Feb. 10, 2021

Episode 54 - Jpop

The Wolf AND The Shepherd discuss another musical genre that the Shepherd has never heard of, Japanese Pop Music, or Jpop.


welcome to this episode of the wolf and

the shepherd today we are going to be

talking about

j pop so i i'm a little confused because


i've heard a k-pop but i haven't heard

of j-pop

so the wolf put this together and said

we're gonna talk about

j-pop so i'm once again

gonna get educated as far as what j-pop

is well the first time i heard the label

j-pop i thought it was jesus pop i

thought it was another

attempt by the evangelical church to

kind of be relevant and

sound all type of street but i was wrong

i could

actually see that taking place i mean

i do need to inform the listeners by the

way before we go

any farther that just before we hit the

record button

the wolf sang him a little song and i

said i'm glad you got that

out of the way because you're going to

scare a lot of people away if

they would have heard that song so

please please whatever you do

with the rest of this please don't sing

your made-up song

your words mean nothing to me i know so


going back to j-pop when i thought it

was jesus pop

and a quick aside here did you ever see

that episode

of south park where they became

christian pop artists or christian rock


and they changed everyday regular songs

but just threw the word jesus in there

and became these big christian music


no i i don't remember seeing that one i

do remember

there was an episode where they became a

boy band

and you're not talking about the same

one no i don't think so it was

it was they went into doing christian


but instead of like writing their own

songs they just took everyday songs and

just threw in the word jesus

in there just randomly and it became

like a real big thing

no i i don't remember that one but yeah

i'm i'm gonna have to go back and

and try and find that episode yeah i'm

not saying that it's funny i see it

it's really funny yeah but maybe i did i

i just didn't recall that right off the

top of my head so um

j-pop japanese pop or as they simply

call it

pops pups pops yeah as in like

like dad something like that anyway it's

a musical

genre enter japanese music mainstreams

sometime in the 90s

i don't know what they called music

before that period of time but if you've

heard any traditional

japanese music it's an absolute

stereotype of like

when you go to a japanese restaurant

when you eat like

sushi ibachi and that that music playing

in the background

that is pretty much japanese music

i got you so it is probably

not on my spotify playlist well

unfortunately it's kind of

in the suggested ones on mine because i

had to look up some of this music to

hear some of it

oh so you so you've ruined your spotify

my spotify

suggested list is now i might have to

set up another account and just like

wipe my subscription out just write this

month off as a loss yeah well maybe you

need to have an additional account

for this research when we talk i think i

might i think i might need to just do a

dummy account on another email address

do we have a spotify account for our

actual email address

i mean maybe maybe that's what we need

to do and then we can just go in

every once in a while yeah and just kind

of look at how horrible our suggestions

are maybe they'll start paying us to

listen to horrible music

yeah they'll give us a free subscription

to scrape the bottom of the barrel

yes in world music but anyway this um


right oh i i've already got you confused

haven't i well cape

k-pop i actually did hear of k-pop and i

knew what k-pop was when j-pop like i

said i thought oh jesus pop but k-pop i

knew what k-pop was because i've seen it

on tv

right so the j-pop thing and you knew

k-pop wasn't kanye pop

no no just making sure not how good sir

kanye well i

i've got i gotta watch out for you watch

out for me i watch out for you i just

gotta make sure you're not getting


yeah so j-pop combines traditional

japanese music which is

again yes sushi habachi background music

with um

western 60s pop and rock music such as

the beetles and the

beach boys can you imagine that like

that music you hear while you're eating

your sushi combined with the beach boys

yeah okay so the beach boys i get but

you say

western music i mean the beatles that

wasn't western music that was from your


well that's in the west anywhere kind of

west of the berlin wall was like the

west and world

right okay well western europe anything

i figure anything on the other side of

the pond is

east no okay words

so you think the bagpipes is like an

eastern yes

well yes i'm pretty sure cats come from

over there too yeah

i had a friend who told me about j-pop

and uh he said the best way to describe


was really kind of like if you took the

cast of sesame street

and they got them drunk on sake and

imagine them singing some tunes

that would be j-pop well it depends on


characters from sesame street i mean big


don't want to hear him saying

snuffleupagus that might be interesting

well having a seven-year-old son i've

heard most of the cast of sesame street

sing but i think them as a collective

