Aug. 2, 2021

A Look Back As We Reach 100

The Wolf And The Shepherd reach their 100th episode and take a look back over their previous episodes.

Episode Zero - The Pilot

Things We Never Saw Coming

What Do We Believe?

The Smiths and where did music go?

Gyms Why we just don't go

Interview With Chance Munsterman

Interview With Layla Caraway

Witches & Gingers

Midgets & Other Short Stories

Robot Overlords

The Rise Of Karen

Another Ducking Podcast

Discussing "Losing My Religion" by R.E.M.

Come Armageddon Come

Cosplay, Furries, and Bronies

iPhone Serial Killer

Evolution I Want A Refund

Sunday Sevens - Part One

Alien Ale and Martian Margaritas with Jason DeBord

Men In Skirts

Halloween 1 - Traditions

Halloween 2 - Superstitions

Election 2020

Journey To The Center Of The Earth with Bil Von

The Next Great Music Genre


Smoking Windmill BBQ With Sean Merchant

The Unforgettable Fire

Recap - Episodes 1 - 5


Public Libraries with Kelly Holt



Simulation Theory

Interview With Jay Davis

The Star Wars Prequels

Pieces Of Eight

Interview With Kevin M. Brennan

Interview With Rand Toulouse

Tales from the Crypt-o

Down Memory Lane

Get Out Of My Wormhole


Interview With Iain Parke


Welcome to 2021

Autism with Landon Hughes

The Jerusalem Syndrome

Interview With Dallas Jenkins

Interview With Scott "Junior" Ereckson



Life Hacks

Star Wars A New Hope

Interview with Gary Miceli and Gary McKee from The Freshman Circus

The Amish

The Wolf DRAWS The Shepherd

Cancel Culture


Interview with Daniel Miller

Music And Lyrics

Biology Minus 101

English Dating

Texas Snowmageddon

Ask Us Anything

Interview with Mayor Armin Mizani

Hip Hop Philosophy

Emotional Intelligence

Mail Order Brides

Interview With Nick Landholdt

We Do Adverts - Pay Us Money!

Fake Plastic Trees

Interview With Merle Rutledge

Ask Us Anything Again

In Other News - April 2, 2021

A Quick State Of The Union Message

Our Guest Appearance on Rubber Chicken Radio

In Other News - April 9, 2021

The Mantis Shrimp

Interview With Frank Cain

In Other News - April 16, 2021

Interview With Mary Kelleher


On A Serious Note

The Cloud House - A Quick Tour

The Cloud House

In Other News - April 30, 2021

Questionable Self Growth Advice

Luke, Got Milk?

Worst Movies Of The 80's

Interview With Mae Deevy

Video from our Interview With Mae Deevy

Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

In Other News - May 14, 2021

Shamanism With Victoria And Kent Young

In Other News - May 24, 2021

The Ideal Woman

In Other News - June 7, 2021

Interview With Jay Riggs

In Other News - June 21, 2021

Getting To Know You - Part One

Getting To Know You - Part Two

In Other News - July 12, 2021

Vacation Recommendations

Waterboo - Interview With Jeremy Klapprodt and Nathan Hartman

The Wolf On 100thousand Podcast

Vlad The Impaler With Crumb The Master Student Part One

In Other News - July 28, 2021



get away from those sheep bollocks

you're listening to the wolf and the

shepherd podcast

broadcasting from fort worth in the

great state of texas

now get ready for this episode of the


and the shepherd welcome to this episode

of the wolf and the shepherd today

we are celebrating episode 100.

i never thought we would probably make

it to this point you know there is a lot

of pod fade out there and most

podcasters actually on average

die by the seventh episode so that's

kind of that pod fade moment and here we

are at episode 100

that's crazy to even think about that we


this much time and now you know are

actually at

episode 100 at the same time

getting a camera starting to film this

like actual podcasters do

and so you and i were talking and we

figured hey why don't we kind of take a

look back

at our last 99 episodes for

episode 100 now before you get started


just as a little piece of clarity

we actually have more than 100 episodes

out there

but then we numbered certain ones and

then we called other ones little bonus

things or whatever so whenever it got

time to where we said hey

you know we're nearing episode 100 we

realized well we've already had more

than 100 but

you know typical us we're going to call

this episode 100.

