June 21, 2021

In Other News - June 21, 2021

The Wolf And The Shepherd sit down with Pat Beaman from On An Island with Pat Beaman to discuss more news stories, from a woman being attacked by a robot, an unemployed waiter who ate his mother, a guy and his girlfriend who abused his mother because he lost his phone, a fainting famous Turkish rooster, and a woman in India who woke up from death just before her cremation.


welcome to this episode of the wolf in

the shepherd it's time for another one

of our

in other news segments and joining us

once again from

on an island with pat beeman we have pat

beeman pat

glad you could join us guys it's always

good to be here

so what's what's new in the crazy

news world what is new there is nothing


under the heavens all of this stuff has

been done before

ah so is that the end of the podcast


the reason i say that is because some of

these articles i actually

look for extra news about them on other


and i always find like about a dozen

similar stories any story i've ever read

out on here

there's like dozens of similar stories

historically so it seems like the

pattern of stupidity has not been broken

despite any previous learning


people could have had from previous news

things like not trying to cook a

squirrel with a blowtorch because two

people burnt down an apartment complex

and the apartment complex tried to sue

them for two million dollars

two million bucks yeah they were trying

to uh

yeah cook a squirrel with a blowtorch

now i'm not an accountant but i don't

think they probably had two million


no if you're bothering me yeah but they

were like

there were at least half a dozen similar

stories where people had burnt down

apartment complexes trying to cook on

the balcony

so nobody learns and like on a wooden

balcony too

probably oh yeah yeah of course well a

lot of the old apartment complexes

especially here in dfw

uh they're wooden structures that have

those wooden balconies

unbelievable yeah are you telling me

that you found other

stories about fat monkeys as well oh

there's a ton of them

i think that i think it's a big issue

diabetes in the uh

world yeah it's because people keep

feeding them candy and i think


it's gotten into their genetics and now

they're susceptible as soon as they see

a snickers bar they're kind of like

yeah but what color ribbon do you wear

to raise awareness for

monkey diabetes i don't know they're

color blind i don't know how it matters

we need to we need to do something yeah

some research

need to get some ribbon completely

forget about it yeah so the first


um which should please you shepherd

because we're always in favor of robot

violence when it comes to robots against

humans we've read a few

sad stories in the past robots have

come unstuck or been maltreated by

humans but

it always gives us a bit of a giggle i

think that the

podcast has come out in favor of the

robots almost every time yeah

yeah we like we like robots and then

yeah but i hope you're not starting us

off with a sad story no

okay good yeah because i thought we had

to talk about that well we can't kick it

off with the sad

there was absolutely nothing even from

the headline you can make sad about this


south korean woman's hair eaten by robot

vacuum cleaner

as she slept yeah i'm gonna go on the

side of the robot

yeah it's like he's trying to do his job

well i mean the fact that as she slept


it must have continued now it's one

thing if she was asleep and the robot

started eating her hair and she woke up

but apparently the robot a hair

while she slept well okay so if you look

at it this way that means

it's a very gentle robot well i was

thinking and looking at what model a is

because the last one i heard was like a

cement mixer so i'm thinking this one's

nice and quiet

yeah buy this one myself plus i've got

no hair for it to eat something

that's true yeah all round win-win you

know two-for-one deal

so the woman was sleeping on the floor

of a home

why we don't know right um when the

robotic cleaner ingested

her hair leaving her in agony obviously

not enough

agony while she was sleeping to wake up

but at the end of it

yeah and i guess i'd have to know why

was she sleeping on the floor

well what she really we're gonna find

that out in a moment oh yeah

remember she's south korean and they've

got some funny habits not as much as the

north koreans but

yeah but i'm just wondering was she

sleeping on the floor because she

said you know hey i'm tired i'm gonna

take me a little nap

or had she gotten drunk and passed

out on the floor and the robot ate her

hair and she

spun the story around to say well i was

just taking a nap right

well we're going to find out in a moment

but first of all i wanted to do the

usual useless thing for our listeners

and past

you and pat the photo of her being

rescued now i don't know if this is a