being drunk on

sake gives you a very accurate idea of

what i have since

discovered and unfortunately heard as

j-pop how it sounds

but i was also actually surprised there

are other

type of japanese genres along these

lines there's um

j-club which i think is kind of like


ravy type music kind of the

the kids are dancing to this music yeah

i don't have japanese people dance other

than that twirling around waving fans


i don't i've never seen a japanese

person dancing i don't think

i don't think i have i don't have no so

there's jay club there's jay

punk which might be the biggest

abomination to ever

i can't picture a japanese punk rock

band yeah i i can't

picture that i i've got a couple of

friends that are in punk rock bands

and i just i can't picture that but yeah

you know but

the couple of friends that i have that

are in punk rock bands they

these are not like garage bands they

they're touring around the world

i don't know if they've been to asia but

i mean they've been all around the world

so i'm gonna have to guess they've been

over there

i can't imagine their music sounding


japanese music but i also

look at things from the east thinking

it's across the pond so maybe

maybe my mind is a little short here

well i think after this podcast you need

to go on youtube and see if there's any


punk covers of like the dead kennedys or

the sex pistols or

green day or yeah that type stuff okay

but i can't do that because you've

already ruined your spotify account so

then i'm going to ruin my users you

don't have to log in let's go via

another browser

okay yeah yeah but that sounds like a

lot of work you know no

open up that browser you look to other

where you try and look at other stuff

where you don't want any

oh recording of your web traffic oh yeah

yeah use that one

with the little inspector yeah

yeah so yeah they have j club j

punk they have j hip hop which i don't

know what

the japanese have to kind of uh drop mad

rhymes about really no i i can't

picture this yeah but i'm not saying

they don't

yeah they have jay reggae which

that's gotta be terrible yeah that's

gotta be terrible

reggae is supposed to be just

specific yeah yeah that's not going to

work i thought

when i read that i thought i've got to

try and make an imitation

of a japanese reggae song but then i

thought you know given one of our last

podcasts we recorded was on cancel


i figured if there's something which is

going to get us cancelled me doing a

version of japanese reggae is probably

high on the list which is gonna be the

thing which pushes it over the edge

that's probably true that that is

probably true

because i i could see us being a little

a little bad a little bad there in in

getting in trouble

yeah let's not do that well i did that i

did actually take the time

to go on youtube and i typed in you know

these styles of music and i listened to

a few seconds of each and it was pretty

much all musical diarrhea if i'm honest

because that

background of the traditional japanese


you just can't throw it out the equation

i mean

well now now hang on so when you talk

about this

original japanese music and and here we


here here's that cancel culture coming

up are you talking about like



yeah almost but i'm talking about the

stuff where you get where it's got the


i want to say people singing but it's

not really singing is it it's where it's

the kind of


to the tune of that thing you just kind

of hummed or made a sound

so it's a combination of those two and i

think that pretty accurately

describes japanese music for the last 6

000 years

it's that as a backtrack to all this you

know kind of pop music and punk music

and reggae

wow yeah so it's the worst underlying


even kanye could not make a good track

out of this i don't think although

if anybody could i could yeah maybe

kanye's list yeah listen to this

you know you want to challenge kanye

there it is yeah there it is hey

this is part of his presidential

campaign for

2024. yeah maybe he's got to figure out

a way to make it he could have got

he could have got the japanese american

vote like overnight oh

absolutely not even overnight within 30


yeah he would he'd have been able to

take care of that yeah the stereotype of

traditional japanese music you know the


which plays in the background when you

play like virtua fighter on the xbox

you notice it within two or three

seconds of the song just the style of it

because even

as western pop they try and make it

sound it has these kind of breaks

and stuff in the music where they it's

like they just

have to throw it in there just so you

just in case you

are unsure this is japanese music

it's like a reminder that you're

listening to japanese music

right they they do not want you to be


they're going to tell you hey you're

listening to japanese music

so there's no confusion there

everybody's got that figured out

yeah i don't really understand why

they've done it to be honest because i

would have thought the japanese

would try and make up for the fact they

introduced karaoke

and unleashed that in the world but

apparently they have no remorse about

that whatsoever

