July 26, 2021

Vlad The Impaler With Crumb The Master Student Part One

The Wolf And The Shepherd sit down with Crumb The Master Student to discuss the history behind Vlad The Impaler, the historical figure which Dracula was based upon.



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and the shepherd welcome to this episode

of the wolf and the shepherd today

we have with us crum the master student


good to have you thank you so much for

having me guys thank you again

yeah so uh today is kind of an

interesting episode of the wolf and the


we have never tried to use our board and

video all together so

please be patient with us or actually be

patient with me i'm going to try my best

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course we've got crime

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gonna be kind of an interesting version

of what we usually do on this podcast


normally our guests aren't as good

looking as crumbs so we keep it to audio

only that's true

yeah well he's better looking than we

are which is a problem so

if we could just freeze the camera on

him yeah we probably would have been a

lot better off yeah yeah

so mr crum what are you gonna talk to us

about today

yes yes gentlemen i am so excited to be

here i'm gracious that i was allowed to

be on a platform

you know i am your resident nerd so

we're going back to history class

get your pillows ready get comfortable

no i'm just joking a lot of

uh history is just boring it's like oh

my god i hate history

so i want to give you a fantastic

history lesson you know a little bit of


some guts drama death turmoil just

you know the regular glad the impaler

vlad the impaler oh i thought i thought

it sounded like he'd gone to like new

york last week or something i don't know

that or chicago i hear chicago kind of

got some of that stuff going on as well

based on that description it could have

been anything yeah all right

what was vlad the impaler from chicago


oh i think his sister is sister

i got you okay just had to make sure

i'm not a i'm not a very good student of

history so i'm looking forward to

learning about this

or politics or math yeah yeah

or science yeah is there any

is there anything that i really know

anything about

uh oh i do know how to run this board

but i watched a youtube video that

taught me how to do it that was true

plus you read the instructions as well

well yeah i had to to figure out how to

plug it into the wall yeah

but anyway sorry we're digressing um so

yeah i'm very interested in the topic

are you talking about today crumb um i

do actually have a couple of books on

the topic although i will admit i've

only read about half of one of them

because i only found the other one after

being in a box for about 12 years

that's because we decided we were going

to talk to this guy and he wanted to do

research but yeah yeah

well i must admit i wasn't necessarily a

history buff

and some parts of history i have to be

transparent they aren't

you know stellar glamorous or you know

interesting but this is a particular

point in history

that uh is just phenomenal in terms of


so basically uh is it okay if i share my

screen at this point

go for it absolutely gratitude so

basically when we're dealing

with vlad um

he has been vilified through

the well this powerpoint excuse me i

digress the the powerpoint is called the


dracula vlad the impaler so we know that

uh based off hollywood which i like to

call holly weird

uh the whole dracula i'm sorry vlad

thing has been demonized

through a hollywood so now if we say oh

the guy dracula was based off well

dracula was a bad guy

you know um that's not really hard to


however comma before i get into this i

want to make an

argument that we are in the age of the

anti-hero have you gentlemen heard that

phrase before

yeah uh-huh yeah so now we've got

characters like um uh i think the first

big anti-hero was uh deadpool

when i was a kid deadpool was a bad guy

then when i got older he was like this


you know uh quirky uh batman

um uh uh what do they call

people who fight crime but they're not

with the law um vigilante

vigilante so now we have uh

this newest one with venom from

spider-man as his nemesis

so what i want to do is basically what

what we've been doing in the 21st


is you know taking a re-look at things

and having a re-imagination or

re-evaluation if you will

so let's consider uh the origins of

dracula not to be bad not to be this

blood-sucking parasite who's

who's plaguing the village he's actually

the good guy

you know the one who is who who is deep

in the esoteric science but i digress

let's get right into it oh i don't know

if you heard that but

that meant i did something wrong um

um and i basically have here vlad the

impaler was the last

european knight he earned his name

by carrying on the legacy of medieval


which their legacy was feudalism meaning

which technically we still

are in a feudalistic society but we

try to uh disguise it with uh capitalism

democracy and what have you

anyway you know when when we go to war

you know in the name of the king in the

name of capitalism

in the name you know this all right guys

this is feudalism by another name

in the name of democracy all right it's

just feudalism anyway

uh so feudalism is basically root word


uh my people feud with your people and

whoever wins

controls all the land it's it's really

that simple

and the knights were a part of a caste


or a hierarchy of the people and

i must admit i do support this now that

i've learned more and more about

i do like this way of life it is uh has

a degree of chivalry that we lack today

so you have your king at the very top of

the pyramid under the king are the

nobles and the church officials

uh under the uh nobles and church

officials you have your knights and your


underneath that at the very bottom run

it's only four rungs at the very bottom


are what you're going to call serfs and

peasants which today

we're going to call those serfs citizens


and those manners that the citizens live

in we now

call those municipal municipalities or


and um the uh the lord over the manner

we now in our country call a governor

yeah feudalism is still here today

that's not what this powerpoint is about

just want to make sure we're clear on

the correlation between now and then

so um the dominant social system in

medieval europe was feudalism

in which the nobility held lands from

the crown in exchange for military


and vassals were in turn tenants of the


while the peasants uh called villains or


were obligated to live on their lord's

land and give him homage labor

and share of the poor uh produce uh

notionally in exchange for military


and uh this system worked very

very well um and vlad

took this system to heart there is a

such thing as a good king

just like there is a such thing as a

good peasant

uh before i go to the next slide because

this is just the intro to give everybody

a backdrop

of what vlad was born into

he was born into knighthood he was born

to be a fighter

you know fine you don't want to fight

get your ass out i'm sorry

brothers you didn't say yes yeah yeah i

say us

well yeah but you said but you say it

all funny though yeah i do yeah

gratitude for the past um

get your ass out there and farm the land

um if you don't want to fight you know


there's places in the social structure

where you can fit in you want to fight

then fight you don't want to fight go

farm um so on and so forth if you want

to be a clergyman then

you know be a clergyman so that's this

is the backdrop

to vlad the impaler uh where he is born

into we have to think like vlad

because if you think in 2021 then yeah

vlad looks like a monster

but if you go back and put yourself in

that mindset say okay well you know the

guy wasn't

what we depicted him to be based off our


uh centuries later but i digress

so now that we've gone through his

european backdrop uh we have to go

through the science and i want to give a

big shout out and a rest in peace

to stan lee um i am a comic book head

i am a uh movie junkie i'm a marvel fan

i i i do live in the marvel universe

my children i raise my children right as

marvel fans as well so it goes deep


stan lee said the key

to a great superhero

is a great super villain what defines

a superhero or any hero for that matter

his adversity