actually it seems a bit convenient that

somebody had a camera

to show these two people pulling her

hair out of this robot vacuum i think

it's a reenactment

i don't know that looks pretty

legitimate it could have come from the

ring doorbell

yeah yeah maybe

so let's find out more about this woman

goes when a south korean woman

invested in a robot vacuum cleaner the

idea was to leave a trustworthy gadget

to do its work

while she took a break from household

chores like sleeping

instead the 52 year old resident of

chiang mai

city ended up being the victim of what

many believe

is a peak into a dystopian future in

which benign robots turn against their

human masters they've run with this one

oh they have

run with this the woman whose name is

being with hell who's just well

don't want any uh well it can come back

from other members of the robot

community you should also point out that


didn't see her face in the picture

either no he was face down face down


yeah i wonder if that's how she was

sleeping at the time

yeah robot thought well yeah they're

out there hey there's something laying

on the carpet and trying to clean it up

if you've got a pet cat it's gonna eat

you once you die

right dogs will wait till they're almost

at starvation point because they're so


whereas cats within 24 hours will start

like trying to eat your eyes and chew

your fingers and stuff they won't even

wait till their food bolt runs out

they're just like oh

i've got something there i've got some

dry food out back

but that's kind of sweat food yeah

so not been named was taking a nap on

the floor at home with the vacuum

cleaner locked onto her hair and

sucked it up apparently mistaking it for


now i can understand you're mistaking my

hair for dust because there's not much

of it but

how how do we know that the robot

mistaked her hair for dust i probably

asked enough times

but why why would the robot tell the


that's true can robots lie

well we're gonna find out okay the agony

about having her hair entangled in the


of the contraption that roused the woman

from her slumber they're using a lot of

flowery language

yeah that's very poetic unable to free

herself which i thought she could at

least stand up having it dangling from

her head or something

depending on how heavy the vacuum is she

called the fire department with a

desperate rescue plea

and was separated from the robot's

clutches by paramedics

she escaped serious injury although it

is not known whether she has retained

the autonomous

cleaner services


even though we wouldn't be able to

understand it it would be

kind of interesting to hear that 9-1-1

call yeah

yeah i'm gonna guess that it's probably

in korean

so we wouldn't be able to understand

what they're saying but i do have some

koreans on speed dial in my phone and

they could translate it for us

yeah that might re-enact it as well oh

that's a look at that

yeah yeah write script out say i read

this in korean yeah

well yeah that sounds verified and in

pain yeah i guess a lot of it's going to

depend on if the 9-1-1

operator person was male or female of

who we would get to play the role of

that person

right so korean biz wire

which is apparently where this arc was

from it's very official

that's kind of like their ap yes pointed


however that people from cultures in

which it's commonplace to sit or nap on

the floor such as japan and south korea

may be more vulnerable to vacuum robot


so what we're looking at there is a new

warning label

for people in asia who buy robot vacuums

and because that's where warning labels

come from right robots are opportunists

let's not forget no that's true yeah all


so again i don't really think that it's

the warning label

what we have here is a problem with old

people in technology

yeah that's a good 52 uh you don't need

to be adapting to new technology at that


yeah yeah probably has trouble opening

their smartphone up

you know it probably calls ccr is still

blinking 12 o'clock

that's true and probably has a vc

probably does

actually still has a vcr in the living

room probably is a grandchild that has

to come over on a daily basis and reset

the netflix account

yeah absolutely i was thinking it could

have been worse and i can't go into too

much detail about this but

i don't think too many countries in asia


ac like we do oh and so she's been

sleeping on the floor kind of naked and

trying to let the air flow around a

little bit that

vacuum could have gone for some other

areas which had been a bit more painful

than the head

although would have made a much

interesting story yeah i don't know if

we'd have got a photo out of it but no

it would have been no

although that would have been good yeah

somebody like

had their like foot on her back and like

two other people were pulling on the

vacuum trying to pull it away from

the center of her body that would have