so yeah i wasn't actually surprised we

managed to knock out

over 100 because i was fully aware of

how much free time we have on our hands

and our little actual work we do so i

figured we could have done about 200 by

this point

yeah if we would actually you know kept

our nose to the grindstone so to speak

we probably could have had like two or

three hundred but just getting to a

hundred was

pretty amazing that we could even make

it that far well we did go through a

month's period

like early summer where we only recorded

once a week because we decided that

sitting on

our ass talking for 30 minutes once a

week was a bit hard work

yeah that's right well yeah and then you

took several vacations

like you do yeah in fact uh not to

let your secrets out but you're about to

go on yet another one so

i mean you know here we go again but

i've got to do research for the podcast

oh yeah looking at big rocks again

no i'm just going somewhere where i've

got a better internet connection oh yeah

our internet connection does

really suck here sucks we have made it

better but it still sucks

i mean i can barely sit here and like

download an illegal movie in like

under 30 minutes it's terrible like at

home we bit torrent

something comes out the movies i've got

that movie in like five minutes here it


like 30 minutes i know that's first

world problems yeah but we are using

somebody else's internet connection so

we shouldn't really complain

that's true yeah and we we are cheap so

yeah we're not using our own internet

connection so it's kind of

it's kind of hard to complain about that

i mean let's be honest

yeah so i thought it might be a good

idea if we actually went through

our episodes just in case any of our

newer listeners

were kind of a bit too lazy to go back

through and really

you know read the descriptions and get

just what they're about right

uh kind of take a stroll through memory

lane at the back catalog

yeah although not really memory lane

that's why i have my computer in front

of me because i can't remember so i've

got them pulled up on the screen

no that's a good point because i have it

on alzheimer's lane and down memory

right and not only that i have a feeling

that as we go through

some of these i'm not going to remember

even recording them

especially there were a couple in there

that i had a complete memory lapse but

we'll get into that here shortly

well before i stopped drinking about

three months ago actually three months

ago today

i think i was drunk for about 90 percent

of the first

i don't know 60 or so yeah i'm pretty

sure my mother's a little

fuzzy yeah on it now no that's true

there's a lesson there don't

drink and podcast or drinking podcast

maybe that's why people like them

there might be something there or as the

amish say don't drink or podcast

that's true yeah so anyway the first

episode we ever did

i didn't want to do i didn't want to

record it was the pilot which we call

episode zero which is as

many marks as i give it out of ten zero

out of ten well not only that but let's

also keep in mind how many times you

have told me

over i guess the past nine or ten months

that we've been doing this to please

delete that episode

i'm okay keeping it now yeah but you did

for a long

time want me to delete it yeah i did

because i thought our reputation was

going to hang on that one episode but

by the time we'd kind of done some more

episodes and said some

thoroughly outrageous things which

should have got cancelled i wasn't

really worried about the pilot anymore

yeah well and of course you know during

the pilot we were using our original


uh you know through a lot of these for

that matter

using our original board uh still using

our original microphones they seem to be

doing the trick

uh but a lot of those early episodes

were with the

the older equipment and still trying to

figure out

exactly you know how to use that

equipment of course number one

i think it was what about four or five

episodes before we realized our


around it was it was it eight or nine we

had these microphones that

turned these bits not this bit we're not

that stupid right but these bits here

apparently have a right way around yes

and they had them backwards so his was


picking up my voice and mine was picking

up his really well

but then yeah yeah yeah and and we made


improvements to the room and in some

stuff like that and once we got the

settings messed up and recorded about

four episodes recording through the mic

on the laptop which sounded like

somebody talking to you from within a

bathroom store with the right clothes

and the

extraction fan going so that was a fun

well i mean

part of the the worst part of that was

going through all of the mess

of having the board set up and trying to

make everything sound perfect and then


we just had a laptop sitting there and

it was using the laptop microphone in

the room i mean that

that really sucked it took uh i think it

was about 14 episodes right before i

figured that part out yeah

yeah so our first official episode was


things we never saw coming and outside

of the iphone and maybe some satellites

i have no clue what we spoke about on

the episode yeah i

i can go back and say things we never

saw coming was probably episode 100 of

this podcast

yeah but i like i said i thought we

would get there eventually because i

know we don't have much to do

through yeah so i have no clue what

episode one was thinking about i think

it is about us kind of uh

you know talking about technology things

which surprised us which was pretty much

everything so

i mean just open i don't know the best

buy website and just point at things and


they were surprised by that they were

surprised by that and you're pretty much

gonna cover it

yeah yeah um episode two

i have even less idea what was that

about what was the title

what do we believe and it's got nothing

whatsoever to do with religion

or politics even it doesn't even have

anything to do with politics is it

yeah that's uh i have no idea what that

episode's about i don't know i think

there's like bigfoot

ufos or ghosts maybe yeah

no idea no clue no clue now number four

even sorry not episode number three see

i can't remember like

three episodes in and i can't remember

one number one um

the smiths and where did music go now

that one

was uh obviously memorable because it

was one of our favorite bands for

smith's and we talked about

the influence on you know our early

lives in terms of

how we related to the lyrics how it kind

of shaped the

other type of bands we liked um so yeah

that was a good podcast we didn't

actually try to sing we didn't even try

and mimic true

johnny mars guitar work right but

if you remember right in the early days

of the podcast

we have some episodes that we never put

out and we tried to do one on the smiths

and we have it recorded somewhere and it

just turned out so terrible it's still

saved on a hard drive somewhere

but we knew we were going to bring the

smiths back up

so in those very early days where we're

trying to figure out

we recorded topics we recorded another

one on the smith yeah we did

yeah a long time oh wow all right

episode four

gyms why we just don't go now we're not

and we didn't make a crack at people who

go to gyms and generally work out this

was more aimed at the posers who go


just so they can stand in front of the

mirror holding their phone and taking

photos of themselves

and basically trying to hit on the

opposite sex and stand around posing i

mean that's

that whole episode was about that now

the why we just don't go bit it's

obvious because we're too bloody lazy to

go to the gym

so that's not that's not well not not

only are we too lazy but we're also too


because we don't want to pay for it

either well no i've got those offers

through the mail which say you know

first three months for free but it still

seems like a lot of hard work i think

that's the biggest barrier i think the

cost is an issue

no no that might be true yeah some of

them are actually

kind of cheap i mean you can go to a gym

for like 10 bucks a month but right

that's 120 bucks a year

yeah i mean i can figure out a lot

better stuff spend 120 bucks on in a


yeah we just bought an xbox series x

each as well so

yeah that's our money for any gym

membership this year exactly

or well for the next five or six years


so episode five without was our first


unless uh of course i missed something

else we recorded that i can't remember

all right who was our first interview uh

champs muscle

one of your friends yeah chance monster

oh my goodness i didn't put that

together he's like a superhero for the


monster man all the physical deformities

of the monsters all rolled into one yeah

monster man monster man it's got no

special abilities now this

yes if you remember correctly was your

first vacation

it was yeah so we were in the infancy of

the podcast we had recorded a few

episodes and then you're like hey i'm

going on vacation and i'm like well what

am i supposed to do and you said

i don't know record one by yourself and

i pulled up some of your friends

and i said uh no i'm not gonna do it by

myself so i called up my buddy chance

and i said

you know hey i know you have this online

show that you do once a week

how about we do a interview and you can

use the interview on your show and i can

use it for a podcast so

we did an interview and uh had a lot of

fun with that i still haven't watched it

i haven't either no i does that video as


no it doesn't that was just audio wasn't

it well it was audio on our side chance

had the video oh

but we don't have the video on aisle

anything do we no

okay all right uh

next one we had episode six that's

another one of your friends who have yet

to meet actually leila carraway now who

is she

so layla is she's an activist and she

yeah she's

oh well no she still lives right now

laylah's an activist and she came on

and explained all about the trinity

river project and the

panther island debacle and all that

stuff going on

and layla being one of those first early

guests uh that was actually the first in

studio guest so chance was over

zoom but layla came in the studio so she


the first in-studio guest that we had

and uh her husband actually sat behind

the desk and everything and kind of

watched the whole deal and this of

course was

you know long before we had the video

and everything's set up so

uh and before i actually edited stuff as


so he had to chaperone yeah see if we'd

have it on video he wouldn't need it to

turn up true

yeah true but but yeah gave us a lot of

insight about

the flooding and everything in the

trinity river and kind of opened us up

to some later gas that we'll get to

momentarily yeah

um some people say that episode seven

was the first sign

that we were going off in a different

direction to a lot of podcasts

in terms of touching the topics which

other podcasters were

i don't know had too much integrity to

touch really so

we decided to embrace witches and


in episode seven very random kind of

synergy there but

uh apparently in the olden days nobody

liked either and today the witches get a

little bit of a free pass but nobody


likes the gingers that was the overall

theme of it

i think there's more people that like

witches than do ginger

yeah definitely now yeah and then

especially around halloween

and i know harry potter gave it a really

good shot you know with the weasleys but

that uh that didn't really work out yeah


well i told you before that on that

first harry potter movie right he's got

i've never actually watched any of the

movies in full

but um he's got that kid with the ginger

hair or his friends right

yeah they're like that's the weasley's

yeah well i read a review of like the

first harry potter movie

um and like it was about two paragraphs

and it said

this is completely unbelievable nobody

would ever believe this this would never

happen in

real life and right at the bottom it has

no way would a ginger have two friends

absolutely yeah yeah

number nine we actually branch into


um and just talk about our fears

and looking forward actually to robots

one day being our overlords

yes we do like robots and and we have in

subsequent episodes brought up

robots from time to time whether it's uh

you know the robot vacuum cleaners or

robot police officers or

you know all the myriad robots we're

we're robot fans

we will welcome our robot overlords and

we actually did

no research on this topic other than

what we remembered from the terminator

and similar knock-off movies in terms of

the likelihood of this happening but we

did actually find some funny stories

about a robot that committed suicide

yes a robot that was the robot security

guard yeah

he was yeah patrolling a mall and

decided to throw himself in the fountain

yeah there was that robot who was like

hitchhiking across

europe oh yeah started in north america

then got beaten up and ripped to shreds

in philadelphia the city of brotherly


right i don't know at that point if we

did have the woman who got a

haircut no in the room no in other news

stories yeah that was

a uh that was a later story that

happened after our robot

overlord podcast and that and that


can be avoided because that was a

cultural issue because she was an asian

lady and

a lot of asians apparently in the

country where this happened like to

sleep on the floor so you're fair game

for the rumor it creeps up on you and


tries to kill you uh episode number 10

the rise of karen i know this was a big

issue last year during covid

right um well it seems to continue to be

an issue

you know parents are still constantly

complaining to managers and all that and

of course

later on uh not to get too far ahead but

then we find out

one of our recurring guests is married

to a woman named karen

yeah so that is true i think one of the

things as well about

karen's is that everybody can spot them

now we just lacked a label for them


for the last 50 years but once the label

came up now everybody's thrown over oh


it's absolutely stuck there is no way


the karen label going away and the

ironic part is there are women named

karen out there that are trying to get

the label to go away but

listen karen it's not going to happen

yeah it's stuck

yeah it's stopped um

oh yeah i said if i got another dog i

was going to call it karen just so i can

take it to the dog park

and just shout karen right aaron come


yeah and then there'll be some woman

there named karen

upset with you that you called your dog

karen oh there's going to be a lot of

carrons around who are going to be turn

around like oh not this again oh

that's true yeah that's a good point

i'll go there every day um

episode 12 we revisited music again and

discussed the song losing my religion by


one of our favorite songs uh not much to

talk about other than we

kind of went through the lyrics and yeah

some of the symbolism in the video

which was like one of our favorite

videos absolutely awesome song from an

awesome album

but i can't really remember much about

that no i don't i don't remember

i know we got into the song pretty deep

i remember writing the lyrics down and


reading it and asking me what does that


yes yeah on the first line i do vaguely

remember that yeah

um episode 13

come armageddon come which is actually a

line from a morrissey song everybody is