no they don't yeah they don't and

and that's a cancer yeah i mean i used

to sing karaoke

years ago i know some uh people that

you know it good good folks that just

got all ate up in the karaoke yeah and

it's a big thing now

and it all came over from asia it's like


you know go into a bar sing a song that

somebody else sang and let's hear your


people have fun with it and that's what

it should be it should be fun

one thing i have noticed actually

anytime i bring a topic a new topic for

us to record a podcast on you get really

excited if it's something you've never

heard of before i mean i don't think

i've seen you this excited

or maybe anxious since i told you we

were gonna do a podcast on

indian cinema yeah well i i do get

excited on

learning new things i mean that that's

what we should all be excited about yeah

i mean

we we decided remember yeah

this year our mission with this podcast

was to reach out to those

people that are listening to our podcast

where their community is

underserved like the amish and the

vampires we

took care of them and then bringing up

these topics about the

things that people don't really get to

dig into

yeah and that's been our mission this

year along with

interviews and all that good stuff but

hey we gotta have fun with this so

along that spirit of thinking do you

want me to get the really useless facts

and figures out of the way now

well is there such a thing as useless

facts and figures

in this oh there is okay all right let's


yeah but but we got to set the stage we

got to go ahead and say

you know hey we got to preface this so

so yeah let's get them out of the way

so everybody knows what we're talking


all right here's some numbers and


relating to j-pop which honestly if i'd

have made them up

it would make no difference whatsoever

okay right so do we need

calculators no okay good no yeah neither

of us know what a yen is anyway so

i didn't do any figures with yen in

because you might as well be talking

like pebbles or something i have no clue

how much a yen is

i think it's a penny i think it's like

equivalent to a box of fried rice

your explanation makes more sense than

mine okay so one yen

is one box of pride yeah okay yeah okay

all right so

but you you have these figures in yeah


no no i didn't do yang because it won't

mean anything to anybody well it's good

thing we explained what a yen is right


go ahead yeah so japan is the second

largest music market in the world

after the united states i don't believe

you well

i know i was shocked i was shocked as

well so i was more i was more actually

shocked with germany being number three

i'll be honest with you because they

haven't moved on from david hasselhoff

right but all right here's where i

struggle with this

so the u.s number one we get that

that's that's a given right you're

saying japan

is number two well it's got 127 million


and a lot of them have disposable income

now china

obviously has over a billion people but

you know they're working for like two

cents an hour so i don't

really think they can afford the

downloads from itunes but

you can get a free account on spotify

i think it's blocked by their ip plus

they get

beaten in a prison if they listen to

western music or any

actually i don't think they like

japanese either do they they don't like


i don't think they do you know what i

think the chinese like cats though

well they eat them along with bats right

but if you're gonna eat a bat you're

gonna eat a car

right so they like them yeah i mean

i love a steak that means i like cows

yeah kitty on a stick

roasted kitty on a stick nothing wrong

with that i swear

that's where the next coronavirus is

gonna come from kitty on a stick

oh we're we're making a broad

kind of uh prediction for 2021 kitty on

a stick leads to

new coronavirus i i really hope that

doesn't come true but but you kind of do

a little bit

yeah kind of do a little bit because

then all of a sudden we're going to hit

the google searches because we

came up with this so uh we did not

manufacture this in our secret

laboratory where

we also manufacture all these other new


uh we just made that up yeah on the on

the fly

so continue right so they have the


uh revenue generated by music in japan


around about seven billion dollars not


um seven billion dollars now what i

probably should have done

given we know the us is number one and

germany's number three

is find out the numbers for those two

countries but i didn't do that

that was probably because it could be

the sixth line of google

and that's way too far from well

actually i actually think it was in the

same article i just didn't bother

oh reading it or writing it down so that

makes sense

seven billion maybe a lot of money might

not we just know it's second in the

world so

um i couldn't actually find uh the

contribution that j-pop

made to that seven billion so i don't

know how much of their musical revenue

comes from j-pop it might be most of it

it might be not much of it again that's

something i probably should have

gone on to the second page of google

yeah but didn't do it

i i could see i'm gonna guess 95