been that would it it's too bad we don't

good animated gif well

that but it's it's too bad we don't have

a video of it right and we just have

this still photo

maybe i should look there's got to be a

video there's got to be and it almost

looks like that picture you showed up

showed us was taken from a video right

right it's like

just a still frame of it because you

know those firefighters came in and said

oh no nobody at the station's going to

believe this

i'm going to go ahead and film it within

like a minute absolutely

so moving on to the next one it's also


cleanliness oh well wait before we move

on though

pat do you have a robot vacuum cleaner i

do not have robot vacuum cleaner i do

not either

and i know the wolf had one at one time


it broke or something calculated yeah so

you still

don't have one though you never replaced

it no i was gonna get one for my


um and actually it was supposed to be


christmas gift for last year and i

ordered it on amazon

and it had like so like forty four

thousand like

four and a half star average right

reviews and

um it's always out of stock so i thought

well i'm not going to cancel it so i'm

going to be on the waiting list right so

when they get more insta i'm still on

the waiting list

six months later you're still on the

waiting list it's such a bargain i need

to wait well

because now there's like 80 000 like

four and a half star reviews on average

for it so it's supposed to be the


um if you're listening cindy i'm sorry


but it's supposed to be the cheapest

best quality that's what i should have


but that's that's right up our alley

though especially

especially pat as he does his research


his show and and of course pat i don't

want to let out any secrets of your show

i know we're sworn to secrecy on that

but pat is really good at finding those

things out too his team

you know finds those for him i'm just


do you have a reason pat why you don't

have a robot vacuum cleaner is it

because you just don't want to buy one

or is it because

you have karen no it's generally just


okay that and i have heard we do have a

dog at home

right and i've heard that uh vacuum

cleaners have occasionally

pushed dog crap around all day

yeah i don't have one because i don't

like the deal that you have to put

around the furniture or whatever the

the little border thing to keep it from

going under the couches

because you can get them now with like

the more expensive ones have sensors and

they completely map out the room and

they have the image identification so

they know what a chair looks like they

know what a

sofa looks like and also they see an

animal that has a picture of like a

sleeping cat who will avoid it

because it will actually recognize it in

its memory now the cheap ones like the


you know i was trying to buy my

girlfriend i don't think that's got that

that one was just super powerful

right yeah i think it's like got a

nuclear reactor in it because it goes

like about six weeks without having to


cool yeah well well let us know if you

actually get the vacuum maybe next

christmas yeah maybe next time

maybe by next time this year i mean

next year oh yeah yeah christmas 2022

yeah that's the goal that's the goal

yeah otherwise she's just getting a dust

pan and brush

yeah right so this man

wasted two years washing up he was

shocked to find out he had a dishwasher

hidden behind what he thought was a fake

cupboard in his flat

how do you not know what's in your own

house well

he thought it was just a panel in his

kitchen and he thought it's just like a

cup you know sometimes over

underneath sinks and stuff it's just a

fake kind of cupboard there's nothing

actually there

right um but yeah there was something

here i must

i guess you must have banged into it and

thought all that kind of sounds hollow

took off the cover and

there was a washing not washing machine

um dishwasher there

so i'm still kind of lost because

i'm guessing they had this like

decorative panel upright to kind of

hide the fact that there's a dishwasher

there there had to be hinges or


what's wrong might help with this story

is this is a dude in london now in

england i didn't know anybody with a


really yeah that's crazy i mean that's

josie a renter

yeah it was um in his flat which is like

an apartment

sure i'm not an idiot thanks for

pointing that out well

we said it was well

he could own he could have owned the


or could have been renting the flight do

people own flats in england

um you know that i don't know maybe

i thought it was all type of rental

things like apartments yeah but it's

like condos over here and

like the high rises you can actually buy

them yeah and you kind of

own the floor yeah that's the point

whatever that's in england they're not

out they're not laid out like apartments

here they do tend to be in high rises

where like

somebody has come in like the council