like sunday

but we were talking about different end

of the world scenarios which ones would


over others yes yeah which ones were

more likely than others i don't think we

came to a definitive conclusion on

which one would be our favorite well we

decided when we recorded it

not to do play because yeah our little

touch of plague with covid we decided

that's an inconvenient way for everybody

to go

yes so we didn't we didn't want to do

choosing giant asteroid i think

uh probably so yeah yeah i mean that's


quick yeah it ends up quick now number

15 and

looking back i wasn't too fond of this

episode it was called iphone serial

killer and it was basically about

everything that the iphone

had replaced you know like the regular

desktop calculator

you know camera and various other things

you know

anybody could sit down and make a list

of these things but i think we were kind

of struck

stuck for a well i think about it i

think that was one of the times where we


struggling for content and we were

trying to figure out what to do and you

kind of threw that together

you know the last minute and said hey

what about this and i said all right

yeah let's go let's hit record well i

think it was either that or getting your

mama on the show

yeah that was now we didn't want to do

that uh number 16 we [ __ ] about

evolution evolution

refund uh not just because of some of

the stupid animals out there or animals

which are annoying and dangerous and

seem to well yeah but i think part of

the reason why we did the evolution one

is because we were so

disappointed in the iphone one now i


actually what we did is because most of

the talk was about wanting to grow a

third arm to help out because evolution

to hold the iphone should have figured

out by now now i think that was to kind

of like play games with lots of buttons

on it it would help

play an xbox yeah that or the that crazy

n64 controller that had the three deals

yeah you needed three hands to use that


true i remember actually laying on the

bed with that controller and remember it

was pointy

the bit in the middle and you'd lay that

on the chest and actually make your

stomach hurt after a while

where you'd hold it and that thing was

constantly digging in your gut

yeah or maybe i was just tubby bastard

as a kid i can't remember

right then we did release the first of

our bonus episodes and we did record

three other of these but they are still

in editing

uh about seven months later

for some reasons which

are you talking about the sunday sevens

yeah sunday sevens part one we did

release that we chose some random topics


seven of them and just decided to chat

about them right so that but the

first sunday sevens we did by ourselves


that went all right yeah we did try a

second one

but we accidentally discovered delta

eight at that time

yes but we didn't discover the correct

dosage of delta a true

and so it's basically sounds like two

yeah third grade girls laughing about

scooby-doo for an hour and a half

that's true so we will release that one

later actually yeah

but was that even a sunday sevens one

how does that make a sunday sevens

no it's about scooby-doo no no no no

because the

second sunday sevens was with jason that

you're gonna get to here and

no the the scooby-doo yeah yeah no the

scooby-doo one was not really a sunday


no it wasn't was it yeah that was just


yeah that was just ridiculous that was


uh episode 17 we actually had our friend

and beer sponsor

jason de board on alien ale yeah

of course you know y'all probably seen

our kegerator in the back

and our alien ale cups and our six packs

in the back

you know big thanks to jason the board

at martian margaritas

with alien ale you know they keep us in

beer even though

you know you're drying out at the moment

but uh it's still your favorite beer

yep and absolutely yeah you know once

you decide

every now and then yeah you do like the

smell of it yeah

every time we get ready you know and i

go over there to the kegerator and i

pour me a cup

um you still enjoy the smell of it

you're just drying out at the moment

nothing wrong with that

so and uh jason i want to thank you for

being one of the major reasons why we

were drunk for the first 60 episodes

yes uh pretty much the reason

i don't i don't even think he's the

majority i think he is

the reason you know if we had to

actually go to the store and buy our own


we probably wouldn't have been drunk but

then when he comes showing up with a

kegerator and says hey we'll keep you in

kegs of free beer

yeah that was uh it went downhill

it went downhill yeah so on to episode

18 we addressed

the topic of men in skirts basically

avoiding the trans kind of uh

right conversation but just basically

addressing the fact that some men have

decided that they want to wear dresses

and skirts which

you know fair enough if you want to

dress like that but equally

understand just like if you're wearing

an ugly sweater you are going to get a


exactly if you can also with a beard

wearing a dress somebody's going to say

well maybe not he's 280 because he's not

punched in the mouth but

right if you're 120 and the male and

skinny and wearing a dress

we're gonna just assume you're like from

san francisco or something

exactly yeah exactly yeah so

and i do i do want to make a point

though that we were not

attacking kilts no yes it had nothing to

do with kill

sorry we're attacking in kilts or that

all that yes so 19 and 20

we did two episodes for halloween


originally is one episode but i think we

got drunk and just rambled on so we

split it in two

yeah um the first one was on traditions

uh second one was on superstitions and i

did a great job of just clicking on

like two kids websites i think which

popped up in google earlier

right and just use those yeah and we

also wanted to make sure

that you know we separated those out

because we didn't want to

do another halloween episode like every

halloween we're

just like hey let's get all the stuff

about halloween that we want to talk


out of the way and so we did that so

that's why we separated those out and we

released them

very close to halloween yeah before was

it a couple of days

yeah 29th yeah yeah although really i

mean it's a sure sign that you've

probably got no friends or nothing

better to do

if you managed to listen to both of

those before halloween with just a

couple of days notice

true yeah and that's a good point oh we

can hear the next

people next door yeah we've actually got

some people next door

who at the same time each day tend to

have a coffin fit which i think

they've never we've never met them but

we call them doc holiday because

just all of a sudden during the day they

will just start coughing

and we we can't set your watch by it or

anything like that

but just all of a sudden they just start

coughing yeah it's our very little

wuhan laboratory next door yeah it just

sounds sickly

every day maybe that's maybe that's what

they're doing i'm thinking

i'm thinking they either pack lunches

where they're allergic to some of the

ingredients and their throats close up

so they can't breathe properly and just

start choking

but then they go through a period where

there's like sneezing and

now snotting and that kind of it does

noise yeah

it does get bad so it makes entertaining

background noise

yeah that's true because we've tried

sound proofing it but

yeah it's just some of these costs are

like about 130 decibels

although i just realized i never even

put our little soundproofing blanket

under the door

either for this one yeah i guess that's

part of the problem with actually

you know doing this video stuff now you

you realize you know i just looked over

there and i'm like oh

i forgot to put the blanket under the

door that helps keep some of this stuff

down i can see it under your own

yeah exactly it's yeah look at that no

expense spared

yeah let me go fix that while you

introduce the next one he actually stole


blanket off a homeless person near the

bridge near i-35

pretty close to the studio the guy was

like passed out drunk

there wasn't too much pp or vomit on it

so we kind of washed it down with a hose

let it dry in the sun and

so that's voila at south sound blocker

it does a pretty good job it does well

it's pretty

pretty good customatic we're

we did discuss the election the general

election last year for president

uh episode 21 we actually managed to

steer clear really of any

yeah we didn't get on one side or the

other yeah yeah we kind of pissed on

both of them really

um as you should yeah and we were fair

in that one yeah

no sure neither party cares about you so

yeah just take it for what it's worth

now episode 22

one of our greatest achievements in

podcasting and possibly in the world of

podcasting because

we interviewed a man who dog holes

yeah good old bill vaughn yeah bill

vaughn journey to the center of the

earth with

bill von now i chose that title before

he came on the show

because i had these visions of oh my

goodness i wonder if he's kind of like

dug down

found like dinosaurs skeletons uh

you know like nephilim skeletons or


skeletons or maybe he's going out on one

of these hole digging

expeditions and then crap yeah or

hits oil or things like this i mean we

we got all excited yeah we got all

excited we

actually both of us i think this was the

first one where we both

actually did research and i did some

research not enough

yeah but i did some research on deep

holes that have been dug in russia

and we had all kinds of stuff printed

out sitting on our table here

ready to go in walks bill

and we get rolling and we find out he

digs holes

between 12 to 18 inches deep well we

introduced him first

and i i was still pretty buzzed not just

from the alien ale but i mean i was

pretty excited about the topic

um because actually this is the first

one i was

here for um for the guest wasn't oh that

no oh yeah yeah i remember that one

because jason

is the beer guy so yeah that's true

don't remember that that's that's when

it all started

yeah we oh actually i remember we tried

recording a sunday sevens was jason and


i got the hiccups badly i managed to

knock a beer over all over the desk

yeah i got hiccups badly then he was

trying to give me advice to get rid of

hiccups but then we discovered that i

have no flexibility whatsoever

that was so i couldn't bend over and

hold my breath and do whatever so that

worked well

so anyway bill vaughn we're two minutes


and we still haven't figured out kind of


what he does exactly and so i ask so how

many holes a month do you kind of dig on


he was like about four or five hundred

and i thought

wow that's so impressive the largest

hole digging company in the

world right and so so i asked the next

question of

so how deep on average are these holes

expecting like a quarter of a mile half

a mile sometimes

mile and a half you know have to be

pretty careful equipment overheats and

it costs like about 10 million dollars

right digger no the answer was between

12 and 16 inches

yeah and i think the most interesting

thing it

uncovered was an old slipper which

dug up while building the foundation for

a patio but we managed to carry that

episode for 40 minutes

yes and we actually had fun and look

bill vaughn

we still love you even though you stole

our phone when he stole our food he

stole our food

he stole our food yes yeah he came from


restaurant supposedly with a starter and


entree uh we found out about a month

later there should have been a star

because we just got the entree and now

looking back at it

there was a lot of like free space

around that entree i kind of thought at

the time wow that's quite a big

container i didn't put that much food in

i didn't even think about that but

you're right

you're absolutely right so i think he

could have eaten the starter and some of

the entree

yeah as well yeah bill vaughn stole our


he stole our food and dig shallow maybe

maybe our next run of t-shirts

we have one made that says bill bonds

food yeah yeah

yeah we'll give you one of those bill

yeah we will make you pay for it

right uh episode 23 we did the next

great music genre we decided that

you know there was an untapped market

out there but we just needed to find out

what it was and so we came up with gay

asian disco

oh that's right for sure yes

yeah we had two reasons why

we did that podcast number one we

got into a discussion before

we recorded that podcast because we were

under the complete assumption that our

phones are listening to us like crazy

so we kept texting gay asian disco

back and forth hey what are you doing

this weekend i'm listening to gay asian


we kept saying gay asian disco as much

as we could just to see

if we could get something in our

searches to populate gay asian disco

to make sure it didn't exist and then we

found out it didn't exist

and then we said okay so now let's go

ahead and invent this music genre

i don't think it still exists it doesn't

exist yet i did actually i thought we

were supposed to create well i did i did

create a couple of tracks on my phone

oh that's right with it which i haven't

kind of produced or gone any further

yeah yeah it's still on the back burner

but um

maybe next year maybe next year yeah i

don't know i don't know if right now

is the best time probably not asian


no although it

right now as we record this the tokyo

olympics are going on yeah that's true

i mean we could have sold that to some

of the commercials right

especially for the ice skating yes oh

but it's summer

yeah that's winter olympics i don't know

do they do

they don't do any skating in the summer

olympics no

no no that wouldn't work yeah but um

what's going to say about them asian

music there was something

oh yeah that was it so when we did these

searches like in google

and spoke to siri i actually got a

banner ad

appear at the top of one website saying


chubby asian dating online

so if you are a gay chubby

asian who's looking to date online just

type those words into google and a

website exists

purely for gay chubby asians today

hey you know to easter on yeah you know


so episode 24 we switched to bollywood

this is

probably where we first fell in love

with india yes uh

bollywood for those of you don't know is

actually india's version of hollywood

it's the second largest movie producing

uh area in the world and they produce a

lot of movies about three or four times

as many movies as hollywood does each


i was shocked i i knew literally nothing


bollywood and that was one of the first

episodes i think

i learned a ton from because you did a

lot of research i did

well first of all you discovered that a

lot of the indian actresses are hot

yeah super super yes they

that's true the second thing we learned

is it doesn't matter what the genre of

the movie

there is singing and dancing yes so if

there is a version

like an indian version of schindler's

list at some point

he's reading from the list singing and

dancing right yeah

no that's that's absolutely true yeah

and then

it was shortly after that not to jump

too far ahead in our timeline

that we gained our indian following we

did and

we love our indian listeners yeah we do

and we're talking about the ones who

live in india by the way

right before anybody says anything yeah


episode 25 smoking windmill bbq with

sean merchant that was the restaurant