96.3 well the most popular

j-pop group is named akb48 which sounds

like uh

one of the robots which or droids that

gets killed earlier in the uh star wars

prequels yeah

that does sound like a droid name yeah


that's their name but it does stand it

does stand for something else

oh okay which i did actually write down

but i couldn't pronounce it so i didn't

bother putting that in the podcast

yeah we we we have a tough time

yeah announcing words we have a tough

time spelling it sounded racist me even

trying to pronounce it so i'm just

sticking with akb4a

akb which if i build a droid i'm going

to call it

akb4a as long as there's no copyright

no wait we should build a droid we


i've always wanted to build an r2d2 i

have the plans i i'm going to do it one


maybe i can share those plans with you

and your droid will be

akb2484 right yeah

exactly maybe if we switch the eight to

a seven there won't be any copyright


ah that's a good point yeah looks like

we didn't know this ak b4a

they're apparently a normally all female

group but

i did actually look at some photos of

them on google

and other than when a lot of them are

addressed to school girls i couldn't

really tell with some of them whether

it's an all-female group or not also i

can't tell how many people are in the


because you look even at the first page

of photos

some of the band photos has like six

people other photos have like 20 or 30

or more people so i'm not sure how many

people are in the band

well they probably have backup dancers

and everything else

so i i get that struggle that you're

looking at but they all dance i don't

know why they need backup dancers

because it just looks like

clones of the same people just dancing

yeah but that's

it's not like um janet jackson's rhythm

nation where she had like 400 people in

the video doing the same thing as she


nowadays it's all about the performance

and not the music

but but here's my question you say


all female are you

assuming they're gender are they really

all female or is there

one or two of them that say hey i want i

want to dress this way but i'm

really a man i don't know if you could

tell to be honest

i don't think anybody's joking i just

want to make sure because we hey we're

we're accepting everything on this

podcast and

and we don't want to misgender anybody

no because

you know that's not true some people

want to well yes

um but even if there are only six people

in the band

having heard them sing on a few youtube

clips i think you could pretty much

interchange anybody into the group and

have the same

product probably so it sounds like

scooby-doo on helium

scooby-doo on helium yeah i think you're

on to something

yeah that might be a good music group

yeah too bad we don't know anybody at

hannah barbera

that we could have scooby-doo

on helium singing songs

it's got to be an app we can make that

happen well yeah there's an app we could

make it happen but we don't have the


and all that that we can market it that


we we probably should try to steer away

from being music producers well the

thing is we would go down

some crazy rabbit holes with that well i


one of the reasons why they're

interchangeable singer-wise is because

one of the videos i watched

i think they all took a turn in singing

and there was literally no difference

between their voices it's not like

one sounds like natalie merchant and the

other one sounds like taylor swift you

know i think in the studio they probably

just have one person who can sing

and then the rest just lip sync to her

the whole time but just pretend they can

all sing

or they're all lip-syncing

and they really have just one person

doing the yeah

he's probably not even in the band

there's probably just somebody in the

record company who sings everybody's


yeah i went there a band a long time ago


there was a a chick that was

saying like this kind of secondary part

of the song

and then they recorded her

and then they had some other woman go

out on the stage and pretend to be her

because the really good singer was not


and was not you know thin and trim and

all that stuff maybe maybe the japanese

are doing the same thing with j-pop

maybe i don't know how many chunky

japanese people you get there

well that's true because they're eating

sushi and rice all the time

so this ekb48 right they've sold over 50


singles now one thing which did surprise

me in the land of amazing technology

there are still a lot of cd sales in


people like to have physical copies of

the music

so so they're not i mean obviously yes

they're probably

getting streams from their songs but

they're actually

selling physical copies physical copies

yeah wow

that's amazing yeah what one sad thing

actually back in 2018

one of the band members i think was like

only 16 years old actually committed


did they listen to their own well that

was i'll be honest with you that was my


thought were they overexposed to their

own music but

i it's kind of sad really you think

about 16 year old who's like

famous got all this money and stuff yet

feels so desperate or

out of sync with things that they end up

committing suicide

you know no i totally agree with that