and they've bought out like a high rise

which was used for business and they

turn it into accommodation cheap


and then you know you can get government

subsidies so a lot of the time in these

flats it's not the uh

prime segment of society


so so what we would call section eight

housing uh

yeah probably this is like section six


yeah so um he took to twitter

to reveal what he thought was a fake

cupboard is actually a dishwasher

joked it wasted days of his life getting

hands dirty and washing up

and he was left dumbfounded you know my


complaint about dishwashers is i feel

like i have to wash my dishes before i

put them in the dishwasher

because it's really just sanitizing them

it's not really washing them like

how have we had dishwashers for so long

that you can't just put all the dishes

in there with the food stuck to it

and all of that and then this yeah robot

dishwasher i mean kind of technically

it's kind of like a robot right

because it's doing the job of something

else how is it that we haven't

come up with the dishwasher that will

actually wash this

it's really evolved either is it because

like you put spoon in with peanut butter

it still does such

same crappy job it did 30 years ago yeah

and if you think about i remember when

my parents got a dishwasher so their


didn't have one in it because it was an

older house

and i remember tearing out a cabinet and

everything to install the dishwasher of

course you had to do it by the sink

because you had to have access to the

water line and everything

but that dishwasher versus the brand new

one that i have in my house

right now that was replaced six months

ago other than like the controls on the


it's pretty much set up the exact same

way you know it's got the two drawers

it's got the little spinny

propeller things that shoot the water

out and that's it it's the same thing

i think it makes people lazy as well

because like my girlfriend she puts in a

pair of scissors

into the dishwasher when she cuts stuff

i'm like just rinse it under the

tap it'll take you less time than

putting the scissors in and out the


why are you putting your scissors in the

dishwasher some foods

you know she cuts with scissors just

like i do i mean like if i cut

like certain vegetables like broccoli

and i cut off the stalk i'll actually

use scissors to kind of like cut it so

it's less

stalking do you floral pat do you use

scissors to cut

food a green onion absolutely okay so

i'm the only one sitting here that does

not use scissors to cut

food and if i make like bacon bits i'll

use scissors to cut bacon into little

kind of like squares do you have special

food scissors for this

just regular ones we we actually have a

special food system

so you can you can buy special food

scissors yeah

they i think we made them special i

think when we bought them

they were office office scissors and we


use them specifically for food oh okay

so those become the food scissors as

they go

in the utensils right into the knife


okay yeah that's interesting i've never

used scissors to cut

food but my wife doesn't know that

well you wiped the cooks why would she

use scissors to cut food well

you know what we do have a pair of

scissors in the kitchen to cut open some

of the frozen dinners that

fixes the kids so i guess we do use food

scissors we just don't actually cut the

food we just cut the boxes open yeah

pretty much

90 percent of packaging which says tear

here you have to use scissors for how do

you open your bacon

i just peel it apart usually it has a

little flap on the corner there

all these packets a lot yeah some of

them they're them

yeah you got to use the scissors yeah

yeah you got to shank it

no i mean even the ones that i have that

are vacuum sealed they usually have that

deal where the corner

kind of separates a little bit and you

just grab a hold of it and go like

that and go and then it's open not

too tactile for me yeah i couldn't pull

that apart yeah

gotcha so let's move on to the next

story a cannibal

spanish waiter he's probably in the

right job is cannibal really

and a waiter concerned himself yeah

uh he's been convicted of chopping his

mother into

1 000 pieces before eating a bit by bit

over two weeks

two weeks sounds pretty quickly to eat a

person well

it depends on the size i mean he could

have had like this little

old lady mother right sure i'm assuming

she's a small lady

he was 28 well he still is 28 apparently


go young so say she's 85 pounds

80 pounds okay he's putting down 40

pounds worth of food a week

that's a good point well of course you

got the bones and everything you're not

eating the bones

yeah use that for broth though he

probably made some broth

well yeah and maybe he had a dog he's

like oh here's a tree i got 200 and

how many ever treats for you money

spanish women

um do you start getting a bit chunky

once they hit 40.