nobody cared that george bush became


yo daddy was president everybody was

like you know i'm not an obama fan

everybody was like oh obama he was a

junior senator

came from nothing we love that underdog

story now again i'm not an obama fan nor

am i a bush fan or a political person

for that matter

you can kind of see i like to be

somewhere else in my life but

i do understand we all love an underdog

and to be a good superhero

or to have your name written in into the

books of history the halls of

of our memory you have to have a great

super villain so vlad

who was vlad's super villain

we have to set this tone before we talk

about it so we understand so

here's what it says every great

superhero needs an equally great super


this in this david and goliath story it

is no question that vlad is david

but in this story david doesn't win

but he does fight goliath in a battle

that will be told for endless


vlad's goliath name was mehmed

ii a legendary war general

who crushed the last leg of the roman

empire and savagely ended the european

medieval age

after putting fear in the heart of every

person in the pale skin nation the only


who dared challenge him

was vlad not only did vlad

challenge this god-like figure

but he embodied god's devil

as he endlessly terrorized him without


you got to understand here this is a

guppy versus a

shark there's not one european man

in in in anything east in

in anything west of asia that dare stand

up to this man

this man whose name is mehmed

prior to him keep in mind he's bringing

science to europe a lot of

a lot of cultures are perv

are preserved through the opposition's

war let me stop sarah screen i want to

talk you to death a little bit yeah okay

a lot of history is preserved through

war so now

you know when they go and sack the town

and raid the libraries your enemies will

take your history

and you know do as they will so now um

a lot of european history was lost to

the ottoman empire

because rome had just fell

remember caesar uh the uh the oracle

told caesar beware the eyes of march we

know march april when is the end

i get my taxes killed by april 15.

beware the eyes of march

by april you got to pay to you know pay

the tax man

so uh caesar did not and the senate

stabbed him in the back

you know but the death blow was from his

uh his son

or his adopted son what have you so now

this is europe's

last great warlord

europe doesn't see a great war

ever until after uh uh after uh

caesar until you get to napoleon so now

um caesar falls the roman empire falls

however it's not the whole roman empire

let me just give you an example real

quick i'm gonna pass the mic just kind

of you know make sure you keep the

conversation going

let's say the roman empire was america


everything west of the mississippi

oh america's falling i knew we shouldn't

have voted for obama

i know she'll never i'm just blaming

people i don't know um i know we

shouldn't have voted for trump

i still anyway so now um america falls

and everything

west of the mississippi falls everything

east of the mississippi survives

we no longer call that america

everything east of the mississippi

we call that let me think of something

creative the new 13 colonies

so now um rome falls yes rome

stabbed caesar in the back caesar's dead

no more military what do we do guys

all right everybody west of europe

uh west saeed everybody on the west

they're done for

everybody on the east side east side

everybody on the east side of europe

they survive under the name byzantium

or byzantine so they have a new

leader his name is constantine


says sick uh in hock signal winkus in

this sign we shall conquer

remember caesar didn't give a f about

nobody's religion in this new time

yeah you gotta you know you've got to

fight for god this is a holy war at this


so now he uh uh uh

he leads this remaining the remains of

europe are being led under constantine

and um all of this the final leg of

europe is

stomped out by the ottoman empire

this is at the battle of constantine he

he because keep in mind europe was

dealing with swords

uh shields moats

castles this is all medieval time hey

crum when does the medieval time stop

met meg came into europe no more

medieval for you guys

metmed had a he had a cannon the cannon

was the size of rhode island i'm just


it was a big cannon and he sat at at the


for for uh 44 days and just shot that

cannon at the wall

just shot at the wall non-stop until he



so we're not doing that no more we're

using gunpowder

after constantine i'm sorry excuse me

after mehmed ii

europe started using gunpowder and

that's what changed the world we had a

big change remember we don't see a big

rivalry like that

until we go to china versus america

where uh hollywood

the biggest industry that hollywood

brought out was westerns

westerns was gunpowder we changed the

world with gun

while while we were celebrating

gunpowder through our western space

um john wayne in them you're i'm sorry

uh china was still talking about some

dern dagger on karate

karate what you must not seen a lot does

anybody know what

race the last samurai was

you ever seen that movie yeah the tomb


yeah last time when i was a white man

yeah he said he told the asian man


uh and in the movie last samurai they

debuted the gatling gun

i don't care about no damn karate shot

now why did it take so long for gun

powder to come from the east to the west

because didn't the chinese have

fireworks like even over 2 000 years ago

there was evidence of that i mean it was

a slow

it's a slow kind of filtration to the


well we have to be mindful europe

focused on after after

may med ii europe was like f this guys

we're focusing on technology all right

so crumb what happened in europe after


after the swords you know because keep

in mind

uh um this is around the time of what

was the most

famous sword in europe excalibur

and now now you you put on that


i won something i answered a question


oh what caliber the excalibur is now

a gun so now you're going to see what


where europe is almost forced

into a new era a new realm of technology

of advancement and europe leads the

world arguably

we don't see a level of technology in

the last

five thousand years of history you know

now keep in mind the pyramids and you

know those type of things were


but in terms of what we and bear witness

to when you know my grandma grandpa was

alive we don't see nothing like that

until europe's uh uh has their great

renaissance their enlightenment

however at that threshold because crime

what does that do with vlad

at that threshold where where where the


came with superior technology and


the last leg of europe and put fear in

every european

man's heart the only european

who was able to stand who was brave


ingenious enough crafty enough

uh charismatic enough to stand against


was vlad we give that man his flowers

stop calling him a a vampire call him a


now there were some stories obviously

around vlad which

whether they're true or not they were

used to taint his reputation i remember


that one of his generals was complaining

about the stanch of the bodies on the

spikes and apparently vlad had him put

on a taller spike so he was above all

the rest of the bodies so he didn't

well that's a good honor yeah you know

teaches you a lesson

there are a lot of little tales like

that which i'm not sure have any basis

in reality because it seems

so anecdotal to kind of who was standing

there writing that down oh vlad's just

impaled one of his officers because he

said he didn't like the smell so i don't

know how much of that

kind of stuff is true or whether there

were just things thrown in there to kind


like i said darken his reputation a

little right

absolutely now we have to remember you


fall on the wrong side of history um


there's there's an african proverb until

the lion

has his own historian the glory of the

hunt will always go to the hunter

that's probably why canada's history is

terrible yeah because canada has never

won anything

well i mean if you if you think about

that i'll get it seal clubbing


well yeah that and hockey but i mean is

like a canada history book is it like

three pages long

well yes there's people on ice skates

going around trying to find seals and

clubbing them over the head with hockey

sticks i think that's it

yeah until about 1975.