it's sad

when anybody commits suicide but yeah

in your description yes jojo banks

not not big

let's be clear not the actor no play

jar jar binks but the although he does

need a beat in for

enabling yeah a little bit yeah

a little bit he does so i know you know

as usual

you've got some questions which you

haven't had time to formulate about


right so i did my ahead research

and came up with a few um questions

popular questions about j-pop

right also barely researched some

answers but found enough to

say it's the definitive answer i think

so okay

that makes sense all right fire away

right and also wanted your opinion on

these this isn't a stump the shepherd i

just kind of think what

i just wondered what your explanation

might be for this you know now we're

kind of like

25 minutes into the podcast you're

probably one of the foremost experts

on j-pop in north texas so i figured

your input might be invaluable

to the wealthy audience so so i have to

immediately disagree with you because

i am the number two expert

in north texas on this because you're

the number one

i'm the number two right now do you not

think any of the japanese people in

north texas might have some input

are you just talking about caucasian

kind of

yeah no i'm just talking about people in

north texas i'm

pretty sure i'm here so i'm i'm glad i

honestly i'm glad we're not doing stump

stump the shepard

that's so hard on me and and especially

with today i don't need you to stump me

so i i'm glad we're actually not doing


okay but i but i also know the next one

around it

then you're gonna give it to me really

hard and i'm gonna

make a fool out of myself so i'm i'm

going to

enjoy the fact that you're not really

going to stump me right now

knowing the next one you're going to hit


really bad well i think the next one's

going to be on einstein so yeah i'm

going to throw in a few figures there

which are you know

hit you out the ballpark and the solar

ball park not even the uh

earthly ballpark but anyway why is j-pop

not popular in the west or not very

popular in the west

would you say other than it being crap

you can't answer that

i would say the fact that you have that

hollywood machine right and it's not

hollywood because that's the movie

piece but you have that

marketing music marketing whatever it is


is pushing all the songs onto the radio

and you don't hear these songs so

obviously that's why it's not as popular

because you've gotta just

permeate everybody's ears to music

constantly to get them to like a song

and i've never even heard a j-pop song

so that's my answer well i wasn't really

listening to you there so i can't really

say whether you're right or wrong but

the official

answer on the interwebs was because it's

mostly created for japanese audiences

the music the vocals the production are

all japan centric

and that makes it really difficult uh

for westerners to kind of like or even

understand the appeal which i still

think comes around to

my summarization of it just sounds like

crap that

totally totally makes sense now i know

one question which you would have

probably come up with yourself

had i not been asking these questions is

why are j-pop idols not allowed to date

j-pop idols they aren't allowed to date

anyone okay

so so these musicians

right they're singing they're not

allowed to dance no they're not


okay singers performers performers

let's go with yeah it's like saying your

dog's a musician because it barks

my dog is a musician yeah i mean some

box at the same time yeah

it is bark it's very good but but

they're not allowed

not allowed state yeah okay all right

tell me why

well you know no you're supposed to give

me your opinion on it

all right why do you think they're not

allowed to date

making sure to get away from the


of the dating world and keep them

focused on making money for the record


that's what i would go with you think


okay let let's stop for a second this

really feels like a stump the shepherd

no it's not nice i just wanted your


why you think they probably wouldn't be

allowed today okay

okay we'll go with that that's yeah i'm

i'm telling you this feels like a stump

the shepherd though but

okay well i'll be honest with you and i

know i mentioned this a little bit

earlier but

i've seen photos of j-pop idols on

google image search

and i honestly can't tell with a lot of

them which ones are male and which ones

are female

but you can't tell from their names for

a start because

when you read the names they don't sound

particularly girly or boyish

so they're not named like james and


not like james scushi and sarakushi it's

like no it's just like

i don't know not being racist but a lot

of the names sound made up

like you put them in one of those random

generator name things

and it will just come up with a name and

you just call your kid that but

right you know we're not part of that

culture we don't know yeah and most of


the boys and the girls have haircuts

which remind me of like early duran

duran videos in the 80s from like

planet earth or something so you can't

tell them apart on their haircut