oh don't tell me dad yeah yeah but yours

your wife is more hispanic from the

you know from the south american

continent as such

well so i'm talking about proper spanish

people from i got you no there's people

who speak spanish oh well she doesn't

speak spanish though exactly

is that why she's not no reason sorry

all right there we go no but they can't

they can get they can get a bit chunky

for no good reason

um so she instead of eight five pounds

she might have been like

200 pounds she might be in a decent meal

i wonder i wonder if he had friends over

though i mean was it just him

i mean what if he's having parties yes

you know

i don't know like celebrating the

writing of the bulls or the

the chasing after the bulls whatever

they do in spain don't they do that like

every weekend

i think daily same thing so late on


a jury found him guilty of strangling

and eating his mother

jurors dismissed gomez's claims he was

experiencing a psychotic episode oh he

was jobless a jobless waiter i don't

know how that makes him a waiter if he's

jobless but

um yeah he's cutting her up into tiny

pieces i mean would it would it be

better if he was a

jobless neuroscientist or something like


i mean if you're unemployed don't you

just say i'm a

i'm a jobless yeah rocket scientist

yeah i mean i can't find a job in rocket

scientury or whatever it's called so

that's what i'll just call myself yeah

maybe that's why

people yeah maybe that's why people have

such a hard time finding good jobs

because let's say you lose your job

right you're a waiter you lose your job

then you just say well i'm an unemployed


yeah and then you can find a job as an

accountant i mean that's the

qualification right

yeah that makes sense so after his


alberto sanchez gomez just in case you


any doubt to the authenticity of his


was branded the cannibal killer of

ventus the area of madrid where he lived

with his mother

maria solidad gomez

oh his mother was 68. he dismembered

a body before eating part of her remains

over the next fortnight the jurors six

women and three men

dismissed his psychotic episode excuse

they demanded a 15-year and five-month

prison sentence for the drug user so he

was now he

that's come out he's using drugs

if he was convicted of homicide and

desecration of a human corpse

so they found parts of his tragic

mother's remains in tupperware

containers in their fridge and bungs and


around the house so we had

sorry so we had a organization problem

there well

were found on a bed so he didn't nibble

on those ones

head hands and hearts yeah okay

yeah still an organization problem if

those are on the bed

and then he's you know getting

tupperware containers and putting all


yeah the dude needs to see that what's

that japanese woman that

you know says oh put this in your hand

says this give you joy then you keep it


she needed to tell them woman is that

what japanese

my name she's famous she's the

organization expert really

and you put something in her hands no

she says

you know like hey and you grab this can

you say

does this give you joy and if you answer

no you're supposed to throw it away and

if it gives you joy you're supposed to

keep it

that's her deal it's like it's like

super famous i can't think of her name

problems it's like grab your wife does

she give you joy

oh that's a good point i better not use

that tactic

all right so pat

exactly what circumstance would you have

to reach in your life

outside of regular starvation apocalypse

type scenario

would you consider it an option

to eat a member of your family

is there a time when you thought um i


certainly bothered to run to kroger but

mongol was coming over later

so right now i can't imagine that

circumstance yeah i i don't think it's

one of those things i

don't think it would have to be pretty

extreme before i could result

yeah it's like those soccer players or

whatever that crashed in the

uh south america yeah yeah yeah and they

started eating each other

yeah they made that movie about it too

yeah i remember that

didn't watch it because i thought it'd

be crap but it kind of it kind of was a

crab movie it's only said fighting go

with it planes crash started eating

each other and then they get rescued i

mean now you're going to drag that out i


it honestly should have been like a

15-minute movie right it really should

but i think what do you remember that


i i remember i don't know the name but

yeah yeah i don't remember the name in

the movie but

at least we all know i mean that's our

uh fantastic reporting skills

we don't have it illegally downloaded on

our hard drive so it could have been

that good that's true

yeah so this next one i haven't actually

i'll be honest with you i have not

read this article it's just the title

drew me in said owner of celebrity

turkish rooster

that crows until he faints

is forced to cancel his world tour due

to the pandemic

that is a lot there that is a lot to

take in

no i think you're going to have to

repeat that title so

read that title again celebrity turkish

rooster so we know there's a turkish

rooster who's a celebrity that crows

until he faints

now is that the reason that he's famous

yeah or

is that an additional talent something

they discovered later on

right okay you know because first of all

maybe he was doing a little bit of tap

dance and

is there anything else he can do yeah

watch this yeah

well and i i think there's a lot of

celebrities that become celebrities

and then they turn around later and we

find out that they can

actually do something other than be

famous yeah embarrassingly i was going

to do a rooster noise then but

i momentarily forgot what sound a

rooster me cock-a-doodle-doo yeah i know

i momentarily forgot yeah yeah

too late to come back yeah yeah the

joke's gone so okan

goku dak i'm sure that's pronounced

perfectly 28.