right so crime i would make sure that

you don't try to do

any kind of presentation on canadian

history it's going to take like 45


and you're just you're gonna be bored

after that

two straight absolutely

um so vlad you know i pride myself

uh as the historian of vlad i i want to


vlad in history i want to take a take

another look at his story

and i want to see can we make sense of

some of these things he did

you know i've i'm ready to address some


uh the infamy you know um

but nobody is perfect everybody's gonna

i don't you know i was a big

spider-man fan and in spider-man 3

with with with the symbiote spider-man

debuts a part of his character we

haven't seen in a cartoon

uh where he actually goes emo um

you know he dyes his hair black and puts

it to the side and

there's a scene where he's just walked

you know and he's doing one of those

things down and the girls are looking at

him and he got swag and

charisma what have you um you know so

i do understand but he would probably go

on the hot topic

i don't know but i thought i thought

that was the only way they could get

dashboard confessional on the soundtrack

if they made him a little bit emotional

well that makes more sense and

and there was a scene where uh he


like he's in a club and i think mary

jane has kind of moved on and she has a

boyfriend because you know the whole

peter parker

spiderman thing is keeping him missing

the dates so she moves on

and then he uh this is in the movie and

um he goes into the

the uh the whatever like mary jane and

he you know he's hitting on all


so he thinks he's gonna you know get

laid i don't know what the case may be

but um

it goes all wrong and he he uh he uses

his strength extra and

ah peter what's gotten into you um so

my point is everybody got a dark side of

their story

spider-man is a friendly neighborhood

spider-man but he got an emo side

and i think you know even though i am a


geek um i have to uh um i want to say

this about vlad

the whole idea of emo

this whole trend the kids wearing a

black fingernail polish and lipstick and

dyeing their hair black and covering one

eye on some illuminati ish

you know all that came from vlad right


i just thought he was the dracula dude

yeah and they forgot to put

like a vowel in between the first and

second letters of his name yeah i

thought that's why he was always angry i

think we had more of a gothic

scene in england growing up than was

popular here because we had a lot of

gothic bands like the sisters of mercy

the damned um and that kind of

backed off a little bit but it kept on

the underground and then

re-emerged as emo really whereas

everybody was still in black and i think

they used that line from that smith

song which was uh i wear black on the

outside because black is how i feel on

the inside

that's kind of one of their uh makes


things but go on chrome absolutely the


golf movement was born you can look it

up you know

this i'm not here to convince anybody or

persuade anybody

everybody got a computer in their hands

at this point family

i want to encourage anybody under the

sound of my voice

uh to go and activate that computer that

that handheld computer for something

other than entertainment so with that

said yeah

that movement came out of vlad so black

does have a dark side

i'm not here to make any excuses for him

um i just want to put things into


yeah now we're all for that yeah

now could you um i don't know if you're

going to cover this later but could you

give just for our listeners and also for

the shepherd

a little bit of a backdrop to the

geographical region where vlad was

because it was pretty close to the

carpathian mountains right exactly where

that kind of dracula legend came up and

there were some reasons

why there is that kind of crossover

where people keep

asking you know was vlad the real


i mean that really kind of came from the

name obviously you know trying to kill

the little dragon and all this stuff but

you know could you just give a little

bit of a backdrop about that area

because i think a few people outside of

the hammer horror movies and a few later

renditions maybe um

dracula untold i think tried to kind of

cross vlad and dracula a little bit more

to combine the stories but obviously


heavily fiction um but yeah could you

just give us a little bit of a backdrop

on that area at the time

yeah absolutely so you know when we talk

about europe

you know we tend to get lost under the


in the shadows of the goliaths like


germany uh switzerland

these big names so when you start to get

into these little countries like

uh wallachia like what uh

don't nobody know about no no willakia

come on uh

but no um the w is pronounced

uh v if uh one of the famous

dracula lines is i want to bite your

neck but instead of saying

the w wha he pronounces the w with a v

so we put my little uh my transylvanian


ivant to bite your neck uh so

it's not what lake here even though

that's the spelling it's

valencia because that's how we pronounce

that um

the germans you have to have your paper

walk in order

um so now uh he's in with you and

wellakia is the most southern eastern

part of europe it's kind of like florida

instead of

being under i'm sorry right above cuba


right above um uh turkey

give you an idea where lake he is at and

uh when i say

in the shadows of these other big names

it's sort of a

double entendre because one of the most

darkest places in europe

shadowy places in europe is going to be

in uh

valleja or wallachia which vallejo

wallachia is right

under transylvania which is like this

smidgen of a

ink drop on a european uh map it's hard

to find

you know anyway so now uh there's the um

the black forest

this really big dense

dark forest the trees are are are


they're all close together i mean it's

just a dark

area where uh you know the sun doesn't

doesn't uh penetrate the canopy in

addition to that

you know it's it's true to what you've

seen in the movies to that degree

you know it's foggy in this area um

you know there's not a lot of uv you

know penetrating this part of the planet

we know this is the normal

northern hemisphere as it is um and this

is just a dark

part of europe um great part of europe

beautiful part of europe

but in terms of sunlight because when we

know the the idea

of dracula dracula doesn't oh the sun