where bill vaughn was supposed to bring

us our

free meal yes so free that he freely ate

that's true at least half of it yeah

yeah but we learned

a lot about the restaurant industry from

sean and

uh we honestly thought sean was going to

bring along some more food

but he didn't no uh he would have done

it um we'd have done it remotely if we

would have known that

yes yeah but he showed up he did bring


but we already had beer we didn't have

any food and we didn't eat dinner that

night and we figured

well there's no reason to eat dinner

we've got a guy coming in

from smoking windmill barbecue the owner

that's where bill vaughn brought the

food from so we're going to get a free


yeah and so then he walked in and he


no food this is gonna go bad because


gonna be drinking it's palatable yes you

know sometimes people say

oh you could cut the atmosphere with a

knife you could cut the hunger with a


yes because i had literally waiting all

day i had eaten some form of breakfast

like protein bar

before i came to the studio that day the


rarely eats until like later on during

the day anyway unless i bring

him bring him in some spicy chips or

something and we were waiting

and waiting and we got nothing yes

yeah so next time that happens we'll

just be doing that remote sitting here

you know right now we did learn a lot

but we left hungry oh we love starving

his food was awesome his food is awesome

they didn't give us any more free food

but no smoking windmill bbq

food is awesome and i did actually get a

uh thanksgiving turkey oh that's right

you picked your turkey up from there

yeah and that was that was absolutely

incredible the most flavorful turkey

i've ever had and he does that every


um so you can find actually if you go to

episode 25 on our website

it will have the links and if you live


north texas area definitely go check

them out because their food is

incredible it is fantastic food uh what

is it that

the ufo that that deal that's what i had

had i

i got that and they're they're burn-ins

fantastic the brisket's good the potato

salad's good look it's all good it

really is it's all good i mean i can

just go down the menu and say yep good

good good good it

it's all good and they're right next

door to martian margaritas where alien

ale is from so

you go in there you go ahead and place

your order while shawn's getting it

ready for you you walk next door

you go have an alien ale and by the time

you're done with that beer

you walk back next door and your food's

ready to go and you can eat it there if

you want to or

you know they'll pack it up for you to

take it down yeah or get an uber home

because do not trust the alcohol content


the cans of alien oh do not trust the

content it's crazy baby

yeah beer tasting vodka yes yeah

yeah jason's being a little sneaky on

that one yes

so episode 26 we go back to music and we

talk about youtube's album the

unforgettable fire which

for me i think it marked an era where i


really into kind of not quite alt rock

at that point because i'm not sure alt

rock existed as a thing back then but

that whole album that was kind of the

infancy of it yeah it was a kind of

theme album and

there's just one of those albums which

sticks out you know among a lot of

others from that time

and um you know some great songs on

there like bad

um yeah we went through the whole record

and and all that now yeah that was a

fantastic album yeah that was a

fun episode yeah after that ironically

we released a bonus recap of episodes

one to five

the ones where we can't really remember

anything in it other than talking about


and just put together a whole bunch of

clips actually we didn't

oh no oh and we didn't that was my boy

that was that son that did that

yeah yeah yeah actually i've listened to

it it might have even put in bit some

other people's podcasts just to

cheer we honestly don't know what's in

that because i've never listened to it


but my boy decided he was gonna piece


some like clips from one to five and

honestly he was supposed to do like six

to ten

and every time we did five episodes he

was going to put these recaps together

for us

and i said yeah go ahead and do it so he

did the first five he said well here it

is and i'm like

okay well we'll release that and i never

listened to it so

yeah for all we know it's not even our

podcast on there no

yeah if it's not let us know because

we're too lazy to go back and listen to

it well we're not going to change it

probably just keep it to yourself

yeah yeah that's true i mean even if

it's not our podcast

yeah we'll just leave it up there yeah

youtube is still going to pay for us

every time somebody clicks on it

that's true yeah might as well leave it

yeah so episode 27

last year we talked about vaccines

before the vaccine was really out there

it was still in its experimental stage

is it yeah it kind of is

well we we had that list of you know hey

here's some things maybe we want to talk

about and so

vaccines was on the list and we went

ahead and did that not even knowing

that very soon after they were going to

talk about the covid vaccine and the

the different variants of the vaccine

and all that stuff that was

lucky basically that we just decided to

have that episode and then boom it was


like a week week and a half later was

like oh the vaccines are coming out for

this and we're like

oh well we timed that one good but that

was pure luck of the draw it's not like

we had insider information from our

buddy eric

to tell us to go ahead and do this yeah

and get that episode out there yeah

so and uh by that point we'd already had

covid for an afternoon

yeah and so we were already decided they

could stick the vaccines up there

but you know what if you look back on


it did you a favor because you missed

watching episode eight because of covid

i didn't have clothes that day i thought

that was the day i had a headache or

something that day

i thought that was when you had no idea

no that cover didn't last that long kobe

didn't last as long as episode eight

no that's true covered i could think i

think i had the symptoms i thought

that's when you had the cover down no

i had it like about eight o'clock at

night and it lasted to about ten o'clock

and then it went away and so i ate a


oh and then i got tested for the

antibodies about a week later and

oh yeah you had covered yeah okay all

right fair enough we'll go with that


so episode 28 is where we really got

into the kind of guests that

you know the world was waiting for we

got our

local library representatives oh yeah

kelly keller library and amazingly

even though that was episode 28 she had

the most youtube

views of any podcast we had done by that

point now

that's true there were a lot of people

that jumped on and

listened to it on on youtube and we had

a lot of downloads of it as well

uh tel er telly kelly told

a very interesting story about the

library as of today and

what you can actually get out of the

library because i just thought it was

books but

turns out you can do a lot more at the

library so open my eyes to

you know why we should still have public

libraries so

they've even got sex or dating kits at

the public library that's true

you can't use them at the library but

they do have them well she never

take them home no she never said you

could she said you can rent them out and

you bring it back

yeah but she never said you couldn't use

them at the library what do you think

they have a special

space for it possibly like an area

designated for using the dating kits for

people who've got kids at home and

right want some everybody if they don't

maybe they should yeah so there's that

that's right

oh and she did win after coming on that


she won library employee of the year oh

no not

library employee of the year city

employees city employee of the year

and they did actually mention in the

speech that she came on our podcast

and she got her own parking space yeah

she did so

exactly it wasn't it like two spaces

further away from where she

probably yeah because i don't think the

uh the library parking lots ever without


well it's all it was all dry through at

that point because it covered so well


was going in yeah that's a good place

yeah so it was two spaces

away from where she the sad part is she

used to park in the shade

now she has to park in the sun so yeah

um 29 episode 29 we addressed

thanksgiving if for no other reasons


as click bait because we figured some

people might want to hear about

something about thanksgiving especially

people who don't really have families or

close friends of their own maybe because

they're really dislikable

but i still want to share in the

thanksgiving spirit and

uh well listen to not only that but we

were still kind of playing off the

we did a halloween one we did an

election one it's like hey

thanksgiving's coming up

are we supposed to do a thanksgiving one

yeah i guess so yeah so that's why we

did that

we will milk all holidays next next year


it's going to be an episode oh we missed

juneteenth well it didn't exist

officially this year as a holiday day

well yeah i guess it was unofficial yeah

so now it's officially so next year

how are we gonna remember that i don't

know uh

you know we'll forget i don't know what

month is in

april oh yeah yeah april 15th

right yeah okay so uh

episode 36 was a breakthrough for us

because we released

our trailer the trailer that we have in

front of our videos on youtube oh that's


an absolutely incredible piece now how

much did we pay for that bit

five dollars five dollars so we paid

five dollars for the logo and five

dollars for our trailer

yes yeah that is correct so if anybody

wants a logo

or a trailer doing get in touch with us

and we would

forward you to the guy who uh well now

just so we're clear

two different people did that one dude

did our logo

another dude did the trailer yeah oh and

the dude who did the voice

over for our oh that's a different dude

that's right that's the different dude

that we see five dollars as well he's a

little more than five

more five dollars yeah because he did

the intro and the outro

so i had to pay more than five bucks for

that one right but not that much more

yeah well worth the money though

yeah absolutely yeah so uh

episode 30 we go very deep into our

minds and talk about

simulation theory now this was one which

we had to look up a lot because other

than the song by muse

my understanding of simulation theory

outside of

matrix related stuff i didn't really

know what it was on about and by the end

of it

still not 100 sure i'm still

pretty sure my understanding of it is

the matrix and that's about it yeah

that's in that ready player one yeah

that's about it that's what

all lines yeah so if you want to learn

about simulation

theory uh there are lots of good links


but perhaps if you'd like to listen to

two people making fun of the simulation

theory then

listen to our podcast yep now episode 31

we had one of my favorite guests on

interview with mr j

davis oh yeah we like jay great comedian

he's got a couple of his own shows on


he has an animated series fantastic

writer director incredible guy by the


since this is episode 100 episode 99

is the return of jay davis and i know

i'm kind of jumping ahead

but you know we we like jay and we're

going to have a few guests back but

jay was one of those early guests where

we decided hey we want to have him back

and we want to catch up so

episode 99 is where jay davis comes back

and catches us up with everything he had

done since that first episode yeah

uh episode 32 we talk about one of our

great loves

uh star wars but we then discuss

not one of our great loves the star wars

prequels yes

in that episode where funnily enough

it's like

once it's compared to the final trilogy

it's really not bad

true you know it kind of went up like

about three points on imdb

after the final trilogy came out because

people would go in there and be like

i'm sorry for what i said yeah i mean

i'm really sorry for a lot of things i

said about the prequels right

after i saw the sequels i mean when you

from the first six episodes

you're like okay jar jar binks i want to

punch in the face

right after episode yeah after episode

seven and eight

he's not really even in the top five now

i still want to punch him in the face

probably kick him in his flappy nuts as


i don't know what i don't know what the

gang guns are

how they mate i don't know it's like lay

eggs or

i don't know um it's an old topic yeah

yeah don't want to get too deep into

that no no

no no but um yeah so he's not our least

favorite character

true yeah congratulations


you're tall lanky annoying

episode 33 was entitled pieces of eight

uh it was all about pirates actually we

had a great discussion about pirates yes

history of pirates famous pirates we did

actually record

a little sketch that i wrote with both

of us playing the characters actually i

played two characters you had to play


because you wrote three characters for

some reason and then

you forgot there's only two of us so you

had to play two of the characters

yeah and uh yeah we kind of enacted that

but i don't know what kind of

environment yeah we could actually

release that podcast because it was a

little bit controversial

it was we ended up cutting it from the

actual podcast we still have it we still


i still have it uh but but yeah we would

have probably

yeah once got in trouble yeah if we ever

get too big to cancel like joe rogan

then we'll release it yeah because he

can say anything get away with it and

once we get to that point

we will release it yeah it is funny and

it's not really offensive unless you're

looking to be offended

true there's a few offensive bits in it

yeah there is but not a lot

it's offensive it is somewhat offensive


yeah then we get into another one of my

vacations because you do

two back-to-back interviews episode 34

and 35

you're interviewing kevin brennan yeah


on 35 ran to loose so uh

that was that was just before christmas


i want to say it was sometime sometime

around christmas it was decemberish

and so you went on yet another vacation

and so

i got a hold of my friend kevin brennan

who lives in los angeles

and does a lot of writing and acting and

all that out there been in several

movies and everything

i grew up with and we went to high

school together and everything so i said

hey you're in town

hey let's go ahead and do a podcast

episode so

uh did it remotely even though we were

both in the same town

and uh got that recorded and that was

one that we put out on video on youtube

and then after kevin i called a friend

of mine ran toulouse who's in the

mortgage business

knows everything about writing a texas


and said hey look you know there's

people out here trying to buy houses

lots of people are moving into texas

maybe they need to find out a little bit

more about mortgages so if you have

questions about that

listen to that podcast get a hold of him

he's your dude

yeah and he's probably a really good

person to reach out to right now given

all the

house prices going through the roof but

that's only going to last for a period

of time so if you want to cash in

and go live in a trailer or maybe get a

winnebago or something

now is the time to do that yep true

uh episode 36 we touched on

not inappropriately we touched on one of