that's a complicated name for a rooster

nice is his owner

oh he's 28 he owns a celebrity rooster

called bartia who crows until he faints

once again for the benefit of our

listening audience is a

photo of the rooster look at him he's

got fame dripping off him absolutely

got like about 2.8 million instagram


the rooster has 2.8 instagram followers

nah my dog oh um so he's had to cancel a

planned world tour

including a trip to the uk i'm sure it

had gone down well there

yeah devoid of entertainment right in

the united kingdom

unfortunately i cannot travel to due to

the pandemic

gok buddha who is the owner i think yeah

that is him yeah

yeah planned a world tour where there is

i mean how do you get booking

right who's buying a ticket for this


there's certain points in my life where

i can imagine i might have bought a

ticket to go and see it

but you're not exactly filling out my

american airlines center with

that's the rooster that grows into the

face and how the thing is how long does

he have to crow before he faints

yeah if it's too quick it's a bit of a

waste in it you're gonna need some


wouldn't it be much easier to just

create a youtube video

of the rooster crowing until it faints

and just collect revenue from youtube

um you think so yeah i mean now you

don't have to

worry with the travel i mean i don't

know how roosters do in hotels

no harder to sell merchandise though

because maybe it's happy selling


car car decals right yeah i know that is

probably some life-sized stuff


yeah that's a you know well you could

always sell that stuff online though

yeah but it's just like seeing a band


yeah you're more apt to buy that t-shirt

when you see them live versus just going

to their website and buying the t-shirt

because you like the band

yeah now they've used a bit of

anthropomorphic license here

this is the celebrity rooster is

so determined to pro longer than anyone


i'm assuming it means other roosters not

just anybody period

that he runs out of breath and faints

who is tracking the amount of crowing

roosters are doing are we funding this

through science somehow

it would not be a shock we've got to be

funding it somehow well it

was that hidden in like the pandemic

support bill or something

somewhere it was like a structure yeah

line 964

and we're funding that study oh he's

actually been shown in

viral footage growing so much that he

falls over

he said the most important part of the


was the invitation to join jamie

thiexton and amanda holden on a tv show


heart breakfast the producers of the


contacted me at the end of april they

said that they had talked about my

rooster on their

show and thought it was great they

wanted to include us as a guest on the

show and invited us to england

he added that people had been in touch

from all over the world with offers of

thousands of pounds to buy the rooster

after it became a global celebrity hmm

in one clip gobu dak

which again is the owner i'm keep

getting confused with him in the rooster

because i both got

silly turkish names um is heard

bursting into laughter as he films the

bird running out of puff

during a hearty crow and dropping to the

ground he said however that it was not

an isolated incident and the bird

collapses every time it grows

wouldn't it be better if the guy had a

turkey in turkey

versus a rooster in turkey uh turkey in


turkey and turkey would be good

fall asleep mate you concentrating on

the rooster

he's he's waiting on the rooster to crow

to wake him up

i know i know he's got a busy schedule

he can't be [ __ ] sleepy i know

i'm just trying to figure out why the

rooster is famous i refuse to believe

well because he's

from growing i don't think so come on i

think that he's got like a

there's got to be vaudeville's show

right he's singing

tabs and things like sammy davis jr

right there's got to be more to it yeah


like you must play the xylophone or

something yeah it's like that oh that

would be good yeah

so simple though remember that remember

that frog

in looney tunes that could sing but only

the one dude could see him saying

no what's that do you sing mammy no he's

saying that hello my baby hello

my darlin no i do not remember

oh yeah it was like this singing one

person could see him

yeah well only one person could see him


so he this dude decides hey i'm gonna

make a lot of money

touring around with this frog and then


perform and then everybody would leave

and when it was just him and the frog

the frog would sing wow that sounds like

a logistical nightmare having to refund

all the money

yeah but see this was way back in the

day before youtube

so if he would have just been able to

film it then he'd made all kinds of

money but

poor cartoon guy lost all his money wow

so son 22 tasered his

mom on mother's day because he was upset

he couldn't find his phone

pretty straightforward i don't know and

she did deserve a taser in if he

if she was signing it andrew peterson

aged 22

from wisconsin was charged with battery

disorderly conduct bail jumping and

possession of an electronic weapon

now why are you getting um okay now i'm

in trouble for possessing electronic


that's how it is

and that was what i was initially

or or at the very end i guess that

really threw a curveball at me because

you can buy them all over the place here

in texas

yeah exactly in the gas station and like

you said at chick-fil-a i think they do

that on like fridays right

i think in fact i think unless you beat

them up or rate them afterwards i'm not

even sure it's a crime to taser somebody

in texas i don't think so

i think that's just expected but what

what were the other charges