it's it's a

it's a dark part of europe that that

doesn't get a lot of light

um which which adds the

lore behind vampire and the idea behind

that but

but one of the most beautiful parts of

europe let me say that as well gentlemen

so if it's a lot like florida does

everybody retire there like whenever


you know deciding hey you know it's time

for me to retire so they go to balakia

in europe and people heard that when you

were in england well i thought that was

the place i invaded in the elder scrolls

but i'm probably wrong

um how far away was that from


yeah um or istanbul not constantino

yeah i think you're thinking of the song

too much i mean well yeah that's how i

learned history

is it the worst just nobody's business

but the turks

yeah yeah no you're absolutely right

right around the corner this is all

going to be in the same area because


every uh colloquially i'm

you know speaking in in metaphorically

everything west of the mississippi fell

all of west uh

europe fell uh that that spain

side um what's over there on the west


uh ireland is over there on the west

we're over here over here on the east

there's germany this is all north

germany when you're looking downward

you're gonna see uh the caucus mountains

under the caucus mountains is where

you're gonna see turkey and all that


middle east whatever the new name the

kids are calling it these days

so do you think the irish even knew that

it fell or were they all still just

drunk in the pub

well this is the thing i mean ireland

has a history of just being

poor invaded poor invaded drunk taken


you know you know it just so is that why

they drink so much in ireland

probably probably drowning out like a

thousand years of misery or something

that makes sense plus they're trying to

stay away from the leprechauns right

that's true the first slave trade was

not in africa

people will tell you well you know

before the africans were translating

before the transatlantic slave trade was

islamic slave trade

no the first trade slave trade was not

the islamic slave trade the first slave

trade was the vikings and i

in ireland oh i thought it was the


well the egyptians had were they just

like doing it they weren't trading

they were getting a little selfish so i

i see what he's saying right the trade


it's like yeah that started so the

egyptians were selfish they're like

we're going to build these giant


out in the desert and nobody can have

any of these you can't even buy them

yeah that's with their legos yeah

yeah so um and uh just just real quick

you know

in the spirit of history uh the whole

retirement thing in florida is due to

ponce de leon he was looking for the

uh the fountain of youth which was uh

supposed to be in

st augustine florida which is the oldest

city in america supposedly

uh so now uh yeah that's why florida's a

big retirement spot is the spot for uh

water of the fountain of youth but i


obviously um but yeah so now we're on

the west side i'm sorry excuse me the

east side of

uh europe right above i'm sorry right

um between the separation between

the middle east and europe is going

to be wallachia after wallachia directly

north is transylvania

uh directly northeast is going to be


um i don't know if that's how you

pronounce it i don't know if it's

it's hungary yeah okay okay what a

bummer of a name for a country if you

stop and think about it

because i mean you walk around you're

like i'm hungry yeah we all are we're

all here

no no seriously i want to eat something

yeah we all do because we have no food

here well i figured when he showed us

that first pyramid when it showed you

know the structure of society back then

right that somehow you and i although we

wanted to be in that third tier with the

knights and the noble people that we

would somehow be in that bottom bit with

the people


just like in monty python and the holy

grail where they're sitting there in the

muck and

all of that yeah yeah the king rides

past and they say

oh look it's the king yes how do you

know he's the king this is the only one

not covered in crap exactly

that's a good one but if we were in

india we wouldn't get the coven that's


so actually um this is a

very big side have you heard that in

india one of their officials

elected officials got in trouble because


told people to forego the vaccine and

actually cover themselves in cow dung

and also drink cow piss because that

would protect against covid

i did not hear that yeah but you know

they worship the cow over there

i'm not trying to disrespect anybody

they do worship it but i don't subscribe

to that ideology

do you know i actually learned why they

worship cows because we've done a few

news articles recently on the indian

response to covet and i actually

found out why they worship cows

apparently in the cow dung in the cow


mushrooms grow which is psychotropic


so they would eat the mushrooms oh that

makes sense you know these uh

visions and trounces and stuff and they

considered oh this is what the cow was

giving us and that's how they were

treated as sacred because people would

obviously find this connection with god

through this like

psychedelics and so that's how the cow

became revered in india

yeah but it's revered in texas because

the ribeye steak tastes

fantastic when it's cooked medium rare


too shady i'm um i'm liking you i see

what you bring to the platform i tell


a lot more than just a pretty face i

guess that's just as well because that's

fighting fast


so what leki is like the buffer zone


with the you know yeah the buffer zone

between europe and

and uh the

arab uh estates and um

he vlad does a honorable job

at standing uh in the face of

death and not only smirking but

terrorizing it

and that's truly the magnitude of his


and i i i appreciate you gentlemen being

so patient with me

uh because it's just so much to cover um

but yeah let's

let's continue uh we're only on third

slide going on the four so i guess you

can see how

deep the topic goes so this slide number

four is called

like father like son dracula's which

dracula uh dracula his father name was


ii vlad dracul or

vlad the dragon he was inducted into the


of the dragon and then recognized as the


void of valencia or in english

what lakia he was void meaning ruler of


in 1436 up until his death in 1447.