getting into the whole uh anatomical

issue most boys and girls in japan

pretty much have the same breast size so

it's not it's not an easy way to really

tell which ones are the boys and which

ones are the girls so

i know that's got nothing to do with why

they're not allowed to date the official

answer is that

in order to sell this fantasy to their

fan base that they're accessible

they're not actually allowed to form any

type of romantic relationship and

that they actually have to get

permission from their agencies to get

married and if the agency says

no you know you're too popular you know

you're the best-selling t-shirt

or poster if you get married it's to

knock off the profits because all these

daydreaming people who think

they've really got a chance to meet you

and marry you and not they're going to


buying the music and that so that's why

they're not allowed to stay

well once again it goes back to the fact

that it's all about the money

yeah it's not about the art form it's

about the money

so it's not to be done it's not all

about the benjamins it's all about the

benja yens

yeah yeah which is i literally just i

literally just came out with that it

just shows how on the spot i am in this


and you should trademark that but it's

really all about the

amount of boxes of fried rice you can


yeah now this one isn't really a

question the most popular

j-pop boys band is named

hey say jump hey

say jump okay so

that's that's the name of the band

doesn't roll off the tongue like foo

fires or

right but smashing pumpkins how you say


hey say jump why do they have to say it


you should have figured this out well i

should what you mean is i should have

looked it up but you know better than


well but if you think about hey say jump

he say john and an exclamation after

each word so it says exclamation marks

as well

which makes me think if i put a few

numbers in there i can use it as like

a password or something that does sound

like a

actually fairly good password yeah but

hey say jump hey say jump yeah

can't you imagine just having the band


hey say jump then you could call

kind of like mxpx and i know you're not

a huge

punk rock fan but mxpx the

old punk rock band they were called mxpx

because their original name was

magnified plaid and the x

was the substitution for a period

so it was capital m little x capital p

little x mxpx which was

magnified plaid so hey say jump

to me you could have actually turned

around and had

stickers made that had hsj

x2 that would have been a cool x2

t-shirt hsjx2

why were we not in charge of the

marketing for this

we could have made it big we maybe yeah

but we're lazy well a quick youtube

search which i did and listen to a

couple of their songs actually it was a

montage of their graced it

greatest hits which lasted i think

four minutes 12 seconds how how many

greatest hits

did they have i don't know i only

listened to two of them and i was about

30 seconds in

uh but it sounds like have you ever seen

yo gabba gabba tv show well we talked

about yoga

yeah but before and yes i have seen it

and it drives me nice

yeah well it sounds like i know you're

going through that right now

it sounds like yo gabba gabba's greatest


if i'm honest so terrible basically yeah

pretty terrible

although dj lance like we said we liked


yeah he does it's pretty cool and i like

the one with the uh

one eye mo muno oh the one that looks

like a cucumber

yeah but one eye like cyclops crossed

with a pink cucumber

was he pink i can't remember yeah but

yeah i think muno or something yeah

i don't know what it's called yeah i

don't like the yellow robot

i i just want him he's funny no

i want the yellow robot to fall in a a

bit of acid

the girl one's just there for um

diversity reasons because she don't

bring anything in the table

that's true i i like the cucumber one

though yeah

it looks like a cucumber that is the one

with that one eye though in it

i'm pretty sure anyway yeah so i figured

we couldn't

really get into jpot without a real deep

scrutiny of the lyrics of a really


song from j pop are you gonna hit us

with some lyrics

yeah i actually got the translated to

english version so something may have

been lost in translation

this was originally in japanese but

apparently well at least according to

the website this is the most

accurate translation of these lyrics

into english

that you could possibly do so so i'm

looking forward to hearing this

yeah i'm at the same time a little


that you're not going to say it in


because there's nothing better than

hearing someone with a british accent

talk about japanese lyrics

with an english translation well

remember i can't i can't even

i can't even pronounce the name of the

band so i don't know me going through

the whole lyrics is gonna help

so anyway this is a song by the um

allegedly all female band of maybe

between six

and one hundred members who knows a k b

four eight and the song is called ooza


uzza ooza yeah oozah

yeah that sounds more kind of austrian

than japanese but yeah

it sounds like a brand of a gun so do

you want me to like read this first by

verse and you give an opinion or do you