because you lot once you said that


deal it threw me so yeah so battery now

i don't know if that counts

in with the electrocuting a bit as if

that counts as battery

glad yeah you know that might be the

battery bit unless he slapped her around

a bit

disorderly conduct i mean where that

comes in i don't know bail jumping all


kind of an associated charge that's

tagged on there yeah

so i guess maybe as we dig more into

this story we're going to figure out

hopefully the bail jumping part but my

big question and maybe this is later on

in the story

is he's 22 like why is it his mom's


that he can't find his phone well it

sounds like

she's actually the victim of a long line

of abuse

her son and her son's girlfriend


uh peterson is accused of tasering his

43 year old mother

in the neck on mother's day because he

was upset that he could not find his


peterson his girlfriend and their young

child had been living with his mother

for several months

the girlfriend 20 year old colleen


allegedly admitted to punching

peterson's mother in the face

three days prior

what'd she do to deserve being punched

in the face i don't know maybe she lost

a tv or something

all right so here we go according to a

press release from richland

county sheriff's office a 43 year old

woman called

911 shortly before 2 45 p.m on sunday so

at least he got

partly through the day report that her

adult son had just tasered her in the


during a domestic dispute under


peterson allegedly admitted to deploying

the stun gun against his parent

and his girlfriend allegedly confessed

to punching the woman in the face

wow court records indicate that peterson

has prior criminal history which

includes convictions for dui

possession of drug paraphernalia and


hi that is i i

just still can't get over the fact that

there are so many people out there that

just want to blame

somebody else for what's their own fault

right you know he can't find his phone

and so he's like oh it's your fault that

you know that's got to be embarrassing

if he finds it later and somewhere

really obvious where he didn't check

properly like it's in his own pocket

yeah like his backpack because he's like

up there himself at that point well i

don't know because he doesn't sound like

the kind of guy is going to come up to


mom and say i'm um sorry i'm sorry for

blaming you and i'm

sorry for my girlfriend punching you in

the face a few days ago i don't know

what that was about i try not to get


but i guess we don't have pictures of

these people

uh no actually they did not release oh

oh we do have a picture oh daddy's

girlfriend yeah is that him and the

girlfriend yeah okay

viewers yeah she's

not good looking not good looking now

is she good looking i know you're


i gotta go no no so i try to be

i try to give a benefit yeah um

different cultures different tastes but

no yeah yeah

so the viewers say no listeners take our

word for it yeah

but you know what if if pat's even

saying no

you know yeah yeah that's

a one and a half at best right so here's

a funny but

but maybe that's why the guy has dui


because he's got to be drunk to even

just look at her right

and doing drugs and trespassing although

i don't know how that ties in

yeah the trespassing one i'm gonna

scratch my head on

but uh the doing drugs makes sense too

yeah because you can't drink

all the time so it's like okay i'm

drinking up now let me just switch to

drugs so i can tolerate this girlfriend

right so we want a happy story right

yeah let's let's end on a happy story

indian covid victim 76 wakes up on a

funeral pyre

moments before she is due to be cremated

because family thought she was dead

that is good news that is good news

how is that good news they just about

well okay yeah but i mean 20 minutes


on fire

no that i guess that's true that she

didn't suffer any burns but

pat when you were over in india and you

were doing the

coveted shots and everything over there

did you see any of these funeral

fire things going on unfortunately we we


several of the mass fires the mass

powers there and

and again it's nice that we got to see


i was worrying the story because indians

they were

if they were you know casino or carlsbad

yeah but clearly it's

not called center india yeah no these

are these are our friend

yeah the friend that is our friends

because now

now you don't even say native american

anymore now it's indigenous

people i think yeah and then we get them

confused with the x

p people formerly known as eskimos

yeah but i thought the eskimos were

happy with the words

or something well the eskimos themselves

are it's just some white people who live

in washington and california

are offended by the name i think they're

indians in cold weather

yeah right i'm pretty sure that's the

way that works

because and then they go all really

white and pasty feisty

yeah but i i could see you know the

indigenous people or native american or


up there where with all the snow it's

like you know when you go skiing or

whatever i've heard

because i've never been snow skiing but

i heard you can get a real bad sunburn

because the sun is reflecting off the

white snow

so it you know that kind of makes sense

it does make sense yeah

that is really good news um you know the

family's already gathered

we're fixing up you know light the fire

and grandma sits up

right it's in by the way did they like

see it as a miracle i mean

if you stop and think about that right

that would be like

a resurrection thing it's like she was

dead now she's alive

i mean are people following her as some

kind of god now

i'll tell you what uh depending how much

of the [ __ ] she is i might just let her