he was born illegitimate that's very

important folks

vlad's father was illegitimate he wasn't

the son of the queen

he was the son of the king not the queen

so he's still illegitimate anyway

he was born illegitimate and couldn't

assert his claim

until his half brother who was official

had died

after his brother's death yay vlad sees


with hungarian support they don't call

those people hungry they call him

hungarian i'm just joking yeah

i get you it was a funny joke

with hungarian support against his half


supporters the ottoman empire hold on

hold on the ottoman empire is supporting

your half brother

i thought those those were the bad guys

crumb sit down all right let me just


um the people supporting his half

brother was the enemies the ottoman


after a power shift hungary's position

weakened because hungary

was is [ __ ] huge uh hungary's uh

support meets everything because keep in

mind um

this is a feudal system so now

the only reason you're in power because

the people you down with in power

now you know ever all your friends don't

lost their guns you not so

you know confident about going into this

gun fight with these ottoman people

because they got big guns or lots of

swords that guns don't exist at this


so now um the ottoman uh um after a

power shift

hungary's position weakened causing vlad

daddy vlad

to abaddon abandon hungary and join

his enemies the ottomans

i really need some sound effects in my


now is it true that um the italians

until the invasion

by the ottoman turks were actually all

blonde head and blue-eyed

and then then when the ottoman turks

invaded and obviously

raped and pillaged their way through

italy it pretty much changed through


you know um

make up of the country when you say the

turks are you referring to hannibal

um you know i don't know but i just know


hannibal i thought he was the dude in

silence of the land yeah

yeah well he had another job before that

oh he did yeah

i thought he was always just the where

do you think

how do you think he got that way in the

first place oh he probably saved his


well yeah i'm coming to america oh okay

well now is that why at the end of the

other movie he wants to go back to

europe yeah

oh okay all right i always wondered that


so no i don't i don't know which uh kind

of faction i guess

of the invading uh

muslim empires it was but definitely

italy used to be

very fair-skinned and blond-haired and

blue-eyed into the invasion and then

eventually you look at what is typically

italian today

historically that is not what italians

look like right that makes sense

no absolutely yeah yeah yeah that's that

is the story of hannibal

uh and the other one is actually

hannibal lecter tomato tomato

oh it's still hannibal though yeah in

good conscience

name a kid hannibal because it's got too

many negative connotations

that's true yeah he's got a point there

i would i would name a kid vlad though

yeah i think if i get another dog i

might name it vlad

i don't think a visceral would be a good

vlad by the way

that's that's like a tongue twister what

i say that i mean

is bad enough to try to say or spell

then you got blood

from hungary i mean they were bred

purposely for

human companionship which is very rare

in the dog breeding world

but no viscerals originate in hungary

and they were used for hunting dogs but

they were close human companions because

these hunters would go out for days and

days and obviously in isolation you can

get a little bit mad start seeing things

especially in places like hungary with

all the superstitious

superstitions and so these were very


um companion dogs which would stay by

your side sleep with you and it actually

helped the hunter kind of keep

cognitively you know focused and not go

a little bit mental but

yeah but you told me the other day that

they were from wisconsin well that's

where they came after hungary no that's

a big center in uh

the united states for this lizard oh

okay so they bark in a funny accent


now yeah but so yeah

yeah but so does that mean that all the

people in wisconsin are from hungary

uh probably the people with the visas

okay just that

yeah i like that i like that

wow um i was also gonna say about vlad


is actually short for vladimir um and

it's a popular name might i

add do you know the leader i don't know

if his uh position is president

i don't know if it is but the leader or

president of russia yeah vladimir putin


vladimir putin so well it's an orthodox

christian name isn't it right but

but now you're starting to confuse me so

is vlad russian and he's the president

of russia well the name

vladimir oh i think i think an orthodox


orthodox christian church kind of named

vladimir just like you get popular names

you know among christian one that

women's name

john and mark et cetera and the same

thing in the muslim world they

tend to name people after prophets and

people but it's the same way in the

um orthodox christian church that there

were popular names which were given them

vladimir i don't know the history of

that name but perhaps graham is going to

tell us yeah but also you have linen


vladimir lenin isn't that his name you

know i'm not sure

the lead singer or the beatles oh

john yeah that one too yeah john

close close coach

whatever vlad was a staunch christian i

want to point that out as well

to your point right yeah yeah because

that's a game where the dracula legend

kind of crosses over where they try to

introduce the romanticism in it because

remember it's like the

retreating turks fire arrow through the

window and

killed dracula's bride and he um

i thought that took a silver bullet no

that's werewolves

oh okay oh no that's a stake through the

heart though

well for vampires yeah see this song

confusing no no hold on hold on let me

help you

a stake through the heart where does

that come from

vlad the impaler he put you on a stake

but weren't they um because the

egyptians because they found

uh evidence of vampires all around the

world right and the egyptians

um they had some symbol for tombs

wherever it was like the undead or a

vampire somebody that considered that

and they actually had

um i don't know whether it was iron but

they would have a state driven

through the chest to keep them bound to

the ground so they couldn't rise up from


grace and stuff so yeah i don't know i

didn't realize that that whole state

thing or at least the popularist

version of it came from you know vlad

absolutely absolutely you know uh so you


with all of these things that pull from

history you know i'm not trying to


uh these boring history classes but

history itself depending on the

storyteller or podcast or

the forum um it can be so in

invigorating and saying oh wow you know

because it all pulls into now

uh if you don't know where you come from

you can't know where you're going and i


love the story of vlad and i i'm

probably sound like a cheerleader at

this point

i just love the story of vlad because it

has so much depth to it

right now in that region at the time

the western part of mainland europe and

even going towards england they were

still kind of going that expansionist

policy of trying to

you know like the west indies and

different parts of africa still

um obsessed i guess with different trade

routes and expanding the empire

and a lot of focus on eastern europe

escaped at that time because like in our

english history textbooks

i mean we completely skip over that

whole type of medieval and post-medieval

area and it just concentrates purely

like on the kings and queens of england

and we have this huge gap where we grow


even in europe not knowing anything

about the history

i mean we didn't even touch i'd never

even heard the name vlad until

a later interest you know in life in

like dracula and vampires and stuff

now just you know i understand

in america i can only speak from where

i'm from

our history has been sanitized

um however i don't see the need for that

i i think we can look at history

at least if we're being mature about it

and draw

our own conclusion you know some people

have been demonized some people have

been uh given sainthood and they didn't

deserve it

um but uh uh i was gonna go somewhere

with that

uh but nonetheless in terms of uh no no


oliver cromwell that's what i was gonna

say because you know

uh okay so everybody's familiar with him

and the irish holocaust

now that's from the irish perspective

from the british perspective that was

not a holocaust that

that you know that that was protestants

versus catholics and we were doing that

as a part of a

holy movement uh i don't think anybody

should have died but still