our favorite topics cryptocurrency

uh talked a lot about bitcoin the

origins of bitcoin how cryptocurrency

works although

i'm not entirely sure the description i

gave in the podcast here's how it works

i don't think anybody's entirely sure

how it works but

we know it works it works i mean it's

still popular

it's rolling out elon musk is

controlling it but that's

okay and we have uh got more

cryptocurrency since that episode that

is true we have been collecting it


yeah gaining our wealth hiding it for

tax reasons yeah

half a pen half a penny at a time yeah

and one of these days we're to cash in

and we are going to buy a starbucks

yeah and not not the restaurant just an

actual like drink

i don't know we might have enough money

by then why it's going yeah you never


yeah episode 38

for some strange reason we decided to

return to science which

after going through the simulation

theory was

we probably should have knocked it back

a few months but uh

it's called get out of my wormhole and

despite our lack of understanding

on uh simulation theory we discovered

that we understand wormholes somewhat

less than

yes simulations this is one before we

got started with

recording this episode you said hey

there's some of these i don't remember

anything about

to get out of my wormhole one i even

forgot we did that one

i i know zero about what you said during

that one the only thing i remember about

that episode is before we recorded it

because i did all the research on that

one is

i showed you the piece of paper well we

both did that thing where you fold the

piece of paper and draw a circle on it

and say like the shortcut is when you

fold the paper over oh

right and that's the idea behind a

wormhole yeah

okay yeah i still didn't really

understand it because i don't understand

how you move something two-dimensionally


four dimensions and then i don't i don't

know i know

3d movies you have to wear the glasses

yeah but that's about it

unless you've got a d even if you've got

a 3d tv

i think you still have to wear glasses

even if you have a 3d tv

that's as bad as getting the covered

vaccine and still having to wear a mask

yeah very close to it yeah so uh episode

39 we touch upon christmas something we


know something about and uh we had

recollections of

christmas memories from childhood

decided that was continuing to go on

with our theory that oh here's another

holiday so here's an easy topic to do a


on yeah and uh i don't i can't remember

but i don't think you got crap for


and i didn't get much for christmas

because my girlfriend was saving up for

my xbox series x at the time which we


find but remember at this time

you know back at christmas time that's

what we both wanted yeah and we were out

there hunting it's like well if i can't

have this i don't want anything so we


we were being kind of brats a little bit

saying well if i can't have my xbox

series x i don't want anything

for christmas yeah that's pretty much

what we got yeah unfortunately that got

pretty much fulfilled to the letter yeah

and uh yeah for about the moment

at this point in that way yeah yeah

true so um episode 40

we had an interview with an author named

ian park

who lives over the pond in my original


england yes that was a very difficult

episode for me to understand what the

two of them were talking about because

the the english accents really got

turned on deep during that

and i got lost i got lost during most of


but ian's an interesting guy has a

publishing company he has several

authors underneath him

that they're all putting out great books

so check out bad press inc

and give him a shout yeah

um episode 41 we talked about beards now

during the research part of this i

discovered that a beard

was a man or a yeah a man who

hangs around no hold up a homosexual man


hangs around women as a friend or is it

as who pretends to be a

no i thought it was a boyfriend a


man who hangs around lesbians

is it i think so i think that's what

that well you can see obviously from

yeah we did we've clearly remembered


but we did put the disclaimer in there

that we weren't talking about those type

of beards we were talking about these

type of beasts

right not yeah and we did get free

sample from yes

from two beards dot club so two beards


beards dot club yeah uh they've got lots

of beard products they sent us some

samples and everything and

if you put in wolf shepard at checkout

you get a discount from them so check

them out if you're

buying you know beard products like

beard oil or you know any of that stuff

get it from those guys it's all natural

stuff the one

smelled like you could eat it yeah i

mean i was

really i'm i still have a little bit

left so i mean look how long ago that


in those two samples they sent i still

have that so this stuff

lasts a long time so keep that in mind


yeah he rubs it on his balls on date

night with his wife actually that's why

it lasts so long because date nights are


twice a year so uh

episode 42 again we decided to cash in

on the new year

and released welcome to 2021 where we


i don't know we kind of figured it'd be

more of the same it'd be a crap hole

like 2020 but so far our

past about the first few months it's

actually been all right

it's not been bad yeah it's been better

than 2020 but that's not really saying

much i mean there are a few kind of

stabs to the heart with pepe le pew

getting cancelled

things like that poor pepe yeah yeah so

i mean that kind of ruined the beginning

of 2021 for us

yes but it's picked up because like i

said we recently got a series x

and yes now that's true yeah that's been

the highlight so far of 2021 i think

yeah now on episode 43 we actually had a

friend of mine

uh come into the studio a guy named

landon hughes and he was talking about

autism and being on the

spectrum uh because there's many of my


my listeners our listeners know my son

has uh

autism he's eight years old and landon

was actually his therapist for

uh a few years uh absolutely fantastic


and despite even everything i've learned

across the years having a son with

autism he was very educational taught us

a lot

fantastic guy knows all his stuff you

know he was such a blessing to my son my

son absolutely loves him

really interesting podcast if you have

any friends

uh relatives who have any old any uh

kids on the spectrum it's a wonderful

podcast to listen to actually was one

where i remember when

you said we were going to bring landon

in and i said

look you're going to have to carry this

one i don't

really know all that much about it i

don't know how much i'm going to

interject and you said hey i've got this


and i ended up i think asking him more

questions than you did

i mean it was it was really interesting

what the guy had to say

it it really was that that's one of our

more educational podcasts that you can

definitely walk away from that one and

learn something yeah

now um ironically

i forgot to mention episode number 37

and the reason you skip over one and the

reason it's ironic

is it it's entitled down memory lane

where we actually talk about different

parts of the brain and its role in

memories and

you know how short-term memory can be

damaged how you can improve your memory

all this stuff and uh

yeah forgot to mention that one just

glanced over the top of it

yeah i mean obviously we we hardly ever

have the computer in front of us but

there was no way we were going to

remember all these episodes right now

and even with the computer in front of

us we still forgot it yeah

we can't even read a screen yeah so it's

still not going to be 100 success

from now well actually you know what

that puts me at ease because i was

waiting to screw up

now it's been gone yeah now it's behind


yeah oh it'll happen again yeah so

episode number 44

we talk about the jerusalem syndrome oh

wait a second wait a second

you skipped it way back there so it took

us like seven or eight episodes for you

to realize we skipped that one

yeah kind of i literally thought we were

on 38 until you said episode

44. so there's our next screw up no i

was just scrolling and

saw it disappear into the distance when

i was like

don't think i talked about right yeah

okay so jerusalem syndrome yeah

that was one that was a topic you came

up with um

for those of you don't know about it

when people go to jerusalem

some people develop this syndrome hence

the jerusalem syndrome where they

overtaken by religious fervents

and there's been a lot of people who


been admitted to psychiatric hospitals


it's been so intense that you know

they've completely lost the plot

basically yeah

and it's lasted sometimes

weeks after they've come home but the

majority of cases

it just disappears as soon as they get

to the airport yeah

yeah once they get out of jerusalem it

goes away like literally

the only way to get it is to go over

there and the only way to get rid of it

is to get out of there yeah it's uh

it's very bizarre yeah i tried catching

it on the internet using google earth

but it didn't work as well as going to

jerusalem i wonder

with that new microsoft flight simulator

on the x if we fly to jerusalem if we

can catch it that way

yeah well i'm gonna kind of explore like

famous areas on flight simulator but at

the moment i'm just concentrating on

smashing the plane into ex-girlfriends


yeah that'll be fun that's gonna take

you a while that's gonna take a long


i hope there's an achievement for that

it should be yes yeah

so uh episode 45 great episode for us we

had an interviewer

interview with dallas jenkins who's the

writer and director of the chosen

yes which is a tv show based upon

the life and times of jesus actually

from jesus's perspective

uh dallas is an awesome guy a fantastic

writer and director

and he said he's actually gonna make

seven seasons of the chosen i think he's

just released season two

yeah season two was out and i actually

had a chance to catch up with dallas a

few days ago

on clubhouse and they had just finished

that up and we're

you know gearing up for season three and

shows plugging along real well so you

know if you're looking for something to

watch out there watch the chosen i mean

it's completely crowd funded

doesn't cost you anything to watch it

there's an app that goes along with it

you want to donate some money towards

the show you can you don't have to

uh all they ask is that you just share

the show around and

you know watch the show and it's really

really well done

yeah dallas dallas and crew let's not

let's not just say dallas does the whole

thing himself he's got a crew behind him

and everything else too but you know

dallas is that writer and director and

he does he did a great job and continues

to do a great job with the show

yeah um episode 46 one of our most

successful episodes

was with another one of our friends

scott junior erickson

who uh is the author of the unknown the

unknown mongol

um about being in the mongol um


club uh yeah or as we say in america

motorcycle club

yeah so yeah junior wrote two books uh

the unknown

mongol and the unknown mongol two and uh

i've known junior for a while back when

i wrote some biker books and everything

we kind of crossed paths and uh traded

some emails back and forth so

when the podcast thing came along i

hollered at him and i said hey junior

uh you mind coming on the podcast let's

promote your book and

you know let me ask you some questions


the wolf said you know one of our more

successful podcasts that's true it


the most comments the most emails and

everything about it and a lot of them


why do you keep interrupting the guy you

know why do you keep interrupting him

and i just kind of blew everything off

and the wolf went on to

some of the youtube comments and said

you know hey we're going to do a q a

you know just hang tight i finally put a

comment out there saying look

i wasn't interrupting junior that's the

way i edited

that one and it just came off that way

because i made the edits so tight

on there it sounded like i was

interrupting him but

junior is the last guy that i'm gonna

interrupt because he'll hop on his bike

and come over here to texas and

you know mess me up so yeah the good

news is

that i did speak with junior uh sunday

actually a few days ago and junior is

going to come back on the podcast

it's going to be video it's going to be

q a i'm just going to ask him all these

questions that have been submitted uh

the the list has gotten really long

junior's got some extra stuff he wants

to tell us with what's been going on

that's going to come out real soon so

stay tuned for that but

catch yourself up with the original

junior podcast

so you can you know get that back story

now we did actually record a video for

yes start

bad i was doing the zoom part on my

phone and i didn't realize that well

now it's now leather speaking right i


on camera but i was on camera so i was

walking around i went to the bathroom

i had allergies at the time so i think i

picked my nose maybe about 24 times

i think i was looking for stuff to eat

and yeah so i

i didn't realize it been recorded i

thought i was completely out of the

picture when i wasn't talking so we

didn't release the video for that

yeah i had a setting wrong on zoom

so rather than just the speaker being


it was you know the normal deal where

all three of us were on there

and that was my fault and so when i sent

the video version

uh to junior and then i watched it back

i realized

oh you know it this didn't turn out well

because i

had some stuff going on in the

background as well and

it it the video just was an absolute

mess and the audio

you know turned out great but video was

an absolute mess so we had to scrap it

yeah excuse me

right over there so by episode 46 we

still hadn't learned how to use zoom

properly that's true

yeah and we still struggle that's it

we've gotten better

now but yeah so by episode 46 we were


you still haven't figured out how not to

hit your microphone well that's true but

it's kind of intrusive

i'm not really used other than my dog

i'm not really used to things

constantly this close to me so episode


we talked about vampires which was a

very interesting topic we spoke about

the origin of the vampire legends around

the world

some famous vampires including barney

the vampire which is one of the earliest

books and we decided not the most

frightening name i mean dracula

you know dracula the dragon that's kind

of scary but

barney not so much so much i don't think

in any language not even in romanian i

don't know what the romanian translation

of barney is

still not i think barney

yeah that's why it's still not scary in

a little bit more of a kind of middle

european accent

barney is that middle european

i don't know we'll do a dracula accent i

have killed

two subjects you don't do that but do

that barney

is that it i can't do it then

there's no there's no v's in it that's

what you have to do

you have to swap the w for a v i bond

barney you can't do it i think you still

can uh well i can't i don't know that

your barney

in there hi i'm barney and i want to

drink your blood i'm barney

yeah now yeah let's stop that he needs

to write he needs to write his own

right episode 48 we talked about bowling

which to me is like a very random thing

because sometimes i can score

42 and other times i can score like 190.