want me just to read the four verses

no i i want to hear you

read the four verses all right let's

let's hear this okay so

so once again that no let's set this up


what's the name of the song who's a ooza

by akb48 okay

no no so so now what we have to do

you have to be a radio dj

you know we which you know we hate radio

dj stuff right

but you have to be a radio dj

and have to read these lyrics so you got

to set this song up you've got to say

you know here's the name of the song

here's the name of the band

i i want you to just sit back and

and you are going to be the premier

dj setting this song up and explaining

to the

entire world why this is a great song

so ladies and gentlemen here

is the wolf on the wolf in the shepherd


introducing a new song from j-pop

this song akb48 come out with their

latest song ooza

this has sold a magnificent 19 copies in

the whole of texas but

we've been offered 14 boxes of fried

rice per

week for the rest of our life if we go

ahead and read

these lyrics so here we go this

cuts to the bone i don't mind telling

you i cried the first time i read these

lyrics mainly because they weren't

translated yet

and i read them in japanese so here we


how annoying how annoying you should

love him your own way

without thinking about the other person

you should love as your heart tells you

if you're lucky then they may just love

you back

verse 2 even if you're hurt or you hurt


the more serious you are the more you

won't notice it

no way exclamation mark

kiss first do it before reasons stop you

release your emotions do it kiss first

cling onto their neck that's right as a

way of greeting

and i know you're eagerly awaiting this

last verse if you're

ever only gentle you won't attract them

do you know about the power of love love

is something

that steals all once eyes meet it has

nothing to do with his girlfriend

you'll black out every time morals go

through your head

blackout exclamation mark so what do you

think of that then

i think huey lewis would be upset

because they reference

power love which was a great song from

the 80s from back to the future

and everything we've talked about back

to the future before and

do you know about the power of love of

course we do it was a great song from

back to the future

there were three songs around in that

year called the power of love though

and that was actually not even the top

selling one that's probably true

that's probably true but i i gotta admit

you did a great job presenting that song


sorry i do not want you to leave

the podcast and go be a japanese dj

for j-pop because of my lack of

enthusiasm more

no no i on the contrary i'm

saying you did such a great job with


there are going to be japanese radio

stations listening to this thing

i'm going to fly you over and you are

going to be the new

japanese dj so we got to be careful and

now i'm getting a little nervous putting

something that might be head hunted

yeah i i can see if if we

actually cared about linkedin or

something like that

and there's a japanese radio station

that's looking for a new dj

and they say you know what we actually

need we need

we need somebody that lives in texas

that has a british accent to

introduce our songs on our radio station

i'm pretty sure you're number one on the

list well after tonight yeah

i think my favorite lyric out of that

was kiss first

cling onto their neck that's right as a

way of greeting

i think that kind of uh the cling on to

the neck

yeah it was that trying to attract

the star trek people in clinton

no cling onto right not cling on

i know but but you could slur that


and then all of a sudden the the

trekkies are gonna say oh they're

talking about klingons

yeah i'm doubtful about that yeah these

lyrics do

kind of strike me as the same type of

writing that you get from somebody who

generally keeps a diary

under their bed written in their own

excrement but i found it really hard

actually to come up with a summary


i don't know what there is left to be

said which hasn't already been said but

i'm pretty sure we already explained


everyone needs to know about j-pop yeah

but you're

you're telling me there there's there's

a few other things

summary stuff we need to explain yeah i

actually had to go off on a bit of a

tangent to really kind of um

glide this one home gotcha so i know um

i mentioned the different styles like uh


reggae jay punk and jay hip hop

is there is there jay scar no

not that i heard it probably is you

might want to subscribe to that

yeah because you know you know i love


but that crossed with your dislike of

japanese music my

it's like anti-matter and mata colliding


it'll be nothing see i i

always try to figure out a way to

make this work for me and it never does

but in your life

it was like peeing into the wind peeing

into the wind yeah so

yeah j hip hop it's also known as

nip hop which sounds all kind of racist

to me but hey they chose the name

niphop hip-hop j hip-hop is also known


nip-hop nip hop yeah n.i.p

hop nip pop that does sound old sound

kind of a little bit

racist yeah but i'm just reading what

was on the interwebs so right

now i don't know if it's it's critics

