true you know so on the subject

of british

i'm going to leave um this movie with a

quote from a british film critic

said it's been widely agreed by


that if edgar rice borrows tarzan book

at any basis in reality

tarzan would have almost certainly have

experimented sexually with apes during


had they decided and to dedicate a full

20 minutes to this in the movie

in graphic detail it would still have

been less offensive than the acting

probably so yeah this is one of those

movies where you basically convince me

not to watch it

well i don't know i think we should i

think we should watch all of these


well yeah but you also said bo derek

doesn't show her boobs

why should i watch this yeah the next

movie in this series of worst movies in

the 80s

is also another bo derek movie and just

like the tarzan movie

it was directed by her husband john well

so i'm sensing a theme here yeah i

thought bo

derek was this queen of the 80s she

didn't say yeah but how did she create

all these bad

movies in the 80s because people knew

that people would pay for a chance to

see her boobies oh

okay i'm with you no i get that boobies

sell especially back in the 80s when you

have a little chance to see anything


like a cleavage anywhere that's true

that's true

so this was the first movie to ever

receive an

f on cinema score which is like one of

the most

famous grading things for movies

so this is long before rotten tomatoes

ever came out

you know this yeah this is how they were

in movies now obviously if it's

you know up to date last jedi is going

to be the second f to be received

sure yeah but no this was the first

movie to ever receive in f

and it's partly famous for a room actual

movie reviewer from rolling stone

filing a lawsuit for emotional distress

and depression

after being forced to go to the premiere

by his employees

wow and the name of the movie is

bolero bolero

yeah once again never heard of this

i've heard of it again just because she

was in it and i think i did rent it out

on vhs just on the off chance of seeing

her personality

sure see a personality right no and that

makes total sense

yeah this rolling stone guy who filed a


said actually in his case he stated that

he had a better time in vietnam when he

was captured by the viet

cong and tortured for two months was

that john mccain

no no john mccain should have been

a movie reviewer movie critic

why well i mean you're sitting there in

this vietnamese prison or wherever he


after he was born in panama he should

have just

reviewed movies rather than getting in

the senate and having a failed bid for


yeah that's i i would have rather had

done that i mean follow my logic

right i mean that makes much more sense

john mccain

buys remorse yeah john mccain would have

made a really good movie critic

i wouldn't listen to him well well

especially now he's dead but i mean when

he was alive i wouldn't have listened to


yeah but he could have taken sarah palin

to the movies with him

no he doesn't get to take my girl sarah

palin to the movies oh

okay i wonder if sarah palin would be a

good movie critic

yes probably so yeah she would shoot her


at the movie screen and she'd done yeah

you know if she didn't like the movie

she would just shoot her gun

at the movie screen so what about what


tulsi gabbard though what about tulsi

gabbard would be the

ultimate movie critic yeah i'd like to

take her to the movies i'd watch it with

a sound huff

yeah yeah i i couldn't watch the movie

if i was

with tulsi gabbard trying to

watch a movie and critique it i would

watch her boil water for 30 minutes on a

cooking show

yes yeah even if she was wearing a full


yeah yeah she should actually start a

youtube channel of just

boiling water yep we digressed back to


apparently as suspected initial box

office receipts were temporarily


based purely upon the once again smashed

dream of seeing beau derek's nipples

maybe we should have called this bo

derrick fails the movies

i mean it it seems like there's this bo

derek thing

well she's only in two out two out of

the five yeah it feels like they've

she's been in all these now this next

movie you have seen

and i saw it but i didn't see it until

it came on tv

whereas you probably went to the movie

theater and paid money for it oh

so we finally are getting to a movie

that i might have actually

how would the doc

i did see this movie a long time ago

i i barely remember the movie i remember

uh the duck was you know

an animatronic is not the right word but

puppet isn't either i mean it was

some kind of costume duck or whatever

that was walking around and it was

talking everything and you know

i like ducks but ducks are evil yeah

so uh howard the duck i might have to

disagree with you a little bit about

this being a bad movie

this is this is so you're gonna have to

guide me through this one

this is written by people who understand

the movies not people

like me and you well yeah i don't

understand maybe i mean

there's a talking duck i mean that's

fantastic to me

yeah now it's produced by george lucas

oh well george lucas does no wrong

right but along with him bringing judge

r binks into the world it's proof that

george lucas must have at least tried

meth twice yes yeah in his career

so was george r binks actually howard

the duck

just from a different place on par well

actually no

how would the duck did exist because um

he was

like a superhero and he was in comics

because i remember seeing him in a

crossover in some

i think it's yeah it was a dc comic and

i remember

him coming in the scene it's like what's

a talking duck got to do anything and i

just came across

thinking he was a bit of a wanker and

then this movie came out 10 years later

yeah but talking ducks make everything

better well

not this one oh it's widely renowned as

the worst

live-action animation crossover movie

ever made

including all of the college-based

movies submitted what about the new


i haven't seen it oh no

um that's where i'm gonna have to

disagree because you know will smith

he does a good job acting but will smith

is the genie

is no robin williams so

i'm not robin williams fans ah no robin

williams is good

and that's that's the british part of

you coming out but

i can see howard the duck being better


will smith's version of the genie in


why was he animated no well

kind of what do you mean kind of well

that the whole

disney live action i mean they they keep

saying oh

these are live action movies but it's


it's better cgi that's all it is it's

like oh

live action lion king they're not going

to the fort worth zoo

and saying hey let's get the lions to go

ahead and act this out you know

they're not doing that so it's not

really live action

they're just trying to make it look a

little bit more realistic

so to speak well one movie critics said

about howard the duck's movements that

it reminded him of his grandfather not

the early years when he was fun

the part of his life after a stroke

paralyzed half of his face and shortly