yeah but there's just no guarantee it's

kind of sad though what's happened with

bowling because it used to be so popular

and now it's just not as popular anymore

well that's because with the wii and

connect coming along most people got

their money's worth and decided that

they sucked

playing it there so they didn't have to

waste their money and actually put

proper bowling in

place and bowling is so expensive that's

what i can't figure out

yeah it is such an expensive sport i

mean by the time you

go through all that you could play golf

and golf is considered a very expensive


right but it's almost the same cost yeah

that's bizarre

yeah we could suck outdoors having a

nice walk right

oh no well we're not gonna walk we're

gonna ride in the car yeah so episode 49

we bought fourth lots of life hacks for

our listeners to um

put put into action and a couple of them

were decent

i remember doing the live hacks episode

but i don't remember any of the life

hacks at all well there was one where

you could make a lantern

sorry a night light for your child's

bedroom if they had any old dolls

you could take the head off them and put

an electric light or something

in the head of the doll and so it


gadget the the kind of like night table

by your kid and obviously

gives them nightmares and requires

therapy for the next 30 years but

no that was one of the life wrong with

that if you want to torture your kids

because you don't like them then you

know just

rip the heads off their dolls and

they'll be like why not oh

i thought i'd lost that doll is that

susie's head

nope nope you sure daddy yeah

yep so episode 50

we return to star wars and talk about

star wars a new hope so we were actually


in this episode except for my comment on

the youtube video where i said uh

was it the prequel should have been

called no hope or something like that


no no that was episode eight yeah yeah

now we're

that that was the one where we had

planned ahead that we were gonna do that


i was not in very good mental shape for

that and

i had extreme trouble for some reason

remembering the movie

and you hope yeah i think that was that

episode wasn't it

no or was that the prequels one as the

prequels yeah

gonna have to go back and listen to that

down memory lane because i just can't

remember this

synopsis remember on the on the prequels

about what happened in each one and all


stuff the uh oh okay things which don't


i thought that was the new hope one that

you made me explain the episode

it was the prequels and i forgot a lot

of stuff from the prequels

okay i got those confused right that

makes sense um episode 51

we had an interview with some people who

would never heard of about a show we'd

never heard of but it turned out to be

an entertaining

uh podcast and their show was actually

gaining followers and

gaining in popularity so hopefully if it

gets really famous we'll write off the

back of this interview as i think it was

the first one they ever did

it was with uh gary masalli and gary

mckee from the freshman search

oh yeah a couple of interesting dudes


that was one i think you were on yet

another vacation yeah and so

i handled that one by myself it'd been a

month or so yeah it

you were overdue yeah by then so uh talk

to them and talk to them about their


and of course it's fully released now so

uh at that time i think they only had

like one or two episodes out

so the show's you know fully released i

think they're talking about doing a

season two and all that so go check

their show out

freshman circus yeah and uh we still

have some posters left which they

dropped us off so if you would like a


we will go ahead and sign it which will

bring no value it to it whatsoever but

it doesn't have their secrets i never

even thought about that no it does have

all right then we won't

sign it and ruin it then we'll just send

it out to you now we can sign the back

oh yeah we'll sign the back yeah that

way if you want to frame it

you won't see our signal well also in

case you forget who sent it to you in a

few years

time yeah so if you want one hold on

yeah uh episode 52 this is

one of the first episodes other than

vampires which we did where

we expected nobody to listen who this

uh episode applied to it was uh the


yes i started feeling bad for the amish

and i was hoping that somebody got a

hold of them

about cobin just to make sure they were


and so uh i reached out to the amish

community and made sure that they were

okay and that there were no coveted

cases or whatever

and then so i told the wolf hey we need

to cover the amish we need to do a


just for the amish community for them to

listen to

and he gave me a funny look and he said

i don't think you understand why this is

a bad idea but we'll go ahead and do it

i never understood why it was a bad idea

of course you know the amish they're

going to listen to a podcast about

themselves so we recorded a podcast

about the amish

yeah we decided we are actually going to

go and pay the amish community in texas

to visit

somebody yes oh that's right we were

supposed to line that up

yeah but i'm not quite sure how we get

in touch with them to let them know that

we'll be on our way

i've got i've got an inside inside


person yeah yeah because i reached out

to them made sure they were okay so

yeah i'll shoot them an email well if

you remember on one of my recent

vacations to colorado

i saw a bus load of amish people and

they had like

iphones and stuff and kind of looked a

bit shady

to me i think there was a discount if

you if you were from a

sect or something well that's all

dressed like amish and 7.99 each

yeah but you get those group discounts

you know you say you work for some

company and you get a 10

discount on your cell phone bill so

that's probably what they did yeah

not good for them uh we did actually

have another bonus episode thrown in

where i

actually draw the shepherd now if you go

watch the video on youtube

well that that's a youtube only that is

a youtube owner yeah

yeah the audio is actually better than

the video

so because you'll be very disappointed

if you actually see the final drawing

yeah that's true i managed to make you

look very jewish

and yeah so cross between a uh acidic

jew and mr potato head

yeah with a beard but to be honest with

you it's one of your better drawings it

is one of my better drawings

and it took me less than a minute yeah

yeah i mean with the time constraints

you did a good job

yeah so uh episode 53 again we decided

to jump on another bandwagon and discuss

cancer culture yes and that was a timely

episode too

because that's when cancel culture was

really kind of gaining some steam

um you know i think that was just before


yeah got cancelled we didn't see that

one coming

and wish we it well now that's

the wrong way to say that because we

don't wish pepe got cancelled

but wish we maybe would have done that

episode after

pepe got canceled so we could have

talked a little more about that

but well i think if we could have seen

pepe come in maybe we would have got

banned a little bit earlier

that's true yeah that's very true um

54 we go on to j-pop again

trying to milk the popularity and using

the hashtag very liberally

yes some people who can't speak the

language might take

type in j-pop in english and think oh

i'm gonna

listen to something really fantastic

about j-pop it wasn't

no it's basically i was just making fun

of j-pop

but i didn't even know j-pop existed

that's true

now there is a hamburger restaurant here

close to us called kpop burger and

i went there and you know ate lunch one


and they had korean pop music on and i

never put two and two together

i always said i wonder why this is

called kpop burger

and then i walked in and saw the korean

pop music

going and realized they had kimchi that

you could put on the hamburger i'm like

oh now i understand

now i know why you're calling this place

that so i knew a little bit about k-pop

but i knew

zero about james well the big difference

between k-pop and j-pop is the girls in


are a lot harder than the girls in j

pride we did establish that fact

and there's a one-letter difference in

the alphabet there is yeah

jdk yep yep so

episode 55 we had an interview with mr

daniel miller

and he is head of some group which uh

investigates succession for texas the

texas nationalist movement yeah

yeah interesting dude very interesting i

gotta admit he was

probably the first guest where

the wolf and i said you know what we

gotta get a little bit better set up

you know because daniel miller had a

pretty cool setup and

you know had a good camera good

microphone uh

all of that stuff and we're still

literally using our phones for zoom

at this point also in my son's bedroom i

think you can actually see his bed in

the background

yeah that and the empire strikes back

poster in the background like

you know the cast yeah yeah eventually

we're going to have to step up our game

a little bit i mean this dude pops up

and he's got this cool setup and so my


part kind of kicks in i'm like we we got

to fix this man

and so that was how long ago and we're

just now

basically getting it fixed so just about

mid february

yeah exactly so i'm better late than


right episode 56 we covered music and

lyrics where we chose

i think five songs each and chose our

favorite lyrics oh yeah i remember that

our favorite lyrics from five different


our favorite lyrics and what they kind

of mean to us and whatever that one was

a little unfair because

you showed up to the studio and you

already had your five picked and you

just basically

shoved a blank piece of paper in front

of me and said pick five songs your

favorite lyrics and we're gonna record

in 10 minutes well i thought that'd be

easy for you because you listen to the

same playlist on repeat

every day that's true i mean like

literally every day

yeah but it's 30 years well it's 33

hours long though yeah

so you know in an eight-hour day it

almost makes it through the week because

i have it on the

little shuffle play on spotify so i

don't bother with

the same song you do i know i got to put

some more songs on there

yeah um episode 57

we delve into a different side of

science that is biology biology

minus 101 right now i can't remember why

we called it minus 101 other than the

fact it wasn't really educational and i

don't want

any students going on yeah the last one

the last thing we want to do is mess

somebody up in college we didn't want

anybody expecting it to be a ted talk

yeah or listen to that podcast and then

think they could just test out a biology

now you're talking about ted that um the

teddy bear

yeah which cusses a lot now him this

this would have probably come from here

i was so disappointed when i found out

ted talks were not that teddy bear

making speeches i honestly will not

yes why not why not have ted do ted


yeah why is it called ted talks do you

even know the educational something


oh it stands for something it's not just

some dude named ted that says

hey i'm here to host these talks i'm not

sure but i think it's the educational

something rather

that's even more disappointing because i

hope one day to maybe have ted

on the podcast right so there is no ted

i don't know

okay well yep one more thing to

disappoint me yeah

oh talk of disappointment episode 58 was

on english dating

um gave examples from my own

non-existent dating life in england and


stories which i'd come across on a forum

actually a football 365 uh soccer forum

and people were writing and telling

about their worst first dates or were

stating experience in england and so i

read out a bunch of those to make myself

feel better about

my failed romantic did you did you five

years of my life i was like did you feel

better after that was over with

uh yeah a little bit okay good yeah i

think that's pretty much the only reason

we did that was to try to make you feel

a little bit better about it well the


the story that made me feel better was

the girl who was crazy

followed the guy into the bathroom after

he boasted he could pee the highest

and she told him to close his eyes she

took off her tights

pooped in the tights and started beating

him with the tights with the poop in it

yes and then we you had to explain to me

what the tights were

yeah yeah oh i do remember that yeah

that that one's worth a

go back in the sn2 absolutely yeah so uh

episode 59 we had to deal with a crisis

which we barely made it through alive

that is texas snowmageddon

oh that's true that was right in the

middle of february where the entire


almost shut down all you could see

on the roads were four wheel drive

vehicles i had to come pick you up if

you didn't have a four wheel drive


so i was in my jeep wrangler or

electricity oh that's right for three

and a half days almost four days now

trista you add electricity so it well at

my house

i had electricity an hour on an hour yes

so exactly an hour so you had to guess

sometimes it's 47 minutes

so we were trying to do some editing

and all of that stuff in the studio and

we would have electricity for about an

hour then it would go off

yeah and so basically we had to time it

and we had to say

okay the power should be on in about

five six minutes let's get everything


and then the power would cut on and we'd

start recording and we go

until the power shut off and then we

piece everything together

yeah so but it's warmer than sitting at

home i left my girlfriend sitting at


well also remember though it never

really got

too warm in here no because that 55-ish

yeah i i think the highest we got it was

59 but it was 42 at home when my

girlfriend was

yeah it it sucked she didn't die so no

every cloud and all that yeah well at

least you left her at home

with no electricity and came up here to

get warm every hour on the hour yeah


i think it was only fair that one of us

should survive sure

it might as well be me absolutely one

with the podcast and i didn't worry

about my family they

you know had heat and everything we had

gas heat too and never lost electricity

so yeah

so uh episode 61 we actually

interviewed our local mayor mr armin

mizani yeah that was a fun

episode i honestly wish we had this set

up for

yeah i mean i really do yeah uh

interesting dude

um down to earth uh just

great overall and and was happy he

showed up i mean there was

no hesitation we sent him a note or an

email or whatever he immediately


and said you know what y'all's schedule

looked like we gave him a date he said

yep that'll work for me

came in he's a cool guy yeah and if you

then mow me ten dollars i'll send you

his personal cell phone number

i'll do it for nine but i don't have


so there you go i guess it's just me


yep now episode 62 we

jumped into a topic which we don't know

anything about for a change

which is most of our tasks most of our

topics hip-hop hip-hop philosophy where

oh that's right i went through the

various stages of hip-hop

from the 80s through the 90s 2000s and

modern day

discussed the horror that was christian


back in kind of like the early to mid

90s one of my friends at college

had gone to a christian music festival


uh he'd picked up a bootleg christian

rap tape which was a

i think a combination of christian rap

artists and had been filmed from like

live festivals and all this stuff and um

the first song on it was pretty amazing

and i think i read the lyrics

which i will never forget and it was a

what what do we have here it's the holy

book let's open it up and take a look

and that was literally the style of

wrapping on this song for about four

minutes and 38 seconds

yeah i do remember that part i know i

remember it was on a tdk 120 minute tape

i think it's one of those first types

right you know they all used to be 90

minutes until they found a way to

compress the

audio and make them all basically just

put more tape in there i can't remember

what they did

right but anyway yeah it was full of and

uh we sat there one day and listened

through these songs and you know

right yeah that was a fun episode yeah

yeah yeah the rapture could not come

quickly enough now no no not at all

yeah episode number 63 we talk about

emotional intelligence

uh oh that we didn't know was a thing

yeah we were in a

clubhouse room i think yeah people kept

mentioning it so we thought we'd

piss over it yeah and that's pretty much

what we did so if you don't know about

emotional intelligence

listen to that one and we pretty much

tell you everything you need to know


you know a very short episode yeah if

you don't know anything about emotional

intelligence just suck it up

yeah cup there you go yeah 64

we gave some advice on dating and


mail order brides yeah still exist we

went back to the origin of we either

we did have to make sure that they still

exist and they do still exist yeah

and was interesting they originated on

the old frontier days when men can

find themselves a wife and so eventually

you know after getting bored of writing

back to the churches on the east coast

or in new england area uh they started

figuring well we can get some

somewhat less demanding and more

obedient women from overseas

and uh that was

that was actually a very educational

episode it was

uh you would think that we just kind of

laughed our way through that one but

we actually had a lot of informative

information about mail-order brands

and they are still available if you

don't like them except now it's more

kind of email order

rights no that's true yeah you don't

have to waste money but but that's

that's also one of those things that

we've kind of held on to the old

technology for the name

kind of like we still say hang up the

phone but yeah you don't

hang up the phone anymore you just click

the button on the phone

so is that how you do it on your own

yes why isn't the shepherd hung up yet

he doesn't have the use of both hands

that's true yeah

right yeah um episode 65 was quite


we interviewed a guy who was the


candidate running for governor of texas

and it was interesting wasn't it

he had some interesting views on some


yeah that one was interesting that's

pretty much yeah

so the next episode the next episode

actually was a bonus

episode where we did uh advert for a

friend of ours oh that's right for a

chance yeah he was

uh putting it up again

yeah yeah so go on youtube and uh and

check out our advert that we did for

chance and we will do adverts for

almost literally anybody even if you're

a back street abortionist or

except for dave matthews except for them


um but yeah no i mean if you're selling

meth that you're making in your bathtub

we can make an ad for you

yes uh we have lots of technology now

and special effects and everything so

yeah hit us up we did have special