call it nip pop or racist people call it

nip pop

but it did say it's otherwise known as

nip hop

i can think of other ways to describe

this that would

obviously be considered racist but we

won't repeat those no

no so j-pop's biggest competition

even no no let's back up so we're going

back to nip-hop

yeah we're going back to nepal because

you have that

you know hip hop j-pop everything ends

with a p

right well it's the same word that's why

yeah but

but that that sound it's not hard to

rhyme pop with a pop

yeah so um j-pop actually has

competition in its homeland from

k-pop korea okay

yeah so so yeah you you have to have the


right but there's some good reasons for

this because number one

i google limits searched k-pop and the

k-pop girls are hot

i like the japanese ones wait the k-pop

the korean girls are hot

i i okay yeah so so you

google imaged search this yeah

not not a normal google search but you

actually went for i cut to the chase

yeah i got you yeah let the dog see the

rabbit type approach

yeah no they they're hot but this shows


that our research is honestly going to

a new level we figured out there's


a little button up there that we can


go from all to certain other things

well now we are are you expanding your


capabilities well no remember we we used

that when we were doing the podcast on


remember when i tried to convince you

that indian bollywood actresses are hot

no yeah we also had a podcast on

memories and how you remember stuff yeah

i forgot about that one too

so yeah so stop trying to confuse me


but also but also k-pop it's not

actually as bad

sounding it just sounds like i don't

know a couple of uh early britney spears


with a group of people singing it but

it's nowhere near as bad as j-pop

k-pop i wouldn't buy it

but it doesn't kill me to listen to it i

can understand why it's competition in

the homeland

to be honest no that makes totally yeah

i mean it still sounds like mickey mouse

discovered uh a freeware auto-tune

program after breaking up with minnie

and then gets drunk and then

lays down a few tracks with donald duck

during the mixing and producing but

it's better than j-pop wait so is there

a program out there

that they can do that because you're

you're supposed to be finding this

freeware that we can use

and you're telling me there's a freeware

yeah freeware auto tune yeah you just

talk into an auto tunes your voice

now i'll be honest with you i've used it

once before

and i ended up sounding like stephen

hawking while he was alive

don't you already sound like him a

little bit no

oh okay so i think what would be a good

idea because you know

i've kind of been toying with the idea


since we did that new musical genre

podcast and us

inventing gay asian disco and our own

radio sorry um music label asian records

and i said that

i'm going to come up with a few tracks

for it i think it would be good if we

did a youtube video

of you and i doing some karaoke karaoke

karaoke to some j-pop music and also

playing some exclusive tracks from our

now that's what i

call gaijin 2021 debut album totally

agree with you there

but we haven't talked about that in

quite a while

so how are we going with the gay asian


are we anywhere or is it i told you i

made two tracks

i said because i've got this music

making thing on my phone

yeah and it came out like brilliant and

i can just imagine

gay asians dancing to it and also

downloading it for 99 cents on itunes

yeah so once again i need to

check our email account and make sure


stuff's going on well no first of all

what you need to do is go ahead and pay

the twenty dollars and

copyright the gaussian records label

and the gay asian music genre in case

somebody else jumps in because that was

actually um

a pretty well listened to podcasts and

i'm pretty sure there's some uh

people out there who probably thought

they might run with it themselves

given our lack of proactivity once again


that adds one more thing to the list of

stuff we're supposed to be doing

and honestly i haven't even kept up with


list of stuff we're supposed to be doing

because you never take care of

anything on that well you see this is

why we're kind of like

the best entrepreneurs because we come

up with so many ideas but we're the

worst sort of entrepreneurs because we

never do anything about the ideas we


you know the sad thing about that is

it's true

over over in dallas county we've got

mark cuban yeah sitting there right and


all we need is mark cuban to just hang

out with us

for a little bit when we spit out all

these ideas

and let mark cuban figure all this stuff

out and cut us

in on a little percentage you know i

don't know if we're ready to go on shark

tank you know because you could have a

presentation numbers sales you've got to

turn up and that kind of complicates


yeah we're you know we're not we're not

we're near the

turning up stage yeah we

barely turn up to record the podcast


to use your turnout yeah dang i mean

it it's tough for us to yeah with all

that said thanks for

tuning in to this episode of the wolf

and the shepherd and we will catch you

on the next one