burn because you're never going to hear

the end of this at family get togethers

are you remember that time when you

tried to burn me

yeah that didn't true if i was dead

you'd be like thanksgiving over there

would suck

yeah yeah so

and i'm gonna try and pronounce this

correctly oh okay good good luck with


well only because the first one you can

go really wrong with us

shakun tala gake wad

tested positive for covid last week and

was taken to hospital

she was turned away as walls were full

and she fell unconscious on the way home

a family believed she was dead and

prepared a funeral pyre

she narrowly avoided being burned alive

her family mistakenly thought she was

dead and prepared her for cremation i'm

trying to find out how long she was

actually passed out for because surely

it takes a bit of a time

unless you've got personal funeral

players just built in your backyard all

the time just

out of convenience yeah but just like

you know when pat went over there i mean

the pandemic is so bad over in india

they're probably kind of prepping all

this stuff

right they're just picturing people

dropping dead

and they got to get that cleaned up and

move on to the next one also they

probably had that

ready to go with some ex extra

information which clarifies it none

as they waited for an ambulance she

became unconscious

and the family mistakenly thought she

had died and so prepared her for

cremation so i'm guessing they didn't

get any kind of medical

second opinion or oh maybe the doctors

were busy

yeah maybe moments before it was lit

shakun tala woke up on her own funeral

pyre in a panic

and started crying well let's be honest

wouldn't you

i mean you you wake up and you're like

yeah they're about to burn me

like i'm pretty sure i'd wake up in a

panic yeah i wouldn't stop crying nice

bit baby

well i wouldn't start crying well i

wouldn't start crying but i would wake

up in a panic

well local police confirmed the story i

they bought the story it might just been

people trying to burn their really

annoying relative she was later

transported back to hospital to be cared


last year india's health ministry

released guidelines for the cremation of

people who have died of kovid

step one make sure they're dead yeah

i mean i know they're trying to you know

bump up the coved figures but

right in none of the three of us were

not doctors

right but we could have helped out with

step one we could have wrote that for

him and said look

step one make sure they're dead well if

in doubt

give a little bit of a slap because of

the dead no harm no foul

right if they're alive you've just you

know confirmed you're about to make a

terrible error

yeah what was that deal like way back


where they tied bells around people's


because people were getting buried alive

and so

they would be buried in these cemeteries

and there were bells

in the cemetery and the cemetery keeper

or whatever would be there

all night listening for those bells to

make sure somebody didn't wake up in the


there was a name for that some very

sleeping sickness or something

i i don't remember what it was but

apparently was common because they

were like exhuming some graves and there

were scratch marks and everything on the

coffins yeah because people would imply

no no no it wasn't vampires this was


no this was absolutely real oh

some of them might have been vampires

but this was real

right you know one of the best things

about this article

is that they have taken notice to put in

a uh special warning

given out by the indian government that

reassures its citizens that 5g

does not cause covid ah they've made an

official statement here

says uh it's reassured its citizens that

5g has not caused the second wave of


following a spate of conspiracy theories

circulating on social media

officials pointed out that there are no

5g networks in india

oh that's unfortunate yeah so i mean

even if it did i mean i don't know what

they're worried about yeah but

but how far behind i mean pat when you

were over in india did you have any

problems getting

cell phone service um when we got into

the country we did

yeah you know in the city no problem

city city no problem but you still

didn't have

5g apparently not i wasn't aware of that


i don't even know if the 5g works here

because i'm supposed to have 5g

on my phone but i haven't seen any

increase in download speeds on my phone

so i i think the 5g is really a

conspiracy and they're just

changing the letter on your phone and

yeah changing the number from

3g to lte to 5g and no different sorts


charge charge you more for it but

nothing's really changing because that's

one thing because i buy the cheapest


phone plan right it's like 20 a month


and it's unlimited texting calling all

that crap

but i only get like two gigs of

high-speed data and then it goes back

to 3g but i can't notice the difference

between that

lte speed and even the 2g

speed because it will still download and

still do stuff exactly the same speed so

i don't know

now everybody's switched to these faster

services that the old services which

used to be super slow

hardly anybody's ever using it anymore

and so now it's super quick again

now yeah it could be congestion then

yeah it's what you're saying like

you know you moved enough people to the

newer service

yeah and now that the old service

doesn't have as many users

they can use it faster yeah that makes

sense makes sense

well with all that said thanks for

tuning in to this episode of the wolf

and the shepherd we appreciate your


and we will catch you on the next one

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