and we did yeah we actually had uh


animation motion it was fantastic check

it out yeah wait

we're uh i'm sure it just like the dude

that got hired

when he did the deep fake thing for mark


and lucasfilm hired him because he did a

better job

than disney did for the last episode of

the mandalorian

yeah i think we might get hired for our

work on

that ad so go check it out it's likely

um episode 66 we talk about

fake plastic trees not the one in the

corner of the room

hey actually the song no don't say

that's fake

we could have gotten away with the fact

that that was real

why'd you just have to tell everybody

that was a fake tree because they know

we don't water it

oh okay and it's been plus

it's the same height that's always been

yeah it's not grown

and i think actually when i move out the

way properly you can see that it's not

even got proper soil in it

well yeah that's true but we did use it

to hide the mess in the back

we did that was its first function

actually that is true

so anyway no we talked about uh fake

plastic trees by radiohead went through

the lyrics meaning of the lyrics

um talked a little bit about the album

it was from

a very powerful song and uh

yeah and fun talking about that yep now

episode 67 we decided uh to continue

with the political theme and we

interviewed another candidate for


not of texas not of texas now was it

west virginia or just virginia no just

virginia just virginia yeah

mr merle rutledge moe was

uh last i checked on all mural uh he

didn't make it

no he did not make he was a very outside

thing but he's been gaining traction i

mean when he first started he had very


interest and now he's gaining you know a

lot more followers

i would say watch out for him in the

next election yeah

i i think he learned a lot from this

first run yeah and

watch out for him in the next one and

it'll be kind of cool if

he could get up there and get elected

and we have him back on the program if

he runs another campaign we'll

definitely have him back yeah we like


oh um i know everybody was waiting for

the second mistake

um i just found the second mistake i

made i skipped another episode

um episode 60 ask us anything

yeah i mean we could actually take all

the ask us anythings and just kind of

rope it into one

quick explanation not really because ask

ask the ask

us any things were just individual

emails we'd got from listeners

no that's true with questions marriage

proposals for the shepherd even though

they know full well he's married i am

married because he complains a little

bit sometimes they think there's an in

oh but a bit um so yeah we had a

bizarre range of questions true uh not


from people in the united states and so

some of them had been

translated into english

so we just answered them as they came

out not what we thought they meant but

let's admit google translate did a

pretty good job

on some of them i think we answered some

stuff we weren't being asked to be


yeah but anyway the reason i go back to

episode 60 ask us anything was because

episode 68 was ask us anything again

where we actually caught up with the

remainder of the questions we'd received

since the first episode

i said because there was a lot of them

yeah and to be honest the questions

didn't improve in quality you got

another couple of marriage proposals

yeah um from some woman i can't remember

where in eastern europe it was she said

that she thought you're a bit stupid but

she'd still marry you so i mean well

that's what my wife said so

that makes sense brilliant now episode


um we introduced our first

in other news which has turned into a

not quite

weekly because we kind of forget to do

it every week and sometimes we do two in

a week

right basically i scour i would say the

internet but it's really just one

website yes one news website one news

website right uh pull out the most


stories or i i guess this would be a

good opportunity to say that those

are legitimate news

i don't think we say that enough you

know because i think people might

think we're making these news stories up

no these are legitimate news stories

that we're talking about

yeah people are basically pa poop crazy

yeah absolutely yeah and uh

we've released i don't know maybe about

six or seven of those

so far but you got another one coming up

soon yeah a lot of people like those and

we keep getting a lot of uh

emails saying you know why don't you

just do in other news and quit talking

about the other things

that you clearly know nothing well we

don't know anything about this either so

yeah pick a side

yeah yeah we're not going to pitch and

hold ourselves into one deal

yeah um plus we'll get we'd get too

bored if we just keep doing the same

thing over and over that's why we

like to be all across the board yeah you

know you and i talking or having a guest


we're bringing pat beaming in from on an

island with pat beeman to do in other


we we got to keep it fresh and oh yeah

that was missed out it was pat's first

appearance yeah

legendary well yeah we decided hey we

had an

end with him and we said look we we want

to create

a just kind of special segment on our


and all we're going to do is this and

you know you

we won't put you on camera i don't think

we're ever going to get

pat talked into being on camera or

anything like that

because of the privacy and everything of

his podcast

and the select people that listen and

get on there

but we're super happy that he actually

comes on the podcast and spends some

time with us and

and everything but he's very secretive

about everything that goes on his


he just kind of sits at the end of the

table and um yep

yeah that's what that's what the third

microphone is for is a guest slash

this is actually pat has used this

microphone more than anybody yeah so

so we'll be selling that on ebay at some

point oh don't tell that yeah

yeah don't tell pat yeah now pat


uh podcast is actually called on an

island with pat pima

and pat does actually own an island now

this island he owns

you can only access it certain months of

the year because when the water raises


it completely covers the island other

than like about 30 square yards

so to actually be on an island with pat

beeman you have to

know when this island actually appears

because it's not actually on any maps

because it doesn't appear enough

days to qualify to being on a map yeah

you're not going to find it on google

maps or anything like that

yeah so episode 70 apparently i was away

on vacation

and you decided to do a quick state of

the union message

where you updated on the guests we had

come in uh i believe that was one

wasn't here yeah but that was right

along the time where we got the road


wasn't it maybe yeah

i don't know i think that's april 5th

i don't remember i don't remember

exactly when almost wasn't

mentioning because yeah yeah you went on

another vacation

and uh there was some stuff that i just

wanted to update everybody on so it was

a quick little five minute deal

yeah uh next episode was a bonus one we

actually had a guest appearance on

rubber chicken radio oh yeah syndicates

our podcast

uh we had a lot of fun on that show just

talked about the podcast we were asked a

few questions about

it uh we made some stuff up

and had a good chat yeah yeah we uh we

appreciate all the support

from gary from rubber chicken radio and


we're simulcasts on there mondays and


so uh thanks again gary for some uh

playing our podcast on your radio show

yeah and uh

we'll catch up soon yeah uh episode 71

was another

in other news can't remember what was on

that episode so don't even bother going

there 72

we switched to one of the greatest

animals in god's kingdom the

mountain mantis shrimp an animal which

we only discovered

early on this year yeah um basically

the shrimp can heat the water to the

temperature of the sun

it can just by waving its claws super

super quickly actually

crack the shells of crabs

it can break aquarium glass if it's not

more than quarter of an inch

thick it can see cancer

it has like 15 or 13 or 15

color receptacles um right whereas like

humans only have

three just a fabulous animal kick-ass


yeah i'm looking at you listen to the

podcast and

look up the movie we have endeavored

actually at one point

we are going to have a little aquarium

in the background there and we are going

to have some mantis room it is going to


no just one you can remember you can't

mix them

oh that's true yeah yeah we can only

have one which sucks or

we can have multiple aquariums with

multiple mantis shrimp

that's true there's something to think

about yeah we got some space on top of

the flag there actually you know we'll


do that now we could set it up like


gerbil cages you know that have the

tubes and everything around

so they can all like bounce around and

everything and so all the mantis shrimp

are having fun in the background while

we have this new camera

right thing yeah oh the good thing is we

could put one in a bowl

like right in between us yeah but was i


thought i had a great idea but then it

wasn't a great idea because i thought


mantis shrimp are great at killing crabs

i thought well

we could feed it crab right like a live

crab okay

watch the mountain shrimp kill the crab

and we could eat the crab meat

but i'm kind of thinking that the mantis

shrimp kills the crab because it eats

the crap mate

he'd a romantic shrimp would be pretty

upset with us if we took the

crab that he killed we wouldn't do that

we don't believe in animal cruelty it

would just be looking at us through the

glass yeah this is tapping

with its claw yeah just like just wait i

can turn

so uh episode 73 we had an interview


frank kane the squad stitcher he's


a bigfoot expert yeah had a fantastic

yeah with him he's really funny dude you

can find him on instagram under the

squad stitcher squatch squatch squatch


in the sasquatch squatch stitch yeah

frank's a cool dude

uh you know put us in contact with some

other folks as well but yeah

take a look at his instagram and listen

to his episode and

he's got a lot of interesting stories i

know he was trying to plan

a sasquatch slash bigfoot expedition

soon so yeah i'm sure we'll probably be

checking back in with him

yeah uh episode 74 was another

in other news uh 75

we decided we didn't have enough water

in our life so we spoke to somebody who


running for our local water bowl yes

mary kelleher

that was uh i guess our second podcast


you know because number one we had kelly

holt come on and

she wins and so mary kelleher was

running for the texas uh or

what was it one of the north north north

yeah tarrant

regional water district that's what it

was twrd

and so had her in and interviewed her

she's a friend of layla caraway

and so i you know remembered the story

that layla

told me about and mary was running for

the water board had been on it before

and then lost re-election

and so i called layla up and i said hey

i see mary's running again

would she like to be on the podcast so

she can tell her story

and i'm not saying it was the podcast

but she came on

the podcast yeah

she got it she won very decisively

so uh she's now actually fully installed

and everything

on the water board there so i'm sure

we'll probably hear something out of


eventually so it was very interesting

obviously more local centric to us here


the fort worth you know dfw metroplex

and everything

but still an interesting story turns out

i forgot to tell you

that some people from michigan

reached out to mary because they heard

mary on the podcast

for her to help them on their water


for similar problems so uh anyway

yeah big message and just because it's

right here in tarrant county

doesn't mean it's not apropos or

wherever you're at

yeah unless you're in like new zealand

in the water really pretty over there

and they don't have any water issues

i don't know um maybe australia

no new zealand that's a separate state

from australia isn't it

yeah yeah separate i think you know what

we need to do with mary though

you would you had talked about before

how murky and everything the water is

over in england

yeah maybe mary needs to go over to

england and clean one up

i don't say it's murky i just said it

tasted horrible a lot of the time

because it tastes um

they haven't repl well they hadn't by

the time i left england replaced a whole

ton of the lead piping they used to have

in the older houses

and lead is an acquired taste in your


so yeah she could go over there and so

that although now they've probably got

some regulations that you know

since they discovered leads not the best

thing for you i think they

came across that you know you had so

many months or years to replace lead

piping in your

house you'd hope they've done that by

now it's no guarantee

yeah you might want to check with some

of your buddies that still live back


but no it used to be an interesting

taste shall we say that i'm sure it

would but other than the brain damage i

didn't have any

yeah issues with it so or the hair loss

all the hair loss yeah

yeah so uh episode 76

we talked about sharks now this episode

is especially rememberable

remember people is that a word yeah


rememberable rememberable memorable

that's a lot of syllables memorable

memorable there we go

memorable right the human torch was

denied a bank clone

unique new york right yes

so anyway sharks uh i did actually sing

a little bit of baby shark at the


and we did actually mention baby shark

and we did make sure

that we hashtagged on all of the


baby sharp right even though the show

had nothing to do with baby shark

because we figured

there's got to be some kids again who

don't necessarily speak english very


and this wasn't a video right who would

have typed in baby shark

our hashtag would have bought our show

up they'd have clicked on it would have

got some advertising revenue from google

uh another play and so

yeah that show was pretty much put

together just to melt the success of

baby sharks i think i've

watched youtube of all time the problem

that we had with that is we should have

waited until shark week

but we forgot all about shark week

because i think shark week was like

last week or something like that yeah

but then people would be watching

something with

actual educational basis and probably

watching it rather than listening to it

house is a good warm-up for right you

can watch a show

and think well we could have done it the

week before

shark week we could have yeah but if

you're the kind of person who sits down

watching shows about sharks

i think you've got a lot of spare time

on your hands probably live with the

appearance yeah

episode 77 we go back to an interview

situation between you and i because we

got sent

in some serious questions one of our


emailed us and said the other two shows

were done on the ask us anything the

questions were too stupid because they

came from people who couldn't speak

english properly

their words not ours and uh so we did on

a serious note where we actually

answered some

serious questions that might actually be


they were they were all serious yeah i

think other than the

episode on autism that might have been

the most serious

one we did actually yeah probably so

yeah so uh

episode 78 we spoke to our friends just

down the way

that direction actually yeah

um at the cloud house which is a cbd


it sells delta rate products uh vape

cbd um various stuff

really great guys who work there um

walking distance from us which is good


and yeah go pay them a visit if you go

to our website the address of the store

is actually on there

go see them super friendly great display

in there

and we do actually have a little bit of

a video on

youtube which gives you a little tour

around the store so if you watch that

you can see

stuff i know cbd stores kind of opening

everywhere and they seem to be in every

strip mall now but

you know a lot of the time they have

products which aren't

especially you know that great of

highest quality but uh the cloudhouse

only gets stuff which has been on the

market had a lot of research

really popular and uh so it's the real


one thing to kind of update everybody on

the cloud house when they were on

here they were not open 24 hours a day

now they're open 24 hours a day so kind

of a little

update there they were gearing towards

that they had to hire more employees and

all that stuff but

it's 24 7 now so just wanted to throw

that out there yeah

uh episode 79 was another in other news

um episode 80. this was another kind of


making fun of something we'd heard a lot

of on clubhouse

and across various forums on facebook it

was the

self-growth thing we did questionable

self-growth oh i found this app and it

had a 20-day program

to improve any man's self growth now

20 days is a lot of commitment

but what makes this worse is on like two

of those days they bundled in a ton of

other things i think it's like

day eight or something they bundled in


16 other things a bunch of other steps

and it's like well should i just write

this day off or what and then there was

another day which was like completely

out of order and like

had a ton of stuff you had to do it's

like well i've

quit by day eight right you know you can

piss off by day 14

not only that but i thought to be honest

with you you made this whole thing up

whenever you brought it to me and then i


me a week later i saw an ad for it i

think on facebook yeah

and i screenshotted it and i texted you

and i said

you weren't making this up this is

literally the same list and you're like

i told you i wasn't liking that i got it

from me i actually got it from instagram

it's probably the same

i'd say man but some of the points i

remember one of them

and this was self-growth helpful advice

one of these was pause

uh that's all it was paul's pau usc my

favorite one was one of them was

elon musk oh yeah that wasn't the type


that was the title of it hey you're not

elon musk so yeah you know exactly

yeah now uh before we go any further

further farther further uh that's from


finding forrester but anyway

i think i've found your third mistake

you have

because one of my favorite ones we've

done was

midgets and other short stories oh yeah


that was so many episodes ago and

you must have scrolled over them yeah

missed that one as well

yeah so what number was that that was

actually my first mistake that was

number eight

that was number eight yeah so so we made

it up to

we made it up to 80 and we just realized

we missed midgets and other short


yes number eight midgets and other

stories the most popular podcast on

midgets on the entire internet

this is when we were actually very


when we went into google and typed in

you know podcasts about midgets and were

the number one uh result on google