um uh we're gonna see the story come


i didn't learn about oliver cromwell or

or or or the depths of what was going on

in ireland

and going down to you know the um uh

monserrat and barbados pirates of the

caribbean i didn't know nothing about

that in school

i saw the pirate movies and a couple

king and queen

movies and i knew about irish but i had

no context to say

oh oliver cromwell wait you know he was

the only person to cut the head off a


he he stops the bloodline he goes over


he's a he's a uh protestant extremist

and he goes to war with these catholics

and according to their

part of the story he's killing women and


um from you know from a protestant

perspective uh

but you know they don't talk about none

of that in school because maybe that's

too deep for us as children and

only mature men can speak on that hence

here we are today gentlemen

uh yeah it reminds me of the flogging

molly song tobacco island my favorite

band flogging molly they have a song

called tobacco island and it tells the

whole story of oliver cromwell

right so you got a bunch of kids at a

punk rock show they're singing along

with this song they don't even realize

they're learning history at the same


because it's accurate well i think you

know just as much as american history

has been

sanitized in its

i guess presentation to kids coming

through the public school system

the same was true growing up in england

i mean we never

were taught the bad blood the history

between the english

and the irish because when i was growing

up there the ira the irish republican

army was still a very big thing where to

have terrorist attacks on the mainland

and we didn't know why they hated

or it seemed like they hated the english

but it's the same way today

why we don't understand the history of

you know christianity versus islam

and you know how all these wars came

about because people just

you know nowadays kids are just like

they see the news oh there's a radical

islamic terrorist attack

they don't understand all the history

behind it now it doesn't justify the


but it helps it helps the media and

certain political bodies demonize if you

take away people's reasons for doing

something somebody's reasons for an


or a rebellion that if you don't know

like these people might have been

badly treated for a thousand years or

you know we massacred people and took

their lands and then the only thing we

hear is when some there's some type of


fighting back in some way and then we

get to demonize those people because

it's like hey look they did this for no

reason other than they hate the west and

they hate us when we we're devoid of the

history which really goes into the

details of

why all this bad blood has been going

back hundreds and thousands of years

you know and i i don't want to be a

sympathizer i don't want to make excuses

or anything of that nature

but you know from my look in terms of

the irish since we're just there

you know they got dealt a raw hand in a

lot of things like wow and then

you know my grandma as my grandma would


if it weren't for bad luck at one point

in time irish would have had no luck

well that's funny because one of the big

sayings is the luck of the irish and

it's supposed to be

lucky like the four-leaf clover and all

this green but the luck of the irish

is not good you know it's like you know

getting cancer and then going blind the

next day i mean it's just

it's yeah you know

the irony of it all yeah

getting back to the the east side of

europe we've been on the west side for

long enough let's get back to vlad

so um let me just steer your screen

again oh my god my blood pressure

so daddy vlad that's where i was at

uh hungary position had weakened

causing vlad to abandon hungary and join

his enemies

the ottomans which included practicing

uh participating in an invasion of


double wha against

i'm sorry excuse me john hunyadi

uh vavoid of transylvania or ruler of


came to wallachia which was south of


the the wallachia is the buffer zone

between europe and uh the arab

lands anyway john uh

hunyadi the void of transylvania came to

relation to convince vlad

to join a crusade against the ottomans

in 1441. bruh bruh

don't do it don't do it vlad

was released before the end of the year

but was forced to leave his two sons as

hostages in the ottoman court

now i skipped the part i just realized i

skipped the part

hungary's positions weakens vlad has to

join his enemies

this is daddy vlad maybe like george

bush which one daddy bush

talk about daddy so now um

daddy vlad has to join the enemies

i know you my enemy so uh i'm gonna call

your ass down here hey listen now

we done uh you know hungry can't protect

you no more

you say we can say the ass word yeah all

right yeah now that hungry can't protect

you no more get your ass down here

so uh vlad i get his ass down there this

daddy black and he take his two sons

so they say hey we the rulers over you

he's like yeah you know you are the

rulers over me

um because in those days you had to

um ah what is it what does it say you

had to

like the knights in front of the king

his ass got to get on one knee

and then and then the king will drop his

sword on you like all right

you good in my book you can go ahead on

about your business you've you've

um i forgot what it would you know would

it be uh

what would the knight do pledge his

allegiance he will pledge at least to

the king you get on one knee

so uh um the leader of the ottoman


put put daddy vlad on one knee and daddy

vlad like all right back because hungary

can't hold you down no more this is


strongest man wins uh if you don't i'll

just kill you and everybody over there

and then we're gonna raid all of europe

anyway so daddy vlad get on one knee

and uh he said uh you can go home now so

as he goes to go home

i really need some sound effects scared

uh no hold on

leave your sons huh yeah just for good

measure i'm not going to do nothing to

them but they just stay here with me

just to make sure you want this is daddy

black just to make sure you go

you you you do right by me so

um the two sons one of the two sons

was vlad vlad is the older brother

he's about 11 at the time his brother's

like seven

um vlad has dark hair

pale skin this is the emo thing folks

his brother has blonde hair

uh rosy skin the uh the arab said his

brother was beautiful

they said vlad you know was pasty

with that dark hair you just you know

you're not the most attractive person

you know has this big prominent

nose this bone uh his brother's nose is


is is is um straight line it's very uh

it's very uh dagnabbit what are some

people with blonde hair

prominent nose uh they're up there in

the north

uh very sweet nordic nordic

very nordic looking you know uh so now


in addition to that he's submissive vlad


this is this is you know keep in mind

european history has been preserved


uh uh a rap history the arabs said

they had to beat vlad ass everyday

his brother he's good you know he looks

good he's submissive he'll do what they


black vlad every day they beat

now keep in mind we gotta i'm not trying


i i i haven't even told you the story of

vlad yet i just want to set the stage

we're probably gonna have to do a part

two bro uh gentlemen i'm probably gonna

have to do a part two because i haven't

even gotten to the story this is just a

backdrop to give you an

idea of what happens oh he's a savage

hold on guys

let me give you some context it's going

to take about an hour

but this is a lot of history to just

kind of put together he's like he's

he's 11 at this point so they they

said he won't submit

he's very aggressive he's he has no fear

in him uh even when we beat his ass

he'll fight

back that's the type of guy this is the

type of 11 year old

he is and he's

raised behind enemy lines

so they they bri he's on some

weapon x i'm not saying

the idea of of of wolverine the marvel

character comes from vlad i'm saying

that you can easily correlate the two

they took this boy who had this spirit

for war

and then they beat his ass and made him

a weapon he fought for islam

vlad fought for islam they whipped his

ass every day they made him a soldier

and they worked his ass and they taught

him he was a slave

but you know they educated him he was a

high value your daddy is a king

the void whatever um and that's what it

is so

now daddy vlad let's go back because

that's the part i left out of course

is too much to put in one slide

but anyway vlad was released before the

end of the year

but was forced to leave his two young

sons as hostages

in the ottoman court he was restored in

wallachia with ottoman support in 1443.