after was

diagnosed with parkinson's so that's

well that's kind of sad yeah so the film

also set a record in the number of


for criminal trespass and vandalism

among minors

as teenagers all over the united states

defaced howard the duck posters outside

of movie theaters

replacing the letter d in dark with an f

oh and we're so creative there's no f in


right right so creative for them to do

that yeah

oh i'm one of the uh highlighted points

of the movie which is

still referred to this day is that


the concept of bestiality to a mainly pg


yeah because it was once again

thrown back to back to the future leah

thompson was in that movie

and so they kind of she used to be

pretty hot yeah

in a 80s type way exactly and so

they had this kind of love interest like

you say and it was a little on the

creepy side

but if you were young enough to watch it

you didn't really get it

but if you were an adult you're like


what's going on here this is kind of

messed up

right i mean you're really shaking your


yeah so moving on to the next movie the

last movie which again i think you've

probably seen

because i've seen it again on um tv

because i wasn't gonna pay

for this movie superman 4

the quest for peace 1987 really

a superman movie made this list yeah

you're talking about christopher reeve

superman yeah this is when they paid him

one last time 10 times as much money as

the movie before when he had previously

said he would not be

reappearing in the role wow and

obviously this is before his horse ride

yeah well i don't know if you'd call it

a full ride

well possibly ride three quarters of a


a partial ride yeah yeah he did actually

turn down i think

superman three but they paid him a bunch

of money to do that

and then he definitely definitely

definitely definitely

wasn't going to do any more until they

then paid him

another 10 times as much for this movie

i think

superman just rode by yeah motorcycle

sounds pissed

yeah apparently in the first superman

movie 90

of the budget was for the special

effects to make it look like it was


really yeah in the fourth movie 80

of the budget went towards christopher

reeve's wages wow

well you know good for him because he

needed that money after the horse


yeah you know so it i'm not saying

he was looking forward into the future

you know kind of like back to the future

because even the real superman can do


no he doesn't know stupidly insane stuff

but he can do that yeah he only

could spin the earth backwards to go

back in time he can't spin the earth the

other way

for some weird reason why couldn't he

spin the earth forward

because time in the future is what's

happened in the future

has not happened yet whereas the past

has happened so you can revisit a

timeline that has occurred but not a

future one which has not

occurred because it's still dependent on

the decisions you make today therefore

the future is not written the past is

yeah but

he goes out in space and spins the earth


then slows it down and then spins it

back up yeah why couldn't he just

spin everything i think that was the

worst piece of cop out

endings to writing i think i've ever

seen him so

oh my goodness we're putting him in this

situation it's impossible to get out of

now let's just make him go up there spin

the earth round go back in time and

not make the mistake so as we talked

about before that was

lazy riding yeah crap that that was lazy


yeah back themselves in a corner right


this movie not only has the cheesiest


super villain of all time nuclear man

it also includes some of the worst

special effects since

since some of the b movies in the 50s

where they had a budget of like

four thousand dollars yeah and and by

the way what year was this

86 1987 87 yeah it includes an


poor scene where superman repairs the

great wall of china

using his x-ray vision now this was

still before the age of the internet

so generally relied upon people being

ignorant to what x-rays could and can do

right yeah but you're also talking about

ten years

after star wars a new hope came out yeah

which kind of set the bar for special

effects yeah

so there was 10 years they could have

studied to say hey let's get some good

special effects

well and then they didn't do it yeah

that's because they didn't have any

money left for special effects after

paying christopher reeve all his money

right yeah he must have had a fancy


right we need to figure it out about

about a trained horse

that's true yeah was he playing polo

when that happened

um oh okay

yeah water polo on a horse yep i hope he

didn't sue

ralph lauren i've never really like

those aftershaves

so an associate producer on this

superman four quest of peace

he was quoted as saying this will kill

the superman

franchise for 20 years and indeed it

took another 19 years before the next

superman movie was released

so he was looking into the future yeah

he was spinning that earth around

getting 19 years in the future and


hey i i see where the next one's coming

out so

the next superman movie was what uh

superman returns and then it was

man of steel and then it was batman okay

so so you're talking about

more of the modern yeah oh yeah yeah

yeah i mean it's

2019 wow that's crazy to think

hold up 2019 that one came out with it


i think her math is bad there yeah don't

think 2008

2007 yeah that's when it came out yeah

but still

a long way after that yeah

it's nerdy for me to even guess that

close really so anyway

to add insult to injury and this

allegedly caused many superman

fans to publicly declare they were

switching allegiance to batman

the quest for peace movie revealed that

the famous

superman villain lex luthor named his

only son

lenny lenny

that's very lazy yeah that that's pretty

lazy i mean

okay let's think about this for a second


kind of a powerful name yeah it's like

oh yeah lex

luthor yeah pretty good name

lenny luthor is like the guy working

at the convenience store it's like hey

lenny good to see you

i'm here to get a six pack of beer yeah


somebody that's trying to take over and

you know

rule the world and be what what was the


superman thing with lex luthor the the

greatest mastermind of all time or

whatever his tagline was

lenny that doesn't work yeah nah that

doesn't matter

now here's a bit of trivia for you

okay can you name an incredibly popular


which bases two of the main characters

upon that lex and lenny luther


now austin powers dr evil he named his


scott scotty and so that would that was

based upon the fact

that it was such a letdown that lex


the super villain named his son lenny

and so dr evil his big powerful name

named his only son scotty

no that makes sense yeah yeah i think

there's a lot of stuff

in those austin power movies that is

kind of hidden like that yeah

well with all that said thanks for

tuning in to

this episode of the wolf and the

shepherd we certainly appreciate you

listening and we will catch you on the

next one

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