i thought wow that's uh yeah that's nuts


let's get back to 81 but i just realized

how did we miss the midgets one yeah and

that was a very good show actually yeah

it was um

lots of informative stuff about midgets

a guide so you can understand the

difference between a [ __ ] and a dwarf

right uh possible jobs they can do and

whether you can buy any off the internet

right yeah

so let's see where are we oh yes we're

that was 80 yeah 80

correct right so the next one be 81. yes

we are wrong

because the next one after 80 was a

bonus we actually did a little

star wars oh yeah um skip for

was it a radio show no it was another

podcast oh another podcast

yeah and i guess i should have prepped a

little better because i can't remember

the name of the podcast

oh well that the thing we did uh the

little star wars bit we did was called

luke got milk and it was based upon him

milking that

kind of sea it was basically an another

sorry beginning of episode 8. well so it

was for

the this other podcast and it was just


way that we could kind of poop on

episode eight

and it was for their star wars day


so but it was a competition

i don't remember oh it's been that's

been a while back it's been a couple of

months ago oh well clearly we didn't win


yeah oh no we don't ever win anything


well episode 81 was dedicated to the

worst movies of the 80s because although

the 80s produced some great

great movies i mean even to this day you


40 years later iconic incredible movies

to go back and revisit and really

capture the mood and the music of the

80s but

not every movie was golden that's true

and so we run

through a bunch of movies i can't

actually remember any of them now

but they're all bad maybe it's pretty


some pretty terrible movies um

episode 82 we

interview a sorry somebody actually just

like sent me a message about the podcast

did you hear that case

it's like made out of iron yeah so sorry

about that

yeah it i got to thinking well how are

they sending me this message about the

podcast where you haven't released this

yet and

so i got confused and that's why i

dropped the phone anyway we had an

interview with a hypnotherapist

named mae devi oh yeah good old man now

mei is a very interesting character

she's very bubbly very charismatic

again if you look her up on our website

it's got the links to her instagram and

various other she has she has her own

podcast called stories of the

subconscious so uh

yeah take a listen to that i've actually

caught her

in a couple other clubhouse rooms and


uh like you say i mean bubbly just a

super cool person to talk to just really


and uh fellow native texans and super

charismatic as well i mean she explains


so you can understand it she doesn't

although she does know all the big words

she explains it as if you were like a

client and

explains everything how it works and yes

yeah it was really really educational we

also released a bonus

unedited version on youtube with the

video we're just the raw

audio because we figured certainly for

her fans she has you follow her

you know they'd like to see her right


yep uh episode 83

um we talk about absinthe in absinthe

makes the heart grow fonder it's a

little bit of a pun which i don't think

anybody other than me got but

now i write these titles to impress

myself so yeah

um yeah we talk about the history of

absinthe how it basically

screws you up right um how you can lose

a few days if you drink too much of it

true uh i told the story i remember my

son's mom

the first time we shared a bottle of


she was supposed to go out of town the

next day for a business trip she

couldn't remember getting on the plane

uh she actually couldn't remember

anything from about seven o'clock the

previous night

the next thing she remembers is waking

up the plane's in the air and she's got

a bagel and she hates bagels

sitting on a lap and that was it yeah

she lost like

i don't know almost almost a whole day


right in absinthe land in la la land

well i i would recommend trying absinthe

and at the same time i would recommend

being careful yes

yes yeah definitely well actually i

won't say definitely uber it because

you're likely to tell the uber driver to

go somewhere where you probably

shouldn't go like jupiter well yeah or


naming yeah you can just make

safe places up yeah oh that would be

really bad

terrible that'd be an expensive uber

ride it would as well

get covered in poop at the end of it yes

uh episode

84 another in other news segment 85

we get to interview my girlfriend's


uh to shaman uh victoria shaman

shaman i call them shaymin english

shaman no

shaman it's not even in it proper

english that was

uh that was an interesting episode

because uh

i was having trouble staying awake and


uh the wolf pretty much carried that

entire episode

and i spent the entire episode with my

head right here on this table

sleeping it was another delta eight

trying to find a higher state of

consciousness but again

ignoring the recommended dosage so

actually encouraging to find a lower

state of consciousness

yes i remember contribution to the show

was at one point i asked him a question

and that side of the desk there he

actually stuck his thumb up did this

let's put it down and then put his head

back on the table yep

that that literally i i did the intro

and then when it got to the end i

believe that is the only outro you've

ever done

i did yeah because i looked up at you

with this look on my face saying i can't

even do the outro you're gonna have to

do it

and yeah so it is the only episode i

believe that you've done the outro yeah

one of those out of it

we've got one of those really annoying

desks where

kind of underneath the top part um

it comes down pretty low so you can't

kick somebody under the table it's

wherever you go and try and kick them

you actually hit your own shins that

wouldn't divide

before you can actually reach them so i

was trying to kick him

with like a two minute wind down to do

the outro

and couldn't get any reaction whatsoever

and so i just

plus i had my chair scooted back yeah

like that let's say and he stuck his



because i asked him to edit something

that we had some weird background noise

going on

that's literally was my contribution to

that episode

uh episode 86 another in other news 87

we talked about the ideal woman yes

and we don't mean like our ideal women

although we did talk about how

yeah we do ideal

um but now we talked about the

attributes the ideal woman should have

right um you know don't settle for

anybody who's not the ideal woman

you know just kind of string them along

until you know somebody with a higher

score out of 10 comes along and then get

rid of them

and just work your way up to the ideal

woman so i mean if you start off on a


three and a half work up to five to a

six maybe get

too drunk and drop back down to 4.5 and


you know just keep climbing just keep

replacing them until you get

i think we know somebody that's done

that yeah i think we do i don't want to

mention his name no

i think we do know somebody might have

done that yes kept

stayed in the below fives out of tens

for a long period of time

yeah but i think he was almost proud of

that fact too

wow yeah he was going for quantity not

quality exactly

yeah and there was a lot of quantity

there there was a lot of quantity

both in numbers and weight yes yes yeah

so 86 which i've already done

we've seen other news sorry 88 was

another in other news

yeah so yeah 89

i decided to go on vacation and the

shepherd interviewed jay

rixx oh yeah jay briggs with riggs


uh interesting interview we talked a lot

about cars and him

rebuilding cars restoring cars fixing up

cars and everything

for the gear heads out there it's one

you don't want to miss yeah and

his fabrication unlike our fabrication

we just

make crap up right as he actually does

he actually he actually

creates stuff we just make stuff up so

it's a different fabrication yeah


so uh yep after that we have

episode 90 another in other news and you

see we're kind of milking this for all

it's worth

absolutely well we do have fun with them

now we do yeah it seems to be getting a

lot of uh

hits people like listening to it

downloading it so uh

we then for some strange reason episode

91 and 92

some guy in luton was it mark in luton

in england

i do remember luton because you had to

explain to me what luton

was right but um yeah i think his

girlfriend or wife had found a list of a

hundred questions

yeah online and i think we're still only

about number 65

i don't think we're ever going to finish

that one well no i've actually bought in

we need to finish it at some point

probably end up being like four parts

but anyway we recorded part one and two

um and the best i can say about these

two episodes

is if you're really trying to steal


personal financial information and you

want the answer to all the possible

security questions that exist this list


all of those questions so if you are

planning to scam

somebody uh find a way to send them this


yes and you can probably reset their

password with little or no effort

absolutely or any

need to contact the support help desk

for the account you're trying to hack

into but

use the vpn don't get caught oh yes yeah

uh 93 was a another in

other news yeah yeah a

topic close to our heart because we both

went to vacations the week before we

recorded this one

episode 94 vacation recommendations or

really it was

places not to go yeah uh just to be

clear you know we've

talked through this list right and it's


and then you went on vacation again so

we had to do this and then you went on

vacation again so

we had to do this yeah this was the

first time that we of course went on

separate vacations but

we actually both were gone and so

couldn't record and we said hey when we

get back we gotta

talk about the vacation that we just

went on but also talk about how

vacations are crap ironically we talked

about how vacations are crap but he goes

on a lot of vacations

well i think this was mainly a guide of

places not to go and people not to take

yes we decided but you've been on so

many vacations you have that list

already built up of saying you know hey

i went yet on another vacation

of a place i never want to go back to

yeah i think the summary at the end was

don't take your family because you'll

have a worse time than if you try


just remember that if you don't remember

anything else in that episode go by

yourself or with your mates

right because family ruin it yeah it's

true yeah pain in the ass

unless you go to jerusalem and then you

could turn them loose they can get the

jerusalem syndrome get locked

up in a mental institution then you

don't have to worry about it anymore

now uh episode 95 i decided to go on


and uh you interviewed jeremy clap prot

is that in

yes yes yeah so tell the story on that

yeah so just very briefly because i

encourage you to

actually listen to the whole episode but

jeremy claprod made a documentary

about charlie odom whose nickname was

waterboo in vietnam and the dude got

shot in the head and left for dead

but survived and so jeremy klaprat had

been filming

uh all kinds of footage and everything

of charlie

over the last 20 or so years

and charlie passed away about three

four months ago and jeremy had never put

all the footage together always wanted

to put the documentary out about him and


and then at the funeral basically the

family and the friends saying hey

you know you were always doing this

documentary you need to get this done

so jeremy got it done and it's in film

festivals right now

i've seen the film it's a great film

it's going to be coming out soon we're

going to let you all know that there's

pictures from

the podcast honestly my only regret on

that podcast was us not having this

camera set up because

if you look at the pictures on facebook

or instagram they brought in his helmet

they brought in pictures of him the

western union telegrams everything they

were all laid out

all over this table it's the most

nervous i've ever been with having a

beer sitting next to it too because i'm

looking at this stuff that's 30 40 50

years old thinking

please don't spill my drink please don't

spill my drink but

great great interview great movie so

check it out water boo

yeah and for those of you wondering why

the shepherd didn't

get his latest iphone out and take video

or photos of the

cool stuff they bought in perhaps send

him an email directly

well i took pictures i just didn't take


and i just i took pictures so that 4k

video capability

well yeah but you know somebody had to

run the board and do everything else


somebody wasn't here yeah that's true

yeah right

episode 96 i made a guest appearance on

another podcast

the 100 000 podcast where

um a kid who i actually used to coach

soccer about

17 years ago was funnily enough grown up

got his own family now lovely wife and


and uh he has two podcasts of his own

uh one is called the 100 000 podcast

and there's another one called support

the fort which the shepherd and i are

going to go on

at a later date and that talks about the

local kind of fort worth

you know restaurant scene you know night

scene you know

touristy stuff and just how the area is

growing and how it's a great place to

come visit and

live but um basically on this podcast we

just talked about a ton of different


talked for over two hours just caught up

on a whole bunch of stuff and had a lot

of fun

um he also has it on his uh podcast


um again if you look him up his name is


he's on our uh website yeah that will be

yep episode 96 and uh

go check out his podcast he's a really

cool guy really down to earth guy

um i don't know how many episodes he's

done i've

always talked to but obviously nothing

is exciting is talking to me

but yeah go check him out now

episode 97 was the start of

a beautiful relationship that is between


and a guy known as crum the master

student yes

now crumb is an amazing individual i

know we've said that a bit

about a few people during this list but

we ended up recording almost four hours

of audio and video the first time we

spoke to him

and we still didn't get finished we had

to actually

have another day and what we covered was

vlad the impaler

the history of vlad and we somehow

managed i guess in total

to speak about four and a half hours

maybe yeah sometimes

i'll have to go back through you know

we've released episode one

episode two is coming out pretty well

not episode part one and part two

and everything but yeah uh he was


one of the guys that made me

kind of get with you and say look we

gotta up our camera game

we set the laptop up and was using the

laptop camera and all that

so we got to fix this we got to make

this better so so chrome kind of pushed

us along so

you'll see in those episodes on youtube

where it's like hey the camera looks

crappy and blah blah blah

and then we said look let's get a better

camera and so we did

yeah and we've actually followed the


uh advice from girls on instagram and we


put it on the highest resolution no no

we're not going to do that

because it's actually got 4k

capabilities yeah we're not we're not

doing fortunately

we're online 720 no i mean if we had a

480 setting we'd put it on there

but that messes up the wide screen so

yeah it's going to be 720 sorry folks

yeah and there's also a reason that's

why we're so far back from the camera as


yes yeah yes um

episode 98 was another in other news

episode 99 you mentioned earlier will be

the return of our friend jay davis where

we catch up with him what's going on

with his new tv shows

all his new product all his new projects

which is uh

kind of like really hitting it hard now

coverts kind of out the way he's

actually able to film a lot more

some of his some of the stuff he was

filming before was put on hold

right uh during the pandemic but now

he's back kind of recording various


he's going to be outputting a lot of

stuff and he's a really funny guy you

want to check out especially some of his

short animations on his youtube channel

they are kind of r-rated most of them

true but they are hilarious if you like

a lot of the kind of

family guy type humor but a little bit

more kind of r-rated version of it

and he talked he covers a lot of news

stuff and social issues

and kind of makes fun of it um really

great and

episode 100 we'll see this and i mean

here we are

a hundred episodes uh i'm gonna i'm

gonna give you a minute if you'd like to

but hey i just want to thank everybody

that has listened to us watched us on

youtube and all that stuff

i mean we started this out just trying

to have fun and do something

and we tried to grow it into something

that you know we're proud of and that we

hope y'all will share around and all

that stuff so

we're having fun doing it the next few

episodes we've got some

incredibly interesting people coming on

the show don't want to

mention who they are or whatever and let

the cat out of the bag so to speak

but got some interesting content coming

up for you

as well as our normal you know back and

forth about different topics

we're not obviously getting rid of in

ending up in other news

that's never going away and probably

have some other stuff coming out

so yeah um i'd like to echo that

thank everybody who listens and watches


thank you to everybody who writes in

thank you to the support from our

friends and family

um not too impressed by some of the

reaction from some of the bigger

companies because

quite frequently again our regular

listeners will hear me say

on that note if there are any

representatives from adidas listening

we are yet to have an official athletic

wear sponsor

so if you would like to get in touch

with us at the wharf and the shepherd at

and offer us a lucrative package to

advertise your company solely in the


leisure wear category please do not

hesitate to get in touch

now have they got in touch no no

no no how many companies have we done

that with about 50.

i haven't got in touch yet we know they

listen because we get emails

maybe maybe but we just nobody's writing

a huge check

that's true but with all that said

thanks for tuning in to this episode of

the wolf and the shepherd

and we look forward to a hundred a

thousand something like that more

but we will catch you on the next one by

the way that's a w

once that's but what does that stand for

yes oh i never even know

you're right so you can get it the right

way round

the right way i can't do that what are

you making me do that for

anyway thanks for tuning into this

episode of the wolf and the shepherd and

we will catch you on the next one


thanks for listening to this episode of

the wolf and the shepherd podcast

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