uh before i move on to

to continue like father like son was

there anything you wanted to add maybe

i don't want to i want to be considerate

no i mean i'm following along now sorry

i had a question

at this time were there any other powers

kind of waiting in the wings

because a lot of time in history you'll

have um

nations which you know build up their

armies and they wait for that power


you know to appear so

at that time there were no huge wars

going on in europe like you said it was

the end of the kind of like

feudal era you know the teutonic knights

had pretty much died out in terms of

marching to expand the holy lands and

all this stuff but

um were there any other nations around

that area which were kind of waiting to

jump in

or form alliances because i've only

really read the story

very briefly of that whole conflict

but i mean i know you'll get onto it but

it was pretty miraculous how vlad

you know kind of overcame those odds and

i just wondered if there was any kind of

back in or he had

some kind of plan b of his initial

approach to this

you know didn't work out i mean


i don't know how much history there is

about especially the northern region

of europe at that time but northern

europe was still very strong i mean like

the nordic area

you know the vikings that entire area

there i mean it had

obviously great um industry with

fishing it's fantastic at hunting skiing

skiing yeah you're good at it you're

good at skiing so i i just didn't know i

mean i know it's a bit of a random

question but what

the kind of power struggles around that

area at the time

that's not a random question that's

right and exact

and i wanted to um you know i'm not i'm

well i won't go there let me say this

you said teutonic

knights at the very beginning of your


i already knew what you were talking

about however the listening audience may

not be

aware uh if you can could you spell

teutonic if you can't no worries i will


yep so now when you're dealing with

uh anything teutonic

you're dealing with germanic

uh uh villages and tribes i know when we

think about

europe when you think about a tribe

you're asking

okay we can say ass yo ask one thing

about pocahontas

when you think about tribes you can

think about the zulu nation

when you think about you're not going to

think about europe when we say

tribes remember this is medieval times

you're thinking about

knights you thinking about uh uh

moats castles you know all this stuff

you know think about tribes

so now um after

after um caesar is stabbed in the back

i need to do some sound effects

seriously after caesar gets

stabbed in the back uh and because

because my sound effects are

horrible uh but that's my rendition of

caesar getting stabbed

i'm sure it didn't sound that way so

after he gets stabbed you know there's a

there's a power vacuum right there that

you know keep in mind

this is this is respectively this may be


greatest no no

according to european history there has

never been a european well the british


navy was pretty badass but in terms of

caesar's military that's about as badass

as you're going to get for europe i

think i think that's a very very

high point of european society where

there's a power

thing he gets stabbed his military falls

boom power vacuum so now um who

are the warring factions trying to fill

this void

well you're going to have the teutonic

knights and um so now as i told you

uh west germany i'm sure

dagnabbit west europe falls we can say

dagnabbit right


i don't know let me check the notes can

we say dagnabbit

any scooby-doo type cussing is allowed

we're not going to talk about scooby-doo

let's let's not go down that road

last time we tried that yeah we had to

go down

yeah yeah well we mixed scooby-doo with

the delta

eights and that wasn't the best podcast

in the world it's yet to make an

appearance it might do in a few years

oh this is is is pleasurable i'm really

enjoying any sprout uh

thank you so yes uh

uh west europe falls

east europe survives why does east

europe survive

well because you have these teutonic


which are protecting because remember um

over there

on the east east east side the far east

you're going to have genghis khan he's

going hamilton

ham is a acronym amongst uh

uh black or melanated people uh h-a-a-m

uh for hard as a m-f-r but

instead of saying ham i like to say

hamilton they kind of put a

you know i don't like to jazz my

profanity up let's put a little sauce


so um you know genghis khan the the


they're going hamilton at this

particular time so um to protect

the the buffer from that way is going to

be the germanic tribes

so the germanic tribes you're going to

have the goths

the visigoths you're going to have um

uh there's other german there's a


right yeah the reason the vandals got

the name the vandals

because they went into they were the

only tribe

this is a loose organization we don't

got ish together for

rome the senate they had ish together

these are some punks as far as europe's

concern i'm sorry excuse me as far as

rome is concerned

who is these punks coming into town

ripping ish up

oh those are vandals who are the vandals

this is a germanic tribe from over there

you know they're a bunch of bad asses

this is this is where vandalism comes

from they they went into roman

you know uh ransacked the only people

who could sack

rome oh they sacked this place and they

sat who sat rome

i'm talking back when they were make a

power oh the vandals

well they must have been some bad asses

then if they could sack rome

they were they were a good punk rock

band too that's probably where they got

their names not heard of them now

the vandals did were they they would um

try be painted their faces

red going into battle i know there was

some tribe around that time who uh

and um i think their face yeah they

painted their faces red i don't know if

it was the same tread but um also there

was one of those tribes which drank

blurred which also gave rise to the

little bit of the vampire

theory and so you know their enemies

will automatically scare them it's like

oh my gosh they drink blood and they put


you know blood of their victims on their

face going into battle and stuff it

might not have been the vandals

you're referring to another germanic

tribe who was

more badass could it be a such thing

they were called the berserkers oh okay

yes it is

because that's where the german uh tank

got its name from wasn't it the


in world war ii yeah i think yes a type

of german weapon as well berserker yeah

right absolutely yeah absolutely um so


um these these were these german boys

number one they're stalky as hell their

women are stuck

the women are built like men so what the

men built like huh

so now you got these these tall ass big

ass white boys who

who who who will fight you naked

you got this these uh uh the helmet you

got the uh the sword the shield the

the the holy grail all types of ish

these these boys are naked

blood everywhere ah this is where the

word berserk comes from these these

these jews are one these are the

germanic tribes they're badass

bro now who were considered the huns

because that's another uh group isn't it

the huns no

that's the ones that are the women in

the catholic church along with the


close oh close the nuns oh that's the


that's right okay with a shortened

pillar on it so it looks like an m oh

yeah yeah so

the huns who were they exactly were they

from hungary or was that

an overview we wouldn't know about these

tribes these are just random ass tribes

we wouldn't know about the the huns

unless it was for

their uh number one star star uh person

out of the tribe whose name was attila

oh yeah taylor the hun yeah oh yeah i

forgot all about her

that's a her right


it sounds like a woman's name though

yeah nowadays nowadays it could be

you know yeah we don't want to miss

identify anything we don't want to


okay there we go fair enough fair enough

i i appreciate your

your consciousness but yeah no uh yeah

attila was definitely uh

a guy he was from uh one of those asian

tribes he had a short-lived

uh life in terms of success uh

but um i don't think he he

he he deserves any honorable mention uh

in this conversation

uh and only reason is because i want to

delve a little bit more

on these teutonic knights or these

teutonic tribes which we know are the

germanic or the nordic tribes

a little bit more before we get back

down here to wallachia and transylvania

and hungary

you know southeast you know the

southeast that the

you know georgia florida uh you know

before we go down there let's stick to

the new york uh uh

the teutonic this is uh the north east

europe anyway so now um when you're

dealing with the teutonics the nordics

their god is gonna you know

uh be be you know because time is based

off the gods

that their gods are going to be based

off the five days of the week

other than monday um so now you have

tuesday the day of tweet

tuesday the god uh this is a germanic

nordic teutonic

god the god two this is where we get

tuesday from

wednesday is from the god woden who we

most famously know through holly weird

uh as odin

this is wednesday uh and then you have

his his most

notable son because twee is his son as

well his most notable son

is thor so then after wednesday

or woman day we have thor's day or as


english may call it thursday and then

you have thor's

wife who is i'm sorry excuse me you have

waden's wife who is thor's mother

her name is frigga for frigga

day or friday you know i got my uh

german accent that's

horrible but i digress um these

are the teutonic days of the week for

the teutonic gods

uh the you know the germans are gonna

call i'm sorry excuse me the romans are

gonna call

uh uh monday i'm sorry it's tuesday that

they're not gonna say tweet they're

going to call it mars the day of mars

they're not going to call wednesday

woden they're going to call it mercury

they're not going to call

thursday uh thor they're going to call

it jupiter because they have a different

pantheon of gods um but nonetheless

these teutonic gods

i'm sorry these these teutonic tribes

have a huge

influence on europe but

they are the black sheep of the family

they're the

you know the the uh you know we'll talk

about the irish before we talk about

i mean german germany has you know in


the question that really got me on this

topic was you know that power shift

german these germanic tribes today

in terms of world war ii you want to

talk about a mf in power shift

these germanic tribes in world war ii

they showed their

ass go back and look at the treaty of


it was all germany's fault right

and there was um you know

huge conspiracies

you know other than the economic

situation about you know the start of

world war ii

and germany's reasons but that there's a

huge occult influence

in the power holdings at the time in

germany i mean

part of the um

third push towards africa was trying to

find like the holy grail

because they believed at the higher

levels of the german command that if

they could actually find that

that that would make them undefeatable

in battle and

uh i can't remember there was rommel he

had a great interest in the

archeological digs in

africa because he believed there were a

lot of religious relics which

you know would unite various countries

behind them if they were seen to be


you know the symbols of religious power


you know some people say that that

actually led to germans

germany's downfall in the war that they

tried to fight the war on three

different fronts so rather than just

europe and russia once they expanded

into africa they ended up putting more

and more

onus into trying to find these relics

that had actually diluted the original

kind of battle plan but again that might

have been something i dreamt but i'm

pretty sure that was true

that sounds like indiana jones right

yeah well it was a little bit

i'm sorry and and i know that was said

in jest

however there's a lot of truth said in


i don't know if you there's a guy here

in america uh well

not anymore rest in peace uh but there

was a guy here

in america by the name of um i think it


johnny carson john carson yeah

who did the late night show dude yeah

that's not yeah johnny carson that's

that's the name but that's not the one i

i was thinking about

uh dead political

um comedian dead

oh is he thinking of george carlin yeah

george carlin

yeah sounds like johnny carson

for the podcasters who can't see me

right now i've got my hands up i'm


thank you beautiful

a part of my monikers being the master

student i

you know my gift is not that i know

everything my gift is that i can learn

you know so yeah absolutely i'm still


uh johnny carson george carson it was

close so you know

he is very you know he he's come up as a


but a lot of truth is said in jest and

he's he's the epitome of that he's the

epitome of that

someone who has said something in a way

that is funny but

it has a lot of truth in it so now when

the brother says indiana jones

uh we have to understand this is writing

exactly these are the same

a lot of truth is said in jest because

hollywood which i call holly weird

is going to present you the information

they're just going to present it in a


that it's not going to cause public

panic remember sci-fi was created after

uh roswell we've got to get in front of

this gentleman we've got to figure out

how to calm the masses all right well

listen let's tell them the truth and

just tell them it's not the truth so

when they see it they won't trip

yeah indiana jones that's right an exact

yeah i know it makes a lot of sense

because i still believe star wars is

real right i mean they finally

yeah well they finally made a lightsaber

disney that's the only good thing to

really come out of that in rogue one

i mean let's be honest but in the

mandalorian we like the mandalorian

mind you crumb is a big marvel fan what

do you actually think

um of the marvel franchise now disney

has it do you are you one of those

people who'd

think they're kind of milking it to

death or is it actually worth

five bad movies to actually get one gem

every now and then

so anybody who is not a marvel fan or a

geek any meaning anybody who has a life

um yes i am uh i don't have a life and

this is what i do all day

um so marvel was bought by disney which

i thought and everybody thought for that

matter that it was going to be a bad

thing and disney

um really tricked out

marvel um grew marvel up you know disney


the anti-heroes and all of these you

know sexual innuendos that disney's

famous for

we got to understand disney was in bed

with one of the biggest

you know and i'm gonna i'm all right you

know i guess at this point we've

abandoned uh vlad because i'm about to

go in

on the germans so now disney got into


with a famous german this is after world

war ii

operation paper clip um you know and i i

mentioned that because this particular

german was a part of the nazi regime

but he was a scientist who was uh

absorbed as a cia program isn't it

operational paper clip

yeah yes well yeah um it was a


uh the cia wasn't created until after

operation paperclip but i digress

so now um because those people that they


that they absorbed they became the cia

that you know too big to fail

anyway because hey damn they [ __ ]

boxing that never i'm sorry

let's go hey actually

um that's that bit where we cut that bit


let's can you find a way to kind of wrap

this up for the end of part one then

we're going to take a quick

bathroom break and then go straight into

part two

sure here yeah okay so let's i'm just

going to wrap

up right so i'm going to i'm going to go

straight to pot right i'm going to clip

that then hit

stop on the recording and restart

everything so i can separate the files


okay all right cool i'm in well

should we let him kind of continue on to

the end of that or you want me to

do do what you think would be a good way

to end

part one then like i said we'll take a

quick bathroom break and then we'll

record part two with it

make it into digestible kind of like uh

bite-sized things

yeah yeah okay so

you know my apologies i love vlad to

life and i am gonna resurrect and

vindicate him

but i just want to end on this note for

this show because it's so much to be

covered gentlemen

is that uh when we see uh werner

von braun he came over from operation

paperclip and he's best buddies with

none other

than walter disney so now walter disney

uh has this huge occult thing behind it

because you know they were on their

indiana jones thing

over there in germany and now he takes

marvel to the next level

so he he uh he he takes star wars shout

out to george lucas rest in peace you're

done now

he takes star wars and makes the episode

a cartoon series

called clone wars which takes us right

back to germany

because those people in germany that

were fighting you lost 40

of your population after world war one

that's why the treaty of versailles uh

the guilt clause 231 was put on you

because we had the power to

the feudal system you know to bring this

conversation full circle

so now to get back from world war one

you've got to create a bunch of clones

world war ii was clone wars disney know

all about it and they telling us to our


with that said gentlemen i want to thank

you for having me on the wolf

and the shepherd i am your humble

brother crumb you can find me on

chrometv.info i want to leave you

the exact same way i came to you in


hey thanks so much man and yeah we're


what a few slides into this vlad thing

we're going to

have you back on and we're going to

continue on this discussion

so we certainly appreciate all that and

thanks for tuning in to this episode of

the wolf and the shepherd

and we will catch you on the next one


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